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If internet porn was suddenly banned and eliminated, what would you do?

Type: General

Submitted by MargulisAZ (84)
Shoot myself. 12% 8 Votes
Cry for days, and maybe years. 22% 14 Votes
Just go buy porn at the shop. 37% 24 Votes
Try to have more sex. 8% 5 Votes
Find a new hobby, no big deal. 22% 14 Votes

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65 Votes Total

Apr 13, 2008

Poll Replies (24)

Replies to the user poll above.

Msg # User Message Date


Toadsith (48) Bloody hell, what a passive bunch of choices! What about capturing all the government representatives and denying them access to their prostitutes and interns until they repeal the law? I bet they wouldn't even last 48 hours.
04-13-08  01:26am

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Drooler (220) I said I'd shoot myself -- figuratively speaking, of course.

We've seen it all before in the US. There are legends of organized crime from the 1920's that would never have become so without Prohibition (alcohol in that case). So it would be with the moral maniac control freaks leading us into yet another dark era, and we're still not out of the one we've been in for the past 8-9 years!

I'd be part of the effort to repeal the law, and it eventually would be repealed. In the meantime, porn would be like it was in "Boogie Nights," but even nastier, a lot nastier.

04-13-08  03:14am

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JBDICK (20) I'd lobby government and push a bill thru to outlaw common sense so that the nuts in power felt they had a right to be representative of the people
04-13-08  06:04am

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Denner (235) As hypothetical as a poll can get... but, man: It would be a disaster.. Still: Someboby somewhere will always find a way around any prohibition - so I'll put blanks in my Colt....
04-13-08  07:49am

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messmer (137) I put down for "cry for days" because I am the new sensitive male! This has become my hobby and I like it for the constant hunt for the new and different in porn.
04-13-08  08:49am

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #3 - JBDICK :

"I'd lobby government and push a bill thru to outlaw common sense so that the nuts in power felt they had a right to be representative of the people."

That would piss them off. The nuts, I mean. Good one!

04-13-08  09:42am

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Drooler (220) One thing I'd like to add is that I haven't been to a porn shop in many years. I never enjoyed going. People you know might see you going in or coming out, and once inside some of them were pickup points for gay guys. Plus I don't like dealing with arousal issues in a retail establishment.
04-13-08  10:05am

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pat362 (375) I was renting and buying porn long before the internet, so I guess I'll go back to doing that. In some ways a lot of studios would welcome a general ban since they are loosing money due to illegal download sites and the inrush of new porn sites everyday. That would suck for us. No more
TBP or Porn Users. Of course this is just a poll. The reality is that it is impossible to ban internet porn because you'd get credit card companies putting the squeeze on governement because of lost revenue. It's a legal business which pays taxes to the governement. When was the last time the government said no to tax money. If it's true that porn is a multi billion dollar industry then it's also true that the government is getting a lot of money as well.

04-13-08  11:06am

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #8 - pat362 :

Let's just hope there's never a "Porn Tax." Ohhh, this is a bad month to be thinking about that!
04-13-08  11:58am

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Lionheart (47) It would give me time to watch all the porn that I have downloaded all ready.
04-13-08  12:50pm

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badandy400 (103) This is why I say download all you can now while you can. Never know when some dick hole will try to appeal to all the "high and mighty" extreme religious folk who believe that because they believe it that everyone else should too. I have seen several porn shops around here close because "down your throat" church people stand outside the shop 24/7 protesting and insulting people that go in. I have never seen pro-porn people protesting in front of a church. That is because we have enough respect to respect their wishes. For a group that teaches people not to judge they sure are quick to do so them selves.

Now it must be said that most people do mind their own business, so it truly is not fair stereotype those who choose to be religious. But it will be an appeal to this group that will be the attempt to end the days of porn. I just hope that they can see that what people do in their home in private has nothing to do with what they do publicly. Many very decent and law abiding citizens enjoy porn at home and should be able to with out fear of someone else pointing a finger at them. Many people that are publicly against porn watch it themselves. For example, a few months ago I went my local shop and they are having people sign a petition to keep porn shops in Ohio legal. The clerk told that a man came in a bought several videos, but refused to sign the form. The clerk ask why and the man replied that he was one of the politicians pushing for the shops to be closed. This is the kind of two faced bastard that tells people that porn is immoral and runs into churches and preaches vote against porn, then goes in the bathroom of the church to rub one out. But you know what, the porn shop turned down my suggestion of reporting that politicians purchase. So even under fire, the shop is willing to respects its customers, no matter who they are. There is not a lot of businesses that would do that.

I would also like to say that I am very sorry if my comments about religious people offends anyone. This is not my intention in any way. I only wish to point out that they are being used to push the anti-porn issues and it is being spun in such a way that a religious voter would almost have to vote against porn. The real issue is being covered, the politicians are abusing people's sense of morality.

04-13-08  01:50pm

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jd1961 (95) I'm a believer in the theory that all actions cause reactions. If the internet continues to flaunt pornography, it's only logical for those against it to act in the extreme. Internet porn is illegal in some middle east countries. But those are deeply religious centers, America and Europe are very anti religious, so I don't see it happening anytime soon.
04-13-08  02:00pm

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Davit (46) Despite what certain figureheads say officially, unofficially those in power absolutely LOVE that their populations are kept occupied and pacified with copious amounts of porn. I'm convinced that there is no genuine desire to ban it.

We are living in extremely sinister times (IMO). I saw a horrible piece of government propaganda yesterday during a TV commercial break in the UK, featuring images of dozens of people riding around on bikes, wind turbines everywhere, and every house with solar panels on the roofs. The end slogan was 'What are YOU going to do?' All this, despite the fact that they all know now that the whole man-made warming BS has been shown to be a fraud by several respected scientists (using basic laws of physics to prove it). Just as the global cooling scare 30 years ago was a fraud.

No, they're quite happy that loads of otherwise rebellious guys are sat in their homes watching porn.

04-13-08  03:52pm

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Monahan (44) REPLY TO #11 - badandy400 :

Andy, I understand yoiur point but I must disagree. Churches aren't into being anti-porn activists unless it directly impacts their operation...such as a porn shop with a hawker peddling to church goers on Sunday morning.

The people we need to be watching out for are those who are into governmental involvement in everything. Here in LA, for example, the government dictates just about everything we say and do, from the bags we use in the grocery to what can be carried on cable to how porn shops can sell and how their fronts can be displayed (nothing can be seen from the street except a small sign that just names the shop, not what they sell).

And this is LA, the home of the Porn industry and the moral relativist Liberals who condone murder convicts to go free to save money but condemn porn shops.

And yes. Even here in LA there is a substantial risk that our all Liberal city and county gummints will tax internet porn. It will start with their Sales Tax proposal (8.25% on all website subscriptions) but once the revenue starts, watch out.

The church folks in LA have no interest in this subject.

04-13-08  05:35pm

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pat362 (375) REPLY TO #9 - Drooler :

There may not be an actual porn tax, there is still a sales tax on the purchase. If there was a porn tax then the government would have a harder time trying to discredit porn. I mean how can you tax an industry and at the same time try to stop it. Of course since we are talking about the government. It doesn't have to make things that makes sense.
04-13-08  06:32pm

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #14 - Monahan :

Perhaps 3000 miles can do that. CA is known for being a little more free going on certain things, which is great. What I am referring to is local to Ohio, fortunately for the rest of the states. Here there is s good bit of politicians using peoples sense of morality to get what they want done. In Ohio porn shops are frequently protested until the close if they are new. And the ones that make it have anti-porn and religious billboards placed next to them.

An additional tax is just what this country needs. We are on the verge of another depression, and they want to take more money away. I hope you guys have the ability to vote on this issue.

You did hit on a point though. Porn...more so sex, does greatly impact their "operation." Consider this. What two things that are not tangible and otherwise free do people pay for? Well, sex and religion. Sex is the competition of religion. If an institution can regulate the natural instincts of sex and reproduction they can control many things. Considering where this is being posted it is safe to assume that we both want to fuck everything that moves. But for thousand years it has been instilled on people that "no sex before marriage" is the only way to go. Well guess what, you have to get permission from someone else to be married....and he wants paid. Since this guy has his hands into everything, you have to do what he wishes otherwise there will be consequences. So to do what you want to do you first must pay this person. Restricting sex is a form of control over people. Every institution or company wants control.

04-13-08  06:59pm

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nygiants03 (162) Cant answer the question, because truthfully I do not know what I would do given that situation.
04-13-08  07:42pm

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f84815 (4) Porn in stores is too expensive and limited, at my age having sex more than once a day is only dreaming and I don't think shooting myself is such a go idea. Now shooting the various elected leaders, that may be an other topic.
04-13-08  11:17pm

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #15 - pat362 :

Hypocritical? Sure, and not surprisingly.

Plausible? I'd say yes. I did a little research on marijuana laws a few years ago, and found out that in several states, there are stamp acts for people convicted of marijuana possession. Depending on the amount they're busted for, they have to buy these state-issued stamps. I'd say that it is a tax.

So those of us asking for recommendations on larger hard drives, beware! ;)

04-14-08  03:18am

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williamj (9) It will never happen, the government and corp america makes too much money off porn.
04-14-08  04:50pm

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pat362 (375) REPLY TO #19 - Drooler :

Larger hard drive might a possible way for the government to identify and tax people that enjoy porn, but a far better way will be
through our internet providers. They will probably allow a certain amount of download and then tax us for anything above that amount. My provider used to offer ultra high speed internet without any set amount for downloads, but now you still get the speed but are limited to maximum 100GB per month. Let me tell you that anything above that makes for a very expensive experience.

04-14-08  06:10pm

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PinkPanther (46) The truth is, like many here, I've got plenty, so I could reasonably entertain myself with my current stash for quite some time - I suppose I could go to strip clubs more often - he he.

Other interests? What are other interests?

04-14-08  11:39pm

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Pornjackker (37) I probably would go back to renting porn and that
sucks because internet porn in all it's variety
is such a better product.

04-15-08  05:10pm

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MargulisAZ (84) Oh how awesome, I wasn't active on here in a while and I didn't get to see my own poll! Glad it roused such a discussion!
08-05-08  12:47am

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