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Visit 1 Pass For All Sites

1 Pass For All Sites

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +A network of 28 sites.
+You can access all the sites from the main page.
+They update with about 12 new scenes per month which are broken among their 6 active sites.
+Over 2600 scenes to choose from.
+The vast majority of the scenes have an both a video and photoset.
+Videos are in WMV and most of them are in a single WMV file.
+All photosets can be downloaded in a single zip file. Resolution is 1200x800 for most of these.
+All content is dated and they show upcoming updates.
Cons: -21 of the sites are no longer updating and the other six don't update on a weekly basis.
-It is hard to tell how much of the content is leased but there appears to be a significant amount that is.
-Most of the videos are not in HD and full downloads are only available in WMV.
-A percentage of the older videos are split in multiple video files.
-Many of the sites content could be under one banner since the content is the same as other sites.
-Scenes have no tags so no way of doing a search using tag words.
-There is no real search system since you can only look under the performer's name or the site itself.
-Most of the performers are not known under the name they are given on this network.
Bottom Line: This network has a lot of content and I don't know if it matters that a percentage of it is leased because it's stuff you might not have anyway. The bigger issue is that a lot of this content is getting old because 2 of the sites stopped updating in 2010-2011, 4 sites stopped in 2009 and 15 stopped in 2007-2008. That only leaves 7 sites still active and these update with only 2-3 scenes per month.

*I have posted a review of almost all of their active sites and these are only about a year old. I know that others have reviewed some of their sites so I'm instead posting info on some of the other sites that aren't active anymore or those that don't have or deserve a full review.

**They've added a new anal themed site called young anal tryouts but it only has 34 scenes and a percentage of these are leased. That wouldn't be so bad but some of the exclusif scenes are shot using a tripod so you get shots from the same angle and no zooming or paning during the scene. The girls are really cute but I would never join this network for their scenes because you can either get them elsewhere or they suck.

**You will notice that TBP doesn't post one of their sites called horny thief tales. I don't know why but I can guess so I will simply say that they have 46 scenes, it's exclusif content and they are still updating with about 2 scenes per month. I've never actually downloaded any of their scenes so couldn't do an honest review anyway
**young porn home videos is a site where I know that some of the content is leased because I recognize the scene. They have 84 scenes and the quality in most of them is bad to awfull. Most of the videos have an amateur feel to them with tripod only shots, night-vision cameras, bad lighting, fuzzy shots and so on.

**young lesbian porn appears to be all leased content with 69 scenes to choose from. The scenes are next to impossible to review because the content is too ecletic, quality varies a lot and only 15 of the scenes have an accompanying video.

**drilled mouths is appears to be an oral sex themed site with 46 scenes but where a large percentage of the girls also have sex with the guy so why call the sites makes no sense. Content appear to be partiallt leased and qulaity varies from scene to scene.

**creampied sweeties is exactly what it sounds like. They have 40 scenes, some of them are probably leased and quality varies.

**They have many other sites that could probably have been under one of two different site names but the recuring theme among all of them is that they are no longer updating, a lot of leased material, quality of the content varies a lot and most of the sites have very little content.

***I don't know if anyone should join the network for any of these sites because you might already have the content and even if you don't then you might not want it anyway. You should join the network for the active sites and use these as a bonus instead.***

My score is for the entire network and not based on these sites.

05-22-12  08:30am

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Visit 18 Pussy Club

18 Pussy Club

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +A nice selection of 251 Eastern European models between the ages of 18 and 20 years old.
+Nearly 950 photosets to view online or dowloand.
+All photosets can be downloaded as a single zip file and resolution varies from 800x1200 to 1067x1600.
+All the content is dated.
Cons: -Only 195 videos and most of these are broken up into 3 or more small clips.
-The vast majority of the content is solo with the odd toy use and a few b/g scenes.
-Site is now dead because the last update is in 2008.
-I'm not sure how much of the content is exclusif (if any) but I know that some of it is leased.
-Most of the models are given a name that is not the one they are usually known under.
-There is a search box but I tried different things and the results were not very good.
-Some of the models have only photosets while others have only videos.
Bottom Line: *Let me first say that I got access to this site through my teens analyzed membership and I am glad that I didn't actually fork any money over for this unimpressive site.

*Here are the things they do right. They have a wide selection of mostly teen models that should please most peoples taste. The bulk of the content is solo teasing with a very nice mix of clothed to all nude with an emphasis on showing the entire body rather than concentrating on just a few parts. Some of the models have more than one set or video so that can be great if she is one of your favorites.

*Here are the things they do wrong. Most of the models only have one or two phototsets and/or videos so unless you luck in then you are not going to get much out of this site. Part of the content is leased material and quite old now. Renaming models is so annoying because it makes finding their more common name much harder.

**The bottom line is that this is a very poor stand alone site even for the most ardent fan of softcore porn and this is made worse by the fact that it's pretty old and contains some leased material.

**I can't recommend to anyone unless the content from the other sites you get appeals to you and my score is based on that reason.

01-20-13  09:35am

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Visit 18 Stream

18 Stream

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -You get access 2 2 other sites.
-You get a large part of the content from the sites owned by tony bucks CO.(see Cons)
-Videos can be dowloaded in quicktime, mpeg and WMV but only the wmv allows low, medium or high quality videos.
-Phototsets can be downloaded as a complete zip file.
Cons: -Their navigation system has many holes in it from some models name not being listed or some files being misleading. They have to do some major clean up because it's a mess.
-Their dating system makes no sense because they claissify their scenes by the number of days, weeks or months when it was added.
-The content of this site is almost exclusively taken from all the other sites under the tony bucks Co banner so why join this site when you can get it all with the spunky bee membership?
Bottom Line: -This site is the perfect example of what annoys me about some internet companies. They created this site so that customers could get access to a large of the content on their other sites without having to join another site but you aren't really getting anu exclusif material. you simply have it under one roof.

-Since the navigation is such a mess and I have access to almost all the content with my membership to spunky bee then it was really hard for me to give a proper score.

-There is plenty of content to be had so many people will be satisfied but avoid this site if you have been a past member of any of the other sites under the tony bucks banner or better yet just join spunky bee and you'll get it all.

03-21-11  09:21am

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Visit 18 Virgin Sex

18 Virgin Sex

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +You get access to a total of 28 sites.
+Content is dated and the update with 2 new scene each month.
+Their selection of performers is excellent and includes many of the popular European models.
+They have 226 videos that you can download them in WMV and resolution is a decent 832x464
+The videos each have their accompanying photoset that can be downloaded as a single zip file. The pic resolution is 1200x800.
+Most of the performers have a tleast one scene on the other sites of the network.
Cons: -There's a synopsis for each scene but the info is not very accurate and that's annoying because they don't assign any tags on their scene to do a search.
-They don't have a real search option except using the performers name or the name of a site.
-I can't tell just how much of the content is leased but the the bulk of the updates after 2009 are mostly all leased.
-This site suffers from the renaming syndrome so most of the performers on this site aren't under the name they are normally know by.
-Only 6 of the actual sites in the network are still updating. All the others stopped updating in 2009 or before.
-There is a pretty large amount of leased material within the entire network with only some sites having all exclusif content.
-You can only download the videos in WMV and less than a dozen of these are in HD.
Bottom Line: *This is one of the better sites in the network and the second one with the most content. The videos are all pretty well shot and the action is also very good. There is a wide selction of young European performers and they all look lovely. My biggest annoyance is that since they don't have a proper scene breakdown in the synopsis and they don't have any tags then you either download the entire network or you do like me and check part of the content for each video to see if it's worth downloading.

*I think anyone that likes to watch young Eastern European women have sex on video should be statified with the content. There isn't enough content hear to justify the join price unless you plan on downloading content from some of the content on the other sites.

**Some of the people that should be nervous about joining this site are those that have been members of teen mega world, 18x girls and smack my bitch because I'm pretty sure that some of their leased content is on this site.**

05-17-12  11:26am

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Visit 4 Real Swingers

4 Real Swingers

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -All exclusif content.
-Over 500 videos of which 200 are now offered in 1280x720 and 20 in 1920x1080.
-They are still updating with new content.
-They offer a search option that allow members to find a specific video or photoset using niche or keywords.
-Access to 10 other sites.
Cons: -Too many of the videos are of short duration with barely more than 10 minutes of action.
-Too many of the videos have bad camera angles in them.
-Too many of the videos are cam shows.
-Photos cannot be downloaded as a single file.
-A small part of the bonus sites is leased material.
Bottom Line: -I was anxious to see what was offered on this site based on past reviews but it must be one of those cases where taste vary because I found very little to like about the content offered on this site and most of the others in the network.

-I didn't really buy the swinging couple that like to film their little parties angle because many of the other players have their own website so it becomes more like a bunch of solo amateur that get together and film themselves having sex.

-I didn't find enough content worth downloading and most of that will never make my keep list so I'm not going to be able to offer a suggestion on who will enjoy their content.

06-25-11  10:28am

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Visit 40 Something Mag

40 Something Mag

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Decent selection of natural and enhanced models to choose from.
-Photosets can be dowloaded in 800 x 600 and 1600 x 1200 resolution.
-They are still updating.
-Content is dated.
-You can search by models name, body type hair color and type of shoot.
Cons: -The bulk of the videos are streaming only.
-They only have 270 videos.
-They only have 150 photosets.
-They only have 13 magazines.
-There is a large logo on each pic.
-Their preview pages are serioulsy misleading.
-Their pages are clutered with offers from other sites.
Bottom Line: -There must have been some serious changes at 40something since January of this year because TBP gave this site an 82 and claimed that videos were downloadable. In my book 10 downloadable videos out of 270 is not enough to claim that the site allows downloads.

-This is one of the worst case of half truth and lies that I've seen a site do in many years. I joined based on the TBP review and the sites own preview pages. First lie. They claim that you can get access to every 40something magazine ever printed. Yes, you do but you will have to buy them so not free. Second lie: They mention all the videos and pic sets that the model has and they do say x number of videos from other sites but if they aren't availbale on your site then why bring them up. The only conclusion I see is that they know that people like me will assume that these videos are available on their site but content can be also be found on those other sites.

This site belongs to the score group which owns a huge amount of other sites but because of this site I don't think I will ever join any of their otrher sites for fear that they are lying on that site as well.

***This site is to be avoided at all cost or you will regret wasting your 20$ like I am at this very moment.***

04-17-11  06:50pm

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Visit 50Plus MILFs

50Plus MILFs

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +They offer content from a niche that is rare to find on the net.
+They offer all exclusif content.
+They have a surprisingly wide selection of models who for the most part look natural.
+These women handle some pretty huge dicks and a fair amount of them even do anal with said dicks.
+The sex is often quite good but(see con).
+There are 133 videos that can be streamed online with a resolution of 480p and 720p.
+All the videos have an accompanying photoset that can be downloaded as a single zip file and resolution is at least 1200x800.
+They are still updating and it appears that it's anything from two to four updates per month.
+All content is dated.
+Many of the performers are unknowns so this is probably the only place you'll see them do this kind of stuff.
+You also get access to 60plus milfs.
Cons: -The biggest con against this site is that it's for all intense and purposes a streaming only site. You can only download videos released in the last six weeks.
-The sex is hardcore and quite good but there is no kissing at all which I found disapointing.
-The navigation could be improved with the addition of keywords but then again the site is so small that this isn't such a problem.
-The load time for streaming is inconsistent so that it will sometime load quickly and stream well and other times it takes a while for the video to load and you can forget skipping ahead or suffer slow load time.
-The same performer will sometime have more than one scene so that may or may not be a problem for some.
-These women are in their 50's and although they don't always look their age. They also don't look like young women anymore.
-Videos can only be downloaded in one resolution which is 640x360.
Bottom Line: *This site offers content that is badly underrepresented and therefore it is nice that it exist. It would be a lot nicer if all the videos were made available for download. They have their reason why they aren't but I've never really understood them.

*The important thing to know about this site is that you are watching women in their 50's have hardcore sex with men that are often half their ages and who plow into them like there is no tomorrow. This is not vanilla porn so if that is what you want then you'll want to stear clear because hard pounding vaginal and often anal sex is on the menu on this site. A significant amount of the male performers are Latino and African American so if interracial isn't your thing then you'll also want to stay away.

*The one thing that I wanted to see and which is lacking is kissing before and during the scene and strangely there isn't a single instance where you see this. Kissing would go a long way in increasing the heat factor and since there isn't any then that's make the scene less appealng than it could be.

**Of course making videos available for download would be nice and they lose points because they don't but not as many as some other sites might because their content is too rare to excessively penalize them for a business decision.** They probably already lose customers due to their no download policy anyway.

12-27-12  08:14am

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Visit 60 Plus MILFs

60 Plus MILFs

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +They offer content that is rare to see on the net and even more so when you consider that it stars North American women.
+The sex is surprisingly good considering the age of the performers.
+Content is dated and they appear to still be updating.
+Many of the performers look good for their age and seem to still be all natural. Not too mention that they appear to be mostly unknowns.
+You can see the age of each performer in the photo section of the site.
+You can download the photosets of each video as a single zip file and resolution is minimum 1200x800(but many of the pics are 1600x1063).
+You also get access to 50plus milfs.
Cons: -This site like it's sister site 50plus does not allow members to download videos that are older than 6 weeks.
-The site is quite tiny with only 72 videos and they don't update regularly or with any kind of schedule so that number does not grow by much each year.
-Many of their performers have more than one video on this site and on 50 plus so you are getting some similar content.
-Since these women are in their 60's then they don't look like women under 40 or let alone under 30.
Bottom Line: *I debated whether I should do a seperate review of this site or simply add the info on my 50plus review since the transition from both site is seemless to members but I decided to do a seperate one just in case Score decides to split the sites. This way each site will have it's own review and that is important because this site is so much smaller than the olther one.

*The thing to know about this site is that it's women in their 60's having hardcore sex with men that are definetely half their age or younger and don't let the gray ins ome of their hair fool you because they can give as good as they take. Sadly the site also doesn't have any kissing between the performers which is too bad because that would add a lot more passion and heat to the scenes.

*They don't allow downloads other than those released in the last six weeks but because they don't update as often as their 50plus site then you actually get less for your money.

**Bottom line is that there are almost no sites that cater to this type of fetish so even though it's mostly a streaming only site then it could be worth joining at least once to see what it offers and since you get access to 50plus milfs then that's not a bad deal. Of course if they seperate both sites then it will probably take years before they have enough content to make a visit worth it. that is unless more 60 years old start doing porn.**

12-27-12  06:38pm

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Visit Alexis Golden

Alexis Golden

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +Alexis is a an attractive 40yrs old woman with a very active sex life.
+There are 105 videos which can be downloaded in WMV(resolution is 640x480).
+You can stream the videos in the Windows player.
+You can stream past web cams shows.
+Sites updates with new content once a week.
Cons: -There are 105 videos but it's really only about 50 scenes since they've broken the scenes into 2 or more parts.
-Some of the videos is leased material.
-There are 144 phototsets but you can't download them as complete zip files and the quality of pics is average at best.
-Navigation on the site is limited to a couple of icons orand page numbers.
-There is a link to a VOD site with some of Alexis content which still has me scratching my head since you'd have to pay extra money to view the streaming content that you are getting with your membership.
Bottom Line: *Here is another solo model site that manages to fail because they do so many wrong things that they overshadow the good ones. The first thing a solo model site has to have is a personality. This is afterall the models site and it should reflect her in some way. It shouldn't just be a repository of pics and videos. The site should include stuff that can't be found elsewhere.

*If you are going to offer videos then make sure they are complete scenes and not in multiple parts of a bigger one. It's bad enough that the videos are only 640x480 but to have to download 2 or more parts to get the complete scene is more than a little annoying.

*To make a site seem more personal requires pics that are more than stills from the videos. They should include some glamour shoots and even some day to day stuff that isn't pornagraphic in nature. This helps members feel like they know you better. Of course once you talk pics than please make sure the quality, quantity and most importantly that you can download the phototsets as complete files.

**This isn't a terrible site except for anyone looking for pics but it is really disapointing.
If you want to see Alexis have hardcore sex and down't mind that the scenes are in parts than you should be satisfied.

07-29-11  06:28pm

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Visit All Over 30

All Over 30

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -They have nearly 530 models to choose from.
-They have over 2150 videos.
-They have over 5900 phtosets.
-Movies can be streamed online with flash player
-All the videos can be downloaded as a complete file in either WMV or MPG. They also have some videos.
-All photosets can be downloaded as a complete file. They all offer pics 1024 and 1536 format and some of the newer ones also come in 2400.
-They have an active forum for their members.
-They have a calender showing the updates for the next 7 days.
-Update are a mixture of 5 photosets/videos.
-Content is all dated.
Cons: -The majority of photosets and videos are mostly softcore to midore so very little hardcore to choose from.
-There are nearly 3 times more photosets than videos.
-The majority of models are 41 or less so you might want to look elsewhere if you were looking for older ladies.
-They don't update with the models photoset and corresponding video at the same time.
Bottom Line: -This is an impressive site with a large library of content but I can't help but feel disapointed that there is so little hardcore to be found inside and also that there are so few videos. I may have gottent my hopes up thinking that there would be much more than there really is.

-The site should update with a photoset and the video that goes with it instead of doing it over a certain period of time.

-This is a hard site to recommend because I'm not sure exactly who they are trying to cater to. It's a mature site but since most of the models are in their 30's then that might not be what some of us consider very mature. There is hardcore but again not that much so that might not be enough to satisfy those people. There weren't too many glamour videos or photosets so again that cuts another group. I guess if you want to see women from the age of 30 to 41 do solo shoots and some fetich and hardscore then this might be the site for you. I suspect most others will be a disapointed like me.

05-29-11  09:57am

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Visit Anal Acrobats

Anal Acrobats

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Access to the Evil Angel network.
-Special price of 20$ through TBP/PU.
-Large library of material(based on newtwork).
-Early access to scenes from just released dvd's.
-Some exclusive material.(based on network).
-Good Dowload speed.
-Videos can be streamed in flash or downloaded in WMV and some in Quicktime as well.
-The videos all come in at least medium or high
Cons: -The navigation speed within the network is quite bad. Clicking on an icon and waiting 10 seconds or more for a response is quite common.

-The search engine is a mess. Good luck trying to find a specific scene or actress.

-This is mostly non-exclusive material. This is more important for members of videobox that also took the EA option.
Bottom Line: -In many ways the network feels more like an EA promotional tool than an actual stand alone site.
It makes sense since EA is possibly the top porn studio at the moment and having a site that showcases some of their material is sure to attract more buyers to their dvd's.

-The network has potential and if one day they decide to improve it then I would recommend it.
The way it stands at this moment. I would stay away. The satisfaction you may get is not worth the frustration you are sure to receive.

-I think EA should decide if they need or want a stand alone network or simply make their entire library available to sites like Videobox. It's less profitable through Videobox, but you get far more traffic.

-I debated what score to give them. I love most of EA's stuff and any site gives me acces to their content is great. That would be worth a high 90 score, but the navigation speed kills it for me. I don't have the patience needed to find what I want.

11-01-09  08:53am

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Visit Anal Pantyhose

Anal Pantyhose

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +Full access 3 day trial for 8$
+A nice selection of Eastern European models.
+Content is dated and they add one new scene per week.
+There are 165 videos which can be viewed online of downloaded a single file. Resolution is 640x480.
+There are 236 photo sets which can be downloaded as a single zip file. Resolution seems to be 1024x768 for all pics.
Cons: -They update with one scene per week but it's either a video file or a photo file so you never actually get both at the same time. Actually it's more common to get only one type of file.
-Some of the models have multiple scenes butthey are all with the same male talent.
-There are two seperate watermarks on the videos. One of the top left of the screen and one on the bottom right.
-The videos are a little grainy and lighting is sometimes an issue.
-The makeup on some of the models does not enhance their appearance but makes them look less appealing than they are.
-Videos are quite short since they rarely get above 15 minutes and many are below that.
-There is a search by model name but you actually get the names of the models for all Ferro sites and not just this one.
(cons continued below)
Bottom Line: (cons continue)
-There is a useless search box where you can enter a model's name and find all her videos or photosets based on the different Ferro sites but you can do the same by simply searching through the models page.
-You can only download 3 videos at the same time.
-The names of the model are not the ones they are known elsewhere on the net.

Bottom Line:
*This is not a bad site but only if you are taking the trial membership. Otherwise I think most people will be disapointed. The overall site design looks dated and could use a facelift. This is nothing new since the site looks about the same as it was when I was last a member a few years ago.

*The premise for the all the scenes is basically that females wear pantyhose and have anal sex. The bulk of the scenes are b/g but there are a couple of g/g scenes with toys or strapons.

*I was actually quite surprised to see that the videos are all quite grainy which is unusual since I have plenty of videos at 640x480 resolution and they don't have that grainy look to them. That mes a lower resolution video look worse than it should. When you add the two large watermarks on oppostite sides of the screen then you compound the problem. At least if they had picked some more discreet ones then I might not be as annoyed with them but these aren't small or discreet.

**I guess if you aren't too picky about video quality and you have 10$ floating in your pocket then you could give this site a try.**

06-30-13  11:18am

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Visit Anal Teen Angels

Anal Teen Angels

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -They have some of the first anal scenes from many of the newest Eastern Europeans girls.
-They currently have over 70 scenes.
-Videos can be downloaded in wmv or h.264 and both come in multiple levels of quality.
-Acess to 30 sites with this membership and I'd say that at least half of those are worth it.
-A reward program that allows you access to more sites whithe the network for each subsequent month you remain a member.
Cons: -The new site design is still hard to get used to. This is more for returning members.
-Surfing speeds are still a little slow but seem to be imporving.
-The names of the models are not always those seen on other sites.
-The choice of some of the males could be a little better.
Bottom Line: This is a site that I started keeping track off when it was added to the 21Sextury network. I was tempted to join but I didn't like the bundle of sites offered with the membership. I got access through the reward program for my pix and video membership.

They have some gorgeous models doing anal for the first time and some of them were met-art models. Even the models that have done anal on other site seem to look better here or at least the quality seems to be better.

I highly recommend this site if you like teens getting analyzed.

02-06-10  08:48am

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Visit Angie Noir

Angie Noir

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +Content is all exclusive(with reserve).
+You get access to 10 other sites.
+Videos can be streamed online or downloaded in WMV or MP4. The resolution for downloads is 1280x720.
+Some of her scenes have a little scenario.
+You can download the photosets as a single zip file and resolution is 1633x919.
+Content is dated and you can see when the next scene is being added.
Cons: -The site is tiny with only 20 videos and 14 photosets.
-Not sure if this is a prelude to anything else but the site was updating with one new scene per week since they went online but the last one was on Aug 8 and the next one is only on Aug 29.
-The content is dated but the date is not based on production but when the video was uploaded to the site.
-5 of the network sites haven't updated since 2012 or before and a couple of the others don't update on a regular basis.
-1 of the other sites is leased mateial.
-There is content overlap where the same scene is available on more than one site.
Bottom Line: *I actually discovered Angie when I was surfing the different studios on clip4sale. I found her rather attractive and she had a nasty streak that interested me so I was quite happy when I found out that she had started her own site and even more that she was part of a network. Otherwise I might have waited until there was more content before joining.

*Now all the stuff on this site can be found on clips4sale but the price of one complete scene is about the same as the join price for this entire network. She has a lot more content on her clips4sale store but I suspect that she will use that content to update this new site.

*Angie is an attractive older woman who loves to have her holes stretched and the stretching is often of the larger variety than other women. The scenes vary in lengths but 10 minutes seems to be the shortest while 36 minutes is about the longest. There is a mixture of solo, g/g and b/g so there is something for everyone except people looking for a more venially type of porn.

08-28-13  06:24pm

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Visit Anjanette Astoria

Anjanette Astoria

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +Production value on many of the videos is very impressive with the use of soundtracks, scripts, dialogue, visual effects and editing.
+Anjanette is a beautiful 38 years old women with natural 36D breast who does hot sex scenes.
+Videos can be downloaded in MP4. The resolution varies from 640x352 to 848x480 and the bit rate also varies from 2300 to over 4000 kbps.
+There are 24 videos and they update with 1 new video each week.
**I normally don't put cost as a pros but 10$ for one month is hard to complain about.
Cons: -The lower video resolution means that videos aren't as crisp on full screen.
-The use of a soundtrack is a good idea but not when the music is nso loud that it overlaps the action.
-The use of visual effects in some of the videos can be a plus or a negative for some members.
-There are 24 videos but some of them are parts of a larger scene.
-There are no real search options and navigation is pretty much limited to next page or previous page.
-There are only 11 photosets and the quantity of pics in each set is tiny. not to mention that you can't download the sets as a complete file.
Bottom Line: -Anjanette is beautiful woman as well as an excellent sex performer and that adds a lot of heat to the scenes. She's not affraid of doing hardcore so that is also a plus. The main drawback for me is the quality on some of the videos. 848x480 is not bad but 640x352 is. This is a new site so they may address this in future videos.

*-Another necessary improvement will have to be the navigation system. As more content is added then it will be harder for new members to find scenes unless they want to scroll through many pages of videos.

**-Not a necessary improvement but one that will garner her more members are the photosets. A key part of good solo model sites are the many different phototsets that are exclusif to their site. If you are going to offer pics than make sure they are of higher quality, that there are sufficient amounts of pics and can be downloaded as a complete set.

-I could say that if you are a fan of Anjanette then you have to join her site but I personaly had never heard of her until I saw her site on TBP. Now that I know who she is and what she does then I will keep track of her work. Her site is only 10$ so if you think she looks good and want to see her do some hardcore shoots then go ahead.

07-22-11  07:37am

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Visit Back Room Casting Couch

Back Room Casting Couch

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +Content is all exclusif.
+there are more than 190 scenes.
+The vast majority of the girls are amateurs and this is one of the few places you'll see them do hardcore.
+They have a wide variety of teen models.
Cons: -They don't seem to updating very often but I can't say how often they do because they don't put dates on their content.
-The videos can only be downloaded in WMV and resolution is a rather poor 640x360.
-All the videos are shot in POV and the guy doesn't really know how use a camera.
-The interview part of the video is a complete waste of time and pure BS.
-All the scenes are shot in the same office and on the same couch and desk.
-There is no editing so a good chunk of the video is the guy moving the camera or tripod around the room.
-The sex is mediocre at best.
-Still no pics of any kind.
Bottom Line: *I only joined this site because I got a deal when I joined exploited college girls because you also get this one. This is my second time on this site and it will also be my final time.

*The premise for the site is very interesting and someone with talent should be able to make a killing but the guy responsible for this mess either doesn't have any talent or simply doesn't care about the final product. You would think that someone who's been doing this for as long as he has would get better with time but I did not see a difference between the newer videos and the older stuff.

*All the flaws that were there in 2010 are still there. You have the stupid interview where it's hard to believe the BS being said. You have his hiden face whenever it's in the shot. The videos are all POV and tripod shot so that's already a negative. There are many bad camera angles, weird cut in the action, bad camera position during the action so that the shots are wasted, he likes to talk during the video.

*Shooting in an office environment with a chair, desk and the typical casting couch is such a bad idea because the room is small, the performer is never really made comfortable and this nis especially true during the sex because she will either be on her back on the hard desk(no padding of any kind), bent forward over the desk or having sex on the sofa which happens to be a few feet in front of the sofa whcih means that you can't really use the tripoid appropriately during what should be the most comfortable part of the video for the girl.

**It's hard to recommend this mess to anyone but anyone who wants to see amateurs have sex and don't really mind if the sex is badly shot, not very intense, where the male is not a good sex performer and where each video looks like the previous one might get something out of it. Everyone else should stay far away.**

03-16-12  06:11am

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Visit Back Room Casting Couch

Back Room Casting Couch

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -They have a nice mix of female body types.
-Many of the girls are amateurs or new to the porn biz.
-Nearly 150 videos.
-Videos appear to all be wmv.
-You can use a download manager.
Cons: -No photos of any kind.(screencaps would have been nice).
-Only one page so you have to keep scrollig down to find the next videos.
-You can only download 4 videos and that's with or without a download manager.
-All the scenes are POV and he uses a couple of cameras to give you different perspectives but the editing is so bad that some of the shot are of the guy playing with the camera while many of the others ones show bad angles of the action.
-All the scenes are filmed in the same office the desk or the floor.
-The guy never stops talking and that's fine in the interview part but you would hope that once the actions starts that he'd shut-up.
-The guy doesn't want to be identified so you have a pixelated circle whenenever there is a chance that we might see his face.
Bottom Line: The site has some good looking girls and most of these have never made it unto my porn radar so I was curious to see them in action. After having joined this site then I can honestly say, that I'm still curious to see them in action.

I'm glad that this guy has money to get girls to have sex with him on camera and his choice of girls is very good but I wish he cared enough about his customers to allow us to see them in action. Get a camera man or get a performer but don't try to be both.

If you want to see some really cute amateurs have sex and don't mind talking during the sex and the less than stellar camera shots then you might enjoy this site.

12-11-10  07:09pm

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Visit Bang My Teen Ass

Bang My Teen Ass

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +They have some cute Eastern European models.
+Part of their content is exclusif.
+Videos can be dowloaded in 1280x720 resolution.
Cons: -Site is tiny with only 32 videos and not really updating with new content.
-The content is dated but they must change the date on a regular basis because the oldest scenes is dated in 2012 but the site has been active since 2009.
-A percentage of the content is leased material that is available on amny other sites.
-They have a search option but since they don't have tags or do not name any of the models so I'm not sure what you would search.
-The site is cluttered with third party advertising and there's no way to escape it no matter on which page you are.
Bottom Line: *I got access to this site with my teen analyzed membership and am I glad I did because this was always a site on my possible join list and I would have been royally pissed if i had paid any amount for this unimpressive site.

*This is not a very good site but they do have some nice videos and the girls are all pretty cute. of course you probably already have them if you are member of Eastern European pon sites but even if you don't then you probably have a similar scene with the same girl.

**There is very little to recommend this site. If you like the girls on the preview section than join TMW and you will probably get the same videos or very similar for less money and better quality.**

01-16-13  05:56pm

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Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +Their content is all exclsuif and they add 2-3 new scenes per day.
+They have over 6400 videos to choise from going as far bask as 2002 and they can all be downloaded as a single file.
+Videos since 2009 are offered in HD 1280x720.
+They have an excellent selection of mostly American performers with a good mix of body type and age group.
+They offer a photoset for each of their scenes which can be downloaded as a single zip file and resolution for the ones from 2011 to now is 1224x816.
+All the scenes are tagged with multiple keywords so that you can search for a particular word.
+They keep remastering some of their older videos.
Cons: -The site is still clutered with advertising for their other sites and offers for cam shows.
-You have to go through two pages of advertising to get to the main Bangbros page and one of these is sort of made to trick members into believing they have access to certain sites.
-About 1/4 of the first page is dedicated to useless crap and cam shows and worse it's at the top of the page so you have to scroll down to actually see the content you want.
-All the videos have multiple keywords but some of the words aren't correct for the content.
-They haven't fixed their search option so although you can search for keywords. The order in which the videos is presented is never chronological and no way to do that.
Bottom Line: *It really sucks when a good site like Bangbros can't or won't clean up their site to make finding stuff easier. Here you have one of the really good porn sites who updates more often than most of the others and does a very decent job at shooting a wide variety of porn but where the site design is so annoying as to make each visit a pain rather than a pleasure. I'm just glad that I'm a returning member who already has most of the content he wants and is only looking for the last few months worth. The thought of having to find stuff through 11 years owrth would be a daunting task.

*They still manage to hire some top performers and they get them to do hardcore porn. They also seem to have a higher number of unknown girls as opposed to their counterpart in the US. That's both a good thing and a bad one because it's quite common for those girls to shoot porn one or two scenes for Bangbros and then disapear to never be seen again.

**The bottom line is that it's only 15$ and you will more than get your moneys worth. The only people that should avoid this site are those looking for softcore to midcore content because there is almost none.**

*I took a couple of points off from my last review because the clutter is starting to annoy and they really need to fix the search results.*

09-14-13  10:04pm

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Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +They update with 2 or more scenes per day.
+They currently have over 5000 scenes to choose from.
+They have a wide selection of performers and they tend to lso have a slightly greater variety than the other sites with similar content.
+You can download the videos in WMV and MP4 and all videos since 2009 are offered in HD.(The HD is 1280x720)
+All the videos have an accompanying phototsets that can be downloaded as a single zip file. The resolution is 1200x800 on the last. the others appear to be 800x550.
+They have started to remaster some of their older scenes.
Cons: -A percentage of their updates are in fact remastered older scenes so not really new content.
-A percentage of their content is either only BJ or footjobs.
-They tag anal on many scenes but the only anal is maybe a finger
-They have some pop up adds on their main screen.

**-These following cons are in reference to the new site design and not the older site(see bottom line for info on old site).
-An annoying site design where it feels more like advertising for their other products and less about offering the best acces to this sites content.
-Search option are rather limited and results cannot be accessed chronologicaly.
-I always had to double click to get back to the previous page once I had selected a specific scene.
Bottom Line: *This is the second best reality porn site after Brazzer. I guess they equal or surpass Brazzer depending on the type of porn you like. I still prefer the type of porn Brazzer does but I like scenario porn and this is not what these guys really do. Their idea of scenario porn is mostly the fake amateur girl agreeing to do porn right off the street.

*I think Bangbros shoots in Florida so they have access to a different group of performers than their West Coast counterparts. I think that's the reason why they have more interracial content vs the other sites. The interracial aspect may be a plus or a negative based on your preferences. They appear to employ some unknown male performers and that can sometime be a plus but I found it slightly negative because the guys are either not very good and sometime they aren't able to keep wood.

*It's nearly impossible for anyone that likes the type of porn that Reality king, Naughty America or Brazzer do to avoid joining Bangbros at least once. I know that I've done it more than once because they still have certain exclusif types of scenes not found on any of the similar sites. my last time on this site was a couple of years ago and scrolling through the past updates was bitter sweet for me because I noticed so many performers that shot only a couple of scene for thse guys and then disapeared from the industry.

*They currently have 96 remastered scenes so anyone that wanted to see some of their older content but wanted better quality may be satisfied butI mostly avoided those because most of them didn't appeal.

**In regards to the new design. My suggestion is that you simply log in to the old members sarea. It opens into another window and you will not have to deal with any of the issue found in the new site design.**

**The only people that might want to avoid this site are those that don't like interracial porn, BJ only and footjopb only stuff. If you remove those 3 things then you may find the pickings a litle small.**

05-10-12  07:00am

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Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -An excellent selection of models to choose from that cover most ethnicity, age groups and body type.

-They seem to have some exclusive models or at least some that have little to nothing elsewhere.

-A gigantic library of videos.

-Surfing and download speeds are pretty decent.

-The search engine allows to search by using multiple parameters like hair color, body type, fetish and many others.

-They update regularly.
Cons: -They give titles to each video but more often than not it doesn't include the models name. You have to enter the vid page to see her name.

-Their content is more like semi-pro porn than actual reality porn with little scenarios. I'd compare their content to Reality Kings.

-You can only download a full scene in WMV. You can choose MPG or WMV if you want to dowmload the scene in sections.

-The quality of the newer vids is pretty good but the older stuff is rather poor.

-They do not offer a preview of upcoming updates.

-The photosets aren't very good and screencaps are worse.
Bottom Line: I'm groing through most of the top rated sites joined this one first then my score might have been higher but after seeing Brazzer & Naughty America then this one pales in comparaison.

They lost a few points right at the beginning when I had to click the video page to find the name of the model. You'd think that with a search engine like they have. They'd realise that we want to know the name of the model and we really don't want to click twice to get it.

The fact that they have such a large content and the cost of joining is so low helps them.

They might consider offering more video download options and higher resolution as well.

12-05-09  12:16pm

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Visit Barbi's Slutty Adventures

Barbi's Slutty Adventures

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 08-19-11  06:27pm  (Update History)
Reason: false information given to members
Pros: +Content is exclusif, dated and they update with a mixture of pics and videos at least once a week.
+Over 460 photosets which can be viewed online or can be downloaded as complete zip files.
+Over 230 videos.
+Videos can be streamed in Flash.
+Barbi does can shows at least once a week and you get free access to those as well as past archived shows.
+There is a nice search option with pre-selected keywords to help members find a particular video or pic set.
-Barbi post regular updates on her diary so you get to see her day to day life.
Cons: -Videos cannot be downloaded at this moment.
-You can stream videos in flash player but lag time is horrible.
-The content has a watermark that has changed in design, size and position over the years. I found that the older watermark was hard to miss and in an annoying position.
Bottom Line: *I've had my eyes on Barbi's site since I saw some leased content on a couple of other sites. She's a beautiful blue eyed blond woman in her 30's with a nice body who likes to do a variety of different sexual things and doesn't mind being filmed or have pictures taken while doing them. Now can you imagine my disapointment when I first joined and realised that you couldn't download any of the videos?

**I'm not sure when they stopped making videos available for download except to say that there was a review done in June and even then the videos seemed to be hard to download. All I can say is that I've been a member for 20 days and I still can't download them. I made inquiries two weeks ago and at the time I was told that it should be a couple more days. There are regular diary updates that say that they are working on a new site and that this should be done soon but these post go back more than 6 weeks and there is still no changes. The strange thing is that you can still download the photosets.

-This is an almost perfect solo model site where you can see that the people involve really care about giving the site a personality. which is why I feel bad about giving them a bad score.

***Serious crappy customer service***
I dropped my original score from 72 to 69 for the following reason. I wrote a comment that the site was going through a transition and that the videos were streaming only. I was never able to confirm otherwise because the new site went online 2 days before my membership expired and amazingly enough. I lost access to the site at the same time. I emailed epoch right away to see if they could see what was happening. They sent me an email with my log in info and said that everything was fixed. Of course it wasn't and my membership expired while we were still exchanginfg emails. Their last one only said they couldn't do anything anymore since my membership expired.she could do but I'm still waiting for an answer and it's now been 2 weeks since I sent my email. I'm quite pissed with the site because of their contined BS info to members that the new site was ready. Their last info to me personally was that the site was going up at least 3-4 days before my membership was expiring and promising that I could download videos.****

07-29-11  07:13am

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Visit Black Owned Wives

Black Owned Wives

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +You get access to 21 sites.
+The processor is CC Bill
+Cancellation was a piece of cake
+Join price was cheaper than for some of the other sites.
-Site design is simple so it's easy to find everything you are looking for(Of course you won't be looking long since there is nothing worth finding).
Cons: -The content is not exclusif and can be found on other sites.
-I don't think a single one of these sites has updated in many years.
-All the videos associated with the network are broken into multiple clips. Some of which number in the high 30's.
-The quality of the vids is bad to awful and is also getting older all the time.
-The only single file videos are leased from other sites.
-The vast majority of the videos exist as single files on sites like clip4sale so why not make them available for their own sites.
Bottom Line: *I'm going to make this short and sweet. If these sites were only a dollar then it would still be one dollar too many. There is nothing that can be found on these sites that is worth looking at or let alone download to your computer. That's not to say that there aren't some decent videos because I saw some of them on clip4sale and they looked a 100 times better than anything that can be found here but the awful business practice all of these sites perpetrate is why some people say Tube sites is the way to go.

*I Googled some of the videos and I found some of them on a few Tube Sites and I even checked part of one of them and the quality was better than what I paid for with these sites.

*Here is the list of sites you get with your membership so that if you're ever in the mood for some interracial porn then you'll know which sites not to pick.

-Black man's cum dump(what a great name...Not).

-I cuckold my husband.(He wasn't the only one who got cuckoled here).

-Whoring out my wife(I'm sure she would prefer to be called something else than a whore).

-Black owned wife(Yeah who doesn't like that)

-Black men's use my wife(I'm seeing a pattern forming with these titles).

-Black man's whore(white mean's angel).

-Black cock whore(Yeah I'm definitely seeing a pattern).

-Florida Mandigos (I wonder what kind of bird this is).

-Wife's sloppy seconds(Mmm who doesn't like that?)

-Mandigo mama. (Is that the mother of the bird?)

-Black owned wives(I guess they found more women so they needed a new site).

-Black magic xxx(Nope same old shity magic).

-Mandigo blonde(bird with bleached feathers).

-Brooke Lauren(I guess she didn't want to be part of the wives group).

-Alice in blacland(It has to be because this is no wonderland).

-Mandigo Candi (I don't think bird flavored candy is all that appealing).

-Florida Domme(They tried to copy the astrodome but they were sued and had to change the name).

-Mandigo redhead (bird on fire)

-Mandigo max(maximum crap more like it).

-Hubby humiliates me(paying for this crap humiliated me).

-Gerri's darkside(we told her to put some pants on and now it's hidden from view).

***If you ever see any of these sites or any with similar names then please stay away. It's your money and you can do what you want with it but don't come complaining to me that you were cheated because I bite the bullet so you didn't have to.***

08-19-13  05:15pm

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Visit Blacked.com


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Site design is nice and clean with almost no third party advertising.
+ Their selection of models is excellent with an emphasis on young women in their 20's(blond young women).
+ The sex is gonzo but it's a more vanilla version and there is an obvious desire by the producer to make it appear as though the models are truly enjoying themselves.
+ They cater to two niches that are almost non-existant on the net.
+ They update once a week and all their content is dated.
+ Each scene has an accompanying photoset that can be viewed online or downloaded as asingle zip file. Resolution on pics is an excellent 2000x3000.
+ Videos can be viewed online or downloaded. The downloaded videos come in six versions. 280p, 360p and 480p for mobile device and you have 480p, 720p and 1080p HD for the computer.
+They upload info on the next update about a week before it is available for streaming or download
Cons: - Site is still quite small with only 50 scenes.
- Site is still has a few glicthes when it comes to surfing the various options available.
-They have icons to help you find what you are looking for but most are not very useful and others simply don't work(see glitches).
-They tend to hire the same models so although there are 50 scenes available. It's not uncommon form some models to have two or more scenes.
-Gonzo fans interested in a brand of more intense interracial porn may be disapointed with their content.
-Price is rarely a con for me (unless it is very high) but I can't help feel that the 30$ join price is hurting them as it may put off some possible customers
Bottom Line: *I got a special email offer to join for half of the TBP price and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to join right away. I know that i would have done it sooner than later even if I hadn't gotten the special offer but it was definitely the catalyst that made me join right away. As a side note. I think the site would be wise to offer TBP members a discount as I know if will increase traffic to the site.

*Now my first impression upon seeing the site was wow what a nice clean site with little to any third party advertsing to clutter the screen(I can think of quite a few sites that could use a refresher course on how to design their site by looking at this site). Then it was an even bigger wow when I saw a few of the videos. It's clear to me that the people responsible for this site made sure to hire competent camera operators who know their art. The scenes are all well shot with just the right mix of lighting and camera angles.

*The sex is obvioulsy gonzo but it is a more mellow kind of gonzo and if I can say this about gonzo than it is also a more passionate looking gonzo scene. It is still purely all sex with little to any dialogue(other than at the beginning), no scenario and setup. There are appears to be a genuine desire by the producers to shoot a passionate scene than you usually see in gonzo porn. That can be a plus if you are someone like me or it can be a negative if you prefer your porn a little more crude and raunchy. I'm not saying that the sex isn't hot or intense because it is.

*There are a few glicthes with the site. Nothing serious but a little annoying. Their model section doesn't work if you go by model name. All it does is keep showing the same models regardless of the page you select to view. Their catwegory section is also not working properly. You have siome ioptions that give you only a few results when you know it should give you more.

**Now I don't know if the producers are going to add a new scene every four days instead of once a week but as I write this review. They have an update every four days now instead of once a week. I will ammend my review if i notice that the trend continues.

***This is a site that is well worth joining if you are a fan of interracial porn and aren't looking for any kind of setup other than there is a hot looking woman having hot sex with a well endowed black man. Anyone looking for a more extreme kind of porn should look elsewhere.***

03-07-15  11:12am

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Visit Blacks on Blondes

Blacks on Blondes

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Membership gives you access to 14 other sites.

-Download speed is quite good using I.E and no dowmload manager.

-They have over 1000 videos in the network.

-The sex is all interracial going from mild to intense.

-There are quite a few videos with a little scenarios which adds to the fantasy aspect.

-A good choice of models with a greater emphasis on milf.

-Blacks on Blonde appears to still be updating.
Cons: -Blacks on blondes and Glory Hole seem to be the only 2 sites still releasing new content. It's difficult to tell because although they give you the release dates on the sites. I don't believe that they are accurate.

-The quality from site to site or from older to newer material is of varying quality.

-The more recent videos can be downloaded whole or in 3 parts but quite alot of the older material on the other sites is in multiple parts.

-Some of the sites do not have the option of downloading the complete set in one file.
Bottom Line: The main reason why I joined was because you got access to Spring Thomas and Katie Thomas with the membership. I've had my eye on the 3 sites for a long time. I wouldn't have joined them individually but in a package it was difficult to pass up.

I think this a very good join, download all the content you want and then don't comeback for a long time. I'm pretty sure Spring and Katie are no longer updating and most of the other sites are variations of black on blondes.

If you like IR, gangbang, milf, cum swallowing style of sex than you should give these guys a try.

09-27-09  09:30am

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