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N/A REPLY TO #7 from Claypaws: (Toadsith's Reply)

Exactly as Toadsith. So far, I never had a problem with un-reviewed sites. Reviews are just one factor in deciding whether or not to join.

11-10-12  06:58am

N/A REPLY TO #27 from jberryl69: (Toadsith's Reply)

Well since it has an oral piece to it, Spit Roast would keep the spirit of the food association. I tend to get lost with acronyms so I'd be a little confuse my self as to the proper location of the letters.

Would MMF be a vag/anal 3 some and MFM a vag/anal -> mouth 3 some?


Would MMF be a DP & MFM be a SR?


... well you get the picture.

11-08-12  09:25pm

N/A REPLY TO #25 from jberryl69: (Toadsith's Reply)

Well, it does fit with my niche though I knew someone would object and I'm surprised it was only you. One of my favorite little French tarts, Tiffany Hopkins, always did such a nice job handling that.

11-08-12  01:11pm

N/A REPLY TO #18 from marcdc1: (Toadsith's Reply)

Here, here!

I agree the performance makes the scene. Doesn't matter who the girl is, or what is being done if there isn't that spark - I'm not interested.

If that spark is there I don't care if its a masturbation shoot or a full on gangbang, it's gonna be great!

11-06-12  05:29pm

N/A REPLY TO #20 from hodayathink: (Toadsith's Reply)

Word does a good job with basic spelling and grammar typos, but I always find at least a couple times where I type in a word that may be grammatically correct, but was not the word I meant to say in that place at all. Which is why even with that I have to read my reviews three or four times, and at least once a day or two after I originally wrote it.

11-05-12  10:16am

Visit 21Sextury.com

REPLY TO #9 from mojododo: (Toadsith's Reply)

Sorry and to answer your question, no it's not a special satellite connection. It's just a regular ISP who also sells me cable TV services.

11-02-12  11:05am

Visit 21Sextury.com

REPLY TO #8 from mojododo: (Toadsith's Reply)

Nope, the proxy server thing didn't work. I can't get dropdowns to work, so basically can't download anything again. I have an issue with having to pay more (like for a VPN) to get a paid service to work. They're a business that delivers content over the Internet, for crying out loud, certainly they would have thought about this?

What's more infuriating is that I get absolutely no response since from their customer service, be it in terms technical help or on my request for a refund. I've paid good money and got nothing in return, nothing works. Their high-tech, IP-detecting server would be able to tell I downloaded nothing from the site, so I should get my refund.

Does anyone have any idea who I can write to? Like the site owner or someone who will address this?

11-02-12  11:03am

Visit 21Sextury.com

REPLY TO #4 from mojododo: (Toadsith's Reply)

Thanks for trying to help, my response below.

Have you tried clearing your browser(s) cache and cookies?
A: Check!

Their site uses a lot of Adobe® Flash, are you running the latest version? Is your browser up-to-date? Is your Virus Protection up-to-date? (I recommend Avast!, it is free.)
A: Yes, yes, and yes!

Have you got a software firewall? It might have incorrectly deemed 21 Sextury as a dangerous site.
A: Nope, no firewall

I'm not sure what country you are hailing from, but is it possible your country or ISP is blocking the site? If so, a anonymous proxy server could solve your problem.
A: Nope, the site works and I can log-in. But any attempts to download or view anything gets me a session error, then I have to log-in again. Sometimes I get randomly booted out to the log-in screen even just clicking things like search or the tabs on top. If the site is blocked in my country or by my ISP I wouldn't have gotten that far.

This one will sound stupid, unless it works: Have you completely shut down your computer, let it rest for a few minutes, and then restarted it?
A: Just did this, same problems.

Basically tried all the steps above, still no help. 21sextury wrote back, saying it's basically my problem because my IP address keeps changing and that's my problem. I explained there's nothing I can do about my IP address, and if he can't help me then I should get a full refund. No word yet.

11-01-12  07:17am

Visit Martha's Girls

Martha's Girls
Reply of Toadsith's Comment from otoh:

Thanks for pointing this site out - a new one to me so although no longer updating, I'll definitely add it to my list - pinup girls, and other retro-themed smut is very much my thing!

10-28-12  12:54am

Visit Martha's Girls

Martha's Girls
REPLY TO #2 from Capn: (Toadsith's Reply)

Now, I did not know that Martha's Girls covered such a wide area of content. That did not come across to me from the tour.

Cap'n. :0/

10-27-12  03:28pm

Visit Martha's Girls

Martha's Girls
Reply of Toadsith's Comment from Capn:

I took another look, prompted by your comment, TS.

A few years back I visited & was generally impressed by the tour presentation, but did not join, so I don't really know what the composition of the member area was. Interesting as it was, it really failed to tell you much about the actual content supplied.

If you like the idea of this site, which I do too, you may find pinupwow floats your boat.

Cap'n. :0)

10-27-12  03:24am

N/A REPLY TO #17 from jberryl69: (Toadsith's Reply)

As I mentioned to Graymane recently, my motivation for porn and masturbation has waned somewhat this past month. I have pills for it but even that didn't help my head - got the woody but not the eroticism needed to push me over the edge. And for some reason it doesn't bother me all that much. I figure there is always tomorrow. I can't totally blame it on ED since I've got other physical issues which I find at best distracting (and sometimes painful). But then, isn't that life?

10-25-12  08:42pm

N/A REPLY TO #15 from jberryl69: (Toadsith's Reply)

Sorry Toadsith, I am by nature sarcastic but it wasn't a dismissal as much as I wanted him to expound as you have done. So if you read this GPL, I apologize if you were offended by my one word question.

As far as your marginally good, sometime around 1950 my tonsils grew back and the medical remedy at that time was to zap them with massive dosages of X-rays. Opps - turns out that treatment is highly carcinogenic.

DISCLAIMER: I have no objections to masturbation by either sex, either manually or with an instrument of choice. I, in fact, do so even with my ED (frustrating), so please lets everyone whack away - it might even be good for you.

10-25-12  01:43pm

N/A REPLY TO #15 from Cybertoad: (Toadsith's Reply)

Id agree, besides why not? I mean if I had any questions or hangups about this gender question. Go hang out and get to know a person.
One being Transvestite / Pre-Op Transgender does make them a leper.
The are just different then me.

10-25-12  01:09pm

N/A REPLY TO #10 from gaypornolover: (Toadsith's Reply)

Indeed! Well it brought a whole new outlook on life to me! Though one of the gentlemen made a very improper suggestion which would have simply ruined my beautiful makeup!

10-25-12  08:37am

N/A REPLY TO #12 from jberryl69: (Toadsith's Reply)

No offense intended, but "need" is a pretty definitive word, your cited "study" notwithstanding. I'm sure Congressman Akin could find a "study" which cites that women don't get pregnant from rape. Or that drinking too much water causes cancer.

And what I got most from the article was that it's okay to whack off and there were things to learn from it that can play a role in your sex life.

It's just that masturbation is a pleasure act, not a medical act. In fact, a man's orgasm is not the same as his ejaculation. Though you cannot have an ejaculation without an orgasm, it is possible to have an orgasm without the ejaculation.

And no physician I have ever talked to has told me I need to ejaculate ever X days (or hours or anything) for the health of my body. Yes it feels good and like everyone else I like to spill the seed, but "need"?

10-25-12  05:26am

N/A REPLY TO #27 from Drooler: (Toadsith's Reply)

It's pronounced with the "oo" of "good," not that of "moon," though the second one does sound cuter.

10-20-12  02:52pm

N/A REPLY TO #26 from jberryl69: (Toadsith's Reply)

Well it really wouldn't matter the place. 88 year old who never really liked sex and one is amazed that she is unhappy. If you just enjoyed sex in your life, regardless of money or marriage or just about anything, it would feel like success.

10-20-12  02:07pm

N/A REPLY TO #23 from jberryl69: (Toadsith's Reply)

ok - well watching my mother have sex. That ends up being TMI even for me. ANYWHERE!!

10-19-12  12:36pm

N/A REPLY TO #18 from Drooler: (Toadsith's Reply)

No kidding, "penguins in bondage" aside. Doubt we're going to see any "Peter North at the South Pole" series.

It's a logical extreme, and a scrapey, ouchy, chappy one, too. If there's one thing that likes moisture, it's oogie.

10-18-12  04:24pm

Visit We Are Hairy

We Are Hairy
REPLY TO #7 from messmer: (Toadsith's Reply)

Just an addendum: hairy legs are okay with me if we are talking about a fine golden, barely visible down, it is those black haired models with the mannish legs that turn me off. As to their being an icon to western femininity I agree. I have lived in Canada for 56 years and have yet to see a set of unshaved legs that's why a stubbly leg is so jarring to me. :-)

10-16-12  10:16am

N/A REPLY TO #15 from Cybertoad: (Toadsith's Reply)

The way the hard drives are encrypted is because of the format itself.
By design then obviously a non formatted drive could not hold windows accessible data. And would defeat the purpose. Formatting a drive that has installed encrypted software would remove all operational events removing the installed program.

And option to the very serious paranoid is a switched drive were as the drive is disabled in the bios and needs to be reactivated or by and actual hidden switch. Kinda like turning on an eternal drive but have one inside controlled by a switch. I have seen people use the extra CD drive and use that button. Looks like and extra cd but in reality the cd button activates the drive. And most people will use the top dvd drive not the cd drive under it. one push and walla you can activate one or several drives dormant in your case. So even if one peaks at your bios the drives are not there. Lots of ways to hide your stuff.
You can also put tin foil on your windows and surveillance cameras
around the property parameter and have armed security guards with dogs too.


10-16-12  09:37am

Visit We Are Hairy

We Are Hairy
REPLY TO #3 from messmer: (Toadsith's Reply)

You are right about the older models at ATK, Toadsith. They do appear to have more of them and I have most of their sets IF they wear lingerie to start out with, which, thank heavens, mature women tend to do! But this is offset by the enormous amount of "scary hairy" material. Some of it is tolerable because the leg hair is quite fine and therefore barely noticeable, but much of it grosses me out because the leg could belong to a man instead, with its coarse, black, wiry hair.. This is why I keep returning to WAH more often than to ATK N&H.
If WAH should start listening to those who clamor for more of that kind of material then my last hairy site would be off the list!

10-15-12  10:09am

N/A REPLY TO #19 from Monahan: (Toadsith's Reply)

Totally agree with Toadsith! I'm into basic vaginal insertions and really don't get the appeal of anal. Most pornstars look like they endure it for the bucks but don't really enjoy it.

10-09-12  08:52am

N/A REPLY TO #11 from marcdc1: (Toadsith's Reply)

While i enjoy anal as much as the next porn viewer. I agree with Toadsith - the hottest scenes are the ones that girls are into so anything that is going to feed chemistry is going to lead to good porn in my book

10-05-12  02:13pm

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