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rearadmiral (384) 03-05-13  02:45pm
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Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - 15,000+ DVDs
- Hundreds of Studios
- Incredible value
- Many popular niches served well
- Access to some hard-to-find titles
Cons: - Too much reliance on compilations
- File quality hasn’t kept up with industry standards
Bottom Line: I’m not sure if there is enough new here to qualify as a review rather than a comment, but I can’t pare down what I wrote to fit the comment section. Please be gentle if you scold me – I admit to being pretty long-winded here at PU.

VB is huge and continues to add four new DVDs per day. When you add the low monthly fee, the fact that they allow download managers and put no restrictions on downloads the site is an incredible value. People who prefer stolen porn over paying a low fee for a massive collection of virus-free porn must just enjoy stealing stuff.

Because of their size they tend to offer a lot of niche material. Take ‘classics’ for example. I wouldn’t consider VB a ‘classics’ site because proportionally there aren’t that many, but in terms of raw numbers there are probably more classic titles here than on some specific niche sites. Same with a lot of other niches like BDSM and peeing.

This subjective, but I really like that VB is adding a lot more titles from Diabolic, Anabolic and JM Productions. These are hard to find as legal downloads so seeing them here is great. They’re all great studios, though JM is likely an acquired taste.

Now on to the bad news:

I think the old phrase “jack of all trades, master of none” probably applies here. This is just my opinion, but I think that VB stresses quantity over quality as a lot of their uploads are pretty crappy. Yes, I realize that there may be a lot of people out there who like grade-C European porn and that they probably get mad when a title from a big American or European studio with good production values and known models is posted. So I won’t harp on the fact that a lot of the uploads are low-grade titles.

I do think a valid criticism is the number of compilations they upload. I get the concept of compilations and I used to buy a lot of compilation VHS tapes and DVDs when that’s how I got porn. That made sense. If I wanted a bunch of scenes with models in schoolgirl outfits doing anal I could but eight titles with one scene each in them or buy one compilation. That was an easy decision to make in those days. But that model doesn’t apply to the current download concept. If all I want are those scenes with youthful models in anal scenes then I can just download it the first time it gets uploaded and I have it. I don’t need it reposted a second, third or fourth time. The good news is that there are usually other members who post comments to identify that the scene is a repost. The bad news is that in some cases the scene might have been posted a half-dozen times, sometimes are recently as a day or two prior. The problem, in my opinion, lies in the decision to buy material from studios whose sole business model is to package compilations FROM STUDIOS THAT VB ALREADY BUYS MATERIAL FROM. I don’t see why VB buys titles from studios like Pandemonium when all that studio has to offer is material that is already posted on the site. The cynic in me figures that VB does this in the relentless push to upload four titles per day.

My biggest complaint about the site is something that I’ve just recently discovered. About six months ago I made a decision that many of you had made long before that: life is too short for low-res porn. I have no data cap from my ISP, external harddrives are relatively cheap and getting cheaper per GB so I download better quality scenes now than I would have even a year ago. But here’s the problem with VB: they haven’t expanded their download options in years. The highest resolution they offer now in 75% of their files is 640x480 and that’s the same that they offered back in 2005 when they started. Yes, I know they offer one HD DVD per day (on rare occasions they offer more than one HD per day) but that still leaves 75% of their titles with download options that fall short of industry standards. I realize that with a lot of older titles they are dealing with lower quality video to start, but they should still offer better choices than they currently do.

I usually add some of the extra ‘channels’ with my VB memberships but I’m not sure I will this time as the ones I do add – Evil Angel, Vivid and Kink – all offer HD on their own sites while most of the uploads on the channels offer nothing higher than the same 640x480. (I should add that Elegant Angel offers about half of the titles on their channel in HD but Evil Angel and Vivid offer none in HD.) One great thing about the channels is that the price is still pro-rated in your first month. There is one Vivid title that I really want so I can wait until the last days of my membership and add it for a low cost.

Even with its flaws, I have to admit that VB is still an amazing value. Whether you’re joining for the first time or the 20th time, you can’t deny that they offer a lot of porn for a low price. As much as I complain, VB will remain in a constant rotation through my memberships for the foreseeable future.

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messmer (137) Good observations re. quality, rearadmiral. I have been downloading HD videos ONLY for quite a few months now because the so-called DVD quality scenes (640x480) just won't cut it on a widescreen modern monitor. Most of them come across as too soft and blurry.

BTW, I think that should be 5 updates a day making the inferior quality contents 80%. :-) And I am having a TERRIBLE time with VB because HD MILF and Mature videos (my preferences) are few and far between and when they do appear as an occasional update they are chock-full of enhanced breasts! Aargh!

03-05-13  03:18pm

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hodayathink (18) I just don't see how they're going to fix their HD problem without raising the subscription price, to be honest. Because most of the companies that still exist and are shooting their content in HD already have their own websites and aren't going to sell/license that content to Videobox. So they're probably just going to shell out more money to different companies to get their not-new HD content. And as you noted, even the premium channels aren't doing it, since they still want to give you a reason to join their site instead of going through Videobox. This is just the danger of being a site that doesn't produce its own content. They're at the mercy of the market, and the market isn't going to be kind to them.
03-05-13  05:40pm

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rearadmiral (384) REPLY TO #1 - messmer :

Thanks for the comments - and for correcting my error. They do upload 5 videos per day. I agree that if you have a specific niche you like you're better off going to sites that cater to that niche rather than relying on VB. The lack of anything above 640x480 on 80% of the uploads is a real drawback.
03-07-13  01:21pm

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rearadmiral (384) REPLY TO #2 - hodayathink :

I agree - VB is trapped in a cycle that they probably don't want to break out of, namely the need for five updates per day. With a $12 per month membership that limits them. But I'm assuming that at any given time VB must have thousands of members so it must still be lucrative for them - and I don't begrudge them for that. They provide a decent product for a low price.

But... I'm sure I'm not alone is saying that I'd stand by them if they went to one or two good quality updates per day. I think they could get away with that due to the huge size they've already built up.

I do think you've probably hit on a big part of the problem in that major studios might be reluctant to licence titles to them as that might divert traffic away from the studio's own site.

03-07-13  01:27pm

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hodayathink (18) REPLY TO #4 - rearadmiral :

I agree that they'd probably be better off if they focused on 1-3 movies per day and just made them of "better quality" (i.e. HD, more well known actors/studios). That would probably buy them some more time before the content dried up entirely. About the only way I can see them being able to get back ahead of the curve now is if they were to attempt to buy content from websites that have stopped updating relatively recently. It would give them a ton of (probably) lightly seen content at a cheap price.
03-07-13  01:40pm

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messmer (137) REPLY TO #3 - rearadmiral :

I think a membership would be slightly better for you, rearadmiral, since you prefer younger models, but if you look at the comments accompanying "mature" updates then you'll know that I regret taking out a long term membership because VB will make sure they don't upload too much of anything that will cause a storm of protest. When first I subscribed I still downloaded the lesser quality DVDs but now I can't stand them. HD has spoiled me, so no more long term subscriptions to sites like VB and Videosz unless they turn all HD and that is not very likely!
03-07-13  01:51pm

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rearadmiral (384) REPLY TO #6 - messmer :

It sounds like you and I are on the same path - now that we've taken the plunge into HD there is no going back.

I agree that if your tastes are for mature women this isn't the site for you as a frequent rejoin or as a long-term member: the updates you're interested in just aren't that frequent and they are rarely in HD. You're right though that my tastes make this a better deal. But the reality of porn is that my tastes are just better served by the market anyway. I do have a few niches that aren't well served so I can empathize with you in your search for good quality porn with mature models even if I don't share that specific interest.

03-09-13  04:52am

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rearadmiral (384) REPLY TO #5 - hodayathink :

Good point on a possible source of material for them.

I discovered something that I thought was odd about the site. I'm going through there and replacing some of my favourite scenes that I had downloaded as lower-res wmvs with the best resolution H.264 on offer and I noticed that Burning Angel studio gave VB almost everything in HD whereas other studios have nothing in HD. I assumed that VB licenced the material and decided how to upload it, but it may be that they're licence is a lot more restrictive.

03-09-13  04:56am

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hodayathink (18) REPLY TO #8 - rearadmiral :

I think that when they decide to license, they probably don't get to choose whether or not they get HD, whomever they're licensing it from does. For example, it looks like they've just started uploading scenes from Teen Fidelity/Porn Fidelity, but all those scenes are in standard definition, even though at least some of them are available in high definition on that site.
03-09-13  11:19pm

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