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Visit ATK Exotics

ATK Exotics (1)

LPee23 (22) 05-03-15  11:10am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User TRUST USER?   YES (7), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: This site lives up to its name, featuring exotic women in mostly softcore photosets and videos.
-very impressive ethnic talent pool
-29,789 photosets
-5,532 videos
-generally high quality photography
-new shoots in 3000x2000 photo resolution
-new videos in 1080P
-credit is given to the photographer or videographer in a watermark
-excellent work this year by photographers JSP and GBP
-commonly features stripping, closeups, girl on girl, fingering, and dildos
-less commonly but consistently features peeing
-rare boy on girl, blowjobs, and anal
-all original content is online back to 2001
Cons: Some of these cons have been mentioned in previous reviews and they continue:
-search, tags, and categories still give incomplete results
-a small number of scenes are moved between this and the other ATK sites every year
-reposted archive content is not remastered
-favorite photographers Alicia S and BMB/Wanton Productions haven't produced anything this year
Bottom Line: This is an amazing site, and one of my absolute favorites. I love to see beautiful women of all ethnicities in porn, and it is a rare site that features women as ethnically diverse as ATKExotics. ATKExotics is also the only site that consistently features high quality photos of ethnically diverse women peeing. So if you want to see many beautiful women from all around the world taking a pee in high quality photos, ATKExotics is basically your only option.

ATKExotics has produced some of my absolute favorite scenes, and they are still going strong. London Storm's peeing scene shot by Alicia S is one that I will never forget. She leans back with her legs spread, and smiles while she shoots a dark yellow stream straight up in the air, then lets it pool in her spread pussy and holds it open for some closeups. Unforgettable! Classic style for Alicia S!

One of my concerns is that there haven't been any new Alicia S scenes posted that were shot in 2015. All of her scenes posted this year were shot in previous years. BMB/Wanton is another studio that hasn't posted anything new on ATK for a while. It will be a loss if Alicia S and BMB/Wanton are done with ATK, but there are some new photographers who are really stepping up their game. JSP and GBP have produced all my favorite scenes in 2015, and I hope they keep going strong with the peeing scenes. Marco P made some incredible peeing scenes in 2014, and he is still producing new scenes, so I am eagerly awaiting his first pee scene of the year. I would also love to see more pee scenes from Pout Productions and Amy.

While not clearly a pro or a con, it is often noted in reviews that the scenes tend to follow a recognizable ATK format. It involves a solo model stripping down in a casual setting with various poses and closeups of the tits and pussy. I personally like this format, because I enjoy closeups, and the format ensures that closeups get taken. I also understand why others find it repetitive. There is plenty of variety if you look for it though, primarily in the types of acts featured in the scenes. There is also variation in the skill of photographers if you really look for it. There is not much variation in the style of photography though, for example there aren't any glam or flashy photos, and the goal seems to be realism.

One of the most interesting aspects of ATK is the acknowledgement of individual photographers. They all produce many sets in the classic ATK style, but then there are other sets where you can see the individual style of the photographer. I'm really glad they do this, because I can recognize that out of the dozens of photographers contributing to the site, my favorites come from a small handful. It would be great if the photographers were featured even more prominently on the site. For example, I think many members would like it if each active photographer had a page with some background info and also a section for comments and requests. Without this feature, I might make some posts asking for more peeing shoots for example, but how would that be acted upon? If there were the ability to post requests to individual photographers, I could limit that type of request to the 5 or so photographers who have produced peeing shoots over the past couple of years, and maybe get a dialogue going with some influence on the shoots themselves.

One downside that was mentioned in previous reviews is the unreliable search, tag, and category functions. If I relied solely on these functions to find their peeing content, for example, I would miss about half of it. The only way to find every shoot that suits your tastes is still to review them all, one by one, start to finish. I can only take so many points for this though, because it is much better to have the best content with a poor search function that it is to have poor content that is searchable with accuracy.

They also occasionally repost older content or content from other ATK sites as updates. I am a fan of this when it is content that was previously offline, but what is the point of just bumping up older shoots in the list of updates? If production is slow for any given week and this has to be done, it would be great if the older shoots were at least remastered.

All in all, I am extremely satisfied with ATK Exotics. They are the only site that I would give a 100% for their talent pool of models. I am wondering what the situation is with Alicia S and BMB/Wanton Photography - are they really done? I would also love to see more peeing scenes from JSP, GBP, and Marco P. This is a site that I will keep coming back too!
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Site Name (Reviews) Review Replies Author Date/Time
1. ATK Exotics (1) 94 0 LPee23 (22) 05-03-15  11:10am
2. Pinup Files (0) 60* 1 runnoft (1) 04-30-15  07:27am
3. Team Skeet (2) 80 7 Wittyguy (103) 04-28-15  09:16pm
4. Fake Hub (1) 80 1 standard (19) 04-22-15  08:24am
5. I Love The Beach (1) 96 1 David19 (5) 04-18-15  07:40pm
6. Finishes The Job (1) 75 4 rearadmiral (358) 04-12-15  07:07am
7. VideoBox (4) 50 3 Pyrenees (12) 04-11-15  08:16am
8. Zishy (1) 80 2 tangub (153) 04-10-15  02:22pm
9. POV Wars (1) 83 0 rearadmiral (358) 04-09-15  04:28pm
10. Images 4 Sale (1) 69 0 LPee23 (22) 04-06-15  05:11pm

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Visit Gloryhole Secrets

Gloryhole Secrets (1)

Cum Play John (2) 05-03-15  01:53pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (0), NO (0)

Gloryhole Secrets doesn't realize what it has

I just wanted to add my own personal critique of this otherwise-excellent site here. (And I would include Cum Perfection as deserving this same criticism.)

Gloryhole Secrets has some gorgeous women (with gorgeously toned arms!) giving repeated head and receiving (and often imbibing) copious amounts of cum.

Yet GHS does not seem to realize that it has videos that contain the equivalent of "glamour gokkun" -- and it has made no effort to compile all those cum swallows into beautiful montages.

Simply put, GHS is one of the first sites on the Internet to have such beautiful models eating cum from 14-20 men.

They need to compile both their facials and their cum-swallows per woman into extra video options for each scene -- so that bukkake and gokkun fans can experience the intensity of all that cum play.

Otherwise, you have to sit through (otherwise excellent) gloryhole movies to get to the cumshot / cum-swallow scenes.

Cum Perfection could benefit from this approach too.

While many people love the gloryhole aspect, I want the glamour gokkun/bukkake aspect. Gloryhole could expand its market share by including videos that depict both.

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Site Name (Reviews) Comment Title Replies Author Date/Time
1. Gloryhole Secrets (1) Gloryhole Secrets doesn't realize what it has 2 Cum Play John (2) 05-03-15  01:53pm
2. Passion HD (0) Extremely slow downloads/generic file names 0 Wraith0711 (0) 05-02-15  01:16pm
3. Met Art (1) Are Metart galleries all nude? 6 hedgehog (0) 05-01-15  06:50am
4. Asia Movie Pass (2) Hidden Discount 0 jd1961 (95) 04-28-15  08:42pm
5. Clips 4 Sale (0) Princess/Empress Jennifer Ripped Me Off!!! 1 Whyme (0) 04-27-15  07:19pm
6. Alternadudes (0) Cannot Cancel 2 SFguy (1) 04-27-15  07:11pm
7. Simon Scans (0) This site is dead...probably for the best 1 yote78 (5) 04-27-15  01:53pm
8. Mr. POV (0) Problems with Cancelling Membership 0 Crispin (1) 04-27-15  08:47am
9. FM Teens (0) Forget the producer comments 0 Denner (235) 04-26-15  11:01am
10. Legal Porno (1) Is this site safe to join 0 elephant (67) 04-26-15  09:02am

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