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skippy (42) 08-30-14  09:40am
Rookie Badge  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (23), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: Some of the best European models
Wonderful sets and lighting
Top notch photography
Great interaction
2 sets a day
Models generally are not shy
Good site layout
3 image file/zip file sizes for each set.
Images up to 5500 x 3700 pixels(a 6 foot poster)
Excellent value for the money
Cons: Navigation not up to par with the best sites
Videos are a bit snoozy
Image/zip file sizes are odd/archaic
Site is not quite as reliable as some others.
Bottom Line: I've been a member of this site 5 or 6 times over the years and keep forgetting to write a review. It keeps drawing me back.

Here's the good and bad (absolutely no ugly).
This is a site with photography that ranks up there with the best in this genre...perhaps THE best. The photo sets and models themselves are generally spectacular. In fact, there are a few exclusive models here that are the absolute pinnacle of beautiful female form. Translation: They have perfect, perfect bodies, pretty faces and bright eyes. The models are 18 to mid-20s, fit, clean, totally natural, mostly clean shaven and just drop-dead gorgeous. Very few piercings and next to no tattoos. The more recent models are very open. I've never used this word in a review before. Delicious.

Lets talk about content:
The site has been around since 2004. I can't get a good read on sets, but it is at least 3000 or so, plus about a video or two a week for at least the last few years. Of course the older sets tend to be a little more "observing a naked girl in the woods" but for the past few years, the shooting formula has been damn near perfect. Great mix of full body and close-ups in various poses. Sets and outdoor locations are great. Interaction is great. Lighting is consistently terrific. Posing is great. Nothing awkward or uncomfortable anywhere.

The videos are sometimes of the photo shoots and sometimes shot separately on the same set. The girls start naked or disrobe and are usually undressed by the halfway point. Any close-ups, etc are reserved for the last few minutes of the video and there is rarely any masturbation. These are not bad videos, but they are not terribly exciting unless you really want to see how a particular model moves. They come in multiple sizes and formats from standard definition (272p) to 1080p. Older ones are in 720p.

Just a reminder that this is soft core. There is no guy/girl sex, no toys, no insertions, etc., with maybe a little bit of masturbation and few girl/girl sets just touching and leaning. (If you want that in this format, go over to Joymii.) At Femjoy, you just get beautiful unobstructed view.

So..what's not to like? Well...I know the webmasters are working on improvements, but there are a few things that keep me from rating this site right up there with the best. I know they will be reading this so forgive me if I direct some of my points to them.
First, the navigation is a little off. there are a few too many clicks to get where you want to be and not enough new-window options. When you click on a set from the home or updates page, a new window opens for that set and then all actions happen in that window. Click to see images, and a limited number of images appear in a gallery. Click on "show all" (nice pun, I guess) and all of the images appear. What, are we still in dial-up times? Just show me ALL the images when I ask to see ALL images, please. This doesn't sound like much, I know, but it is a little odd to navigate through. ..Then there is selecting a picture. When you click on an image from a gallery, it opens up in the same window that the gallery of images was in. Click back and you are taken back to the top of the gallery page regardless of where the image was that you clicked on. This may also seem like a little thing but when looking through many images, it is unnerving. What SHOULD happen is that each set should open a window/tab and each image within that set should open a window/tab. Or better yet, the whole thing should be user selectable like several of the other top-tier websites are. To their credit, the navigation options once looking at an image are pretty good (larger image, next, previous and back to gallery).
And my last little nitpick is with the file sizes. There are three image size choices: "Quickview Edition" images are 800k wide. "Collectors Edition" images are 1200k wide and "Poster-Size Edition" images are 4500-5500k wide. Wait, what? (Insert captain Piccard meme here) Who the fuck looks at 800k images anymore? Even iPhones are 960 pixels wide/tall! My smallest computer screen is 1900 pixels wide. So the two smallest images sizes are waaaay too small to fill my computer screen and the only other option involves 5500 pixel, 2 meg images and a zip file that is a third of a gig! There is just something seriously outdated with this thinking. I appreciate the larger images, but they are a little too large to be loaded and kept exclusively. What is needed is a 1200, a 2000 and a max resolution (4500+) image size. I have been told they are working on fixing this and will happily report when it is fixed.

Bottom line? If you are into soft core and like young, OMG beautiful girls, don't hesitate. Just join this site. This is one of the few sites that I would recommend for an annual membership because of the terrific soft core content. There is enough here to keep you entertained for months.
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Site Name (Reviews) Review Replies Author Date/Time
1. FEMJOY (1) 88 0 skippy (42) 08-30-14  09:40am
2. 88 Square (1) 74 0 jook (12) 08-24-14  01:16pm
3. Michelle's Nylons (1) 88 0 mr smut (42) 08-23-14  02:49am
4. Student Sex Parties (0) 85* 1 Gnoman (2) 08-19-14  06:34pm
5. Infernal Restraints (2) 83 0 EverNight (14) 08-17-14  02:49pm
6. Blacked.com (1) 85 0 rearadmiral (320) 08-17-14  07:32am
7. abbywinters (0) 98* 17 CatSteppings (1) 08-11-14  05:07pm
8. April Hunter (0) 80* 1 thatreview (1) 08-09-14  07:18pm
9. Brazzers (4) 90* 6 lagit (1) 08-07-14  11:10am
10. Nuru Massage (3) 90 3 rearadmiral (320) 08-05-14  05:42pm

*Newbie reviews and ratings don't count toward a site's overall score/rank until the user reaches the Rookie status level (5 points). This rule is needed to help prevent fake (or heavily biased) profiles and reviews.

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pat362 (367) 08-30-14  09:09am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (68), NO (0)

Goodbye ScoreHD

I discovered this week that Score has converted their popular site Score HD into the new site porn megaload and basically changed the content on score video to only large breasted women.

The cost for the new site is 50$. That's a pretty expensive increase when you consider that the other one was only 20$

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Site Name (Reviews) Comment Title Replies Author Date/Time
1. Porn Megaload (0) Goodbye ScoreHD 0 pat362 (367) 08-30-14  09:09am
2. Busty Buffy (0) Not Lucie Wilde's site 11 pat362 (367) 08-27-14  06:12pm
3. WTF Pass (0) RE-checked cross selling 1 sigmund (0) 08-26-14  10:09am
4. Bella Pass (2) Poor customer service and horrible user rules. 27 longjohn351 (0) 08-25-14  03:00pm
5. Sin Drive (0) This site could really use a proper 4k sample video 7 RustyJ (145) 08-24-14  03:37am
6. Porn Duty (0) A Site I've Never Heard of - Porn Duty 1 Monahan (40) 08-21-14  06:13pm
7. Matt's Models (0) Well here's a first 2 RagingBuddhist (63) 08-20-14  08:15pm
8. Brazzers (4) Cancellation means you lose remaining days of subscription? 4 Roberto281 (0) 08-19-14  06:30pm
9. Everything Butt (1) It's starting to smell bad at EB 2 pat362 (367) 08-19-14  06:12pm
10. Everything Butt (1) just joined so slow downloads 2 williamj (9) 08-15-14  04:34pm

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