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As it pertains to Porn Awards Shows who would you rather pick the winners?

Type: General

Submitted by Duante Amorculo (0)
Critics/Panel (eg. AVN, XRCO) 9% 4 Votes
Fans (eg. F.A.M.E.,THGIP) 24% 11 Votes
OTHER 2% 1 Votes
Don't care for porn awards 39% 18 Votes
Pornstars don't deserve awards 13% 6 Votes
Any, as long as it's accurate 13% 6 Votes

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46 Votes Total

Jun 29, 2009

Poll Replies (20)

Replies to the user poll above.

Msg # User Message Date


badandy400 (103) I never really got the point of an industry awarding itself, particularly as much as the entertainment industry. It is nothing more than an elaborate, expensive way of giving yourself a blowjob and making everyone else wish they could blow you too.

What is good and what is not is so subjective that it really does not matter what these people say. Just like here, some reviewers will view things much differently than others. So unless it is based on fact or you know the reviewer you may or may not truly trust it.

06-29-09  02:52am

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Drooler (220) I really have no idea other than that users should be involved.
06-29-09  04:02am

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GCode (101) Honestly, I was almost tempted to put pornstars don't deserve awards because I think it almost creates a mockery of the industry by giving awards. But, as I thought about it more, I suppose some production does go in to the upper echelon of porn in terms of well known companies. However, I do feel that any company that puts any effort in to a bigger budget 'porn with plot' would obviously when any award regardless of the quality of the sex scenes or acting just because they went forth and made such a movie. So, I suppose with any panel that is involved, it's almost obvious who will win once certain nominees are up. Therefore, I picked fans as the panel because I think not only are they the ones who buy and know quality after seeing so much stuff, they definitly dictate rising stars careers and how long their career are. The demand from fans from certain stars is what keeps the business going. It's obvious the industry can get some average looking amateurs and make a film with plenty of audience willing to watch it but when it comes to the superstars of the industry; it's all about the fans. Just my 2 cents....
06-29-09  09:12am

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turboshaft (24) REPLY TO #3 - GCode :

I am going to have disagree with you here, particularly your statement about the fans:

"...not only are they the ones who buy and know quality after seeing so much stuff, they definitly dictate rising stars careers and how long their career are. The demand from fans from certain stars is what keeps the business going. It's obvious the industry can get some average looking amateurs and make a film with plenty of audience willing to watch it but when it comes to the superstars of the industry; it's all about the fans."

I think it is the industry, not the fans, that ultimately decides who makes it and how much they make, as well as the stars in question. The companies write and offer the contracts, the girls sign them and, hopefully, fulfill them (some of these models have gotten huge contracts quite early on, and I just can't imagine any of them saying “no, thank you”).

Yes, we the fans dictate their popularity, but I think a lot of it has to do with how someone is presented and marketed. This is going to sound cruel and cold, but in porn the girl is the product, and therefore she has to sell herself, and I do not mean just her body, but her personality, her act -- the whole package. Some of my favorite models over the years never seem to have gotten it all right, no matter how obviously hot, or just generally appealing, they were -- and most of them are gone.

Personally, I am not a fan of the biggest names in porn; I just don't see the appeal (why exactly is Jenna Jameson the biggest name in porn?), and my preference is usually for the unknowns to the almost amateurs. Nothing I hate more than to see a girl I love plastered all over a dozen sites doing virtually the same thing, or appearing in scores of DVDs repeating the same set of acts. To me, there is something special about a more restrained girl who you have to seek out to find her work; then the catch is that much more fun. :)

06-29-09  10:25am

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pat362 (375) I don't care about porn awards anymore then I do about the academy awards. In both cases it's all insiders voting for insiders and they usually vote more on hear say than because they saw the material and liked it. Now if these awards help the industry then go rightr ahead. Just don't tell me the voting is fair and the right people got nominated and won.

I can't say if winning an award will help boost sales of a porn movie like it does with mainstream movies. I have to agree with turboshaft on the popularity of some stars. Jenna Jameson is the most obvious. I still don't undersatand that one.

I think one of the reason why some stars make an impact on the industry while others come and go really fast is a question of attitude. We as fans may think a girl is really hot and does greta scenes but if she's a complete B..H behind the scenes or a major airhead then she will have a hard time getting booked. I think it's similar to mainstream.

06-29-09  10:37am

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GCode (101) REPLY TO #4 - turboshaft :

Interesting take but just like all entertainment, I think it's probably truly a combination of both the fans and the industry. However, I believe the industry finds the product (this being the model) and can present it well (in terms of porn, a well made scene) but it is truly up to the fans to pass along the information to boost the career. Of course, the next superstar of porn appearing on some amateur website with a small amount of users (or a dvd title in a lower tier company) will probably go un-noticed by most due to the lack of viwers in general. So I agree that it is up to the industry at that point. However, the industry is a bit different than the pre-2000's when it comes to entertainment but especially adult entertainment. A model exclusive to the internet can now get extremely more popular than the stars of film. A new model who knows she has it, can just appear on 2 or 3 sites with a extremely large population base and that can jump start her career, why? because of the fan base population. Of course, the industry is the outlet but I think the fans design how far they are going to go.

Another reason I think this but it just popped in my head and could not be entirely true is I remember when I used to rent dvd's from the more popular companies (vivid, wicked, etc) and there were always scenes with models that just never took off (however, they are vivid girls/wicked girls) which basically means they 'made it' in terms of the industry but obviously just could not pick up a good fan base to true stardom due to the fact of NOT having a true fan base. These stars from these films I never really saw again which I think was due to the fact that the fans really did not respond well.

You mention that the reason some of your more favorite models over the years were now gone despite being appealing due to the fact that they were attempting to 'sell' themselves as a package and did not get it right. I obviously agree, but why don't you think they are not here? You said they did not get it right, but did you mean get it right with the industry or the fans? I would lean more towards they did not get it right with the fans and due to this, they are not around anymore. Just my opinion.

As far as Jenna Jameson goes, I believe she came around when porn was in a transition from the 80's and early 90's when the models were in my opinion, not up to par by today's standards. I believe she brought the youth with glamour combo that the industry is now to the forefront. Whenever I see 80's stuff, all the models tend to look extremely amateurish and if the most popular models in their prime were in a line up with the popular ones of today; I think they would clearly be overlooked in terms of looks alone. However, I do believe Jenna Jameson is overshined in terms of the stars of today. But, in that line up in terms of looks in her prime, she would not be overlooked. I believe her career took off due to perfect timing when she was introduced.

06-29-09  11:15am

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Wittyguy (105) Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn. The porn awards pretty much go to, and are sponsored by, the major production companies. These are the people who typically do a lousy job of putting their stuff on the web. As such, I really don't care who wins the best MMF porn scene in a back alley award. I'll probably find it on line in a few years and care as much about it then as I do know.
06-29-09  12:35pm

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PinkPanther (46) All these awards shows are good fun. Whether it's people in the industry voting or critics voting or fans voting - yeah, it's all subjective as hell and it has to do with who schmoozes and who has the best publicity machine - but the fact that Jenna Haze has done so well speaks to the fact that the awards go to exemplory performers often enough to give you people to root for.
06-29-09  07:24pm

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Lionheart (47) I don't really pat too much attention to the awards and it doesn't really affect which porn I watch. But I best new actress is the only category that I care about
06-29-09  08:09pm

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turboshaft (24) REPLY TO #6 - GCode :

When I said "Some of my favorite models over the years never seem to have gotten it all right," I meant that it was a combination of the star and the industry. I think a lot, maybe the majority, of girls who enter porn do so with only short term goals in mind. Maybe a year of two, not the decade and a half Jenna has been going at it, though I doubt even she knew she was going to last as long as she has.

Even if a girl is knock down, drag out popular, if she does not have the intent to stay in the business, then the industry will in turn not work to make her a superstar. If there is a profitable fan base, they might try and convince her to stay at least as long as she can make money.

I will chalk up part of my theory, and the fact that my favorite models have short careers, to the fact that I personally steer away from the mainstream, and to me, awards represent nothing but the mainstream, so they will always be meaningless to me. I hate most mainstream porn, and all the "superstars" and awards that come with it, so generally speaking, if I like a certain model, it is partly due to her not being a star.

And as far as Jenna Jameson is concerned, she is blond and beautiful, and seems to have rightfully earned her fan base and the unique level of popularity only she can enjoy. To me, she has outsmarted and outfoxed the system, and as a result controls her career, without even performing in front of a camera anymore. But I will also blame her for every breast implant surgery and blond Barbie doll look that so many young models have gone for.

06-29-09  09:21pm

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GCode (101) REPLY TO #10 - turboshaft :

Totally agree with everything you said as far as the actual model is the final decision in terms of how long she decides she wants to stay in the business. I am with most with the fact of the matter that porn awards are pretty much null and pointless. However, I did try to think a bit hypothetically and say, "hey, if awards are going to happen, mind as well be by a panel of fans". But, I pretty much don't care about them at all even though I chose fans should the panel. I guess it is the combo of the industry decisions with the models decisions plus the fans wanting more that decide which are the superstars. There is obviously no clear cut answer at all.

Yes, Jenna did bring that all american blonde with titty implants to the mainstream porn world :(

06-29-09  09:53pm

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Cybertoad (Disabled) Ummm,

What is the award for to begin with, not just porn but above all else why award porn.

Lets face it, we like tight asses, big tits and tight pussys and well uuumm we reward the Actors by buying there stuff so they can buy houses in the mountains outside LA.

RIGHT? So why reward that, its like some how you are trying to blanket respect and honor for porn actors.
Thats just lame, lots of ppl work hard.

Maybe we should go take polls on the streets of LA and give hooker awards .

Lets Have the 1st Annual Street Walker & Out Door Whore Awards
With topics like :

1. Best BJ in a Back Seat Award.

2. Fastest Hand job, in Alley Award

3. Least STD in a Year Award.

4. Lowest Paid for full Sex Award.

5. Most Times Arrested i a Month for Prostitution Award .

Well you guys get my hint LOL

06-30-09  09:16am

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runefist (Unverified) I take it up the ass from my boss almost everyday...nobody gives me an award...just a paycheck

why should porn stars be any different?

06-30-09  11:42am

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Drooler (220) When porn stars take it up the ass, they do it literally. LOL.
06-30-09  01:18pm

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lk2fireone (196) I personally don't care that much about academy awards or the awards given out for porn stars.

Academy awards do much a huge difference in the careers/salaries of actors. I don't know how much the porn awards affect the careers of the porn stars.

As a pat on the back, I have nothing against academy awards or porn star awards.

As far as who should vote on these, I think the fans should have as much or more say than the insiders. Insiders are the only voters for the academy awards, because supposedly they are the experts who are qualified to vote. By that reasoning, maybe the insiders are the only ones who should pay to see those pictures, and the fans should either get to see the pictures for free, or we should just skip seeing "movie" pictures, since we are not qualified to evaluate the pictures compared to the expert insiders.

06-30-09  04:08pm

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jd1961 (95) The whole notion of Porno Awards is ludicrous.

In fact the whole notion of a porno industry is ludicrous.

06-30-09  04:12pm

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jd1961 (95) REPLY TO #6 - GCode :

"Whenever I see 80's stuff, all the models tend to look extremely amateurish and if the most popular models in their prime were in a line up with the popular ones of today; I think they would clearly be overlooked in terms of looks alone."

I couldn't disagree more. Jenna Jameson is built like a horse with plastic balloons installed on her chest. A dog.

Shauna Grant, Loni Sanders , Megan Leigh, Kristara Barrington, Ginger Lynn, Amber Lynn, Gina Valentino, Hyapatia Lee,Jaqueline Lorians, Kari Fox, Christy Canyon, Traci Lords, Anna Ventura....I could go on, but they make today's performers look like transvestites.

06-30-09  04:17pm

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lk2fireone (196) REPLY TO #16 - jd1961 :

The people who make porn (the actors, models, cameramen, whoever) make up the porn industry.

The people who make cars (at GM, Ford, Toyota, etc.) are the car (auto) industry. But the people who sell cars and who service cars might also fit into the car industry. The people who drive cars or are passengers in cars are not considered part of the car industry.

The same for the software industry. The people who write software, or sell the software, make up the software industry. The people who use software are not usually considered part of the software industry.

But why do you say "the whole notion of a porno industry is ludicrous."

Apparently you enjoy porn. And you realize it's made by people, sold by people. So why is it strange or foolish to call porn an industry? Porn is a market/industry with billions of dollars in sales every year.

06-30-09  05:47pm

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jd1961 (95) REPLY TO #18 - lk2fireone :

Because it's sleazy.
07-04-09  07:08pm

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monty2222 (19) I don't care for awards in general be they porn or non-porn awards. Whether it's professionals or 'the people' who pick the winners it's always just whatever crap is most popular at the time.
07-12-09  08:53am

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