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Visit Martha's Girls

Martha's Girls

No Longer Updating?

A long, LONG, time ago I was a member of this site (maybe in '03 or '04?) and I loved the products they produced. I actually suggested at the time that they sell prints online so you could hang the photos on your wall. That said, it looks like they stopped updating in 2008 - which is really sad, as they had an awesome and unique product. I was hoping they started posting higher resolution content and perhaps got around to making that shop for buying prints.

Has anybody been a member even remotely recently? Say the last 2 years? I'm curious if the content is worth subscribing for, even if they've stopped updating.

10-27-12  02:38am

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Visit Tokyo Hot

Tokyo Hot


Closer examination of the intro page to Tokyo-Hot.com revealed basically what we all wanted, a non-token system sister site: my.tokyo-hot.com. There are varying membership levels, which gives the user anywhere from 6 GB downloads per 24 hrs up to 12 GB. It also allows a limited number of titles to be downloaded during that 24 hours as well. At $63 per month, it is very expensive, however, that is far cheaper than the token system as you could theoretically download 30 movies a month at a price of $2 a movie instead of $10-15 per movie, plus a $20 per month fee.

At 1553 movies, it has nearly the same amount of content as the main site, which comes in around 1700 movies as far as I can approximate. My.Tokyo-Hot.com has another distinct advantage, it has a reasonably sophisticated search system, allowing refining and selection of multiple categories (hold down CTRL to select more than one item in the Theme box). It may be pricey, but it has a wide range of organized, high definition, uncensored Japanese content.

UPDATE: My original post listed the total number of movies as 789, further examination provided the new number of 1553 movies. This is due partially to a slightly confusing user interface. None-the-less, the fact that the site has categorized search functionality of any kind put its ahead of many websites. So both pluses and minuses here.

10-19-12  11:10am

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Visit Magic Erotica

Magic Erotica

Anybody know about the image sizes?

This site looks to have some great content with its exclusive model (Idoia) as well some interesting non-exclusive models, but it is hard to judge the quality of the full-res photos as none are previewed. Anybody know anything about this site?

09-25-12  01:41am

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Visit Tokyo Hot

Tokyo Hot

Uncensored Japanese Photos & Movies

I just ran across this site, though it appears to have been around for years. Their content is uncensored and they have plenty of photos (surprisingly) and tons of movies (TBP says 680+ and that was nearly a year ago!). The newer videos are 720p HD as well, so that's pretty sweet. I know a number of people hate mosaics, so this is another great alternative. I plan on checking it out sometime soonish :-) It is pretty cheap at $19 per month.

If anyone has already checked it out - leave some comments please!

08-27-12  06:42pm

Replies (6)
Visit Rico's World

Rico's World

Still updating?

I joined this site a long while ago and it provided what it advertised. There were models here that you couldn't find anywhere else. That said, the photography quality left a lot to be desired and the images were annoyingly small. Still, its unique content was a strong attractor and now I'm hoping that they have improved on both issues.

I didn't do a site rip, I simply downloaded the models I liked, but that means I can't tell if the site is still updating or not. The basic web design certainly hasn't changed, but that doesn't always mean anything. Rodney Moore hasn't updated his site's design much in years either, but he updates quite frequently.

Anybody have any idea about updates for Rico's World? Any recent experience at all?


05-31-12  11:04am

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Visit Pissing.com


Pissing.com No Longer Updating

I'm sad to report that as of April 21st, 2009, Pissing.com officially died. We may all may still bask in memories of its former glories. It was a short but fulfilling life that left all with warm, damp feelings. Here's to you, Pissing.com.

You'll be missed.

05-06-09  12:15am

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Visit Fuck My Jeans

Fuck My Jeans

Any recent members?

The content looks pretty interesting for those ass fans out there. I was thinking it may be another good site to check out soon, especially with the other network sites included, but I was curious if anyone had any recent experience with with the site. If so, please do tell :-)

12-08-08  08:51am

Replies (0)
Visit Amateur Facials UK

Amateur Facials UK

Anyone have past experience with this site?

I know it is very newly added to the TBP / PU database, but that doesn't mean the site hasn't been around for a while. The preview looks pretty interesting, but there aren't any facts about the size of the videos or photos. While it isn't expensive, it isn't so cheap that I'm dieing to join asap. So anyone with any knowledge of the site - please do speak up! Thanks :-D

12-04-08  04:13pm

Replies (4)
Visit German Goo Girls

German Goo Girls

DRM-Free - It's Official

On November 27th, 2008 German Goo Girls has officially announced that it is DRM-Free. This had been suspected to be the case a bit earlier, but it is now official as a newsletter has been sent out by the site to this effect.

I saw it as important to point this out as a recent review gives the impression that the site is still using DRM.

11-29-08  04:37pm

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Visit ALS Scan

ALS Scan

Impressive Download Speeds

While I hardly ever have complaints about download speeds, this site is moving bits so quickly that I thought it worthy of comment. Since all of their new video is High Definition, the size of the videos means downloads could be lengthy, but right now I'm holding a sustained download speed of:

1.10 MB/s (8.80 mbps)

It is also important to note that this is without any form of multiple connection download acceleration. I rarely see speeds this high from anything other than large businesses like Microsoft. Granted this is occurring at a very low traffic time for my area and I'm not using my internet connection for anything else, but even when traffic spikes up some I still maintain speeds above 700 KB/s (5600 kbps). Really impressive speeds.

10-22-08  04:13am

Replies (6)
Visit Yummy Mama

Yummy Mama

Any Recent Members Opinions?

I just ran across this site and while I'm not usually a fan of solo girl sites, this one caught my eye. It appears to have a lot of history, which usually translates into a lot of content. The guest pages present us with a natural, athletic model that performs with other women and mostly with her husband, who provides her with frequent and seemly dramatic facials. All that makes me interested in joining the site.

That said, TBP's review is over 3 years old now - so I was hoping that some recent members could chime in with a few comments about the site.


06-30-08  04:45pm

Replies (1)
Visit Ghetto Gaggers

Ghetto Gaggers

Lovely HD Video

You'll note a similar comment on Latina Abuse, but I felt it necessary to make this info known about my other favorite site in the Adult Doorway network. I was slow about posting a review and thus lost the opportunity to collect the necessary site facts I need for my reviews. None-the-less, the video quality of the newest content deserves some serious accolades.

Currently their preview pages show off small, short preview videos that are rife with dithering artifacts. This stands diametrically opposed to their 1920 x 1080 high definition WMV videos available for their latest scenes. Not only is this video at that resolution, it is also the crispest HD porn I've ever seen - I was shocked to find video quality of this level on a site that features this kind of content. It seems like it should go against their dogma. But it is here and it is worth the price of admission, even if you don't download any of their standard definition, older videos - the image quality really is that good.

The content itself is extreme to the point of shock and disgust for most people. I would not recommend this network to anyone that isn't firmly seated in their belief of their own love of extreme sexual domination of women. Many people would classify this as rape despite it being consensual. Check out German Goo Girls first if you aren't sure if you like this sort of content. It is much nicer, the girls look like they actually enjoy the sex and generally don't puke.

05-28-08  10:43pm

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Visit Latina Abuse

Latina Abuse

High Definition Video

I gained access to this site via its membership to the Adult Doorway Network, of which Ghetto Gaggers is also a member and was impressed by their latest high definition video. I was too slow to review the site within my membership time, so I can't acquire all the site facts I need for a good review.

However, their latest content is available in 1920x1024 WMV HD - and the quality is jaw dropping. Crisp doesn't really describe it well enough - this video shows you more than you perhaps want to see. The blurriness seen in other HD sites is no where to be found here - you can easily count hairs on the models and it even remains rather crisp during high movement. Only a few videos are in this format, most are 496x368 MPEG-1 - but since all the network sites are moving to HD - the price of admission is worth it even if you only download the 15 or 20 available HD movies (some HD is 1440x1080 but still impressive).

The content itself? Degradation to the extreme - like German Goo Girls but you aren't sure the models actually enjoy it - and the models are usually amateurs to the point of homely. However, the few beauties they have amplifies the effect of the outrageous behavior that much more.

If you like extreme sexual domination of women, basically compliance to acts just short rape, then check out this site and its sister sites. If you aren't 100% sure - first try out German Goo Girls instead as the girls there are obviously having a wonderful time.

05-28-08  10:20pm

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Visit Gagging Whores

Gagging Whores

Leah Leoni?

I was just checking out the preview page for this site - due to Lionheart's review I doubt I'll be joining soon, but I was curious - and I saw a model listed as "Leah Leoni". As they said in the trailer, it looks like she has the body of a runway model: tight, thin and rather tall. Very nice. The problem is this:

I can't find anything else with this girl. Does she use a different alias? Has anyone seen her in anything else? Any help would be appreciated. She is right on their front page, the 3rd scene from the top, last I checked.


04-22-08  07:44pm

Replies (2)
Visit Brazzers


Pretty Speedy Downloads

I'm clocking in at 1.15 MB/s right now - and that's without any acceleration! So this site really provides with the content. I gotta say, at $10 a month, it's a hell of a bargain!

That's basically one lunch out, excellent value for a month of content. Plus this site has bundles of indexes and a basic title / porn star search engine. Not terrible to say the least.

04-09-08  01:10am

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Visit Argentina Triple X

Argentina Triple X

Good Download Speeds

One thing I forgot to mention in my update of the review is the download speed their servers is now providing. I generally get 1.2 MB/s from them; it is quite consistent. So, basic gist of the comment is, downloading from this network is sweet. Very fast, download accelerator friendly, et cetera.


04-01-08  07:41am

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Visit Fucking Machines

Fucking Machines

Yay! Free 5 (or 3) Day Membership!

Ok - I'm going to attempt to review this site in record time because I've gone over my monthly spending limit this month (by quite a ways...) so I can't buy a proper monthly membership. The good news is that Kink.com made an email mailing error and sent me two emails earlier in the week telling me about my new memberships to two of their sites.

I of course scampered off immediately to the bank to see if I was charged (I wasn't.) and then to their sites to see if I could login (I couldn't.). Yet Kink.com impresses me once again and showed they are a caring company that not only is willing to say they are sorry and admit a mistake, they'll even throw a little swag your way as well.

So what they've done is sent out a little email that basically says "Whoops." and "Here's a free 5-day Membership.". Using SurveyMonkey.com to collect the results, I selected this here site, they said I would get an active account within 24-hours. Nifty! Here's an odd bit though: Their email said 5 days; Survey Monkey said 3 days. We'll soon find out who is right.

No matter, I'm excited to get a run at this site, I've been wanting to check it out for a while. I usually like to take weeks to look through a site, but I'm going to have to make an exception this time. Well, unless I decide an even thinner wallet is worth it.

03-27-08  08:13pm

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Visit Ultimate Surrender

Ultimate Surrender

No Monthly Download Limit

It's official - after seeing multiple questions about the supposed it 10 Gigabyte Monthly Download limit - I hunted the FAQs on Kink.com and then finally went to the company itself. I contacted their support crew and got this response from one of their customer support guys, Elmer:

"We do not have a download limit for any of our sites. Enjoy downloading!"

So there you have it folks - none of the Kink.com sites have download limits anymore (if they ever did) - download worry-free!


01-14-08  05:41pm

Replies (4)
Visit Hairy Undies

Hairy Undies

Annoying Trial Site Attached to Join

I just joined this site the other night and while the content looks pretty descent - a collection of DVD scene rips featuring hardcore sex with hairy girls. However this site features an annoying thing that a lot of sites are tending to do these days. When you join up, they automatically have checked on the confirmation page a box to give you a trial membership (in this case to PornAccess.com) for a $1.95.

I clicked the confirmation button and then promptly smacked myself on the head as I realized I forgot to uncheck that box. They just pulled and extra $1.95 out of me and potentially more if I was bad about checking my email and didn't notice that I had to cancel within 3 days to avoid the full $29.95 charge it would recur at.

A lot of sites are doing this and I've been pretty careful to avoid it in the past but I really feel it is an unsavory practice that certainly isn't customer friendly. I don't mind offering me trials with my purchase, but I shouldn't have to opt out of them. So I hope webmasters will stop doing this and I hope users will be very careful about reading everything on the confirmation page before they hit the buy button - or you could get caught like me - or worse...


01-08-08  01:13pm

Replies (5)
Visit Dirty Orientals

Dirty Orientals


I think this site has taken a couple of hard knocks recently and doesn't really deserve a rating as low as 60. Granted Denner's comment about the pricing is an issue - I addressed that on the Porn Pass For All page - it is confusing, but a little patience lets you work out the system pretty easily.

nadiencendia's review complains that the models are "unknowns" and "regular chicks" - I think unknowns are good thing and I'm personally a fan of models from Thailand and was impressed the selection this site has. The entire site is dedicated to Thai models and the content appears to be exclusive - I've actually seen that some of the models are also on Asian Apple Seed. Granted SOME of the models aren't that attractive - I personally feel the majority of them are quite beautiful.

If you are expecting standard Japanese or Chinese girls - your not getting that, these girls are distinctively Thai. And at 33 videos (most with photos too) - while it isn't a huge archive - it is reasonable, especially since you get the rest of the network with it. I haven't perused the whole collection thoroughly enough for a full review, but I'll be posting one quite soon. Just figured I'd leave this note for those thinking of joining. Another interesting factoid: Many of the girls do anal.

If you like Thai girls, definitely check it out - you get 32 other sites with it!

01-02-08  02:16am

Replies (9)
Visit Hands on Hardcore

Hands on Hardcore

Photography Information

I was browsing through my old Hands On Hardcore collection and just noticed a really interesting detail I thought I'd share. Their maximum resolution photos are the original photos edited for posting. This means all of the extra information that the camera records about how and when the photo was taken is still in the file. If you look in the advanced properties of the image files you'll find boat-loads of info.

For example, a set posted on 12/18/2006 with Jennifer Love was shot on 11/14/2006 at 8:48 pm on a Nikon D2X at ISO-100 at 1/100 of a second and F/10 f-stop and manually set exposure and flash set without strobe return. Also, the last shot in the set was taken at 10:52pm and everything was edited on Photoshop CS. It has been a few months since I was a member, but my guess is they still process their maximum res photos this way. As an amateur photographer I was psyched to see this information was available. It goes to show that Nikon may not be just the ultimate Wedding cameras - perhaps they are also the ultimate Porn cameras! lol

Also - I'll definitely be returning to Hands on Hardcore - a great site that has wonderful customer support. The photography is amazingly crisp and well lit and the video is very much HD. Beautiful women, serious hardcore and a company that cares about its customers - good stuff. I'll give a full review after I've rejoined for a bit.


12-18-07  10:49pm

Replies (20)
Visit Porn Pass For All

Porn Pass For All

Choose the Right Site for You

I've been planning on joining this network for quite a while and will most likely do so next week. My research into the site, and also looking at the webmasters comments has gleaned some useful information I wanted to make available.

Preview each site they have to offer (there are 49 of them now) - on each preview page, the site will list what other sites in the network you will get with membership to this site. Most of the sites give you access to a total of 33 sites immediately (for the monthly memberships). These 33 sites vary though (and sometimes you get less than 33), so be careful to make sure the site you are signing up with has all the sites you are interested in included, or you might be waiting a month or two to get access.

The most important difference I've found is that the monthly price can vary quite a bit depending on what site you sign up with. Most start with $29.99 and then recur at $24.99 - a few start at $24.99 and stay that way. But be careful, Pee and Blow for example, starts at a whopping $38.85 and recurs at $38.85!

Long story short, check each site, make sure the included sites are what you want, and make sure the price is agreeable.


12-16-07  10:39am

Replies (6)
Visit Teens From Tokyo

Teens From Tokyo

Submissive Japanese Hardcore

I'll be posting a full review of this site with all the usual factoids I include - but I wanted to provide my personal opinion and issues with this site and Japanese porn in general. I definitely like the look and fashion style of Japanese AV models - I think they are some of the hottest women in the world - and this site has many fine examples of that beauty.

That said - I do not like the truly submissive, near rape-play style that nearly all real Japanese hard-core features. Very rarely do the girls look they are enjoying sex - and sure they are hot and doing many of the same things other porn stars are doing - but they whimper, whine and cringe the whole time. I would love a Japanese site that was filmed by a European or American director - someone who got the girls to smile, be energetic and enthusiastic.

While I like girls as the submissive partner - I guess what I like I'd call aggressively submissive (see German Goo Girls for an example) - this site is just submissive submissive. That said - it is well filmed and some of the girls are crazy hot - check out the model "Hoshino Mai" - she could easily be a fashion model. I'll cover all the important facts in the review now. Cheers!

12-14-07  10:10pm

Replies (4)
Visit Ultimate Surrender

Ultimate Surrender

Seriously Hardcore Wrestling!

I just joined this site last night and I'll be posting a review in a month or whenever I feel I've really given the site a thorough look through. However, on first glance this is a pretty damn cool site! Lack of search engine is kinda lame, but it is isn't that heard to hunt around anyway - each wrestler has their own stats page and most of the girls are really serious about trying to win.

I am in no way a fan of wrestling, but I am a fan of competitive sports, and of course porn. So this is a great combination for me, I don't know if I should be psyched that there are two (or four) nude women grappling each other (and more) on the floor, or if I should cheer for "my team". Generally I find I have an instant preference for one side or the other, so it makes it easy to cheer along, even if you know the outcome. These girls really try! The action can be very fast, control switching from to the other in a blink of an eye. I'm actually surprised there aren't more injuries - but the rules seem pretty good about preventing that.

I also love the pre- and post- match discussions with the girls, they talk about technique and strategy and honestly seem to look forward to honing their wrestling skill.

Well - that's my first impression - I haven't noticed any 10GB limit yet - I'll post a complete review sometime later.


12-11-07  02:03pm

Replies (2)

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