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Visit Pegas Productions

Pegas Productions (1)

rearadmiral (384) 08-31-15  04:51pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (73), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Stunning Quebec models
- A true network with niche sites
- Large site
- Excellent outdoor nudity/sex site
- Supports download managers
- Updates regularly
Cons: - Outdated scene bitrates
- Some of the updates are streaming only
- Server constantly stopped responding and required logging in again
- Dialogue is in French only (but that really doesn’t detract from the scenes)
Bottom Line: I’m aware that Quebec has a homegrown porn industry but I’ve never really gone looking for any Quebec porn until I saw this site listed on TBP.

The site is what I would consider to be a true network in that there are 13 sites serving some distinct niches. I contrast this with other sites that sell themselves as a network but have ‘sites’ that are all basically the same. The sites (with current number of videos) are:

• 3Way Porn: 43
• Blow me POV: 17
• Cutie Pussies: 29 (solo)
• Fresh and Innocent: 39
• Fun Size Teen: 14
• Just Eden: 37 (billed as an X-Art style site)
• Let's Fuck Outside: 37
• Lezzie BFF: 46
• Nasty Rookies: 27 (auditions)
• Samantha Ardente: 11
• Shake the Snake: 66 (no specific niche)
• Spice My Sex Life: 14 (mild kink)
• Straight in the Ass: 15

The number of videos I’ve listed is less than what the TBP page lists because many of the videos are listed on an ‘updates’ page that has some unreleased stuff and some bloopers mixed in. I have no idea why the site doesn’t add the unreleased scenes to an existing site and create a separate bloopers page. I did find a lot of scenes on the update page that were streaming only.

Depending on the age of the scene the file resolution can be fairly low. I’ve seen as low as 640x480. The newer stuff is available for mobile devices and in 1280x720. The real flaw is that the bitrates are quite low. The newest scenes are 2500kb/s which is far less than what other sites are using and it shows. There are scenes with bitrates as low as 1400. It’s possible that all of the material is quite old and they’re just slowly releasing it on the internet. There are some indications that this could be exactly what’s going on.

The site adds a new scene every two days. While that sounds great, consider that the August 30 update is a three-minute, streaming-only video. To make matters worse, the thumbnail shows it as a public nudity scene but none of that footage is in the upload.

The site allows download managers. Download speeds are quite fast.

I want to single out one site for specific mention. I’m a big fan of outdoor scenes and a big fan of public nudity so I was happy to see a site that catered to this. What I wasn’t expecting was how over-the-top some of the scenes are. Many of the scenes are far in excess of American public nudity sites and even surpass many European sites. One scene is shot in a busy commercial area in Quebec City on a stairwell with full nudity. The scene is shot at dusk but this is a well-known and heavily travelled tourist area so this was pretty risky. Another, perhaps even more risky scene, is shot on the boardwalk at the Quebec City harbour next door to the iconic Frontenac hotel. Full nudity happens here too. And these aren’t short scenes either. Still another is recorded with a couple in the back of a horse-drawn carriage through old Quebec City on a busy day. This isn’t as risky because there are lots of people around but there is some oral sex, nudity and fingering. All three of these scenes are with the Quebec model named Candy Kiss who is young and beautiful. She has many scenes on this specific site. The other models who do risky outdoor public scenes are hot too. If you share my love of these kinds of scenes you really should consider a membership here regardless of some of the flaws. The only stuff I’ve seen that comes close are the European scenes at Public Disgrace. The scenes here at Pegas aren’t BDSM though; they’re a lot more playful than the PD scenes.

The site appears to have an annoying technical flaw. Every time (and I mean EVERY TIME) I downloaded a few videos the server would stop responding and I’d have to leave the site, go back to it and log in again. I tried different browsers and the problem was the same. I don’t know if the site times out or if it’s just a flaw, but if you join I hope you don’t have the same issue.

Many of the models here are really beautiful, though that shouldn’t be a surprise since Quebec women are known for this trait. Some of these models could have easily been A-list models in the U.S.

In a vast majority of the scenes the interaction between the models is in French. For those with no exposure to the language you may not like this. Some newer scenes have a download option with subtitles.

So do I recommend this network? I do, but I also have some reservations in that while a lot of the porn is really hot and features some stunning models, the site itself leaves a lot to be desired. I’m often left wondering why studios put so much effort into making great porn and then sell it to customers in resolutions that are far out of date. If, however, you’re a fan of risky outdoor sex in public places then my recommendation goes way up. Let's Fuck Outside offers some amazing stuff in this rare niche. And at $25 it’s a good value and worth having a look at.
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Site Name (Reviews) Review Replies Author Date/Time
1. Pegas Productions (1) 75 2 rearadmiral (384) 08-31-15  04:51pm
2. Mofos Network (2) 50* 2 Wraith0711 (0) 08-30-15  03:23pm
3. Desperate Pleasures (1) 87 6 rearadmiral (384) 08-29-15  04:42am
4. Anal Euro (1) 95 0 mbaya (364) 08-27-15  06:59am
5. Piss Domination (1) 90 1 LPee23 (24) 08-23-15  12:53pm
6. Fucking Machines (1) 95 3 mbaya (364) 08-23-15  09:27am
7. Passion HD (1) 70 2 Pyrenees (26) 08-18-15  08:20pm
8. Brutal Castings (1) 70 1 mbaya (364) 08-17-15  03:45pm
9. Chaturbate (2) 91 1 Marcus (47) 08-16-15  09:56am
10. 1,000 Facials (1) 80 3 bkreidercrhl (7) 08-12-15  07:18am

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Visit Coco Dorm

Coco Dorm (0)

SFguy (1) 08-31-15  02:22pm
Comments TRUST USER?   YES (14), NO (0)

Price Jacked Way Up

This site generously offered an inexpensive $4.95 trial for years that they've now done away with, and their monthly price is a seriously pricey $34.95. It's a decent site with a good-ish amount of content, but not really worth the new price IMO. Hopefully enough users will balk at the hefty pricetag and they'll bring the cost back down to a more reasonable rate again.

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Site Name (Reviews) Comment Title Replies Author Date/Time
1. Coco Dorm (0) Price Jacked Way Up 0 SFguy (1) 08-31-15  02:22pm
2. Workin' Men Movies (0) Strange Site 0 SFguy (1) 08-29-15  08:18pm
3. Sue For Black (0) Awful 0 SFguy (1) 08-29-15  08:12pm
4. Blacked.com (3) 100% rating 0 mbaya (364) 08-29-15  06:54pm
5. Sexually Broken (1) No Money Shots 0 Pyrenees (26) 08-28-15  10:12am
6. Special Examination (0) Special Examination-Review by Maggie 3 R a t (0) 08-26-15  04:40am
7. Mofos Network (2) Downloads no longer available on mofos 12 blueron (0) 08-23-15  09:34am
8. Porn Mastermind (1) Lack of new content 1 Goldfish (67) 08-22-15  10:20am
9. Piss Bank (1) Lacking billing support 1 artnoir (17) 08-22-15  02:57am
10. Reality Kings (2) Much clearer download limit 1 exotics4me (463) 08-18-15  03:19am

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