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Visit Sapphire Young

Sapphire Young

Streaming Only?

Anyone know if the videos are streaming only or can they be downloaded? Also, are the photo sets available to be downloaded via zip? Hmm...I guess even one more, what are the pic resolutions and video resolutions? This model is awesome...hope the site has good options to make it worth joining.

11-04-11  03:16pm

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Visit Transworld Asia

Transworld Asia


Anyone know if the site is still updating? I love the girls here but I don't think the collection will be very extensive if they stopped updating. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

10-09-11  09:00pm

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Visit J Sex Network

J Sex Network


After reading on the site that they do requests and emailing them asking how long it takes with no response, I've decided to ask here. Has anyone ever actually requested a video and was it put up in time for a one month subscription? Or, does anyone know how long the request will take through experience? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.

09-20-11  09:44pm

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Visit Zenra.net


Penis Kenkyu (penis study) Style Videos Here

In my title of the comment I mention the kind of scene which is penis study. This is usually involving an amateur model or models off the street (nanpa) and having them partake in usually hand job or blowjobs. Usually, they may not even do it and run off, reluctantly do it, or get really in to it. I really got in to these scenes from the Soft on Demand "Innocent Girls" series but some other movies are around. Throughout my travels of online sites with scenes/movies for this style of scene, this site seems to offer the most. But, I'm worried about a few quality issues and full length movie stuff. So, I figure anyone who knows about this site here at Zenra.net that they would know of these scenes. Does anyone know a good site for these types of scenes? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.

09-11-11  10:45pm

Replies (2)
Visit Yanks.com


Anyone Got Anything?

This site seems comparative to "I Feel Myself" but a main difference IMHO is the type of girl showcased. This site seems to cater to the regular, next door type while I Feel Myself tended to show more 'Hipster' girls and I think European or Australian (I don't remember clearly). Anyways, I like the other site so I wonder if anyone who knows can tell me how they are in comparison? If not, does anyone have any info on the site from a more recent subscription? The last PU review was awhile ago from a disabled user and TBP's review seems promising. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.

07-30-11  11:32pm

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Visit Ana Tranny

Ana Tranny

I've Been Waiting...

It's been about a year or more since I have been waiting for a review or at least a facts list update. So I'm going to ask in a comment finally what this site really does offer in terms of updates per week, size and quality of videos, size and quality of photos, when the free live web cm show is, how good the shows are/how long, and what the typical content consists of? Oh and how much content is really offered. Any information would be greatly appreciated if you have it! Thanks for your time.

07-17-11  03:22pm

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Visit Shemax Network

Shemax Network

I Just Noticed...

I just noticed that this company has a network..I wonder is all sites updates are available here? I remember joining a few of these sites in the network awhile ago and liking a lot of scenes, but I do remember the videos would almost do a slow motion every once in awhile which was obviously an encoding error. But, they were decent sites. I'm surprised these sites have not got as much attention as they could/should, would be interesting to see what others think.

07-11-11  11:06pm

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Visit Frank's TGirl World

Frank's TGirl World

Site Is Re-Encoding Old Videos Now

It appears as of a few weeks ago, older sets are now being re-encoded. I have yet to d/l one yet but if I review the site, I'll let a few know how they look. If anyone is interested, I can reply with the info as well.

06-29-11  10:28pm

Replies (2)
Visit Sammi Valentine

Sammi Valentine


I see this TS model on Shemale Yum and she seems interesting enough. Apparently, the site has been around a few years and shows the transition. However, I just wonder how well the quality really is. It seems like a self produced kinda site...or at least not entirely produced by true professionals. But, I may be wrong. This brings me to my next question, anyone got any information about these insights? How long has the site been around? What's the res on both the videos and photos? Are there zips available? Is it mostly hardcore? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

06-14-11  11:09pm

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Visit Trannies Fuck

Trannies Fuck

Good Idea?

I think it's awesome to offer all sites combined that have been around awhile...mostly for the value of it. These sites are not necessarily the best in their niche but it makes the content worth looking at because you a "3 for 1 deal". A decent marketing scheme IMHO.

06-02-11  08:04am

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Visit Ladyboy 69

Ladyboy 69

The Clone Thing....

While I understand this is the original site and shemale.asia is the newer site...what I don't understand is why they have the two? While I think shemale.asia is sleeker looking, it seems pointless to have the two. They have the exact same content but I remember shemale.asia having broken links every once in awhile and the webmaster gave me LB-69 pass, basically meaning shemale.asia may be more buggy or not taken care of as much. Maybe someone can help me by explaining why there is the two sites or whatever...

Anyways, I still think this is THE top site for solo ladyboy models, no other site has such a large difference in models and bring new models to the table in my surfing...if there is another site that can be or will be compared to this, I'd like to know :)

05-24-11  02:23pm

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Visit Moon Angel

Moon Angel

Tempting...But I'm Worried....

This site has been on my list for a long time and I always kinda skipped over it. I went to my favorites and noticed it was like one of the only ones left on my list that I have not joined...so I went. I don't remember the site that well, so maybe they updated the design which looks okay. But, the thing that gets me worried is having no update log and a poor tour. After looking through the TBP facts sheet, I'm afraid they may not be updating. Plus, it seems photos is the bulk of the goodies and there is no zip downloads? This is a shame because there are just not many asian solo glamour sites...but until someone can answer these few questions, I'm keeping my money in my pocket on this place...

05-12-11  09:13am

Replies (1)
Visit Shemale Club

Shemale Club

Giselle Milani

Word through the grapevine is that this model will be doing a solo model site soon. I'm sure it will be just like all the others from this sites network. This model is so stunning, I think she may be my favorite right now in terms of models from the Americas (N and S). I hope this site will be up soon and in the network, cuz I want to see Bailey Jay's and Sarina Valentina's sites as well. With those two and Gisele sites combined, this network will be something! What do you think?

01-22-11  10:59pm

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Visit Teen Models

Teen Models

Veronika Fasterova

This site is like a shrine to this model lol...She is awesome though. Think I may have to join just to get this model's content because it seems it would be the most recent and decent of her. Anyone agree? Disagree?

01-05-11  02:20pm

Replies (2)
Visit Ladyboy Candy Shop

Ladyboy Candy Shop

LB on LB Action?

I'm always down with Ladyboy on Ladyboy action but it seems this kind of content, let alone TS on TS scenes, are a dime a dozen. From the tour, it seems this site has a focus on hardcore action with a lot of TS on TS action. However, I'm not sure what the true focus of the site is. Is it TS on TS action with regular hardcore scenes mixed in? Or, the other way around? Either way, if anyone is a member and has more information about this, I'm all ears (or eyes? lol).

12-26-10  11:29pm

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Visit Older Women Club

Older Women Club

A Nice Addition To The Niche?

I saw TBP state this site in the new sites to look at. I respect that this site appears to stay true to the mature niche by providing what appears to be truly mature models. However, TBP facts state that some of the content is not exclusive. Anyone have an idea where the non-exclusive material is coming from? Also, the formats for videos for such a new site sounds dissapointing. 720 X 480, if not 1280 X 720, should be offered for such a new site. With higher formats, I think the site may be a solid addition in the 'true mature model' niche. There is no update log on TBP facts sheet, anyone know how much the site updates a week? There appears to be many images but no resolution is listed. Anyone know the resolutions offered? Also, there appears to be no zip downloads available...

With this being said, can anyone who may have joined or be thinking of joining suggest that the site may be worth joining? With the information I have, a new site just launched with non-exclusive material, smaller resolution videos, unknown update schedule, and no zip downloads for images but true mature models may not be worth it. I do respect true mature models though. Any thoughts from anyone? Thanks for your time.

12-17-10  08:24pm

Replies (6)
Visit Sarina Valentina

Sarina Valentina

Added To Multisite Pass

It appears this site has been added to the multisite pass which includes sites like Bailey Jay, Kimber James, TS Foxxy, Kelly Shore, and many more. You can join the site alone but the addition to the multisite solo models pass is awesome. Just letting people know.

11-29-10  09:18pm

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Visit Louisa May

Louisa May

White Girl Doing Japanese Style Porn?

Well, the preview is surely Japanese in style with katakana and other certain Japanese things. However, the actual content appears to be mostly Western solo play. Anyone been a member and can comment on how Western the content is? Are there any Japanese type scenes available? Or, does she mainly cosplay with regular solo play? Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for your time.

11-17-10  09:14pm

Replies (0)
Visit VF Academy

VF Academy

Looks Good

Tour looks good and I'm surprised there is no review or comment yet. Site looks like it is right up a few fellow PU's alley (including mine), so I'm wondering if anyone has been a member and can answer a few questions. Let me know if you have joined. Thanks for your time!

10-31-10  08:03pm

Replies (1)
Visit Naughty America

Naughty America

What's Going On?

Ok, Today I joined at a low price of $9.95 for a monthly membership. This seems like a steal and I have not been a member in a few years. So, I queue up about 20 movies for download on DownThemAll! with one string and one download at a time. First one starts downloading, cool right? Well, I come back in 30 minutes and every video after that says a 403 error and did not download. So, I go back to the next movie I wanted and download it via DownThemAll! and it works. I put the rest of the movies I wanted back in to the queue and come back in 15 minutes. Same thing happens!? Anyone know what's going on or know a solution? I've never had this problem with any site. BTW, during all this I still stayed logged in to the site as well. I'm confused because this has never happened. Does this site change their download links every 10 minutes or something? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

10-22-10  05:59pm

Replies (10)
Visit Stroking Queens

Stroking Queens

In My Niche....

This new site is surely in my niche realm but since it's so new, TBP facts are not listed. The tour is quite pathetic so far but this might be because it's so new. From what I can see, the models look North American and are well known so far. I wonder if anyone has joined or did join and can comment on the exclusiveness of the site. Any other info would be truly helpful as well because the sites fact sheet is so tiny. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks again!

10-07-10  08:31pm

Replies (1)
Visit Horny Thief Tales

Horny Thief Tales

Weird Idea

Does anyone else feel the idea here is borderline simulated rape scenes? From the tour, it does seem that the girls are more willing than forced but the whole masked intruder entering home and ending up having sex thing seems a bit too far. I'm sure there is no forced sex here but the concept seems borderline to me. I always thought 'rape-like' porn was illegal, but I could be mistaken. Just seems weird to me, what are all of your thoughts about the site?

09-30-10  02:53pm

Replies (5)
Visit Tranny Poppers

Tranny Poppers

TBP Scores Average

TBP scores this site average which made the site for me personally, to go under the radar. Therefore, I'm wondering what any prior or existing members can say about the site. With that being said, I'm looking for information about how well the videos are shot in terms of ranges used, what kind of cumshots are captured (regular cum on chest or exotic ones?), only South American models being used?, and any other things anyone might want to add. TBP score kind of scares me to join the site because most sites I've took the delve in to that are in the low to mid 70's end up being well, average just like they say. Rarely do I find a gem that I found incorrect from their score. However, I'm looking for new content and/or sites in this niche and am kind of desperate right now lol :) Thanks to anyone who may help me with this info and thank you as well for your time.

09-20-10  09:36pm

Replies (5)
Visit Asian American Girls

Asian American Girls

More Professional Models?

After recently checking out the tour, I've noticed that many of the recent updates are featuring models that are considered more 'professional'. It seems the site featured more 'Amateur' models until recently but maybe I'm mistaken. Therefore, I'm asking if any recent members can comment on this. Were these recent updates in the minority or were there always professional models updated and mixed in with amateurs? Any information about this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.

09-13-10  07:28pm

Replies (0)
Visit Andrea Nobili Productions

Andrea Nobili Productions


The site was launched in 2010 but is featuring 640 X 480 res videos. Anyone been a member and can comment on how these videos look because if they are 640 X 480 in 2010, I hope the clarity is extremely well. Any other additional info about the site would be greatly appreciated as well including the direction, model index, overall content, and so on. Thanks for your time.

09-06-10  06:43pm

Replies (2)

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