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Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network (6)

rearadmiral (306) 04-17-14  04:37pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (69), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - A mega-site that still manages to get specialties right
- Something for everyone
- 2-3 updates per day
- Broad spectrum of niches
- Many different types of models
- Logically laid out site
Cons: - Many complaints of misleading practices
- Links time out very quickly (2-3 minutes)
- Not all sites update
Bottom Line: Bangbros seems to be the most polarizing of the mega sites that gets reviewed here, and it doesnít really have to be that way. The sites included with the basic network are large, many (but not all) are updating regularly and all offer some great porn. But working against BB is the perception of misleading signups and shady billing practices. It seems unreasonable to me that BB isnít aware of these concerns since the misleading signups are obviously a choice they made (and the billing flows from that) and if they are aware of the concerns, it baffles me why a site of this calibre would continue to do that.

BB really needs no introduction, but Iíll add a quick one in case someone has just discovered internet porn. BB is a large network of sites, which isnít unique, that offers sites catering to just about any niche a member could be interested in. Anal? Lesbian? Big breasts? Reality? Glory Holes? Theyíre all here. What sets BB apart from most other mega-sites is that (at least in all the niches I downloaded) they are done really well. So many other mega-sites have a feel of a low-cost buffet where your appetite will be sated but you wonít rave about the quality. In the niches I viewed I was pleasantly surprised to see that just because the network covers so many niches that they still seem to be able to understand what makes good porn within a specific niche. For example, I love both anal sites and glory hole sites and the BB sites Mr. Anal and Glory Hole Loads are among the best of each niche that Iíve seen. Each could easily be a stand-alone site and still have value. I have every reason to believe that the same thing applies to the niche sites that Iím not interested in.

The other great thing about BB is that they offer models from a range of ages, body types and ethnicities. The models also range from A-listers to relatively unknowns.

Iím going to break with my own convention of providing a lot of detail in a review because I donít want to risk misleading anyone. The reason for this is that I added an optional ďSuperPackĒ of sites that appears in the scenes available to me. To give the number of scenes available would include those and mislead someone who buys the basic membership. But donít let me mislead anyone in the other direction either: the basic membership includes thousands of scenes. For a first-timer or a recurring member there is real value here.

The site started adding HD videos in January 2009. Prior to that the videos were available in WMV (852x480, 1500kb/s), and MP4 (720x404, 1000kb/s and 852x480, 1500kb/s). The HD videos are in MP4 and come in at 1280X720 at 3000kb/s. Those arenít the best the industry has to offer, but they look good on both a monitor and a 50Ē TV.

The network is logically laid out and has a search function and also uses tags. I canít speak for the effectiveness of those, as Iíll explain.

Perhaps the biggest issue with the network is their apparent use of misleading upgrades. Many PU members have reported that all they have done is click on a thumbnail and ended up joining something that they didnít intend to join Ė and being billed for it. I have good reason to think that this is an accurate description of what can happen, so in the interests of providing a public service Iíll make four recommendations:

ē If you only subscribed to the main network, when you go to the main page ONLY click on the link to the ďBang Bros Pack.Ē Thatís what you bought and paid for. Clicking on any other link MAY cause you to join that site.
ē When youíre in the BB Pack that you bought, be extra careful about using the search function and tags as these MAY bring you scenes in a site outside your pack. Opening that scene MAY cause you to be signed up.
ē Keep your joining email Ė it will provide you a link to a site where you can cancel. (This worked for the main network for me, but I did need more effort to cancel the add-on even though I had the right link.)
ē If you donít want to be rebilled plan to cancel a bit earlier than usual in case you have problems. Your membership will still be active until the end of the subscription Ė at least it was for me. (I should also add that even though I had problems cancelling the add-on it was quick and effective.)

One other minor issue is that while download managers seem to be permitted, the short life of the links make it impossible to use a manager to queue downloads. Links die after 2-3 minutes, so even with a fast speed (I saw 11MB/s regularly) queuing more than two HD scenes wasnít worth it.

So would I recommend this site? Absolutely. They are among the best Ė and maybe the best Ė mega-site on the internet today. They offer something for all but the most extreme tastes, and what they offer is top-quality. The website is logically laid out and easy to use. My bottom line with BB is much like it would be for a lot of sexual activities: have fun, but go in with your eyes open and use protection.
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Site Name (Reviews) Review Replies Author Date/Time
1. Bangbros Network (6) 88 0 rearadmiral (306) 04-17-14  04:37pm
2. Hidden Zone (0) 91* 2 David19 (3) 04-14-14  11:50pm
3. Wow Girls (5) 79 2 Cybertoad (100) 04-13-14  09:46am
4. Bree Olson (1) 91 4 marcdc1 (163) 04-13-14  06:32am
5. In The Crack (1) 94 0 williamj (9) 04-12-14  05:02pm
6. Dog Fart Network (2) 85* 0 Addict20 (0) 04-12-14  08:11am
7. WCP Club (1) 50* 0 Addict20 (0) 04-12-14  08:00am
8. Crazy Babe (1) 90 1 LPee23 (11) 04-11-14  06:54pm
9. Reality Kings (7) 83 4 rearadmiral (306) 04-09-14  04:26pm
10. Bound Honeys (0) 60* 0 MasterJohn (1) 04-07-14  04:37am

*Newbie reviews and ratings don't count toward a site's overall score/rank until the user reaches the Rookie status level (5 points). This rule is needed to help prevent fake (or heavily biased) profiles and reviews.

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Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network (6)

rearadmiral (306) 04-15-14  12:37pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (69), NO (0)

Issue with cancelling an add-on

I added on a group of sites called the "SuperPack" to my BB membership. I received an email with the joining information (with the same username and password as my main membership) and with a link for customer service that was different from my main membership. I followed the link to cancel the SuperPack membership and it's the same page as the main site where you have to select which site you want to cancel but "SuperPack" isn't listed. My confirmation email said I joined through Dancing Bear (which is part of the Pack) but the site said I didn't have a membership there.

Also, there is a two-part captcha where one part of it has to be the most difficult to decipher that I've ever seen.

I haven't had any billing issues, but my advice is to cancel any add-ons early in case you have problems. I've sent them and email and I'm hoping that cancellation isn't a more of a problem than it is already.

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Site Name (Reviews) Comment Title Replies Author Date/Time
1. Bangbros Network (6) Issue with cancelling an add-on 1 rearadmiral (306) 04-15-14  12:37pm
2. VideoBox (8) Site has gone way downhill 1 insomniacxxx (13) 04-12-14  10:28pm
3. Wow Porn (1) Privacy Policy missing 2 Pedrote (0) 04-12-14  10:30am
4. Nebraska Coeds (0) ! 0 artnoir (17) 04-12-14  07:12am
5. Nubiles.net (4) No long term discount? 0 skippy (36) 04-10-14  05:52pm
6. Hustler Mega Pass (1) One month price is $29.95 1 Monahan (38) 04-09-14  10:57pm
7. Anal Educator (0) Access to bonus sites? 7 TheSquirrel (53) 04-09-14  05:11pm
8. In The Crack (1) Still Amazing 0 williamj (9) 04-05-14  07:46am
9. Private.com (2) There's a cheap Trial, but not full 0 Divinx (4) 04-05-14  03:13am
10. Naughty America (9) Naughtyamerica kills my internet connection 0 bibo (13) 04-04-14  11:03am

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