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Visit Club Tug

Club Tug

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Joining the site gives access to a few other niche type sites including Cum Blast City, See Mom Suck, Over 40 Handjobs, Busty Direct, Teen Tugs, & few others.
- The site overall has a decent amount of content but I'm going to review the site as a network which contains plenty of handjob material with decent scenarios which are the essence of the network. I will elaborate in the bottom line.
- Content appears to be exclusive to the sites and network.
- No DRM protection.
- Photos are available to view or download in zip format.
- Navigation is straight forward and content is easy enough to find by showing updates viewed by date of update, rating, popularity, or name. Updates can also be viewed by a model index with the same views as above.
- Some other discounts to other sites not associated with the network can be used by clicking links on the site.
- Average scene descriptions with decent screen caps to know what kind of scene the video or photo will be when browsing.
Cons: - Videos as a whole on the network vary and range from poor to below average. However, nothing is above average in this category. We are talking about 320 X 240 to 720 X 480, most with ~2,500 kbps bitrate.
- Photos are small as well with some being actual photo shoots to just screen caps from the videos. There are usually just a few dozen pics in a set and highest resolution is around 1000 X 668.
- Site design is bland and there is no attempt to really be a top tier site in this category. However, navigation is easy enough.
- Model selection can range to absolutely gorgeous to sub par. It just shows how the site is as a whole which equals wishy-washy selections.
- Overall, there is not a lot of content for the network. This actual site has the most with around 202 at this time of review. However, the other sites are averaged around 60 scenes with even some only as much as 4 or 5 scenes.
- Some scenes are on other sites within the same network sites and only update once a week.
Bottom Line: First off, I want everyone to know that I am reviewing this site as a network. Therefore, I will review the sites in the handjob/blowjob niche because this is the main overall theme of this particular site and network.

Club Tug seems to be the main site of the network with a overall handjob theme as a whole. The scenes within this site vary from solo handjobs to group ones. I suppose I will say this next because it is the basis as to why I joined: these sites within this network are extremely niche orientated! Meaning, almost all the themes revolve around a story of a handjob or blowjob happening for a taboo reason, it is not just "hi, strip, handjob, cumshot, scene end" content. Therefore, the site has decent creativity which results in some steamy scenes. This site here has it all, from the little girl who gives her teacher a handjob to the stepmom giving her stepson a handjob before a big date so he's "relaxed". Overall, the directing is average and the dialogue can range from dirty/sexy to stupid/straightforward. Therefore, each scene has a life of its own which can range in theme and quality. It is by far not consistent which is its blessing and its curse.

Over 40 Handjobs is exactly how it is described. Like the other scenes in the network, it is theme oriented but features strictly older ladies. However, there are some scenes with a younger model who "catches" her giving a handjob and helps. But, it is mostly solo older models giving young men handjobs for some weird/taboo reason. Like the other scenes in the network, the acting varies and models do as well. I have seen some of the nicest natural older ladies to the old ones with the huge bolt-on titties. Looks range and it is all in the eyes of the beholder.

See Mom Suck is a site which features older ladies not only giving handjobs but blowjobs. Each scene usually consists of a younger model giving a blowjob, get "caught", and then the older model joins in for whatever reason and "teaches" the younger one how it's done. But, some scenes might just feature the older lady only without a younger lady, of course, blowing the young man for some taboo reason. The dynamic between the older and younger model can vary from great dialogue and sexy rapport to just overall embarrassing with one model outshining the other or them both just looking dumbfounded with poor acting. It all depends which brings me to the point I've made before, the consistency is well, non-existent.

Teen Tugs differs by bringing the younger model to the forefront only in a handjob scene. Sometimes it is a model by herself, with another, or even in a group. Of course, keeping with the overall theme, the handjobs usually occur with a taboo subject as to why she is doing it. This ranges from trying to get a good grade from a teacher to her getting revenge for a bad date from a friend. This is the newest of the sites and only contains a few dozen scenes.

Now that I've talked a little about a few of the network sites, I would like to comment on the overall stuff. Most of the models in this network are used again in each of the sites. So, when giving the tour to look at, if you like a most of the models on one site, then you are most likely to see them on all sites. Also, the themes tend to not vary. Therefore, if you have seen about a dozen types of scenes or reasons why they are giving a hj/bj, then it is usually repeated again with different models. So if you are in to theme orientated porn with a bit of a plot which results in quirky reasons why these models would be jerking or sucking some guy off, then you are at the right place. Therefore, that is what this network really is, theme oriented. You really have to be in to the reality type thing to appreciate the scenes offered here. This would probably be the main reason to join, as it was my main reason.

With that said, do not expect to be blown away by the content here. Yes, it has really steamy themes and decent models doing decent acting, but not all the time. Some editing can be poor and the dialogue excruciatingly bad which makes one wonder if any direction was done before a scene at all. Plus, the site Cum Blast City actually brings in a horrible fake penis which eventually squirts massive amounts of fake jizz on the models, but first makes them actually jerk and suck it like they are even remotely turned on. It creates this strange aura for the model which results in uncomfortable acting and cringe worthy scenes that are almost unbearable to watch. I avoided this site quickly and was pretty mad cause a lot of the better models participated in the site.

Overall, the network offers some great scenes that are niche orientated. The quality is low, so if you want to join, you better be ready for this. It's surely not for everyone and needs to be tweaked for the future. With the right changes, the network could produce really good niche and theme oriented scenes, but for now, only a selected few will be ready for the site.

12-27-12  08:34pm

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Visit Tara TS

Tara TS

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Exclusive content of TS model Tara Emory in mostly photosets featuring mostly solo cosplay with a bit of hardcore.
- No DRM.
- User forum for recommendations and/or general chat. It appears Tara actually checks it and will comment.
- There is an artwork section which showcases her talent for drawing and gives you a peek in to her mind a bit.
- The photos are available to seen only through the browser. The app is decent which lets you view the images to scale or full size. Plus, there is a auto play, forward, and rewind. Additionally, there is thumbnails on the left side to scroll to a specific photo.
Cons: - Recent photos average around 1300 X 1020 with some being smaller. Plus, they get smaller as the years go by. They are not available to download via zip format.
- Updates are slow and sporadic, They seem to average around 2-3 weeks but this month has not updated at all.
- Videos are useless. They are updated maybe every 3 months with clips of exclusive or non-exclusive videos. Most are old webcam shows though. They are poor quality with the highest res being at 720 X 480 at ~1,500 kbps. The newest videos are in mp4 or mov format but all videos prior to 09/17/09 are just in mov format.
- Site design is extremely outdated. It does not affect the navigation but it just all seems put together really quick and never updated as time went on for improvements.
Bottom Line: Tara TS is one of those sites that excites you if you love the model (like I do) but ends up being a major disappointment. Here we have a great looking model (especially if you love redheads), she seems intelligent (she designs and creates all her costumes), and she is extremely erotic. However, at the end of it all, it is mostly the technical side of things that ruins the site.

First, let's talk about what is presented. Tara clearly focuses on the photography side of things. She designs and creates her outfits which are extremely well done and provide an awesome theme to go by. Also, another great thing is the themed costume is usually presented in a relevant setting. So, the overall theme of the photo set is great. But, then comes the technical things. For example, the photo sets seem to be heavily photoshopped. This can be seen in the skin tone and overall result. I'm not sure if the overall result is blurry due to photoshop or just a poor camera choice, but almost all sets tend to have it.

Then, you have the videos. These are so poor and extremely unwatchable. I don't understand why she is not doing at least a matching video set for each of her costumes she makes. She often talks about how much it costs for her to make her costumes, one would think she would try to create the most content she could with each costume. Plus, it would surely make the site more appealing for potential customers for her site. To elaborate, she has her own dvds that she sells. There are about 8 right now and each showcases video scenes of about 5 costumes she's created. The videos on her site are clips of these shoots but not even all scene clips are available. Only about 2 or 3 clips are available per DVD. It's a shame because the scenes seem decent from what I seen. The site just seems like a tease or incomplete without video available.

Second, let's talk about getting the content. The photos are decent enough but with such a focus on this content, why not make it easy to get? There is no option to download the photos in zip format. Since there is no good video section, there should be some reason to feel that your getting something out of the monthly membership. Plus, there is a tab labeled 'webcam' but no show dates are posted and little information is presented there. Does she do shows? Well there are a few recorded videos, like from over a year ago. Does she still do them? Who knows.

The site does have a decent amount of content in the photo category. The start of the content goes from even before 2001. So, she's been at it awhile. But, that is just what makes me wonder why she is not trying a bit harder to make her material more presentable? She's obviously a vet and is passionate about sharing her ideas with everyone but that all goes moot when the content being shared falls short. The costumes are really elaborate at times and I am very impressed by most of them, I would just love seeing them more clearly and in video if I'm paying a membership fee.

Tara TS is a site that with major improvements, could be a great solo model site. It would be great to see the photos presented a bit more naturally, a bit larger, and available via zip. Plus, the addition of matching video scenes of the sets or just some nice full length SD or HD videos thrown in as updates as well would improve the site drastically. However, Tara Emory is pretty cute and her costumes are very erotic. Knowing these are handmade makes it even hotter. I am a true fan of hers from seeing her content on other sites and just expected more after seeing this content. But, if you are interested in the model and want to see some of her creations, you may want to join for a month like I did. However, I would not join again based on what I saw but if improvements were made, I would love to join again.

08-24-11  10:42am

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Visit 21Sextury.com


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Exclusive content of about 39 network sites including solo, hardcore, lesbian, wrestling, DP, and/or almost everything else.
- Model index is stellar with labels by alphabetical, highest rated, and/or filters by many categories of attributes.
- Updates daily with a video and photo set.
- If you don't want to use a model index, you can break down navigation by scenes or categories with plenty of options to filter with.
- Newest videos from about Mid 2007 on are available in HD, around 1280 X 720 at ~4,500 kbps. Newer scenes are available in a variety of options with the highest being 1920 x 1080.
- Newest photo sets highest res is around 4250 X 2800. All are available via zip download.
- High download speeds.
- Good site design and navigation. Navigation can be a burden sometimes if on a particular site, more in cons.
- Quality streaming for videos since many are extremely large in the 'ultra high' category.
Cons: - As stated above, navigation is decent but when you have clicked on a particular site, you can easily forget you are just on that site once you move on. To get back to the main site, you have to remember to hit home and re-click on 21sextury to get all sites.
- While the videos are high in resolution, I just found them to not be as sharp as other HD videos I've seen. They are not horrible but they could look better for sure.
- Many sites are not updating anymore and may have at 2007 or before, so the scenes are not sharp. I found scenes around 2007 and before to be almost unwatchable but I'm probably spoiled with HD.
- While there are a wide variety of scenes, many seemed extremely cookie cutter. Even most of the male stars are used every time. It is a small quirk but worth stating, be ready for repetition.
- In site photo viewer could be better but it's a small quirk.
Bottom Line: This network showcases all aspects of the porn world. I believe the network obviously showcases some of the best in the business (mostly European) and presents them well in a variety of scenes. There appears to be a main core of women that are showcased more, so make sure you like them a lot because you will get used to seeing them. These include Sandy, Sophie Moone, Blue Angel, Aletta Ocean, and a few more. The plus is these women are all gorgeous so I personally don't mind.

The network can be broken down in to 21 sites. These sites include the popular ones that most will be eager to see like Club Sandy, Blue Angel Live, Cuties Galore, Lezcuties, Nude Fight Club, Pix and Video, and Sweet Sophie Moone. There are others obviously. However, there are more sites included which are considered 'Bonus' sites. A few highlights include Teen Bitch Club, Dirty Milf Club, and Squirting Files. The bonus sites surely don't showcase as many great scenes but are a nice addition which adds even more niches to the categories already.

This brings us to the scenes itself. The different video options are great with most newer ones available in wmv or H.264 format. Also, these are available in low, medium, high, or even ultra high quality. The ultra high quality scenes are extremely large and I personally found no difference in quality between the 1920 and 1280 scenes. As I stated in the cons, I just found most videos to be grainy. However, they are well lit and obviously professionally done with quality production equipment. Maybe it's the encoding, I'm not sure. But, don't get me wrong, the scenes are still HD and look good, so don't let it stray one away completely. Therefore, expect to have some extremely professionally done scenes in a variety of categories if you join the site.

However, this brings me to the repetition. Like many sites nowadays, the scenes surely follow a guideline. Many of the categories are really narrow in what they offer but a few really do show some different material. Stand outs are Nude Fight Club, Blue Angel Live, and Club Sandy. But, even Nude Fight Club can become the same old after awhile but the content is so different, I found that it stood out. The other sites I mentioned usually offer a few more scenes than just solo, hardcore, or lesbian stuff but interviews, behind the scenes, and/or different situations. So, I suppose what I'm trying to say is the solo and hardcore stuff is pretty generic. But, that does not mean you are not getting the cream of the crop in generic scenes because you are.

The site has an extreme amount of content to offer. There is a sister network site, 21sextreme, which features a bit more of the fetish stuff. This network is not available with your subscription to 21sextury. However, the site has managed to come up with a credit system if you want a few scenes from this network. You get free credits (10 credits per subscription day) or you can purchase them. Each scene averages about 295 credits. Therefore, it can get very expensive. Unfortunately, there is no subscription discount if you are a member of 21sextury already. So, you would probably be better of joining each site separately with TBP discount if you don't want to use credits.

So, the 21sextury network truly showcases one of the largest amount of models in a wide variety of scenes. If one is new to European models, joining would be like being a kid in a candy store. Even if you are a fan already and have a lot of scenes already, joining will add plenty of new scenes for your favorite model, sometimes even in the upwards of 10+ scenes. However, sometimes quantity can mean repetition for me and distract from the scenes quality. Meaning, seeing almost the same hardcore or lesbian scene of the same model in a different outfit does not do it for me. But, it is more content of your favorite model and I'm sure this network can provide not only your current favorite model, but also find you a new favorite model.

Therefore, joining the 21sextury network at least one time would never be considered a bust. You get access to about 39 sites with plenty of options and all are done quite well. If you are thinking long term, a new scene is added daily which would keep you satisfied. However, keep in mind many sites are not updating and they ones that are may not be too innovative. But, there are so many different models with plenty of different attributes that the masses of people should be extremely satisfied with the model index. Also, with the addition of a great search options and categories, getting this content is a great plus to subscribers because there is so much content. Overall, the network has much more going for it than not and is surely one of the more dominant producers in the porn world. If you are looking for lots of content, gorgeous women, a bit of variety, and a decent price with TBP discount; this could be a site for you.

08-12-11  11:38am

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Visit Frank's TGirl World

Frank's TGirl World

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Exclusive and non-exclusive content of transsexual models in mostly solo stripping and masturbation action but also POV sex.
- No DRM.
- Newest videos look decent at 1280 X 720 at ~4,250 kbps. Videos usually downgrade around 2007 and the years before to 640 X 480 or lower. However, one scene is re-encoded every week to look better.
- Photos are well done around 1280 X 800 resolution. They are all available via zip format or in-browser viewer.
- Site design and navigation are quality. Everything is easy to find and easy on the eyes. No broken links and file names are relevant to the video or photo downloads.
- Updates once a week with about 4 to 5 video and photo sets but also a scene from other Grooby sites. Plus, the re-encoded video is updated once a week as well.
- Model index with search options is a great attribute to the site. Also, a tagging system is in place for users to add their own tags for scenes.
- There is a site forum for questions, concerns, or general chat.
Cons: - Extremely slow download speeds at any time of the day. I was averaging around 350 kbps when downloading one file and even slower if downloading more the one. It's obvious that there is a cap set at 350.
- Remember the site name when joining this site. Meaning, the site is Franks personal site and is really catering to his own escapades. While the users are taken in to consideration, the style of the scenes tend to be for his own personal experiences.
- Updating the way it does on one day may eliminate a user from not receiving a whole week of updates if they only signed up for one month.
- Photography is well done but the resolution is a bit small for 2011.
- Updating scheme may bother some but is in accordance to all Grooby sites (more in bottom line).
- A bit on the expensive side at $35. However, I believe the reasoning is that TS porn is considered a specialized niche so take it as you want.
Bottom Line: Frank's TGirl World is a transsexual site catering to showcasing the escapades of the site's owner, Frank. He is the cameraman, photographer, and I think editor for the site. Therefore, one better like his style before joining which I will explain later. In addition, the model list has become quite extensive over time and some are exclusive to his site only but many are showcased on the other Grooby specialty sites or other company sites. Basically, think of this site as a mash up of transsexuals from all over the world featuring only Frank and the model in sessions.

This brings me to what is in the scenes. Usually, the first update of a model consists of a scene with a small interview or random questions. However, a language barrier is usually present with the Thai Ladyboys or the South American models. Take it for what it is. Then, the model will strip and various sections including positions of the body will be showcased with long shots and close ups. However, a common turn off (or turn on?) is that he has a groping problem. Frank has a tendency to want to grab a body part while holding the camera which reinforces that the scenes are made for his pleasure. Plus, sometimes you can even see Frank in a mirror. But, these acts have cut back in comparison to the older content but can still be prevalent. Anyways, after some stripping and body shots in various ways, the model is usually given a dildo of some sort and masturbates with it until the end, with no cumshot for the conclusion. But, sometimes some POV sex is involved but this content is usually within the next update. There is always a photo set with the same outfit and most of the content matching this scene as well.

This brings me to the second update of a model if there is one which 90% (maybe more) of the time there is. The second update is usually in a different setting and outfit. The start usually consists of a model stripping just like the first update. Then, the model will once again have her body showcased in various shots and positions. However, after this, the model will usually masturbate without a dildo or be shot in a extremely poorly edited hardcore POV scene with Frank. To clarify 'poorly edited', I mean it is not a true hardcore scene. You get some random positions for like a minute, then cut to another, then maybe another. Meaning, it is not a true and lightly edited hardcore scene but just random shots of some blowjobs or penetration in various positions for a short while. However, these scenes usually always end with a cumshot by the model and mostly all will feature various camera angles and/or positions. This is a nice touch and I commend Frank for these shots. But, these cumshots are usually edited in very quick at the end and the actual masturbation may only be prevalent for a few moments before the cumshot. So, no build up may occur to the conclusion which can hurt the sensuality of the scene. Also, each one of these updates has a matching photo set as well. So, if a model has updates after these two, the new updates will follow this same format again. Meaning, maybe the first updates of a model was in 2007. So, in 2010, the same update scheme would be used again.

So, each scene usually follows a format. But, each scene with different models at least change in appearance with locations and outfits. Many are in just a hotel room (mostly the Thai updates) but that is standard. But, the technical aspects are usually very good. Lighting is well done and the right shots are taken. It's the editing that irks me and the personal touch Frank takes when creating a scene. But, many may find this style to be what they want so I have to take that in to consideration. Just be clear before you join that that is what you get.

I kind of went in to this site thinking the model index Frank would be taking the 'cream of the crop' from all the other Grooby sites but this is not always the case. While I believe he usually picks the models from the other sites that are more 'promising', he also finds some his self and showcases them. However, when it comes to the 'World' part, the models are primarily from South America and Thailand. The North American and European (or other parts) models are definitely in the minority. So, if you like the look of the models from these locations, then you will like the site's model index.

Overall, the site to me is seen as pretty standard. Frank picks some really sexy models to shoot but flaws the scenes with quick editing, groping, talking, and not a large variety in world location for models as advertised. However, the shots are nice, well lit, include gorgeous models, different camera angles for certain shots, and lots of updates. So, it is all about weighing your options before joining the site. If one likes POV style hardcore shots, a personal edge to the scenes, South American and Thai models, the update scheme while not minding slower downloads and/or wishy washy edits then the site will cater to you.

07-24-11  10:23am

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Visit Shemale Club

Shemale Club

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Several years (5+) of exclusive content featuring shemales in a variety of scenes including solo and hardcore scenes of all types. A long time ago I believe there was some non-exclusive and exclusive content updated.
- No DRM.
- Newest videos for about 3 to 4 years are at 1280 X 720, ~4000 kbps. Gradual decrease as years ago down eventually with the usual 320 X 240 and "in parts" videos.
- Pictures are available via zip download and at 1600 X 1200. Again, there is a gradual decrease resulting in lower resolutions the older you get.
- Model index with some info for contact information if needed.
- Additional access to Private Transsexual and Shemale Scenes when joining.
- Active forum and requests are sometimes considered for members.
- Models are not limited to North Americans but South Americans, Thai, and other countries as well. However, the bulk is North and South American models.
- Updates daily with a photo set then video set interchanging every other day (Usually).
Cons: - As with most sites around this long, overall quality in photos and videos decrease as they get older. This is to be expected of course but there is no schedule to revamp these scenes like many sites do.
- Navigation can be a bit quirky with where to find things. Everything could just be simplified and easier to find.
- Site design looks better on the tour than the actual members area. It's mostly the same but the purple link buttons look dated, as well as the left frame.
- Scenes and sets could be a bit more descriptive but they are properly named. It's not too difficult to know what you are getting but it could be better.
- A common thing of most sites is to use the 'same shoot' video and photo set as two different updates. This site is another one of them, it's so common place that many are used to it but it still kind of irks me. It's not a big deal but I'm not a huge fan of it.
- Download limit of about of about 6 GB which is low these days. A huge turn off for some!
Bottom Line: Shemale Club is one of the longest and largest quality TS sites around. The company involved in this site has come a long way in the recent years with providing this site and creating individual sites for more popular models. However, these sites are not included. However, the plus is these models usually make an appearance often on this site. One can usually find most of the extremely popular mainstream models of the time but also some gems that many may not even seen before. Overall, it's a large mix of the new, old, known, and the unknown.

The sets and scenes are very much on the professional side of things. Even draped backgrounds are used for some of the photo sets. Most scenes are solo but there is plenty of hardcore scenes as well. Many are involving a TS and a male with the male being a prominent hardcore star in TS porn. Many of the males are repeats used in most scenes. The solo stuff are usually glamour style shoots with the model extremely 'prettied up' and wearing weekend 'going out' clothes or dresses. Usually, scenes start with a strip shoot eventually leading in solo masturbation resulting in a cum shot. I suppose many can say they are repetitive and I agree. Nothing really innovative is brought to the table but such high quality models are used that I have to do some give and take. So, in my opinion, the models are so quality that the repetitive nature does not bother me as much.

The additional access to a solo shoot site in Private Transsexual and a DVD scene rip site in Shemale Scenes is a welcome aspect. They add even more content to an already massive amount of stuff and actually gives you something to download if you reach your download limit. Yes, the download limit is also present on the other sites as well I believe. But, that leaves about 18 GB a day of stuff that can be downloaded. I just think the additional sites bring nothing but positivity to the site. However, the download limit is low and if one is new to the site, it can be a burden trying to get a massive amount of content for their dollar in the 30 days. But, the content is so great (especially in the 4 years ago and above) that it's worth it.

Shemale Club brings together a mix of different content and provides it in a professional manner. Nothing is really amateur about the site besides the design and navigation which is not a huge quirk. With that and the addition of models from all sorts of different areas of the world, the site hits high on many marks. Daily updates and the addition of a few extra sites adds to the merit. However, a daily download limit and repetitive nature of the scenes can be overbearing or outweigh a good model base. But, the site brings enough to the table to keep a membership going after 30 days and makes the higher than usual price of $35 worth it. Additionally, active communication between staff and members is a plus and shows care. Overall, this site is one, if not, the premier site to get TS models in excellent shoots.

06-22-11  10:22pm

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Visit Ladyboy Pussy

Ladyboy Pussy

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Exclusive content of about 20 post-op Ladyboy models in mostly solo masturbation and stripping but some hardcore as well.
- No DRM.
- One photo and one video update per week.
- Latest videos are high def at 1280 X 720, ~3,175 kbps. Scenes before that vary at about 720 X 540, ~1025 kbps.
- Latest photo shoots are available via zip download and highest are at 2000 X 1333 resolution. In fact, I think all sets are available in this format.
- New models don't come often but when they do, they are usually top of the line. There is a nice variance in the models as well, skinny with small tits, skinny with large tits, or a bit thicker with different attributes.
- These are some authentic looking models, if you are looking for prime post-op models which will probably fool anyone; this is the site.
- Price is fair if using discount but a bit on the high side if not using it. Be sure to use it to join.
- Supposedly, you can contact models for chat but I'm not sure if this feature is up to date.
Cons: - Small model selection. Like the sister site for pre-op Ladboys, Ladyboy Gold, this site focuses on featuring one or two models for a month or two and then moving on to a few more. Therefore, this results in lots of content for one model but a smaller selection. So, take a look at the featured models and like them before joining!
- A minor flaw, but some of the re-constructive surgeries are better than others. It is what it is, but a bad surgery CAN ruin the model in a way.
- The site mentions you can email the models but a forum for special shoots or webcam shows would make the site a bit more 'intimate'.
- Some videos can be cut short. However, seeing the same 'in and out' routine with a dildo or striptease can get repetitive; a happy medium would be awesome. It just seems a video is either too long or too short.
- Bonus content is not really a bonus, just filler to make the site seem better. Old candids, decent bar info, and non-exclusive videos just make it all pointless IMHO.
Bottom Line: Ladyboy Pussy is one of a kind in its genre. I've seen a few featured post-op TS models on a few sites but never a site dedicated to only these models. The end result of most of these transitions really result in some stunners! Besides the fact that surgery to this day cannot re-construct a perfect snatch, I would bet some good money that anyone would not know the majority of these models were transsexuals, especially with clothes on and/or in photos/videos.

The content is really solo model focused with the majority of the content resulting in striptease and solo toy play. The content with a male involved is usually a handjob but some penetration is present. However, the focus is primarily solo stuff. Even a few post-op on post-op action is present, but it's all in the minority.

The lighting is well done and the outfits are amazing. They change from cosplay type outfits, dinner date dresses, and even just regular 'going out' clothes that the models would wear. They really spend a good amount of time making these models look pretty and it results in some credible content. If you are looking for photos, these really shine here. Photoshop is little to not used, the images are large, vary, and look crisp. I really think the site is photography based because the videos are a bit average in comparison. However, the videos are not sub-par by any means the grand scheme of things, but they are clearly not as good as the photos.

The largest quirk I have is the model selection. I know these kind of models and of this caliber are probably far and few but the way the site updates irks me. While the small selection is a bit disappointing, it is how they update. For example, old models are rarely brought back for an update and new models content all comes basically at one time period. Once the models content is showcased, say goodbye to the model. It's a shame because some models I loved and I knew I'd never see how they look now or later...or ever again. Many may enjoy a smaller based model selection with tons of updates of one model which isn't bad if they brought old ones back every once in awhile.

Anyways, overall the site is top notch in the technical aspect, model selection, and change of settings/clothing. But, I have some quirks with the updating scheme and model selection quantity. Also, the site has this feeling of just not being 'intimate' enough. As in, the site just has no personal edge to it. There is no communication between members, models are not personalized, and members just seem to have no part of anything in the site; besides viewing the site's content. However, this is quality content in the specified niche. Not all sites need the 'intimate' qualities to succeed and I don't think the 'lack there of' breaks this site. It may improve an already above average site and that's all. This site surely creates a standard if any other sites want to specialize in post-ops only and deserves a high score, even if it could be better in a few ways.

06-08-11  08:33pm

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Visit Wifey's World

Wifey's World

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Exclusive content of a well endowed women aptly named 'Wifey' who shares content of herself and her 'Hubby' in mostly blowjob or handjob scenes. However, actual sex and masturbation is available as well.
- No DRM.
- Updates are sporadic, usually an actual new update of her once a week with other updates of her 'friends' included as well.
- Videos in 2003 are WMV at 320 X 240, 522 kbps. Videos in 2006 are WMV at 384 X 288, 522 kbps. Videos in 2010 are WMV or MP4 at 720 X 480, ~1, 650 kbps. Some are available in flash and/or streaming.
- Photos in 2010 are around 1160 X 775 resolution. In 2006, resolution is around 720 X 540. In 2003, resolution is around 720 X 540 as well.
- Blog is updated every two days with all sorts of info and interesting stuff.
- Wifey is somewhat interactive with members by responding to comments sometimes.
- Site design is good enough but navigation is a bit poor (see cons).
- Dated updates with proper filenames for easy downloads.
Cons: - Navigation is a bit awkward. Updates are not on the main page but on top under "Wifey Galleries", then dated by year. However, when you go to the 'Updates' section, it has both wifey and friends updates, as well as 'classics'. It's just awkward to have both of these sections.
- Photos are not available to download via zip and their in-browser viewer does not open the images at the highest possible resolution.
- This kind of site would be awesome with a forum.
- Live shows would probably make this site even more interactive and appealing to the Wifey fans.
- Some videos are only available in parts.
- There appear to be polls but I'm not sure it's updated ever. The same poll has been up for awhile.
- Given the specs in the pros, they are actually quite poor for viewing. While the couple is more 'amateur' than pro and do the shooting themselves, over the years an HD camera should be a fine investment for a site up for over 7 years. Photos are small and sometimes vid caps as well.
Bottom Line: Wifey's World is a breath of fresh air for a solo model site. The site is quite interactive and you can view Wifey age like a fine wine over the years of captured footage. She has natural and large tits with a cute face. To add to this, she is quite kinky when it comes to her footage. She enjoys swallowing cum and cumshots, provides plenty of sensual blowjobs and/or handjobs, and truly enjoys what she does. However, there are some negatives involved as well.

The largest quirk I have witnessed with the content is her ability to orgasm. She is doing all her scenes with her 'Hubby' and it's very awkward to see that she appears to not orgasm through sex with him. Usually, after he is 'done', she has to masturbate either through self stimulation or having him use a vibrator on her. It's just strange that she cannot appear to truly enjoy sex with her Hubby. However, she does have plenty of footage of sex and the addition to masturbation scenes actually creates a wide array of captured footage that caters to most viewers.

The content does change quite a bit with different locations, themes, outfits, and type of scene captured. She usually gives a nice description of the scene through her words on the update page and you know what you are getting due to this. Plus, you can leave comments and she or hubby usually responds. Overall, the videos are the cream of the crop here. The lighting is well enough and some gimmicks from the editor are sometimes available like showing her face in a seperate frame while orgasming or different angles of the scene.

The pictures are quite lackluster IMHO. The largest being the photos are not available via zip download. However, the sets are usually under 40 photos so downloading them is easier than most sites which may have hundreds. Plus, the photo browser is not to my personal liking, as described in the cons. But, the actual photos themselves, while being a bit on the small side, are usually quite well in terms of clarity and lighting when they are proper photos. All-in-all, improvements in this area could be made.

The site as a whole has a lot of content to offer and usually varies a bit. However, as with most solo sites around this long, it can get the repetitive aura. To get around this a bit, Wifey offers updates of various 'friends' to add in some difference. Usually, these sets and videos are random and various Amateur or pro models from all sorts of sites. With that, there is usually 2-3 updates a week with only 1 being of Wifey. The site is basically an Amateur model doing mostly blowjob and handjobs with a real fetish for cum. She usually ends up with a facial, eats it, or has him blow his load on to something where she licks or drinks it up. While sex and masturbation are available, they are not the true vision of the site and model. Overall, if you want to join the site, you will want to like the model a lot, enjoy blowjob/handjobs, and expect some low quality content. May be worth it for some.

10-22-10  01:37pm

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Visit Nuru Massage

Nuru Massage

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Exclusive content of a Japanese style massage which includes showering, jacuzzi play, 'nuru' style massage, and/or sex/handjobs with a male model and certain female models.
- Updates once a week with a nuru style massage and an extra scene from their sister site, Massage Parlor.
- No DRM.
- Videos have plenty of options with WMV (1920 X 1080, 7.8 Mbps), WMV (720 X 480, 3.0 Mbps), H.264 (640 X 480, 1.5 Mbps), Mp4 (640 X 480, 768 kbps) and a few other lower options. Also, clips are available to download for each scene.
- Photos (1800 X 1200) are available to view on web site or downloading via zip.
- Bonus content includes 22 DVD's of asian women and handjob themes. Also, 50 HD (1920 X 1080) videos of mostly misc. hardcore scenes featuring well known pornstars.
- Active forum for feedback and extra input.
- Polls section for rating and viewing sites top models.
- Girls section includes various info on the models featured on the site.
- Easy enough navigation and design.
Cons: - There are only 15 models on the site. Recently, it appears they are trying to get new models for the site. However, most of the videos are returning models doing pretty much the same thing with a different male model.
- Most of the models are Asian but 3 are not and these three have quite a few content. So, you are not getting a large mix of ethnicities at the site. This is kind of expected with 'asian' themed massage but just remember this if joining.
- The bonus material from the sister site, Massage Parlor, are found on the home page and nowhere else. This is bad because only 6 updates are featured on the home page, so when getting the bonus scenes, only the ones updated during that timeframe are available to download. Meaning, you do not get all the Massage Parlor scenes when joining. You only get them as they are updated within the latest six updates and never again.
- Scenes are monotonous without much variation. You better like the massage theme and expect just that.
Bottom Line: Nuru Massage is a site that has plenty of things going for them on the technical side. They are very up to date with the times and feature some really hot models. But, make sure you check out what models they have and like them because you will be getting a lot of content from them. The main star of the site is Asa Akira but many boast as much scenes as her. As of the date of this review, 72 scenes and photo shoots are available.

The videos are shot very well with great clarity and a stunning HD camera. The lighting is very well lit and the actual scenes tend to have an actual theme to them. This meaning, each scene starts off with a 'client' coming to the massage parlor for an appointment. Many of the male models hold a theme for their persona, for example, being a guy sent there for anger management or being a 'nerd' whose brother set him up with an appointment. Most scenes are quite repetitive in nature, starting with a bit of chit chat with the potential client and the massager. Then, they go back to the actual massage parlor where they both strip and start out in a shower. The female tends to wash down the male while giving handjobs or blowjobs. Afterwards, they both get in a jacuzzi. The same thing as before transpires. Then, the male is laid down on a latex mattress belly down where the 'nuru' massage takes place. The nuru massage consists of the female model using a very slippery gelatin like substance that derives from a seaweed and rubbing it on herself and the male. She then uses her whole body to massage the male while usually giving a handjob. Then, the male flips over on his back, where various things take place. Usually, handjobs, blowjobs, and sometimes sex takes place. However, almost all the videos end with the female jerking the male off to climax. There is no mach speed self inflicting jerk offs to the female model's face here. The actual female gets the male off.

The photos are well enough at a decent res and are accompyining sets to the videos. They look like stils but are very well done stills. I may be wrong, but they look well enough to be proper photo shoots. However, I think the true essence of this site is captured via videos. This is just my personal opinion though.

This site holds a true plus by being a bit different. While the content can get repetitive (especially with such a small model index), the quality and erotism make up for this in my opinion. Also, actually having a minor theme can make the site a bit more fun and take away from the montonomy. However, the largest quirk is the small model index. After seeing 10+ videos of the same model doing basically the same thing, it can get quite boring. But, if you like the models presented, you will be getting some different material that is not offered anywhere else. The theme is quite different in itself doing a different kind of massage most westerners have never seen and doing it in a worthwhile way. I think it's worth at least a visit once.

09-23-10  09:20pm

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Visit All Network Pass

All Network Pass

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Lots of content (~125,144 videos and 292,459 photos) with a wide range of scenarios like handjobs, stripping, dancing, straight sex, solo model sites, and anime.
- Exclusive and Non-Exclusive content.
- Easy navigation with a home page where you can jump to the site you want or categories.
- Advanced search option with plenty of options and the results are pretty correct.
- Model index to get all content from the various sites.
- Updates appear to come somewhat often but I'm not sure if it's recycled content. The network has so many sites not updating and I can't be certain any are still REALLY updating.
- A few extras like DVD scenes and live cams. I did not check the live cams out to know if they are even free. Plus, they are a seperate page and probably even a different company.
- A few different video options with most being WMV 640 X 480 at ~500 kbps. Yes, that low.
Cons: - The majority of the sites are not updating at all.
- Even the newer videos are pretty bad looking with a horrible res and bitrate.
- No zip option for images and they are quite small, around ~1024 res.
- While navigation is easy, the site design is pretty uninspiring. While it's simple to look it, it just looks like everything else you get from the site and that word is 'cheap'.
- I suppose the network has some interesting niches but just the overall quality is lacking. Plus, who knows how exclusive anything is. Plus, most sites just have like 4-8 scenes or image sets and then never updated again.
- Basically, every type of scene from the network can be downloaded at another network or site with way better quality and ambition.
- The site has some browsing problems, the sites lock up with a few windows/tabs open and you need to refresh them to get to that.
Bottom Line: Well, I joined this site with a special discount promotion that was even cheaper then the TBP discount. Regardless of the cheap price, I still feel the network was not worth that much. The network holds around 151 sites with probably 75%, if not higher, of the sites not even updating anymore. Plus, most of these sites only updated a few times when they were updating. However, if you are looking for a bunch of quantity over quality and want it quick, this network will fifull that wish. Why quick? Because the I actually got extremely high download speeds.

The content varies from site to site. As I stated in the pros, there actually is a lot of variation. The network claims to have reality based porn but a lot of it is just straight gonzo stuff. Most have little to no plot but the main central theme of the site is usually present. For example, FootJobModels will have exactly that, foot jobs with a few updates. I suppose a plus is some models return for other shoots for different sites, so the model index allows you to download all the specific model's scenes from the various sites on one page.

This brings me to another plus, there is a wide array of models to choose from, from professional to amateur. However, most scenes are just uninspired and the models/scenes appear to just be going through the works. Almost like a quick paycheck for the model and an easy update for the network. But, I can guarantee you will catch some models you know here and if it's exclusive, you will have a scene that you probably don't have.

Overall, I did not like the network much personally. The scenes are grainy, the pictures are whatever without zips, the content is uninspired, and the models are mostly going through the motions. On top of that, I'm not sure what is exclusive and it probably does not matter anyways because the scenes are so low quality that you don't even want to keep most of them anyways. While the site may have some cool search options and easy navigation, there are a few site flaws that make browsing a bit harder than it should be. There are just so many different networks out there with just overall better material, I would just pass on this one even if you get a really cheap discount.

07-26-10  12:18pm

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Visit I Feel Myself

I Feel Myself

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Exclusive content of mostly Amateur girls masturbating until they reach authentic orgasm.
- Content explores the realist orgasms you can find with focus on contractions, writhing, suddle noises, and facial gestures.
- HD movies available in HD mp4 (1280 X 720 with ~5,000 kbps), HI-Q mp4 and Wmv, med-q Wmv and m4v with roughly 400 videos available in HD.
- Updates at least one video daily.
- No DRM.
- Site navigation is quite straight forward.
- Site design is easy on the eyes and sleek enough.
- My IFM section includes total downloaded overall, amount downloaded that day for download limit monitoring, login dates and times, and you can select server for greater speeds.
- Active forum.
- Model index with some good info like age, where the model is from, favorite books, favorite music, favorite cinema, and a few random words they want.
Cons: - Most models are attractive but do not expect the majority to be fake and plastic barbie dolls. Most models are women you see on a daily basis at like a grocery store enjoying their bodies. Plus, some are so called 'hipsters' and may not shave and so on.
- There is a focus on showcasing 'genuine orgasms in a tasteful way' which I agree with but some content can be considered too artsy which results in low lighting, static cameras, and non-preferred views.
- The attempt to make models the most comfortable as they can be results in real orgasm but mostly in one position and not a huge amount of camera presence.
- Model index is labeled as 'artists' which the artists are considered the models in the scenes, which can actually be hard to find and may be overlooked.
- Most videos are split up as seperate updates and makes for daily updates but repetitive content.
- 6 GB download limit.
- no pictures or screens but understandable to an extent due to comfort level attempts.
Bottom Line: This site dedicated to showcasing authentic female orgasms. The site delivers in this aspect because I rarely saw any of the fake moans and non-movement you see on many sites that are supposably showcasing female masturbation to orgasm. These girls here actually writh and contract while making noises no one would ever expect to come out of a female mouth which is exactly what happens with a real female orgasm if you have witnessed one first hand. You won't get the classic porn 'ohhs' and 'ahhs' here, but full out chest turning red and dolphin noise making orgasms; all caught on video for you.

However, with that said there are some things that detracts from the site. For one, the sites dedication to real orgasm does not mean lighting has to be so dark. A female does not need to be in darkness to achieve full orgasm and many of the studio videos are filmed in extremely low lighting. However, I do understand the camera presence may detract from comfortableness so the camera may stay a bit static for the shoot. This does not bother me as much as the lighting but keep in mind about the static camera which mostly stays overhead looking down on the model, usually full body shots. But, I will admit that many videos will end up going to other angles eventually which is a nice touch and improvement but it is not always present.

The sites models are overall nice but I believe you have to be a fan of amateur models to fully enjoy the content. Personally, many of the models to me were just too average looking and detracted from my overall fantasy. However, there are some gems present in the bunch even for the most jaded. However, I cannot stress this enough if you are thinking about joining.

There is a few different types of content present. You have studio made content, home made content, interviews, lesbian footage, and 'diary' footage. The studio and home made footage are quite self explanatory. However, interviews and diary footage can be a bit different. This footage usually involves none to very little nudity and a lot of talking. The lesbian footage is quite erotic but the model selection reminds me of what real lesbians mostly look like. They are usually quite hipster with shorter hair and less shaving but are actually extremely passionate. An interesting difference in content that may be enjoyed by others.

Overall, the sites focus is well played and you will get what you are looking for, the real female orgasm. However, the site does fall short in regards to the overall delivery. Attempts at changing location turn in to artsy settings and the overall location is just a static, poorly lighted bedroom. But, I can give justification for some of these aspects due to the site trying to make these models the most comfortable to reach full and real orgasm. However, some footage seems to go a bit too far with the lighting, static camera, and setting. All-in-all, you will get a lot of great footage and they are probably the best at authenticity.

06-29-10  11:05am

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Visit Latina Tranny

Latina Tranny

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Exclusive and non-exclusive content of Latina TS models in solo and hardcore.
- Updates every two days.
- No DRM.
- Order shoots by date or alphabet.
- Site design is good, plenty of niches and model qualities to choose from.
- Videos include plenty of options. Quicktime: 500 X 281. Real media: 280 X 156. Mp4: 640 X 480. 3 diff WMV formats: (Low: 320 X 180, Med: 500 X 284, High: 1280 X 720; ~3,150 kbps). Older videos highest is 640 X 480, ~2,000 kbps.
- Extras include random drawings, information on clubs around the world that are TS friendly, agenda or gossip (kinda like a blog, no longer updated as of 10/13/2007), and escorts list.
- Message board with active webmaster, appears to take requests.
- Newest pics available in 1600 x 1600, 1200 x 1200, and 1024 x 102 with slide show. Older sets usually average 900 X 675. All available via zip with a non-intrusive watermark.
- Free webcam access for webmasters private shows.
- Model list does include thumbnails and some info.
Cons: - Random username and password set up.
- Older quality is non exclusive (Also from Shemale-Club).
- Lower quality in movies from 05/14/2008 and 10/26/2007. Before that it is extremely low quality at 352 x 288.
- Lower quality in pics in earlier sets.
- Poor navigation for model list index and getting to the index. It's actually under 'Extras' but should be a main tab to click on. Model list index does not contain all content, one has to go to the 'all movies' section to get all the movies because they are not all in the index.
- Penty of 'Behind The Scenes' videos used as regular updates. Also, as of late, poor quality FLV (Flash) only videos of the webmasters private webcam video casts are included as regular updates.
- Sometimes only screencaps available for video scenes or vice versa.
- Models' info including stats, escort number, cock size, and location may have info on the model or not. Basically, it's a gamble and who knows how updated or correct escort numbers are.
Bottom Line: Latina Tranny is a TS model site operated and mostly shot by TS model, Nicole Montero (Nikki). It has been running for several years with the newer content containing exclusive only content while older content before roughly December 2007 include both exclusive and non-exclusive content. Lately, the site appears to have taken the turn in to becoming more of a solo model site of Nikki with some updates of her friends.

The videos on the site are great quality when it comes to how they look, at least from 05/14/2008. The are quite sharp and have great lighting. Nikki does a great job with the camera and gets quality shots most people want. Before that, only smaller sized videos with lower bitrates are available and sometimes only in parts which may or may not be shot by Nikki. As far as what is included in the content varies. Most of the content are solo shoots with the model stripping and masturbating. However, a huge negative with these solo shoots is the majority of these shoots stop before cumshots. Therefore, there is no real climax to the shoots and they tend to just end abruptly with no actual 'real' finish. I've always found this to be a large negative when shooting solo TS content. However, there are some great hardcore scenes which include Nikki with other models, men, and other TS models. I've found the scenes with Nikki and other TS models to be a bit less 'professional' in terms that the shoots usually include lots of dialogue (even interviews) and a bit more spontaneous sessions. The good thing is these scenes usually end with proper endings unlike most of the solo shoots.

The site stands out more as a photo shoot site. The are far more photo sets than videos. As of 08/18/2008 all pics can be available in the highest res at 1600. The shoots by Nikki are extremely well done. I will admit that she has a keen eye for photography and gets the shots that most TS fans want. This includes long shots mixed in with close ups and not a whole lot of repetitive shots that create huge sets with the same picture over n' over again. The settings tend to change, whether they are outdoors, in a studio, or being in a home. However, remember that not all these sets are exclusive and many are available at Shemale-Club around December 2007 and earlier.

Overall, the site has a lot to offer but fails to deliver in terms of exactly what many TS fans want in solo video shoots and quality updates. While it is great that the site updates every two days which is higher for a TS site, many of these updates include short BTS clips, interviews, or poor quality webcam shoots. Also, many photoshoots have no video. However, the site does include many positives that many TS sites do not include with Nikki being interactive with members and maybe even doing requests. Plus, the technical aspects such as video and photo quality are a huge plus. But, I just can't give a site a huge score when they are lacking what many want to see with TS content, the cumshot.

06-10-10  11:11am

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Visit Brazilian Transsexuals

Brazilian Transsexuals

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Exclusive content of Brazilian TS models in mostly solo masturbation content but quite a lot of hardcore as well.
- Updates once a week on one day with 4 seperate model updates with each including a photo and video set. Plus, 2 videos are remastered as well.
- No DRM.
- Newest videos have a few options with the highest being at ~1280 X 720, 3,500 kbps. Other options are available. Streaming is available for recent updates in 2010 only. Drop in quality and less options as you get older in year, around 2006 and lower.
- Photos are all available via zip and newest ones are at ~1280 X 850 with a non-intrusive watermark.
- Navigation is solid with plenty of features like accurate searches, user tags, comments, blogs, FAQ, and 'my portfolio section'.
- Coming soon section with model previews.
- Rating system for models as well as sets to check out what others think is hot.
- There are some brief comments in models' profiles which can give some insight or facts.
Cons: - I got slow download speeds but cust service attempted to help at least.
- High price if you are not using ticket system.
- A slight con but really can't be helped is the drop in quality as you get lower in year. This is expected but at least they are remastering old videos which I don't think any other grooby site is doing.
- Some of the cumshot footage in solo scenes are taken from hardcore scenes either shot previously or for future updates. Sometimes, the footage is never put up but it's obviously not from that exact solo scene.
- Photos are lower in resolution for such a site that is considered in the upper echelon of TS sites.
- Some may dislike the fact the site updates once a week with all updates because they may miss out on a few updates if their membership expires.
- Some videographers do a little more chit chatting than others with the models which is usually not direction but just pointless comments about how hot or sexy a model is. Just uncalled for in my opinion.
Bottom Line: Brazilian Transsexuals really surprised me from Grooby. After using their ticket system and joining a lot of their sites, I really thought this one stood out the most. I'm actually surprised this one seems to be the sleeper when compared to all of their sites but I liked it the most. While many will see the same models they have seen on so many other South American TS sites, there was also a lot of new fresh ones I've never seen. Plus, there is A LOT of content which seems to be a great trend from most Grooby sites in general.

The videos are mostly solo masturbation footage but this site tends to focus a lot more on the cumshot than most Grooby sites. Therefore, you are usually get more than one video from a model with this shown but some are left out (if they ever existed). A great addition to the site is a lot of videographers use different camera angles when capturing the cumshot, giving a wide vary of footage including close-ups, full body shots, and medium shots of the same cumshot in one video. Most videos do involve a striptease and toyplay but most all end in a cumshot. Also, the site emphasizes on hardcore footage a bit more than most of the Grooby sites that are not actual sites with only hardcore. Plus, most of this footage can range from B/TS, TS/TS, G/TS, and threesomes or more. Therefore, there is a wide array of content that should keep everyone happy. However, plenty of the videos may have chitter chatter amongst the cameraman and models. Although, this unfortunantly is mostly from the camera man telling the model how sexy she is or whatever. I just always believe this is a no-no because it seems like it becomes the videographers own personal sex video instead of producing porn for the masses. But, overall, the majority of the videos are extremely well done and crisp; sometimes even innovative.

The photography is done great as well. While my quirk is that the resolution could be higher, the actual photography is well done. The photos are crisp, well lighted, average to great settings, and change frame to frame enough with no a lot of repeats. There are plenty of different positions with ass shots, tit shots, close-ups, and/or full body shots. Overall, these are well done but I'd expect a boost in the res department if they want to be put in the 90's.

This site is extremely well done. You know what you are getting and that is mostly quality. The customer service seems to care with attempts at finding the problem with the slow download speeds. While the issue was never resolved, I cannot say if anyone else will experience slow download speeds from the site. However, the only thing holding me back from giving this site a score in the 90's is the slow download speeds, an expensive monthly price, the chit chat in some videos, and the lower resolution for photos. Other than that, this site has it all. A great site design, awesome navigation, popular models, hot and sexy on camera footage, a large archive, and cool features.

03-09-10  04:21pm

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Visit Ladyboy Gloryhole

Ladyboy Gloryhole

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Exclusive content of Thai ladyboys engaging in masturbation, blowjobs, and sex in a bathroom with a gloryhole. Also, plenty of TS/Guy sex or straight masturbation scenes.
- No DRM.
- Updates at once or twice a week but the updates are misleading (see cons).
- Videos look great at 1280 X 720 resolution at ~4,000 kbps. Overall, they are doing great job in the video department.
- Pictures look well enough with a non-intrusive watermark and most available via zip at 1280 X 720 resolution. However, some scenes are considered bonus/quickies and will only have videos.
- The models are overall more professional looking than what you get on most ladyboy sites. Most of these models have transitioned for a long time.
- There is usually a small and somewhat humorous description of the scene. Some may find it pointless but others may like it.
Cons: - TBP states $35 for the site but I got it at $29.95. $35 seems a bit high for this site.
- The site name is misleading in the fact that not all content updated on the regular schedule involves a gloryhole. Meaning, the site updates about twice a week but it may not even be one gloryhole scene.
- Regular updates that do not involve the gloryhole which is ~50% of the overall material may or may not have photos to download or even view.
- Site design is what you get in the tour. There are basically no changes in the members section and it is quite sub-standard for a new site. The material is easy to find but it a boring site in general when it comes to design.
- No model index in the design and sometimes the models' names are different from most sites if you recognize them.
- "Next Updates" section is supposed to show the next 3 updates but it has not changed since I was a member. It may update later but it just shows laziness from the webmaster/s in my opinion.
Bottom Line: This site is awesome in the fact that I have yet to see a gloryhole scene involving ladyboys on a website, let alone a site that dedicates itself to showcasing this content. However, the site falls short in this promise by updating plenty of what should be regular updates on this content with scenes of sex and solo masturbation. But, if you can get past the fact that you are not going to get a gloryhole scene every update then you may be pleasantly surprised. Why? because these other scenes are actually well done if you like hardcore and solo masturbation.

The videos are well done and provide adaquete lighting with well done camera work. The settings are basically the same involving what appears to be the same bed for the sex and masturbation scenes and the same overall look for the gloryhole scenes. The gloryhole may have different or same writing in seperate scenes but the overall look is similar. In the gloryhole scenes, the model usually starts off with masturbation when the stunt cock comes through the hole. Usually, the model will give a blowjob and then have sex doggy style with the stunt cock either cumming from sex or the usual BJ/HJ cum on to face/tits routine. However, a great addition to the scene is the fact that after this the model will usually masturbate to orgasm as well and provide a cumshot of herself as well. As far as the sex scenes, they mostly involve a man (usually the same guy) and a ladyboy but sometimes two ladyboys. They are quite standard in terms of sex scenes with the man usually being the top. I don't recall seeing him bottom for a scene. Also, as well as the solo scenes, you get the standard lay on bed with masturbation to cumshot scene usually resulting on the stomach. Overall, the videos are the bread n' butter of the site and I believe they are doing them right.

The photos seem to me to just be like a bonus. They are well enough but not all scenes have them. Plus, they could be bigger for a site starting off. The lighting is alright but it does not appear to be as clear as they could be if they are proper photos. I'm still debating if these are vid caps or proper photography based on the overall quality of them. However, at least pictures are provided if you enjoy them.

The site appears to be doing some right things mixed with some wrong things. Therefore, resulting in mixed feelings by me and giving the site an average score. The videos look great and I liked the video scenes a lot. The models are extremely sexy and some of the super star ladyboys make an appearance. However, I did not like that not all content when it came to the regular updates involved a gloryhole. These other scenes are marketed as 'bonus' material but they are updated more than the gloryhole material. I think the overall vision of the site is different than what they are marketing as which could have been fixed from the beginning. However, the site has some good stuff and I could recommend a one time visit if you enjoy hardcore.

01-19-10  04:18pm

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Visit Ladyboy Ladyboy

Ladyboy Ladyboy

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Exclusive content of mostly Thai TS models but also other Asian models doing mostly solo masturbation but hardcore and stripping as well.
- Updates once a week but with 5 models showcasing usually a video and photoshoot each.
- No DRM.
- Videos are quite good in quality with newest ones averaging at 1280 X 720 with ~ 2,500 kbps or 640 X 480 with ~2,000 kbps. These are common for files between 2006 to present. Years lower are available in parts and avi or rm only.
- Streaming is now available.
- Photography is professional with a non-intrusive watermark.
- Nice site design with easy enough navigation.
- Search features that appear accurate with the option to add tags for yourself to find files quicker.
- Voting system and comment area for models and content.
- Active forum for communication and discussion.
- Extra comic section for entertainment.
- Coming soon section to see what updates are about to happen for the month.
- Girl of the month feature for 'hotter' models.
Cons: - Photo resolution is still low with newest images updating at ~1280 X 800. If the site went up to a more updated res at about 1600 or higher the site could go in to the 90's for me. However, the photography is still good but is in a low resolution.
- As with most sites that have been around a long time, quality diminishes around 2005 and lower. There appears to be no plans to revamp this material so it is what it is.
- Price can be considered quite high at $35 but can be discounted through a ticket system.
- Some videographers/photographers are a lot better than others. Therefore, some content may be more lacking than others but this is all opinion.
- A lot of ladyboy sites have contact information for models but this site does not. This does not bother me but it may for others.
Bottom Line: Ladyboy-Ladyboy is a grooby site that contains all sorts of Asian ladyboys but mostly Thai. However, there is an honest attempt to create a mix which is almost unheard of with a site showcasing ladyboys. The model selection is plenty and range in features from the classic femboy to all out post ops. Plus, another great thing is the site has been around awhile and many models return, so it's almost like their transformation is documented as their looks change. Overall, the site has a lot of content and a huge model selection.

The videos are good quality if you get them at the right year. Mostly all videos from 2006 and up are available via full scene in different qualities. The footage captured is usually a strip to masturbation scene. However, this site gets many more points from me because almost every update showcases a cumshot which the other Grooby sites kinda stray away from with all their updates. Meaning, this site features way more cumshots from models than the other sites from the company. The settings are usually located on a bed in either a hotel or home and the lighting is fine. However, the location rarely changes so get used to beds. Plus, there is sometimes quite a bit of chitter chatter and groping from the videographer. A big no-no for me when it comes to videos but this is not the main vision of the whole content. Meaning, most of the videos do not feature this. However, it is present. Also, there are quite a few hardcore scenes involving mostly TS on TS models which can be quite hot. They are not updated every time but they do come quite often. Overall, the site gives a nice mix of content for offer.

The photography is well off but the res is way too low for a site in 2010. But, I cannot knock the images for being bad. They are usually shoots taken around the same time of the video. So, most are shoots that accompany the videos. Meaning, the sets locations and outfits are the same but they are not vid caps. The images are all available to download via zip for every set at one resolution.

The site offers plenty but the price can still be seen as high in my opinion. However, the videographers here tend to focus more on the climax of the scene (cumshot) which is great news in comparison to the other sites within this company. There is a wide variety of types of models and many of the superstars as well as unknowns are featured here. Plus, the site contains plenty of extra features that makes navigation a lot easier because the model index is so large. Many might complain that they update everything on the one day of the week but at least it is more than one photoshoot and video per week. Honestly, they should get the resolution of the images higher and keep the same quality while stabilizing the resolution of the video updates when it comes to which will come out by creating a standard. Then, the site would probably get in to the 90's in my opinion. I'd say check the site out once if you are a fan of ladyboys, for sure.

01-06-10  12:07pm

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Visit Anilos


Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Exclusive content of older women doing mostly masturbation with fingers or toys and quite a bit of hardcore mixed in as well.
- No DRM.
- Updates daily with either a photo set or video scene.
- Videos are offered in a lot of different ways including in-browser streaming, in parts, and full scenes offered in mp4, mpeg, and WMV. Best and newest quality is WMV at 1280 X 720 at ~3650 kbps. Older videos are at 640 X 480 at ~1500 kbps.
- Photos are well done and available in two different resolutions (1200 X 800 and 2400 X 1600) with all the option to view in browser or download via zip.
- Solid bio pages for almost all models with a lot of information plus a model stats area for quick facts and info.
- Ability to add your on tags to sets and scenes for easier searches later on.
- Active forum for feedback and discussions.
- Model index for easier navigation.
- Great site design that is easy on the eyes.
- Wallpapers and niche (ass, tits, etc.) photos offered for each model.
Cons: - While most models are certainly considered 'older' women, they are by far not what I would be call true mature models. A lot are in the late 20's and lower 30's which can sometimes look like a model featured at almost any site and not a 'mature' site.
- While many are all natural, there is a solid mix of many models with fake boobs and other minor surgeries. While obviously present because many older models probably feel they need to be more 'tight' so they look more youthful, this can stray many away looking for natural aged bodies.
- I'd say the majority of the captured scenes are great quality but some are obviously the routine solo scene with a toy and there is no emotion present. Just a model sticking it in and out for 10 minutes and a blank stare on her face.
Bottom Line: Anilos is definitely in the forefront when it comes to one of the better sites that provides quality and real mature content to the masses. However, the site cannot be overly praised for this because I feel they have somewhat dropped the ball when it comes to finding true mature models. However, the site showcases extreme quality in a large number of traits that many sites lack. For example, the site design and navigation is awesome, the professional quality of the content is great, and the extra little features exhibits the people running the site care for the site and its future.

The models involved are usually dressed in a range of outfits but are staying within the dolled up glamour niche mostly. Usually a nice dress, lingerie, business suits, and/or everyday wear are featured. However, I'd say the majority are in dresses or business suits. A good amount of make-up is used and most of the hair is stylized. Overall, a good mix of outfits for each model.

The videos provided are well made when it comes to the technical aspects. Overall, Anilos offers a great resolution with great lighting, bright settings, and a decent range of long shots with close ups at the right time. When it comes to footage captured, I think Anilos demonstrates an honest attempt to record scenes that not only include the regular hardcore and solo with toy scenes but add sybian, machine, and bathing footage. However, the majority is still solo play with mixed results. Some models are obviously truly getting themselves off genuinely while others are going through the motions. While obviously this can be expected for most sites, I do believe there are more legit than non-legit. There are quite a few interview scenes as well which include a vocal interview and the model stripping during the scene as well. Overall, the site offers a great amount of mix it ups to create a quality amount of captured footage.

The photography is well done in terms of professionalism as well. Good lighting, a non-intrusive watermark, and range of shots make these photos something to look at. However, I did find a good amount of photoshopping which killed a lot of my favorite models pictures. These models are older and are still human so of course many have 'imperfections'. But, this is what makes someones model their favorite. Therefore, lets keep things natural. Besides that, the photography is extremely well done.

All-in-all, the site is well done and should be visited one time by fans of women in the 'older' range. While every model may not hit what many to think as a true mature model, they do have a lot of them present and they are extremely good looking. Expect plenty of great special features such as wallpapers, interviews, bios, photographer feedback, searches, tags, and dated updates which increase the overall experience. With that and a great mix of solo and hardcore footage with even a bit of lesbian mixed in, the site is above average when it comes to a mature model site.

12-12-09  11:52am

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Visit Shemale Japan

Shemale Japan

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Exclusive content of Japanese only shemale models doing everything from stripping, masturbation, and hardcore.
- Updates twice a week with a photo set and video each.
- No DRM protection.
- Videos look good with ranging resolutions (WMV: 1280 X 720 and 864 X 480 with varying bitrates averaging around ~2200 kbps).
- Photos are done well at ~ 1280 X 804 resolution with a non-intrusive watermark.
- Site design is well made with above average navigation including a search engine, user tags, voting system, and comments.
- Quality customer service if needed.
- Photo and video files are properly named for easy downloading without having to rename files.
- No mosaic if you are worried about that. It is authentic Japanese models as well if you are worried about that too.
- Probably the only place you can get Japanese shemale content outside of buying DVD's or joining a Japanese DVD site that may feature shemale DVD's for download (I have not found much myself).
Cons: - For a newer site that is finally getting adjusted, the site still holds some technical problems such as the photo resolution should be higher. 1280 is just extremely low these days.
- There is a lot of chitter chatter amongst the camera man and the models during scenes. Plus, (which was stated in a earlier review would be fixed), there is still photography flashes sometimes present in video shoots.
- Update scheme is a bit different than other sites but consistant with most Grooby sites by updating video scenes with stripping, stripping and masturbation, stripping and masturbation with cumshot, and hardcore. While it creates a lot of updates, there are a lot of scenes of just stripping with no real climax.
- A lot of fondling between the camera man and model with a focus on POV handjobs and blowjobs. I put this as a con because it is not my fortay and I will explain this more in the bottom line.
Bottom Line: Shemale-Japan is a site that is finally coming in to it's own. In the beginning, the camera man featured (Named Hiro) was inexperienced and it showed. However, during this time he did managed to create some decent footage but the lack of experience did show. But, he has obviously gained this for the updates now and the site has improved. Can I say it has improved dramatically? No. Why? Because of some key areas that I will explain.

The video work is not as great as the other videographers that Grooby offers from their other sites. The videographer here clearly loves Japanese shemale models and the excitement shows. But, I believe this has created an aura of which he is doing things in the scenes that he wants to see. For example, he talks a lot to the models during a strip scene. I dunno if it is direction because my Japanese is still low, but if it is, this should be taken care of before a shoot. Plus, there is a lot of fondling and POV handjobs and blowjobs. While I understand there is a niche for POV porn, I don't believe this is the vision of Grooby because it is only shown on this site. With this and the constant touching of the models, the scenes become camera man centered which I believe takes away from the viewer in terms of what they want.

However, there is some great footage that is captured. The hardcore scenes are extremely well done and I have yet to see a bad scene captured here in that category. While I find the stripping scenes to be somewhat lackluster, the masturbation scenes can be pretty good. The videographer has captured some great cumshots with some even at several angles and tends to keep quiet during these shoots. However, sometimes the camera is stagnant on a tripod with him obviously taking photos which can take away from the scene a bit. But, all-in-all, the masturbation to cumshot scenes are the better scenes shot on the site.

The photography is well enough but the resolution is just downright low for a site these days. But, they are available to download via zip and the lighting is actually good. While the shoots tend to be shot in a hotel room or bedroom, they offer a wide variety of positions and angles. While the setting could be improved, the outfits offered range from cosplay, glamour, to standard and are well done in these terms. Overall, I can't say the photography is all that bad, they just need to offer a higher resolution.

The site has improved in many key areas since they first started. In time, the site has come across a lot of quality models that will probably never be seen anywhere else outside Japan. Hiro has gained experienced and it shows but some things I consider big no-no's in scenes come across in a few of his video scenes still. But, the niche is so unique and the models are so different when compared to the standard ones from Thailand and the Americas, that I have to recommend the site at least once for any lover of TS material. With even more improvements, it could get even better.

11-29-09  09:21am

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Visit Brandi Belle

Brandi Belle

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Exclusive content of Brandi and others engaging in a variety of content including voyeurism plus conventional to unconventional handjobs, blowjobs, and sex.
- No DRM.
- Updates usually come once a week.
- An 'All about me' section where you can click on her body part and it shows a video of just that part.
- A few wallpapers and comics.
- Video files offered in MPEG and WMV for all updates. All videos can be download via full movie or in clips. However, the quality can be wishy washy with new ones updated at even 480 X 336. But, some do get updated at 640 X 480 at around 2000 kbps or lower. You really don't know what you are getting really which is unfortunate.
- Pictures and screencaps available for downloading. However, while there are two seperate categories for images; both are actually taken from the captured videos.
- Scenes have a different take of conventional porn with contests, myth busting, and more in bottom line. This can be seen as good or bad I suppose.
Cons: - Inactive blog with the last entry being 12/18/2007 at the time of this review.
- For a basic video only site, quality of videos is subpar.
- As stated above in pros, there are no actual proper photography images available and these screencaps are not available to download via zip.
- Site navigation is easy until you have to download a video. First, when clicking 'Download Movie', it takes you to a page with only clips available to download. If you want the full video, you have to click on "Download movie in 1 large file" which takes to you YET another screen which plays the videos in flash and has the links. Just too much of a hassle to get the full clip downloaded.
- Video names are not available in a meaningful naming process, they are random numbers.
- Site design appears the original with no plans to update it. Thus, it looks dated.
- When attempting to download, I get a lot of broken links that are sometimes working again later or not.
Bottom Line: Brandi Belle offers a solo model site which compiles scenes that are clearly out of the ordinary when it comes to content. While an occasional straight forward sex, HJ, or BJ scene can be updated; they are clearly in the minority. To clarify what is offered in the majority of the content, I will explain. Brandi appears to have fun attempting to 'discover' things such as myths or rumors by herself or to let her friends in on the action which will either be in the form of just watching or participating in various scenes. These scenes can include measuring penis sizes and then seeing which feels better, testing real pussies versus fake ones, or even seeing how far a guy can squirt his cum and how much. Some other examples include hidden camera sex, sex with 'fans', apparently mailed in footage of other couples having sex, lots of unconventional handjobs, and teaching others to do certain sexual tasks. This is just a few examples of what is offered which I think clearly demonstrates that the site offers some content that is extremely different than what other sites have to offer.

However, due to the site offering unconventional themes I believe that after awhile (as stated in a few other reviews) that some scenes are kind of repeat themed with a different perspective that in the overall midst of things; is the same scene over and over again. Also, since the content can be a bit off-beat or over the top, the actual scene may not express an extreme amount of erotism than a scene that is more conventional in nature. Plus, a lot of times there is an extreme amount of voyeurism present, with both males and females there just watching a scene (sometimes demonstrating no emotion or even involvement) which can be different for most people who are used to regular ol' scenes. In effect, this can create a peculiar sense of atomsphere in the scene because everyone is constantly being watched. However, this can be a solid plus for some who may particular like these kind of scenes. In addition, Brandi can sometimes appear to show less enthusiasm in certain videos which creates a dull experience as well.

While I state quite a few pros and cons about the actual content, the overall content is quite entertaining for a first time customer. Why? Because the content is so damn different and largely innvovative. Through the mix of somewhat dull scenes, I did find some great content that was entirely erotic and distinct.

Overall, the site is a good experience for a first time user. However, the site does lack stability for long time users. This includes an out dated site design, largely annoying navigation, wishy washy updates with video clarity as a guessing game, and the fact that most scenes may have been done already. But, if a scene with something new and as innovative as older material is updated, the content can be mostly well done and entertaining. So, I'd say this site boasts an above-average entertainment value with a lot holding it back to be awesome.

11-17-09  05:41pm

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Visit Black TGirls

Black TGirls

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Exclusive content of mostly North American (there are quite a few Brazilian) ebony only shemales doing mostly solo work with some hardcore mixed in.
- Updates weekly with about six photo sets and videos, all on one day. These are usually a photo set and a video scene from one model equaling six updated models a week.
- No DRM protection.
- Video quality is reasonable from 2006 on (WMV only at 1280 X 720 to 640 X 480, ~2000 to ~4000 kbps). 2005 and under are understandably subpar (AVI, WMV, or even Real Media at 320 X 240, ~500 to ~1000 kbps). There is a lower quality option.
- Photo quality is professional with resolutions at 1280 X 800 in the present, 1024 X 680 around 2005-2007, and 760 X 570 or lower under 2005.
- Quality navigation with a model index, correct search features, and favorites tab.
- Active forum for suggestions.
- Good rating system and comment feedback for models and content to see what other members are thinking or saying.
- Excellent customer service.
Cons: - Photo resolution for a site that has been around for 10+ years should be extremely higher. 1280 is not cutting it, especially if the company claims to be in the premier of shemale content. However, the photography is well founded with good lighting and crisp pics.
- While some videos are updated at 1280 finally, it is still wishy washy. Some are still updated at 640 X 480 or 720 X 480. While the picture quality and cameras used are good, the res should just be higher this day and age.
- Updates are done a bit different than other sites, varying between strip teases, masturbation, masturbation with a cumshot, and hardcore action. The only quirk I have personally is the fact that not all solo shoots end in a cum shot or an attempt (obviously some models cannot cum due to hormones). Usually, when a solo scene in shemale content is done, it is a full strip to masturbation with cumshot shoot. Just takes a bit of getting used to.
- The price is a bit high at $35 without using tickets.
Bottom Line: I can express extreme gratitude to the guys at grooby for creating a site dedicated to showcasing black only TS models. I'm not sure there is another site doing this and they are doing it quite well. With 10+ years under their belt, the site details in mostly solo content which may or may not end in a cum shot with quite a few hardcore scenes as well. Plus, with this long time in activity with constant updates, the model quantity is substantial as well being in the upper 700's. As far as the content goes, there is a lot for everyone but I believe some can be hit or misses.

With that being said, the videos are well done. While the site showcases quite a few videographers/cameramen, some are good at both while others are better at just one thing or the other. Therefore, you get both sides of the spectrum when viewing the videos. While I believe they all use good cameras and provide adaquete lighting, different guys will talk more and even provide the dreaded POV cameraman sex/blowjobs. Also, some videos even have the flash for photos going off which in my book is a no-no during a video shoot. Interviews are provided for most models as well, if that's your fortay. The best thing about this is that they have these interviews usually as a seperate file in case you want to skip out on them. The actual content is stripping to masturbation either ending in a cumshot or not, with most being without. However, almost every model will get an update with a cumshot captured, just not usually the first update. Also, hardcore scenes usually with another man are thrown in the mix quite a bit as well. While not a bulk of the content, you can get some hardcore here.

The photography is usually done in a professional manner. No matter what, I think the site provides all around great photos. As stated in the cons, the res should be higher but all the sets can be downloaded via zip. Plus, some models may not even have video updates so in reality there is more photo content than video content. They don't provide too many repeat photos and the watermark is usually non-intrusive. There is usually no over use of make-up (which can be hard sometimes in TS content), the outfits vary and range from everyday clothes to glamour, and the models tend to be enjoying themselves. Overall, I can't say there is much wrong with these photos besides the fact they should be bigger.

This site is doing a lot more right than wrong. The first being they stuck to the niche and are doing it right by providing such a variety of different ebony models with all sorts of body shape and personalities. The second being that they provide a large amount of updates to keep you an active member if you want to. This is important because the price is pretty high for a site these days. Finally, the site caters to the shemale fan itself by providing all sorts of content in both the photos and videos. They provide active communication and appear to be enjoying what they do. I'd recommend this site.

11-06-09  03:10pm

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Visit Shemale Yum

Shemale Yum

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Exclusive Content of mostly North American tranny content involved in posing, masturbation, and hardcore action.
- No DRM protection.
- Updates weekly with 7 new photosets and/or video shoots. These updates occur on one day.
- Photo shoots available in zip format and range in res, from 1280 to 720 or lower.
- Videos range in formats by years with the newest vids only available in WMV. Newest vids are around 720 X 480, ~2000 kbps. Older ones steadily go down in quality ranging from 640 X 480, ~2000 kbps to 360 X 240, ~800 kbps. The older videos range from AVI, Real Media, and WMV formats.
- Extensive amount of content dating back from even 1999, but the majority of the content occurs from 2003 to present.
- A nice ranking system to view favorites of others and yourself. Plus a 'My Portfolio' section to add models you love for easy access.
- Pretty active forum for discussion.
- Comics section that gets updated often.
- Search feature with accurate tags and plenty of them.
Cons: - Obviously, since the library is extensive, the actual visual quality of the older content may be lower. What's in the footage is still good, but not the clarity.
- While the photography is done extremely well with quality photographers, the actual resolution should be higher for a company doing this for this long.
- Updates are done a bit different than other sites, varying between strip teases, masturbation, masturbation with a cum shot, and hardcore action. The only quirk I have personally is the fact that not all solo shoots end in a cum shot or an attempt (obviously some models cannot cum due to hormones). Usually, when a solo scene in shemale content is done, it is a full strip to masturbation with cumshot shoot. Just takes a bit of getting used to.
- The price is a bit high for the content, at $35 for it. However, there is a ticket system that can be used to lower prices for all grooby sites. The info is posted by me in the comments section of this site.
Bottom Line: Shemale Yum has been around for years and clearly prides themselves for shooting an extensive amount of shemale content and models. Boasting over 1,100 models with mostly all of these models doing photo and video shoots, the site has an extremely large collection of content. The site features many models first that have gone on to become the huge superstars of tomorrow but also shoot amateurs or just models who want to do one or two shoots only. All-in-all, expect some of the largest amount of shemale content if you join.

Remember, the vast amount of content does come with a bit of a loss. Meaning, both the picture and video clarity will be going down year by year. Plus, the videos will only be available in clips at about anything pre-2006 which is a lot of content. However, the content within the videos are quite well done. While being a bit unconventional in updating in my opinion, it does create a range of different visuals to observe. The visuals will vary between shoots usually and are mostly well done in terms of professionlism. Overall, the videos are done well but my largest quirk is chitter chatter between the camera man and the model, sexual acts done between the camera man and the model, and a lack of total cumshots per model. Don't get me wrong, most of the models do cum eventually in updates, but having 4-5 different shoots with only one shoot resulting in a cumshot can be a burden for some.

The photography is very well done in terms of lighting, differences of outfits, and locations. While they could be a bit bigger this day and age, I think some photographers are better than others while some of their staff are better videographers. The watermark is done well and non-intrusive while the poses vary from one picture to the other quite well. Overall, they are not extremely repetitious and look quite well.

The structure of the site is well made with plenty of options to help the overall experience. Navigation is easy and there are a bunch of extras to read. Models have some descriptions and updates on what they are doing nowadays, there are blogs, and an active forum. In addition to the forum, there is a live chat program for communication between the photographers and members. Plus, I'd say customer service for grooby is great.

The site is obviously doing more things right than wrong. But, I cannot give a score in the 90's for a few reasons. First, the update scheme. While others may not mind this, I found a large portion of the videos to be downloaded but fast forwarded through. Second, the chitter chatter in older videos. Third, the picture res should get higher. Fourth, why are the videos not at 1280 X 720 or higher yet? However, there are great things within this site. I love that the site does bring back older models and you can see the transition in to beauty. With the extensive amount of content in both the photos and videos added with a huge model list only seen on this site, I'd recommend this site to everyone.

09-22-09  05:50pm

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Visit Thainee


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Exclusive content of a petite and true Thai model in softcore and hardcore content.
- Updates about once a week with a photo set and a video. Can be erratic though.
- No DRM protection.
- TBP states a download limit, but I did not make it there anyways with the content provided.
- Site design is easy enough on the eyes and navigation is extremely easy to find the content.
- All photo sets are at 1200 X 800 resolution.
- Videos available in 3 formats of WMV (High: 720 X 480, 2032 kbps; Medium: 480 X 320, 702 kbps; and Low: 264 X 176, 131 kbps). Also available in the same three sizes for Real Audio and Mac format.
- Average sized profile page with some interesting facts. It's not spectacular but provides enough.
- Three other bonus sites which includes three other individual Thai models' pages.
- A few games and wallpapers are provided, about two or three.
Cons: - Updates confuse me, there are reviews in 2007 for this site but the last update available for members are 08/26/2008 for videos and 09/11/2008 for photos. Where are the updates before this? Are they recycling content?
- Not a lot of content at all, at 32 videos and 64 photo sets at the time of this review.
- No zip format available for photo sets.
- Photo resolution is really bad in this day and age and the watermark is somewhat intrusive.
- Some of the photos of the hardcore action are only video stills and not proper photographed pictures.
- Content can basically be downloaded in one day which makes the price extremely high in my opinion, even with the three other bonus sites available.
Bottom Line: Thainee is a site I wanted to join for awhile because it is an exclusive solo site for an individual Thai model which are hard to find. Plus, the addition of the three other sites which are LuLu Sex Bomb, Tailynn, and Tussinee made the site quite prospective. However, after joining this excitement went downhill quickly. The available content made me question the ethics of the site with an extremely low amount of content for a site around 3+ years old. This and the addition of no zip format available for the photo sets is very disappointing.

The actual content consists of both hardcore and softcore which is refreshing. The hardcore appears to be shot with a boyfriend (who is caucasian) and there are a lot of POV or shots not showing his face. The softcore shots consists of glamour style with masturbation or cosplay and/or posing. The footage and sets are not entirely bad, there are just not a lot of it.

The videos are available in an average resolution and look about average. I have seen worst and I have seen better. However, I do believe these are better than the photography. The videos capture both hardcore and softcore footage and have quite a few options for download. But, there are just too few of these videos. Since there are an actual good exchange of varying content, the lack of the number of videos does not make the video content too worthwhile.

The photography on the site is not the best I've seen either. The resolution is low and the watermark can be intrusive. On top of that the lighting can be sketchy sometimes and look quite amateurish at times as well. However, there are quite a few sets that are nice. The photos progress well without too many of the same poses over and over again. But, with the lack of zip format or an in-screen slideshow, viewing these photos can be a burden. The locations do vary which are great such as outside on beaches, rocky areas, and indoors on couches or beds. She actually dresses up in some nice outfits and wears a nice amount of make-up (not too much, not too little), it's just a shame the the captured content is lackluster in terms of technicalities like lighting, poor cameras used, and shaky shots.

Overall, the site is not entirely impressive. Even with the bonus sites, the whole package is not impressive as well. The price is high for a site with three bonus sites that can be downloaded within a few hours. I am not going to review the other sites involved because they are basically the same exact thing and issues as this site. All the sites have a small amount of content and no zip format for photos. However, this is the only site for hardcore and softcore content. The others have only softcore. Thainee is actually an extremely cute model and the others are great as well, but the approach and content is not up to par with a site for 2009. I believe these sites may be rotating content which makes ethics come in to question. So, I would not join again and would not recommend others joining.

09-22-09  11:38am

Replies (2)
Visit Shemale Strokers

Shemale Strokers

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Exclusive content of TS models featuring full solo masturbation.
- A good mix of ethnicities as far as white, ebony, and latinas go. Small asian mix.
- Updates are alright at 2 new scenes a week plus an old video is remastered.
- Newer video scenes are available in full scene downloads while older ones are only available in clips. New videos are in WMV format at 796 X 488, ~1,500 kbps. MPEG and MOV format available for most older movies. There are varying resolutions and bitrates with older videos, 640 X 480 or lower with average of 1,500 kbps.
- There are photo shoots and video stills available, 1200 X 800 is the highest I've seen. Most are smaller. They are not large sets but are available in zip format.
- Model Index which displays models A-Z plus the extra sites content as well. This includes a small mix of BJ scenes, hardcore, and domination.
- There is forum for input but it's outdated. However, it is active.
- Upcoming updates are shown in advance.
- Fair price.
Cons: - Site design is just downright amateur. While it's easy to navigate, it just looks bad. After all this time the site has been around, I'm surprised that the owner has not hired a designer to help out in this.
- Site updates are not dated. Would be nice to see dated updates for the new ones and ones to come.
- This is a video site, while photo sets are offered, they are extremely lacking in both size, value, and content.
- Bonus sites are listed as seperate sites but these are just different sites with the same content found on the main Shemale Strokers page. Meaning, all the content within these 'bonus' sites can be found on the main site.
- While the videos vary in appearance, even the newest ones could be better in terms of quality of clarity. These are some of the best shot videos I've seen, but the actual clarity should be better this day and age.
- Older videos are only available in clips.
Bottom Line: Shemale Strokers is shot and maintained by videographer Sammy Mancini. He provides great technical camera work and often brings some innovativeness to solo masturbation scenes that can get stale quickly. While you do get quite a few videos of models that appear to be doing the scene as 'just another day at the job', there are so many extremely sexy scenes which makes the site a wonder.

The innovativeness that is brought to the forefront can usually be seen in the ending cumshot. While the majority of sites with solo masturbation usually just have the model cum on their stomach and on to the floor, Sammy usually finds great ways to change this up. For example, the models will usually cum on their stomach but he also provides footage of them cumming in to their hand, on to mirrors, on to black surfaces, and even on their own faces. Plus, he even did some scenes where when the model cums, you get a shot of the cumshot with a look at their face as well in split screen to see how much the models were in ecstacy. It's these crafty shots that make the site so wonderful in my opinion.

While the actual location of the scenes are pretty much standard being a bed or a couch. It's quite obvious Sammy travels to the locations to get the footage. So, I'd say plenty are within the models' own home which I think may create a comfort which leads to extremely hot scenes. The scenes usually start with a short interview, undress, then masturbation to cumshot. Just like most standard solo masturbation sites (including sites with models that are genetical women as well), you do get the models that lay there with no emotion. However, in all honesty, I'd say the majority here are quite in to the scenes. You can truly feel some passion and tell they were quite horny during the scenes.

The make-up and dress is usually quite casual in manner. There is not an extreme amount of glamour within the scenes with a decent amount of make-up (which is to be expected in TS sites). But, nothing too overboard. All-in-all, I see these videos as Sammy going to the models house and them dressed as they would to go out shopping or to the mall. It's actually quite refreshing to see this attire when it comes to TS models because a lot of sites like to glamourize their TS shoots.

The actual models are mostly North American but Sammy provides a lot of variance. Another refreshing aspect is the fact that a lot of Ebony TS models are represented here which I don't get to see very much unless wanting to join a specialized ebony TS Site. Overall, there is a great mix to the model index in terms of ethnicties.

Overall, the site is a winner. Unfortunantly, the actual clarity of the footage provided is what is holding the site back from being in the 90's for me. While the videos are not entirely bad and I found only a selected few to be unwatchable, they are just not up to date in the standards. But, the camera work is beautiful and the reformatted ones look better. Recommended.

08-14-09  07:47am

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Visit ALS Scan

ALS Scan

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Exclusive content of younger models in solo masturbation, insertions, gaping, speculum, lesbianism, and peeing.
- All models are shaved and quite petite, these models have breasts on the smaller size.
- Updates daily with mixed content.
- No DRM.
- No Download Limit.
- Picture sets are updating at excellent resolution (~3504 X 2336 or 1600 X 1067). These vary with updates, going a bit higher or lower. Older sets are all in the smaller size. All available in zip format. Watermarks are non-intrusive.
- Videos are updating in true HD quality in 3 different formats being DivX, mp4, and WMV (1920 X 1080, ~8000 kbps or 1280 X 720, ~4000 kbps). Older videos are being updated to higher res or just available in two formats (720 X 540, ~3200 kbps or 640 X 480, ~2750 kbps). There are other options as well, a lot of variation.
- Older stuff is being remastered to formats above, so the site is constantly updated the old with the new.
- Director's Blog area for news.
- Model Index.
Cons: - While navigation is easy, the site design has about 4 different formats that it has used in the past. These all stayed how they were at the time, so you get pages of all variations. A minor flaw, but these should all stay consistant for easier viewing.
- While I stated the fact that these models are petite and small breasted as a pro, keep this in mind when you join. There is a sister site, ALS Angels for more voluptuous models.
- While both the older photos and videos are being updated, the bulk of the material is still in the older formats at the time of this review. Just keep this in mind.
- There are a lot of videos of behind the scenes and photoshoots. While I see a purpose of these (more in bottom line), it is worth mentioning.
- The site updates models based on a voting system which is great, but in the older content it makes for downloading the picture set zips a bit awkward. Sometimes you get zips with only 1 or 2 photos in it or 2 to 3 different zip files for one set.
Bottom Line: ALS Scan has been around for awhile. The site boasts plenty of content at more than 70,000 pictures and over 1 TB of videos. Featuring mostly small breasted euro models, the majority of the models are extremely cute in nature. While I personally like my models a bit bigger in general, I cannot knock the site for wanting these type of girls here. The directors appear to create such a comforting aura with these girls resulting in extremely quality content that is both sexually arousing for the models and fun. It's one of the first sites in awhile that the models appear to be enjoying themselves for real and not just putting on a show for money.

The videos in the new format are the BEST I've ever seen to the date in terms of quality of clarity. Finally, a site using a true HD camera with the right compression. However, these files can get extremely large. But, it's worth it in my opinion. There are 3 styles of video content. These being BTS & photoshoots, solo masturbation, and lesbian scenes. The BTS & photoshoots are not there exactly for the pure sexuality, but I found these to be a great glimpse in to the model's personality. These display everything from gaping, speculum, peeing, to staged masturbation or lesbianism. The masturbation scenes are very well done in terms of the sexual energy and camera work. As stated before, there is a comfort level that these directors produce which makes for these models truly enjoying exploring their bodies. There is just a raw feeling in most of these videos that really struck me the right way. These videos are clearly potraying a young woman enjoying herself sexually in a real fashion. The lesbian scenes are quite raw as well. The models used for these scenes really appear to enjoy each others company and are truly attracted to each other. Lots of kissing and smiling, but intense fisting, fingering, and licking as well. I really don't gravitate towards lesbian content but I found these videos to be quite impressive.

The photography is top of the line and features mostly simulated masturbation and or extreme close ups or long shots filled with tons of props for insertions. The newer high res show off the model extremely well and are not photoshopped for fakeness. But, even the lower res photos look good. You will probably be downloading a few of these because the high res photo zips can be as large as the videos at ~500+ MBs for a scene.

Overall, with the mix of awesome photos and extremely great videos, this site is something else. The solo model content mixed with the girl-girl action is solid. Plus, there are scenes at vacation spots with 5+ featured models which are some of the best content I've ever seen at any site so far. I love those scenes. The site may be lacking in site design and the older content not being up to par with the new updates, but with the attempt to reformat those I believe these cons can be overlooked. The site is bringing new models in and upgrading the old. Recommended!

07-29-09  11:52am

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Visit Masturbation Instructors

Masturbation Instructors

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Exclusive content featuring POV dirty talking models with the concept that you are looking in on them and masturbating (and they know it).
- Model selection has some good variance in nationality, ethnicity, and age.
- Weekly updates with one video and one photo still set.
- NO DRM protection.
- No Download limit.
- Video quality is average with 3 different options in terms of quality with one format being in WMV. Highest format available in 640 X 480, ~1200 to ~1400 kbps.
- 13 extra adult games available to play if interested.
- About 20 or so short sex stories available to read if interested.
- I joined at their lower price of $24.95 and got the gold membership which includes access to 5 other sites (the actual gold membership was $10 more and I think it's the same access). Don't quote me on this that you will get access but there was no clear special when I joined, so it may work for others. However, there are cons.
Cons: - Photo sets are not proper shoots, but are video stills and are not available in zip format. For the actual content, they are quite pointless but worth mentioning. Average resolution found was 1200 X 900.
- Extra sites in the network are quite terrible. Access to a handjob site, a forced asian masturbation site, a spreading site featuring women, and a female dominating men site. However, I found myself downloading about 3 or 4 videos from only the handjob and spreading site. Needless to say, they are not very good extra sites.
- Navigation for the site is a bit on the weak side. There is no model index and to download the videos, the link takes you to another page where it streams the video selected and another link is available to download the video at the bottom of the page.
- The concept of the website is a bit misleading (I will fully discuss this in bottom line).
- Most of the videos are quite short at only 5 to 10 minutes long.
Bottom Line: Masturbation Instructors is the name of the site. However, the site name and preview is a bit misleading when it comes to the actual concept of the site. The expectation is that the site delivers POV instructions from the model captured on how fast to go, what to do, how well you are doing, and how much the model likes it. However, the site is a lot different than this. The content within the site is actually POV dirty talk with mostly teasing the 'watcher' to the fact that he cannot have the model within the video, usually for reasons such as being a loser, a small penis, or other humiliating reasons. Most of the time, the content will display the model on the same couch as the others, notices you are 'there', get mad, and therefore will talk down to you as they know you are masturbating. However, in a few, the model will not get mad and actually like the fact that you are masturbating to her. In a large amount of the content, the model will not even get undressed or even show a nipple. This is all fine and dandy but I think if the site made a clearer picture as to that this was going to be what the content was, I'd be more happy.

The videos are average in resolution and quality. I was not entirely disapointed dispite the stats but they could be better. Plus, the camera work is quite amateurish (if there is camera work at all). Sometimes, it is just a camera on record on top of a tripod. The editing can be choppy and poorly done because sometimes the model can clearly be improvising and say something that makes no sense or even laugh. Also, sometimes they just don't know what else to say and just repeat the same thing over and over. The only 'instructing' I got from any of the models is to maybe go faster or slower with the classic masturbating 'hand motion' but any elaborate instruction is non-existant. However, anyone looking for some women talking dirty and degrading directed at the viewer, the site does deliver within the videos. There are weekly updates and at the time of the review, there are 76 different videos.

The model selection is great in terms of variance. However, there are only a handful of true gems on the site when it comes to looks. I know differences between people when it comes to looks is plenty, but I can assure you there are a lot of unattractive models here. Many appear to be amateur women off the street that keep their clothes on and just talk dirty to the camera. I don't mind some teasing with the clothes staying on, but I think this just adds to site in negativity with the concept already being misguided, camera work being poor, and model quality.

The site does have some positives in terms of being a bit in the realm of its own in terms of innovativeness. However, the site immediatley gets shot down from poor technical deliverance and the inability to put this innovative concept in to play correctly. Up the quality of videos, add more actual instruction, get better models, undress more, and it's a winner.

07-15-09  09:28am

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Visit Ladyboy Gold

Ladyboy Gold

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Exclusive content of Ladyboys from Thailand in stripping, masterbation, and hardcore scenes.
- No DRM Protection.
- No Download Limit.
- Updates about twice a week with both a photo shoot and video shoot.
- Newer videos starting around mid June '09 are offered in higher resolution but also lower (WMV: 1280 X 720, 3128 kbps; 720 X 406, 4128 kbps; 480 X 270, 3128 kbps; 426 X 240, 2128 kbps)
- Picture sets starting in mid June '09 are offered in 2000 X 1333 resolution with a non-intrusive watermark, sets before that are in 1600 X 1067. Available in zip format but there is a twist (Info in Cons).
- Plenty of extras including a great guide to hotspot bars in Thailand with lots of info, an Amateurs section including 69 photo sets of other ladyboys not featured on site, and about 200 extra photo sets of shemales from the Americas.
- 'Casual' section including Ladyboys in their own enviornment including pics and videos of them just doing anything on the streets, bars, or pageants.
Cons: - Zip format are only available to download after a one month stay with the site.
- Site is set up a bit different in terms of models and updating. Meaning, the site specializes in showcasing a smaller model base with a large amount of content instead of showcasing a large model base with maybe one or two sets or scenes. May be a downfall for people looking for a huge model base.
- With that said above, make sure you check out the preview of the models displayed and be interested in them because that's all you get.
- Older videos before mid June '09 are below average in terms of quality of clarity and resolution (WMV and Real Player formats, Highest WMV format: 640 X 480, 1017 kbps). Believe me, these videos clarity are horrendous and is extremely unfortunate.
- The site, starting June '09, started to add more models than the original 8 but none since then have been updated in the original 8. It would be great to see the original models in the new higher res photos and videos.
Bottom Line: For starters, I have some information about the site and how they are set up which is new starting around mid June of '09. Before, the site featured about 8 models but only a limited amount of content was available for these models. Then, as the site updated, more and more of these same models' content were updated. However, this was old material presented as new. Obviously, this format is prospective from a business point of view, while it is bad for the customer. But, the site has a new format. They made all this older material available now upon joining and have started to increase their featured models and updating them in higher quality for both the photos and videos. Currently, there are now 16 different models and keep the same motto in terms of updating a small amount of models with a large amount of content.

Ladyboy Gold starts off quite exciting when you first join but hits some rocks on the road after awhile. The first being, the fact that you have to stay for two consecutive months before you can download the photo set zips. This is regrettable because the site features more photo sets than videos and they are done pretty good. The photos are well done in terms of professionalism. They are well shot, well lit, differ in dress, and change locations. Plus, these photos display various of activities including pose and undressing, food play, masterbation, and hardcore. This is where the bulk of the good content is with the older content because the older videos are just downright bad.

The older videos before the change to higher qualities in mid June '09 are borderline unwatchable in terms of clarity. However, the camera work and content is not bad at all with both the older stuff and newer stuff. The content includes mostly masterbation and hardcore scenes. The older stuff tends to display a lot of undressing without masterbation, dancing, and blowjobs. The newer scenes display much more masterbation and hardcore, sometimes doing both in just one scene. Most of the time these models cum during masterbation but not every time. Plus, the hardcore scenes tend to be shot where the male models face cannot be seen. So, most of the hardcore stuff is POV angles or when the model is on top, the males head is cut out. Being mostly POV, make sure you like this type of content for hardcore when joining. The new videos look pretty good in terms of clarity but I have seen better. However, they are an extremely large imrovement from before and with a build up of these over time and if they update the older models with these, they might even top the photography.

Ladyboy Gold does some things right and some things bad. In terms of extras, they offer plenty more than most Ladyboy sites. The hotspot with info and pics on the bars was a great addition. The renovation of the site has added an extreme amount of points but the wait to download zips, no forum, maybe no updating of older models, and bad videos in the past make the site wishy washy.

07-08-09  10:48am

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Visit Twistys


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Exclusive and non-exclusive models from all over the world (primarily USA and Europe) doing a variety of content including solo masterbation and hardcore sex.
- No DRM Protection.
- No Download Limit.
- New exclusive videos starting in 2009 are quite good in WMV format at 1024 X 576, ~4000 to ~6000 kbps. There is quicktime format available for most and the newer ones have iphone format as well. The older exclusive and non-exclusive videos from early 2009 and down range from anywhere from 720 X 480, 640 X 480, and lower with varying birates.
- Photos sets range in resolution but most of the newer sets are 1600 X 1067. I did not find the watermarks to be intrusive for most, some are bigger than others though. Zip format.
- Updates daily with 3 new photo sets and 2 videos.
- Massive model index with over 2,000 models and growing.
- Featured models every month with lots of quality exclusive updates.
- Active forum.
- 3 extra exclusive sites, 4 sites with same content as Twistys.
Cons: - Nicole Graves is an included site but is not linked on site but is worth mentioning here that you get this site.
- While the other sites included in the package have the same material as Twistys main page, some may see this as misleading but I found it good (more in bottom line).
- Lots of ads for other sites and products on the page. It's not a total burden but worth mentioning.
Bottom Line: Honestly, when attempting to post cons I had a hard time coming up with any. Twistys boasts an extremely large amount of content for your money and I don't see much wrong with the site. The large index can be browsed using seperation of models through their ratings through member voting which is quite active, alphabetically, or they have an extremely great search feature for content. The content can also be viewed as seperate sites which are the extra sites included but think of them as more of categories than extra sites and it will be better off. With this thought process, you will not be totally disapointed because they are the same content. However, there are 3 other sites which have exclusive content not on Twistys featuring glamour (Blue Fantasies) and 2 solo model sites (Nicole Graves and Anette Dawn).

The videos feature mostly masterbation with either fingers or toys. However, there is quite a bit of hardcore material as well. There is a good mix between the two. While the content is a mix of exclusive and non-exclusive material, the older material in 2006 and under are pretty bad in terms of quality and clarity. While I cannot take points away for this because that's just how the content was then, it is still worth mentioning. The newer exclusive videos are pretty good in terms of clarity and quality of camera work. While I found some camera men to be better than others, the overall professionalism of the shoots cannot go unnoticed. However, there are quite a few music scenes which may stray people away, don't worry because this usually cuts off once the model starts masterbating. I cannot complain too much about the videos in general except for the fact that I would try to stick with the exclusive material because you know you are getting good stuff.

The photography sets goes back for years and are exclusive and non-exclusive. There is an extremely large amount of these and they are overall well done, in terms of the exclusive stuff. While the non-exclusive stuff may feature professional photographers, some may not. However, the extent of the quantity is breathtaking. So, getting a few bad sets will come but there are plenty of extremely quality photo sets.

The model base is just extravagant. With over 2,000 models in about 7-8 years of building up, it's something to boast about. This site will bring back memories of models you have not seen plus bring fresh new ones to the fore front. Truly, browsing this index is like browsing one of the largest candy stores in the world as a child.

Twistys is an extremely great site in terms of doing more things right than wrong. An active community and good exclusive updates combined with the non-exclusive ones makes for an overall quality site. The site features good navigation, plenty of extras, and a great cost (even better with TBP discount). Long term members get great daily updates and good mixes of solo or hardcore content. I recommend this site for any of the terms provided.

07-01-09  12:02pm

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