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Do you own a BluRay player?

Type: General
Yes 32% 18 Votes
No 66% 37 Votes
Not yet but plan to soon 2% 1 Votes

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56 Votes Total

Mar 20, 2010

Poll Replies (21)

Replies to the user poll above.

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BadMrFrosty (56) While I like the HD video offered by a Bluray disc, I have no desire to go back to handling physical media for my entertainment. For years I have got all of my porn, movies, games, music in purely digital form, no need to hunt down some disk that has probably been chewed on by the dog :)
03-20-10  02:50am

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tangub (155) Waste of money, i don't even use the dvd player i've got these days.
03-20-10  04:04am

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pat362 (375) I own one but I didn't actually buy it. I bought a 40" ACL TV and it was part of the package. I own about 3 BluRay movies and I don't plan to buy many any time soon. The cost for a BluRay DVD is so much higher than regular dvd's that it's rarely worth it. I've noticed that a BluRay will greatly improve the quality of the sound on a regular DVD
03-20-10  09:04am

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rearadmiral (388) I agree with BadMrFrosty. All my porn is now digital. I even converted all my DVDs to digital too. It's more convenient, and a lot easier to stash away.
03-20-10  09:05am

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Monahan (44) REPLY TO #1 - BadMrFrosty :

Ditto that. In fact Netflix is going the online route. I anticipate that most entertainment will be delivered that way in the near future.

I still have my "last century" technology (unused) and really don't need to spend any more money on that stuff.

03-20-10  09:22am

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GCode (101) Playstation 3. Games, Blu-Ray, and online streaming. $299. Easy fix and worth it. Oh btw, it plays your online files too (WMV, AVI, etc.).
03-20-10  09:34am

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hodayathink (18) REPLY TO #6 - GCode :

Ditto. And mine plays PS2 and PS1 games too. Most versatile piece of electronics I have.
03-20-10  10:35am

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lk2fireone (196) By the time BluRay becomes widely adopted, there will be a new and better technology that will be promoted.
03-20-10  11:12am

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larss (Disabled) No point in getting BluRay until I get HD tv
03-20-10  02:09pm

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james4096 (126)
Nope. DVD quality or slightly lower non-porn movies are fine by me.

I've also decide that digital is the way to go. Like I need dozens of plastic cases with pictures with Owen Wilson on my shelves.

Blu-ray will be a medium that might pass a lot of people by. I don't think I'll ever buy one. At least not a standalone blu ray.

03-20-10  03:02pm

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turboshaft (24) Yes, but it's a PS3 and I have yet to actually watch a BluRay movie on it--just been using it to play video games.
03-20-10  05:59pm

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badandy400 (103) I have the PS3 as well. Bluray is a great thing but has not caught peoples attention like DVD had. Bluray offer directors a lot more opportunity in what they o with a movie and what other junk they put in as extra because of the extra disk space.

The quality difference between a good DVD and a Bluray is not the same was not noticed between DVD and VHS years back. This is part of what keeps them from catching on more so. Also, many people do not understand the differences as easily as they may have when there was an obvious difference. Blurays look so much like DVDs physically that some may be sceptical that there is a difference.

The thing I love about teh PS# is its ability to be used as a media center. I can stream just about anything from my computer over a network and not have to worry so much about finding the disks and so on.

03-20-10  08:43pm

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GCode (101) REPLY TO #12 - badandy400 :

Well said. PS3 is an obvious choice for anyone looking for Blu-Ray capabilities plus the media center options. The added point of actual games is an obvious reason as well. I'd say anyone looking to get any media player to play videos on their tv without plugging in something like a laptop via HDMI should look in to the PS3. I'd say those WD tuners or anything like it is pointless when the PS3 has all the other features as well.

On a side note, my old 40 GB ps3 just died with what is called 'the yellow light of death' (similiar to x-box's red ring of death) and I need to buy a new one. Guess what? The PS3's are hard to find right now because they did not correctly supply enough for the demand with the new slims. Fun times, fun times....

03-20-10  10:19pm

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Jeffrey99 (29) Yes, I have a PS3. However I"m one that has no interest in the whole digital only format. Maybe it's because I have horribly slow internet, so actually downloading a HD movie will take me days. Not to mention all the DRM that is included with purchased movies from places. I have no interest in watching a HD movie on a 19" computer screen when I have a PS3 and a 51" HD TV in the next room over.

However I will admit that due to financial reasons I haven't rented Blu Ray in a while. As of right now I can't see it worth the price increase over a place like RedBox where you can get a regular DVD for $1 a night.

03-20-10  11:04pm

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hodayathink (18) REPLY TO #14 - Jeffrey99 :

Redbox is rumored to be testing Blu-Ray rentals in select areas right now. I forget what the price is, though.
03-21-10  12:04am

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kkman112 (12) Blu-ray players are still FAR too expensive and feature sets are all over the place. Although most play DVDs as well, some earlier models did not. I also do not like having collections of discs lying around. I prefer digital media today.
03-21-10  06:56am

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turboshaft (24) REPLY TO #16 - kkman112 :

Far too expensive? Really? I've seen new players for under $150. I think Amazon currently sells a Sony Blu-Ray player for about $130. Of course this is just the player, and these rarely, if ever, come with an HDMI cable that's required to send a high definition signal to the display (which needs to be HD to show the best picture, BTW). These cables usually start around $15 dollars and can easily go over $100 so I'm sure it's a complex cable-player manufacturer conspiracy devised to nickel and dime consumers for their recession dollars. ; )

I would argue a complete system--HD display, player, and sound system (optional but it's nice)--is where the initial cost comes in. My real problem is the disc prices are outrageous. Unless you're a genuine film aficionado with money to burn and DVD resolution just doesn't cut it for you I can't see much benefit (literally, my vision is terrible) in buying a Blu-Ray version of a release over the DVD one. Studios don't seem to be pushing Blu-Ray versions much beyond mentioning them first in marketing; "Available on Blu-Ray and DVD Tuesday!"

And I'd assume the studios, or whoever they contract to author the discs, simply make two compressed versions from the final cut of the film or whatever show they are selling. They might offer additional audio tracks and bonus crap if it fits on a Blu-Ray disc but DVDs still sell. But I don't even think a lot of buyers' decisions are based that much on specific extras or bonus features--they really just want the movie to play, not skip, and be able to do that over and over again for years.

03-21-10  10:30am

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pornwatcher (3) I don't have a dedicated blu-ray player but I do have a computer with a Blu-ray drive. Never watch Blu-ray porn, though. It's too expensive to buy or even rent.
03-21-10  11:36am

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BadMrFrosty (56) REPLY TO #17 - turboshaft :

The high spec cable cartel is something that really bothers me. Back in analog days there was a legitimate reason to shell out for high quality cables as they reduced the amount of interference and noise that can be introduced into an analog signal thus caused a noticable difference in what you saw on your screen.

Now as HDMI cables are carrying a purely digital signal there is no reason whatsoever to pay 100$ for a cable as the data itself has inbult error checking / correction. No one would even consider paying that much for a USB, network, SATA cable but they are all used to carry the same series of 1's and 0's.

Rant over

03-21-10  11:46am

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dracken (246) REPLY TO #6 - GCode :

Yeah, I'll probably get a ps3 soon, but so far I have yet to justify the upgrade from my old ps2...if the two were compatible I could at least play my old games on the ps3...
03-21-10  01:58pm

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Wittyguy (105) Like others have said Blu-Ray's are pretty expensive and, since I don't have an HD tv, I don't see the point. What I'm sort of waiting for is an all in one tivo type recorder with built in dvd, blu-ray, and burner capability along with a direct pc plug in and basic computer that can read externals. The technology exists for this but I really haven't seen one yet.

Others have said they don't like handling physical media, preferring the all hard drive approach. I'm just too paranoid to go that route. I would still want the option of discs just in case my drive(s) go bad.

03-23-10  05:57pm

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