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N/A REPLY TO #30 from asmith12: (GCode's Reply)

Hm, maybe I'll need to try one of them some day. But I suspect it will be about the difference in how we define "crystal clear" :-).

05-30-09  09:33pm

N/A REPLY TO #28 from asmith12: (GCode's Reply)

Crystal clear 1280 video? Frankly, yet to see one, even at 4MBit/s. And at 2G/hour I don't think it's worth it (I prefer to fit my collection on single HDD, it's so much simpler to manage it that way), so at this time I prefer to stick to non-HD versions which IMHO tend to be much clearer and crispier these days; in addition, bringing poorly lighted scene into HD will just highlight this poor lighting.

> So, I'm not saying your wrong or that videos at that rate can't be
> good, but for some of the prices I spend for sites and it being mid
> 2009, these videos are absolutely horrid for the most part on a lot
> of sites still.
Well, if we agree that it is not about sheer bitrates, but about OVERALL QUALITY, I'm with you :-). BTW, it once again brings us to importance of mentioning NOT only TBP-like "dry facts" in reviews, but also to mention subjective things like "encoding is horrible for this bitrate".

05-30-09  12:21am

N/A REPLY TO #15 from asmith12: (GCode's Reply)

Personally I'm MUCH less demanding for the encoding. 720 and 1.5Mbit/s (though it should be REALLY GOOD encoding in 1.5Mbit/s) is all what I'm asking from encoding these days. On the other hand, I'm MUCH more demanding to the original shooting; IMHO if footage was shoot on something like my Sony Z1 (and my feeling is that at least 50% of the sites are using something worse, and only about 10% are using something significantly better), it just doesn't make any sense to go as high as 4MBit/s when encoding it. Oh, and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, no interlacing (one of the reasons why I don't like Z1 - it does NOT have progressive formats), and interlaced footage looks HORRIBLE on any attempt to pan, even after deinterlacing. And don't forget about proper lighting - dull lighting will be dull and unattractive regardless of the megabits spent on encoding.

05-28-09  10:07pm

N/A REPLY TO #17 from pat362: (GCode's Reply)

I'm over 30, so I'm on the side of the bush league. I much prefer if it's trimmed, but I'll take one untrimmed over a bald one. I find
it a little distracting to see the razor rash.

04-23-09  06:35pm

N/A REPLY TO #5 from lk2fireone: (GCode's Reply)

GCode, Me thinks he doth protest too much. [William Shakespeare]

Me, I just left it at "sexual attraction can be really weird."

So I know I'm straight. How about you? (Lol).

Actually, way back when, you didn't need she-males for this confusion. There were guys dressed as females that were supposed to be very attractive. There was some club in San Francisco that was famous for this type of show, but I never saw any show like this.

04-20-09  01:59pm

N/A REPLY TO #18 from TalonIcefire: (GCode's Reply)

GCode, errors can take place in both external and internal drives. Screw-ups can be from registry, viral, heat, weather, power surge, or any number of reasons to be honest. I had a newly installed, brand fracking new internal drive (before my first external purchase) installed. It was NTSF formatted. The third day of use, it failed. I lost over 300 GB of data.

04-17-09  03:46am

N/A REPLY TO #17 from Goldfish: (GCode's Reply)

No harm done GCode. I thought it was funny is all. :-)

04-07-09  03:12pm

N/A REPLY TO #9 from Jay G: (GCode's Reply)

Have to agree with you except for my personal irritation about the mosaic. I'd love to see Americans get as creative (drama, sex game shows and crowds) as the Japanese.

03-19-09  11:29am

Visit 21Sextury.com

REPLY TO #1 from Gimondi: (GCode's Reply)

I appreciate the reply. So it's not just me then. Oh well.
thanks again.

08-17-11  11:55am

Visit 21Sextury.com

Reply of GCode's Review from TheSquirrel:

Very good review GC. I agree with your opinions. I joined myself about 4 weeks ago. Membership coming up for renewal and for once I'm going for the extra month.

08-13-11  06:20am

Visit 40 Something Mag

40 Something Mag
REPLY TO #6 from messmer: (GCode's Reply)

Yes I was a member of Score HD and gave a review of that site. I concentrated mostly on the videos because the pics were all screen caps. The Watermark was there but if I recollect correctly it was on the bottom in a more metallic gray and didn't bother me because it was out of the way. :-)

12-14-09  09:32am

Visit 40 Something Mag

40 Something Mag
REPLY TO #3 from messmer: (GCode's Reply)

I'm afraid I don't quite understand your question, GCode. The only review site I frequent is PU/TBP. If you mean have I ever been a member of 40 Something Mag the answer is no, because the samples I saw on the Usenet stopped me from subscribing. I always skipped them any time someone posted a batch or two. The models seem great but I couldn't get past that watermark.

12-13-09  07:50pm

Visit 88 Square

88 Square
Reply of GCode's Comment from Denner:

I do not think the girls here are thai - a very few look like thais - anyway. As I remember form earlier membership they are mostly Hongkong-girls and some japanese.

For typical/real thai-pornmodels you might take a look at VideosZ and VideoBox om some Fifth Element-DVDs.
Some of these girls also appears at the sites:
Asian Suck Dolls
Creampie Thais

But the videos from Fifth Element are of better quality.
The same goes for the PixandVideo-bonus site:
Dirty Orientals - very much thai/Bangkok/Pataya- girl - probably bar-girls.

A couple of soft thai-girl sites are:

- and Thainee - both soft and bg/hc

Ther's a site called: Thai Cuties - but I honestly do NOT believe many of the girls here are actually thais..

04-04-09  05:36am

Visit abbywinters

Reply of GCode's Comment from SueAnn:

Hiya GCode,

By "preview" do you mean the main tour page?

abbywinters.com is actually three different websites now for two main reasons:

a) As one whole site we found we were adding significantly more content than any of our competitors for relatively the same price. Now each niche is a price we feel reflects the quality (real amateurs, not models you've seen on a billion other sites)and creativity (still a firm commitment to zero silicone or make-up) while still remaining competitive - and TBP users can benefit from a huge discount here.

b) Not every customer is interested in all three niches. We split so you get only what you want and don't have to pay for content you won't use.

Currently our monthly updates include 4 or 5 GG's; 16 to 18 Solo masturbation and Double masturbation videos; 12 to 14 new solo models and 8 returning solo models. Plus access to eight years of archived material - that means you'll have so many naked Aussie chicks on your screen you'll have a boner for the next five years or so!

Don't forget you can actually chat to the models themselves in the forum ...and of course you get to read each girl's hand written notes about how she felt before and after the shoot.

Hope that clears some things up for you! I love abbywinters.com - it's been my home for a couple of years now, while others might be catching up to us, we can only get better... and more naughty!


09-10-09  12:15am

Visit abbywinters

Reply of GCode's Comment from GCode:

Thanks to everyone who has responded and gave me advice pertaining to join the site. After reading the replies, I went back to the preview and noticed that it is split up. Dunno if I am cool with that. Due to the info provided above and what I know already, I think I'll do a month's stay down the line. Thanks again.

09-08-09  10:28am

Visit abbywinters

Reply of GCode's Comment from RagingBuddhist:

Because I was a member here before they split the site up, I'm grandfathered, meaning I can join all three parts of this site at much cheaper price - but I won't be back until I see comments and/or reviews here telling me something's changed. I'll say it again - My biggest complaint about the site is the seeming trend they have going of saving the nudity until the end of a huge video file. I've got over 1500 video files Abby's saved, and I can easily say that, in the last couple months I was a member, there were way too many files where the first nudity was seen at halfway through or better - sometimes in the last couple of minutes. SueAnn from Abby's tells us that that's just the tease factor. I definitely disagree.

As far as your joining, I would still say it's a good site for someone who's never been there and who's into amateurs. There's a ton of material online. Just don't expect the newer stuff to match the "heat" of the older material.

09-06-09  06:52am

Visit abbywinters

Reply of GCode's Comment from Capn:

It has been getting less explicit of late.
There is a huge archive of material. The girls are definitely non-glam & range from '2 baggers' to real knockouts.

I find the navigation cumbersome.
It is a real click fest to get what you are after.
The photos are generally poorly lit.

As with most things in life, it is going to depend on your personal preferences.

I am not going to comment on video.
Not really my thing.

Summing up. If you like girl next door types in softcore, give it a whirl.

09-06-09  03:23am

Visit abbywinters

Reply of GCode's Comment from mbaya:

I was a member several years ago, so what I have to say is not current. I didn't care for the weak videos very much. The site is much more about very explicit photos. The girls are natural girl next door types. Most are just ok, some are knockouts. Very much a mixed bag. The site is large, but very well organized. The size makes it extremely hard to see it all. Most of what you see is solo, but there is a fair amount of lesbian. Hope this helps.

09-05-09  11:06pm

Visit abbywinters

REPLY TO #1 from littlejoe: (GCode's Reply)

yah thats it, strange i cant find that link from the preview page. thx much

07-22-09  05:41pm

Visit All Over 30

All Over 30
REPLY TO #7 from Capn: (GCode's Reply)

Formal, casual, everyday clothes, yes, that is what I prefer.

Well, as I listed in my cons, I don't care for the hardcore or the videos. I am not into lesbianism either TBH.

I don't take it that you are trying to give me a hard time, on the contrary, I enjoy the exchange of opinion. :0)

As regards the video issue.
I don't see a lot of point watching if I don't enjoy it.
It is not as if I am being paid for it. LOL!
Not being an enthusiast for them, I doubt my opinion would be of any use to folk anyway.
I think it fairer just to be up front about it & say I won't pass comment on them.
I suppose I could add some statistics referring to them?

You see where I am on this?

09-08-09  03:56pm

Visit All Over 30

All Over 30
REPLY TO #5 from Capn: (GCode's Reply)

Thanks for your comprehensive response.

Everyone's perceptions & opinions vary
That is what makes a site like this so interesting in being able to exchange views.

What I am trying to get at with the glam clothing remark is that in some cases it can come over as mutton dressed as lamb, especially on a mature site & this one is no exception to that IMO.
I think mature ladies often look at their best in formal or casual attire.

The reason I will probably always refrain from comment on videos in any review I write is I don't care for them. I rarely if ever watch them, so on that basis it would not be fair to comment on them.
By & large, hardcore similarly does not appeal to me.

I hope you can understand better where I am coming from on this! ;0)


09-08-09  01:47pm

Visit All Over 30

All Over 30
Reply of GCode's Comment from messmer:

I'm a bit late in responding to your comment but just want you to know I agree with you, now that I have re-subscribed to this site. The promise of HD Videos made me do it! There have not been too many downloads of picture sets on my part because many of the models are indeed not very attractive.

07-30-09  08:17am

Visit All Over 30

All Over 30
REPLY TO #4 from messmer: (GCode's Reply)

Thanks GCode, I was a member of this site only recently so my biggest and only question was: how is the video quality now? I know I was very disappointed at the time of my subscription and after a while only downloaded the interviews in order to get to know the models a bit better. I'd be back in a flash if they would upgrade their videos to "Anilos" quality. Everything else I held forth on above was just idle chitchat! :-)

04-01-09  07:30pm

Visit All Over 30

All Over 30
REPLY TO #2 from messmer: (GCode's Reply)

You're right about those twenty-aomething MILFs, they should never be in the mature category. And I do agree that there are some downright "hags" on this site. But not that many .. not to me, anyway. :-)

04-01-09  06:15pm

Visit All Over 30

All Over 30
Reply of GCode's Review from messmer:

Nice and thorough review, GCode. Thanks for the information regarding the video quality. Reading between the lines I guess they're not quite up to "Anilos" standards yet.

If I may be allowed one observation, though, when it comes to the attractiveness (or lack thereof) of some of the models. I used to belong to a binaries usenet group before spam took over and invariably someone would speak up in connection with a posting and say,(not to me): "Can't you post anything better than these pictures of old frumps", while another would say about the same model: "Hey, thanks, for posting sets of this woman, she's been a favorite of mine for a long time!" I don't think a site can be judged by the attractiveness of its models when tastes are so dramatically different.

Just a casual observation accompanied by a mea culpa because I did the same thing. You may have noticed that I gave the site a slightly lower score than you, and in my case it was because of the terrible quality of the picture sets some of the photographers put out.

Imagine my surprise when one of my most despised photographers turned out to be someone else's highly praised favorite! :-)

04-01-09  04:05pm

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