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Visit Sweet Sophie Moone

Sweet Sophie Moone

Status: Was a member approx. 5 months prior to this review.
Pros: -Lots of the usual stunning Euro babes that crop up on the various 21 Sextury sites
-Loads of very hot 2-girl and 3-girl movies
-B/G action too, if you like that
-Loads of solo Sophie masturbation movies
-Movies and stills are generally very well shot/produced
-Instant access to 9 other 21S sites - although these cannot be chosen, although these may not reflect some tastes
Cons: -Updates not very frequent - as with many 21 Sextury sites, movies come in parts over several days until you finally get an 'all-in-one' download.
-Movie resolution not the greatest (although is acceptable, as with most 21 Sextury sites)
Bottom Line: As a huge fan of that particular stable of European babes that feature widely on 21 Sextury sites and Viv Thomas movies (you know: the likes of Sophie Moone, Sandy, Anetta Keys, Bambi, Zafira, etc, etc) it was inevitable that I would join this site for a month. And that's exactly what I did.

I was not disappointed. The site offers everything you would expect from a production house such as 21S. Sophie is in her element when she is accompanied by one or two like-minded sex goddesses, and then she gives it her all (and takes it too!). Lots of cunnilingus, analingus, vibrators, strap-ons, 69s, as well as solo masturbation with fingers and toys, and B/G fucking. And she looks like she's enjoying every second of it, with that look of lust in her eyes we all know and love.

Movies are filmed exceptionally well, with fine lighting and camera angles. Pictures are offered in zipped sets, and are as well produced as the movies, with natural colour and sharp detail.

If the 9 bonus sites offered here appeal to you (e.g. Enslaved Gals, Squirting Files, Sex City Asia), then remaining a permanent member will afford you 2 further sites every month. However, these may not all be of genres that particularly appeal to you. It may make better financial sense to just join your favoured sites independently for a month each).

I would certainly recommend joining Sweet Sophie Moone for one month, and getting the Sophie archive onto your hard drive, for several hours of sexy dirty Euro-fun.

03-08-08  09:10am

Replies (0)
N/A Reply of Marianna's Poll

Strange poll this. This is 2008, but it looks like it's from 19*6*8 -

"Like, wow, dude, I asked my lady for a blowjob - and you'll never guess what: she DID it!"

"No way dude! I'm too shy to ask for something as far out and radical as that! I mean - a blowjob! That's heavy!"

"Yeah - tonight I'm gonna ask her if she'll let me put my cock in her pussy."

03-08-08  08:19am

Visit In The Crack

In The Crack
Reply of Drooler's Reply

Very good point Drooler. The notes are very comprehensive. One thing that does get my goat though, is the number of times you see words to the effect 'this is probably one of the best anal scenes we've ever filmed' (for example). I must have seen that line a dozen times!

It also annoys me to read 'We must warn you that the lighting isn't very good/the orgasm looks fake/the girl has no passion' or whatever.
If it's that bad (and generally when the movie has a warning like this it *is* bad) then why bother putting the movie up there? Happily, these are still in a very small minority.

I also mentioned to the webmaster about the repetitive photos in the galleries. He responded by saying he takes lots of basically the same shot to make sure he has everything right about the shot when it comes to assessing quality, but then he can't bring himself to discard them so posts them all. I asked if maybe he could post both 'full sets' and 'condensed sets' but he said I'm the only one who ever complained about this and he wouldn't be doing that - which is fair enough I suppose. I'll just continue to 'prune' my own sets once downloaded.

03-08-08  08:09am

N/A Reply of Toadsith's Reply

Haha! 'Tramp Stamp'! I love that phrase, it sounds very British (although I know you're American)! I'd never heard it before - I shall use that! :)

03-07-08  04:40pm

Visit In The Crack

In The Crack
Reply of RagingBuddhist's Reply

Yeah - the 1280x720 movies are crystal clear on my 17" monitor, and the colours are so natural. I haven't felt the need to go higher than that (not that my processor could really handle it anyway).

To be honest though, I have downloaded the vast majority in the 640x360 version, after weighing 'picture quality' versus 'size of file on my hard disk' and 'speed of responsiveness of my media player'. I find these are still very good quality, and the close-ups are still very detailed. It just gets a little bit pixelly where there's fast movement, and the colours are a bit less vibrant. But the brain is very good at dismissing that, when the action is so hot.

03-07-08  04:31pm

N/A Reply of messmer's Reply

An old favourite site of mine is Sapphic Erotica, which does actually have lots of girl-next-door types that, again, turn out to be dirty sluts - in the nicest possible way. Whilst you will see some tattoos and a variety of looks, it probably has the most 'next-door' type girls of all the sites I have personally joined.

Lez Cuties, as you might expect, has some very gorgeous innocent-looking girls that turn out to be filthy anal whores (!) but you will still see a fair few tattoos around, once the clothes come off.

03-07-08  04:20pm

Visit Only Cuties

Only Cuties

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: -Gorgeous young girls
-Lots of 2-girl and solo girl action
-B-G as well, for those that like that
-Nice big archive
-Very reasonable resolution movies (widescreen 852x480, smallscreen 640x480)
-Zipped picture sets
-Daily whole-movie or pic updates
-Excellent navigation - select all the genres you want from a list, then hit 'search'!
Cons: -Too many boring movies - acted out in a 'porn by numbers' way
-Pic sets uninspired - often just the same old standard poses with dildos
-Way too much use of dildos generally
Bottom Line: You know when you get a hot girl back to your place, and she has all the right ingredients - but then in the sack she's uninspiring, unadventurous, and makes you look forward to the post-coital cigarette?

Well, for me, that's how Only Cuties makes me feel. A site like this really should be awesome with what it has; nubile young firm-breasted cuties showing off their talents, with each other, alone, or with a guy.
Problem is, for many of them, their talents are not all that impressive. Don't get me wrong; it ticks most of the boxes - tongue kissing, oral, masturbation with dildos (too much dildo action for my tastes), fisting, anal - more anal would be nice - but in the main this site has the ingredients.

But it just doesn't always do this with enough *heat* or believable passion. It looks, for too many of the girls, like a job to do, rather than an experience to be savoured. Too many of the movies end with the girls lying side by side, not looking at each other, dildoing their respective pussies, as if alone.

There are exceptions, but those exceptions should be the rule.

As far as the all-girl and solo material here is concerned: if you've seen some of the best sites of these genres by now, you may find this site does it a little less well.

On the other hand, if you are quite new to internet porn, and want to experience a site to open the door to multiple hours of sexy naked girls spreading their legs for the camera, then there are worse places to start than here.

03-07-08  03:45pm

Replies (4)
Visit In The Crack

In The Crack

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Updated: 09-06-08  05:59am  (Update History)
Reason: My opinion has been modified, having had some time to re-evaluate the material.
Pros: -Lots of rude, rude (I mean RUDE) anal girls
-Highly original site, quite unlike any other
-Technically brilliantly shot movies (seriously some of the best filming in porn I have ever seen)
-Ditto picture sets
-Movies available in range of download sizes
-Nice big archive
-Despite no official support - DMs do tend to work
-Responsive customer support
Cons: -Girls in the movies tend to lack passion
-Can get a bit repetitive and boring
-Not too clear on regularity of updates, or when new ones are due
-Some of the shots are very very close-up - when you see a pussy or asshole filling the entire screen, it can cease to be sexy, and start to look like a biology lesson
-No long all-in-one movies - but this is not a big prob - the parts are often several minutes and can be loaded into your media player's playlist for one long continual experience
-Picture sets have lots of near-identical shots, and need some serious pruning. Many could easily be a third the size, and be better for it.
Bottom Line: Imagine you have hired a sexy escort girl to come back to your place to give a private show, just for you. You're sitting back in your chair, and she stands right in front of you. She turns round, pulls her panties aside, and parts her ass cheeks to give a birds eye view of her tight asshole getting stretched open.

Well, that is how many of these movies start, and what a way to start! The girls often progress to striking all kinds of incredibly rude poses, generally focusing on their anuses. The camera gets in close, and doesn't miss a thing. Eventually, the girls masturbate, again with much ass play. Happily, dildos are not overused - you are as likely to see disappearing fingers as you are vibrators and toys.

There are also a few 2-girl sets inc. sensual massage + ass play.

The downside is, the action often seems contrived, moves at a very leisurely pace, and is very repetitive. The girls are clearly putting on a show for the viewer - which in itself is not a bad thing. But they never seem to lose themselves in abandoned passion. It's much more about showing off their bodies and sexual bits - rude exhibitionism, rather than images of girls masturbating and having fun getting off.

The picture sets have some amazing individual pics in them - but too often you will get about 9 pics in a row, all close-ups of an open pussy, and its like playing 'spot the difference'.

Still, top marks for originality. Ass fans should visit this fine site at least once.


I have lowered my score from 89 to 80, having had some time to re-evaluate the material. This is still within the 'very good' range as this is a very original site. But I find the passage of time since downloading the content has not been kind. The movies have become boring to me very quickly; I find myself fast forwarding through too many movies to get to an exiting part. There's just a lack of passion. Likewise, the photo sets have too much uninteresting filler, and too many near-identical shots that the webmaster probably couldn't bring himself to edit out.
Bottom line: this is a highly original site, but there are still hotter all-girl anal sites out there.

03-06-08  03:12pm

Replies (16)
Visit Club Dorothy Black

Club Dorothy Black

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: -It's Dorothy Black! (Nuff said!)
-DRM-free movies
-Good resolution movies (640x480, occasionally 1280x720)
-Friendly customer support, open to constructive criticism
-A few hot picture sets
Cons: -Updates very few and far between
-Many updates are just crappy old pic sets from years ago, previously seen elsewhere (including mags)
-Not download manager-compatible
-Often gives login problems
-Quite a young site, so small archive (40-odd movies at time of this review)
Bottom Line: Have to say, I joined this site with maybe too high hopes. Dorothy Black has always been one of my favourite porn babes - she's gorgeous, and rude as hell. But this site is not reflective of her own qualities.

The movies are all technically nice quality, but - for all kinds of reasons - the movies are just not that great in my opinion, compared to other top notch sites out there. They seem contrived, and lacking any genuine passion, and not shot that well either.

Picture sets are frequently disappointing. The latest collection (as of 3/3/07) is taken from a set I downloaded from a well known Sapphic site well over a year ago. And that had been on the other site for a couple of years previously. Talk about old stock.

Customer support is friendly and courteous - but while that is appreciated (see my original comment on PU), and say they will address various issues, it is little consolation when the site remains in the state it currently is in.

I also had many problems staying logged in on many occasions. I seemed to get randomly thrown out and need to keep logging back in every 2 minutes sometimes.

There is just no evidence of any *care* in this site. The competition from other Sapphic sites is stiff - whereas this site is somewhat of a flop (did you see the wordplay there? Clever eh! Sorry. Anyway...)

There are better sites out there featuring Dorothy, in better movies/pics.

So, I'd say this is one for Dorothy completists only. Otherwise - not recommended.

Following advice from Customer Support, it should be noted that FDM (Free Download Manager) is now supported. Therefore, I think to kick the score up to 70 is reasonable.
Please see the webmaster reply. I was impressed again by the honesty, and professional response to my review. This gives me hope for the future of the site - but of course, 'the proof is in the pudding', as we say in the UK! Time will tell.

03-06-08  02:33pm

Replies (1)
N/A Reply of Khan's Reply

Haha! Maybe that page was missing from Pinche's bible! ;)

03-06-08  01:42pm

N/A Reply of jd1961's Poll

Tired? Never ever liked them in the first place. Women (and men for that matter) with tattoos have no class.

I hate it when a gorgeously sexy girl strips off, turns round, and there's a great fucking green tattoo across the top of her arse. Sickening.

For me, the sexiest girls are the ones that look very sweet and respectable, dress respectably (on the outside!) like you could take them home to meet your mother... and then they strip off and they're the dirtiest, rudest filthbags in the sack! That contrast is awesome! But if they already *look* like filthbags, with piercings and tattoos, it's less of a big deal when they're naughty. It's kind of expected, and not such a big deal.

No tattoos please!

03-06-08  01:39pm

N/A Reply of roseman's Poll

Apoctom is absolutely right. Women are definitely as sexual as us (arguably more so) but it's a mistake to think therefore they must like porn as much as us, as he rightly hinted at. Women are much less turned on by obvious sexual imagery than we are. When my lass sees a sexual image she's more likely to laugh or groan in disapproval than be turned on. And its not some kind of female repression, I'm sure of that - she's completely liberated sexually. She's just a woman, and women tend to not be too interested in that. They like suggestive images, but not pornographic ones.

Of course there are exceptions though.

Another reason straight women may not like porn could be because our bits are pretty damn ugly to look at, lets be honest. Wrinkly unsymmetrical sac, and a knob that changes size with the weather (!). No wonder they like us better when we're a bit covered up.

Bottom line: our brains are wired differently. Big mistake to expect the average woman to like porn as much as we do.

03-04-08  03:31pm

N/A Reply of roseman's Poll

I answered 'I have no problem'. Although I personally would be uncomfortable in my current long term relationship to know my girlfriend watched it - as I'm sure my girlfriend would be if she ever found out about my own porn habits!

Guess that makes me a hypocrite.

But if it were a casual relationship, it would not only be 'no problem' - it would be awesome! Only - she would have to like girls, as I just hate boy-girl porn. I find it boring and even a turn off.

I would also feel pressured into living up to the performance of the guy in the movie - which is why I do understand why some women would feel threatened by porn in that regard too, in terms of having to live up to an impossible fantasy. I love my girlfriend just the way she is, and wouldn't want to risk making her feel uncomfortable about herself.

As things are, I'm happy to regard my porn viewing as a solo sport! It gives me something sexually I wouldn't get in any relationship, and is no reflection on my girlfriend's lovely qualities. Porn is just something I came to enjoy in my late teens and was never willing to let go of, such is the pleasure it gives me.

03-04-08  10:37am

N/A Reply of pat362's Reply

Disagree, Pat. If the director wants the girl to be nastier, he should call 'cut!' and ask the girl off camera to be nastier, then resume filming - or at least cut his chatter from the soundtrack, IMO.

03-04-08  10:27am

Visit In The Crack

In The Crack
Reply of Drooler's Reply

Use a DM squire - FDM works great with In The Crack for movies, and DownThemAll is good for pics. Hopefully then, if a download fails, you can just pick it up again once the site is back up.

03-03-08  01:25pm

Visit Only Cuties

Only Cuties
Reply of OneMan's Reply

Ohhhh sorry! I get it now - sorry, was being a bit remedial there! Yeah, given the number of dollars to the pound right now, always good to buy American if possible! :)

03-03-08  01:20pm

Visit In The Crack

In The Crack
Reply of Drooler's Reply

I've had a couple of problems since joining the site a couple of days ago, where the site has suddenly gone off-line. And I've found myself randomly logged out on a couple of occasions, which led to all my downloads in my FDM failing and me having to load them all in again once I'd logged back in. Must be that OS issue.
The site has just gone down again. Now there's service for you - it not only dishes up hot babes - it goes down on you too.

03-02-08  02:39pm

N/A Reply of williamj's Reply

Absolutely right - if it's another girl doing the talkover, I can see that actually being a positive thing potentially. But this is so rare.

I think the guys who are calling the shots just have massive egos and just want some part of them to feature on the film, even if it's only their voice.

03-02-08  09:59am

Visit In The Crack

In The Crack
Reply of Drooler's Reply


03-02-08  03:55am

Visit In The Crack

In The Crack
Reply of Drooler's Reply

Haha! Good points well made... EXCEPT: (!)
The point about guys in porn being considered 'props' and therefore we guys are more 'objects' than the women are. That's not a good parallel, as the 'prop' thing is coming generally from other straight guys, not women.

Bet Paul McCartney would relate to the Robin Williams quote right now!

03-02-08  03:53am

N/A Reply of Khan's Poll

I notice one person put 'it really depends'.

Yeah - really depends on whether you like listening to men's voices while you wank, or not.

03-02-08  03:46am

Visit In The Crack

In The Crack
Reply of Drooler's Review

Great review, Drooler. The token system is now gone. I literally joined this site for the first time in the last 48 hours, and am just blown away by the awesome camera work, both motion and still. I've been downloading like its going out of fashion, I just can't get enough of this style of content (i.e. ass worship). The newer stuff is also superior to the older stuff.

Good point about the 'objectifying' of the women. But in a sense, I think this is less objectifying than, say, catwalk models who are just there to look good and hang clothes on, and are void of personality. I think feminists overstate the whole 'sex object' thing and place way too much relevance on it. Personally, I like my porn performers to have some character and personality, and all the best porn stars are not necessarily the best looking, but are the ones that have warmth and personality. That comes across a lot on this site.

The 'anal twitching' comment - absolutely agree. It's interesting for about 0.3 seconds, we don't need to see it filling our screens for 10 minutes straight!

You mentioned 200-350 pics per gallery. What you have overlooked (if I may say so) is that a great many of these shots are very repetitive. I'm not really into playing 'Spot The Difference' (7 shots of an open pussy in a row at ever so slightly different angles) so I tend to prune my pic sets right down to something more concise.

I'm still gonna give this site a very decent score, as it is just so unique, from what I have seen. I read you were disappointed in the site (although your 83 score suggests it wasn't all bad for you - and that's despite the tokens!).
I feel it's too soon now, but look out for my review in the coming days or weeks.

03-01-08  03:03pm

Visit Sapphic Harem

Sapphic Harem
Reply of MargulisAZ's Reply

Thanks man, appreciate that.
As you'll see from what I wrote on my profile, I believe we should have a lot more of these negative reviews where appropriate, as they are just as important as the positive ones. We've all been ripped off, or bitterly disappointed before by substandard content that doesn't live up to the tour, so by writing about our bad experiences we can save others from doing the same!

There are too many review sites out there (not TBP) that consistently give high scores regardless. We need to give some balance to that!

03-01-08  01:59pm

Visit Sapphic Harem

Sapphic Harem
Reply of jd1961's Reply

Well, that's an interesting question, as when I came to look at my Sapphic harem folder yesterday (before I decided to delet it), I was reminded that I hadn't downloaded a single picture set. Now, since I love picture sets, I can only conclude that this is either because:
a - there weren't any, or
b - they weren't zipped and I couldn't be bothered or
c - they were just crap

I think a or b are the more likely scenarios.

What I can remember is that those very alluring magazine cover-type images, are links to movies. Just goes to show though, you can't judge a book by its cover.

03-01-08  05:37am

Visit Sapphic Harem

Sapphic Harem

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: -In the main, no guys, as the title would suggest
Cons: -Movies are generally a few years old, and grainy in quality, and not original to this site
-Poor direction/camera work is common
-Annoying music in many movies
-Aspect ratio of movies is almost always wrong and needs manually setting on your media player prior to viewing
-Some of the girls featured are complete hounds
Bottom Line: I'm sorry to have to be so bluntly critical, but this is a truly awful site - or at least it was when I was a member a couple of months ago.

Only today I checked out my Sapphic Harem folder on my computer, and just deleted the whole thing. I couldn't find a single movie that was worth keeping. Surely I couldn't give a score over the 50s given this fact.

This is a perfect example of a site that looks great on the tour pages, and then turns out to be a proper turkey once accessed. It is obviously pitching itself to fans of another certain 'Sapphic' site, but does not begin to deliver. My experience has been one of a waste of time and money.

I have tried to find some redeeming features in this site, but can think of none. Yes, this is a scathing review - but unfortunately, IMO, a deserved one. To give a kinder review in the interests of diplomacy, would be to do my fellow PUs a disservice.

If the site has any ambitions to improve and to realistically compete with the quality lez sites, then I wish it all the luck. But judging by the content of 2 or 3 months ago, it's a tall order.

02-29-08  08:00pm

Replies (6)

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