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Visit Sapphic Erotica

Sapphic Erotica
Reply of tintintin's Review

Well, I joined again, and can say hand on heart, this review is really not reflective of the site as it is now.

It's not right about there not being much anilingus available. There's shit loads of the stuff! Check out just about anything starring Eufrat (known as Juliet at SE) and you're in asshole heaven!

I do agree about the 3-some comment to a degree.
4-somes are even worse - too often it's just 2 separate couples on a sofa or bed, who then swap partners at half time, rather than 3 girls all giving the 4th one a real lesbian service.

But all in all, I think after a bad period where the movies were becoming dull and routine, the site is now back on track. I just joined after being away for 6 months, and was delighted with the return to high quality lesbian lovemaking to be watched.

Really deserves at least 90, not the poor score given here. (IMO).

05-03-08  05:28pm

N/A Reply of Drooler's Poll

Very sombre subject this, but I guess it's 'anything goes' if it's an intelligent debate.

I selected 'it bothers me somewhat', but I suppose it would make a difference if I knew that the passing away was completely unrelated to the porn. So if a porn actress discovered she was dying but was proud of her work and wished to be remembered fondly in the industry, that would be completely different to some poor soul getting drugged up and slitting her wrists in a hotel bathroom cos her life was so shit.

Even so, I don't think I'd want to watch a deceased porno star regardless, to be honest. Just feels wrong... and...yet so right....

No! It's wrong. ;)

05-03-08  07:53am

Visit Sapphic Erotica

Sapphic Erotica
Reply of tintintin's Review

Have to echo some earlier replies. I certainly have no wish for the girls to 'act a little bit', I hate 'acting' in porn. If I wanna see crap acting, I'll watch American porn ("Just like that, right there", ad nauseum), or an episode of 'Neighbours'.

As I said in my own review, I do think the more recent stuff is sorely lacking, compared to the earlier stuff (or at least that was the case last time I was a member, about 6 months ago). But there is still a shed load of material on this site that features genuine female-loving girls. These girls give performances that simply cannot be faked or 'acted'.

Unfortunately, there is a quantity of crap on this site now that you have to rake through to get to the good stuff. Make sure you don't 'mis' it.

04-18-08  11:42am

N/A Reply of Drooler's Reply

Actually Drooler, I just made up the bit about the Frosties - I'm not even a big fan of them. They're just basically sugared cornflakes, that's all! Nothing to write home about!
Not even sure why my brain came up with them as an example of food after sex... maybe there's something Freudian in it, who knows.

But I do generally like to get some grub after sex. Not so much because sex makes me want food; more just because I'm a greedy bastard, and during sex is the one time I don't eat anything (except pussy), so as soon as the sex is over, I go back to wanting to eat! Then sleep.

Hmmmmm. Sex. Food. Sleep. Add booze to that, and I don't think I would want for much else. Oh yeah - don't forget the porn.

04-15-08  05:14pm

N/A Reply of Vegas Ken's Poll

Interesting that our female friends are notable by their absence on this thread.

04-15-08  05:06pm

N/A Reply of Vegas Ken's Poll

I answered 'fake' only because the VAST MAJORITY of so-called 'squirting' sites are nothing more than girls moaning and faking an orgasm WHILST PISSING!

Of course plenty of girls out there genuinely squirt; my girlfriend is one of them - although she doesn't so much 'squirt' as 'gush'. It's totally different to piss, it's white like male cum, but there's a lot more of it, and it does NOT come from the urethra - it happens most during foreplay when I go down on her and use my fingers on her G-spot at the same time. It just comes gushing out of her pussy canal, not the urethra. Unlike me though, after she cums she can just keep going and cum again within minutes - whereas I need a bowl of Frosties and 8 hours sleep before I'm ready again.

Maybe there is also a different type of female cum that does come through the urethra, but I must admit I've never seen this outside of porn movies. And every movie I've seen with it in, just looks like piss to me.

04-15-08  12:15pm

Visit Lesbians From India

Lesbians From India
Reply of bbiillyy's Reply

That explains it then. I read English well, but my Sanskrit is a little rusty. ;)

I was only suggesting you get an English-speaking friend to proof-read your reviews for you - or at least use a spell checker. Just means more of us would enjoy your reviews, as more of us would understand them better. No offence intended. If someone picked me up on my poor Japanese skills, I would have to concede they were right! That's why I get my girlfriend to check anything I write in Japanese before posting it.

04-14-08  04:35pm

N/A Reply of MargulisAZ's Poll

Despite what certain figureheads say officially, unofficially those in power absolutely LOVE that their populations are kept occupied and pacified with copious amounts of porn. I'm convinced that there is no genuine desire to ban it.

We are living in extremely sinister times (IMO). I saw a horrible piece of government propaganda yesterday during a TV commercial break in the UK, featuring images of dozens of people riding around on bikes, wind turbines everywhere, and every house with solar panels on the roofs. The end slogan was 'What are YOU going to do?' All this, despite the fact that they all know now that the whole man-made warming BS has been shown to be a fraud by several respected scientists (using basic laws of physics to prove it). Just as the global cooling scare 30 years ago was a fraud.

No, they're quite happy that loads of otherwise rebellious guys are sat in their homes watching porn.

04-13-08  03:52pm

Visit Cum Shot Circus

Cum Shot Circus
Reply of tecyde's Comment

Well done for warning us, Tecyde. Most of us here have been stung at least once by rip-off merchants, and it's our duty as members of the PU community to name and shame those bad sites.

04-12-08  09:48am

Visit Lesbians From India

Lesbians From India
Reply of bbiillyy's Review

I'm sorry, but I can't understand about 75% of this review - is it just me?
Please have someone who speaks/writes good English to proof-read your reviews!

04-12-08  09:42am

Visit Club Sandy

Club Sandy
Reply of jake07621's Review

Appreciate the review, regarding functionality. I never had any probs at all, but that was several months ago. I happily rated the site 95 for the lesbian content alone - it's some of the best I've seen absolutely anywhere.
But this is irrelevant if we can't access the site without extreme difficulty.
What a shame some bastards out there are attacking the site - as the webmaster says, it's probably coming from competitors that see this fine site as a threat.
I'll be keeping an eye out for any updates from the webmaster regarding a resolution, as I've been away now for over 7 months, and feel I'm due a re-visit.

With all the problems in mind, I still feel 75 is rather low for such an otherwise top class site. But then again, I'm not a fan of boy-girl (not really into naked men, being hetro) so am happy with the majority of lesbian and solo girl sets here. ;)

04-10-08  07:06pm

N/A Reply of Drooler's Poll

Can't say I've ever decided to stop using these 'portals' as they are apparently called, as I never make a mental note of which ones are which.

If I'm on the lookout for some fresh porn, I usually start either here at PU, or do some googling to see what is thrown up. Inevitably this throws up lots of crappy 'portals' that end up directing me to Sapphic Erotica or Lez Cuties or whatever, but I tend to recognise the girls in the thumbnail links from these original sites now, so its easy to predict where I'm about to be led before clicking - which means I don't bother clicking in those instances (because I've already been there many times!).

04-10-08  02:28am

Visit Twistys

Reply of baddaddie's Review

Firstly, I welcome you, BadDaddie to the site. But if you look at the scoring system for PU, 99% does not make any sense after reading your review.

It's not a question of any of us disagreeing with you - I've never visited Twistys, so what do I know.

It's a question of you disagreeing with yourself in the same review. You can't give such a near-perfect score on the one hand, and then give such negative remarks in the written review, and then expect people not to question that. You're just contradicting yourself.

For that reason, I had to give a 'No' vote on the trust issue, for the first time since joining PU. Not because I think you're not a trustworthy person (you're probably a decent guy), but because I wouldn't trust any review by someone who clearly doesn't understand the scoring system.

Apart from all that, it's one of the most badly written reviews I've read so far on this site (all four sentences). Sorry to be blunt, but you need to raise your game, IMO.

03-25-08  03:43pm

N/A Reply of badandy400's Reply

Disagree about the HD thing mate. I've had loads of HD downloads that are just plain crap (for all kinds of reasons) but I also have loads of lower res stuff that is mind blowingly good. HD is not the be all and end all.

03-24-08  05:25pm

N/A Reply of MargulisAZ's Reply

Appreciate the honesty, Margulis. I'm addicted too. I need porn like I need food, and get hungry for it when I've not seen it for a while.

I do personally think it's probably not a healthy thing - it creates a desire for something that can only ever be obtained in the virtual world, never in real life (unless you're a male porn star).

But, as I said before: whada-ya-gonna-do.

03-19-08  02:41pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I do occasionally get that feeling 'This isn't doing me any good, I really should quit this and save my energies and my money for better things' - like my girlfriend, for example. Sometimes, I admit, I feel a bit sad about it all.

Then I get the urge to look at naked ladies doing dirty things and all that just flies out the window.

Whada-ya-gonna-do, as Homer Simpson might say.

03-19-08  02:33pm

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

If I had some, they'd do more good if I gave em to the missus (apparently they increase female sexual desire too). If I did that, I'd have no time for porn, and you lot wouldn't see me for dust! ;)

03-14-08  12:43pm

Visit Only Cuties

Only Cuties
Reply of visor's Reply

Agree with everything you said except more m/f, but that's personal taste for you! :)

03-12-08  05:16pm

N/A Reply of Vegas Ken's Poll

Ditto the first response, from jd1961.
OK, I'll declare a bias, in that I don't get off much on boy-girl sex any per se (lesbian or solo girl is my thing).
But there's something degrading about it.
I once saw a lesbian movie where the girls were taking it in turns at spitting into each other's open mouths.
Same principle. If it looks degrading to me, it turns me off.
I think porn is best when the participants look like they're really hot for each other, and treat each other with due respect. I think a lot of porn producers don't even consider that the average guy would even think that, but I suspect it's a more common opinion than they realise.
That's not to say I'm against a bit of good natured slap 'n tickle (!) but it has to be to the recipient's benefit.
Sorry, I'm going off the original subject...

03-12-08  05:15pm

N/A Reply of messmer's Reply

Hi mate

Always happy to give advice where needed.

SE does stick very strictly to its lesbian niche. I don't think you'd be disappointed with the content. The newer stuff falls flat somewhat - but there was already tons of top notch material there before the site went tits up, so there's no shortage of seriously good stuff there. It might have got back on track since I last visited too for all I know.

There's a mind-blowingly hot threesome movie on there from a few years back. Its quite low res by today's standards (although really not that bad at all in all honesty) and that one movie made the whole month's membership worth it for me. It stars Nina (known as Lucy Lee elsewhere - gorgeous brunette who loves anal) and a blonde called Johanna and a stunning redhead called Kellie. If you join the site, just do a model search to locate that movie. It's amazing - very rude and yet very sensual too - they all look like they're in love with each other! If you're tastes are anything like mine (gorgeous young lezzies) then you'll love the site.

03-11-08  06:06pm

Visit Only Cuties

Only Cuties
Reply of Drooler's Reply

Well, Drooler old boy, you know what they say: 'Great minds' and all that!

03-08-08  02:52pm

N/A Reply of RagingBuddhist's Reply

Yeah, I was gonna put 1958, but somehow the hippy talk just didn't work in that context! (Don't ask me why I went into hippy mode, I have no idea!)

What's the next poll gonna be? 'Has your lady ever asked you to perform cunnilingus?'
1. Yes, and I DID!
2. I did it without her asking (and now regret not waiting until we'd left the church)
3. Yes, but I refused, I'm watching my cholesterol and don't eat beef
4. No, she doesn't like me to drink from the furry cup

03-08-08  02:41pm

Visit Lucky Lesbians

Lucky Lesbians

Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: -As it says on the tin - lesbian content
-Bonus sites
Cons: -Claims to be Hi-Def, but in fact, the quality is pretty average. They have been re-sampled up to 1280x720 to make HD-sized files, which puts pressure on the processor, but have clearly come from a lower res source and are not sharp, and do not have natural or vibrant colour. Bit of a con really.
-Movies have a horrible great logo spanning the full left-to-right across the bottom of the screen
-As of November 07, less than 20 full lesbo movies (each split into 2 halves)
-Bonus sites not very good. Includes 'Slutty Squirters' which is basically girls screaming their heads off while taking a piss, pretending they're cumming. Yeah right. And 'Anal Hell' - girls sticking a dildo up their assholes for 20 minutes - and pretending they're cumming.
-Annoying music in most of the movies
-Rubbish camera work and lighting
-Average pic sets - not very interesting, and 682x1024 so not very sharp either
Bottom Line: I really wasn't at all impressed with this site. The tour pages make it look so great, with shots of gorgeous girls in apparently Hi-Def lesbian movies.

Don't believe it. The movies are not that sharp at all. They're easily DVD-quality (the lower end of DVD quality) but no way are they HD. But they've been up-sampled into HD formats, so they have large files and put an HD-type strain on your PC's processor without the benefit of true HD images. I have similar length movies of less than half the file size of these, that look twice as good in terms of picture quality.

And the action is completely fake and routine looking. The girls are just doing their job for the pay cheque, getting out the dildos and screaming their way through 20-30 minutes of porn-by-numbers. I think they'd be much happier working down the supermarket than doing this, by the looks of some of them. They're clearly not passionate about doing this. Or maybe they're suffering from bad direction.

I'm glad I kept the movies and pics on my hard drive so I could review them for this review. But I will be deleting them shortly.

There are far better sites out there than this for your money, that don't waste your disk space with 'pseudo-HD' movies.

Not recommended.

03-08-08  10:33am

Replies (0)
Visit Four Finger Club

Four Finger Club

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: -Tons of movie footage from Europe and USA
-Over 100 lesbian movies available as of Dec 07
-reasonable quality movies (640x480 for smallscreen, 888x480 for widescreen)
-Despite the title, not all movies are from the 4FC series - the Girls On Girls series features a lot, as well as others
-All full scenes (despite TBP review)
Cons: -Movies are not exclusive (despite TBP review) - they are all taken from previously released DVDs
-The girls in the American movies are very noisy and very fake - orgasms seem to come every 2 seconds!
Bottom Line: Four Finger Club is a decent collection of scenes from the 4FC series of DVDs (probably accounting for about half of the content), as well as the likes of Girls On Girls (I have recognised many from this series, featuring such Euro stunners as Peaches and Eve Angel), and other series.

The 4FC movies are quite well known by now. The standard scenario is 2 girls getting each other off with their fingers, always eventually sinking four fingers into each other's stretched pussies. A large vibrating toy makes frequent appearances, on which the girls take turns to sit, while the other handles the remote control.

It has to be said, the difference between the American-produced movies and the European ones is striking. The American girls are very very noisy right from the point they have so much as a nipple tweaked, whereas the European girls just seem more relaxed and natural, moan softly, and only get noisy when the sex gets obviously more intense.

I downloaded and kept about three quarters of the movie content available in December 07. The other quarter was often quite old, badly filmed or overacted - mainly the American stuff.

Still, for the price of a month's membership, you can obtain several DVDs-worth of movie content that would otherwise set you back 10 times the price if you were to buy the individual discs. This alone makes the site well worth joining.

03-08-08  09:53am

Replies (0)
Visit ALS Scan

ALS Scan
Reply of wishdj's Review

Good review - but I think it is very important to mention that 'Alex' talks throughout many of the movies, and therefore may be an annoyance to some.

03-08-08  09:19am

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