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In a typical scene, how long should the blowjob take?

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Submitted by Colm4 (10)
None as I always skip them 16% 8 Votes
10% of the scene is enough 45% 23 Votes
25% sounds about right 20% 10 Votes
I prefer very long foreplay 20% 10 Votes

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51 Votes Total

Nov 8, 2009

Poll Replies (20)

Replies to the user poll above.

Msg # User Message Date


Woodruff (37) I love blowjobs! A lot of the time I watch the whole bj and not much of the "actual" sex. My only complaints are that shot from below (who wants to look at the male talent's balls?) and girls who turn a blowjob into a handjob (yes, I'm talking about you, Natalia Rossi). But in general POV blowjobs are as good as it gets!
11-08-09  01:06am

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badandy400 (103) I am not a BJ fan. I will occasionally watch a minute of it but I would be offended if they were removed. Obviously many people like them so I would not look for them to be missing anytime soon.
11-08-09  01:30am

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lk2fireone (196) A typical scene for a bj should take no more than 1/5 of 1 second. Then the porn scene can move on to something that's more interesting, more erotic, whatever.

Most bj scenes are crap. There are some good bj scenes, but they are rare.

11-08-09  02:07am

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Drooler (220) I agree with Ik2fireone that they're mostly crrrrrap! The difference between like and love is spit or swallow -- except in porn. How can a girl get excited about blowing a guy she probably doesn't even know? Blow jobs are like dinner. It can be a meal that gets the job of feeding done, or it can be lovingly prepared and nicely appointed. By analogy, the porny ones are usually the "filler food" type.
11-08-09  03:27am

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james4096 (126) I can't really assign a percentage. I don't mind long blow jobs in porn. I've joined my share of blowjob sites. A hardcore porn scene just doesn't feel right if it doesn't start with a BJ.
11-08-09  05:08am

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RagingBuddhist (65) If she's good at it, the blowjob can be the whole scene. If she's not good at it, she shouldn't even bother.
11-08-09  08:18am

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GCode (101) Hmm I'm kind of caught in between on things. A POV BJ, I will delete the scene all together, even if the model is giving the best one ever. I do not necessarily like BJ's in a scene, but I see it's use. Plus, I tend to at least watch maybe one minute or so if it is there. So, I picked 10% of the scene which may even be a bit high. However, I would never say to take them out all together even if the BJ is the worst ever and there is no point, I just could not imagine a porn scene where both parties undress, stare and kiss once or twice, then just get right in to penetration; it would just seem strange to me.
11-08-09  08:48am

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messmer (137) I find everything in Porn is too drawn out except for the introduction which in 90% of the scenes I've watched is almost completely missing or maybe a couple of minutes long. The "actors" should be forced to act once in a while in order to make a scene plausible.
11-08-09  09:30am

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pinkerton (39) One thing I'd like to more of are 69s - a girl's pussy is a thing of beauty from that angle and you see more of the girl and less of the guy in scenes where she's sucking cock.
11-08-09  10:18am

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Monahan (42) REPLY TO #7 - GCode :

GCode pretty much says what I think so I'll not repeat it. Just add a thought or two.

A good BJ segment will contain a variety of angles including the babe's body in a variety of positions and will not concentrate solely on closeups of the schlong.

Also, a good BJ segment will include a tongue caress and not be simply a pumping process with no eroticism at all.

BTW my basic objection to extended BJ segments is that I watch porn to enjoy the female body and its various and sundry parts. I really enjoy a well done cunnilingus scene (that's cunt licking) a whole lot more than watching a dick being slurped...unless, of course, it's my dick that's getting slurped. ;->

11-08-09  10:48am

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NMC2008 (7) I prefer BJ only mostly, with that said, 25% of a sex scene should be foreplay, I am very genre limited, I only care about POV, BJ Only or Virtual Sex, some solos are ok, but that is it.

So 25%.

11-08-09  06:39pm

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pat362 (373) I also find that most BJ in todays porn are not very good and sometimes are actually unwatchable.
The slurpingf, gagging and chocking sounds really don't help. If it's well done than it should not really last much longer than 10 to maybe 15% of the scene. My idea of foreplay requires that both parties give and receive.

I've seen some really hot BJ in my time. Most probably going to the 80's and before.

11-08-09  07:19pm

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GCode (101) REPLY TO #12 - pat362 :

I have to agree, the blowjob in porn these days have become this overacted and savage throatjob. In my experience when a women attempts this, I am all for the 'plz relax' notion against this type of bj. However, these days in porn, the dominating bj you describe appears to be the standard and most appealing for the viewers (at least the vast majority) because this is all I see these days (mostly). I just think that most hardcore scenes attempt to showcase the model as extremely slutty and an extremely aggressive bj is what portrays this behavior the best while a small minority would like a bj how its supposed to done; sensual and slow, but joyful at the same time.
11-08-09  07:59pm

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NMC2008 (7) REPLY TO #13 - GCode :

If you like bjs then you have to go back in time like I do, my favorite bj only dvd series are:

Shut Up & Blow Me
Blowjob Fantasies
The Blowjob Adventures of Dr Fellatio
Head Master

More recent stuff:

Little Asian Cocksuckers
Meat on the Grill
Vacuum Hoes

I have to be in the mood for something like Throated, but the only sites I deal with for BJs are:

Velvet Ecstasy
Load My Mouth
Oral Cum Queens
Facial Cum Targets
Only Teen Blowjobs

11-08-09  10:10pm

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Monahan (42) REPLY TO #14 - NMC2008 :

Another one that's good is DDF's Only BlowJob.
11-08-09  10:39pm

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james4096 (126) REPLY TO #13 - GCode :

I'm with you guys on this. I hope somebody is listening. A bj should start out slow and sensual. I guess it doesn't have to be that way whole time through because it depends on what get's the male talent off. But for many viewers it's better than a face fucking.
11-09-09  01:19am

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pat362 (373) REPLY TO #13 - GCode :

I'm not so sure that it's a majority that like those intense BJ that we now see in porn. Like quite a few other things that many of us have complained about. They exist because the people making these movies like them or they think we do. Regardless of the reason. They don't give a rats ass about what the customer likes.

That's why porn is in bigger trouble than the fact that there is a recession. Porn was already in the decline before the recession arrived.

I don't mind if a BJ has some intensity. I just don't want to hear the chocking and gurgling sounds. I don't want to see the performer drooling all over herself. I ceretainly don't want vomit.

There have been some amazing performers that were able to have intense BJ without any of the above gimmicks. I'm reminded of Jeanna Fine. That girl could deep throat with the best. The kind of dept where the throat stretches to allow the penis to go deeper.

11-09-09  06:11pm

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GCode (101) REPLY TO #17 - pat362 :

You may be right but my experience in real life is that many watch these kinds of scenes. The reason I say this, at least from what I can gather, is when porn does get brought up amongst my friends one of the first sites that is mentioned is sites by BangBros. These sites usually feature these types of BJ's (the aggressive, gagging, slurping, etc). Even with people I do not know well (random parties, gatherings, so on) when porn is brought up after a few drinks, all the sites that feature these types of bj's are brought up. So, maybe I am just in the minority but if these sites keep being brought up, obviously these folks like the sites since they are watching these scenes (either paying or not, but whatever) and I have not heard many complaints on these models being extremely slutty aggressive as a turn off.

Now don't get me wrong, I think many enjoy the bj's that we seem to like but I think here at PU, the majority of the viewers are a bit more sophisticated in their porn opinions and views due to watching a lot more than the average viewer. Plus, I have to disagree with you a bit on the fact the porn producers are overlooking the consumer completely by featuring these types of BJ's. Honestly, if there were enough complaints I do think most mainstream sites would change their outlook on model behavior when it comes to extreme bj's. Of course, there are always exceptions but I just can't see the huge mainstream sites just doing whatever they think the viewer wants (even with an extremely large number of complaints), even if this is not what they want, and just saying screw them; they can watch or not. Just my 2 cents...

11-09-09  07:05pm

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TheRizzo (23) I don't mind a couple min of it, especially if its a 69 scene and they show closeups of her pussy being eaten out. But if its stictly a blowjob, a min or two is more than enough for me.
11-09-09  09:37pm

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Woodruff (37) REPLY TO #18 - GCode :

So first of all I want to go to the parties GCode goes to, where porn sites are brought up in casual conversation!

But I definitely agree with the discussion that excessively rough and dramatic BJs are silly, while slow and sensual is the ticket. I especially dislike performers like Sadie West who seem to treat it as a stunt. On the other hand, I have to admit, as a BJ lover, I am surprised how many people said they really don't like this part of a scene: an object lesson in how people's tastes can differ, and that's fine. So if there are some real rough-blowjob enthusiasts out there, they deserve the kind of porn they like too.

One thing I really like, and wish there was more of in terms of the oral component of the scene is the way Japanese porn frequently does the cumshot, where the guy comes in the girl's mouth, and then she drools it out into her hand. It seems a lot more intimate to come in a woman's mouth than on her face, and especially much better for the woman to make the guy come with her mouth, rather than him just jerking off onto her face. I think it's another symptom of the fact that - in contrast to the Japanese and the Europeans - even American pornstars and porn directors are hung up about sex; while we're prudes in normal life, our porn is a mechanical over-reaction.

11-10-09  09:50pm

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