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baddaddie (1) 03-25-08  09:28am
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We have determined that the User who submitted this Review has shared a machine with "Sam Jordan", the webmaster of the site "College Uniform".
Great models
Great photography
Good user support
Daily updates
Lots of Video
Cons: Content not exlcusive
Never enough of the girls you really want to see
Bottom Line: I signed up for a trial and lived on there for 2 year plus, but despite the photography being awesome and the girls great, there was nothing outside the that box, yes I love seeing girls, but after a while, one set looks like another and sadly due to main stream.

The user support is very fast and hot on the heels of any question asked (thumbs up)

I was under the impression that the content was produced for Twistys, but after joining another site after to find that much of the content was the same.

It's still a very good site and worth a look

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messmer (137) I still don't understand 99% ratings in reviews that contain any cons. I completely agree with you that there is nothing outside the box, which stops me effectively from going to a site I've subscribed to for a month. I think I've visited twice in the space of a week, desperately looked for a model that wasn't airbrushed and enhanced and found none. I don't find the photo sets awesome, I find most of them too warm in colour and slightly blurred in order to hide imperfections. Also the overwhelming majority of the pics are in portrait format rather than landscape. Most like and accept that, I prefer a mixture of both in all sets.

There are those of us who look for perfection and for them the site must rate high because it is a glamour site after all,and then there are those, like me, who'd like to see some pores, some slightly imperfect breasts, someone over thirty, someone a bit less glamorous.

But I've said all this before. I will take a parting shot with your own remark: "after a while one set looks like another." Amen to that.

So how come a 99%? :-)

03-25-08  10:22am

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baddaddie (Suspended) REPLY TO #1 - messmer :

Well look, yes it's a very glamorous porn star site, as glamour photography is something different depending where you are in the world.

I fully agree with you on the photography side, I donít care much for orange tans, hair extension, bleached teeth and fake nails, with silicon boobs, 3 inches of makeup then place through a crapy filter in Photoshop, you wonít get an argument out of me, as I am a photographer

Whether you love or lough airbrushed beauties, there is something that will attract you to this site, but after a while, you lose whatever attracted you to the site in the first pace. Twisty are limited, they donít produce their own content, which means they limited to what they buy in, no one really gets a say, which is s shame, because they have crack everything else apart form the content side

I left, as I was getting fed up of the above, and then it looked like there was an in case of girls from the Eastern European country, some are great looking, but there is just something not right, I a leg lover, so we I see a great face, the legs will be naff on these girls normally, or there are no boobs.

99% well it is a good site at what it does, and it does say it does anything than it does, but there is always room for improvement. I donít regret being a member of the site that is for sure, I just wish it was going somewhere they seem to be happy to stick where they have, and not answer any calls for fetish work or requests. So thathís why 99% I think anyone taking the time to read the site and sign up will be happy, but will get board.

03-25-08  11:04am

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messmer (137) REPLY TO #2 - baddaddie :

Glad we agreed on the photography side! I guess when it comes to the rest of your reply, rating, too, is a subjective thing. Mine would be around 90% even though I don't like the site but I would give it credit for being true to its niche.
03-25-08  11:41am

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williamj (9) 99? Slow down cowboy? I see your excitement but a 99? That's saying the site is dam near perfect. Put your 'pud' away before writing reviews. I've been a member previously and I can't quite say it was all that great?
03-25-08  11:59am

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williamj (9) REPLY TO #1 - messmer :

Well said...I think some of these guys that give 99 Ratings need to put their 'pud' away before writing reviews. Plus they need to read a bit about writing reviews...
03-25-08  12:06pm

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badandy400 (103) First I will say that I like the site as well. But a 99 is a bit on the high end.

I must ask if you have been to other sites? You say "I signed up for a trial and lived on there for 2 year plus"....so does this mean you have not viewed other sites? To me it would seem that way. Twistys is the first site I can remember joining way back in the day, I thought they were the best thing ever, but once I looked around I found some great stuff. It is hard to take away from the magic of the first, and I will always be a Twistys fan, but there are better site out there.

Anyone wanting to list a site at 97 or higher better have an intimate knowledge of the site. You claim to have lived there, so give us the details that comers and goers might miss...actual amount of content, resolutions, bitrates, and other things that stand out.

Please keep in mind that 99s and 100s catch a lot of hell around here! As you have seen already, you will need to defend your rating. And it is a good way to kill your trust ratings! :)

03-25-08  12:30pm

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baddaddie (Suspended) REPLY TO #6 - badandy400 :

In my opinion, twisty does what it does very well, as a user of any site, you donít give a crap what the site looks like or say, you just wan the fastest way of getting to what you wan to see, and well knocking one out, now you guys can sit around a talk about that all you what, that this site HCI is not pro-active or the colour scheme does blend with the theme.

This website does deliver high quality, porn star porn, the images are good, although no to everyone taste, I like the site, in my opinion it gets 99%, there is good feedback when you have problems, sites like Femjoy, which does have stunning photography, you may rate higher, but for me, they is no interest, which is odd, as I shoot the same type of stuff, but the girl keep their clothes on and I have worked with some of those girls.

OT is any well known site, that is naff, they say they are a uniform based strip tease site, all I see is strip, no tease and no idea of what a uniform is and a lot of the stuff is out of context, such as a nurse stripping of next to a swimming pool in SpainÖ yer OK.


Twisty, High glamour porn star, porn, if that is what you are looking for, BANG, thatís why it has 99%, they do it very well and Iím sure if you are looking for that then you will have a very look stay with them.

If you donít agree that is fine, but that my own person view, as for other site sharing the content I listed Kelli Marie the was another site, but I forgot it, But you only need to look at the 2257 statement you will see a list of the content providers, and they are selling the same content to other sites, I remember seeing Sammi Jesops set in Penthouse back in the 1990ís and Jenna Jameson set in Club international and there are a lot of still set taken from Porn films.

At the time it was what I was looking for, and they did it well. IF you want to buy a BMW and went to BMW dealer to by one I am sure you would be happy.

if you don't think it worthy off that,then fine, but I don't say why you have to attack other on there points of view.

03-25-08  01:07pm

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #7 - baddaddie :

Okay, you might have made a separate point, but you did not provide us with any of these details you would be able to provide use with. I am not attacking you, after all check out my review of Videobox!
03-25-08  01:35pm

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Davit (46) Firstly, I welcome you, BadDaddie to the site. But if you look at the scoring system for PU, 99% does not make any sense after reading your review.

It's not a question of any of us disagreeing with you - I've never visited Twistys, so what do I know.

It's a question of you disagreeing with yourself in the same review. You can't give such a near-perfect score on the one hand, and then give such negative remarks in the written review, and then expect people not to question that. You're just contradicting yourself.

For that reason, I had to give a 'No' vote on the trust issue, for the first time since joining PU. Not because I think you're not a trustworthy person (you're probably a decent guy), but because I wouldn't trust any review by someone who clearly doesn't understand the scoring system.

Apart from all that, it's one of the most badly written reviews I've read so far on this site (all four sentences). Sorry to be blunt, but you need to raise your game, IMO.

03-25-08  03:43pm

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PinkPanther (46) It's interesting about the "exclusive" part. I had believed them when they said exclusive until I got a trial at Mari Possa's website. Her site hasn't been updated at all since October 2007 and she had a set there that got posted on 2/27/08 as a Twisty's Network Exclusive. The only thing exclusive about it was that Twisty's did their own photo-shopping to the pics, so they were a variation on the pics at Mari's now dormant site.

I don't know how often this is the case with Twisty's "exclusive" material. This is the only time I have caught them in this false statement - and maybe they consider the photo-shopping to justify the exclusivity claim. In this case, I think they did a good job in treating the pics.

I've grown terribly bored of the photo-work that they do, in general. I was really horrified by what they did with Andi Valentino. I thought they destroyed every photo-set that they posted of her, with the blurring of her face. I can't remember a Twisty's Treat where I thought they did a very good job with the model's photos, though what they did with Andi V was a travesty, as far as I'm concerned, given how freaking gorgeous the woman is.

They claimed that it was just the lighting and make-up, when I posted my criticism in their forum, but the vids don't have the blurring so I don't buy it. Oh, well. They've got a lot of material, and I still think their exclusive vids are quite good, so I'll enjoy the remainder of my membership to some degree and be done with the site and join others (ATK Galleria & Karups PC) that have more variety to the photo-sets that they post.

03-25-08  06:25pm

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jd1961 (95) "I signed up for a trial and lived on there for 2 year plus, but despite the photography being awesome and the girls great, there was nothing outside the that box, yes I love seeing girls, but after a while, one set looks like another and sadly due to main stream." By what you wrote, your 99 score makes no sense at all.
03-25-08  09:22pm

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baddaddie (Suspended) REPLY TO #11 - jd1961 :

I don't really care what any of you think on my review, when I joined Twisty I was happy, it was what I was looking for, so much so I had a long stay with them.

If another person was looking for that material I sure they would be very happy but as we have pointed out after some mount of time you would get bored.

If you don't like what I think, fine, I am sure there are reviews you have made on other site that I would disagree with; maybe I should team up with a few members and mock your views and comments.

If it not you thing, fine I still thought it was a very good site and still do, but like the Simpson I grew tired of it.

03-26-08  08:15am

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baddaddie (Suspended) REPLY TO #10 - PinkPanther :

Thanks for backing me up onthe (non)exclusive part

They buy in the sets, thereisa long list on content provider on thr 2275 statment, and I know of at least two guys form the UK that have shot content for them while in the US, but as pointed out the lighting is too warm (but that is the US style).

However they is a market for this and they have been around for a while, ok clearly not for everyone, we all have are quirks, but sometimes you need more to photographer than great girl and a nice location, forgetting the lighting and airbrushing.

There are some great video on there, but again I think they have been taken of Wild on X.

03-26-08  08:27am

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jd1961 (95) REPLY TO #12 - baddaddie :

If you think constructive criticism is "mocking", there's nothing more to say.
03-26-08  01:02pm

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PU Staff

We have determined that the User who submitted this Review has shared a machine with "Sam Jordan", the webmaster of the site "College Uniform".

04-21-08  09:03am

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