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rearadmiral (388) 07-14-12  07:17am
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Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Still the undisputed champion of DVD sites
- Huge selection
- Wide variety of niches
- Add-on Ďchannelsí at reasonable prices
- Channel prices are still pro-rated for your first month
- New studios being added
- Still adds five DVDs per day
- Excellent value
- Good download speeds
- Supports download managers with no timeouts
- Multiple viewing options
- VB3 is still not mandatory
- Prospective members can view the full site before joining
- The best alternative to pirated porn on the Ďnet
Cons: - Over-reliance on compilations and low grade Euro movies
- Wonít allow using the same username and password on rejoin
Bottom Line: Before anyone gets mad at this, being my sixth review of VB, let me just say that I planned this as just a comment and then got carried away.

There isnít much more that one can say about VB that hasnít already been said here, but Iíll try. The site offers a virtual porn mega-store with over 12,000 DVDs and the site continues to grow. Whatís interesting is that the opinions and ratings here really run the full spectrum. My personal opinion on VB tends to run with those who are big fans. I join VB twice a year and probably will continue to do so as long as the site exists. I rank it high because what it does, it does well.

The site has hundreds of studios on offer and as the site grows they appear to be attracting more. I wish that some of the bigger studios offered more of their titles to VB but a site this size can only continue to grow as it brings sales to studios that need them. Almost any interest can be satisfied here with the only limitation being that as VB relies on DVDs they donít have some of the more extreme niches since those arenít usually issued on DVDs. But if it happens to be available on DVD, VB probably has some titles in that genre.

VB continues to offer the DVDs in a variety of ways. Streaming is available and downloads are available in both WMV and MP4 formats. The highest resolution available on most is only 640x480 which is low by todayís standards and those come in at 3300kb/s and 30fps. Only one DVD per day is offered with an HD option.

One thing that Iíve always respected about VB is that they donít just rely on a few flashy preview pages and then ask for your credit card number. VB lets prospective members see the entire site. I wish other porn sites would follow this model.

VB still offers premium Ďchannelsí at additional cost. These are great value if you like those studios and VB still offers a pro-rated price through your first month. If you join in week two of your VB membership youíll only pay half the price until both sites renew.

While Iím a big VB fan the site isnít without its flaws. Iíve said this before, and I remain convinced of it: one of VBís biggest selling points is also one of its biggest flaws, namely the addition of five titles per day. What person would argue against more porn, you might ask? One who prefers quality over quantity. With 12,000+ DVDs on the site no one would dispute that VB is the biggest player in downloadable porn DVDs. But to sustain that growth VB relies to heavily on compilations with re-hashed scenes and on low grade Euro porn. Iíll admit that there is an element of subjectivity in this opinion, but I think Iím also being objective when I say that having the same scene on the site in three or four different titled movies adds nothing. Thankfully VB members usually point out a repost so you can avoid it if you have it. As for the Euro stuff, while Iím not a huge Euro fan I can still recognize that there is a difference between good porn and bad porn. They do have good Euro porn here, but they add a lot of bad stuff too. My recommendation to VB is to drop the five-DVD schedule and concentrate on quality instead. One or two quality DVDs per day would be fine and judging from many of the comments on the VB site many other members would agree with me. (I understand that the compilation issue isnít VBís fault since the industry cranks them out, but while they make sense in DVD format, they donít make sense as a download.)

One minor gripe is that the site doesnít let you use the same username and password when you rejoin. Iíd prefer that when I join with the same email Iím given my usual name and password.

The most polarizing aspect of VB seems to be the VB3 interface. My opinion of VB3 is that it appears to be something dreamed up by the marketing people to lure in new members who are attracted to bright shiny things. If that works, thatís great, because obviously VB needs members to continue to operate. It also appears that the technical people have some clout because the old site is still available and still fully functional. Whenever I go to VB the first link I click on is to go to the old site. I hope that option remains available, and I hope that if enough people also vote for the old site with a mouse click that the marketing exercise that is VB3 will be shelved.

Recently, other PU members have reported having low download speeds and even having downloads stop. I experienced none of that and Free Download Manager downloaded everything at the highest supported speed and never once had a broken link or a failed download. It may be that whatever caused that is now fixed.

The bottom line for me is that Iíll continue to both support and recommend VB. It has a few flaws, but those are far outweighed by its advantages. With sites like VB no one has an excuse to access pirated porn or tube sites. VB remains an incredible value and I hope theyíre around for a long time.

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Monahan (44) A few comments about Rearadmiral's review:

5 updates per day - Totally agree that, with 13,345 movies (today's total) there is a bunch of crapola. However their recently added feature of quickie previews gives the discerning porndog the ability to get an idea of the content of a video before spending any time on it. I'm fine with 5 per day and like the opportunity to sort through the offerings myself rather than have someone else do the selecting for me.

New VB3 feature - Totally agree that I prefer the old front-end over the new one. It's good that the VB folks give us the full choice.

Compilations and duplications - Would be an annoyance except there's a loyal group of VB'ers who accurately point out duplications. The good part about that is if you find a scene that you want to download, you may find an earlier posting that runs longer or even that is available in HD.

Inaccurate identification of talent - One major failing that is not mentioned in Rearadmiral's review is the frequent inaccurate identification of the talent. Worse is when there's no effort to identify the talent. With a catalog of 13,345 videos, each averaging 5 scenes, that means if you dig a particular babe, and that babe is not accurately identified, you'll need to dig through over 120,000 scenes to find her stuff; ain't gonna happen. The good part is that the VB'ers who comment frequently provide an identification and/or correction, but the bad part is that comments are not searchable. I've stumbled on some of my favorite babes totally by accident which makes me wonder how much more is out there that is undiscovered.

D/L speeds - Agree. Never had a problem with speed or with simultaneous multiple downloads.

No excuse for using a freebee site - Totally agree. Not only is there no excuse from a cost standpoint, the quality of the video on VB is usually much better.

07-14-12  09:53am

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lk2fireone (196) Excellent review.

I wonder how common slow download speeds are at VideoBox?

On 2012-07-06, OneMan posted a site comment that he's getting terrible download speeds, 100 KB/sec or less. He lives in UK.

mike11w replied to the comment that he's also experiencing poor download speeds and that customer service is terrible as well. He lives in the US.

TheSquirrel, in reply to a different comment on the site, wrote:

"It may be the ability to download material rather than the content that decides the review. I hated Video Box and never went back because they had the slowest download speeds I have ever experienced. Their customer service was non existent. Streaming was impossible except some time after midnight here in the UK. Good material and value but it all depends on the ability to watch it.

For those who can access the content I fully understand why it should get high marks, but it's a lottery on download speeds. From what I have heard US appears not to be so bad, but European members often report of slow speeds and download problems."

07-14-12  10:07am

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messmer (137) Excellent review, rearadmiral! I would only like to add that, regrettably, every time they publish a "mature" title every scene appears to contain enhanced breasts. I find, in general, that the more mature ladies are being sadly neglected in favor of youth. You would like that, of course (we've talked about it in the Forum) but there are many of us who would like to see more "natural" MILF, even GILF videos, but regrettably there are not enough of us to sway VB. I've had no problems with download speeds, they are consistently at my maximum but have big problems when it comes to navigating within VB3 so you are wise to keep using the old site.
07-14-12  10:14am

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graymane (33) Can't say I agree with your fondness for this site, but I will say your review is as close to par-excellence as one can get.
Your efforts deserves a hardy high-five and certainly a gesture of appreciation from the site webmasters

07-14-12  07:25pm

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pat362 (375) Another great review and there's one point you and I agree on and that's i their policy of adding new content. I'd rather see less movies being added on a regular basis and better ones instead. There are way too many movies that are basically just content filler so that they can keep thei claim of adding 5 new movies per day.

There are also too many movies that contain leased content already on the site under a different studio name. I'd much rather see them go for the dead studios content like Diabolic, Anabolic, Jm production and so on. They already update with some of their content but if they weren't spending money on all the crap then they would have more to go after those better studios.

07-15-12  09:37am

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hodayathink (18) I keep meaning to join this site, but never actually doing it, mostly because I know I'll probably be partially paralyzed by the choices and either not download anything for a few days or downloading so much that I need a brand new hard drive. But I think now is the time, especially so that I can see what the difference between the old and new versions of the site and see for myself if the new version is that bad.
07-15-12  10:49am

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exotics4me (463) I've always kept VB in my rotation of sites I join, but skipped them this last time and gave VideosZ a try. I can't say you would have the same experience, but I actually was happier with VideosZ than my last time at Videobox. Since I was going out of town, I canceled the VideosZ account early, but am now going right back and rejoining. Biggest difference I found was VideosZ has some content that I had thought was wholly exclusive to the sites they came from. Tainster, formerly Erromax, Orgymax, has around 200 DVDs on VideosZ of their sites Party Hardcore, Mad Sex Party and Drunk Sex Orgy. And it's not to take away from Videobox, if anything I will pair the two together from now on.
07-15-12  01:50pm

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rearadmiral (388) REPLY TO #1 - Monahan :

Thanks for the comments. I agree that when a scene is posted as a compilation the users usually identify that and many even note the difference. In a lot of cases one scene has been edited and runs shorter.

I also agree that it is frustrating that the site gets so many performer's names wrong. But again, the users usually step in and provide the name.

And thanks to everyone else who took the time to reply.

07-15-12  03:26pm

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rearadmiral (388) REPLY TO #7 - exotics4me :

I've been a member of Videoz too and quite like them. They're in my rotation list but just not with the same frequency as VB. They're definitely a great site too. There was another DVD site that I quite liked, though the name escapes me now. It was better than both VB and Videoz but the owner shut it down a couple of years ago.
07-16-12  04:09am

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Monahan (44) REPLY TO #9 - rearadmiral :

I'm interested in your observations about Videoz and VB. Does Videoz have enough non-duplicated content to make it worthwhile to subscribe to both at the same time?
07-16-12  09:43am

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rearadmiral (388) REPLY TO #10 - Monahan :

Monahan - I'm reluctant to give you a definitive answer because I haven't been a member at Videosz for a while and for some reason I didn't review the site so I have nothing to help my memory. My recollection, though, is that while there is some overlap that it wasn't too bad. I recall that I though both sites were still a good value and that both were worthwhile. Consider posting this query on the forum and you may get some better answers.

I wish I could be of more assistance...

07-16-12  01:09pm

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #9 - rearadmiral :

I will post this to Monahan as well. Videosz has started getting some exclusive content. Though the webmaster of Tainster, I think, thought I was putting them down, Videosz has picked up, according to him, 25% of their 3,000 once exclusive scenes on DVDs and those are nearly all public/voyeur scenes. I felt more overwhelmed on Videosz than Videobox, but it could have just been from being away from Videosz for so long. And I think I probably know the video site you're talking about, American Vice. There have been quite a few DVD sites I've liked over the years that either dropped way off or shutdown, like Vixeo. Seems like when they first came out they had a 50% exclusive rate on their DVDs, but their webmaster was an ass and he jumped the price up from $9.95 or $14.95 to $34.95. The other that comes to mind was DVD Box, which had several exclusive deals with exclusive paysites to distribute some of their content, but they are now just releasing the bargain bin type DVDs.
07-16-12  01:45pm

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #10 - Monahan :

On the duplicated content, the only place I ran into a lot of overlap was on the biggest known stars. Like Eva Angelina, Jenaveve Jolie, the ones with 100+ scenes. If you search more by the DVD series than individual models, the overlap isn't bad at all and as my comment below about Tainster shows, Tainster's webmaster said they have an exclusive deal with Videosz to have their DVDs of their exclusive content. I'm going to do a multi-month membership this time just because I don't feel like I saw maybe 1/10th of what all they have.
07-16-12  02:04pm

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rearadmiral (388) REPLY TO #12 - exotics4me :

Thanks for this info, exotics. If I understand you correctly Videosz now has a lot of public and voyeur scenes. If that was a primary focus would you recommend Videosz or Tainster? I'm not really familiar with Tainster. I think I'll have to sign up soon and have a look.
07-16-12  06:06pm

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slutty (111) Nice review,

I agree with most of your points, although I obviously am not as fond of this site as you are. I also agree with exotics, that I find videosz to be a bit better, the crap-to-decent ratio seemed a bit better there to me. The site you were thinking of was perhaps American Vice (I liked them much better than either of the 'video' sites?

07-17-12  12:12am

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rearadmiral (388) REPLY TO #15 - slutty :

Yes - American Vice. That's the site I was thinking of. That was a great site and I'm sorry it closed.
07-18-12  03:46pm

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xexbot (36) Been a member of videobox for a few years now and I still tell people it is the best deal around.
07-19-12  09:00am

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rearadmiral (388) REPLY TO #17 - xexbot :

I agree. I've recommended it to several people and know of at least one who tried it. He's a recurring member now too. It's like having access to a well-stocked adult video store.
07-20-12  08:52am

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xexbot (36) REPLY TO #18 - rearadmiral :

Yes, I have tried a few of the others like this out there, and this is still the best imo.
07-29-12  10:01am

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Dirt D (4) Completely agree on the full site preview that you mentioned. It's definitely one of my favorite aspects of the site which allows me to drop and renew membership whenever I feel like. It's the only way I know what they've added since I left.
12-22-12  10:04am

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