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What do you think of pornstars who close thier eyes during the facial shot?

Type: Content
Eyes should be wide open! 24% 17 Votes
Total buzz kill when they do 4% 3 Votes
Who cares, I just love facials 29% 20 Votes
Don't care, I hate facials 43% 30 Votes

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70 Votes Total

Mar 12, 2008

Poll Replies (44)

Replies to the user poll above.

Msg # User Message Date


jd1961 (95) "Facial" in porn means a closeup of some guy playing with himself. I never need to see this.
03-12-08  05:48am

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apoctom (145) I can understand that the pornstar is afraid of getting stuff in her eyes. Some of the best popshots are Peter North cumming on a girl (w/ eyes closed) and then having her open her eyes with a new set of cum eyelids.
03-12-08  06:46am

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Toadsith (48) While granted I think eye contact (with either the other model or the camera) is more appealing than closed eyes - I think a proper facial is still quite good as long as the model opens her eyes after the treatment. Keeping the eyes closed even after the fact moves it from being sexy to being comical quite quickly. And while I'm all for a bit of comedy now and again - I find it isn't usually the goal of the content producers.
03-12-08  08:34am

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littlejoe (23) porn stars should be able to take it, but not amateurs. not that i care anyways
03-12-08  08:34am

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Boobs4ever (22) The so called money-shot theres nothing appelling with it at all I think

Its something more and more ppl are sick of looking on. I would Think Its kinda old now :P.The cum part from the male actor Is kinda who cares for me atm.

But im more Turned on by Cream Pies ore cum on some Bodypart then the pretty Face thats almost a turn down :P

03-12-08  09:33am

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Drooler (220) Ever been splashed in a swimming pool? It's just a natural reflex to close one's eyes in situations like that. I don't see how it could mean one thing or another beyond that unless there are complimentary aspects to the model's body language that would indicate identifiable delight, revulsion, or other reaction.
03-12-08  11:55am

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RagingBuddhist (65) I couldn't begin to count all the scenes I've passed on downloading because it ended with a facial. And I think my disdain for facials is somehow tied into my aversion to fake tits. Unless you're hooked up with a kind of woman I've never met, it just ain't natural, y'all.

I think I may have mentioned a face shot to a few women years ago and their reaction was more or less unanimous - "I don't fuckin' think so!" To me, facials are just Hollywood. Especially dumb are those scenes when the woman's got to jump up from the position she's been in, just to drop to her knees to take it in the face. Why!? Does anybody REALLY do that?

03-12-08  02:56pm

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Denner (235) Can't submit vote to this one from the four choices.
I'd say "don't care" - but then again I do not HATE facials...and don't really like them either...
Actually: Why does so many scenes (most, I guess) have to end up with facials? Weird. Maybe it started up in US porn at a time when bj was considered illegal - and since then it has spread (get my drift) to most euro-porn too, 'cause: "that's the thing to do"
Man, who does that in real life?
You make love to your girl/wife or one-night-stand (fucking or blowjob) and then pull out to come in her eyes, hair, ears, nose or whatever...only in the movies, only in the movies...I don't get the turn-on in that.

03-12-08  03:59pm

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Davit (46) Ditto the first response, from jd1961.
OK, I'll declare a bias, in that I don't get off much on boy-girl sex any per se (lesbian or solo girl is my thing).
But there's something degrading about it.
I once saw a lesbian movie where the girls were taking it in turns at spitting into each other's open mouths.
Same principle. If it looks degrading to me, it turns me off.
I think porn is best when the participants look like they're really hot for each other, and treat each other with due respect. I think a lot of porn producers don't even consider that the average guy would even think that, but I suspect it's a more common opinion than they realise.
That's not to say I'm against a bit of good natured slap 'n tickle (!) but it has to be to the recipient's benefit.
Sorry, I'm going off the original subject...

03-12-08  05:15pm

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pat362 (375) It's always been a big turn off for me, because I classify facials just one step above spitting, and Spitting for me is probably the most repulsive thing one person can do to another. I seem to remember a series called "red eye" in which the premise was cum shots in the open eye of the girl. Exactly when did abusing and mistreating the performers become good porn???
03-12-08  06:41pm

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #10 - pat362 :

What's the difference between like and love?
Spit or swallow.

Seriously, I think facials are just stupid, and I concur with Denner and Toadsith that they are just porno performance gimmicks (if I may paraphrase) that have nothing to do with real life.

The '70's pornstar Annette Haven refused to do facials and got criticized for that, but maybe she just thought they were a dumb idea, too?

They'd at least be more entertaining (though no less dumb) if they weren't always done so predictably! How about synching the splooge moment to a climactic point in a well-known piece of music? There are plenty of public domain classics that won't entail royalty payments.

Or the video images can be rendered into a "cartoon" style (such as seen in some TV commercials) right at the moment the jizz hits the jawline.

Or get the girl to sneeze a big loogie on the guy's cock before he gets a chance to let fly -- a sort of quid pro quo.

Sure, these are stupid ideas and one's kinda gross, but given that facials are here to stay, we need to put our thinking caps on and help the industry take the facial to a new, artistic level!

03-12-08  07:36pm

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jd1961 (95) REPLY TO #7 - RagingBuddhist :

I'm exactly the same way, I turn off the video when it starts. Porn is so stupid, portraying sex with attractive women that climaxes with a man masturbating himself. Doing something like that in real life would never occur to me in a million years. And yet the porn industry more often than not subject us to the spectacle of men yanking themselves as if they must include it.
03-13-08  04:25am

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jd1961 (95) REPLY TO #8 - Denner :

You got it Denner---"facials" used to be aginst the law to show in porn. Same with anal "sex". And to a certain extent, interracial sex. Then when it became allowed, the knuckleheads in the porn industry showed it as a thrilling taboo, that's how they sold it. IMO, their endless interracial video lines and sites are in fact very racist, because they are portraying it as a kinky taboo. But you know what, I have found that most people have no taste in porn outside a taboo shock value kick. That doesn't include the people at PU, who are experts! ;-)
03-13-08  04:29am

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jd1961 (95) REPLY TO #9 - Davit :

I agree, it does seem degrading, unless it's spontaneous with the girl doing it. But doing it for shock value alone seems forced. Of course, nowadays these girls will do anything for money.
03-13-08  04:31am

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jd1961 (95) BTW, I once saw Steve Holmes get an accidental facial! It was a 2 on 1 with another guy and the girl was on top of him. The other guy pulled out, and started playing with himself, and ejaculated all over Holmes' face without realizing it. Holmes couldn't get out of the way , and he was NOT HAPPY!
03-13-08  04:34am

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ace of aces (179) ..facials...the stuff should stay there where it belongs to ;)
03-13-08  05:04am

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pinkerton (41) Nothing wrong with a girl taking it in or near her mouth but a guy wanking himself off and cumming all over a girl's face/in her eyes is pretty degrading and not much of a turn-on. The best closing shots I've seen are cumming on tits, in the mouth and on/in the pussy/ass. The best is the girl finishing the guy off by sucking him, taking it in the mouth and then dripping it down her chin and onto her tits, au naturel.
03-13-08  05:32am

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Denner (235) REPLY TO #13 - jd1961 :

Yup, JD - thanks for the reply..We may not be experts, your're right there, but, man - we know what we want and do not want - mostly :-)

I remember a Cheech and Chong-album where this old timer goes to a movie with her old lady and there appeares a black guy fucking a white girl - the wife is turned-on, the husband is disgusted - well, not that this matters here, but crazy stuff anyway, brother, crazy stuff....

03-13-08  09:20am

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #12 - jd1961 :

It does seem oddly regressive for the male to suddenly start twangin' away instead of finishing the fucking with the partner who's right there with him.

It's weird how the porn industry is like Hollywood in that way: they go with the same tired formulas again and again.

You certainly don't see the woman suddenly pulling off the guy and rubbing her pussy to orgasm at the end of a porn scene.

03-13-08  12:54pm

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Goldfish (67) It's interesting how again and again these polls reflect how porn staples aren't necessarily what the fans want out of their adult movies. I usually skip the "money shot" because it's not arousing in the least (i.e. disgusting) and you know in a real sex act between two people the guy would much rather keep it inside the woman to finish off. On the other side of the coin it is totally unbelievable any woman finds hot protein sprayed on her face satisfying in any way.
03-13-08  07:16pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) *****I FUCKING HATE FACIALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*****

>:( >:( >:(

03-13-08  10:24pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #1 - jd1961 :


I am probably the main person in this website with an issue about this shit!!! Tits and tummy, or the ass and spinal cord... NOT THE FACE!!! >:(

03-13-08  11:05pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #2 - apoctom :

No it's not, man!!! Massive cumshots where most of it lands on her body and a little some of it lands on her face are the real nice shots because it lets you know how tight her pussy is and how pretty she is!!! :-l

Just simply aiming for the face is rediculous!!

03-13-08  11:08pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #3 - Toadsith :

Toad, those producers are definitely trying to be funny... If not, pimps!!

I wouldn't argue so much about facials 90% of porn content end in body cumshots... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... 90% OF IT ENDS UP ON SOME GIRL'S FACE!!!

FUCK, MAN!!! >:(

03-13-08  11:12pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #4 - littlejoe :

For that reason, I damn near prefer just looking for amateur porn because the pornstars are not FIGHTING HARD ENOUGH TO SLOW DOWN THE FAST GROWING QUANTITY OF FUCKING FACIALS!!!!!!!!!!!! >:(
03-13-08  11:14pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #5 - Boobs4ever :


I have yet to see someone nut massively on Alexis Love's little slender body while she remains in missionary position and watch all of it land on her gorgeous thin little body because she is just too fucking beautiful!!! >:(

03-13-08  11:17pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #6 - Drooler :

Those pornstars need to just tell those phucking producers that they ain't taking it in the face before they start their scene or they will go to another company!! It's because some of these pornstars are so fucking hot, I bet those producers say they just absolutely have to have them on camera!!! >:(
03-13-08  11:20pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #7 - RagingBuddhist :

I can't either, man!!!

How do those fucking dudes even have the time and power to do that during that phase of a man's body... And plus that shit looks gay as hell because in most cases the guy doesn't immediately cum so he has to play MEAT BEATER JEOPARDY with his dick on camera!!!

GAY SHIT, MAN!!!! >:(

No offense, but I bet you that the homosexual men out there enjoy seeing that shit and producers have lost their fucking mind try to cross that gay shit over into straight porn!!!

MAN, I TELL YAH!!!! >:(

03-13-08  11:26pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #8 - Denner :

So many scenes have to end up in facials because:

- There are crackhead muthaphuckas out there requesting for this cocksucking bullshit and telling the producers they should only produce facial porn... BULLSHIT, MAN, YOU KNOW WHAT I AM SAYING!!

- There are not enough rebels out there in the porn world opening their mouth to combat this shit!!


- Producers are biased, too, man!!!! >:(

03-13-08  11:30pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #10 - pat362 :


It's those off the planet people that think that shit it awesome... GO BACK TO YOUR PLANET!! >:(

03-13-08  11:35pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #15 - jd1961 :

I'll make absolute sure I don't encounter that movie!!! >:(
03-13-08  11:36pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #17 - pinkerton :


How could any man's dick get hard from viewing something so fucking disgusting?!!!!!!! >:( >:( >:(

This is not FEAR FACTOR!!! This is porn for Christ's sake!!! >:(

03-13-08  11:39pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO # - :

Man, I am trying to tell everyone!!! A guy fucks a really pretty girl missionary style... She is making to most rock hardening facial expressions while you poke her twat walls with your solid baseball bat until you can't take it no more... You pull and nut so hard and so much that it gets everywhere, her tits, tummy, shoulders, neck, pussy... AAAANNNND... and good amount of it reaches her face... and both of you didn't have to move and inch... I CALL THAT AN EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY FACIAL CUMSHOT, simply because she is that pretty and her pussy was that good and tight!!!


03-13-08  11:47pm

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #27 - Pinche Kankun :

Sounds like a workable plan. The hotties could even walk in one day, en mass, with "No cumshots, please" buttons on. Unless of course the contracts have already stipulated ... ;) Still, a "union" action would take care of it.
03-14-08  12:48pm

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pat362 (375) REPLY TO #11 - Drooler :

I agree that they are a gimmick, but what a distasteful one. I also know that we are stuck with mindless gonzo porn, and that facials are part of that. I just wish we'd go back to a milder version with a small story and not the "paint by number" gonzo porn we see today. I watch movies these days and I can't find anything sexually arousing, because there is no surprise and because every scene is identical to the last 20 movies before it. Most of todays porn includes some or all of these: facials, ATM, PTM, Cum swallowing by the gallon, upside down pile driving sex, no kissing, bad blowjobs, DP's, slapping, chocking, verbal abuse and to top it all off badly filmed, and edited. No wonder I can't get turned on anymore. On a side note I still think that Annette Haven is probably the most beautiful porn star that has ever been.
03-15-08  08:18am

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pat362 (375) REPLY TO #30 - Pinche Kankun :

I think that it's called planet Hollywood, because frankly if you think about it most movies that have come out of LA in the last 5 yrs whether they were porn or mainstream all pretty much SUCKED and not just a little. There are a few exceptions, but good luck finding them.
03-15-08  08:22am

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #35 - pat362 :

I agree both on what you said about the mindlessness of porn and about Annette Haven! I think porn should show displays of affection and not be treated as a rough and impersonal indoor sport for sex freaks. Annette was part of the Golden Age, when the attitudes were different and I must say, considerably more sophisticated. The movies could be a bit corny sometimes, but in those days there was an effort to put some style and substance in.

Can you imagine porn these days of the caliber of the "The Autobiography of a Flea?" or even "Centerspread Girls?"

03-15-08  08:32am

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nygiants03 (162) For me the answer is who cares. But I dont hate facials, I am neutral on them.
03-15-08  03:24pm

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pat362 (375) REPLY TO #37 - Drooler :

I think you've hit the nail on the head. Today's porn is lacking in any kind of affection. I think that's why I like watching lesbian movies. There is a company called Girlfriends Film which has some really passionate movies. I'm not asking for a masterpice, but I do want a kind of story and character intercation, and some kissing. I think that Anette was the most beautiful but there are dozens of late 70 early 80's actresses that I consider one notch above most of what's available today. I've read on differnt blog and forum sites people that compare todays stuff to the golden age of porn and the only thing which we have today lacking in the older stuff is lighting and better view of the sex. I think that if a studio wanted to, it could make something like Autobiography of a flea or any other bygone movie. You only need a script, a director, some good actors and actresses, and a desire to make a good movie, as oppose to a profitable one. That lost one is the main reason why there are few, if any good movies today.
03-15-08  07:11pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #34 - Drooler :

Nooooo... The shirts should say, "CUM ON MY TITS AND TUMMY OR MY ASS... NOT MY FACE!!!

"NO CUMSHOTS?!!" That's worst than watching WatchTen.com on regular cable!!! I HATE THOSE GUYS!!!

They show all the TITS and ASS, women getting fucked and Everything... BUT THEY DON'T ONE SINGLE CUMSHOT!!!


03-15-08  08:44pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #35 - pat362 :

Annette Haven.. Do she have any butt naked photos on the web?!!!!


03-15-08  08:51pm

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pat362 (375) REPLY TO #41 - Pinche Kankun :

Sorry Pinche I can't think of one place you can still find some. Man what a gorgeous woamn. They don't make them like that anymore
03-16-08  06:11pm

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Boobs4ever (22) Man lovley dicussion I agree on most of it, and me aswell want the sexporn industry to produce some more porn closer to reality no 9 inch between hes legs and skip the facial if the pornstar likes to swallow cum maybee they can do that in private life for this time. Pinche Disabled? Respect all
03-19-08  01:39am

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mbaya (366) Facials ar ok, but sometimes it seems that we have seen this movie before. I remember older porn where the guy pulled out and came on her belly or tits and I was tired of that then also.
09-28-08  03:51am

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