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rearadmiral (380) 12-12-11  05:38pm
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Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Probably the biggest DVD site on the internet
- Excellent value
- Streaming available
- Download DRM-free files in multiple sizes / formats
- Five DVDs added daily
- Specialty ‘channels’ for extra
- The price of the channels is pro-rated for your first month
- No download limits
- No time-outs on queued-up scenes
- Good download speeds
Cons: - Not a lot of HD material
- Heavy reliance on compilations
- Specialty ‘channels’ can add up in price
- VB3 still is buggy in places
Bottom Line: I’ve been a member at Videobox for probably a total of five years or so, and I’ve reviewed it here several times too, so is there anything new that I could add? I hope so.

I still think that VB is an amazing site and I still recommend it to friends who are looking to build a porn collection in one easy step. VB is like the adult superstore that lives in your computer. VB is now creeping up on 12,000 DVDs and they continue to add five per day. I’ve said this before and I still believe it: VB is already huge so they should concentrate on quality and let the quantity slide a bit. If VB is like a porn superstore that lives in your computer, then the bargain bins are starting to take over the floor space. Past complaints have been that VB has too heavy a reliance on low-grade European porn, but they seem to be balancing that with more U.S. titles now. The bad news, in a “Monkey’s Paw” sort of way, is that the U.S. titles are frequently slapped-together compilations. You know the kind where a studio will pay some kid editor to compile some unrelated but thematically similar scenes? That’s the kind of work that gives you classics like “Girls with Moles on their Bums.” Okay, so I made that up, but it isn’t far off. I wouldn’t complain as much except sometimes a scene can be here on the original DVD and then on several compilations too. Even with the European porn, it seems to be bargain-bin quality.

Much of the discussion here seems to be about VB3. I share the opinion that most others have: I don’t like it. I’ll admit that part of that is because I don’t like change, but this seems to be a change just for the sake of change. Sure, the old VB was fairly simple, but that’s not bad. My suspicion is that VB3 is driven by marketing. It appears that not all the bugs are worked out yet either since the site pushes a “new and improved” VB3. I tried it and used the feature that allows me to add scenes to “my stash” for future viewing and I found it buggy enough that I gave up on it.

Other bad things about the site are probably more personal taste, but it sure seems like VB has every solo girl masturbation movie ever made. And a pet peeve of mine is that with many compilations (and even some original DVDs) the performers aren’t credited.

But as for the bad things about VB, that’s pretty much it. This really is an excellent site and I’d highly recommend it.

The format is known to most of us: DVDs broken down into scenes that can be streamed, edited into a custom clip, or downloaded in any of several ways. There is usually a clip labeled as “WMV DVD,” one as “WMV high” and two smaller versions for devices and iPhones. Since my connection speed is higher than the last time I was here I downloaded the DVD quality scenes only. They come in at 720x480 and 3800kb/s. HD is available on some titles but not many and it isn’t predictable. The WMV files are in codec 8 so that means that anyone using a set-top USB box (like a Western Digital) won’t be able to play these.

Download speeds are up to normal standards. One thing I really appreciate is that when queuing up scenes using a download manager the links don’t seem to have any time-outs. My DL manager was churning away the next morning after loading it with links one night. Not every site will allow that.

An addition that VB made a few years ago seems to be working out well – that’s the addition of several “channels.” I always add Evil Angel because I like their work. EA now has 526 DVDs on the site and add a new one every two days. Surprisingly there is little overlap between the EA channel and the two EA sites.

Vivid is a bit soft for me but I did try this channel once. It now has 528 DVDs and also updates every two days.

I’ve never joined the Reality Kings or Kink sites, though I may this time. One advantage with RK may be that if this is off the VB server then there would be no download limits. If I join and can say for certain I’ll let you know.

I’ve been a big fan and frequent member of Kink sites and I’m planning to sign on to this channel soon. It will be a good opportunity to try some material from their sites that I’ve not joined before.

One advantage to the channels that isn’t immediately clear is that the pricing is pro-rated. If you join VB at the first of the month and then add a channel two weeks later you’ll only pay for the two weeks left in that month. If you cancel your membership after a month it can be good value. If you keep the membership and all the channels you’ll obviously pay full price the following month.

If you need a concise way to think about VB, think of it as an all-you-can-eat porn buffet. The quality is pretty good, but it isn’t as good as other places. This is about satisfying an appetite when you want 10 pounds of chicken wings, not about treating yourself to filet mignon. Both have their place though.

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slutty (111) I never even noticed the RK channel, and I was just a member here. Is it new? I checked on their site and it isn't even listed under the channels. Curious. Hope you update your review and let us know how it is if you join it.
12-12-11  05:55pm

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exotics4me (463) I'm not trying to sway you away from the RK channel, but it's very limited compared to the RK site. Using the TBP price, there isn't that much difference in the RK channel and the actual site. I know there has been some talk about RK's download limits, but believe me when I say they are not that bad. I have photos on imageshack of folders I downloaded a few months ago from RK. I did 5 days in a row, averaging 64 GB a day and didn't hit a limit once. I don't know if the limit is now on HD but I don't download their HD clips since they are long anyway, 30-45 minutes. A few years back, RK was pretty strict on DL limits, but they really have loosened up on them.

I have been intrigued by the Kink channel too. Though I don't really go for the harder content, I have always liked Ultimate Surrender, Public Disgrace and Fucking Machines. Plus I like anything with Dragon Lily in it and it seems like she is on several of their sites I haven't been on. Glad you mentioned that about prorating the price. I didn't know they did that. I may have to give the Kink channel a one week try the next time I join VB.

12-13-11  12:12am

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Denner (235) Thumbs up for this review......thanks,RA
Have not been at this site/place/network for quite a while.
The reason - after SEVERAL times of membership is the lack of real HD in the vids.
Judging from the score it seems to have gotten better - still the mention in cons:

"- Not a lot of HD material" ...makes me reluctant.

But RA's Bottom Line in general makes me consider again.

12-13-11  06:59am

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rearadmiral (380) REPLY TO #1 - slutty :

Slutty - I'm not sure why you're not seeing the RK channel but a possibility is that you're in the "old" VB site rather than in VB3. I prefer the old site so I download all the stuff I want from VB through that, but the only 'channels' you can even see on the old site are Evil Angel and Vivid. You have to go to VB3 to see Kink and Reality Kings.

The RK channel appears to have started on October 28, 2010, so it isn't new. They seem to add a scene per day too.

I'm hoping that the answer is that you can only even see it through VB3 because if that isn't the answer I'm not sure what the solution could be.

I haven't joined the RK channel yet but I plan to when I have some to go through it. One complaint, and this may be entirely subjective, is that it doesn't appear that the scenes are associated with any of the RK sites. I'd like to see some newer Captain Stabbin and VIP Crew stuff, for example, but I can't find any way to sort it by RK site.

12-13-11  08:58am

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rearadmiral (380) REPLY TO #2 - exotics4me :

I'm not sure what to do about the RK channel, but I think I'll sign up in my last week just to take a look. I figure that will be fairly risk-free. I'd like to join RK again but I'm a little gun-shy with the reports of the download limit. I did confirm in their terms of use that they do impose a daily limit of 10GB, but it sounds like it can be arbitrary. I once had a membership to a site with a limit and it wouldn't unlock the whole day's quota at once but would do so as your quota freed up. What that really meant for me was that I could only go to the site every two days. It sounds like RK may be using that kind of system. But with the pro-rated membership on the VB channel I can limit my risk. If I really like what I see then I may take the RK plunge anyway. Maybe the limit is somehow linked to HD material only as you suggest.

The Kink channel is a definite for me. I regularly get memberships at several Kink sites but one that has intrigued me that I've never taken the plunge on is Ultimate Surrender. I'm figuring that with the pro-rated prices I can go in late in my membership and download the dozen or so Ultimate Surrender scenes on the channel. That will limit my risk if I don't really like them.

One complaint about both Reality Kings and Kink (but not with Evil Angel or Vivid which were added before VB3 was rolled out) is that the scenes aren't associated with any of the Kink or RK sites. Some may ask why that's a big deal, but if you're looking for some particular themed material it is harder to find than it needs to be. Ultimate Surrender has a distinct look with the set they use, but most Kink scenes are dark to set an atmosphere. But is that dark thumbnail a scene from The Training of O or from Sex and Submission? You'll have some work to do to find out. It's essentially the same for RK - you can't easily tell which site from the RK network the scene is from. Most might not care, but some of us do. Also with the new channels (Kink and RK) there is no way to add scenes to your favorites once you do decide that you want to see it. You either remember the details or you download/stream it right away.

Evil Angel and Vivid were added before VB3 went live and they have a much more user-friendly model.

If there is anything worth noting when I add both Kink and RK I'll leave a comment here on the specific issue, good or bad.

12-13-11  09:17am

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rearadmiral (380) REPLY TO #3 - Denner :

Thanks for the comments Denner. There still isn't a lot of HD material being added, but it is there. One big advantage to VB is that they let you tour through the entire site so you can make an informed decision on whether you want to join or not. They stress quantity over quality but are still an impressive site.
12-13-11  09:19am

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rearadmiral (380) REPLY TO #1 - slutty :

slutty - I think I might have an answer for you and it isn't because RK is only available through VB3. I went to VB using my iPad which doesn't have a VB cookie on and I noticed that the RK site doesn't show up. So I went to my PC and cleared the cache and went to VB and the RK channel is nowhere to be found. Then I logged in and it was there. That seems to be the answer, but I can't give you any thoughts on why they do it that way. It seems strange to me. I think the only logical explanation is that it's an oversight or an error. I can't imagine that VB and RK actually want to hide the fact that you can pay extra and get access to some RK scenes.

This certainly won't solve the problem that you can't see the RK channel, but at least you'll know why you can't see it.

12-14-11  09:16am

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Cybertoad (Disabled) Nice review RA, I too forgot about this site for awhile.
Since lowering my storage I have swayed away from BULK-Blue light special porn LOL. But the site sure does a good job of making it look like the quality would be high by looking at he album covers. I was a member once before might be worth a peak.

12-14-11  11:14am

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slutty (111) REPLY TO #7 - rearadmiral :

curious, thanks for the info rearadmiral. I probably wouldn't join that channel anyway given exotics comment. Thanks again.
12-14-11  05:55pm

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rearadmiral (380) REPLY TO #9 - slutty :

I've decided to take exotics' advice and not join the RK channel. I also based that on the advice of a friend (and PU lurker) who said he never experienced a download limit. His and exotics' experiences were the same, but I'm not going to count on that. But the fact that the RK channel isn't well organized and there is no search function I'll just join RK.

I'm still planning to join the Kink channel when the pro-rated price drops so I can sample some material from sites I've not had a membership to.

12-15-11  09:00am

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elephant (67) Great Review as per usual from the boss of the informative reviews. Sounds interesting about the kink sites, be interested to know can you join the kink channel and see from all their sites, if so how much is it. Its one thing that has held me back joining many of the kink sites as I wouldn't want many of them on some of their niche sites, I don't care much for ladies with too much ink so would be just after the inkless or small tattied women, who are rare these days I know.
12-18-11  07:37am

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rearadmiral (380) REPLY TO #11 - elephant :

elephant - I haven't added the Kink channel yet. Because the price is pro-rated for your first month the price to join goes down each day. If I kept my VB membership for a second month then I'd pay full price for the second month. But since there are only a few scenes I really want from Kink I'll wait a few more days and then the value will make more sense.

I can't be 100% certain yet, but I don't think every Kink site has scenes on the Kink channel. I'm certain that none of the gay-themed sites have material there, but that makes sense since VB has a gay site and that may have a Kink channel too. I can say that Ultimate Surrender, The Training of O, Water Bondage, Kink Live and Public Disgrace are there for sure. I'm pretty sure there are some scenes from Everything Butt, Fucking Machines, The Upper Floor and TS Seduction. I'm less sure about scenes from Hogtied, Sex and Submission (but I am sure they have at least one - the one where Sasha Grey does her first bondage shoot - that's a great scene!), Bound Gang Bangs and Fucking Machines. I'm almost certain that there is nothing from Pissing, but that may be because it pushes the limits a bit too far for VB.

I'll probably add the Kink channel by the middle of the week and when I do I should be able to give you a much more definite answer about what's there. The thumbnails are too small for me to see the watermark, but I recognize many of the scenes so I'm fairly confident in the accuracy of the information I've given you above.

As for price, I think if you joined VB and then immediately joined Kink the price is $30. But remember that's pro-rated so the price drops. And once you have a VB membership you can see the Kink scenes so you can get an idea of when it makes sense for you to join. I've never been a member of Ultimate Surrender so I'm planning to wait until the price drops below $10 and then I'll download the dozen or so scenes from that site. If you wanted more then you'd have to gauge it on your download speed. VB allows download managers and the links don't seem to ever time out so that's a plus too. That's the same for the Evil Angel channel so I'm assuming it will be the same for Kink too. I'll let you know that too.

As for no ink and smaller breasts, those are what I look for too. I can't say for sure what proportion of models are ink-less and small-breasted, but I can say that I've never been dissatisfied so it didn't ever stand out as an issue for me. I suspect that whole alternative sexuality thing brings in some inked models, but there are lots who aren't.

I'll be sure to post a comment with more details on the Kink site when I join later this week.

12-18-11  09:52am

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elephant (67) REPLY TO #12 - rearadmiral :

Hi Rearadmiral

I see what you mean the price goes down as you get less of your membership left is this correct? If it is interesting pricing structure and something I've not seen before but then again not many sites do this channel thing, its maybe something other sites should look into, I guess setting it up would be quite a cost though.

I would only get scenes from the models I found attractive so wouldn't be getting too much, does sound good though and will keep a look out for your info when you join the channel. Cheers again for the info and what price it was and how many scenes you get.

12-20-11  04:48am

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rearadmiral (380) REPLY TO #13 - elephant :

elephant - that's how the pricing structure works for the first month. If you signed up for Kink at half-way through your first month of VB membership then you'd only pay half the price. If you decided to carry both memberships for subsequent months you'd pay the full charge. I've not seen this before either, but I have to admit that I really appreciate it. I just added Kink today and I'm working on a mini review with some stats that you might find useful. I'll post it as a comment on the VB site once I've finished writing it.
12-20-11  04:14pm

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elephant (67) REPLY TO #14 - rearadmiral :

Good on yer Rearadmiral, I shall look forward to reading it and seeing if its worth the while if I joined Videobox again next year.
12-21-11  02:02am

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