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badandy400 (103) 03-02-08  09:25am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (53), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: High Quality, over 10 MBit video
Thousands of videos
Old Videos still posted
Very fast downloads. I have seen over 45 M-bits
No download limit or DRM
Very frequent updates
Very good price
Offers long term discount pricing of $9.95/month!
Cons: Not too much content for alternate niches
No pictures, hence the name Videobox, but hardly a con
Site wont stop growing, I dont think I can handle all this porn! :)
Bottom Line: Extremely valuable site and a must have for any serious porn user. The download speeds will keep your internet connection pegged. The offer different download packages and prices based on quality of download. Pay more for the dvd quality, you wont be sorry. Also, consider the long term package, it will save you money in the long run since you wont want to leave this site!

Downloading on this site is very easy. They do not seem to limit the amount of connections and they do support pausing downloads.

The bit rates for the videos here do vary a bit. They are usually around 5 MBit/s but I have seen some newer videos at nearly 12 MBit/s. 12 is a bit excessive, even the videos at 6-8 look great. The DVD resolutions are 720x480 or 640x480 for all the new additions and have been there for quite some time now. There are literally thousands of videos to choose from and the updates come every 5 hours!

I am currently a long term member of this site and they give a nice discount for joining long term. They offer 3 options for joining. There is the Basic plan for those who are not interested in DVD quality movies for whatever reason, you can join at $9.95. This is nice because they do not make you pay for something you wont use. There is a monthly plan of $17.95 that allows DVD quality downloads and a 10 month plan for $100 that also allows for the DVD quality.

I intend to stay for a long time!

Yes. I know the score pisses you off!

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Replies to the user review above.

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Denner (235) hey badandy

You have two pretty serious/importend cons. where I totally agree.
How can you then add it up to an extremely rare 100?

03-02-08  10:23am

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Boobs4ever (22) a site with 100 is site that cant get any better do you think VideoBox really dont need to improve anymore?
03-02-08  11:50am

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #1 - Denner :

The reason I give it such a high rating is because the speeds are among the best I have ever seen. I have had access to an OC3 connection for several years and have final tapped it about a year ago. This site has given me amazing download speeds that are able to be sustained. I have pulled more than 45 Megabits per second from them for hours at a time. This is in the middle of the day and evening. The quality of the videos is good as well. Most of the newer ones are more than 2 Megabits per second, and many of the movies dating back have similar bit rates. I have downloaded countless websites and this one is the easiest to download. I can get a good sized download queue in a few minutes that will last through the night and most of the day on my 3 megabit DSL home connection.

It can not be expected for a website to cater to every fetish that a person might have. If you want big tits go to Brazzers, you want hairy chicks go to Abby Winters, or for art go to MetArt. You get the idea. But Video Box has a great deal of the standard stuff that most people can appreciate and little of everything else. I would like to see more of the more unusual fetishes, but Video Box can only post videos that are being made, and they do not make their own content.

My main point is that they are fast and reliable with a huge amount of content that always updates. This is important to me as a heavy downloader.

03-02-08  11:55am

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #2 - Boobs4ever :

I have never seen a site that no one thought could be changed or improved in some way. I have never seen a site that offered a lifetime of content in every niche imaginable and if a site of this magnitude ever did exist it would be the end of all other sites because they simply could not compete. Video Box is not perfection, but they do what they do better than any other that I have seen. What good is a score if 100 if it is unattainable? Video Box is the closest I have seen, so they get 100 because they are the best...until someone else forms a better site!
03-02-08  12:03pm

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Boobs4ever (22) REPLY TO #4 - badandy400 :

The Score system is not unattainble if any site/sites is perfect. If you read the rewiew rules once more its says

Under: Are there any other specific rules I need to know?

3. Consider your score carefully. If you don't like a site, don't rush to give them a 50 (or a perfect score if you love a site). Consider 100 being ABSOLUTELY PERFECT and 50 being a site the worst adult site on the net. We recommend following our rating guidelines (shown below the rating input field). You can change the score at anytime, but score it as best you can from the beginning.

So if its not perfect is it 100 in this scoring system then?

03-02-08  01:47pm

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Boobs4ever (22) REPLY TO #3 - badandy400 :

Why dont you add this kind of information in to the rewiew most users can never download on 45mb/s. Just submit a review with 5 sentences wont make me understand why you think the site is good or bad. Just writing that you have had 45mb/s and not telling how. Like you now have explaind in this comment.
03-02-08  01:57pm

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #5 - Boobs4ever :

Define perfection. Some how I would suspect that it would be different from mine and different from the next guy reading this. The site is perfect for ME. I was pointing out things that others might not like. I give the site a 100, but you may not. My other point was that for a site to truly be perfect than every one must rate it at 100. This simply will not happen, therefore it is still unattainable.

Granted they make you pay more to get dvd quality, even still the price is great. It can also be viewed as simply giving a discount for those who do not want to download at dvd quality because of the size.

03-02-08  02:08pm

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jd1961 (95) Your response to Denner's reply was more detailed and thought out than your review.
03-02-08  02:08pm

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #6 - Boobs4ever :

I agree with you. I have been downloading porn for along time, but not posting reviews. The reason I mention the speeds I was able to attain is because others were having issues with speed. I do not want people to be afraid of this site because a few people have slow downloads. So I provided information on the other end of the spectrum and give provide information that is not exaggerated. I appreciate your criticism and will certain keep it in mind on following reviews. I am also open to other pointers!
03-02-08  02:14pm

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #8 - jd1961 :

Yes. Sorry about that. It was only the second review I wrote. I am still getting the hang of this.
03-02-08  02:15pm

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jd1961 (95) REPLY TO #10 - badandy400 :

You should write your "bottom line" like you wrote that reply !
03-02-08  02:17pm

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Boobs4ever (22) REPLY TO #7 - badandy400 :

If you think its perfect fine, But you dont explain in more detail why you thinks its perfect. Atleast I wont trust your reveiws, and I wouldnt bee surprised if your reveiws wouldnt bee approved
03-02-08  02:24pm

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Boobs4ever (22) REPLY TO #9 - badandy400 :

If you generally just want post Information like download speeds. Me myself would probably just make a comment about this issue then and you can still rate sites with out adding a review.
03-02-08  02:35pm

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #12 - Boobs4ever :

Does any one else want to join the bandwagon and haze the new guy? I believe you should see my collection before insulting my analysis abilities. I hate being defensive, but you are bluntly attacking me on my first real review. Keep in mind that this a personal review, ot absolute fact. I BELIEVE this site is perfect for me. That is a personal opinion. FACT I have been using them for about 2 years, I downloaded more than 100 GB in the past week from them alone using my 3 mb/s DSL. I did not write a review worthy of a parade my first time out. But I do want people to understand that I might actually be able to provide some insight to download this and many other websites. Some of the website I have downloaded are designed to hinder downloading.

If you would like to to actually revise my review to reflect comments I made in these discussions just tell me this. Besides, people can read these as well and get all this information. So in fact this is a good review because I have answered many questions. But I see no need for me to need to defend myself because I did not mention every bit of information I have about any given site.

If any one does not trust me about what I have said about this site than I certainly will challenge you to provide evidence that shows I am mistaken. What you have said is that because I did not include absolutely everything I know and my reasons for my opinions I am not trustworthy.

I am still waiting for the reason why I should not call this site the more perfect I have seen thus far.

03-02-08  02:47pm

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #13 - Boobs4ever :

Download speeds are important to some people, therefore they should be added in a review if available.
03-02-08  02:48pm

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RagingBuddhist (65) REPLY TO #14 - badandy400 :

It's not about hazing a new guy. It IS about trying to get the "new guys" from coming in and ignoring the fact that perfect scores are ridiculous to begin with. Even more so when the review contains cons.

If you can't see this, your challenge to provide evidence of your being mistaken is a moot point.

03-02-08  03:00pm

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #16 - RagingBuddhist :

Hum... I think I remember saying that about the perfect score. I do understand your point though, and it is very valid. However, keep in mind that I said that I score it at 100 because it is perfect for ME. You may have scored it differently. Please do not take me as a jerk for saying this, but please reread my posts and you will find answers to most questions you might have about my reasoning. Also, this is the ONLY site I give this high of a rating to. I love Brazzers, but I give them a 90 for reasons stated, although perhaps not perfectly.

Consider this: If a site is viewed as the best, than is it not perfect when compared to its competition? On what I have seen of other sites this is the most perfect site yet. Again, if I find something better I will drop my score, but until then it must stand, for me that is.

03-02-08  03:14pm

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RagingBuddhist (65) REPLY TO #17 - badandy400 :

Valid but ignored. I don't need to read anything but "100" and the couple of cons you listed to know you're missing the point. Perfection (whether for you or anybody else) + defects = something less than perfect. Therefore, a score of 100 is not possible.
03-02-08  03:38pm

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Boobs4ever (22) REPLY TO #14 - badandy400 :

your first review looks better now youve added some more information that makes it easier to understand why you rate it good. If you read the review rules it will give you some guideline tips what to write. The more detail information you give the better I think, about like download speed, site-design, Video quality and other stuff ppl may think is important ore is good ore bad on the site you review.

My View of this rating system is that only the absolute perfect is 100 so if you think its absolute perfect personally your doing the right thing rating it 100 if the site still can improve in some point its not 100 from my view of the rating system but im not the judge and Im sorry for calling you un-trust worthy review, your not, I was little to harsh. Sry

03-02-08  03:44pm

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #19 - Boobs4ever :

100 Perfect Site is perfect, could do little to improve. Top recommendation.

"..little to improve. To recommendation." That is how I rate this site!

Of course it could use slight modifications, but not much at all, which fits into the description of perfect.

03-02-08  03:56pm

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #19 - Boobs4ever :

I cant believe people are still upset about this! It truly bothers some of you that I give a site a perfect rating. Dont worry, I am not the only person that will rate this site. Please review it yourself, assuming you have used it!
03-02-08  08:10pm

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Boobs4ever (22) REPLY TO #21 - badandy400 :

LoL yea Im a member atm aswell and yea I have done rewiev of it there is 42 rewievs of VideoBox and mine is probably in the middle when its sorted in by date you reviewed the sites
03-03-08  06:35am

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Denner (235) REPLY TO #3 - badandy400 :

I get your drift. Was a big fan of the site some time ago - I also agree this is still a very good deal for us users. But I still think a 100 - as a max. is way too much, but....
As JD puts it: your answer is pretty good.
Look forward to your comming reviews with maybe more details.

Best and welcome among us "old timers"

03-04-08  11:09am

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #23 - Denner :

Thank you. I will see what other controversies I can start! I have plenty more site that I need to review yet.
03-04-08  11:14am

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RagingBuddhist (65) Okay - I'll concede that this site's definition of perfection and mine are different. I'm now on my third tour of Videobox and I'll easily agree with you that they are definitely lacking in certain areas when it comes to content. But, even allowing for a site having little to improve, I couldn't call a lack of niche content something that doesn't detract from it's perfection. So I guess we just see it differently. But now, given your response to Denner, I'm wondering if you're not just sticking to your guns because you like the controversy a 100 score brings to the table.
03-05-08  05:49pm

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #25 - RagingBuddhist :

Very nice point! It does make thing more interesting, and I like to play devil's advocate. But I do honestly believe they are the best. Every other site is lacking something as well. Videobox lacks the least at this point. I do promise however that if someone comes along and beats Videobox in my eyes than I WILL adjust my score. If a perfect site does exist, there can not be two, unless they are identical in which case that would be pointless. There is always a best out there. And the best is always the most close to perfection, and therefore would be our closest approximation to perfection. As this site words it...they are looking for approximate perfection.

Also, no one has defeated the logic behind my statements!! :)

So yes, I do enjoy this.

03-10-08  10:50pm

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #18 - RagingBuddhist :

Then lets have the webmaster delete the option to leave a 100. But then I would give them a 99 because that would then be the perfect score! This is an endless cycle.

Worth noting, any time someone says "Valid but ignored." it throws up an immediate flag saying that "what I am about it say is in ignorance because I am ignoring statements that I myself classify as valid." Please do not take that as a personal attack, I do enjoy this debate.

03-11-08  10:14am

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messmer (137) I have to agree with many of the others that a site that has ANY cons cannot rate 100. Contrary to your remarks, I find the speed terribly slow when compared to other sites especially when downloading various clips at the same time. I do agree with one of your cons that various categories (hairy, lingerie, mature, natural, housewife, girl next door etc.) are under represented. There are thousands of titles but all basically with one plot: get the clothes off as quickly as possible and get on with it! And don't forget to scream "Yess .. yess!" on top of your lungs. I'm going back to pics. :-)
03-12-08  11:08am

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #28 - messmer :

Hum? I have no speed issues with Videobox. They have been a great backdrop for me when another site is giving me fits. There have been many times that I sustained 40 Mbit/s for several hours at a time.

That is the great thing about forums, people do not have to agree and you can rate the site based on your experiences. Mine have been absolutely wonderful with Videobox. The cons I listed are not terrible things and nothing I personally hold against the site, but I thought it fair to mention something at least. I did so because I though they might be viewed as negative to some people. I gladly pay more for better quality, and I would not want to pay for quality I could not use if I were on dial up or something.

They could use some expansion to sub-niches, but they are definitely a straight up hardcore video site, the few videos they do have of other niches could be viewed as treats in addition to the normal stuff.

I do not truly view the cons I listed as major cons, but rather as the slight changes that could be made, but are by no means necessary!

Oh and yes, I love pictures too! Millions of pictures!

03-12-08  01:00pm

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messmer (137) REPLY TO #29 - badandy400 :

I guess when it comes to speed it sometimes depends on where you live. I am connected to the fastest Internet Service Provider in Canada (according to the speed tests I've done), have blazing speed with some sites and am reduced to a crawl with others. VB is a crawler for me. Took me over two hours last night to download five high quality wmv clips. And I'm certainly not knocking VB in other regards, those folks who gave them 80s and 90s can't all be wrong. :-) I guess I'm a picture guy at heart. Maybe because pictures, despite the fact that they can be quite explicit (hooray) leave something to the imagination and I can't hear the lusty yelps.
03-12-08  01:28pm

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #30 - messmer :

Yes! There is a certain allure to nicely taken photos. And the screaming in any video can get old after a while. I typically watch my DVDs on mute. A soft moan can be extremely erotic, but the screaming bloody murder seen (heard) in so many videos can eventually be a turn off...so I turn it off! :)

Try getting a hold of their customer service, perhaps they have a bad connection across the boarder for some reason and other have had the same issue from Canada. Their site is fast for me, but I will ask how many were you trying to download at a time and what is your actual internet connection speed?

I can tell you that I have never seen more than 12 Mbit/s per connection come from any website period! When I am downloading from the LAN connection I sometime use I am downloading at least 10 videos at a time using 1 connection per video. I can nearly always get at least 40 Mbit/s from them alone.

Or maybe you are just unlucky. I have been unlucky with Brazzers lately and cannot download them from the LAN, but can at home? Go figure!

03-12-08  07:34pm

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messmer (137) REPLY TO #31 - badandy400 :

Glad you feel the same way about the moans! :-) Just checked my speed again between NS Canada and New York City and it came to a
1986.8 KB/sec transfer rate. I would say that's not too shabby! The downloads from VB were about one eighth of the speed I get from other sites I subscribe to which is usually between 450 - 800 KB/sec.

03-12-08  07:59pm

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #32 - messmer :

In KB/sec I am assuming then you are talking about Bytes rather than Bits correct. Assuming you are talking about Bytes, that is not too shabby! Your 15 Mbit/s connection would kick the crap out of my 3 MBit here at home, but not the 100 Mbit LAN I use :) Anyway Then you would be getting about 200 or so KByyes/s, that is not terrible, but it should be much faster. Perhaps they throttle out of USA connection? I really dont know, but that is too bad it is not fast for you. I have heard of others getting much lower speeds though, down as low as 2 KBit/s! I could understand this affecting their reviews, I dont care how great a site is if you cant get anything from it! I was on the LAN a week ago and got 30 MBit/s for 6 hours from them, but i was downloading from Nubiles too at the same time at another 20 or so MBit/s.
03-12-08  09:11pm

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