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Do you think ebony women are depicted as 'under par' when compared to other ethnicities of women in porn?

Type: Niches

Submitted by GCode (101)
Yes 32% 12 Votes
No 29% 11 Votes
Depends on the niche 21% 8 Votes
Not totally sure 18% 7 Votes
Other 0% 0 Votes

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38 Votes Total

Sep 5, 2009

Poll Replies (17)

Replies to the user poll above.

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Duante Amorculo (0) Definitely not. I actually believe they are coveted. If you watch interracial porn with ebony actresses you often find the male porn star saying things such as "I've always wanted to f*** a black girl" etc. Though this may obviously be scripted it still depicts the ideology that, for a white guy, being with an ebony chick is a dream come true. Remember porn is a cycle. You show your buyers a certain aspect of porn (which the company think has the possibility to become very profitable) and pretty soon there will be a niche for it as people will start to get used to the idea and want to see more of it (An example of this is anal sex. Why do you think so many heterosexuals now practice anal or want to have anal sex? A more recent eg. of this is the emergence of Alt Porn). So for them to depict ebony women in this light means that either the company believes there is a market for portraying ebony women in this light or there is already an actual demand for it. I also notice the depiction of ebony chicks as being more feisty and wilder than other ethnicities, which is a fantasy for many men (women who are aggressive).

I think where blacks fall into the "under par" category in porn is the production of our movies. Cheap, low-budget stuff with little-to-no script or imagination. That's the area we need to pull up our socks in but our ebony (and male) porn stars are coveted in my mind. I also think that the only reason why there are not many famous mainstream ebony stars in the biz is due to the fact that white porn stars and viewers rule and "run" the business and hence other ethnicities are often overlooked.

For blacks who watch porn, they are very infatuated with the ebony porn stars, especially of those with the "Ghetto Booty" and many are not even aware of the more popular mainstream actresses such as Jenna Jameson, Tera Patrick etc., so believe me, though you may not hear much about stars, such as Cherokee D'Ass, in mainstream porn, she is a superstar in the eyes of blacks and treated as such in her movies.

09-05-09  12:42am

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PinkPanther (46) There haven't been all that many Black pornstars in the A listings of pornstars as compared to white, Latina, Asian - so I say "Yes". I've got to say that, unlike the other ethnic groups mentioned, I find much better Black women working in strip clubs or just out on the street, in supermarkets, restaurants, etc, than I do when I look at the latest porn DVD's at Videobox or whatever.

Most of the women in all the Big Black Ass movies are nowhere near as fine as the Black women that I see all over the place in the real world. Meeka Johnson was an exception to this, but she hasn't been around for quite a while - what a honey! And she was the last Black porn babe whose name I even bothered to remember.

09-05-09  12:55am

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Drooler (220) I said "No" as the question was whether they are "depicted" as "under par," which sounds like a euphemism for "inferior." I've never sensed that.

However, they don't appear "on a par" in porn sites. Usually, the sites are mostly of white girls, and Latinas, black girls, Asians, and Indians are treated as "exotics," UNLESS it's a "speciality" site such as ATK Exotics.

But really good-looking black girls on the specialty or niche sites tend to be the exception and not the rule, whereas really fine girls like Tyra Banxx and Luciana (with so many aliases) show up on the basically white sites.

I know I'm being subjective here, but that's how it seems to me.

09-05-09  05:17am

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pat362 (373) I agree with drooler that they arent' depicted as being under par but it does appear that there are quite a few less black pornstars compared to white ones. I'm not sure about latinas because I'm only using American made porn for reference. There may be more Black than latinas. This one is a little more complicated because some pornstars appear as a different ethnicity based on the niche.
09-05-09  09:13am

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messmer (137) I'm not quite sure what "under par" refers to but if you talk about commonly accepted standards of beauty (of Caucasians) then they might be under-represented as far as these Caucasians are concerned.

However, I am starting to realize that, to fellow Blacks, the ideal black woman looks considerably different from the skinny "stars" we (Caucasians) got used to, so looking at the black-produced selection of DVDs with black actors at Video Box I would say that they are well represented and certainly not under-par.

I must be turning black because I am more and more turning to DVDs with black actresses because there's a lot of sensuality in these women and they are proud of the few extra pounds nature has given them. And I have never seen "enhanced" breasts on any of them. They don't need them. That's a big plus for me.

09-05-09  11:24am

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GCode (101) I don't think it's entirely true at all. But I do have an interesting thing to think about. I remember hearing awhile ago that caucasian women who have sex with black men in porn has their 'value' go down considerably. I don't know if this is true. However, I wonder if something like this can happen for an ebony model who has sex with white men in porn. I wonder if their pay would go down once they go back to 'all ebony' porn? Would be interesting to know in my opinion.

But, that's a bit off topic. When it comes to porn I think ebony women are under represented in terms of true stardom. There are plenty of extremely hot ebony models but I think their chances to make it to the top are limited. That's kind of what I meant in terms of under par. However, I can see how it may have been a poor choice of words.

I dunno what it means to be in top anymore (maybe a contract star for vivid, wicked?) but when I go around and ask my buds who their favorite ebony porn star is, I usually get blank stares. But, most of my friends probably don't browse internet based porn so that could be bias to begin with. I dunno, what is everyone thoughts?

09-05-09  08:49pm

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james4096 (126)
There are very few African American women who have successfully crossed over into mainstream(by that I mean movies made for a white American audience) porn. So porn viewers may form an opinion based on the 4 or 5 black girls they have at a site like brazzers, which isn't fair.

And PinkPanther makes a good point. Most black female pornstars are not as attractive as the black girls you'd see elsewhere. The best black women you'll see on print or film are they type of girls that appear in videos or on the covers of black men's magazines. IMHO, these girls blow any pornstar away physically. But I guess it's a matter of taste, many of them too "thick" to appeal to the broader audience.

Of course being a pornstar or having one as a family member is a huge stigma anywhere. But I feel like it's worse in the African American community. I've met many white girls who openly stated that their dream was to appear in Playboy. I've never heard a black woman say such a thing in my life. To illustrate my point let me give an example of another contrast. One thing you'll rarely see in real life is two straight black females making out in order to turn guys on, or on a dare, or just to draw a crowd. White college girls are always doing that stuff. If black girls did that, they'd be total pariahs in their school or whatever. I guess that sort of touches on another point. Since homosexuality is less acceptable in the AA community, maybe less black actresses are willing to do G/G or BGG scenes which hurts their appeal. I don't know just hypothesizing. ???

I think it's cultural. I think blacks girls are just as freaky and sexual, but they can be a little less open. Maybe not though. These same girls who think it's trashy to be photographed nude, regularly degrade themselves on dance floors or in youtube videos. I'm not complaining though. ;)

I could be wrong. I'm not trying to generalize or stereotype. So I hope I didn't offend anybody. I'm just throwing in my 2 cents.

09-06-09  01:31am

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RagingBuddhist (65) If you think about the hundreds, if not thousands of white women in porn, it's kind of easy to overlook the "under pars". Ethnics just stand out. It could be that, because there are so few ebony women in porn to begin with, they're being overly scrutinized.
09-06-09  06:59am

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messmer (137) REPLY TO #6 - GCode :

"I remember hearing awhile ago that caucasian women who have sex with black men in porn has their 'value' go down considerably. I don't know if this is true. However, I wonder if something like this can happen for an ebony model who has sex with white men in porn. I wonder if their pay would go down once they go back to 'all ebony' porn? Would be interesting to know in my opinion."

I know that a lot of those interracial videos have definite racist overtones, maybe that's why the value of a star might go down. In a "black male with white woman" scenario, the woman has always had that fantasy of making out with a black guy, quite often with the encouragement of hubby. In "black woman with white male" you often hear the insecure question by the guy: "So, do you prefer/like having sex with white guys?"

For Pete's sake, forget about color and mix cheerfully and with abandon without worrying about ethnicity. In the meantime I watch Black on Black and White on White, at least this way you don't get those inane questions and the unspoken racism of "always having wanted a Black!"

Sorry GCode, for going off topic.

09-06-09  12:39pm

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dracken (246) Maybe this makes me a racist (I hope not) but I was never attracted to Asian, Ebony or African American women. I don't know why but only Caucasian girls do it for me, (not even Redheads with freckles)

So anyhow I don't want to continue being off topic but I noticed this was going into a racism discussion...

09-06-09  01:22pm

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messmer (137) REPLY TO #10 - dracken :

Redheads with freckles? Don't do it for you? They're my favorites!
09-06-09  03:45pm

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dracken (246) REPLY TO #11 - messmer :

Maybe it's the fact that both my bosses are redheads with a more freckles than white skin..but that kind of girl was always a turn-off for me. Blonds and brunettes, especially with green eyes mmm...now there's something.
09-06-09  04:01pm

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messmer (137) REPLY TO #12 - dracken :

I can understand now how that would turn you off on redheads with freckles :-) Blondes I'm not keen on but brunettes and black haired I love. As well as redheads with freckles!!! There's one on the cover of one of the DVDs at VideoBox who is absolutely stunning but whose name I don't know, I must look it up next time I run across that DVD. Actually, upon reflection, I have some favorite blondes (Berkley on Anilos) as well .. so I guess I love 'em all!
09-06-09  04:10pm

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dracken (246) REPLY TO #13 - messmer :

Good answer :) Women are gorgeous regardless of hair color
09-06-09  04:13pm

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Duante Amorculo (0) REPLY TO #7 - james4096 :

The point many people miss is that whites prefer their women on the thinner side and concentrate mainly on beauty. blacks rather thick girls with big asses and concentrate more on the voluptuousness of the woman's body rather than her face. Hence why stars such as Marie Luv who may be just about the most famous ebony star (along with Jada Fire) on the mainstream market yet she doesn't have a big following or fan base of black viewers as she is pretty but is very fit/slim and not thick & curvaceous.
09-06-09  05:39pm

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messmer (137) REPLY TO #15 - Duante Amorculo :

A point I was making too. I would just rephrase your "whites prefer their women on the thinner side and concentrate mainly on beauty ..." and add "... as they perceive it!"

But now I must remember that this was supposed to be a poll and shut up! :-) Good night all!

09-06-09  06:20pm

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Ray O (3) I don't find Black women in porn erotic and they do not excite me. Especially gals that look like crack whores. Clean, college-looking Black women are ok, but I guess I prefer White women over Black, Hispanic or Asian. Probably conditioning. I don't get the whole taboo thing. Get whatever you are into. If you like Black women, go for it! No disrespect.
10-20-09  09:54pm

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