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pat362 (375) 10-07-12  01:22pm
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Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 10-08-12  06:20pm  (Update History)
Reason: I added some info as to why i can't download content and i dropped my score
Pros: +Access to 10 other sites.
+The ability to stream videos online in a flash player.
+You can download the videos in two different H264 format with 640x480 resolution being the best available.
+Video quality is not that bad when you consider that most of the content is 20 or more years old.
+You get access to some movies not easily found on the net.
Cons: Where to begin?
-The first thing you notice upon entering this site and most of the other sites is that there is a flash player located in the top middle part of the screen which is showing a model currently appearing on one of their cam sites and there is no way to turn that off. That means that I'm wasting my valuable alloted download quota on crap that I don't want. They seem to rotate through different active models in the hope, I guess, of attracting enough customers so that the model can start a private show.
Bottom Line: cons continued:

-The second thing you notice is that no matter where you happen to be in regards to the movie. If you use your back button (which you must) then you are always brought back to the main page. Now the site haseither 134 pages or 201 depending on which section you are(don't ask me I don't know why) but you can only see 13 of those pages identified on the screen. You have to scroll from left to right depending on hwere you want to go. That's a pisser when you are on page 65 and you use the back button and wind one on page 1
-The third thing you notice is the tags on each scene/movie is so bad that it's more a problem than anythign else.
-The fouth thing you notice is that to get to the download section. You have to go through the streaming section first so every time you pick a scene then you have to stop the flash player from loading the video prior to geting on the download section or the video will stream while you are dowloading.
-The fifth thing you notice is that there are many duplicate tiles on the site so the total number of actual movies is a lot less than advertised and I noticed that not every scene from the movies is available.
-The sixth thing you notice is that pretty much every other site in the network has all of the above problems and they all basically share the same content so why even offer other sites?
-The seventh thing you notice (at least I did) is that this content is in part or all available to anyone with a membership to one of Manwin's site. Look in their bonus Content section and you will see that the design is very similar to this one. Of course finding something will be a lot hard but you'd save yourself 20$.

**I'm adding this last one because it happened to me and I've yet to get it resolved. About a week in to me membership. I lost the ability to stream or download videos and I nstill haven't been able to correct that problem after two days. It could be my system but if it is then why is it that I could do all those things in the morning and I couldn't in the evening?
****I finally got my answer and the reason why I can't stream or download content is because I've reached my quota for the month so I will not be able to stream or download anymore from any of the sites. I didn't do the exact math but I gather that I downloaded between 10 and 15 Gigs of data. No clue as to how much I streamed but it can't have been much since I was only interested in downloading the videos to watch at a later date.***I

***Bottom line is that I wish I could recommend this network because I wanted it to be good but It isn't and I don't think it ever will. The people responsible for these sites don't seem to care about putting a decent product.

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Harley Girl (7)
Good Evening,

First, please allow me to say that we are sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with your membership to our site (s). We make it a priority to see that all our members are happy with the product and if there are any issues with the membership we try to resolve it as quickly as possible.

I will try to answer each "con" you have with the site in hopes that it may assist you in enjoying the membership fully.

1) The flash player at the entrance of the members area is a live cam featuring a rotating model which has no affected on your usage and does not have any bearing on your download allotment, as it's simply a live feed. It's just there as an added bonus, as with many other (almost all) membership sites.

2) The back button is not the only means of navigation throughout our site, you have many options. Such as the number pages in which you can use to get from page 1 - 201 at any point. The navigation at the top of the page on each of the pages will take you to any section of the membership area you wish. Most movie websites allow you to click "next" to get to the next movie/scene or for browsing purposes. I'm sorry that the navigation isn't to your liking :(

3) I like to think our tags are accurate, we've been doing this for 12 years ;)

4) It's typical to have the video play either during download or before, it's standard with any movie site.

5) I'm not seeing any duplicate titles, unless you are referring to any of our network sites possibly having the same movie in one of their membership areas, which could be because the niches cross over and we try to give our members access to all movies we have in our collection for best value. If there is a duplicate on a site please feel free to email me and i can look into it.

6) I beg to differ on this one, except as noted above that if a niche crosses over we may offer that movie in the other site as well. However, CaballeroClassics.com will only have Caballero Movies and PornstarClassics will have movies that you will not find in Caballero as it covers more studios. Our niche sites like MommyLovesPussy.com features Lesbian and DoMyMom.com features a MILF content base and Mensmovies.com is pretty obvious with gay content!
So i'm not sure how "All our sites have the same content"

7) The internet is full of online porn and while we like to think each of our sites is unique it is just impossible to offer content that is not available elsewhere unless you shoot exclusive content yourself or own a reality based site. We do however have the largest collection of Classic Porn titles online. Just like any product or business you are always going to find competition or similar products but we have a fantastic retention on members and that is because we take care of our members and go that extra step.

The reason your membership was "paused" is because you had reached your download limits for the month. We are happy to re-activate your membership for you.

10-07-12  06:58pm

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Harley Girl (7)
oh, and i'd also like to add a reply to your comment about us not caring about anything other than taking peoples money.

Completely uncalled for and our customer service is one of the best in the industry and we answer personally to each email within 12-24 hours of being contacted.

I welcome your email at the following address with any further concerns or comments you have about our product.

harleygirl AT smashbucks.com

Thank you for your business and have a great evening :)

10-07-12  07:05pm

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pat362 (375) REPLY TO #1 - Harley Girl :

1-Why is there a live feed for cam stuff on the main page? If you feel the need to make money from that then do like other sites and have a seperate section where members can choose to go and see if it's something they want. When I said that the live feed on the flash player ate my alloted download quota. I was not refering to your site but my ISP.

2-Of course the back button isn't the only way to navigate within your sites and I never said it was. My statement still stand's that it's impossible to navigate within the same page once you have selected a movie because the momenrt you use the back button to leave that movie. You are brought back to page one each and every time.

3-Well either you've never looked at the content on your site or someone is lying to you because your tags are awful. I like anal so let me show you how bad this tag is. The movie Summer of 72 has 4 scenes tagged with anal but there aren't any. American Desires should have 1 scene tagged with anal but it isn't. Asspiring Actress has 4 scenes tagged with anal but you actually only have 1. I could keep on writing titles tagged with anal and where there are none in the movie. In case you think I picked the worst offender then let me reassure you. It's worse for the "ass to mouth" tag because there are 142 pages of movies with that tag and most of them don't even have anal in them let alone ass to mouth.

4-You'll have to give me the names of the movie sites where the movie/scenes load to stream when members want to download to watch.

5-Let me give you some duplicate titles on just this site. A little nookie, Amber Lynn Non-stop, Amber Lynn, personal best, American Desire and so on.

6-I agree that this site has only movies from the Caballero studio but most of the other sites tend to share the same movies among themselves and it's common to also find the same Caballero movies on the other sites.

7-You do claim to be the only place on the net where someone can view re-mastered VHS tapes of caballero movies but I rarely credit sites with any degree of honesty on these kind of statements and therefore I almost never use that in my score or review. If your sites weren't such a mess then I probably wouldn't have mentioned where others can legally find these movies but as you can see from my replies. Your sites need major overhaul...or not. What you do with the info I gave you is up to you. just know that I will never return to your sites and I'm a huge fan of golden age porn.

**I must have missed the part on your sites where it says that a member can only download "X" amount of content before he is banned.
I don't have the exact number but I don't think I downloaded more than 15 Gigs total and it's probably less than that. Now maybe you guys think that this is a high number but I probably downloaded that from just one site today and I could dwoload twice as much tomorrow and they would have no problem.

10-07-12  10:17pm

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pat362 (375) REPLY TO #2 - Harley Girl :

I have amended my review and changed the wording a little. It's still not a favorable statement but I don't feel your sites deserve one.
10-07-12  10:22pm

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Harley Girl (7)
This will be my last reply to your review.

I would like to point out that your comments about "our products (movies) being offered in another site "Manwin's" for a cheaper price...

Manwin's is not a site but rather the man/company who owns the site, therefor it seems that you are posting a review on behalf of the other company as most "members" wouldn't know the owners "first name" of a company, unless they were friends or hired by that company to post negative reviews to other programs.

We are good friends with the people who run "the best porn.com" and while i LOVE the idea of having a member review site for porn sites i believe that you are misusing the websites actual purpose.

I believe that if you are going to post a review on a website it needs to be factual and accurate. Your review is neither of those.

10-08-12  08:11am

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pat362 (375) REPLY TO #5 - Harley Girl :

Do me a huge favor and at least reply to the post I did yesterday where I addressesed the comments you kindly posted about my review. Please point me to where any of what I said was untrue and I'll be more than happy to amend my review. I think I gave you some really good examples to corroborate my points.

I am glad that you are good friends with TBP and I would think that as a good friend you would want your relationship based on honesty.
I would also like to add that I did the review for Porn User and not for TBP but since TBP does own this site then if they feel that my review was unjust then they can tell me that they are deleting it and I'll accept their judgement.

10-08-12  09:14am

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arizona606 (0) REPLY TO #5 - Harley Girl :

Why didn't you specify what your download limit is?
04-29-13  02:44pm

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