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N/A REPLY TO #6 from turboshaft: (GCode's Reply)

Sounds like you would only agree if it was just a rehearsal, though I'm betting they don't do it much in porn. ; - )

07-26-10  08:16pm

N/A REPLY TO #13 from turboshaft: (GCode's Reply)

He he, don't worry, you're not a creepo just a human being with natural thoughts and feelings (including guilt, apparently). But what's worse, hiding your filth collection or hiding your "contraband"? I think either way if you died and a family member was going through your things there would be the inevitable "Oh, dear..." moment of embarrassment as they quietly headed to the the nearest dumpster. Plus, it's one more thing to worry about every time you move--talk about sensitive items! : - 0

I wonder how women feel about their toy contraband? I guess in their case it's a little more understandable since a hand and a couple of paper towels are not always enough for a little quick relief. Then again there are some creative and crazy sex toy designs out there just for female pleasure but the end result should still be the same, right?

07-13-10  03:53pm

N/A REPLY TO #19 from dracken: (GCode's Reply)

Yeah, I'll probably get a ps3 soon, but so far I have yet to justify the upgrade from my old ps2...if the two were compatible I could at least play my old games on the ps3...

03-21-10  01:58pm

N/A REPLY TO #6 from hodayathink: (GCode's Reply)

Ditto. And mine plays PS2 and PS1 games too. Most versatile piece of electronics I have.

03-20-10  10:35am

N/A REPLY TO #16 from David19: (GCode's Reply)

Getting a bit off topic but I think a strong argument can be made for the drinking age being higher than the driving age. Since drinking and driving clearly don't mix, giving young people both privileges at the same time could be a recipe for disaster.

01-13-10  08:17pm

N/A REPLY TO #19 from Woodruff: (GCode's Reply)

So first of all I want to go to the parties GCode goes to, where porn sites are brought up in casual conversation!

But I definitely agree with the discussion that excessively rough and dramatic BJs are silly, while slow and sensual is the ticket. I especially dislike performers like Sadie West who seem to treat it as a stunt. On the other hand, I have to admit, as a BJ lover, I am surprised how many people said they really don't like this part of a scene: an object lesson in how people's tastes can differ, and that's fine. So if there are some real rough-blowjob enthusiasts out there, they deserve the kind of porn they like too.

One thing I really like, and wish there was more of in terms of the oral component of the scene is the way Japanese porn frequently does the cumshot, where the guy comes in the girl's mouth, and then she drools it out into her hand. It seems a lot more intimate to come in a woman's mouth than on her face, and especially much better for the woman to make the guy come with her mouth, rather than him just jerking off onto her face. I think it's another symptom of the fact that - in contrast to the Japanese and the Europeans - even American pornstars and porn directors are hung up about sex; while we're prudes in normal life, our porn is a mechanical over-reaction.

11-10-09  09:50pm

N/A REPLY TO #16 from pat362: (GCode's Reply)

I'm not so sure that it's a majority that like those intense BJ that we now see in porn. Like quite a few other things that many of us have complained about. They exist because the people making these movies like them or they think we do. Regardless of the reason. They don't give a rats ass about what the customer likes.

That's why porn is in bigger trouble than the fact that there is a recession. Porn was already in the decline before the recession arrived.

I don't mind if a BJ has some intensity. I just don't want to hear the chocking and gurgling sounds. I don't want to see the performer drooling all over herself. I ceretainly don't want vomit.

There have been some amazing performers that were able to have intense BJ without any of the above gimmicks. I'm reminded of Jeanna Fine. That girl could deep throat with the best. The kind of dept where the throat stretches to allow the penis to go deeper.

11-09-09  06:11pm

N/A REPLY TO #15 from james4096: (GCode's Reply)

I'm with you guys on this. I hope somebody is listening. A bj should start out slow and sensual. I guess it doesn't have to be that way whole time through because it depends on what get's the male talent off. But for many viewers it's better than a face fucking.

11-09-09  01:19am

N/A REPLY TO #13 from NMC2008: (GCode's Reply)

If you like bjs then you have to go back in time like I do, my favorite bj only dvd series are:

Shut Up & Blow Me
Blowjob Fantasies
The Blowjob Adventures of Dr Fellatio
Head Master

More recent stuff:

Little Asian Cocksuckers
Meat on the Grill
Vacuum Hoes

I have to be in the mood for something like Throated, but the only sites I deal with for BJs are:

Velvet Ecstasy
Load My Mouth
Oral Cum Queens
Facial Cum Targets
Only Teen Blowjobs

11-08-09  10:10pm

N/A REPLY TO #9 from Monahan: (GCode's Reply)

GCode pretty much says what I think so I'll not repeat it. Just add a thought or two.

A good BJ segment will contain a variety of angles including the babe's body in a variety of positions and will not concentrate solely on closeups of the schlong.

Also, a good BJ segment will include a tongue caress and not be simply a pumping process with no eroticism at all.

BTW my basic objection to extended BJ segments is that I watch porn to enjoy the female body and its various and sundry parts. I really enjoy a well done cunnilingus scene (that's cunt licking) a whole lot more than watching a dick being slurped...unless, of course, it's my dick that's getting slurped. ;->

11-08-09  10:48am

N/A REPLY TO #16 from turboshaft: (GCode's Reply)

I guess we want to get our money's worth from sites and not waste our subscription, though a new HDD is probably a lot more than giving up a membership. I mean really, what other choice do we have?!

11-05-09  02:09pm

N/A REPLY TO #8 from messmer: (GCode's Reply)

"I remember hearing awhile ago that caucasian women who have sex with black men in porn has their 'value' go down considerably. I don't know if this is true. However, I wonder if something like this can happen for an ebony model who has sex with white men in porn. I wonder if their pay would go down once they go back to 'all ebony' porn? Would be interesting to know in my opinion."

I know that a lot of those interracial videos have definite racist overtones, maybe that's why the value of a star might go down. In a "black male with white woman" scenario, the woman has always had that fantasy of making out with a black guy, quite often with the encouragement of hubby. In "black woman with white male" you often hear the insecure question by the guy: "So, do you prefer/like having sex with white guys?"

For Pete's sake, forget about color and mix cheerfully and with abandon without worrying about ethnicity. In the meantime I watch Black on Black and White on White, at least this way you don't get those inane questions and the unspoken racism of "always having wanted a Black!"

Sorry GCode, for going off topic.

09-06-09  12:39pm

N/A REPLY TO #17 from Duante Amorculo: (GCode's Reply)

Women who get fake tits for the sole purpose of flaunting their bodies and attracting more men are PATHETIC and a BIG BIG turn off. Nothing turns me off more than a woman who lacks confidence and has low self-esteem for apparently no reason.

08-21-09  11:29am

N/A REPLY TO #16 from monty2222: (GCode's Reply)

Well, I'll change my vote then. Wish you could do that after a real election. ^_^

07-16-09  01:34pm

N/A REPLY TO #14 from monty2222: (GCode's Reply)

I thought that was what the poll asked about? Among my Firefox bookmarks I have no porn sites, they're in my favourites here at PU.

07-16-09  01:26pm

N/A REPLY TO #13 from apoctom: (GCode's Reply)

I absolutely use the Favorites feature to do the same thing. If I find an interesting porn site, I will add it to Favorites, along with a comment about the pricing and come back to it in a month. I've been burned by subscribing to a website too quickly, so I like to have a personal cooling-off period before I join.

07-16-09  07:58am

N/A REPLY TO #21 from turboshaft: (GCode's Reply)

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

07-10-09  06:57pm

N/A REPLY TO #17 from turboshaft: (GCode's Reply)

Thank you. I think you already know the answer to your question; you asked me about them just the other day concerning their content. Maybe its my favorite site because it was my first...whatever the reason, I still love it.

07-09-09  10:06pm

N/A REPLY TO #16 from jd1961: (GCode's Reply)

"Whenever I see 80's stuff, all the models tend to look extremely amateurish and if the most popular models in their prime were in a line up with the popular ones of today; I think they would clearly be overlooked in terms of looks alone."

I couldn't disagree more. Jenna Jameson is built like a horse with plastic balloons installed on her chest. A dog.

Shauna Grant, Loni Sanders , Megan Leigh, Kristara Barrington, Ginger Lynn, Amber Lynn, Gina Valentino, Hyapatia Lee,Jaqueline Lorians, Kari Fox, Christy Canyon, Traci Lords, Anna Ventura....I could go on, but they make today's performers look like transvestites.

06-30-09  04:17pm

N/A REPLY TO #9 from turboshaft: (GCode's Reply)

When I said "Some of my favorite models over the years never seem to have gotten it all right," I meant that it was a combination of the star and the industry. I think a lot, maybe the majority, of girls who enter porn do so with only short term goals in mind. Maybe a year of two, not the decade and a half Jenna has been going at it, though I doubt even she knew she was going to last as long as she has.

Even if a girl is knock down, drag out popular, if she does not have the intent to stay in the business, then the industry will in turn not work to make her a superstar. If there is a profitable fan base, they might try and convince her to stay at least as long as she can make money.

I will chalk up part of my theory, and the fact that my favorite models have short careers, to the fact that I personally steer away from the mainstream, and to me, awards represent nothing but the mainstream, so they will always be meaningless to me. I hate most mainstream porn, and all the "superstars" and awards that come with it, so generally speaking, if I like a certain model, it is partly due to her not being a star.

And as far as Jenna Jameson is concerned, she is blond and beautiful, and seems to have rightfully earned her fan base and the unique level of popularity only she can enjoy. To me, she has outsmarted and outfoxed the system, and as a result controls her career, without even performing in front of a camera anymore. But I will also blame her for every breast implant surgery and blond Barbie doll look that so many young models have gone for.

06-29-09  09:21pm

N/A REPLY TO #3 from turboshaft: (GCode's Reply)

I am going to have disagree with you here, particularly your statement about the fans:

"...not only are they the ones who buy and know quality after seeing so much stuff, they definitly dictate rising stars careers and how long their career are. The demand from fans from certain stars is what keeps the business going. It's obvious the industry can get some average looking amateurs and make a film with plenty of audience willing to watch it but when it comes to the superstars of the industry; it's all about the fans."

I think it is the industry, not the fans, that ultimately decides who makes it and how much they make, as well as the stars in question. The companies write and offer the contracts, the girls sign them and, hopefully, fulfill them (some of these models have gotten huge contracts quite early on, and I just can't imagine any of them saying “no, thank you”).

Yes, we the fans dictate their popularity, but I think a lot of it has to do with how someone is presented and marketed. This is going to sound cruel and cold, but in porn the girl is the product, and therefore she has to sell herself, and I do not mean just her body, but her personality, her act -- the whole package. Some of my favorite models over the years never seem to have gotten it all right, no matter how obviously hot, or just generally appealing, they were -- and most of them are gone.

Personally, I am not a fan of the biggest names in porn; I just don't see the appeal (why exactly is Jenna Jameson the biggest name in porn?), and my preference is usually for the unknowns to the almost amateurs. Nothing I hate more than to see a girl I love plastered all over a dozen sites doing virtually the same thing, or appearing in scores of DVDs repeating the same set of acts. To me, there is something special about a more restrained girl who you have to seek out to find her work; then the catch is that much more fun. :)

06-29-09  10:25am

N/A REPLY TO #6 from Drooler: (GCode's Reply)

You're right. First it was no snatch. Then Playboy did its first, furry "full frontal" of Liv Linland, which these days wouldn't look like much at all, but it was kind of a big deal then. Then along came Penthouse and then, Hustler! But shaving wasn't the norm for quite a while. Glad it is now.

06-13-09  03:07pm

N/A REPLY TO #35 from asmith12: (GCode's Reply)

> However, I think that the demo might have been the wrong choice for which video to promote for their site.
Nice to know, thanks. With this information, maybe I'll eventually try them :-).

> when I compare to the other sites that used 640 X 480 or 720 X 480 in the range of 1,000 to 1,500 kbps which I thought was the debate to begin with.
I won't argue that 4MBit/s is better than 1MBit/s :-). What I'm trying to argue is that even 4MBit/s doesn't guarantee quality in any way (and is still worse than best of DVDs made 10+ years ago), and is often far from being "crystal clear". Also from my perspective things like lighting and cameraguy work are much more important than sheer bitrate (within certain limits of course).

As for comparing HD to blue-ray - you're right about the lack of the bandwidth for downloaded clips compared to blue-ray, but given this lack of bandwidth maybe it's not a good idea for websites to release 1980x1080 video clips, and it's better for them to stay with less ambitious DVD-resolution? What I personally REALLY hate is when somebody makes (and obviously markets) something like "true 1980x1080 HD video" which wass in fact shot with poor lighting on Sony Z1 (or equivalent) camera; then it doesn't matter how much bitrate they will throw into encoding, it will still look HORRIBLE no matter what.

06-01-09  11:06pm

N/A REPLY TO #33 from asmith12: (GCode's Reply)

> I can account for them being just as good or even better than the hundreds of DVD's I've rented.
Wait, but DVDs have nothing to do with HD :-), to compare apples to apples, you should compare HD to Blue-Ray.

> That's strange that you find the lighting for that site to be bad
I've found it bad for at least one specific point in demo video (around 0:03 in the video I've referred to). Do you agree that specific half-second was far from being "crystal clear"? And them, from the fact that site owners even cannot find enough material to make REALLY good DEMO video, I obviously have doubts about the quality inside (if you would make demo for the home page of your site, you would make it THE BEST POSSIBLE way, wouldn't you?).

> if you found videos better than this, I'd like to know which sites so I can check them out.
Easy. Take a look at almost any Private DVD, and at least some Diabolic DVDs (for example, their Panochitas series). While DVD is 10+-year old technology now, and is below freezing point on "how hot/cool it is" scale, it still beats "great advanced modern stuff" hands down, especially when it is used professionally. And no encoding can possibly fix problems with poor cameras used by almost all of the sites.

05-31-09  11:44pm

N/A REPLY TO #31 from asmith12: (GCode's Reply)

I've took a look at InFocusGirls' "High Definition Free Sample Movie" (from their home page). Well, SOME FRAGMENTS of it are indeed crystal clear, but to tell that ALL OF IT is crystal clear is IMHO an big exaggeration. Take a look at fragment of that sample clip at about 0:03; IMHO it's VERY far from being "crystal clear" (not to mention poor lighting, which BTW is IMHO completely unforgivable for a site like this). And as I expect them to combine "the best of the best" into promo HD video like this, I'm even afraid to think of how most of the clips inside look.

05-31-09  01:26am

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