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DigglerFL (17) 02-21-10  02:09pm
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Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Updated: 03-10-10  08:51am  (Update History)
Reason: Final conclusions
Pros: Lots of content
Newer Videos have good quality
Cons: -False Advertising
-Many videos not available at all
-They seem to buy videos that no-one else wants - too many chicks that aren't all that attractive
-"New" Releases are often videos that are 10 years old.
-Too many scenes are poor quality even on high quality download
-I hate their flash viewer
-you have to frequently log back in
Bottom Line: I was a member of this once before, so I guess its my fault for giving them another chance. I found something on this site that I'd been trying to find for a while, and the "Free Preview" shows that its available for download. After joining, it shows "Coming Soon" which basically means "sorry charlie, we fooled you".

A large number of videos are not available. You waste tons of time finding something and then find out its not available. Or sometimes the quality is so bad its not worth watching. Their "New Releases" are new only to the site. On March 1, 2010 College Girls Do 4, a video from 1999 was presented as new. Do I want to see Julie Meadows before she got her boobs done? I guess they get better deals buying old videos that nobody else wants. There's no way to sort on ACTUAL release date. So you have to sift through all of the old garbage. Virtually none of their "new" releases are new.

Their viewer will not allow you to advance the playhead past whats been downloaded. If you do, it terminates and you have to start over. This means you can't jump past the interview or the masturbation or whatever. A real time waster.

If you buy the argument that our most valuable asset is time, this site wastes more of your time than any other I've been on. You search for something you want, and then you find out its "Coming Soon". There is so much garbage; so many unattractive women, that it takes a long time to find anything really good. Then you find out that the video was encoded 5 years ago and the quality is unwatchable. Or if you find something and you don't feel like watching 10 minutes of ass-licking you can't jump past it in their viewer.

They still have login problems. You'll be navigating around and
for no apparent reason you'll get the invitation to join page.
Another time waster and annoyance.

They get the lowest score mainly because they falsely present videos on the preview that are not available when you pay. Cheats get the lowest score. Otherwise I'd give them high 50s, mainly because they don't have real new releases, and because 2/3 of their content is encoded in low quality.

*** UPDATE ***

My month is just about up now, so I wanted to report 2 things:

1) All 3 of the videos I was interested in when I first joined are still not available, despite Clement's claim that they would be done in 2 weeks.

2) They are still advertising the videos as being available before you log in only to be Coming Soon once you do log in. So clearly they are comfortable baboozling people and they think they make more money with such a practice than they do with an honest approach.

I'm very comfortable giving them the lowest possible rating. So I guess we're even.

*** Final Update ***

None of the videos that I was interested in that were tagged "Coming Soon" when I joined was availabe on the last day of the membership. So don't believe them when they tell you it will be available in 2 weeks. Its just not the truth.

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Jay G (67) Thanks for the warning. Unfortunately "bate & switch" happens in other places (I noted it at Lupus which lures one in with particular movies one would like to have, but then it's not yet available). Thanks!
02-22-10  04:52am

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Clement (18)

The videos marked "coming soon" are actually being re-encoded because they were in DRM before, they'll be back in about 2 weeks.

The blurry DVDs are blurry because the original DVDs are blurry. If you check the newest DVDs from new studios, they're clear.

Please email me at clement@videosz.com so I can refund your membership, since you were not happy. We've not been around for this much time by being crooks.

If you have any other comments, feel free to let me know, we're always improving the site with new features so any request is welcomed!

02-22-10  05:11am

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RagingBuddhist (65) REPLY TO #2 - Clement :

I can't comment on your site because I've never joined, but I think your offer of a refund is very generous. But make no mistake - crooks seem to stay in business very easily, especially in porn. :cough brazzers cough:
02-22-10  06:04am

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Denner (235) Have not been a member for almost half a year - and those serious accusations in this review, I've not noticed as a member, earlier..

When a member I found the site better than VideoBox - but, ok - with some of the same flaws - like the completely inefficient category search.
Still - as I remember the site - a 50 in score is not my experience - a lot of fine videos here - by all means - a lot with bad viewing quality, too.
Still: a 50? - it certainly must have gone down the drain in the last months?

02-22-10  08:08am

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messmer (137) I am currently a member and have always found all the videos I was looking for. If some are blurrier than others it`s the original material that`s at fault. The one thing I would accuse them of is the boring material they have offered recently,(something that holds true for Video Box and American Vice as well), but according to their support they are going to cater a bit more to those of us who are a bit tired of gonzo style porn in the future. I really believe your score is a bit harsh.
02-22-10  11:28am

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Jeffrey99 (29) While I'm currently not a member, it's actually on my list of upcoming sites to try, I have to agree with others on the score. IMHO nothing in your review leads to a 50 score.

On top of that, what do you consider "good quality" & what do you consider "poor quality. Even at the high quality"? Which the last part doesn't even really make sense. LOL

Could stand to tell us what those specs are. Meaning, what resolution? What KBPS?

In my opinion, after looking back at your reviews, it'd be nice to know what the technical specs of the videos or photos are, not just "high quality" or "low quality", which can be different for everyone.

02-22-10  04:27pm

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DigglerFL (17) REPLY TO #2 - Clement :

Offering a refund so you can continue to deceiver others doesn't seem like a worthy trade off. How about if I eat the $18. and see if you

1) Change your site so it no longer indicates that videos that aren't currently available are available

2) put up the videos in 2 weeks like you indicate they will be.

Then perhaps I'll consider changing my review. In the meantime, everyone who reads this has no idea which videos are available and which aren't by the current way you're doing things.

The argument that they're being re-encoded doesn't satisfy the reasoning behind bogusly indicating that the videos are available before you pay. It should say Coming Soon BEFORE people pay as well as after.

Otherwise you are a crook, no matter how hard you try to convince yourself otherwise.

02-22-10  04:36pm

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james4096 (126) They did get you with a bait and switch, and that always stinks.
I haven't been a member for a while, but even with half the content they had when I was there and the blurry videos IMHO it still better than a 50. I think the lowest score needs more detailed negatives.

But you were were right to point this out to us publicly.

02-23-10  04:31am

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Jay G (67) REPLY TO #2 - Clement :

Appreciate your quick response, good customer service is so important to many of us, and often a simple explanation (like the DVD's were originally of lower quality) is all I need to feel I'm being dealt with fairly. Getting rid of DRM is also crucial to those of us who enjoy "collecting", not just watching. Thanks!
02-23-10  05:21am

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asmith12 (124) REPLY TO #9 - Jay G :

Frankly, I wouldn't be so satisfied with this response. I think that if they have something as "Coming Soon" in member area, they should NOT advertise it in preview. Ok, as a former member who didn't have problems there, I can give them benefit of doubt and agree that they might not do this deception on purpose, but in this case I'd expect them to apologize and pull this stuff from preview area ASAP.

P.S. There is an interesting recent trend, with webmasters replying here on PU more eagerly then to support e-mails. I think next time I have a problem on any site I'll post it as a comment, it seems to have MUCH more chances to be solved this way.

02-23-10  08:30am

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PinkPanther (46) REPLY TO #10 - asmith12 :

Agreed - this site is doing themselves a dis-service by this kind of false advertising.

If some material is "coming soon", advertise it as "coming soon" - as a prospective member, I would likely find that enticing.

Advertising material as currently posted is not a good thing - it's a bummer to join a site expecting to be able to download the material and find it to be not there.

And it's not necessary. This site has a ton of material - a ton of really good material - they would be wise to take a kick in the pants from this thread and be as honest as possible about what material is currently available and what material is "coming soon" if they even want to mention what is coming soon - to me, as I say, I would find it more enticing than a turn-off.

02-23-10  09:20pm

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DigglerFL (17) REPLY TO #8 - james4096 :

If you're rating a restaurant and the waitress gets your order wrong and brings you the wrong thing and then tells you "oh, we were out of what you ordered so we gave you something else", do you give the restaurant a good rating because what they brought you wasn't terrible?

No, you give them 1 star. Because you want to get what you ordered; not something else. 50 is the lowest rating. The rating recommendations say "Not Recommended" is 50-59. If it was 1 video that was missing I'd give a higher rating. But there are a lot of them. So you search, find something you want, and then BANG, its "Coming Soon". Its a waste of time as well as annoying.

Its purposeful deceipt. So they get the lowest possible rating. The unavailable videos should be taken out of the index; for both members and would-be members.

02-24-10  04:10am

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jd1961 (95) This site (of which I was once a member) keeps sending me email offers that state that for me,here is a special offer for $9.95. But what they fail to mention is that to get that deal, you must sign up for a year.
02-24-10  12:00pm

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DigglerFL (17) REPLY TO #2 - Clement :

Now that I've been on the site awhile I have to reject your answer on the blurry videos. I've seen some of the videos on here on other sites at much higher quailty. What, did you buy lower res CDs than they did? And why are the clip pictures clear but the videos can't get close to that clarity? Clearly they've just been encoded at a lower res, probably for a day when not many people had broadband. You just haven't chosen to re-encode the CDs for modern viewing.

If you're going to use the high number of videos you have as a selling point, keeping them up to date should go hand and hand with that. I don't expect in 2010 to have 3/4 of the videos with 2005 download resolutions.

02-28-10  09:15am

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Clement (18)

Just a quick update to say it took longer than expected to fix all of the older DRM videos, since we're also fixing screenshots, meta data (pornstar info) and the DVD covers at the same time. We're 60% done with this but the videos have been re-encoded and they're available now in Full DVD resolution.

It's not our intention to do any false advertising, a server broke down and we had to get rid of DRM so some videos were unavailable for a few weeks (about 100 DVDs out of 7,300).

As always though, thanks for your comments, we appreciate any feedback, good or bad, this helps us improve our site.

04-20-10  08:31am

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