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Visit 3D Love Dolls

3D Love Dolls

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * 206 Image Sets
* Large images at 900x1250
* All images rendered using 3D Graphics
* 19 Pornographic Comics Books Included
* Newest Video Clips: WMV, 640x480 1900kbps
* Impressive texturing on skin, eyes, et cetera
* Realistic looking hair
* Daily Updates (Updates are dated)
* Good anime styling, lots of different clothing
* Join at $24.95 and then try to cancel for $14.95 offer
* Interesting fetish sets like Futanari and Pregnant models
Cons: * Only 10 – 30 images per photo set
* No Search Engine
* No Browsing Indexes
* No Image Zip Files
* Creepiness Factor can be quite high
* Average video length 1 minute
* Only 20 short clips
* Significant amount of Non-Nude sets
* Very little hardcore sex
* Slow Download Speeds (100 KB/s)
* Water Marks on both images and animations
Bottom Line: 3D Love Dolls provides lots of photos of perfect and bizarre 3D rendered naked or half-naked girls posing. While you do get animations, they are very few, very short and might as well not be there. The photos are pretty large and of course perfectly crisp, being rendered on a computer and all. If you like the photos of the models on the tour page, you will get access to a lot of that. Unfortunately, if you like a particular set, you don’t get much – 20 photos or so.

The limited sets are really the downfall of the site. It does many things well: Daily updates, new outfits for the models, new backgrounds. Many of the photos are just begging to be made as desktop backgrounds. They don’t do much hardcore sets and that is good thing because they don’t really work. It is like watching G.I. Joe figures humping – the right position but none of that human touch.

Another problem is the creepiness factor – these models look human in many respects, but they also are teetering on the edge of the Uncanny Valley – positions and features are so close, but just off. If you saw a real person that looked like this you’d be both fascinated and horrified. I think they miss the valley but only by a hair breadth.

I like that they experiment with fetishes, I like the basic product and the update rate. They need more images per set and some more browsing / downloading features. As it is, you just feel like something is missing… like their models' souls.

04-06-08  03:01pm

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Visit 3D Sex Games

3D Sex Games

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: *New “Sex Coin” system for unlockable content
*Game-style challenges
*Customizable bodies and faces
*Many toys, positions, locations and clothing
*Interactive cut-scene style cumshots
*Orgasm and Pain Meters
*Easy, one-handed mouse control
*Keyboard shortcuts
Cons: *Clipping errors (elbows passing through floors, et cetera)
*Only one voice actor per gender
*No threesome (or more) poses
*No fluid dynamics for cumshots or squirting (just texture mapping)
*Hair and clothing not responsive to gravity
*Non-regular updates (approximately once a month)
Bottom Line: With the release of 3D Sex Villa 2, 3DSexGames.com now has a 3D sex simulation program that can be classified as a game – it features unlockable content, challenges that you can beat (2 per location), mini-games like trying to get the model to squirt, pain and orgasm meters and so on.

The game has been upgraded in customizability – you can change anything on the models excluding actual shape of their frame - included are: entire facial geometry, breasts, nipples, tattoos, skin tones, tan, hair shape and color, eyebrow shape and color, pubic hair shape and color, make-up, piercing, and more. Not to mention a ton of clothing choices from garter belts to military boots.

The creators have giving the models realistic body movements with head shifts, changes in breathing and so on. One problem is that each gender has only one voice actor, making it odd when two female models are together. Occasionally you’ll also see some clipping when an elbow passes through the floor. The program is stable though, and while it requires good hardware, it’s nothing unreasonable for any 3D game.

This game lets you be the porn director, gives you good scenarios for role play for each location – and it motivate the player to keep using the program to earn that new position or location. None of the other 3D sex games readily available are as easy to use or as complete. With more regular updates I might score this at the near impossible 99.

I rejoined because they advertised new threesome poses internal cumshots. The threesome poses were nifty, but they need more - it is just a taste of what should be possible; and sadly the internal cumshots were just animated textures – exactly the same each time.

Granted this is still the same fun program with loads of customization. They’ve been expanding: Customize back-stories and name models. Play porn director, tell the models what do for how long and then watch your masterpiece. That bit was too complex for me, I gave up.

While I love the sex coins idea for new users, I have to say it is horrible for old users who rejoined because you've lost all that leg work you put in before, and now have to buy back all those features.

One thing I noticed recently is the game is missing shadows... rather odd.

12-11-07  12:29pm

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Visit abbywinters


Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: *Happy, smiling models and amazing Lesbian sex
*Mostly hi-res photos (981 x 1472), some super hi-res (2336 x 3504)
*Mostly hi-res video (768 x 432)
*Lots of model interview videos
*Outstanding Boolean search engine and User created public image / model lists
*Lots of body types and models categorized well
*Very explicit photography and consistently photography style
*Extremely active community, Models are very active in the forums
*Twice a day updates
*Extremely responsive staff
Cons: *Models are often merely cute, not beautiful
*Somewhat pricey for Gold Membership - though they offer a lower price to keep you if you go to cancel
Bottom Line: AbbyWinters.com is what many sites should aspire to be. It is consistent, easy to navigate, has an amazing search engine, daily updates, insanely active forums (with many models chatting with its users), high resolution photography and high resolution video.

Abby Winters has created a distinctive, recognizable style that they stick by. Their models are all natural (no implants at least) amateurs that are young, happy and smiling. Most of the content is explicit soft-core, though there is usually a hard-core Lesbian set & video once a week. Just how explicit the sets are depends on the model – but you always get close-ups of the models from head-to-toe in any set. The photo sets are quite thorough – totaling at about 200 photos each. Often they are matched with a video of the model in the same location, if not always the same activity.

My favorite feature is the amazing Boolean search engine that allows you to searches as specific as searching for a Red-haired, small-breasted model doing explicit poses in the outdoors. They have probably 40 different official sub-categories for images and models as well as nearly infinite user created lists that you can browse.

This is a site I know I will return to again and again – besides have great content their models just have such a sunny disposition that you feel happier after visiting the site. Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World” should play on the home page.

12-07-07  02:39am

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Visit All Internal

All Internal

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * 1080p WMV HD Video (1920x1080 at 7997kbps) - Average Video Length 30~40 Minutes
* Flash Based Streaming / MPEG Partial Section Videos
* Screenshots & Video Preview for Every Video
* Matching High Res Photosets (1000x1500) Downloadable as Zip File
* 234 Videos and 211 Professional Models
* User Ratings & Reviews for Models & Scenes
* Updates One Video & Photoset Per Week
* Download Manager Friendly (Up to 10 Streams)
* Wonderful Search Engine by Actions (Sort by Date, Rating & HD) and Cross Site Indexing (For if you are a member of one of their other sites)
* Favorites Section
* Selection of DP, Anal, Vaginal Sex (With Some Lesbian Action) with Many Legendary Creampies
Cons: * Slow Download Speed (300kbps)
* Can Hear the Director’s Instructions throughout the Video
* Older Videos Lower Res. (512x384)
* Watermark on Video and Photos
* HD Video Somewhat Fuzzy & Smooth, Not Crisp
* Content Can Become Repetitive
Bottom Line: I would never guess that I would find any quality porn repetitive – sadly All Internal has become that way. The production qualities and direction are so consistent that only truly stand-out models can keep you interested after looking through the over 230 videos. Fortunately, there are some.

The formula the site runs on is one or two models, who strip, tease, suck and then screw for the camera. Always finish with a creampie (anal or vaginal, single or multiple) and sometimes another model will perform an eat-out. Take some setup photos and that is the package. The site now offers 1080p HD video – unfortunately whatever camera they use is at the limits of its resolution so the picture is a bit fuzzy. Despite this minor technical limitation, the video is very well lit and the camera angles are good, close-ups and distance.

Liking the videography – and most of the models are quite attractive – then what is the problem? Granted the Director instructing the models during the video can be a problem, and some models truly phone it in with fake moans – but the root of it is, in their effort to homogenize the content to a consistent level of perfection means they have lost the benefits of experimentation. Sure an experiment may fail, but it will always be interesting. Despite many models, they use few sets and few clothing – and the action formula rarely changes – this simply excellent just begins to blend together.

03-06-08  12:36am

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Visit American Vice

American Vice

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * Best Porn Search Engine in the World
* Standard Search Filters: 10 Female Types, 9 Female Attributes, 16 Scene Types, 9 Light Actions, 13 Hard Actions, 15 Fetish Actions, 4 Male Actions
* Add Director, Male Star, Female Star, and Studio Filters or write your own filter
* Editor’s Choice Selections and humorous written commentary for EVERY scene
* Male & Female Talent Lists, some with humorous bios
* Very Diverse Catalog of DVDs: Sizeable Collection of Specific Fetishes
* Customizable "My Catalog" of favorite DVDs and automatic Download History
* 1670 DVDs, 10,061 Scenes
* DVD Quality, No DRM, No Watermarks, Single File, Full Scene Downloads (WMV, +2000Kb/s, 720x480)
* WMV Streaming of Full DVD or Scene (2000Kb/s)
* 5 DVDs added every 3 days
* Download Accelerator friendly (multi-connections & resume)
* Fast Downloads (+1 MB/s)
* Free Video Preview Samples and 9 hi-res screen-caps for each scene
* Payment with Token System or Monthly Fee (better)
Cons: * Steep learning curve for full grasping the breadth of the search engine and the intricacies of the general site design
* Search engine doesn't support exclusion filters
* Flash Streaming Video would have been better
* "Customers who browsed also viewed" section easy to miss (at bottom of page)
* Some not yet implemented features bring up "Coming Soon" pages with error messages
Bottom Line: The sheer complexity of the search engine around which American Vice is built is daunting. I oft forget some useful feature when using it because there are so many to choose from. The layout is a JavaScript menu system that you click to add any of the 76 standard filters. Once you're happy with your basic search, you can organize it by date added or by title and choose how many items are displayed per page.

Then you can refine it further by star, director, studio, and series or even by if you've watched the scene or not – the site keeps track so you don't have to waste your brain on such things. Add to all this that you can make your own text string filters and the only limitation of this amazing engine is all the filters are Boolean AND functions – but since most users are perplexed by full Boolean search engines, this isn't much of a fault.

Browsing the content your search has found is easy with screen caps for each scene and WMV streaming that lets you search through the video. Hit the download button and this site's next strength becomes apparent. With full support for download managers and accelerators, speeds of +1 MB/s are not hard to reach you and you can keep browsing the site as the downloads are handled by separate servers.

The site has an undeniably huge collection, though not the biggest it must be said, and excluding the atomic ace of its amazing search engine, it has yet another important difference: The DVD catalog is abnormally diverse. You will find a lot of the standard studios but the site has a strong collection of nearly any fetish you can name (even John Thompson's Sex Box films). Due to that I'd recommend the site to those testing the waters of a fetish, as it will be reasonably represented here and at great value to boot.

The oddest plus of this site is a feature that's been abandoned by all of its competitors: Full written Editorial commentary on every scene and each DVD as a whole. More than just a run-down of the action, they honestly critique everyone involved. It often goes off topic in outrageously funny rants or references to whatever the scene brings to mind. It is all very stream-of-consciousness in a style reminiscent of MST 3000. Without their insightful commentary I might not have noticed how Katsumi in a specific DP scene was tied to the geo-political history of Vietnam in regards to France and America. The commentary gives a personality and voice to what otherwise would be a cold, efficient site. Sometimes I purposefully search for bad scenes just to see what the Editor said about them.

In the category of DVD content sites it is hard for a younger site to step out from under the shadow of the undeniable giant at the top – but I think American Vice does just that. Having tried many of the popular DVD content giants, I can honestly say that American Vice is better than all of them. If they can enlarge their catalog to match their competitors, nothing will stand in their way.

11-10-08  03:06pm

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Visit Argentina Triple X

Argentina Triple X

Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: *Models are distinctively exotic
*Very Explicit Hard-core (DPs, Squirting, ATM, et cetera)
*Great lighting, good camera work
*Impressive Facials
*Hi-Res Video (640 x 480, ~500MB, One Part)
*Exclusive Content
*Great Subtitles! (a first for porn?)
*NastyMakeup.com included with membership
Cons: *Irregular, Infrequent Updates
*Small Site
*Bonus DVD content is uninteresting
*Condom use prevalent
Bottom Line: ArgentinaTripleX.com is a wonderful site that is marred by infrequent and irregular updates – updates were supposed to be weekly and often were as little as once a month. The models are all enthusiastic and most are quite attractive with that exotic touch that you get from their Argentinean origin. The exclusive video is very well lit, reasonably high quality (640 x 480, ~500MB, No DRM) and the camera work is really quite good.

One unique feature that I personally enjoyed was they subtitled all the dialogue rather than have the models try to speak in broken English - this you way get some interesting and rather frank remarks from the models that would otherwise not have been included.

The content is very hard-core with almost every model doing anal and most doing DP. Each video is quite consistent in the amount of positions and in maintaining a general energetic intensity that is admirable. The models are end with impressive facials - this fact actually spawned a new site, NastyMakeup.com, that is part of the ATX network and is now included with the membership.

Most of the models have done multiple videos and newer videos have matching photo sets. The site is easy to navigate, but hasn’t any search functionality. They include bonus DVDs updated one scene per day, but they aren’t exclusive or even Argentinean.

If the site becomes reliable on its weekly updates and builds up a larger catalogue of content - this would easily be a 90 or maybe even higher.

They've been adding new models and more content. Video quality is improving, better lighting and colors - older videos were a bit washed out.

Joining the site now grants you access to the ATX Network - a catchall for all of their current and future sites. They have 2 and 2 more are coming, with early videos for those sites trickling in. Navigation is pretty easy, but no search engine yet. Also the model indexes aren't ordered.

Updates are still a bit sporadic, average length between being about 8-10 days for the entire network. The network gives you more variety with the content. This is a gangbang style site MMF or MMMF. Their sister site, Nasty Makeup, is a BJ/Bukkake site (usually MMMF) and Anal Breakers (will be out soon) appears to be mostly M/F, 100% anal.

Video specs are still the same. They do include photos, but some videos are missing them and sizes vary all over the place.

Current number of videos (excluding the rest of network) is: 34

Still Small. Still Great.

12-07-07  04:33am

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Visit Bootyfull Babes

Bootyfull Babes

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * Near DVD Quality Video (720 x 540, MP4, 1.35 Mbit/s)
* No DRM (Copy Protection)
* Video Previews for every scene
* Full-length & split downloads / multiple file sizes
* Model Index
* High Resolution Photos (850 x 1280) with most videos
* Access to 32 Bonus Sites – each with exclusive content
* 36 Models
* 55 Videos
Cons: * Non Exclusive Content
* Model Index specific to this site, not the network
* No Search Engine
* Download speeds top out near 250 kb/s
Bottom Line: Part of the 21Sextury.com Network, this site gets the advantage of many bonus sites with exclusive content, unlike the content on this site. None-the-less it provides what it advertises: Models with premium posteriors.

The videos are near DVD quality in the unusual MP4 format and are available both split and as a single file – multiple resolutions as well. Like its sister sites, the best way to navigate Bootyfull Babes is by the useful model index (which is site specific) – as a number of the models have appeared on the site more than once. Screen shots and a video preview for each video help you decide if the content is download worthy.

The content is all quite professional with good lighting and camera work. The photos tend to be very good with few exceptions. All of the models are pros - many of them are big names. Despite the sites attention to the female ass, anal is not the standard in the videos. The finale usually is a facial or on the breasts. As the content isn’t exclusive the videos are directed by different people and the male models are different each time as well – so if your tastes are very specific, you might not like everything they have – but you’ll probably like something, since there is a bit of range.

The site is updating consistently once a week (a new section of the video added every day). Download Managers work fine but speeds max out at around 300kb/s. Worth a look, especially since you get the rest of the network with it.

02-05-08  12:49pm

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Visit Brain Pass

Brain Pass

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: *Massive, ever expanding network of sites (50 sites)
*Many, many different niches
*Lots of exclusive content
*Lots of professional video content (aka DVDs)
*Good Search Engine
*Many updates per day
*New Sites added every month
*Great support staff
Cons: *Inconsistent video quality
*Complete videos not always available
*Downloads only allow 1 stream at a time
Bottom Line: BrainPass.com (aka PornstarNetwork.com) is a huge network of sites and they have almost every imaginable niche that is popular in the USA, and some European and South American content as well. You’ll find all of the big pros here as well as a number of lesser known exclusive pros - many based out of Montréal, Canada.

The network easily ports you to each site and back to the huge browsing site via a flash-based navigation bar that is on the top of every page. You can browse by niche, by site or by model - no matter how many different sites she appears on - and most scenes have useful descriptions. Layout is quite consistent across the board. No pop-ups and no ads.

The video quality varies quite a bit, from somewhat small MPEG (352 x 240) to pretty high quality WMV (720 x 480, no DRM). Generally you can download complete videos, though some videos are available only in 25MB segments.

Brain Pass has been getting some hard knocks for its limited download streams. There two tricks that make it useable, though perhaps still annoying. First is that each individual site has its own server, in theory you can have 50 downloads running simultaneously – so never browse only one site at a time. Secondly, turn off download acceleration on your download manager as that requires multiple streams from one server.

All in all – this is a well managed, enormous network that just keeps expanding and is worth regularly visiting.

12-07-07  03:50am

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Visit Brazilian Facials

Brazilian Facials

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * Awe Inspiring Facials
* Attractive Brazilian Amateurs
* Trailer for each Video
* Screen Shots
* Matching Photo Sets (with Zip File)
* Simple & Easy Web Design
* All of a Model’s Shoots Linked Together
* Beach, Swimsuit Footage often
* Three Full-Size Bonus Sites
* No DRM, Full-Length Downloads Available
* 167 Movies (20-40 min. each)
Cons: * Some Unattractive Brazilian Amateurs
* Blurry, Badly Lit Photos
* Very Amateur Cinematography
* No Search Engine
* Messy Apartment Set (Can’t he clean up the room first?)
* Dialogue in Portuguese without English Subtitles
Bottom Line: This site specializes in one man (generally) dumping an impressive cumshot on the face of an amateur model from Brazil. It achieves that in spades. The attractiveness of the models varies from quite beautiful to 39 and a half foot pole scary. The site is religious about sticking to the cumshot finale and gives you plenty of time to admire it.

The site is easy to navigate but doesn’t have a search engine. However, if a model has done multiple sets, they are all linked to each other. Every set has a trailer, screen shots and a matching photo set (excluding some older videos). No DRM here; and you can download the whole video as one file. Photo Size: 960 x 1280. Video Size: 576 x 432, WMV, 24bit, 1000kbps. Videos are 20 – 40 minutes long.

All of the models perform blow jobs and vaginal sex, some do anal as well. The models appear to truly be amateurs, so you get the pros and cons that come with that. You’ll hear directing of the models; they often videotape themselves whenever photos are being taken of them; and sometimes reactions to the cumshots are less than professional.

As a bonus you get access to 3 other sites from the same company.

I enjoy the faults this site has. There is a charm to the bad lighting, the strange expressions and the random laughter. I wish they took the time to subtitle the dialogue, but you can generally guess what is being said. Not all of it is worth downloading, but it provides what it advertises and the site really grows on you.

02-02-08  07:59pm

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Visit Cougars In Heat

Cougars In Heat

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: *Hi-Res video (1280 x 720)
*Complete Video Downloads (~500MB) and Clips
*50+ Exclusive Videos (57 at review)
*Matching Photosets w/ Zip Downloads for Newer Videos
*Models pushing 40 years old (not just past 30) - some past 40!
*Videos feature back stories
*Good lighting, many positions, almost always end in facials
*Bonus streaming DVD content (up to 2MB/s) by Adult Rental VOD
Cons: *No Search Engine
*Videos use too much compression (visible dithering)
*Weekly Updates
*AdultFriendFinder Ads
*Most models have breast implants
*Mediocre lighting on videos prior to April, 2007
Bottom Line: CougarsInHeat.com is the first high-quality MILF site that features true mature women – most of the women are closer to 40 than 30 – and almost all play the experienced older woman role convincingly. The site’s emphasis on the Cougar stereotype makes it a better MILF site than many of the more famous sites out there.

Almost all of the models have breast implants unfortunately, but strangely it fits with the characters well. Each video has a definite back story that the actors stay true to throughout each scene. The play-acting really set this site apart from the rest – enhancing the Cougar / MILF fantasy that the site is presenting.

The video is indeed high quality – but the compression is a little too high, so high action parts of the video show significant dithering and blocky-ness. The newer videos also have matching photos that feature both soft-core and hard-core sets downloadable as Zips as well as video caps for easy previewing of the video.

The site literally consists of one long page featuring a photo of each model as she appears in each video – this makes navigation slightly daunting, but once you are on the video’s own page it is extremely well organized. However the AdultFriendFinder ads are prevalent throughout the site and frankly an annoying presence on a pay site.

Due to the high quality content and the slow update rate - I recommend subscribing once a year for a month. Get the new content, cancel and then return again next year.

12-07-07  03:10am

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Visit Dirty Orientals

Dirty Orientals

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * Near DVD Quality Video (720 x 540, MP4, 1.35 Mbit/s)
* No DRM (Copy Protection)
* Video Previews for every scene
* Full-length & split downloads / multiple file sizes
* Model Index
* High Resolution Photos (850 x 1280)
* Access to 32 Bonus Sites – each with exclusive content
* 34 Scenes – 28 Thai models
Cons: * Model Index specific to this site, not the network
* No Search Engine
* Download speeds top out near 250 kb/s
Bottom Line: Like the other sites in the 21Sextury.com network – Dirty Orientals immediately grants you access to a total of 33 sites. Considering the site uses exclusively Thai models, it has a pretty large collection near 30 models and over that many scenes – and the male stars are all American.

This is small budget porn; a one camera show with inconsistent camera work but good lighting. The sex has multiple positions and many girls doing anal (even a few DPs). The models mostly don’t talk, but you do hear comments from the male performers occasionally. General the scenes end with the standard finale on the face, but creampies aren’t uncommon. The scenes are often matched with photosets that are quite well done, good lighting.

Like other sites on the network, every scene has a video preview that very useful. The model index is also a good time saver, with photos of the models, but again is site specific. Also most scenes have screenshots too – though the quality is worse than the actual video. The videos don’t have DRM and are near DVD quality, but they use the odd MP4 format. Users can vote on the content and top rated are highlighted – but really most of the content is great and worth downloading.

Updates come once a week (a segment of a scene a day) and are consistent. Downloads are typical of the network at 250kb max – download managers work fine.

If you are looking for Thai porn – this is a very good choice – strongly recommended.

01-07-08  08:16pm

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Visit DP Overload

DP Overload

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * Near DVD Quality Video (720 x 576, MP4, 1.35 Mbit/s)
* No DRM (Copy Protection)
* Video Previews for every scene
* Full-length & split downloads / multiple file sizes
* Model Index
* High Resolution Photos (850 x 1280)
* Access to 33 Bonus Sites – each with exclusive content
* 34 Scenes – 31 different models of many ethnicities
Cons: * No longer appears to be updating (Sep. 11th 2007 last update)
* Model Index specific to this site, not the network
* No Search Engine
* Photos are only available on a few scenes
* Screenshots are only available on a few scenes
* Download speeds top out near 250 kb/s
* Site sometimes loads slow – or not at all, displaying raw PHP code instead of showing photos and content. A quick refresh fixes this.
Bottom Line: DP Overload immediately gets a nice score for being part of the 21 Sextury.com Productions network. However, this site – though perhaps a bit small – can easily stand on its own. The site provides content featuring double penetration (vag/anal) with one girl and multiple guys per scene – no exceptions. Double anal and double vaginal are not uncommon.

Every scene has a preview that you can view and the site model index lets you browse through each model with photos that clearly preview the model’s look. With no DRM and multiple connections allowed, this site is friendly to download managers – but don’t expect fast speeds (250kb/s seems max). When the site has photos – they are large and very well photographed, but most scenes don’t have them.

The video itself is somewhat variable – while the resolution is always the same – the camera work isn’t always consistent and lighting can sometimes be an issue. It appears this collection is provided by multiple production teams, however most of the scenes are quite professional and the screen shots (when available) look worse than the real video. Users can vote on each scene (1 to 5) and the top scenes are listed – but it is worth the time to check out each scene – as some hidden gems could have been missed.

Despite updates being stopped, this is a wealth of good DP content and the fact that it has 32 other real sites included with it makes DP Overload a respectable site worth a visit.

01-01-08  08:01pm

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Visit Freaks Of Cock

Freaks Of Cock

Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: *Live-Action Hentai / Cartoon-Sized Penis
*Epic Cumshots
*Rather Hi-Res Video (512 x 288)
*Matched photos with each video
*Videos feature a back story
*Humorous Hosts / Comedic Dialogue
Cons: *Video only available in segments (~5:00 min, ~45MB)
*AdultFriendFinder.com Ads
*Lack-luster sex
Bottom Line: FreaksOfCock.com is a ridiculous premise that has been produced surprisingly well. The host has sex with models he and his camera man find on their drives - and he does so with an enormous, incredibly detailed, rubber penis – featuring a scrotum and a comically giant patch of pubic hair as well.

The models perform the whole scene as though it were a real penis, with looks of shock, and attempt to use it in a multitude of positions - though doggy is definitely the site’s stock and trade. The real shocker is at the end when the phallus delivers an epic cumshot that literally covers the model’s entire face. These features really make this site basically a live-action Hentai site - inhumanly large penis and cumshots, all treated as if they are real.

What makes the videos watchable besides the obvious effort put into the construction and usage of the penis, is the host and his dialogue between the cameraman and the models. It is genuinely funny stuff that isn’t remotely forced. At times I found myself fast-forwarding through more of the sex than the dialogue.

The truth is the sex is somewhat boring because the models really can’t get too energetic with the fake penis - it just isn’t hard enough to do that - so the reason to get this membership is for the cumshots and the dialogue. Is it worth the entry fee? Probably not, but curiosity got the better of me and I was still entertained, if perhaps not in the way the way I had expected.

12-07-07  05:05am

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Visit Futafan


Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: *Search engine and easy categories
*Super high-quality WMV videos (one part, 1GB+)
*Must videos subtitled (not dubbed)
*Screen shots and descriptions for the movies
*User ratings for each video
Cons: *Small amount of content (38 videos)
*Irregular updates (only 2 updates in November, 4 in October)
*Not exclusively Futanari content (dickgirl)
*Some videos have sound synching issues
Bottom Line: Futafan.com is a Futanari niche site – basically dickgirls, anime form of transsexuals. From the guys who made Titanime.com, this site provides Japanese DVDs that contain Futanari. It does so with DVD quality, WMV files, one part per disc, at 1GB+ usually in size – this stuff is very high quality. Don’t setup multiple download streams or the site will kick you off – download one file at a time.

The main problem with the site is there aren’t that many videos and most of the videos don’t contain a lot of Futanari – generally one, maybe two scenes per film. They also aren’t updating regularly; two one week and then nothing for weeks. A number of their films also have audio synch problems, with audio being heard seconds before the action happens. On big plus is that most of the films are subtitled, not dubbed, keeping the director’s original vision in place.

The site does make searching easy and also categorized all of their content with Dickgirl, Strap-on, Femdom and Cross Dressing. You can view 15, 25 or 50 movies per page, sort them by Title, User Rating or Date Added. You can also mark videos as a favorite and check it out later in your “My Favorites” section. So navigation is a snap and will continue to be so as they grow.

The site needs to figure out the audio, post regular updates and grow a lot. For now I’d pass unless you are really desperate for some Futanari.

12-11-07  01:06pm

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Visit German Goo Girls

German Goo Girls

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: *Extreme Bukkake / Multiple Cumshots
*Gang-Bangs / Group Sex
*Full Length DVDs
*Massive Amounts of Content
*Relatively Hi-Res Video (400 x 300, ~800MB, 1 HR, One Part)
*Video Trailers
Cons: *DRM (Copy-Protected Video)
*No Search Engine
*Slow Updates
Bottom Line: GermanGooGirls.com is niche site that features the most extreme Bukkake content available - bar-none. The models are subjected to very rough sex and are covered in cum before, during and after the sex. The video is filmed in a gritty, on-the-scene. Lighting is from the camera’s on-board light, providing harsh shadows and surprising detail.

John Thompson, the creator / cameraman of German Goo Girls has pulled every speck of glamour out of porn and thrown it out the window. The models are dominated to the extreme usually without too much S&M equipment and the models always there enjoying it. Models getting held down and pounded by a guy wearing a Jason-esque Hockey mask is standard for GGG.

Unfortunately all of the dialogue is in German - but sex is the majority of the video anyway. Generally each video features multiple models and sometimes ridiculous orgies as well, all the while focused on Bukkake.

The problem is that all its videos are Digitally Rights Managed (DRM, aka Copy-Protected) - if you quit - good bye videos.

So is GGG worth it? If you like Bukkake - hell yes, there is nothing else like it. If nothing else, you will remember John Thompson’s style forever – and if something is that influential, it has to be pretty important, doesn’t it?

12-07-07  05:33am

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Visit Nasty Makeup

Nasty Makeup

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * Hardcore Glamour Blowjobs
* Single File Downloads (220~250MB) – approx. 20 min. length (Videos are available in 50MB chunks as well)
* WMV, 640x480, 24 bit video at 1500kbps, No DRM
* Photo Sets matched to video, 685x1024 (Zip file available)
* Full Access to the ATX Network (Argentina Triple X, and soon Anal Breakers and My First Casting – videos for these are already being added)
* Good Lighting, Good Color Reproduction, Good Model-Focused Camera Angles, Good Make-up Artist, Crisp Image, Good Focus
* Great Download Speeds (1.2 MB/s)
* Exclusive Models treated with Epic Cum Shots
* Complete Subtitles with lots of unscripted dialogue
* Regular network updates (approx. one new video a week for entire network – updates are dated)
* Small Watermarks on Videos, None on Photos
* Bonus DVDs and other filler sites included (just ignore it and check out their exclusive content)
Cons: * Only 20 Videos Currently
* Limited Screen Caps (7), No Preview
* Equipment Visible (cables, lighting umbrellas, et cetera)
* Most videos don’t have photo sets
* No Search Engine, No Alphabetical Model Indexes
Bottom Line: The inherent nature of Nasty Makeup dictates that you’ll only see a model on the site once. The site has a specific format – show us a model as she walks into the studio, chat with her while copious amounts of makeup is applied to her face, then introduce her to the men (usual 2, sometimes 3) and record her performing some seriously energetic blowjobs, complete with gagging, spitting, slapping – the works. Lastly, the epic cum shot for which the site gets its name.

The format works, but the only variant is the model – none have been back for a second run, and I think that is wise. This is still a small site, totaling only 20 videos. You do get access to the ATX Network, but that is still rather small and despite the regular updates, it is a slow rate considering it is one video a week for the entire network – meaning sometimes it is 3 weeks for your favorite site to update.

While I’d love to see them go HD – the current format is DVD quality and the production values are great. Complete subtitles, excellent camera technique and lighting. My only complaint is that too often we see the lighting equipment, which just looks messy.

The models are exclusive, energetic and cute if not always beautiful. Deep throating is always attempted, with varying degrees of success but you can always expect an energetic, messy blowjob with a staggering cumshot at the end. ATX as shown they are going to keep improving, this is a network I will be returning to.

04-06-08  10:57am

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Visit Porn Pros Network

Porn Pros Network

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * Exclusive, creative content - Interesting scenarios, funny dialogue, with descent attempts at acting, and interesting camera work and lighting
* 12 exclusive content sites plus 3 bonus DVD content sites - 563 scenes of exclusive content, 23 scenes of bonus DVD content
* Daily updates – 1 or 2 scenes a day
* Matching photo sets for all content (586 sets) – well lit, in focus and thorough
* Newest photos are 2000x3000 and all photos are available in Zip files
* Network wide keyword searching and network inclusive and site specific model lists and updates lists
* Updates lists are sortable by date, views, votes, and staff picks while model lists are sortable by name or votes
* Customizable "My Picks" favorites section
* No DRM
* Fast Download Speeds (1 MB/s)
* Streaming Flash for every scene (in clips only) and screenshots for every scene
* Single file and split file downloads for each scene in WMV or MPEG
Cons: * 512x288 (WMV, +1100kbps) is less than DVD quality
* Many photos are 600x900 or even 533x800
* Troublesome with Download Managers, sometimes download links do not engage properly on first request causing your manager to download the PHP page instead
* Advertisements are EVERYWHERE
* Scrolling SexInYourCity.com Advertisement is ubiquitous and unbelievably annoying
* Update schedule is network wide; your favorite site can wait two weeks before updating
* Lower, right-hand corner, non-translucent watermark on videos and photos
Bottom Line: Honestly, this network should get very high marks as it manages to provide interesting, humorous and original content while using many professional porn stars we all know well. The video is well lit and well shot – they play around with different video styles, imitating amateur video in some sites or music videos and so on – though their preferred style is mostly the standard gonzo documentary style. However, they actually do spend quite a bit of time dedicated to chatting with their performers. A number of their sites actually require acting from their stars – this either works or fails miserably, but either way it remains funny.

The keyword search engine is respectable and easy to use. The updates and model lists are sortable and available both as site specific or network wide. So finding the content is not difficult and though at 500+, making your way through all the scenes would take some time. Deciding if something is worth downloading is easy with both screenshots and streaming Flash at your disposal. Photos can be downloaded in zips and video scenes can be downloaded as one file - no DRM, no download restrictions, and fast downloads (1 MB/s). Unfortunately, this PHP based website isn't exactly Download Manager friendly – you can queue up downloads, but sometimes a download won't engage properly at first and instead you'll just download a useless PHP page. This means time consuming baby sitting of the downloads.

Unfortunately the negatives don't stop there. The videos are all the same size, 512x288, that is less than DVD quality and that is simply too small in this age of HD. If you watch it at that resolution, it is crisp, well lit and well filmed, but as you enlarge it, things get fuzzy. This is a huge problem for what is primarily a video site. The newest photos are huge and great, but you'll find the oldest photos are similarly too small. The second big negative is the ridiculous saturation of advertising. They have every advertisement short of Google Ad Words - many of the ads flash or scroll or act annoyingly in some other fashion. Finding ads presented to me within a site I pay to access is an immeasurable outrage. I seriously am astonished that a network with this much polish still has ads as back-up funding.

If Porn Pros re-encodes their videos to bring themselves into the DVD age (let alone the Blu-ray age) and sends those ads back to the abyss, I recon they'll be one of the finest networks out there. Their content is fun and entertaining, their site is easy to use and they don't even forget us photo lovers. I want to put their score in the 90's – but right now I just can't.

11-26-08  12:43am

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Visit Real Wife Stories

Real Wife Stories

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * Unique plots for each scene, varied wardrobe choices for models, and good enough acting during plot setup for easy acceptance of fantasy
* Well lit, organized sets, good camera work, good sound
* Many video formats - 640x480 at +1MB/s in WMV, MP4, MPG and iPod/PSP ready MP4
* Screenshots and Video Trailers for all scenes
* Matching 600x900 photo sets for all scenes (500 to 1000 photos each)
* Flash streaming video w/ full screen option
* Network wide advanced search, category search/browse, model search/browse, random scene button
* Weekly updates
* Fast downloads (1.16 MB/s), download accelerator friendly
* User comments, ratings, favorites, forum
* Full access to Brazzers Network (19 other sites) and 40 bonus sites with streaming content
Cons: * Small site (only 19 scenes)
* Most models fit the classic porn star look (84% silicon implants and 44% blondes), not much variation
* No high definition video
* No high resolution photos
* Small, opaque watermark in right corner of videos (transparent on photos)
* Category listings have varied accuracy (they do not always include all the scenes they should)
Bottom Line: Real Wife Stories focuses on sexual fantasies revolving around married women in extramarital relations. The models have the porn star look; happily, the wardrobes aren’t all porn star stock & trade and the site matches the set to the story and has everyone at least adlib lines that make sense.

Good camera work & lighting so everything is easy to see. The models are at ease and adopt their characters while showing off their talents – though overacting is the norm. Nothing here is subtle but the scene setup means it doesn’t need to be. You get different positions with oral sex to start (often for both parties) and the finale is external but the target varies, not just facials.

On the technical side, videos & photos are a bit small for a wealthy network (640x480 | 600x900) but the content is crisp – though in high motion scenes some dithering is visible. Many preview options (trailers, screenshots, matched photo sets) gives a very thorough feel for a scene prior to download.

The site is too small to stand on its own (19 scenes) but since they have already established a tangible theme and done it well it indicates that the site will continue to grow and thrive. As a member of the Brazzers Network it’s a part of tons of content that’s all categorized & searchable. User interaction is great with everything from ratings to a forum at their disposal. Despite its technical limitations, the site’s character and the included network make it nothing short of excellent.

05-28-08  09:07pm

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Visit Rodney Moore

Rodney Moore

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * Most Videos Have Screenshots
* Newest Video Res. 718x404 at 1621kbps
* Newest Video in WMV or MOV
* No DRM
* Download Manager Friendly
* Fast Downloads (1Mbps+)
* Some Matched Photos Sets (avg. 600x900)
* All Content Categorized and Labeled by Model
* Subcategorized Model Index
* Content from 1997 to Present
* Models of Every Type (Body Type and Experience)
* Softcore, Lesbian and Hardcore Content
Cons: * Older Video Res. 320x240 (Most Video)
* Avg. Video Length 3 ~ 5 min.
* All DVD Excerpts / No Full DVD Downloads
* No Full Length Video
* No Video Zip Files
* Watermark on Video & Photos
* Most Video in MOV
* No Search Engine
* Site Design stuck in the ‘90s
* Confusing, Inconsistent Site Navigation
Bottom Line: Rodney Moore is content in need of a website: a complete site redesign is in order. The vast majority of the content is in MOV with no easy way of being downloaded (they actually recommends you hunt through your temp. internet files). Newer content allows WMV or MPG downloads. Some sets do have screenshots and many sets have matching photos – but zip files are available only to the newest content.

Granted, there is a ton of content – some dating back to 1997 – over 1000 models. Everything is excerpts from DVDs Rodney Moore has produced. Problem is, often times much of the DVD isn’t available and a full, single file download is out of the question. Video quality & resolution is all over the place – some of the newest is HD – most is small; you usually get professional lighting mixed with amateur cameras with lens vignetting – it is almost bipolar.

A lot of time has been spent on categorizing, there is a good model index and if you just want highlights of a video – this site is for you. However there’s no search engine of any sort.

It pains me not to be able to rank this site high – the content is truly great: outstanding cumshots, a diverse group of models from pure amateurs to seasoned professionals and every body type, lesbian sex, boy/girl sex, et cetera. Production values aside – Rodney Moore has an eye for interesting porn and models. Simply though, the learning curve for the site navigation is so steep that I’d rather rent his DVDs than deal with this site.

03-05-08  10:41pm

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Visit Teens From Tokyo

Teens From Tokyo

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: *Beautiful Japanese Models
*Explicit, Uncensored Hardcore
*Diversity of Content (Gangbangs, DPs, Bukkake, Squirting, Cosplay, et cetera)
*Well Filmed - Good Lighting and Camera Work
*Exclusive Content
*High Resolution Video (640 x 480, 2000+kbps, WMV, No DRM)
*Matching Photo Sets for Many Videos
Cons: *Videos Only Available in Parts (< 200MB)
*Only One Download Stream at a Time
*Weekly Updates
*Medium Sized Collection
*Most of the Male Performers are Under-Endowed
*Ads for Sister Sites
Bottom Line: This site features many beautiful Japanese models in explicit hardcore sex. The sex ranges from simple boy/girl to lesbianism, gangbangs, Bukkake, threesomes (with DP), solo (with squirting), Cosplay and so on. The camera work and lighting is good and the video quality is near DVD - very consistent, 640x480, 2000+kbps WMV without DRM (copy protection). Photo sets are often included with the videos as well.

Unfortunately no subtitles are provided, if you care about the plot. The videos cannot be downloaded in one part but instead are available in chunks of less than 200MB. A total video weighs in at 1GB, sometimes 2. You can only download one part at a time, so a download manager with acceleration turned off is a must for the sake of your sanity. Also the site loves to log you out periodically, so you must monitor your downloads somewhat regularly.

The male performers that at are featured are usually (in typical Japanese fashion) quite under-endowed – which can be off putting for some. The content however is creative with the models doing many things that aren’t seen in most western porn (e.g. filling a vagina to the brim with lubricant jelly and putting 20 egg vibrators in it). Plus the content appears exclusive.

Updates are once about once a week and the collection is medium sized (easily download it all in 2 months) and the site features ads for its sister sites – while charging $30 a month. The content is 90 material, but its flaws hurt it.

12-14-07  10:47pm

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Visit Teens Like It Big

Teens Like It Big

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: * Varying plots with setup time invested for aid of the fantasy
* Well lit, good camera work, good sound
* Many video formats - 640x480 at +1MB/s in WMV, MP4, MPG and iPod/PSP ready MP4
* Screenshots and Video Trailers for all scenes
* Matching 600x900 photo sets for all scenes (500 to 1500 photos each)
* Flash streaming video w/ full screen option
* Network wide advanced search, category search/browse, model search/browse, random scene button
* Weekly updates
* Fast downloads (1.16 MB/s), download accelerator friendly
* User comments, ratings, favorites, forum
* Full access to Brazzers Network (19 other sites) and 40 bonus sites with streaming content
Cons: * Smallish site (only 26 scenes)
* Very little variation in the sets (usually a teen girl’s bedroom)
* Very little variation in wardrobe (dressed as stereotyped “little girl” teens)
* No high definition video
* No high resolution photos
* Small, opaque watermark in right corner of videos (transparent on photos)
* Category listings have varied accuracy (they do not always include all the scenes they should)
Bottom Line: Teens Like it Big tries hard to vary the plots of their scenes despite those two obvious requirements. Unfortunately, 73% of the scenes end up in a teen girl’s bedroom. The models also overact to a fault with many repeated statements by the female about the voluminousness of the member or the minuteness of the vessel and can sometimes shatter the fantasy that the site sells.

It is all easy to see with good lighting and camera work. The models are almost exclusively natural & petite, a pointed difference from the other sites in the network, and the male models fit the bill to a T. The action is at times too hardcore for the fantasy but the multitude of positions are nice. The scene begins with oral sex (often for both) and generally ends with a facial.

It surprises that the network hasn’t embraced HD yet, but the content is at least crisp and easily accessible, though high motion scenes will show some dithering. Many preview options make for easy download decisions.

The models are qute attractive and sell the teen look well and the sex is always enthusiastic. Despite the site’s size, it would receive high marks – so its membership in the Brazzers Network really pushes it to the top. This gives the user access to 19 other sites with all the content categorized and searchable, rating functionality, a full forum and more. Still young, the site needs to grow, learn to vary its sets & wardrobe and tone down the mid-sex acting to secure the status of legendary.

05-28-08  09:53pm

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Visit Ultimate Surrender

Ultimate Surrender

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * A Whopping 205 Matches (4 videos each, one per round)
* Multiple Vid Formats (iPod, WMV, Real, Streaming Real Hi/Low)
* High Res WMV Video (960x540, 856kbps) – NO DRM
* Download Managers work - approx. 500kbps down
* Large photos for each match (1200 x 802)
* Intense sexually themed, lesbian nude wrestling matches – refereed with points
* Each match has 3 rounds of wrestling
* The 4th Round features hardcore lesbian sex (strong domination theme)
* Wrestler stats pages great for finding matches
Cons: * Older videos are much lower quality
* Search engine has some issues
* New video has a low bit rate – looks a little fuzzy
Bottom Line: Ultimate Surrender has a massive amount of real, sexually themed, lesbian nude wrestling. It isn’t uncommon for the models to get hurt – it’s bad when it happens, but it goes to show how aggressively they are wrestling.

The recent seasons have great production values (multiple cameras, great lighting) and many of the wrestlers are veterans of the site now. Each match has 3 wrestling rounds – a side earns points for controlling the other and gets “style points” awarded for sexual molestation of the dominated wrestler. 4th round lets the winner(s) fuck the loser(s) any way they please (usually dominating strap-on sex).

The site design is simple, practically retro – the search engine isn’t hot, but the wrestler stats pages work very well, making it is easy to find any match. Video quality is good, but the bit rate is low, resulting in fuzzy video. Large photos come with each match.

Ultimate Surrender merges the sport of wrestling and the appeal of dominating lesbian sex, and approaches the wrestling very seriously – pre & post match interviews generally focus on strategy. It’s easy to cheer for one side – despite match outcomes being revealed (though some live matches happen too). The site delivers what it advertises very well – unique content by a reputable and customer focused company. Highly recommended.

01-08-08  12:58pm

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Visit White Ghetto

White Ghetto

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * DVD-Quality WMV Video (720x528 at 2148kbps)
* 140 Full-Length DVDs (Video Available Per Scene)
* Average Video Length 20~30 Minutes
* No DRM
* Streaming WMV Video
* Screenshots of Every Video
* All Content Categorized By Action, Model, Model-Type, Series, and Title
* Searchable Using Gamma VIP parent site
* 14 Included Bonus Sites
* Updates Approx. 1 DVD per Week (One Scene Every Two Days)
* Shows DVD Cover Art for Every Movie
Cons: * Slow Downloads (270kbps)
* Trouble with Some Download Managers
* Shaky Camera Work and Lens Vignetting
* Harsh Lighting
* Many Less-Than-Attractive Models
* Watermark on Videos
* No Photos
Bottom Line: White Ghetto treads the border of erotic and grotesque. Unfortunately for me it often falls into the latter; which is really saying something.

As a catalogue of White Ghetto Productions’ DVDs – the site houses three main niches: Cream Pies, Transsexuals, and Squirting. Each are divided into numerous sub-niches – from standards like MILF and Asian to fetishes like BBW and Hairy. The site is easy to navigate with its category system and is searchable via the Gamma VIP parent site.

While it doesn’t give you photos – you get plenty of full-length DVDs (split by scene) with DVD-Quality video. Screenshots or the streaming option makes previewing each video relatively easy.

The problem for me is the content itself. The models are extremely variable – some are lovely, a great many are average at best. And the lighting and camera work don’t help – bright direct light highlights every flaw and the camera bounces around, never steady and often finding unfortunate angles.

I feel as though they push for an unrefined look, and it works – at times I wonder that they found the record button at all. The general idea behind their content choices isn’t flawed – it is quite simply the final product that falls short of its potential in every way for me. So you have a fine site with simply unattractive content – fear not though, their sister sites fair much better.

03-05-08  11:34pm

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Visit Yummy Mama

Yummy Mama

Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: * Mindy is very energetic; loves to perform for the camera
* Mindy loves facials and is apparently married to one of Peter North’s relatives – the facials are quite impressive
* Mindy is petite, very fit, and has a beautiful eastern European face
* Mindy has an impressively long set of labia
* Mindy is skilled at deep throating, performs anal and sometimes performs with women
* 177 Videos
* 65 Photo Sets
* Newest videos look excellent in HD (1280 x 720, 4200+ kbps)
* Newest photos are large (1229 x 819)
* Most of the content features Mindy with her original, small, natural breasts
* Multiple video formats for all videos
* Uses CCBill for billing
* No DRM
Cons: * Atrocious update schedule
* Most videos use sub par bit rate (640 x 480, 1414 kbps)
* Some videos are segmented into parts (most are one large file)
* Photos tend to be a bit blurry with mediocre lighting
* Most photos are only 640 x 480
* Half the videos are only 320 x 240 (229 kbps)
* Mindy upgraded to larger breasts a few years ago
* Old site design
* No search engine
* As an amateur site, most of the videos don’t have a camera man, so expect abrupt cuts and long, unmoving takes
* Watermark on video and photos
Bottom Line: Yummy Mama has excellent content provided in sub par video. The video resolutions can deceive as half the videos on the site are 640 x 480 or better, but the bit rate is too low – thus the videos don’t stand up to full screen viewing (read: blurry). They recently purchased an HD camera (1280 x 720) and the newest content looks beyond DVD quality – but only three videos are presented this way.

The next problem is the dismal update schedule. Mindy took a long hiatus, rendering the site stagnant for awhile. In 3 months, I saw only one update - over a month ago. It stated that they are working on a “whole new members section” that will herald her full-time comeback and will contain: “[i]a classic’s section with never before scenes from my teens, HD videos, Instant webcams shows with me, voting, a members forum, comments and ratings[/i]” We’ll see if that really happens.

This site is primarily a video site. It has a photo gallery, but mostly of small, softcore or dildo-play content. Plus the photo quality and lighting leaves a bit to be desired. No zip file downloads here either.

The site design is late 90’s – easy to navigate but rather ugly. There isn’t a search engine, but thankfully the content is sorted descending from newest (post dates aren’t listed). Multiple formats for the video downloads are offered, even the oldest videos, and the latest videos support both large HD video and small PDA / iPod compatible formats. 12 of the videos are even available in streaming Flash format.

So you ask: What is the appeal of this site?

The answer is Mindy and her husband. She is exceptionally good in front of the camera – visibly enjoying the attention and loving to perform cheesy role plays with lots of erotic chatter. She has an impressive physique, is quite petite and has a beautiful face. She also has a wonderfully vagina with especially long labia. Sadly she got herself new breasts a few years ago, but they are almost reasonable in size, so she is still very attractive. Mindy is also quite skilled at her trade. She is a talented deep throater, performs anal sex, cream pies, and occasionally performs with other women as well.

The other part of the equation is her silent partner. Her husband generally never speaks and a superb talent: The man rains down an impressive storm of one-man Bukkake on Mindy in nearly every scene. The site is by nature amateur, so usually there isn’t a camera man: Expect abrupt cuts and long, unmoving takes.

I hope that Mindy comes through with her promise of a new & improved site, returning full time with regular updates. I’d love for them to go through their archives and update the old video to better quality transfers. Even in its current state – I think it is worth a one month visit if you find Mindy as attractive as I do. If the changes come through, I may revisit in the near future.

10-10-08  12:06am

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