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Are you tired of tattoos on women?

Type: General

Submitted by jd1961 (95)
Yes 53% 37 Votes
No 47% 33 Votes

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70 Votes Total

Mar 6, 2008

Poll Replies (42)

Replies to the user poll above.

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elephant (67) Just find them horrible on beautiful women, it annoys me that women now a days in the industry think they have to have them.
03-06-08  12:07am

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Toadsith (48) Despite the overwhelming popularity tattoos (Yes, it is spelled with three T's - sorry, that's just a pet-peeve of mine.) of late - I still find them attractive when done well. Like body piercings - tattoos only help make attractive people stand-out, if you haven't done the traditional steps of improving your look (working out, dressing well, good grooming, et cetera) - they simply won't work - and worse, may draw attention to things that should be hidden away. Specifically the so wonderful vernacular "Tramp Stamp" can draw attention love-handles poking out of too-tight jeans - or the belly-button piercing can highlight a bulging pot-belly.

If the model is fit and pretty and well put together - a good tattoo or piercing can provide that exotic touch that really makes the model standout. Typically this doesn't include barb-wire around the arm or ankle - but India's Henna style is still rather rare and can be quite astonishing on a beautiful model. Am I tired of them? No - I'll always crave the right combination of model and tattoo (or piercing). Would I say it is overused these days? Definitely, but that will pass with time.

Interestingly, 30 years ago the number of tattoos a person had was directly proportional to how Sociopathic they were (like all mental states everything is a gray area with almost no black or white categories). The recent uprise in popularity of tattoos has negated the effectiveness of this indicator unfortunately.


03-06-08  12:50am

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pinkerton (39) They're not very attractive, especially around the chest and down below
03-06-08  01:08am

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ace of aces (179) ABSOLUTLY..it`s for me like scares at tits and stomach.... ;)
03-06-08  01:40am

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #1 - elephant :

Just like it annoys me that women nowadays in the industry have to take a cumshot in the face!!!

It can't be anywhere else, it has to be on the face!!!

Staff: This is NOT a duplicate of a previous reply (which was approved). :) :) :)

03-06-08  08:59am

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) I love 'em!! Just like the Toad said, if the woman is bangin' like that, I'm talkin' seriously fuckin' gorgeous in almost all characteristics of her anatomy, it's a real nut buster!!! :D

It's just I can't get one myself because the Bible says I can't!

Oh well!!

03-06-08  09:10am

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Denner (235) Well, a small butterfly - or whatever- between the thighs or the popo is quite allright.

BUT: Girls with big tattoos on breasts, arms and several and big tattoos (or piercing, jeeeeez) is a turn-off!!!!

Maybe it's a new style for a lot of models, but man, it's ugly....

03-06-08  10:31am

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apoctom (145) Good Lord there are too many women with tattoos. A small tattoo, in a strategic spot, is more than enough.
03-06-08  11:19am

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MargulisAZ (84) REPLY TO #8 - apoctom :

I agree with this. I have definitely seen my fair share of models that would probably be attractive if they weren't covered in tattoos. It's just gross to me when it's like that.
03-06-08  11:24am

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PU Staff
REPLY TO #6 - Pinche Kankun :

Pinche Said:
"It's just I can't get one myself because the Bible says I can't!"

That same bible tells you not to masturbate too but you seem ok with skipping over that part. ;)

03-06-08  11:56am

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Drooler (220) Some of the tats are very artistic and nicely done, BUT I wish the girls hadn't had 'em done just the same. I mean girls like Belicia, Nikky Nova (all over her back), Faye Runaway ('though it seems she's run away from porn now), Aneta Smrhova and Liliane Tiger. Of course, it's their bodies, so they're got the right, but still ...
03-06-08  12:50pm

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Toadsith (48) REPLY TO #10 - Khan :

If you would like to see some really freaky laws in the Bible (King James Edition), check out Deuteronomy 13. It gives people a ton of loop-holes to get out of the "Do Not Kill" commandment - basically if evidence is shown that anyone - ANYONE - isn't willing to follow the Bible's one true God - you should kill them with a sword. And kill their cattle... with a sword.

If you don't have a sword, Deuteronomy 17 states that you can instead stone that person to death, but only if you have at least 2 (preferably 3) witnesses. If you've only got 1 witness - you gotta hold off.

They had the bases covered at least - who can't find a stone? (or 40...) Ah yes, good stuff. How I love the Old Testament.

Oh and if you are stuck in a Motel without any TV porn - no worries! Just grab your trusty Bible and look up the "Song of Solomon", sure it is a bit tame by today's standards, but it's a start. "Thy two breasts are like two young roes that are twins" - awww yeah. (Apparently the Biblical writers had a thing for deer... I don't know why.)

03-06-08  12:54pm

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Denner (235) REPLY TO #12 - Toadsith :

Does the bible have "laws"? .
I thought it was some sort of religious guidance - freedom, brother, freedom....the reformation in the 1500th in Europe secured the human-freedom that the whole western world now again fight for.
If I want to watch porn, I can do it without getting my pecker hacked off...

03-06-08  01:12pm

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Toadsith (48) REPLY TO #13 - Denner :

Well if you are talking about the Old Testament (Which is what Pinche Kankun is referencing - specifically Leviticus 19:28) - freedom had nothing to do with properly worshiping God. You follow His "judgments" and His "ordinances" or face the consequences. Now granted the consequences varied - it wasn't always a death sentence (though that was indeed popular) - sometimes some flogging was sufficient.

So does it have laws? Oh yes - many, many. They sort of address porn as well - pretty much it is OK to look at a naked person as long as they are of no relation (by marriage or blood) or acquaintance to you and as long as they aren't naked with anyone they are related to (by marriage or blood) - but masturbation is right out. No touching either, just looking.

The more popular New Testament however is much kinder and many people simply ignore the existence of the Old Testament. Because, frankly, much of it is rather loopy and very violent. The Bible is such a complex work though - that nearly anything can be read into it in some form or another. It has many loop-holes and many inconsistencies - plus there are a number of neat tricks. Want to kill people? Plan on doing it in the name of God and got to a priest, they can waive you of all your killing sins before you even do them. It is quite efficient - the Crusades were fought using this method because they couldn't always bring a priest on their various quests.

The Old Testament is really worth a read, it explains so much of the violence in the Catholic Church's History - and frankly, is much more fun than the New Testament. It can get confusing though...

03-06-08  01:31pm

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Davit (46) Tired? Never ever liked them in the first place. Women (and men for that matter) with tattoos have no class.

I hate it when a gorgeously sexy girl strips off, turns round, and there's a great fucking green tattoo across the top of her arse. Sickening.

For me, the sexiest girls are the ones that look very sweet and respectable, dress respectably (on the outside!) like you could take them home to meet your mother... and then they strip off and they're the dirtiest, rudest filthbags in the sack! That contrast is awesome! But if they already *look* like filthbags, with piercings and tattoos, it's less of a big deal when they're naughty. It's kind of expected, and not such a big deal.

No tattoos please!

03-06-08  01:39pm

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Davit (46) REPLY TO #10 - Khan :

Haha! Maybe that page was missing from Pinche's bible! ;)
03-06-08  01:42pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #10 - Khan :

YES SIR, AND YOU KNOW THIS... MAN (Famous quote from our friend SMOKEY)! :D

The reason why I set myself for this is because there is a way out... Just like I can stop grabbing on my stick anytime in order to save my soul from total damnation... But I can't remove that tattoo without going too much trouble. :D OUCH!! THAT NEEDLE HURTS!! >:(

03-06-08  01:44pm

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Denner (235) REPLY TO #14 - Toadsith :

You know your way with the old and new Testament.
And of course your're right about the harsher ways in the old one.
Still, It's great with the freedom of most of todays christian countries....

03-06-08  01:55pm

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Toadsith (48) REPLY TO #18 - Denner :

Haha, yeah fortunately things have been slowly marching toward a more liberal stance over the years. In the US there has been a number of Christian-Right moralistic backlashes and a definite recent rise in jingoism and fearmongering that has given birth to a number of attacks on basic civil liberties. Yet looking at a broader scope of time, even the US has become more accepting of differences and more liberal in its overall policy.

I wish the US Media would trade violence for sex - it is a much healthier form of entertainment and I don't see any reason I can't appreciate a nifty sun-shaped nipple shield during the super bowl half-time. While 200,000 people did complain - the other 144.2 million didn't seem to mind too much. Anyway, all the media's publicity of shootings and whatnot creates copycats - studies have shown over and over that the mentally unstable will follow trends just like the rest of us, so we really should stop giving them these ideas! More boobs, less blood - 'tis me motto.

03-06-08  02:30pm

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Denner (235) REPLY TO #19 - Toadsith :

FINE words in this early spring of 2008, brother - FINE words!

Totally agree...

03-06-08  02:46pm

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WeeWillyWinky (88) I hate tattoos on women. Despise them. Loathe them. I've never seen one I liked, ever. Belly-jewels, now that's a different story. Cute young ladies look great with those.
03-06-08  04:24pm

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #19 - Toadsith :

Results of a survey came out just recently (one article on it was in the Wall Street Journal) about how the US is now only about 51% Protestant -- a once majority that's all but gone. 25% of people aged something like 18-34 claim no religious affiliation. Still, the US has its cycles of hard religious right activity that gets a lot of public attention, such as the 1980's "Moral Majority" and a recent upsurge against evolutionary science in public schools, among other things.

I agree with you that the US has become more tolerant of differences overall as time has gone on, but there's plenty of kicking and screaming as part of the process.

Now what this has to do with Pinche's tatoos, I couldn't say. ;)

03-06-08  05:49pm

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Toadsith (48) REPLY TO #22 - Drooler :

I just went and looked up the WSJ article on the PEW Study; that is quite interesting. Though raised with a quite lax Roman-Catholic upbringing (though I did go as far as Confirmation, mainly because then I didn't have to go to church.) - these days I've settled into a happily agnostic existence. Yet I'm always somewhat fascinated at how many people are religious and to what degree they are.

For some people it seems to be a great relief, a lifting of their life's burdens by being able to apply a specific greater plan to their personal trials and tribulations. Others use it as a sense of purpose, a compass for their life and a hand-book for their behavior. Then there are the sociopaths that use it to get money and power - but that's a different crowd.

While I don't see any particular reason to believe in religion (though by its own definitions there is no reason not to either) I would never take away religion from people who gain comfort from it. That study stated that a whopping 60% of Americans consider it a very important part of their life - with the French turning in at on 12%. I guess it goes to show that our country's heritage of religious belief runs deeper than I would have imagined.

When I think about it: sure, all of our country's important documents talk about God. All of our politicians must profess an affiliation with a major religion - and of course the earliest settlers were so loyal to their religion that rather than convert they crossed an ocean. I guess I assumed interest would have wained more by now.

And back to the acceptance of differences topic line - you are quite correct, a lot of effort was put into it - the national opinion didn't drift that way on its own. There are a lot of dedicated and brave people fighting for human rights of all kinds in the US - and while much progress is left to be done, much progress has been made - and done so without the US abandoning its religions - which I think is rather interesting.

Ah, how I do love how these topics shoot off on wild tangents, lol


03-06-08  06:55pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #14 - Toadsith :

Man, that's jacked up how you can kill a million people vs. a man having sex with married woman and and and those 2 sins are equal!! >:(

I just don't get it!!! >:(

A man ends the lives of a million people early and no telling if they were right with "GOD" before they were killed, and he gets a way with it!!!

I can understand if he had to defend himself against like 5 people, that's reasonable... BUT GOING ON A KILLING SPREE IS FRIGGIN' PRE-MEDITATED!!! >;(

I ain't tryin' to kill no man cuz life can be good and I want all to experience that, plus when you kill someone, you can't Bring them back!! Getting a tattoo is a somewhat similar... You can remove the tattoo... But an hijo de la chingala que la process is to get it off!!!

FUCK, MAN!! :)

03-06-08  07:03pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #7 - Denner :

Butthole tattoos? :D

Must be some new stuff!!! :)

03-06-08  07:08pm

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pat362 (373) I've seen too many girls in recent years with some very large tattoos. A small one here and there is fine, but when it's the size of a basketball or bigger. Sorry, but that just not my cup of tea.
There are some gorgeous girls that I can't watch anymore because the tattoos distracts from her beauty.

03-06-08  07:48pm

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jd1961 (95) REPLY TO #2 - Toadsith :

LOL...I remember Truman Capote once wrote that the only thing he could see that the serial killers he had interviewed had in common was that they all had tattoos!
03-06-08  07:56pm

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jd1961 (95) REPLY TO #16 - Davit :

Or maybe the pages were stuck together!!
03-06-08  07:59pm

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Toadsith (48) REPLY TO #24 - Pinche Kankun :

Well now that's the funny thing isn't it? Frankly most "Monster" Serial Killers never break out of the 20's. Sure it is an individual performing this terrible acts against other individuals on a personal one-on-one basis, but really - compared to the great Generals of times past, they really are barely scratching the surface! Yet these are the people that the horror movies are made about. I think it is a matter of the blinding nature of larger numbers. You tell me: "It was ghastly, he killed 23 people." Well I know more than 23 people. I can easily think of 23 people and think of the tragedy of those 23 people getting murdered. Consequently I can make a connection with the crime and understand the horror of it.

However, if you turn around and say to me: "Ghengis Khan's army of horse riders killed 1 million people in one night." (A true fact that is.) I simply can't visualize that. I resort to cute little clips from Independence Day and the like - and the fact of the matter is Ghengis Khan never blew up the White House with a laser. So we resort to comparing it with things we do understand and here is the line of reasoning that follows: "A serial killer who killed 23 of my neighbors is quite horrible. 1 million people is frankly quite a lot more than 23. So Ghengis Khan on his laser-equipped steed is by similarity also quite horrible." Done and done.

Thus, as per your example - A man who killed a million is equally as bad as a man who killed 5. Or as a man who banged his neighbor's dog. Cause bestiality just tends to be frowned upon in the traditional communities.


03-06-08  09:36pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #29 - Toadsith :

Man, I said that guy that killed the 5 people did it in self defense because they were tryin' to kill him... Whereas a man killing a million people for no reason... Dude, after the 5th person, something ain't right!!! >:(

It can't be the same!! >:(

03-07-08  09:15am

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Toadsith (48) REPLY TO #30 - Pinche Kankun :

Oops - I missed the little defending himself part - that makes for a different point indeed, lol. But rather than counterpointing it with the killing of a million people for no reason, what about killing a million during war defending your country? (Say a somewhat understandable war like WWII) The question is always how much violence is justifiable.

A rather interesting movie called "The Fog of War", which came out a few years ago, interview the former U.S. Secretary of Defense, Robert McNamara. On of the really fascinating things he showed was how lucid people can be about the atrocities they are committing. He and Colonel Curtis LeMay engineered the fire bombings of Japan during World War II - and it was incredibly effective because much of Japan was still using the wood and paper style build technology back then. Of course the fires killed indiscriminately, men, women and children - and of this Colonel LeMay said that if the U.S. lost, he and McNamara and others would be tried as war criminals. As McNamara then said: "...what makes it immoral if you lose and not immoral if you win?"

03-07-08  09:53am

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messmer (137) REPLY TO #15 - Davit :

I agree with your sentiments! I never did like tattoos or piercings. And I also like that natural, homey, nice girl look that will prove to be a deception later on as she reveals her true self ... to paraphrase your words! :-) Do you know any sites like that?
03-07-08  03:59pm

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Davit (46) REPLY TO #32 - messmer :

An old favourite site of mine is Sapphic Erotica, which does actually have lots of girl-next-door types that, again, turn out to be dirty sluts - in the nicest possible way. Whilst you will see some tattoos and a variety of looks, it probably has the most 'next-door' type girls of all the sites I have personally joined.

Lez Cuties, as you might expect, has some very gorgeous innocent-looking girls that turn out to be filthy anal whores (!) but you will still see a fair few tattoos around, once the clothes come off.

03-07-08  04:20pm

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Davit (46) REPLY TO #2 - Toadsith :

Haha! 'Tramp Stamp'! I love that phrase, it sounds very British (although I know you're American)! I'd never heard it before - I shall use that! :)
03-07-08  04:40pm

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Toadsith (48) REPLY TO #34 - Davit :

It is so much better than the term "Whore Brand", which just seems mean to me. I only recently ran across the term "Tramp Stamp" myself (maybe a year ago at most); indeed it does have a bit of a British charm to it and as some of my writing I'm sure reflects, I'm quite fond of British colloquialisms. I'm currently working through the latest iteration of Top Gear (40GB worth of it) and have run across a boat-load of new phrases and terms that I hadn't heard before. That is such a fun show - I can't wait till Season 11 comes out - though I still have a backlog of 7 seasons to finish watching first...
03-07-08  05:19pm

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PinkPanther (46) I like tattoos on women. Why? Cause they're guides to erogenous zones. Start kissing and nibbling in every spot where there's a tattoo and you're guaranteed to hear some sexy sounds.
03-07-08  06:10pm

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nygiants03 (162) I hate tattoos. They ruin a womans beauty, if she is beautiful. It stands out to much and takes away from your enjoyment. Especially ones on the arms.

However I don't mind a small one above the buttocks, a tramp stamp so to speak. I dont mind a small one of the hip bone either. A tiny one is no big deal, its just those big ones that disgust me.

03-09-08  09:44am

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #31 - Toadsith :

Okay... About war is different (AND HATE IT WITH A PASSION!! >:( )!! It's phucked up how innocent individuals have to die in the midst of greed and the want for total domination!! Shit like this occurs only because we allow phucked muthaphuckas power by believing their Shit!!! >:(

Hey Toad, check out www.zeitgeist.com and Alex Jones @ MySpace!! And ... I need you to tell others about this Shit, too!! 2 very important documentaries to observe... Grab you some pizza, popcorn, drinks and your girl if you have to!! People need to know this Shit!!!

03-09-08  08:57pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #28 - jd1961 :

Yeah, they had to be stuck together because I don't tear pages out of the Bible unless I want "GOD" to strike me down with lightning!!!

Still, it takes hell to remove a tattoo!!m

03-09-08  09:13pm

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messmer (137) REPLY TO #33 - Davit :

Apologies, I meant to answer days ago but didn't get around to it until now. Thanks for the tip. Sapphic Erotica sounds great. Does it have any solo photo/video sets or does it stick strictly to its niche. I like a mixture of both. I suppose I could have gone to the site to find out for myself but am really rushed these days. F/F and F/solo, all of it as natural as possible, without the exaggerated yelps and screams of "Oh YESSS!" "Oh God!!" of imitation orgasms, that's my ideal site. AND without enhanced breasts, please. Should have added that to tattoos and piercings as a big turn-off. I could kill the first guy who told his girlfriend, wife that she would look good with inflated breasts. Who wants to play with bags of silicone? :-)
03-11-08  11:55am

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Davit (46) REPLY TO #40 - messmer :

Hi mate

Always happy to give advice where needed.

SE does stick very strictly to its lesbian niche. I don't think you'd be disappointed with the content. The newer stuff falls flat somewhat - but there was already tons of top notch material there before the site went tits up, so there's no shortage of seriously good stuff there. It might have got back on track since I last visited too for all I know.

There's a mind-blowingly hot threesome movie on there from a few years back. Its quite low res by today's standards (although really not that bad at all in all honesty) and that one movie made the whole month's membership worth it for me. It stars Nina (known as Lucy Lee elsewhere - gorgeous brunette who loves anal) and a blonde called Johanna and a stunning redhead called Kellie. If you join the site, just do a model search to locate that movie. It's amazing - very rude and yet very sensual too - they all look like they're in love with each other! If you're tastes are anything like mine (gorgeous young lezzies) then you'll love the site.

03-11-08  06:06pm

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badandy400 (103) Tattoos are like clothing that can not be taken off. I want to see skin! I dont like piercings either. Women are born with all the holes they need...men too actually. Usually tattoos are some skull and bones combination that makes them look trashy. A clean shaven woman with clean, smooth skin has no rivals!
03-18-08  11:13pm

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