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xxrrtt (1) 07-19-09  12:26pm
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Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Updated: 07-20-09  08:00am  (Update History)
Reason: User pointed out to me that my review was unfair, and I agreed. I also wanted to be more specific in some of my comments.
Pros: -Better than Videobox, because of greater selection of studios offered. It just seems like there's more variety of material.
-Videos are great quality.
-Price is right.
Cons: Only one caveat about this site. I don't like watching videos on my computer, so I transfer them to dvd so I can watch them on my tv and stretch out on the couch (!). It's a big pain, but I've never understood the appeal of sitting at your desk watching video, using a keyboard.

Every single video I did this to had a glitch/stutter every ten seconds or so, making them unwatchable. I've belonged to probably a hundred sites over the years, and always transfer everything to dvd. This has NEVER happened with any other site, not even once. Tried different burning software, didn't make any difference. I wrote them for help, and they said "it's illegal for us to help you." I'd be a longtime member, but in my case I can't. For the vast majority of people this won't be an issue.
Bottom Line: -If you watch the videos on your computer screen, it's an awesome site.
-If you're like me and prefer to burn and then watch on dvd, you might be out of luck.

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messmer (137) Hi, xxrrtt! For what it's worth, I usually don't burn any videos but in Videosz' case I did, as a trial, because the format was right xvid (avi). I burned two DVDs altogether, one containing eight scenes, the other containing six and not a single one stuttered or acted up in any way. I erased them in the meantime because I prefer my porn encrypted, it's safer with grandchildren around, especially if you forget to take a DVD out of the player. :-) Just thought I'd let you know that the fault might not be with Videosz. When it comes to their being unwilling to help it might be because they are afraid that people will make DVDs with their material and then sell it to others? Just a guess! Good to see you here and hope you'll stick around. Great, helpful bunch of users here. I'm not one of them but am good for a comment or two now and then! :-)
07-19-09  02:25pm

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xxrrtt (1) REPLY TO #1 - messmer :

Thanks for your reply. I guess this problem will just have to remain a mystery. I've even tried different burning software (Nero and another one) and got the same result, constant glitches. Never had this problem with any other adult site. So now I'm really confused that it worked for you! Thanks for your information.
07-19-09  02:30pm

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messmer (137) REPLY TO #2 - xxrrtt :

Wish I were a tekkie or someone who does a lot of burning, so that I could help in a practical way. Those inexplicable glitches can be aggravating. :-(
07-19-09  02:38pm

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PinkPanther (46) I found that, even watching downloaded scenes on my computer, the quality that I got from VideoBox, having tried that for a month before trying Videosz for a month, was better - others have commented on having the opposite experience. Dunno why.
07-19-09  07:38pm

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RagingBuddhist (65) I think it's a shame to slam a site with a low score just because their material can't be transferred to DVD. An otherwise "awesome" site gets a 60? That's kind of like buying a Porsche and saying it's a terrible car because it won't tow a boat.
07-19-09  10:25pm

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Colm4 (10) Yes, this would be better dealt with a Comment. But as for the problem, you may try using a Mediaplayer. No hassle with burning dvd's and you can put hundreds of movies on it.
07-20-09  01:02am

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xxrrtt (1) REPLY TO #5 - RagingBuddhist :

Yeah, you're right. I didn't think that through. I'm just bummed that I can't use the site. I'll do what I can to revise my score.
07-20-09  07:50am

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RagingBuddhist (65) What programs have you tried to burn the DVD's with? In some cases, I've found that the freebies a lot of people use just don't do as good a job as the ones you have to shell out money for.
07-20-09  01:15pm

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xxrrtt (1) REPLY TO #8 - RagingBuddhist :

I use Nero for burning divx files (which is what they have at Videosz). It works perfectly for everything else I burn, and has for years, for every site I've ever belonged to.

And it's great because you can burn divx files as data discs, so there's no compression and you can fit about five movies on one disc.

There's just "something" about Videosz files that don't burn correctly.

I wish some magic wizard could swoop down and explain to me what might be going on, but I don't think that's going to happen.

07-20-09  03:09pm

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PinkPanther (46) REPLY TO #9 - xxrrtt :

While a magic wizard is not likely to swoop down and solve your problem, in the age of the internet it is not at all difficult to find forums where tech-minded geeks (and I says this with complete affection) would be DELIGHTED to help you delve into your dilemma and offer myriad and sundry solutions until your problem is no more - or at least until you get sick and tired of trying different things.

Being someone that is not at all tech-minded, I have found such forums to be very helpful - just start googling and you'll find one that is discussing the products that you are using.

07-20-09  06:04pm

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mbaya (366) I used to burn a lot of DVDs, so I have some experience here. I had this happen to me on sites where I had trouble downloading. I would try redownloading as that may fix the problem. I especially had this problem when using Downloadacceleratorplus.
07-20-09  06:37pm

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rome476 (0) REPLY TO #9 - xxrrtt :

xxrrtt- What are data discs and how are they different from DVDs?
07-20-09  07:50pm

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fiou (0) You are absolutely right. I have burned with Nero the AVI files on DVD+RW and they play OK. I can zoom, pause, even use the slow motion. But they won't fast forward! If I press fast forward, the picture freezes. I have to press stop and start the clip from the beginning or select the next AVI file. I will not renew. Please, please, let me know if you find a website that offers AVI that play without problems. Heck, I can play AVI downloaded from rapidshare without any problems.
08-10-09  06:43am

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fiou (0) It is probably your home DVD player. I burned AVI using Nero express. They play perfectly on my cheap portable DVD player, but not on my expensive Denon. I also tried on Maxell DVD-R instead of +R. Same result.
08-10-09  12:00pm

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xxrrtt (1) REPLY TO #14 - fiou :

You know, you're probably right. My dvd player is an expensive Oppo. It works great for all other AVI files, so it's really weird it doesn't work with Videosz, but I'll try a different deck tonight. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Videosz files used to have DRM. I really like Videosz, I think it's better than Videobox in many ways, hope I can get it to work.
08-10-09  12:52pm

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xxrrtt (1) REPLY TO #12 - rome476 :

With Nero (or IMGBurn, or several other programs), you can burn AVI (Divx) files straight to disc as a "data disc." It's a choice you make in the application. If you do this, there's no re-encoding or compression, so the quality is the best you can get and it's really fast. It only works with AVI files, though, and it only works if your dvd player plays AVI (Divx) files.
08-10-09  12:56pm

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fiou (0) REPLY TO #16 - xxrrtt :

That is what I do. I burn the AVI as data. Much faster than having nero vision recode the file. My new Denon blu-ray player can play AVI (Divx). Except those of VideoZ of course. Again, it can play them, but not fast forward them. Your DMR theory makes sense. But I don't want to waste anymore time on this. Do you know if videobox AVI play on your home player? I won't renew with VideoZ and will find another site. I tried to download yesterday from VideoZ the H.264 file. But I don't think my Denon will read MP4 files. I can convert them to AVI using format factory free software. But that is, again, another step and time consuming. We'll just have to find a website that offers AVI that we can play on our home DVD player.
08-11-09  07:48am

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xxrrtt (1) REPLY TO #17 - fiou :

OK, tried an experiment last night and used a different DVD player. The VideosZ AVI files played fine, fast-forwarded and everything just perfectly.

But it's still weird, because every other AVI file I have plays on my other deck. That includes files from Videobox, and literally dozens of other pay sites. And also every bittorrent AVI file I've downloaded. On rare occasions, I'll get a bad file, but 99% play fine.

So, it's highly questionable whether I want to use a separate DVD player just to play VideosZ. What a pain.

Anyway, it's nice to have finally isolated the problem.

08-11-09  11:32am

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fiou (0) I've just joined VideoBox. They don't have AVI file format. They now have MP4. My DVD player reads only AVI. Back to square one. I have to convert all the MP4 to AVI. What a pain.
08-30-09  07:44am

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