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Is female ejaculation or squirting....

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Real 40% 28 Votes
Fake 29% 20 Votes
No Clue? 31% 22 Votes

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70 Votes Total

Apr 15, 2008

Poll Replies (19)

Replies to the user poll above.

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Lionheart (47) I need to personally see to believe it, and my girlfriend doesn't, but I have seen to many girls in a porn do it.
04-15-08  12:02am

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apoctom (145) I think some of the scenes may be faked (since it got so popular), but for the most part, I believe that it is real.
04-15-08  07:22am

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Toadsith (48) In porn, it is often easier to fake it - and there are two ways of going about that - the more popular method is simply peeing, but you sometimes will see scenes where they fill the vaginal cavity with water and the model then pushes it on cue - these are the really silly squirting scenes where there is a cut directly before the squirting and the male pornstar jumps out of the way acting all surprised.

Peeing is most effective, because, in real squirting, it is effectively peeing, it is just not urine that is being peed. Current research ties it to stimulation of the Skene's gland which then produces fluid that fills up the bladder and women can learn to relax and pee through their orgasm and many find increased pleasure due to this. Some researchers think that the ejaculate comes from the paraurethral ducts - but do the volume of fluid it is generally considered to be the urethra that is directing the fluid - back again to the peeing theory. The peeing theory is also backed up by the volumes of the largest recorded ejaculations are nearly the same as the volume held by the average female bladder.

The problem with all research into female ejaculation is there really hasn't been a lot of scientific interest into the subject. So there are proponents and opponents but as for definitive answers - they are few. I believe that many women are capable of it and that some women who rush off to the bathroom after sex just need to relax their bladder during orgasm - but it is a bit of a faith sort of thing right now because the research just isn't there yet. As twisted as this may sound, what would be really useful is another batch of Nazi scientists and their lack of moral convictions to do some more human experiments. Their live autopsies provided invaluable medical research and I'm sure they could solve the female ejaculation question once and for all. The Nazis were horrible and so on, but some of them were very good scientists. Who knows, maybe somebody will invent a super accurate CAT Scan type thing and will record a couple hundred women orgasming and track it down that way. That would certainly be more humane and doable in today's world.

04-15-08  09:44am

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williamj (9) Well boys I've been lucky to experience a real squirter and trust me its not pee. Its from a gland deep in the girls vagina, that EJ's a clear, warm, almost tasteless liquid. A lady friend who is a real squirter explained the whole True Squirter Gyno and I asked a doctor friend and he concurred. Not all, in fact only a few women can really squirt. Toadsith has a pretty explanation. But I like I said I had my mug and mouth right in the line of fire and its not pee! I had a few drunken GS and I know the difference. Its quite amazing if you get the chance make sure you try it.
04-15-08  10:57am

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williamj (9) REPLY TO #3 - Toadsith :

I hate to disagree but there is plenty of research done on squirting. I'll have to get the information, links from my lady friend, she's a nurse and a true squirt queen.
04-15-08  10:59am

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Drooler (220) I guess this is a "refresher." See the poll from June of last year, "What do you think of girls squirting?"

If a girl squirts during sex, I'll put in on my cock and stick it back in for that "Jar of Gergens" experience.

04-15-08  11:13am

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Davit (46) I answered 'fake' only because the VAST MAJORITY of so-called 'squirting' sites are nothing more than girls moaning and faking an orgasm WHILST PISSING!

Of course plenty of girls out there genuinely squirt; my girlfriend is one of them - although she doesn't so much 'squirt' as 'gush'. It's totally different to piss, it's white like male cum, but there's a lot more of it, and it does NOT come from the urethra - it happens most during foreplay when I go down on her and use my fingers on her G-spot at the same time. It just comes gushing out of her pussy canal, not the urethra. Unlike me though, after she cums she can just keep going and cum again within minutes - whereas I need a bowl of Frosties and 8 hours sleep before I'm ready again.

Maybe there is also a different type of female cum that does come through the urethra, but I must admit I've never seen this outside of porn movies. And every movie I've seen with it in, just looks like piss to me.

04-15-08  12:15pm

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Toadsith (48) REPLY TO #4 - williamj :

Indeed - all the material I've read about it has stated that it is not pee, any amounts of urine detected are such trace amounts that it rules that out. I did read about lab that did a chemical analysis of several samples of ejaculate - it was interesting but mostly what they said was - it isn't urine and it is basically water. Interesting but not wildly helpful.
04-15-08  01:02pm

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Toadsith (48) REPLY TO #5 - williamj :

I'm curious by your definition of plenty - I've researched on the web about female ejaculation quite a bit - and while there is a lot of material written up about it, I find very little of it is based in actual scientific fact. It isn't hugely surprising as it is an area of study that isn't going to be real easy to get funding.

It wasn't more than 80 years ago when people were going on about the "Myth of the Female Orgasm" - so getting an organization to donate money for research into Female Ejaculation is going to be a bit difficult. If you do find those links, I would be interested - but as far as everything I've read on it - the medical community isn't at all settled on the topic. Some people believe it to be real, others believe it to be fake, and most simply aren't decided or care.

04-15-08  01:06pm

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littlejoe (23) some is cum and some is piss
04-15-08  02:48pm

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #7 - Davit :

A bowl of Frosties! I wonder if I can get my mitts on a big box of Frosties here on the other side of the pond. Thanks for the tip!
04-15-08  05:01pm

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Davit (46) Interesting that our female friends are notable by their absence on this thread.
04-15-08  05:06pm

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Davit (46) REPLY TO #11 - Drooler :

Actually Drooler, I just made up the bit about the Frosties - I'm not even a big fan of them. They're just basically sugared cornflakes, that's all! Nothing to write home about!
Not even sure why my brain came up with them as an example of food after sex... maybe there's something Freudian in it, who knows.

But I do generally like to get some grub after sex. Not so much because sex makes me want food; more just because I'm a greedy bastard, and during sex is the one time I don't eat anything (except pussy), so as soon as the sex is over, I go back to wanting to eat! Then sleep.

Hmmmmm. Sex. Food. Sleep. Add booze to that, and I don't think I would want for much else. Oh yeah - don't forget the porn.

04-15-08  05:14pm

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pat362 (375) I've watched porn made in the 70's all the way to today, and the funny thing is that squirting only started appearing in the last few years. It's quite possible that women can squirt, but I'm affraid that it's not what appears in porn. More than likely it's either pee or water. The fact of the matter is that the amount that usually comes out is far too large and the speed and distance it can travel also makes it hard to belive. Like anything else in porn ,the only thing that is important is that if you enjoy it, then enjoy it and don't ask questions.
04-15-08  07:00pm

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PinkPanther (46) Actually, pat362, female ejaculation started being shown in US porn in the 80's with movies like The Graffenberg spot. But it's gotten much more over the top, like everything else in porn does.

I've seen squirting vids that are fake as 4 dollar bills with CG squirting - and then I've seen scenes like Amber Rayne at ALS Scan where she literally covered the camera man, much to his shock and delight, and that's as real as it gets.

04-15-08  08:34pm

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #12 - Davit :

Some things are going to be kept secret .. we'll never know for sure. Remember, we're the ones who have to reveal all, in order to pass the qualifying interviews and the numerous other "tests."
04-15-08  09:22pm

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nygiants03 (162) It is real, but the videos you watch with girls squirting 20 feet or so is fake. It is proven to be true, its just that not every girl can.
04-21-08  02:56pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) I don't watch it.
04-26-08  12:07pm

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mbaya (366) I would love to see real evidence of this. It sure looks like pee. Why is there so much squirting in porn and so few of us say they have seen it in real life?
09-25-08  05:24am

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