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Visit VideoBox

1. VideoBox (3)

badandy400 (103) 03-02-08  09:25am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (53), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: High Quality, over 10 MBit video
Thousands of videos
Old Videos still posted
Very fast downloads. I have seen over 45 M-bits
No download limit or DRM
Very frequent updates
Very good price
Offers long term discount pricing of $9.95/month!
Cons: Not too much content for alternate niches
No pictures, hence the name Videobox, but hardly a con
Site wont stop growing, I dont think I can handle all this porn! :)
Bottom Line: Extremely valuable site and a must have for any serious porn user. The download speeds will keep your internet connection pegged. The offer different download packages and prices based on quality of download. Pay more for the dvd quality, you wont be sorry. Also, consider the long term package, it will save you money in the long run since you wont want to leave this site!

Downloading on this site is very easy. They do not seem to limit the amount of connections and they do support pausing downloads.

The bit rates for the videos here do vary a bit. They are usually around 5 MBit/s but I have seen some newer videos at nearly 12 MBit/s. 12 is a bit excessive, even the videos at 6-8 look great. The DVD resolutions are 720x480 or 640x480 for all the new additions and have been there for quite some time now. There are literally thousands of videos to choose from and the updates come every 5 hours!

I am currently a long term member of this site and they give a nice discount for joining long term. They offer 3 options for joining. There is the Basic plan for those who are not interested in DVD quality movies for whatever reason, you can join at $9.95. This is nice because they do not make you pay for something you wont use. There is a monthly plan of $17.95 that allows DVD quality downloads and a 10 month plan for $100 that also allows for the DVD quality.

I intend to stay for a long time!

Yes. I know the score pisses you off!
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Visit VideoBox

2. VideoBox (3)

rearadmiral (384) 07-14-12  07:17am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (73), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Still the undisputed champion of DVD sites
- Huge selection
- Wide variety of niches
- Add-on Ďchannelsí at reasonable prices
- Channel prices are still pro-rated for your first month
- New studios being added
- Still adds five DVDs per day
- Excellent value
- Good download speeds
- Supports download managers with no timeouts
- Multiple viewing options
- VB3 is still not mandatory
- Prospective members can view the full site before joining
- The best alternative to pirated porn on the Ďnet
Cons: - Over-reliance on compilations and low grade Euro movies
- Wonít allow using the same username and password on rejoin
Bottom Line: Before anyone gets mad at this, being my sixth review of VB, let me just say that I planned this as just a comment and then got carried away.

There isnít much more that one can say about VB that hasnít already been said here, but Iíll try. The site offers a virtual porn mega-store with over 12,000 DVDs and the site continues to grow. Whatís interesting is that the opinions and ratings here really run the full spectrum. My personal opinion on VB tends to run with those who are big fans. I join VB twice a year and probably will continue to do so as long as the site exists. I rank it high because what it does, it does well.

The site has hundreds of studios on offer and as the site grows they appear to be attracting more. I wish that some of the bigger studios offered more of their titles to VB but a site this size can only continue to grow as it brings sales to studios that need them. Almost any interest can be satisfied here with the only limitation being that as VB relies on DVDs they donít have some of the more extreme niches since those arenít usually issued on DVDs. But if it happens to be available on DVD, VB probably has some titles in that genre.

VB continues to offer the DVDs in a variety of ways. Streaming is available and downloads are available in both WMV and MP4 formats. The highest resolution available on most is only 640x480 which is low by todayís standards and those come in at 3300kb/s and 30fps. Only one DVD per day is offered with an HD option.

One thing that Iíve always respected about VB is that they donít just rely on a few flashy preview pages and then ask for your credit card number. VB lets prospective members see the entire site. I wish other porn sites would follow this model.

VB still offers premium Ďchannelsí at additional cost. These are great value if you like those studios and VB still offers a pro-rated price through your first month. If you join in week two of your VB membership youíll only pay half the price until both sites renew.

While Iím a big VB fan the site isnít without its flaws. Iíve said this before, and I remain convinced of it: one of VBís biggest selling points is also one of its biggest flaws, namely the addition of five titles per day. What person would argue against more porn, you might ask? One who prefers quality over quantity. With 12,000+ DVDs on the site no one would dispute that VB is the biggest player in downloadable porn DVDs. But to sustain that growth VB relies to heavily on compilations with re-hashed scenes and on low grade Euro porn. Iíll admit that there is an element of subjectivity in this opinion, but I think Iím also being objective when I say that having the same scene on the site in three or four different titled movies adds nothing. Thankfully VB members usually point out a repost so you can avoid it if you have it. As for the Euro stuff, while Iím not a huge Euro fan I can still recognize that there is a difference between good porn and bad porn. They do have good Euro porn here, but they add a lot of bad stuff too. My recommendation to VB is to drop the five-DVD schedule and concentrate on quality instead. One or two quality DVDs per day would be fine and judging from many of the comments on the VB site many other members would agree with me. (I understand that the compilation issue isnít VBís fault since the industry cranks them out, but while they make sense in DVD format, they donít make sense as a download.)

One minor gripe is that the site doesnít let you use the same username and password when you rejoin. Iíd prefer that when I join with the same email Iím given my usual name and password.

The most polarizing aspect of VB seems to be the VB3 interface. My opinion of VB3 is that it appears to be something dreamed up by the marketing people to lure in new members who are attracted to bright shiny things. If that works, thatís great, because obviously VB needs members to continue to operate. It also appears that the technical people have some clout because the old site is still available and still fully functional. Whenever I go to VB the first link I click on is to go to the old site. I hope that option remains available, and I hope that if enough people also vote for the old site with a mouse click that the marketing exercise that is VB3 will be shelved.

Recently, other PU members have reported having low download speeds and even having downloads stop. I experienced none of that and Free Download Manager downloaded everything at the highest supported speed and never once had a broken link or a failed download. It may be that whatever caused that is now fixed.

The bottom line for me is that Iíll continue to both support and recommend VB. It has a few flaws, but those are far outweighed by its advantages. With sites like VB no one has an excuse to access pirated porn or tube sites. VB remains an incredible value and I hope theyíre around for a long time.
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Visit Sex Asian 18

3. Sex Asian 18 (0)

jd1961 (95) 11-26-08  01:32am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (52), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Over 1000 Full Length Videos NO DRM
-Videos Can Be D/L'd In Parts Also
-Updates Daily
-Over 400 Hi-Res Photo Sets
-Zip Files
-All The Top Shelf JAV Stars
-Fast D/L Speed
-Good Search Engine And Indexes
-Short Preview Available For Every Video
Cons: -8 GB Daily D/L Limit
-DVD Cover Photos Are Too Small
-Screencaps Could Be Better
Bottom Line: You can count on one hand top shelf JAV sites available to westerners, as a matter of fact I have a suspicion they are all owned by the same company! However, if you are really into A grade JAV (Japanese Adult Video), Sexasian 18 has a ton of material which is increasing on a daily basis.

The videos are divx avi, 640x480. The download speed I'm getting is about 900 kb/s, and is consistent. 8 GB/day is not a problem for me, but I know a lot of PU's like to go hog crazy with their downloading, so be aware of the limit. There is no DRM here whatsoever. Every video has a preview player on the page to allow a peek before you download the usually 1 GB video. Every video is also broken down by scene for those who don't want the whole thing, or have a slower connection. I do wish they had better screencaps, which here are just a few small size shots. Also, I like to collect the DVD cover with my download, and these are quite small unfortunately.

There are also hundreds of hi-res photo sets, in galleries or available through zip files. A lot of stuff I haven't seen elsewhere.

The models are all first team JAV stars, plus there are newcomers on a weekly basis. The Japanese porn industry is simply huge, it makes one wish there were more sites available.

The site is attractive and user friendly. The search engine is excellent, unless you misspell. And there are actress and video indexes. Also links to the blogs of many JAV stars. Almost all of them have a little dog! You can translate these using google.

This is a great site for the collector of premium JAV porn, and with the archives and daily updates, and limit, it will keep you busy for a long time.
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Visit VideosZ

4. VideosZ (1)

xxrrtt (1) 07-19-09  12:26pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (4), NO (0)
Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Updated: 07-20-09  08:00am  (Update History)
Reason: User pointed out to me that my review was unfair, and I agreed. I also wanted to be more specific in some of my comments.
Pros: -Better than Videobox, because of greater selection of studios offered. It just seems like there's more variety of material.
-Videos are great quality.
-Price is right.
Cons: Only one caveat about this site. I don't like watching videos on my computer, so I transfer them to dvd so I can watch them on my tv and stretch out on the couch (!). It's a big pain, but I've never understood the appeal of sitting at your desk watching video, using a keyboard.

Every single video I did this to had a glitch/stutter every ten seconds or so, making them unwatchable. I've belonged to probably a hundred sites over the years, and always transfer everything to dvd. This has NEVER happened with any other site, not even once. Tried different burning software, didn't make any difference. I wrote them for help, and they said "it's illegal for us to help you." I'd be a longtime member, but in my case I can't. For the vast majority of people this won't be an issue.
Bottom Line: -If you watch the videos on your computer screen, it's an awesome site.
-If you're like me and prefer to burn and then watch on dvd, you might be out of luck.
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Visit Old Spunkers

5. Old Spunkers (0)

messmer (137) 11-14-08  08:38am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (72), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Lots of material, reasonably true to its niche, if, in your eyes, everyone over thirty is old.

Steadily increasing exlusive contents.

Newer videos and pictures (zipped) are of fair quality.

Download speed was around 400 KB/s for me. If this site carried HD contents this would be barely adequate but for downloading pictures and fairly low quality (for 2008) videos it is a fair speed. Also keep in mind that speeds vary depending on your location.

Access to an additional site catering to BBW lovers. Contents of this site are just as
ďbarely tolerableĒ as that of the mother site.
Cons: The name of the site might appeal to some but, to me, it smacks of contempt for anyone over a certain age.

Most picture sets are mind numbingly boring. They might as well be screen captures because there's very little difference between one picture and the next in a given set. Most of the more exciting pictures I found were all pre 2001 and were of that quality.

Recent updates of pictures listed on the home page are still at 1023x685, adequate but not great.

Most videos before 2006 are almost unwatchable in their tiny format and when expanded to full screen are so blurred that there's no enjoyment to be had.

Newer videos can be downloaded in wmv with a 1900 bitrate but I ran into problems right away when I attempted to download a whole scene. See bottom line because there's not enough room in "cons" for the many things wrong with this site.
Bottom Line: I think that maybe the reviewers of TBP gave this site an undeservedly good (even though it's not great) rating. Maybe they felt sorry for the "old" folks present in it!

The pictures are so-so, the videos are so-so, navigation is awkward.

The thumbnails of the models are so small that one can barely make out their facial features.

A good search engine is desperately needed. There is a drop down menu near the bottom of the page that lists various niches but the most important one to me: the age of the model is missing. This would be a small oversight if only the THUMBNAILS were bigger to allow one to see at a glance if a model is thirty or sixty.

In my estimation 90 percent of the exclusive part of the site belongs in Cougar country while only a small handful of models would classify as ďOld SpunkersĒ (Grandma country in my mind).

They CAN be found in abundance in the non- exclusive part, but both their videos and pictures are practically unwatchable (read outdated) unless you're still in possession of a 14Ē monitor and think that 400x300 pixels is the cat's meow.

We're not done with the problems yet. There is a section called Xtras where one can watch old, tiny segments of movies of ladies, aged 40 Ė approx. 60, trouble is half of the streaming bonus videos don't work with Firefox. And the ones that do work are about the size of a postage stamp. Exaggeration, I know, but not by much.

When it comes to the site's exlusive contents you will find 49 models with videos and picture sets. None of them looks to be older than fifty. A plus for some, I know, but why not put cougars or MILFS in the name of the site rather than the despised "Spunkers?"

Sadly, with this site it doesn't take long to discover its inadequacies. One of the first videos I downloaded ďstutteredĒ and skipped badly, forcing me to contact the webmaster who, to his credit, replied promptly, suggesting that maybe I needed a new windows media player. Nope, I don't!

Now to get in a real "con" I couldn't fit in above: when I attempted to download a whole scene of one of the newer videos I ended up with a mess.

The individual segments of a scene are listed above the thumbnail of the video as :1, :2, :3 :4 etc. But when attempting to download all four the result was not good. Segment one of one of the selected videos downloaded okay, but the others ended up as empty 1 kb files in my downloads folder.

I had even less luck with the second video. My Firefox download manager told me that the download of all five segments had started but the end result was that there was not even one segment on my hard drive after Firefox pronounced "download completed." What I ended up with were a file name and the ďsizeĒ of the file which was 1kb, in other words empty.

Oh, yes, I almost forgot, they also carry advertisements for ďAdult FriendfinderĒ on every page.

Very low recommendation!
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Visit Evil Angel

6. Evil Angel (2)

rearadmiral (384) 07-19-10  04:08pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (73), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Access to a significant number of EA titles
- $9.95 monthly price
- Decent download speeds
- Average video quality with some HD available
- Streaming available as an option
- Daily updates (one scene added)
Cons: - Not a lot of older EA titles available
- Video quality is just average
- File sizes seem large for the video quality
- A lot of European-filmed content (may be a plus for someÖ)
- A lot of scenes are threeways and group sex (which also might be a plus for someÖ)
- No obvious search function
- Most older titles have no star associated with them.
Bottom Line: Evil Angel bills itself as the official site of the Evil Angel Studio. They have a large, though certainly incomplete, collection of EA videos. As of today they say they have 443 DVDs. Most of those DVDs appear to be complete. EA Studios has been around a long time and they had been a favorite of mine for a number of years. One of the reasons I joined (apart from the $9.95 monthly price which may be only through TPB and PU) was to get access to a lot of their older titles. I was a bit disappointed in the site in that most of their older (and in my opinion, best) titles arenít available.

For the older titles that are available, the site commits what I think is an unpardonable sin: the stars are all listed a ďN/A.Ē How can you, the studio, not know who the stars are in your movies?

The site is more about the newer titles from EA. I know this is a personal opinion, but one of the reasons I liked the older EA was that it was hardcore but still not abusive. Their latest directors, Rocco Siffredi and Nacho Vidal come to mind, have built their later careers on abusive sex. Once in a while Iím okay with it, but it seems that most of their scenes are rough. Same with threesomes and group sex Ė Iím not exaggerating much when I say that it is hard to find a scene with one girl and one guy. If you like that, youíll like EA. (Also, EA, with directors like Joey Silvera, seems to have a lot of TS stuff. Iím not into that and I wish they had included some of Sliveraís older work before he went a little freaky.)

Technically the site isnít perfect, but it up to par with similar sites. The navigation is relatively easy, but less thorough than it could be since you can only rely on pulldown menus. If there is an actual search function Iíve yet to find it. One technical aspect to the site does seem to be a bit unusual, but since Iím not well-versed in technical stuff Iím not sure. The problem is that file sizes seem a bit large for the resolution of the file. For example, one file I checked has a bitrate of 2568 and a resolution of 640x480 and the file size seems a bit large at 720MB. Subjectively it doesnít look as sharp as HD.

Download speeds arenít super-fast, but they are consistent. I have a 10MB/s service and would usually see total download speeds of close to 1.5MB/s. Thatís certainly on par if not a bit better than comparable sites.

The bottom line, though, is that Iíd still recommend a membership in this site. If you like new EA stuff (and like some of their older stuff too), or if you like rough group sex, then there is lots to like here Ė especially for the $9.95 fee.
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Visit Evil Angel

7. Evil Angel (2)

jberryl69 (Disabled) 05-11-13  09:39am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (26), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Updated: 05-12-13  06:00am  (Update History)
Reason: addition of "Privacy Addendum:" section in Bottom Line
Pros: Price: $14.95 per month.

Updates: 2 - 3 daily sometimes an entire movie.

Site Stats : Scenes: 8069 Movies: 1379 Stars: 2840

Good Navigation

Download WMV (160p, 240p, 360p, 480p) MP4 (same as WMV plus 540p, 720p, 1080p)#

Scene information: Video Front Cover shot, Title and Scene number, Date updated, Length in mins,
Size*, number of Images, number of Views, Who's in the scene**, Tag words, Director's name, Rate the movie, Current rating, Scene description***, Comment Section****, Links to other scenes by participants.
Cons: * File size listed has nothing to do with file size.

** You are forced to use the IAFD database to sort out who is in a scene.

*** Older postings have no description or relevant tags.

**** You're encouraged to comment. Don't hold your breath that your comment will be posted - ever! Not sure what the webmaster does with these - maybe sprinkles them on his cereal in the morning.

# Video quality of older films are of tubesite quality and will never be improved upon with the 480 being the largest size, yet if you're into a specific babe, it may be your only chance to have her in your collection.
Bottom Line: John Stagliano provides other directors an opportunity to offer their movies through Evil Angel (EA) without relinquishing ownership or profit participation. Thus, rather than a bunch of themed sites or purchased content, Evil Angel publishes DVD video's, generally released one scene at a time.

The EA website lists 33 directors associated with it at this time, including one couple (Le'Wood), three women (Belladonna, Bobbi Starr & Dana Vespoli), and eleven Europeans working there &/or in the States.


Gay/Lesbian - While EA does not have straight up gay porn, Joey Silvera has broached this area by offering Shemale / Tranny (393) scenes (a total of 598 on the site) and "Strap Attack" scenes (234). "Lesbian porn" pretty much happens anytime two women kiss though some directors such as Belladonna, Bobbi Starr and John Stagliano feature plenty of girl girl scenes.

Anal - This has become the mainstay penetration act of the porn industry and EA is no exception. Sometimes I think they feel that if there is no anal there is no porn.

Jay Sin leads the way with his over the top anal DVDs, though Mike Adriano has added prolapse eating to his anal tongue fucking sequences (as opposed to rimming) to his prolific anal penetration videos.

Other notable and prolific directors featuring anal are Euro Rocco Siffredi, Christoph Clark, Raul Cristian & Nacho Vidal.

Manuel Ferrara has always had an ass obsession but also a series of DVD's called "Raw" which have the most authentic interaction of the two participants. Jake Malone also had plenty of anal scenes in his releases.

Oral - Hands down best on the Internet is Jonni Darrko's series of oral themed DVDs. The late John Leslie plus Mike Adriano, Joey Silvera and Belladonna have made oral themed movies too.

BDSM - This is not a specific niche that is specialized in though there are 71 Fem-Dom scenes listed.

Certainly Francesca Le and Mark Wood's (Le'Wood) current offerings, "The LeWood Anal Hazing Crew" and "Facial Vi0lation", has sado masochism well represented.

Thinly Plotted Gonzo Porn - Only three come to mine at the moment. John Stagliano's vampire themed "Voracious" and his 2003, groundbreaking feature "The Fashionistas", which swept the AVN Awards. Rocco Siffredi's "XXX Fucktory - The Parody Italian Style", which is mostly in Italian so who the fuck can understand the plot? Yeah, I know - people who speak Italian.

The directors at Evil Angel do not stay strictly in a specific genre so you will find a lot of cross over.

Bottom Line:

One of the best porn sites available at a great price with a variety of niches where you might find something that you like. Highly recommended.

Privacy Addendum:

It was brought to my attention that the EA website has a horrible Privacy policy. Honestly I'd never really read it before and quite frankly it's rather ugly. You can read it at the following link.


or look at my rely to Buckhead in the "Replies" section below.

This would not be a deal breaker for me. Here are some suggestions:

First: Make sure you un-check cross sell ads as you make your way through the sign up procedure. Work you way through carefully.

Second: When you join, OPT OUT by following the link they provide.

Third: Don't accept any offers through their website, not limited to but specifically LIVE SHOWS or SHOP DVD STORE.

Fourth: Use pop up blockers and a script blocker.

Thanks for the feedback.
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Visit Wicked Pictures

8. Wicked Pictures (0)

pat362 (373) 09-30-12  10:32am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (68), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +Access to 579 titles which I believe is close to the entire Wicked libray.
+Content is dated and they update with one new movie each week..
+All the videos can be streamed online.
+All the videos are offered in the mp4 for download with 640x480 resolution for all them, while over 200 of the most recent titles are now also offered with 720p resolution and the last 40+ titltes are also offered in 1080p.
+Unilke most sites like this. You can actually download the entire movie rather than just the scenes. Resolution is the same as the scenes.
+Each movie/scene has multiple tags attached to it and it's possible to search using tags words.
+You catch for free all the Wicked live shows.
+You have access to some bonus content live BTS and award show stuff.
+You also stream over 3000 pages of videos in the bonus section(see con).
+the TBP discount is sweet.
Cons: -I don't know if it's recent but the site often stopped working for no apparent reason which requiried me to log back in.
-Advertising tends to take about 1/5 of all the pages and it's a lot more on certain pages.
-Load times to stream videos is a little long sometime.
-You get access to some camgirls but the good stuff requires that you pay for it so is it really worth it?
-There are over 3000 pages of bonus videos that you can view online but the tags are all wrong, you always get an error message going from one page to the next and quality is not very good on most videos.
*-I'm putting this in the con only because some people are rabid about condoms so be warned that Wicked is a condom company going back a long time.*
Bottom Line: **Ihave been a fan of Wicked since the 90's so it's a little strange that I never thought of joining their site until now. I don't mind condoms and I prefer a story with my porn and this is basically what Wicked does. I suspect that they try to target more the couples market than the gonzo one but that doesn't mean that there isn't any heat in their scenes because there is. They also have a certain number of contract stars so if you are a fan of these ladies then you are almost obligated to join this site because most of them haven't done much except for work for Wicked.

**I was pleasantly surprised to see a studio site offer the majority of their library and even more so to see that you can actually download the entire movie and not just the individual sex scenes. I was happy to see that the video quality on the older title is quite decent. Resolution is only 640x480 but seeing as these movies were never filmed in HD then trying to convert into a higer resolution would probably be a really bad idea.

**My only major issue with the site is that it kept on stopping to work and you had to log back in and find the page you were on. The other one is in regards to the bonus videos. If you are going to bother and put some bonus videos then why not make sure the system works. Otherwise it's usueless filler that slows down the servers.

***The only people that should avoid this site are those looking for pure gonzo porn and those who can't watch porn that has condoms in it.***
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Visit VideosZ

9. VideosZ (1)

DigglerFL (17) 02-21-10  02:09pm
Rookie Badge TRUST USER?   YES (23), NO (1)
Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Updated: 03-10-10  08:51am  (Update History)
Reason: Final conclusions
Pros: Lots of content
Newer Videos have good quality
Cons: -False Advertising
-Many videos not available at all
-They seem to buy videos that no-one else wants - too many chicks that aren't all that attractive
-"New" Releases are often videos that are 10 years old.
-Too many scenes are poor quality even on high quality download
-I hate their flash viewer
-you have to frequently log back in
Bottom Line: I was a member of this once before, so I guess its my fault for giving them another chance. I found something on this site that I'd been trying to find for a while, and the "Free Preview" shows that its available for download. After joining, it shows "Coming Soon" which basically means "sorry charlie, we fooled you".

A large number of videos are not available. You waste tons of time finding something and then find out its not available. Or sometimes the quality is so bad its not worth watching. Their "New Releases" are new only to the site. On March 1, 2010 College Girls Do 4, a video from 1999 was presented as new. Do I want to see Julie Meadows before she got her boobs done? I guess they get better deals buying old videos that nobody else wants. There's no way to sort on ACTUAL release date. So you have to sift through all of the old garbage. Virtually none of their "new" releases are new.

Their viewer will not allow you to advance the playhead past whats been downloaded. If you do, it terminates and you have to start over. This means you can't jump past the interview or the masturbation or whatever. A real time waster.

If you buy the argument that our most valuable asset is time, this site wastes more of your time than any other I've been on. You search for something you want, and then you find out its "Coming Soon". There is so much garbage; so many unattractive women, that it takes a long time to find anything really good. Then you find out that the video was encoded 5 years ago and the quality is unwatchable. Or if you find something and you don't feel like watching 10 minutes of ass-licking you can't jump past it in their viewer.

They still have login problems. You'll be navigating around and
for no apparent reason you'll get the invitation to join page.
Another time waster and annoyance.

They get the lowest score mainly because they falsely present videos on the preview that are not available when you pay. Cheats get the lowest score. Otherwise I'd give them high 50s, mainly because they don't have real new releases, and because 2/3 of their content is encoded in low quality.

*** UPDATE ***

My month is just about up now, so I wanted to report 2 things:

1) All 3 of the videos I was interested in when I first joined are still not available, despite Clement's claim that they would be done in 2 weeks.

2) They are still advertising the videos as being available before you log in only to be Coming Soon once you do log in. So clearly they are comfortable baboozling people and they think they make more money with such a practice than they do with an honest approach.

I'm very comfortable giving them the lowest possible rating. So I guess we're even.

*** Final Update ***

None of the videos that I was interested in that were tagged "Coming Soon" when I joined was availabe on the last day of the membership. So don't believe them when they tell you it will be available in 2 weeks. Its just not the truth.
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10. VideoBox (3)

rearadmiral (384) 12-12-11  05:38pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (73), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Probably the biggest DVD site on the internet
- Excellent value
- Streaming available
- Download DRM-free files in multiple sizes / formats
- Five DVDs added daily
- Specialty Ďchannelsí for extra
- The price of the channels is pro-rated for your first month
- No download limits
- No time-outs on queued-up scenes
- Good download speeds
Cons: - Not a lot of HD material
- Heavy reliance on compilations
- Specialty Ďchannelsí can add up in price
- VB3 still is buggy in places
Bottom Line: Iíve been a member at Videobox for probably a total of five years or so, and Iíve reviewed it here several times too, so is there anything new that I could add? I hope so.

I still think that VB is an amazing site and I still recommend it to friends who are looking to build a porn collection in one easy step. VB is like the adult superstore that lives in your computer. VB is now creeping up on 12,000 DVDs and they continue to add five per day. Iíve said this before and I still believe it: VB is already huge so they should concentrate on quality and let the quantity slide a bit. If VB is like a porn superstore that lives in your computer, then the bargain bins are starting to take over the floor space. Past complaints have been that VB has too heavy a reliance on low-grade European porn, but they seem to be balancing that with more U.S. titles now. The bad news, in a ďMonkeyís PawĒ sort of way, is that the U.S. titles are frequently slapped-together compilations. You know the kind where a studio will pay some kid editor to compile some unrelated but thematically similar scenes? Thatís the kind of work that gives you classics like ďGirls with Moles on their Bums.Ē Okay, so I made that up, but it isnít far off. I wouldnít complain as much except sometimes a scene can be here on the original DVD and then on several compilations too. Even with the European porn, it seems to be bargain-bin quality.

Much of the discussion here seems to be about VB3. I share the opinion that most others have: I donít like it. Iíll admit that part of that is because I donít like change, but this seems to be a change just for the sake of change. Sure, the old VB was fairly simple, but thatís not bad. My suspicion is that VB3 is driven by marketing. It appears that not all the bugs are worked out yet either since the site pushes a ďnew and improvedĒ VB3. I tried it and used the feature that allows me to add scenes to ďmy stashĒ for future viewing and I found it buggy enough that I gave up on it.

Other bad things about the site are probably more personal taste, but it sure seems like VB has every solo girl masturbation movie ever made. And a pet peeve of mine is that with many compilations (and even some original DVDs) the performers arenít credited.

But as for the bad things about VB, thatís pretty much it. This really is an excellent site and Iíd highly recommend it.

The format is known to most of us: DVDs broken down into scenes that can be streamed, edited into a custom clip, or downloaded in any of several ways. There is usually a clip labeled as ďWMV DVD,Ē one as ďWMV highĒ and two smaller versions for devices and iPhones. Since my connection speed is higher than the last time I was here I downloaded the DVD quality scenes only. They come in at 720x480 and 3800kb/s. HD is available on some titles but not many and it isnít predictable. The WMV files are in codec 8 so that means that anyone using a set-top USB box (like a Western Digital) wonít be able to play these.

Download speeds are up to normal standards. One thing I really appreciate is that when queuing up scenes using a download manager the links donít seem to have any time-outs. My DL manager was churning away the next morning after loading it with links one night. Not every site will allow that.

An addition that VB made a few years ago seems to be working out well Ė thatís the addition of several ďchannels.Ē I always add Evil Angel because I like their work. EA now has 526 DVDs on the site and add a new one every two days. Surprisingly there is little overlap between the EA channel and the two EA sites.

Vivid is a bit soft for me but I did try this channel once. It now has 528 DVDs and also updates every two days.

Iíve never joined the Reality Kings or Kink sites, though I may this time. One advantage with RK may be that if this is off the VB server then there would be no download limits. If I join and can say for certain Iíll let you know.

Iíve been a big fan and frequent member of Kink sites and Iím planning to sign on to this channel soon. It will be a good opportunity to try some material from their sites that Iíve not joined before.

One advantage to the channels that isnít immediately clear is that the pricing is pro-rated. If you join VB at the first of the month and then add a channel two weeks later youíll only pay for the two weeks left in that month. If you cancel your membership after a month it can be good value. If you keep the membership and all the channels youíll obviously pay full price the following month.

If you need a concise way to think about VB, think of it as an all-you-can-eat porn buffet. The quality is pretty good, but it isnít as good as other places. This is about satisfying an appetite when you want 10 pounds of chicken wings, not about treating yourself to filet mignon. Both have their place though.
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11. Elegant Angel (1)

pat362 (373) 09-24-12  05:36am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (68), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +You get access to 369 dvd's which comes out to 2017 scenes.
+All videos can be streamed online.
+All videos can be downloaded in H264 format and resolution is at least 720x408.
+The 160 most recent dvd's are now also offered with 1280x720HD and 1960x1280HD resolution.
+Content is dated and they update with one new dvd per week.
+They have multiple tags for each scene and they have a search option for those keywords.
+They offer 51 BTS videos.
+They offer some live shows(I'm not a fan so I won't comment beyond this).
Cons: -Although 369 dvd's isn't bad. This is still a tiny portion of the Elegant Angel library. I don't think you get access to any movie done prior to 2008.
-Only one dvd update per week is poor.
-The preview sections says that some dvd's are in the members section but you find out after joining that this is a lie.
-They offer photosets of some of their performers but the number of pics in each set is less than a dozen.
Bottom Line: *I was a little disapointed when I first joined this site because i was hoping to get access to a couple of their newer movies which are clearly on the preview section and the option: clicking on the button to watch these movies brings you up to the sign up page so you would expect that the movies would be available inside the members section and that's where you would be wrong. That's not to say that I'm not pleased with my membership because I am. Evil Angel and Elegant Angel are two studios whose films I have always enjoyed. Getting access to only a part of their library for 20$ is a huge bargain for anyone and something that no one should pass up.

*I can't help but feel that Elegant suffers a little or a lot depending on how you look at things from the fact that I've been a member of Evil Angel a couple of times before and that site is superior to this one on a few levels. The total amount of content is greater at Evil and they update more often. The update schedule is significantly better at Evil because you get access to their newer movies a lot faster than you do here. The library goes further back at Evil than at Elegant. You get some better pics at Evil and you have a greater variewty of download options.

*If you know the kind of porn Elegant Angel puts out and it's the kind you like then you have to join this site because you will be happy with what you get. Just don't rely on what the preview sections says about new content on their first page because it may not be available when you join.

**The only people that should avoid this site are those looking for Elegant's older titles. You won't find any here and that is too bad because they have some really great older movies.
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12. XXX Adult Centro (0)

antares (1) 10-12-10  09:49pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (11), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 10-22-10  09:12pm  (Update History)
Reason: Score reduced because of the numerous issues encountered on this site during my 1st week of membership.
Pros: - about 8000 DVD.
- a lot of movies that you won't find anywhere else.
- a lot of foreigns movies in addition to the NA ones (German and French ones mainly).
- good navigation and site design.
- a lot of video formats (mpg, wmv, mp4 and streaming video).
Cons: - average video quality despite the bitrate (2500kbps for DVD quality).
- a lot of scenes are shared between several DVD (especially into German/French ones).
- preview pictures could be more numerous (about 10-20 pics per scene).
Bottom Line: First, sorry for my poor English but i m not native from an English speaking country.

So i was looking for some exclusive/rare DVD content. And after taking a look at this site, i wanted to look at their German/French DVD. I must say that i haven't been disapointed. They have a lot of foreign DVD compared to most DVD site. The navigation was easy and there are a lot of options to classify DVD/scenes per category. You can choose to display up to 60 DVD/scenes per page for a fast review. You have a lot of video formats to fit with your desire. So you can download videos to watch them on your computer/TV or on your phone (at least if your phone supports mp4 files). Just one thing about video formats. The DVD quality format would probably have been a little bit better if it would have been using a WMV container and a WVC1 (VC-1) codec instead of a MPG container and a MPEG-2 codec. So it would be nice to think about it.

To conclude, i d say that if you like DVD sites such as Videobox or Videosz, you may be interested by xxxadultcentro. Especially those that are looking for foreign DVD. But i must say that i have encountered a lot of issues on this site (daily download limit/error messages). So it's up to you to decide if the content of xxxadultcentro worth it.
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13. VideoBox (3)

Denner (235) 12-21-09  08:59am
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Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: No other site has this huge amount of videos.
Still better/easier navigation - it's plain simple. (not including search)
Nice price.
Custom-clips for downloading shorter previews
A lot of different categories
Ok download-speed
Fine daily updates
DL-manager allowed
Great latin-material
Cons: Search-machine stinks - search for A and you get B.
Old videos market as new
Too many anal-videos
Quality varies too much
Not much difference in video-quality if you choose the higher price
Too many videos put in here are the ones you can buy for $1
'No personality' - all in here seems pretty 'impersonal'
Pornstar-search is almost useless - see below
Bottom Line: Most PUs have been at this site several times - and we go back again and again, why?
Maybe because VideoBox has that endless amount of clips where you can hope to find those really special ones.
BUT - most of the times you get dissapointed - mainly because the motherload here consists on DVDs or videos that are for sale at any low-price porndealer out there... but here you get it at home - for - yes, still: a low price.
I do not expect to find the top-material here - but ok, maybe 1 out of a hundred, you still catch up with great videos - after a loooooong search.
Some damn fine latinas are my latest - see Marcellinha Moraes in 'Full Service Fucking' - for one.
And you can get lucky to find some fine videos of some favorites - Get lucky?
Yes, because the search-machine is horrible - for both categories and pornstars:
Categories: Search for Blondes - and you get hundreds of everything else, search for masturbation - and you get hundreds of Gonzos.
Pornstars: They got a major problem here - hire some PU - and it will get them much better help about the right names - AND the right scenes - ok, out of over 64000 videos, it's got to be a job - but still: You find too many models under wrong names - and the same model with up to four different names.
Still VideoBox has its force - when you get fed up with the same deal at more special sites, you can just go browsing and browsing and browsing here.
BUT: Major bottomline is still the lack of top-quality videos - they are too rare here - no matter to which price you choose to join.
The 85-score goes mostly to the vast amount and the - sometimes - joy of an almost endless search (without the search-machine of VideoBox) you got to choose you own speciel way here...
Gave it a 95 in an earlier review - but times are changing and the main cons are that VideoBox does NOT keep up in viewing quality for most videos...
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14. VideosZ (1)

Dracula (5) 03-11-13  09:06pm
Rookie Badge  Pollster  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (12), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: Huge selection of videos with 74,000 scenes, 54 categories, 9 sites.
Excellent high quality video.
Supports Roku streaming.
Never a problem.
Free access to Vivid, Hustler, and Club Jenna videos when member for 3 months.
Members can keep their own playlists.
Fast downloads.
Has HD and DVD movies.
Daily updates.
No download limits.
Cons: A little pricier than some competitors, but there is a discount through Pornusers.
Some of the best content I can't access through Roku and must be downloaded or streamed over the PC. Content such as from their bonus sites like Hustler.
No other cons that I can think of.
Bottom Line: VideosZ is one of the best sites I've subscribed to. Lots of content, thousands of scenes and niches.
Excellent quality video.
Fast downloads.
Daily updates.
Has both HD and DVD movies.
You get your monies worth with this site.
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15. Evil Angel (2)

jberryl69 (Disabled) 08-05-11  08:31am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (26), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 6 months (at the time of review).
Updated: 08-08-11  08:00am  (Update History)
Reason: just thought more relavent info would help.
Pros: + Content added daily
+ Video download & Mobile streaming quality can be as high as 720p/MP4 (HD)
+ Streaming quality as high as 540P (Web HD)
+ Large catalog of content
+ Broad range niches
+ Large number of top notch directors
+ 1,072 photo sets available(as of this review)
+ High Value cost through Porn Users
+ Good download & streaming speed
+ A few times a year they have a bonus day where multiple titles are added
Cons: - Slack online management as in:
- Has "Add Your Comment" link but they NEVER add a comment (have made many personally).
- scene descriptions have "Starring", "Category" & "Director" which on older content is sorely missing or mislabeled.

- MANY older EA titles missing

- Older content isn't HD

- Only 2 formats - wmv & mp4

- My personal bone is the use of the descriptor "deepthroat" on some directors' scenes which do NOT measure to the accepted standard of the word as popularly defined by Ms. Linda Lovalace. To bang the top of the throat because she can't get it further down, due to either her gag reflexes or the size of the instrument (or receptacle), is NOT deep throating. Maybe throat gagging or throat banging but NOT deep throating. Capice?
Bottom Line: This site has a lot of directors (and their fetishes) from Jay Sin's extreme evil anal (lots of anal on this site) to Jonni Darlko's deepthroat extravaganzas. Yes it does have some kink factor niches, like Joey Silvera's she/male obsession or Belladonna catering to the foot crowd. Plenty of girl/girl, gang bang, anal excretions (no skat), rough sex and Euro romping. Other notable directors include John Stagliano (Buttman), Rocco Siffredi, Jake Malone, Manuel Ferrara, Nacho Vidal, Mike Adriano and, while her titles have not appeared on the site yet, the newly added porn feminist director/actor Bobbi Starr.

One of the things I especially like about some of the directors is their accessibility in interacting with their fans and taking suggestions from them to create new projects (notably Jonni Darkko). [One such example was the inclusion of Rebecca Blue in TF3 when suggested by fans on another (un-named) forum].

Once a member, they will offer you access to Live Shows - and while I have never taken them up on this, I believe some of it to be free and others an extra $ item.

While other people want more for their $10, at a 1/3 the cost of a regular membership, I personally think it's a bargain able to fill the fetish needs of any reasonable person. In looking at their published numbers, they have 4,915 "straight porn" scenes (as of 8/8/2011) and 296 "shemale/tranny" scenes (about 5% of the total scenes available).

One would find that it takes six months or longer for most of the new EA releases to make it from DVD purchase to scene download. For instance, J.Darkko released Suck Balls 11/19/4 2010 but the first scene doesn't appear for download until 8/11/2011.

I recommend it highly which would really give it a 90 but for some reason doesn't seem inline with other reviewers numbers.
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16. VideoBox (3)

pat362 (373) 09-03-12  07:14am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (68), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +A gigantic library of content with over 76000 scenes.
+They update with 5 new movies each day.
+They have a wide selection of mnovies from many top studios.
+Multiple download options and some of the scenes can now be downloaded in HD.
+All scenes can be streamed online.
+Each scene is tagged with multiple keywords to help narrow searches.
+They offer multiple search option like name of performer, name of studio and keywords.
Cons: -The site has a huge library but a good part of it is either junk or the same scene repeated multiple times.
-You can't dowload an entire dvd so you are limited to downloading only the scenes which isn't bad on a gonzo style movies but ruins a scenario driven movie.
-Their scene breakdown is sometime be badly done so you get only part of the scene.
-Too many improper tags are assigned to scenes and therefore the results you get in a serarch will be wrong.
-They have many studios to choose from but a lot of their library is not availabe.
-The quality of the vids varies a lot from studio to studio and it's not always good.
--Am I the only one who found very loud soundtracks on movies that shouldn't have had them?
Bottom Line: *I know there are a couple of similar sites but this is still the leader when it comes to downloading porn dvd's and unless something changes then it will remain the leader for years to come. That's the good news but the bad one is that I was pretty disapointed with my last visit. I may be in the minority because of my porn tastes and expectation but a large part of the scenes I recently downloaded had some loud annoying soundtrack that masked the rest of the sound.

*They offer some great stuff and they keep adding new studios which in turn adds more movies to their already huge library but it would be amazing if they instead of adding new studios. They would instead concentrate on getting the entire library from their existing studios. I don't know the reason why they haven't done that yet. Maybe the owner of the library is asking for too much money but it would be nice if they got that done. Mind you if they do add older movies from existing studios. Then please don't add the annoying soundtrack because if you have to do that then don't bother because they certainly won't be seeing me as a futur customer.

*This is a great site for anyone just starting to surf for porn or someone looking for dvd's from dead studios because there is so much stuff here that a month will never be enough to find and download all that you want and staying long term may well be worth it. I find that it's a lot less worth it for a repeat member like myself because a lot of the stuff they added since my last visit was simply repeat stuff under a different studioo name, crap that I would never download or movies that has that annoying soundtrack added to it.

**I'm giving the site a much lower score than it might deserve but that's because I'm a returning customer who sees that they haven't fixed issues that were there the last time I visited and who's disapiinted in a good part of the content that he likes. The score would have been much bigger if I weas a new member.**
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17. Tainster (1)

Darrow (8) 07-13-10  04:26am
Rookie Badge  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (16), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 10-08-10  04:21am  (Update History)
Reason: My prior review focussed mostly on billing issues (and their badness). They have radically improved their billing and this is no longer a concern.
Pros: This is the site formerly known as Eromaxx. The content is similar to the former Eromaxx site; they have all of the recent stuff (going back to 2007).

The current quality of the Videos are quite good; the highest quality video is a 1080p which is quite sharp on my Mac. It is also an MP4 which is easily usable on my Mac.

For my money the best site is "party hardcore". This may have been the first devoted to watching girls in a bar having sex with strippers; it is still the best of them.

The question that you always ask for these sites is "is it real". While I believe that for each of the parties there are one or two pro's, most of the women giving blowjobs and fucking are real. There are just too many "plain jane's" and downright ugly women having sex for them to be all pro's. This element of reality makes for a really, really compelling watch.

Drunk Sex Orgy is similar, only with pro's. There are also two really good watersports sites, if you are into that.
Cons: You can download the DVD's, but they are relatively poor quality downloads.

They also appear to have stopped uploading the higher quality back catalogue. They only appear to have gone back as far as 2007 with the high quality stuff. They have the older stuff, just not high quality older stuff.

The updating appears to have slowed down as well. It used to be that "party hardcore" religiously updated every Monday and each party had four parts. Now they are less regular with the updates and the parties are in five parts; this means that even with the religious updating the actual amount of parties you get are 20% less.

"Party Softcore": wtf?

They also have things from studio's other than "Eromaxx"; however to watch or download cost extra.

Many of these cons are just niggling things, but improvement would bring a higher rating.
Bottom Line: Excellent site. What they do, they do really well.

If you like watching orgies at a strip club, this is the site for you. You get two great sites, along with two really good Watersports sites.
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18. VideosZ (1)

Denner (235) 03-18-09  10:24am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (77), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Better quality - in general - for videos - with NEWER MP4 FILES!!! - than Videobox
+ After Videobox, I guess this is it - concerning amout of videos
+ It's not possible to count - it'll take a decade - but as they state today: 5205 DVDs or 29803 scenes - no reason not to believe it.
+ Fine navigation for the most part.
+ Fine model-search.
+ More euro-stuff than Videobox.
+ Better variation in genres.
+ Still an ok price.
+ I dig those easy screenshots preview - AND in the same time they show the other scenes at that particular DVD.
+ And finally: BETTER updates than Videobox!
+ Fine download speed.
+ No DRM - did not come across any..
Cons: - Searching for genres does not work optimal
- Too few download formats.
- Like Videobox too many DVDs found almost anywhere else.
- Still have watermarks - though they (most) seem transparent now.
- Some - a few for now - of the new mp4 downlaods does not live up to what you could expect - AND what you can find elsewhere.
- No part-scene downlaod - like Videobox
Bottom Line: I will join VideosZ again sometime after this term - rather than going for Videobox (again)
First of all - this site has gone down in price - now at a much more reasonable $17.95 - and compared to the socalled DVD-resolution at Videobox for $14.95. (which never done any better for the user than the $ 9.95 -deal).
This site is both userfriendly in navigation and in the search for models - it just works.
VideosZ has a lot more variation of types of stuff than Videobox. First of all much finer og more rare euro-material.
And BTW - the navigation in generel is better than Videobox - and faster.
I really like the deal where you get all other info for a certain DVD when finding a certain model she appears in.
The search-system divided in three: Keywords - titles - pornstars - works. Enjoy that in my browsing.
Download-speed just fine - got 650 easy - and no delays.
VideosZ does it a lot like Videobox - and even if this site has got a little fewer DVDs/scenes - I more happy with this site that I ever been with Videobox - and f... the three or four dollars more for a month.
I get better varitation in material here.
Some - or most - videos you can find in better viewing-quality than at Videobox (the normaly very fine mp4-files, thanks to them the score got to be this high).
Fast respons - when problems - had some with login/password which was my own fault - and the help came fast...great.
Finally: Been a member of many sites like this in the past: For the first time I'm generally impressed with this one - only serious cons is:
Get the search in genres together - don't want to search for "Latina" and get a whole bunch of NOT latina-stuff in my search...
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19. VideosZ (1)

messmer (137) 01-24-12  03:52pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (72), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: A huge archive of DVDs. Today's count stands at 10441 with five new ones being added daily.

Approximately 350 DVDs are available in HD at present, at 1280x720p. Most are in mp4 format. If you don't like large files there is also the option to download the DVD at reduced quality, again in mp4 or, for the smallest files, in avi format.

Excellent search engine.

Excellent streaming (depending on how many scenes you are downloading while viewing.)

People who like niche content are not forgotten, with studios like Niche and White Ghetto and
others that present the occasional unusual fare being well represented.

No download limits.

Favorite scenes and DVDs can be saved for a viewing or download later on.
Cons: I really have to stretch to find anything negative to say. Videosz is slightly more expensive than its nearest competitor. It also does not have the capacity to create custom clips, but that's about it for me.
Bottom Line: I like Videosz, as a matter of fact I like it better than its not-to-be-named main competitor in the DVD business.

I had complained in the past that niche content was being ignored at Videosz in favor of run-of-the-mill mainstream material, and it is true that it still represents only a small part of the whole, but they have way more than, okay I'll name it, Videobox, who are too conscious of the importance of holding on to their target audience to be bold enough to present an update now and then that would most likely be resoundingly rejected by the majority.

I would still like to see more niche material because after long years of porn viewing I do appreciate anything that is different, even if it isn't always pretty, but also understand the law of supply and demand.

I am enough of a realist to understand that if they didn't cater to the majority they would quickly be out of business. So keep on doing what you are doing, Videosz.

Your average update is in no way inferior to anyone else's and I have the feeling you are trying hard to keep everyone happy.

That's good enough for me to give you a high rating.
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20. AEBN Video On Demand (0)

rearadmiral (384) 03-11-12  06:17pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (73), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: - Likely the biggest VOD collection on the internet
- Many titles not available anywhere else
- Multiple ways to stream and download
- Good search function
- Can sort by theme/niche
- Can sort by studio
- Good search function
- Offers a subscription to ďchannelsĒ which allow unlimited streaming of select titles
Cons: - Can get VERY expensive
- Videos are DRM-protected unless you pay (dearly) for a DRM-free download
- The ĎchannelsĒ have lots of titles but few big studios
- Many of the older titles have poor bitrates
Bottom Line: I know a lot of members here have a strong negative reaction to VOD sites, and I share all of the same concerns. Building a video collection using just VOD sites would be incredibly expensive when compared to DVD sites like Videobox, but when used as a supplement to DVD sites, VOD sites like AEBN can work well. If youíre a serious collector, like many members here are, VOD sites are a useful way to see some titles that arenít available elsewhere. Iíve been using AEBN for several years but hadnít actually bought anything from them in probably 12 months, until a week ago when I rediscovered them.

So why would you choose AEBN over another VOD site? The primary reason would be selection: AEBN has studios and titles that are unavailable on other sites. An example of this is that AEBN continues to offer a wide array of Max Hardcore titles when other sites have dropped him. The fact that they still carry Max indicates how broad their collection is.

The site has a good search function using star, title or many other keywords. I also like being able to sort by studio because there are several studios that I really like so it gives me a chance to see some titles that I might have not otherwise known about.

The site is pretty simple once you find a title you want to see or buy. Clicking on that DVD brings you to a page with all the streaming and purchase options available. In most cases you can stream a movie for either 48 hours or for life. In most cases the Ďfor lifeí option costs $10 and the 48 hours costs $5, though there are many titles that you can stream for $2. In most cases there is also an opportunity to Ďbuyí a DRM-free download of the title. The price for that us usually $25. Yes, that is expensive, but it is the cost of the DVD and if itís a must-have title for you it may be a viable option. I certainly wouldnít complain if they lowered the price though. Some titles offer a download rental that is DRM protected and expires after the allotted time.

Once you select and pay for your access you get access immediately. There are other VOD sites that can take several minutes for your title to be available. Not so here. There are options for streaming quality so you can choose based on your internet connection. Bitrates of 56k, 225k, 512k, 1024k, 2048k, 4000k and 6000k are often available. I generally use 2048k and find that it is smooth and looks good. Streaming can be through Windows Media Player (which I use) and Silverlight. I didnít try the latter one so I canít comment on it.

The download option gives you the technical specs on the file before you buy so you can make an informed decision. You can see the size of the file and the bitrate so you can gauge the quality. In most cases there are no download options, which seems a bit puzzling to me.

One flaw in the streaming is that some titles will only stream at a maximum of 512k. In 2012 that just isnít good enough. That seems to be mostly with older titles. Fortunately newer titles have better options.

The thing about AEBN that appears to be relatively new and may be a game-changer in the VOD world is the ability to buy a membership to a ďchannelĒ that gives you unlimited streaming. I subscribed to the channel called ďSuper PassĒ which is the largest selection of all the channels. There is a 1-day trial for $1 that then recurs at $20 for a month of access. Thatís the good news. The bad news is that not all titles are available on the channel, and a lot of what is available isnít mainstream porn. Some of it looks pretty interesting and Iíll be there for at least a month, but you wonít find many of the major studios available. Currently there are just shy of 8000 titles available on the Super Pass channel.

The channel is great for people who prefer streaming, but for a guy like me who prefers downloads it can be a bit frustrating. The same streaming options (see above) are usually available on the channel.

There are two other channels available: Vivid and West Coast Productions. If youíre a Vivid fan, my recommendation is that you carefully compare the value of the AEBN channel with the value of the Vivid channel at Videobox.

Iím not going to weigh in on whether or not Iíd recommend this site because it isnít a traditional membership based site. What I would recommend is that you spent some time browsing there because it may cause you to rethink any notions you have about VOD sites. And the ďall you can eatĒ option really does change the value equation.

One last caveat when using any VOD site is to check the other main VOD sites for that same title. You might find another site offering the title in the same quality for less. It pays to shop around. You should also check the DVD sites like Videobox because you may find what you want there. It all comes down to how you perceive the value for yourself.
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21. Evil Angel (2)

pat362 (373) 02-14-12  08:25am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (68), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +You get access to over 900 movies or over 6000 scenes.
+They have an excellent selection of EA movies and the bulk of their recent updates are all new releases.
+Scenes can be downloaded in WMV or MPG4 and resolution starts at 240p and can go as high as 1080p but normally goes to at least 720p.
+They appear to have some exclusif scenes/movies.
+They offer better resolution on some of their non-exclusif scenes vs what's available on other sites.
Cons: -The bulk of the videos are only offered in 240p or 480p resolution.
-Too many of the scenes have no real data.
-I found that many of the scenes from their older movies were not in listed in the proper order and the info on each is usueless.
-The editing on some scenes is off because the scene doesn't begin at the end of the previous one but is a mixture of 2 scenes.
-They may list a movie as being available but not all the scenes are availbale.
-No update schedule.
-Their search options are rather poor because they have very little data on most of their movies and the data available is often incorrect or insufficient.
Bottom Line: *I had a hard time reviewing this site because I really enjoy EA movies and I wanted to give the site a better score but I found that the site does not meet my expectations when it comes to older movies. It has an excellent selection of movies from yesterday to today and if you prefer their recent movies than you will be thrilled by the quantity and quality of these videos but if you are more interested in their older movies then you're stuck with a disapointing 480p video resolution.

*Be advised that older is not necessarily based on release date but more in reference to the source material. The best example would be Anal Attack 9 which was released this year but the conmtent are scenes from the site Ass Traffic so the source material is older than a couple of years. You'd think that since the movie was released to dvd then they remastered the older content to allow for decent video conversion but I guess they didn't want to bother for their own site.

**The site is worth the cost of a membership because you get brand new releases almost on the same day they are released to dvd and the video quality is at least 720p and you even get some 1080p as well. Id' even be willing to say that it's worth it for those wqho joined videobox's EA studio because the video quality is better on this site than on videbox.**

**I don`t think the site is worth it for anyone looking for decent older EA titles because you will have to do a lot of research to find the movies and the performers and the video quality is just too bad.**

*I gave the site a higher score than I felt it deserved because they offer too many new titles for a cheap price*.
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22. Download Pass (0)

messmer (137) 02-04-09  09:45am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (72), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 05-14-09  10:01am  (Update History)
Reason: Slow speeds, broken links, difficulty cancelling, webmaster stopped being responsive.
Pros: + Large selection of videos. As of this date, over 4300 DVDs with over 23000 scenes.

+ Daily update consisting of two - three videos.


+ Attractive Layout. Easy searching. A good selection of bonus sites.

+ Excellent price for our members.
Cons: - Non exclusive contents.

- Links that lead to scenes other than the ones requested.

- Search could be better when looking to narrow down one's choice of video or segment.

- Navigation within the site is slow and sticky.

- Picture sets are not zipped, however that's a small flaw in a site that is primarily a Video Archive.

- Most Bonus sites allow streaming only.

- Too many steps to sign in.
Bottom Line: In the original review I found this a very good site for the price. At the time I didn't run into any of the problems mentioned by other users but during the term of my second subscription experienced most if not all of the problems others before had with the site.

There are many DVDs I have seen already on Videobox but that's to be expected in an archive. Picture quality varies from so-so to good, depending on the age of the video and the state of the technology at the time.

First time I unsubscribed just to make sure that the process was uncomplicated and that users' complaints that they were forced to make long distance calls in order to cancel no longer had any validity my cancellation went flawlessly and I received an acknowledgment on the same day.
This time around ... see below.

May 14:

Review was downgraded by 15 points because the fast speed turned out to be an illusion. Once in a while it would meet its target but most of the time it was painfully slow.

Webmaster stopped responding to email after a couple of critical but justified remarks (see my remarks upper right of page).

Many links in bonus site are broken. Watching HD contents on some of the bonus sites has turned out to be painful because of all the stops because of slow speed. Webmaster was informed of difficulties but never responded making me feel that I was being used first time around.

Cancellation is unnecessarily difficult with no acknowledgment of the transaction. Three separate attempts to get the Billing company (owned by site?) to re-assure me went unanswered. Three emails to the webmaster in connection with the same subject went unanswered.

It appears that all the criticism by others re. speed, cancellation, broken links etc. was justified and I apologize for my original positive review.
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23. VideoBox (3)

mr smut (42) 12-01-08  12:08am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (39), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Almost 5,600 videos available for download (2008/12/01)
+ Videos come in different formats (WMV & MP4) and resolutions from 320*240 up to 640*480 plus you can create custom clips quite easily
+ Regular updates with 5 new videos each and every day
+ This site is download manager friendly
+ Downloaded videos have names that speak e.g. Mature_Women_With_Younger_Girls_6_Scene_3_dvd.wmv
+ Lots of categories to choose from like Teen, MILF, Fetish, Toys etc.
+ Good download speed and no download limit (see text)
Cons: - Names are only available for female actors
- Some scenes haven't got links to the models
- Older content may not be as crisp as most of the newer stuff
- What the hell is Gonzo? (see text)
- Searching for a particular model may not show all valid results (see text)
Bottom Line: Even though I'm not a guy that likes videos that much I'm mighty impressed by the enormous size of this monster site. Surfin' there you can easily get lost when clicking one of the links that guide you into other categories or to a list of scenes for one particular model. It will take you lots of hours to get to see only the scenes that you are really after plus there's enough other material that will get your attention.

Sometimes you'll see that model names are not correct e.g. the search for 'rubee tuesday' links to 9 DVDs and the search for 'ruby tuesday' to 1 DVD still it's the same model. This may sound pedantic but that happens for other models, like Druuna 3 DVDs vs. Druna 1 DVD, too and not all will know all synonyms his favourite model uses. Well but that's no reason to give a lower score.

Download speed was constantly above 300KB per connection for me no matter what time I was online. Using 2 parallel downloads I always used up the whole bandwidth for my ADSL-link. They must have real good equipment and excellent admins at videobox.com!

What's definitely missing is DVDs from European companies. dvdbox.com for instance offers some weird stuff from France, Germany, Italy etc. in it's category Euro. Something I'd like to see here too! Another annoyance is the fact that you can only download the front covers of the DVDs plus you need to open the link in a new window or tab of your browers because the cover image is shown in a layer inside the current window.

And what the hell is category Gonzo? 4,327 of 5,596 videos or 77% of all DVDs are in this category. To me this sounds like a bad joke ;-)

All in all I highly recommend to have at least a look at this site but most of us will already have done so. The new scenes I've seen in full resolution looked much better than the old stuff. At $17.95 for the DVD resolution this is a real bargain.
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24. VideoBox (3)

rearadmiral (384) 05-04-11  01:33pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (73), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - One of the biggest and best sites on the internet
- Low monthly price
- Huge variety of material available, from mainstream to fetish
- Many fetishes represented
- Excellent download speeds
- Many options for downloads available
- Streaming is available
- Editing the clips is an option
- No download limits
- New material added daily
- Some HD material being added
- Access to Ďpremium channelsí for a small fee (note that if you donít want to pay the fee the basic VB membership is still the best value on the internet)
- Added premium access to some Kink.com scenes and some Reality Kings scenes
- Seem to have improved the quality of their updates since my last review
- Daily updates seem to all occur at once now, no more checking in every few hours
Cons: - While not as obvious as in the past, there is still some reliance on lower-grade porn to make the daily updates
- Still adding compilations where the original scenes are also available
- The Evil Angel and Vivid premium channels are no longer bundled for one price
- Kink.com and Reality Kings only available on VB3
- VB3 seems like a change driven by marketing rather than a genuine move to improve the site
Bottom Line: This is my fourth review of VB since becoming a PU member many years ago. I had hoped to focus on the new, Ďimproved,í VB3 but Iíll have to leave that to someone else. Iím sure that VB3 is fairly easy to use and straightforward once you get used to it, but with VB2 being as simple and straightforward as it is already why bother changing it? Iím familiar and comfortable with VB2 so I used that.

Unless youíve been living under a rock you know about VB. This has to be one of the best, and probably the best, DVD site on the Ďnet. It offers a huge amount of material for the low price of a membership. I canít imagine that there is another site that offers this kind of value.

There are a lot of good reasons to join VB: size and variety are the two biggest ones. There are almost 10,000 DVDs on the site now, with more being added daily. The site doesnít concentrate on serving one fetish or niche to the exclusion of others either, but it serves many very well. There are members who complain when they donít like an update, but I think that approach forgets that there are probably a lot of people who are pleased with the update. Also good are the options available to view the scenes: there are multiple download options depending on the quality you want or the size you can store, and streaming is also available. Download speeds are better than average.

The downsides to the site are pretty minor and probably mostly subjective. I find that they still seem to push quantity over quality, and I find a heavy reliance on lower-grade European material.

VB now offers four Ďpremium channels.í Evil Angel and Vivid were added quite a while ago and both now have a decent library available. These two were bundled for a while, which made for a great value, but now they are separate add-ons. That probably makes more sense given that these two studios offer vastly different material and likely have few customers who seek out material from both.

The two newest premium channels are Kink.com and Reality Kings. I didnít add either of them on. Iím not really familiar with Reality Kings (though I have had a membership) so I canít give a good opinion. As for Kink.com, if youíve never been a member of any of their sites this would be a good way to access some stuff to sample it. There is a good sampling from many of their sites, such as The Training of O and Water Bondage.

Even with the few things I donít like, VB is still likely my favorite porn site. It has so much to offer at such a low price that it is a no-brainer to join. Unlike other sites you donít get a staggered membership at first Ė you get access to the probably the largest porn stash on the Ďnet with no download limits. A membership here for a few months will give you a better collection than some porn shops have. It really does have something for everyone.
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25. VideoBox (3)

Cybertoad (Disabled) 01-10-14  03:05pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (54), NO (1)
Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Pro:

Gazzilions of Movies
Varied movie formats
Many updates daily.
Fast downloads.
You can edit movies on site.
Navigation is poor and hard to figure out.
Many misnamed miss-linked
Menus are very confusing
Some movies very bad quality.
Bottom Line: Overview:
The site is huge lets face it every review says this site is massive.

And with size will come errors, the site gets a 84 because why bigger is better (Wink wink). A site that uses their big site poorly is like have erectile dysfunction with a 12" cock.
Does matter how big it is can't use it what good is it.

The site has something for everyone, and just about every porn star past and present can be found in at least one scene.

I found allot of mislabeled movies and porn stars.
Black pornstars name and all white cast ? Stuff like that.
When you choose all movies by a person you d not always get all movies. making hunting and pecking to find gems. Which feels like trying to find a marble in the Sahara.

Toads Take:
The site is very wood worthy, with so much to give the consumer they manage to get by with flaws and all.

One awesome option that kept my review in the 80's was the edit feature. Now that is cool. I was able to save a ton of space removing fill and just seeing action.

There are few bells and whistles, but being the search options and navigation in accuracies take away from some hard work done by the designers.

Bottom Line:
At just under 10.00 I could not go wrong I ended up finding long lost movies which made this toad very happy. The site is big and there is just not good enough technology yet to make a site this huge any easier. My review was tough because I do not believe in giving excuses to sites that do not manage content regardless of the size or not.

However if you do not join this site you will have no idea what its like to go porn shopping at a site as big as Walmart. I would say VB is the walmart of Porn. Not perfect but lots of stuff and amazing price.
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*Newbie reviews and ratings don't count toward a site's overall score/rank until the user reaches the Rookie status level (5 points). This rule is needed to help prevent fake (or heavily biased) profiles and reviews.

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