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Visit Elegant Angel

Elegant Angel

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +You get access to 369 dvd's which comes out to 2017 scenes.
+All videos can be streamed online.
+All videos can be downloaded in H264 format and resolution is at least 720x408.
+The 160 most recent dvd's are now also offered with 1280x720HD and 1960x1280HD resolution.
+Content is dated and they update with one new dvd per week.
+They have multiple tags for each scene and they have a search option for those keywords.
+They offer 51 BTS videos.
+They offer some live shows(I'm not a fan so I won't comment beyond this).
Cons: -Although 369 dvd's isn't bad. This is still a tiny portion of the Elegant Angel library. I don't think you get access to any movie done prior to 2008.
-Only one dvd update per week is poor.
-The preview sections says that some dvd's are in the members section but you find out after joining that this is a lie.
-They offer photosets of some of their performers but the number of pics in each set is less than a dozen.
Bottom Line: *I was a little disapointed when I first joined this site because i was hoping to get access to a couple of their newer movies which are clearly on the preview section and the option: clicking on the button to watch these movies brings you up to the sign up page so you would expect that the movies would be available inside the members section and that's where you would be wrong. That's not to say that I'm not pleased with my membership because I am. Evil Angel and Elegant Angel are two studios whose films I have always enjoyed. Getting access to only a part of their library for 20$ is a huge bargain for anyone and something that no one should pass up.

*I can't help but feel that Elegant suffers a little or a lot depending on how you look at things from the fact that I've been a member of Evil Angel a couple of times before and that site is superior to this one on a few levels. The total amount of content is greater at Evil and they update more often. The update schedule is significantly better at Evil because you get access to their newer movies a lot faster than you do here. The library goes further back at Evil than at Elegant. You get some better pics at Evil and you have a greater variewty of download options.

*If you know the kind of porn Elegant Angel puts out and it's the kind you like then you have to join this site because you will be happy with what you get. Just don't rely on what the preview sections says about new content on their first page because it may not be available when you join.

**The only people that should avoid this site are those looking for Elegant's older titles. You won't find any here and that is too bad because they have some really great older movies.

09-24-12  05:36am

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Visit VideoBox


Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +A gigantic library of content with over 76000 scenes.
+They update with 5 new movies each day.
+They have a wide selection of mnovies from many top studios.
+Multiple download options and some of the scenes can now be downloaded in HD.
+All scenes can be streamed online.
+Each scene is tagged with multiple keywords to help narrow searches.
+They offer multiple search option like name of performer, name of studio and keywords.
Cons: -The site has a huge library but a good part of it is either junk or the same scene repeated multiple times.
-You can't dowload an entire dvd so you are limited to downloading only the scenes which isn't bad on a gonzo style movies but ruins a scenario driven movie.
-Their scene breakdown is sometime be badly done so you get only part of the scene.
-Too many improper tags are assigned to scenes and therefore the results you get in a serarch will be wrong.
-They have many studios to choose from but a lot of their library is not availabe.
-The quality of the vids varies a lot from studio to studio and it's not always good.
--Am I the only one who found very loud soundtracks on movies that shouldn't have had them?
Bottom Line: *I know there are a couple of similar sites but this is still the leader when it comes to downloading porn dvd's and unless something changes then it will remain the leader for years to come. That's the good news but the bad one is that I was pretty disapointed with my last visit. I may be in the minority because of my porn tastes and expectation but a large part of the scenes I recently downloaded had some loud annoying soundtrack that masked the rest of the sound.

*They offer some great stuff and they keep adding new studios which in turn adds more movies to their already huge library but it would be amazing if they instead of adding new studios. They would instead concentrate on getting the entire library from their existing studios. I don't know the reason why they haven't done that yet. Maybe the owner of the library is asking for too much money but it would be nice if they got that done. Mind you if they do add older movies from existing studios. Then please don't add the annoying soundtrack because if you have to do that then don't bother because they certainly won't be seeing me as a futur customer.

*This is a great site for anyone just starting to surf for porn or someone looking for dvd's from dead studios because there is so much stuff here that a month will never be enough to find and download all that you want and staying long term may well be worth it. I find that it's a lot less worth it for a repeat member like myself because a lot of the stuff they added since my last visit was simply repeat stuff under a different studioo name, crap that I would never download or movies that has that annoying soundtrack added to it.

**I'm giving the site a much lower score than it might deserve but that's because I'm a returning customer who sees that they haven't fixed issues that were there the last time I visited and who's disapiinted in a good part of the content that he likes. The score would have been much bigger if I weas a new member.**

09-03-12  07:14am

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Visit Dirty Doctor

Dirty Doctor

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +The content is all exclusif and it's a type of fetish that is not well represented on the net.
+They update with one new scene each week and content is dated.
+You can stream the videos online.
+You can download all the videos in multiple formats like MP4, WMV and each video is offered in low, medium and high quality.
+You can download the photosets as a complete zip file.(resolution is 1400x810)
+You get access to all the teenmegaworld sites.
+They use the same models as TMW so you know they are all really cute teens.
+They have an excellent search engine and they tag their scenes so it's easier to find what you are looking for.
Cons: -The site is the latest addition to TMW and is still quite small with only 19 scenes.
-Their male performer(s) are probably over 50 so that could be an issue.
-The dialogue in the videos is only in Russian with no subtittles.
-Their cameraman tends to often shoot from the wrong angle and is too static with his shots.
-Don't join through the site because it's 30$ but instead through TMW.(you save 10$ that way).
Bottom Line: *One thing this site has going for it, is that there aren't many simialr sites on the net so competition is almost non-existant. That's the good news. The bad news is that it's dialogue driven scenario porn and being in a Foreing language makes it hard to know what's happening from the dialogue.

*All the scenes are pretty much identical with a young woman going to see a doctor for an exam. They talk for a few minutes then the doctor normally does a few simple examination and then the woman removes her clothes and gets on the dotor's examination table. This is followed by some touching, fingering and speculum play from the doctor before they have sex. I find it hard to judge if the acting is adequate or amateurish because I have no idea what is said between the performers. This makes it hard to know why the girl decides to blow the docor and have sex with him. The doctor's acting seems a little wooden but I don't know if he's playing that type of role or if he simply can't act.

*I like the general concept and their choice of male performer(s) and female performers is fine with me but the site would be significantly better if it was in English. Not understanding what is said makes it almost impossible to enjoy scenario driven porn.

*It's a new site so maybe they will add many different male performers. There are currently only two male performers and one is only in the most recent video. Both are over 50 so unless you enjoy watching an older man with a much younger woman than this won't really interest you. I hope they add subtitles because I can't see this site ever being popular to anyone who doesn't speak Russian.

07-24-12  06:28am

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Visit Jizz On Teens

Jizz On Teens

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +Content appears to be all exclusif.
+You get access to 3 other sites.
+They have a very nice selection of teen models.
+You can stream videos online.
+They offer multiple download options for their videos which include ipod/PSP and go all the way to HD at 1080P.
+You can download the photosets in a single zip file.
+The content is all dated and they are still updating.
Cons: -The site is tiny with only 20 scenes and since they only update about twice a month then it's going to take along time to accumulate a decent amount of content.
-Their idea of High quality picscs is 720x480 so not remotely close to HQ.
-Each video includes two girls with one guy so this may not appeal to people looking for some one-on-one.
-There are no search options and most of the performers are given a different name than the one they are more commonly known under.
Bottom Line: *I don't know if this site can appeal to anyone other than people who are really into oral sex because each video is basically two girls giving a guy a BJ for over half an hour. There is some lesbian action between the girls like kissing, breast play and some pussy licking but that is a small part of the video. There's no sex between the guy and the girls.

*Some of the videos are nearly an hour long and that seems to be on the long side of things. The videos are all well shot and well lighted so no complaints in that department but I don't know how many people will want to sit through a half hour BJ scene and since some of the videos are nearly an hour long then that is an even longer BJ scene.

*The bulk of the girls appearing on this site have at least one scene available on a site in the network and they also do BJ on that video so you are only getting a longer BJ scene here and the added girl to the mix.

*I got access to the site with my first anal quest membership and although this type of content does very little for me. I thought I should at least add a review since there are currently none available and maybe there are some people who might be interested.

*This would not be a good stand alone site but if you are into this type of fetish and really like anal as well then you should be happy with it. If you aren't into long BJ scenes and don't like anal then avoid the entire network because that is the bulk of their content.

*I'm boosting my score a little since you get access to some great sites with your membership.

07-09-12  06:02pm

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Visit Defiled 18

Defiled 18

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +You get access to 13 other sites.
+The models are all cute Eastern European.
+Videos are in HD.
Cons: -The site is tiny with only 16 videos and they've only added 6 videos in a year. Worse one of the recent update is leased content.
-Only 4 of the other sites were more or less still updating with new content.
-Only one download video option if you want a single file.
-They don't offer the ability to stream content online on a flash player.
-The sex scenes aren't very good and the BSDM is at best described as amateurish.
-Content is not dated and I think the entire network may now be dead.
-They have pics but you have to download them one by one so why bother.
Bottom Line: *This site was added to the teen core club network sometime in 2011 but I'm not sure why. It's certainly wasn't because they wanted to add new models to their roster since the bulk of the models have scenes on some of the network's other sites. One could say that they wanted to reach a different group of customers with their BSDM style content but frankly the BSDM is so amateurish and gimmicky that it's almost not worth mentioning. I mean you basically get one or two guys wearing ski mask who take a girl out of a dog cage and then they use a paddle for a little while, use different toys on her and finally have sex with her. The action may be a little different from the rest of the networks content but it's so amateurish and badly done that they shouldn't have bothered doing it.

*The site added only 6 videos since July of last year and one of those was leased material so the setup on that one is different from all the other videos. Mind you this site isn't the only one to have added very little content in the last 12 months. My big fear is that the entire network is now dead. They added a brand new site called teen anal casting last month and they have already stopped updating it. Not to mention that they used an update meant for that site to update try teens. Another reason why I think the network may be dead is that they always advertised upcoming updates but there are no current upcoming updates on the main network.

*I don't think this type of content will appeal to many people. The only ones that might like this are those looking to get all the videos a model has done. It certainly won't appeal to people looking for BSDM style porn because it's pretty badly done.

07-03-12  04:50am

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Visit Try Teens

Try Teens

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +The content is all exclusif.
+You get access to a large part of the teen core club network for less money.
+They offer an excellent choice of young Eastern Europeans models.
+The sex scenes are well shot and the action is always hardcore.
Cons: -The site has only 202 videos which is not bad per say but they've only added 58 videos since my review of 2009.
-The content isn't dated and I think that they started using updates meant for some of their other sites.
-You get access to 14 of teen core clubs sites but only 4 are really sites with new content.
-Some of the models have similar scenes on some of their other sites so content can be a little repetitive.
-There are no search options and navigation is basically choosing a page.
-There are pics but you'd have to download them one by one.
Bottom Line: *I've always had a soft spot for try teens because these guys always manage to get hot models to do hardcore anal sex and they do a decent job of shooting the scenes. This was a constant since their early beginning but my fear is that this may now be over. I think the site and possibly the entire network is dead when it comes to new content. I've been keeping track of TCC for a long time and I started noticing that they would stop updating an older site to then start a new one which they would update for a while to then stop updating that one. They recently added hardcore youth to the network but their content is all leased material availabe on many other sites.

*The most recent try teen update should actually have been for their brand new teen anal casting site because it's the same exact setup as TAC but I guess they already had all those new videso at TAC that they elected to use one to update this site. That's nothing new since I think that they started using content meant for double teamed teens to update trye teens. Another reason why I think the network may be dead is that you always had the coming soon scenes on the site but there are none now.

*I still think that the content is well worth the join price even if they aren't updating because you get plenty for your money but it's important for any returning member to be aware that you may not have as much new content as you'd expect.

*I'm still giving the site a good score because you get access to a lot of great stuff and even the leased content could be worth it if you haven't joined a site where that stuff is.

07-01-12  11:33am

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Visit Teen Anal Casting

Teen Anal Casting

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +You get access to most of teen core clubs sites
and for a lot less than that network's price.
+Their have a nice selection of models and some of these are rising Eastern European performers.
+The content is all exclusif.
+Their videos are all HD 1920x1080.
Cons: -The site has only 10 videos and is already dead because they haven't added a new one in weeks and none are planned in their update schedule.
-A few of this sites models do a simialr scene another one of their site.
-There is no real search option and navigation is basically choosing a particular page.
-They have pics but you have to download them one by one then so why bother?
-Only 4 of the other sites are still updating with new content on a regular basis and one of these has only leased content available on many other sites.
Bottom Line: *This would be an awful stand alone site but if you think of it as a bonus site then it's not bad at all. The girls are all cute. The sex is hot and well filmed. The only huge problem is that there are only 10 scenes and I don't think they'll be adding much ir anything to the site. I might have joined it in the futur if only for the try teens stuff but I got a sweet deal by email where I got access for 20$ so this was a no brainer for me.

*The fact that your membership gives you access to all of the teen core club sites that are still updating is a great deal even at 30$. About the only people that might want to get a TCC membership would be members that want access to some of their older sites not available with the teen anal casting membership.

*I sometime wonder why a network like TCC or 21sextury will add a site to it's line up when that site has only limited amount of content and will probably not have anymore updates. Why not incorporate those scenes in one of their active sites instead? I know that the shooting style for this site did not exactly match some of the other TCC sites but I would think that promoting what is essentialy a dead site would be a bad martketing idea.

**This is the type of site you only join if you want access to the content on the other sites. For that reason my score is much lower since I'm not really considering the other sites.**

06-22-12  10:46am

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Visit TS Pussy Hunters

TS Pussy Hunters

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +All exclusif content.
+The only site that I'm aware that offers this type of fetish.
+You can stream videos online.
+You can download the videos in WMV and MP4. Basic resolution for the WMV is 720x576.
+They offer the HD version of all their videos.
+They have a nice selection of models from teens to more mature ones.
+Content is dated and they update with one new scene each friday.
Cons: -The site is tiny with only 12 scenes and they only update once a week so it will take many months before they have a decent amount of content.
-This is primarily a video site because you can't download the photoset in one zip file. They breakdown the scene into 3 or more section which can be downloaded as a single zip file.
-I don't normally put price as a negative but since this one is 35$ and there is currently only 12 videos then it's hard not to at least mention it.
Bottom Line: *I debated whether I should join now or wait until they had a lot more content because the site is expensive. I finally decided to join right away because I thought that if they don't get enough new members then it's going to be hard to justify to Kink that they need to make new scenes when they don't see anyone joining the site. Another huge reason is that I have never seen another site with this kind of content. I know that some will have the odd TS with a girl but these are often in the minority and they are mixed with amny scenes with TS with TS or TS with guys. The only kind of TS piorn that I watch is the one where the TS is having sex with a woman and the one doing the deed. I have no interest in seeing a TS receiving a strapon from the girl.

*The sex scenes are well shot, there is a little scenario to each of them and the chemistry is quite good between the women and the TS. The TS all have a decent hard-on and they know how to use their equipment. A major plus for me is that more than half of the scenes include the girls receiving anal penetration from the TS. Most of the scenes include a condom and I don't expect this to change because many TS shoot porn in the gay market or at least with gay performers. It would be next to impossible to hire performers that shoot porn in the hetero market to have sex with performers that shoot for the gay market.

**If you are into this type of fetish then you won't find any better than this site. Actually you probably won't find an other site. By default if you aren't into this type of porn then you should avoid.

**I'm not using the fact that the site has so little content in my score.

06-19-12  06:53am

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Visit WTF Pass

WTF Pass

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +A network of 9 sites with nearly 1200 videos and photosets.
+They have an excellent selection of models to choose from.
+All the videos can be streamed online.
+All the Videos can be downloaded in WMV and MP4 and resolution for these two formats is at least 576p. The bulk of the videos from 2009 to today are now also offered in 720p.
+They offer smartphone, iphone, ipad and mac versions of their videos.
+All photosets can be downloaded as a single zip file. The resolution varies from set to set but 1600x1067 is common with scenes shot in 2009.
+All content is dated and they appear to update with a little over 15 new scenes per month.
Cons: -A large percentage of the recent updates is all leased content available on many other sites.
-Resolution for the bulk of the videos is very good but too many of the scenes are not well shot. where the camer is in the wrong place and lighting leaves a lot to be desired.
-A percentage of the updates are the same scene that is cut into multiple sections.
-About a 1/5 of the mains screen is taken up by offers to other sites.
-The network has tendency to use a different name then the one we know them under.
-Many of the models have multiple scenes that are split into the different sites and they often perform the same type of sex scene.
Bottom Line: *This is a pretty big network with a variety to chose from. I'm going to give more indept info on the different sites so that you get a better idea of what that site offers it's members.

*College Fuck Parties is sort of an orgy type of site where there are multiple partners having sex at the same time and the camera moves around a lot to keep track of the action. The scenes are normally shot in different rooms so this is one of the sites that updates with multiple sections. There are 79 parties and the site updates with a new ones every month. I can't recommend the site because I don't like orgy type porn because the camera has to keep moving to show as much of the action as possible or spend too long on just part of it. Of course if someo likes this type of porn then you should be quite happy with it.

*Pickup Fuck is basically a fake scenario style porn where we are meant to believe that these guys meet a girl on the street, in a café or a bar and after some some time she decides to have sex with one or two guys. The dialogue is all in Russian but they have subtitles. I like their selction of models but I really didn't particularly like their videos. Too many of the scenes are shot in tight spaces like bathroom stalls so camera angles are very limted and when you couple that with many of the shots being POV style then that simply adds to my displeasure, The lighting is also quite bad when they shoot those tight space scenes because they are using the rooms normal lighting. There is often music coming from the club or bar when they do those bathroom scenes. They have 171 scenes.

*Private Sex tapes is a hard one to describe. The girls are all professional porn performers so don't expect to see amateurs in this one but all the videos do have that amateur feel because they are shot by the girl, her real life boyfriend/husband or her sex partner for those scenes. Most couples have multiple scenes and it feels like these are filmed over a long period while the couple is on vacation. The quality of the videos is limited to the camera each couple used and the placd where they shot it. The overall feel is often amateurish because of that. The videos are POV or tripod since they are shot by the couple themselves. There are 40 couple and each has multiples scenes to chose from.

*Hard Fuck girls is well named because it includes the most intense type of porn the network offers. The main theme is forced gang bang sex normally with 3 or more guys. The choice of models is quite good and if you are into this type of fetish then you might enjoy the content. The little scenarios aren't the greatest and unless you speak Russian then you'll have to read the subtitles to know what they are saying. That's if you care. I did enjoy a couple of the videos but I think they use the same camera guy as pickup fuck because a lot of the shots aren't very good. Luckily they don't shoot in dark spaces so you get to see a lot more of the action. The site has only 3 updates this year and 12 in the last twelve months. That's a poor update shedule and when you consider that they only have 35 scenes total so you better be interested in more than this site before joining.

*Porn Weekends is a lot like private sex tapes but the couples are on vacation. The models are attractive and you can almost believe that they are on vacation with their boyfriend/husband. The site's last update was in September 2011 so 86 episode is all you are getting. Be advised that each couple has multiple scenes so all you are getting is the same girl and guy having sex in different locations.

*Dolls porn is all leased content that can be found on many other sites so you should not join for this site. This is the only site that offers only the video. I guess they didn't want to fork over the cash needed to buy the photosets to go along with the video.
*Public Sex is basically the same thing as pickup fucks but usually shot outdoor. The models are attractive and the content appears to be all exclusif. The bad news is that there are only 22 scenes to chose from and the last update was in February so the site is now dead.

*HD Masage Porn is standard b/g porn but here the scene starts with a guy giving the girl a massage. They have a good selection of models and the scenes are well shot. The bad news is that this site only has 21 scenes and the last one was in March so who knows whether they will add more. My gut feeling is no. If you are into this type of porn then it's a great bonus site but I again wouldn't join for just this one.

*Panda Fuck is the last site but you can search for my independant review of that one.

**The network used to be 35$ but I wouldn't have recommended it at that price but our join price is only 20$ so that is a pretty good deal.

06-09-12  05:13pm

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Visit Panda Fuck

Panda Fuck

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +You get access to a total of 9 sites.
+All videos can be downloaded in WMV, MP4 and they offer versions for smartphone and Ipads.
+All videos come in multiple resolution but 720P at 50fps is the highest possible.
+You can stream the videos in a flash player.
+All photosets can be downloaded as a complete zip file. Resolution is 1600x1067.
+They have a good selection of well known Eastern European models in their late teens early 20`s.
+Content is in a fetish category not well represented so that can be a major plus for fans.
+You get a special priceof 19.99$ through TBP/PU
Cons: -The premise may seem a creepy to some.
-A giant man in a panda suit doesn`t make for great sex scenes.
-The name given to the performers is rarely the one they are normally known under.
-There are only 26 scenes to choose from and they update about twice a month.
Bottom Line: *This would be a pretty awful stand alone site because I don't know if the content can really appeal to more than plushie fans. You have a man dressed as a giant panda who entices a young woman normally dressed as a young girl or semi-pretends to be a young girl into having sex with him. The sex often involves a dildo of varying size and color. I know that some may find the content slightly creepy but I mostly found it stupid. I might have had a different view if the man in the suit didn't grunt like a bear through most of the scene. I laughed the first time I heard him and didn't stop laughing since the grunting is through most of the video. It makes it hard to get turned on while you are laughing.

*Another huge problem is that since the guy is wearing a full panda suit then he can't see much, can't feel anything, and can't properly use the strap on either because of these two limtations. The girl is normally the one doing most of the work. What you wind up with is a little scenario with very little dialogue except for the grunting, a lot of finger pointing, not very good sex, and limited shots of the action because the suit is often in the way.

*I honestly don't know if this type of content can appeal to anyone other than flushie fans so if you aren't one of these than you'll probably want to staw away.

**Normally I would give a bigger score simply because you get access to much better sites but since most of the girls on this site have scenes on the other sutes than I'm treating this one more as a stand alone.**

05-29-12  11:14am

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Visit 1 Pass For All Sites

1 Pass For All Sites

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +A network of 28 sites.
+You can access all the sites from the main page.
+They update with about 12 new scenes per month which are broken among their 6 active sites.
+Over 2600 scenes to choose from.
+The vast majority of the scenes have an both a video and photoset.
+Videos are in WMV and most of them are in a single WMV file.
+All photosets can be downloaded in a single zip file. Resolution is 1200x800 for most of these.
+All content is dated and they show upcoming updates.
Cons: -21 of the sites are no longer updating and the other six don't update on a weekly basis.
-It is hard to tell how much of the content is leased but there appears to be a significant amount that is.
-Most of the videos are not in HD and full downloads are only available in WMV.
-A percentage of the older videos are split in multiple video files.
-Many of the sites content could be under one banner since the content is the same as other sites.
-Scenes have no tags so no way of doing a search using tag words.
-There is no real search system since you can only look under the performer's name or the site itself.
-Most of the performers are not known under the name they are given on this network.
Bottom Line: This network has a lot of content and I don't know if it matters that a percentage of it is leased because it's stuff you might not have anyway. The bigger issue is that a lot of this content is getting old because 2 of the sites stopped updating in 2010-2011, 4 sites stopped in 2009 and 15 stopped in 2007-2008. That only leaves 7 sites still active and these update with only 2-3 scenes per month.

*I have posted a review of almost all of their active sites and these are only about a year old. I know that others have reviewed some of their sites so I'm instead posting info on some of the other sites that aren't active anymore or those that don't have or deserve a full review.

**They've added a new anal themed site called young anal tryouts but it only has 34 scenes and a percentage of these are leased. That wouldn't be so bad but some of the exclusif scenes are shot using a tripod so you get shots from the same angle and no zooming or paning during the scene. The girls are really cute but I would never join this network for their scenes because you can either get them elsewhere or they suck.

**You will notice that TBP doesn't post one of their sites called horny thief tales. I don't know why but I can guess so I will simply say that they have 46 scenes, it's exclusif content and they are still updating with about 2 scenes per month. I've never actually downloaded any of their scenes so couldn't do an honest review anyway
**young porn home videos is a site where I know that some of the content is leased because I recognize the scene. They have 84 scenes and the quality in most of them is bad to awfull. Most of the videos have an amateur feel to them with tripod only shots, night-vision cameras, bad lighting, fuzzy shots and so on.

**young lesbian porn appears to be all leased content with 69 scenes to choose from. The scenes are next to impossible to review because the content is too ecletic, quality varies a lot and only 15 of the scenes have an accompanying video.

**drilled mouths is appears to be an oral sex themed site with 46 scenes but where a large percentage of the girls also have sex with the guy so why call the sites makes no sense. Content appear to be partiallt leased and qulaity varies from scene to scene.

**creampied sweeties is exactly what it sounds like. They have 40 scenes, some of them are probably leased and quality varies.

**They have many other sites that could probably have been under one of two different site names but the recuring theme among all of them is that they are no longer updating, a lot of leased material, quality of the content varies a lot and most of the sites have very little content.

***I don't know if anyone should join the network for any of these sites because you might already have the content and even if you don't then you might not want it anyway. You should join the network for the active sites and use these as a bonus instead.***

My score is for the entire network and not based on these sites.

05-22-12  08:30am

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Visit 18 Virgin Sex

18 Virgin Sex

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +You get access to a total of 28 sites.
+Content is dated and the update with 2 new scene each month.
+Their selection of performers is excellent and includes many of the popular European models.
+They have 226 videos that you can download them in WMV and resolution is a decent 832x464
+The videos each have their accompanying photoset that can be downloaded as a single zip file. The pic resolution is 1200x800.
+Most of the performers have a tleast one scene on the other sites of the network.
Cons: -There's a synopsis for each scene but the info is not very accurate and that's annoying because they don't assign any tags on their scene to do a search.
-They don't have a real search option except using the performers name or the name of a site.
-I can't tell just how much of the content is leased but the the bulk of the updates after 2009 are mostly all leased.
-This site suffers from the renaming syndrome so most of the performers on this site aren't under the name they are normally know by.
-Only 6 of the actual sites in the network are still updating. All the others stopped updating in 2009 or before.
-There is a pretty large amount of leased material within the entire network with only some sites having all exclusif content.
-You can only download the videos in WMV and less than a dozen of these are in HD.
Bottom Line: *This is one of the better sites in the network and the second one with the most content. The videos are all pretty well shot and the action is also very good. There is a wide selction of young European performers and they all look lovely. My biggest annoyance is that since they don't have a proper scene breakdown in the synopsis and they don't have any tags then you either download the entire network or you do like me and check part of the content for each video to see if it's worth downloading.

*I think anyone that likes to watch young Eastern European women have sex on video should be statified with the content. There isn't enough content hear to justify the join price unless you plan on downloading content from some of the content on the other sites.

**Some of the people that should be nervous about joining this site are those that have been members of teen mega world, 18x girls and smack my bitch because I'm pretty sure that some of their leased content is on this site.**

05-17-12  11:26am

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Visit Spoiled Virgins

Spoiled Virgins

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +You get access to a total of 28 sites.
+They've got a very good selection of popular young European performers.
+Content is dated and they appear to update with 2-3 new scenes per month.
+You can download all the phototsets in a single zip file and resolution is 1200x800.
+Navigation from site to site is usually about two clicks of the mouse.
+You can see all of the videos a model has by looking at the bottom of her video page.
+Most of the models have at least one video on some of the other sites.
Cons: -You get 28 sites but only 6 of those are still updating. All of the others stopped updating 3 or more years ago.
-The performers name are not the ones they are normally known under.
-The use of HD isn't helping in the quality of the videos since you see all the skin blemishes, pimples and razor burns.
Bottom Line: *The setup of this site is that it tries to make the viewers believe that all the girls are true virgins and that this is their first sexual experience. They fail miserably at it because the acting is not very good, all of the girls are well known European performers and whenever they have a doctor to verify that the girl still has her hymen then he or she comes into the room already wearing a complete surgery outfit with a mask on their face. They currently have 215 videos(only about 12 are HD) so this makes it the second biggest site of the ones that are still updating.

*I think I saved about one or two videos from this site because the virgin gimmick doesn't do much for me. I might have a different idea if the dialogue was in English and the acting was a little better but I doubt it. The choice of models, the setup and everything else would have to be changed for me to get interested and this is not something these guys appear able to do.

*I guess that if you care more about the idea that the girls might be virgins and you can overlook bad acting and a mediocre setup then you might enjoy the content on this site. The others that might enjoy the site are those that want to collect all the content a certain model has done. If that's the case and you collect European models then you have to join this site.

**If the above do nothing for you then stay away from this site. You mnight find one of their other site more to your interest.**

05-14-12  11:50am

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Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +They update with 2 or more scenes per day.
+They currently have over 5000 scenes to choose from.
+They have a wide selection of performers and they tend to lso have a slightly greater variety than the other sites with similar content.
+You can download the videos in WMV and MP4 and all videos since 2009 are offered in HD.(The HD is 1280x720)
+All the videos have an accompanying phototsets that can be downloaded as a single zip file. The resolution is 1200x800 on the last. the others appear to be 800x550.
+They have started to remaster some of their older scenes.
Cons: -A percentage of their updates are in fact remastered older scenes so not really new content.
-A percentage of their content is either only BJ or footjobs.
-They tag anal on many scenes but the only anal is maybe a finger
-They have some pop up adds on their main screen.

**-These following cons are in reference to the new site design and not the older site(see bottom line for info on old site).
-An annoying site design where it feels more like advertising for their other products and less about offering the best acces to this sites content.
-Search option are rather limited and results cannot be accessed chronologicaly.
-I always had to double click to get back to the previous page once I had selected a specific scene.
Bottom Line: *This is the second best reality porn site after Brazzer. I guess they equal or surpass Brazzer depending on the type of porn you like. I still prefer the type of porn Brazzer does but I like scenario porn and this is not what these guys really do. Their idea of scenario porn is mostly the fake amateur girl agreeing to do porn right off the street.

*I think Bangbros shoots in Florida so they have access to a different group of performers than their West Coast counterparts. I think that's the reason why they have more interracial content vs the other sites. The interracial aspect may be a plus or a negative based on your preferences. They appear to employ some unknown male performers and that can sometime be a plus but I found it slightly negative because the guys are either not very good and sometime they aren't able to keep wood.

*It's nearly impossible for anyone that likes the type of porn that Reality king, Naughty America or Brazzer do to avoid joining Bangbros at least once. I know that I've done it more than once because they still have certain exclusif types of scenes not found on any of the similar sites. my last time on this site was a couple of years ago and scrolling through the past updates was bitter sweet for me because I noticed so many performers that shot only a couple of scene for thse guys and then disapeared from the industry.

*They currently have 96 remastered scenes so anyone that wanted to see some of their older content but wanted better quality may be satisfied butI mostly avoided those because most of them didn't appeal.

**In regards to the new design. My suggestion is that you simply log in to the old members sarea. It opens into another window and you will not have to deal with any of the issue found in the new site design.**

**The only people that might want to avoid this site are those that don't like interracial porn, BJ only and footjopb only stuff. If you remove those 3 things then you may find the pickings a litle small.**

05-10-12  07:00am

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Visit Oldje


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +They have exclusif content from a niche that's not well represented on the net.
+They have an very good selection of female European performers.
+The sex scenes are well filmed and the males do a pretty decent job considering their age.
+They have 352 videos but only the last 32 are in a single file. All the others are broken into 2 or more files.
+Video resolution is at least 720x404 for more than 100 videos and the last 32 are now 1280x720.
+They appear to still be updating with new content.
Cons: -They no longer offer class3some as a bonus site and that is too bad because it was a nice addition considering the high cost of the site.
-They don't offer any model info whatsoever so it requires a lot of research to find the names to go with most videos.
-They don't date their content so it's very hard to know the update schedule.
-They have photos but the quality is mostly poor and they often appear to be out of order. Not to mention that you have to download each pic one by one since they aren't in a complete zip file.
-There is no navigation except the page number or the ability to jump all the way to the beginning or the end of the pages.
-There's music in their videos and that can be a plus but I found at certain times to be distracting.
-The first 100 videos are only offered in Real media so not very good news.
Bottom Line: *This is a pretty decent site with content that is good to excellent but is dragged down by all the negative things that could easily be fixed if they bothered with it. They don't have a lot of male performers to choose from but the ones they have do a better than average job and there appears to be some good chemistry with the female performers which seems hard to believe when you consider the age difference between the males and the females.

*There's dialogue in some of the videos and it's normally in English. It's more often a miss because English is not the language that these people speak but it's not awful. The music is a little annoying. It's not too loud because that would make it almost impossible to watch the videos with the sound on. Mind you I wouldn't be sad if it disapeared. I think just the natural sounds of the performer is more than enough for the viewers anyway.

*I like that they are now offering their videos in a single file and that the resolution is also increased to 1280x720. Now if someone can start entering the names of the models in the database and put dates on their content then they'll have improved on most key issues.

**If you want to watch old men have sex with much younger women than this is probably the best site for that. They even have a few anal scenes as well so if that is one of your fetishes then you'll find a few videos. Be advised that it may not be in the description of the scene so you'll have to either download all the videos or check out the photos to find those scenes.

***Of course if you don't want to watch old guys have sex with very young women than avoid this site. Especially now since they no longer offer class3some and that site had mostly yojg women with younger men.***

05-07-12  06:57am

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Visit Brutal Fisting

Brutal Fisting

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +All exclusif content.
+All videos can be downloaded in WMV or MP4 and they offer HD 1920x1080 content for all of them.
+You can download all photosets as a complete zip file and resolution is 1200x800.
+You get access to 8 other sites
+They have a good selection of models and this is the only place you'll see them do this type of content.
+Content is all dated.
Cons: -They only update about twice per month so it's still a small site with only 44 videos.
-Only two of the other sites are still updating.
-They have a pretty awful preview section and that makes it hard to get a good feeling of what's available inside.
Bottom Line: *This is a pretty extreme fetish so the number of performers willing to do it is rare but these guys still manage to hire certain girls that you wouldn't expect to be doing this and to appear like they enjoy it. Even more when you consider that 15 of them also do anal fisting which is even more extreme.

*The videos are well shot so you aren't limited to only a few angles during the action. That's appreciated during the penetration because you get to see the face of the performer and that adds to the heat of the scene. They also like to shoot from various positions and that's a plus.

*The one thing they need to work on is updating more often.*

**Since this type of fetish is pretty exteme then I can only recommend it to those that are into it. If you enjoy teach me fisting then you should enjoy this one.**

03-27-12  10:46am

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Visit Brutal Dildos

Brutal Dildos

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +414 videos and they add a new one each week.
+All videos can be dowloaded in multiple formats like WMV and MP4 and resolution is at least 640x360.
+They started offering HD quality videos in 2010 so you can now download the 100 most recent ones in 1920x1080.
+They have 414 photosets and they can all be downloaded as a complete zip file. Resolution for the last 100 sets is 1200x800.
+They have a surprisingly wide variety of models.
+You get access to 8 other sites.
+Content for this site appears to be all exclusif.
Cons: -Resoution for 300 of their videos is at best 640x360.
-Resolution for 300 of their phototsets is 560x840.
-Although you get access to 9 other sites. Only 3 of them are still updating.
**Many of the toys are huge so less a con and more a warning for anyone looking for midcore style penetration.**
Bottom Line: *I got a special offer to join for 20$ so it was hard to pass up. It's not that 30$ is a high price to pay but the content is on the extreme side of things and I'm not always in the mood for that kind of porn.

*The most surprising thing about this site and some of the other in the network is that you don't expect all of their models to do such extreme penetration and I'm not just talking about vaginal either. They use some really big toys which is a plus for me but I have to be in the mood otherwise the content is too extreme and I don't enjoy it. The only sites that are still updating are brutal fisting and huge strapon lesbians. These sites share many of the same models so it's not unusual to see a model on all 3 sites. I'm also pretty sure that the content on the sites that are no longer updating is not exclusif.

*If you are in the mood for extreme penetration than this site and 2 of the other in the network should more than satisfy your needs but if you like midcore style penetration then stay away because you will really hate what you see.*

**I think they should really work on the preview sections because this would greatly help anyone visiting for the first time to see that they are still upodating and what you get for your money.**

03-26-12  09:01am

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Visit Back Room Casting Couch

Back Room Casting Couch

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +Content is all exclusif.
+there are more than 190 scenes.
+The vast majority of the girls are amateurs and this is one of the few places you'll see them do hardcore.
+They have a wide variety of teen models.
Cons: -They don't seem to updating very often but I can't say how often they do because they don't put dates on their content.
-The videos can only be downloaded in WMV and resolution is a rather poor 640x360.
-All the videos are shot in POV and the guy doesn't really know how use a camera.
-The interview part of the video is a complete waste of time and pure BS.
-All the scenes are shot in the same office and on the same couch and desk.
-There is no editing so a good chunk of the video is the guy moving the camera or tripod around the room.
-The sex is mediocre at best.
-Still no pics of any kind.
Bottom Line: *I only joined this site because I got a deal when I joined exploited college girls because you also get this one. This is my second time on this site and it will also be my final time.

*The premise for the site is very interesting and someone with talent should be able to make a killing but the guy responsible for this mess either doesn't have any talent or simply doesn't care about the final product. You would think that someone who's been doing this for as long as he has would get better with time but I did not see a difference between the newer videos and the older stuff.

*All the flaws that were there in 2010 are still there. You have the stupid interview where it's hard to believe the BS being said. You have his hiden face whenever it's in the shot. The videos are all POV and tripod shot so that's already a negative. There are many bad camera angles, weird cut in the action, bad camera position during the action so that the shots are wasted, he likes to talk during the video.

*Shooting in an office environment with a chair, desk and the typical casting couch is such a bad idea because the room is small, the performer is never really made comfortable and this nis especially true during the sex because she will either be on her back on the hard desk(no padding of any kind), bent forward over the desk or having sex on the sofa which happens to be a few feet in front of the sofa whcih means that you can't really use the tripoid appropriately during what should be the most comfortable part of the video for the girl.

**It's hard to recommend this mess to anyone but anyone who wants to see amateurs have sex and don't really mind if the sex is badly shot, not very intense, where the male is not a good sex performer and where each video looks like the previous one might get something out of it. Everyone else should stay far away.**

03-16-12  06:11am

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Visit Exploited College Girls

Exploited College Girls

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 03-15-12  07:07pm  (Update History)
Reason: I completely screwed up my reviews because this is for backroom casting couch. and not exploited college girl
Pros: +The content is all exclusif.
+The majority of the models are amateurs and this is one of the only places where you'll see them do porn. (although a few of them have had porn careers after this)
+There are some truly good looking models and there is also a good variety.
+They update with one new video a week.
+All updates are dated.
+Videos can be downloaded a sa complete file or you can download certain sections.
Cons: -The shooting style is very similar to backroom casting couch so it's all handheld POV, on a tripod or on the bed.
-Because the performer doesn't want his face to be seen then all the shots either avoid shooting above a certain height or his face his hidden.
-Videos can be dowloaded in MP4 or WMV but resolution is still only 640x360.
-The girls attempting anal tend to all be trying this for the first time so it's more often than not a fail or hard to watch because of pain.
Bottom Line: *I chose to join this site because you got access to backroom casting couch(see my next review). It's my second time here and it will be my last. The content still has potential but it can't overhsadow the unapealing ponr inside.

*The site is similar to backroom casting couch and girls do porn. It is superior to BCC but it is inferior to girl do porn. The problem is that the guy has to be in the videos so he has to be both cameraman and performer. I can see the appeal for any guy to want to have sex with these girls but that also means you mostly get handheld POV shots with less than steallar angles and that's when the camera isn't moving from left to right or being dep[osited on the bed to get a face shot.

*The one positive about this site vs back room casting couch is that the guy appears to want to make the girls happy and comfortable and that helps with the scene but not if anal is in it.
I only saw a couple of the girls appeared to be enjoying themselves during the anal. The bulk of the other videos are hard to watch or listen to because you can see and hear the gilrs in pain.

**If you like POV shot porn and you also like to see amateurs and can overlook the errors in the way the videos are shot then you might enjoy the site but be advised that it's 35$ and that is not a cheap amount to pay. It would be a lot easier to recommedn if it was in the 20$ to 25$ dollar range.**

03-15-12  12:25pm

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Visit Girls Do Porn

Girls Do Porn

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +They currently have 147 videos.
+The majority of the models are unknowns and this is possibly the only video they will shoot.
+All the models are in their late teens to early 20's and most of them are quite beautiful.
+All the videos can be downloaded in WMV and the resolution is 720x480.
+They update with at least one new video a week.
Cons: -You must remain a member for at leat 2 months before you can stream or download the HD videos and that at the full price. They only offer a reduction in price for members that have been active for more than 3 months.
-The videos are all shot in an hotel room and the lighting is not always adequate.
-The person filming the scenes lacks imagination so the bulk of the videos are all shot in the same way so they all have the same flaws and they all shot using the same caera angles.
-Most of the models are atractive but a good percentage of them have more than one tatoo.
-There are no pics whatosever.
-The content is not dated
-The site's navigation is beyond awful. You can only move by selecting a page on the bottom of the site or clicking on the model which always reverts to the first page of the site.
-The male in the videos is never seen above the chest so that also limts the possible shots.
Bottom Line: *This is my second vist in less than a year and I think it will be my last. This is sad because the site manages to hire some really attractive young women that are willing to do hardcore porn but the guys shooting the porn is incompetent and all the sites flaws get more annoying with each visit so that it makes the experience less appealing now than when I was last a member.

*A very annoying thing is that the bulk of the videos aren't identified so you have to do some research before downloading them so that you can at least put the model's name on the file. Then there's the awfull navigation system that does not allow you to go back to where you were once you click on a particular page since the system always returns to the first page regardless of where you were on the site.

*You would think that a video that's not shot in POV or with a tripod would manage not to look as though it was but you'd be wrong because this is exactly how most of the videos look like on this site. The guy shooting the videos manages to always use the same angles and positions in the videos so that they actually look like they are shot in a POV style or filmed using a tripod.

*I can understand a site wanting to reward their long term members by offering HD videos to those that stick with the site for more than one month but if you're going to do that then make sure the second month is half the price. Otherwise it makes the site one of the most expensive one on the net when it comes to HD content.*

**If you want to see some unknown attractive young women have hardcore sex and don't care too much about the camera angles and the lighting then you should be very happy with this site. If camera angles, lighting and variety in shots is important than stay away.**

03-04-12  06:41pm

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Visit Watch Me Fucked

Watch Me Fucked

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +They have an excellent selection of models.
+You get access to 30 extra sites.
+You can download the videos in multiple formats like MP4, FLV, MKV and WMV.
+Video resolution is offered in low, medium and high quality (medium resolution is 860x480).
+You can download photosets as a complete zip file and pic resolution is 960x1440.
Cons: -A part of their content is recycled videos from some of their other sites.
-The bulk of the performers on this site already have very similar scenes on the other sites.
-There are only 19 videos at the moment.
-They opened the site in November and they were doing an update every few days and then they stopped updating from early December until early February.
Bottom Line: *This may be a very good addition to the teen mega world network one day but the owners have to stop using scenes from their other sites as new updates. I can understand if they created this site to regroup all their POV style videos under one banner but they have to be careful and update with a mixture of new scenes as well as recyled scenes and they certainly can't skip updating a brand new site for 2 months.

**Since the site is still quite small and that some of the content isn't really new then I'd recommend that anyone looking to join because of their videos wait a few months. Anyone looking for this type of porn but more the content from the main network will get more than his moneys worth.**

**I gave them a smaller score than I would have if I was including the the content from the entire network**.

02-27-12  11:34am

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Visit Evil Angel

Evil Angel

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +You get access to over 900 movies or over 6000 scenes.
+They have an excellent selection of EA movies and the bulk of their recent updates are all new releases.
+Scenes can be downloaded in WMV or MPG4 and resolution starts at 240p and can go as high as 1080p but normally goes to at least 720p.
+They appear to have some exclusif scenes/movies.
+They offer better resolution on some of their non-exclusif scenes vs what's available on other sites.
Cons: -The bulk of the videos are only offered in 240p or 480p resolution.
-Too many of the scenes have no real data.
-I found that many of the scenes from their older movies were not in listed in the proper order and the info on each is usueless.
-The editing on some scenes is off because the scene doesn't begin at the end of the previous one but is a mixture of 2 scenes.
-They may list a movie as being available but not all the scenes are availbale.
-No update schedule.
-Their search options are rather poor because they have very little data on most of their movies and the data available is often incorrect or insufficient.
Bottom Line: *I had a hard time reviewing this site because I really enjoy EA movies and I wanted to give the site a better score but I found that the site does not meet my expectations when it comes to older movies. It has an excellent selection of movies from yesterday to today and if you prefer their recent movies than you will be thrilled by the quantity and quality of these videos but if you are more interested in their older movies then you're stuck with a disapointing 480p video resolution.

*Be advised that older is not necessarily based on release date but more in reference to the source material. The best example would be Anal Attack 9 which was released this year but the conmtent are scenes from the site Ass Traffic so the source material is older than a couple of years. You'd think that since the movie was released to dvd then they remastered the older content to allow for decent video conversion but I guess they didn't want to bother for their own site.

**The site is worth the cost of a membership because you get brand new releases almost on the same day they are released to dvd and the video quality is at least 720p and you even get some 1080p as well. Id' even be willing to say that it's worth it for those wqho joined videobox's EA studio because the video quality is better on this site than on videbox.**

**I don`t think the site is worth it for anyone looking for decent older EA titles because you will have to do a lot of research to find the movies and the performers and the video quality is just too bad.**

*I gave the site a higher score than I felt it deserved because they offer too many new titles for a cheap price*.

02-14-12  08:25am

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Visit Mofos Network

Mofos Network

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +You get access to 12 sites with one membership.
+They have over 900 exclusif scenes.
+They offer one very good bonus site that gives you access to over 4000 dvd's.
+They have an excellent selection of young US performers doing some of their first porn shoots.
+They also have a very good selection of models from the US, Europe and South America and they are from different age groups so not limited to just teens.
+Videos can be downloaded in multiple formats. You have PSP, iPad and 3GP for mobile devices. You have MPEG, MPEG4 and WMV in standard resolution and you also have MPEG4, 1080 and 720 for High Def.
+All videos have an accompanying photoset that can be downloaded as a complete zip file. The resolution varies per pic. I saw some at 1333 x 2000 and I also saw some at 1300 x 867.
Cons: -The biggest con for me is the fact that way too many of the videos are shot in POV and this is one of my least favorite shooting style.
-Since many videos are POV then the lighting suffers and that means that some of the shots are not as bright and clear as if it was shot by a cameran instead of the male performer.
-The fact that many of the videos are POV only then it can get repetitious rather quickly.
-I found that too many of the US performers had visible razor burns and pimples.
-They have copied Brazzer and started filming some Live shows but there are only 3 and they are very poor cousin to Brazzers live shoots.
-I'm adding one con in regards to their preview pages. These guys have one of the worst preview page I have ever seen from a large network. I dare anyone to tell me if they can figure out what's available in the sites.
Bottom Line: *I got access to the network with my membership to let's try anal but I've only downloaded a couple of videos from the different sites in the network so this is not a network that has much appeal for me. The POV is in large part why I haven't been able to download more videos. It would be really amazing if they went to a different format but I don't think that's what they want to do with this network. I have actually downloaded a lot more content from the bonus dvd site I got with my membership. They have many dvd available on Videobox so that might not appeal for eveyone but they also have a pretty decent amount of older movies which are not available except on streaming sites. The quality of these vidoes is hit and miss but I'll still take them.

*If you enjoy POV videos than you should find plenty of stuff to satisfy you from the various sites. Otherwise I would recommend you check if some of the other sites in the network appeal to you. Of course I don't know how you'll be able to do that since their preview pages are awful.

**My score is based more on the content they offer than what i got out of the main network of sites.

01-02-12  09:11am

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Visit Double View Casting

Double View Casting

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +They have some of the first anals of girls just starting in porn.
+They have an excellent selection of teen models.
+All their videos can be downloaded in HD and the reslution is 1280x720.
+They have an interactive system that allows viewers to switch camera angles for each of their videos.
+You have an accompanying photoset for each video and they can be downloaded as a complete zip file. Pic resolution varies from 1024x683 to 1280x853 in the sets.
+They at least update with 2 new scenes each month.
Cons: -Site is rather tiny with only 62 scenes.
-They don't update regularly and you tend to only have 3 or less updates per month. This has dropped to 2 updates per month since August.
-The site has many of the same models as it's sister site "first anal quest" and they perform anal on both sites so might be a problem for some.
-I feel that the double view is more a gimmick than anything else. Not too mention that you have to download both versions to be able to switch camera angles.
-They only have HD videos so it would be great if they offered lower resolutions for guys like me who have a set download limit from their ISP.
Bottom Line: *This would be an awful stand alone site because the double view is too much of a gimmick and there's just not enough content to make it worth but I think it's a great bonus site for first anal quest. You get more of the models you like and they also have some of the only anals from certain models. Even if you don't like the double view then you still have the opportunity to download the same video shot from different angles and that could be a major plus for some looking for POV style.

*I have always been curious about their double view system but I'd never use it because of my download limit. Having to download 2 HD videos to get those different camera angles isn't worth it for a guy like me but those of you that don't have a limit then it might be worth it.

*I got access through my fuckndrive membership so I can't confirm whether you would get access to all the site other than first anal quest so I recommend that for now you join through only fuckndrive to get access to all the sites.

**To be avoided by those who don't like teens having anal sex**

12-19-11  10:08am

Replies (4)
Visit First Anal Quest

First Anal Quest

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: They have an excellent choice of teen models and often get one of their first anals.
+Videos can be downloaded in 3 WMV resolution: normal at 580x328, high quality at 800x452 and HD at 1280x720.
+Each video has an accompanying phototset which can be downloaded as a complete zip file. Resolution varies between 1024x682 and 1280x853.
+They update with one new scene each week.
+They currently have 155 scenes.
+You get access to double view casting.
Cons: -They rarely use the more common name for their models so it's a little hard to identify them without doing some research.
-They have banners adds for other sites on each of their pages.
-They don't have any search options.
-The same model can have similar content on double view casting.
Bottom Line: *This is an excellent anal themed site starring Eastern European models who are in their late teens to early 20's. The videos are all well shot, well lighted and they have great camera angles to show the action. The models are all beautiful and they use just the right amount of makeup to let their natural body shine through.

*A plus in my book is that they often shoot the anal in a standing position or where the model is belly down.

*I got access through fuckndrive so I can't confirm if you'd get the same 4 sites with this membership because the only site that appears on the members page is double view casting. That's why I recommend that you join through fuckndrive if you also want this site.

*This is not recommended for anyone who doesn't like anal or teens because that's all there is on this site and all the others as well.

12-18-11  10:19am

Replies (5)

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