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Visit Suicide Girls

Suicide Girls
Reply of Wittyguy's Comment

I've only been a member for a month or two. The sets that I've saved range from the highest pixel measurements from 1000 to 1200. 1200 are the most recent sets.

I have found no zip options of the sets. I believe they expect you to "collect" them in your favorites. And since the yearly membership is so cheap, I can see why they would feel that way. I'm old fashioned and like to archive them to my hard drive. I've resorted to viewing the sets in the HTML Gallery rather than the Flash Gallery so I can right click and save. The sets can have 60+ pics in them, so this does get monotonous.

The Flash Gallery is slick and it makes the imagines fit your screen. My screen is 1680x1050, so whatever scaling they're doing to fit my screen doesn't show any artifacts but the original images are very close to my resolution.

I really didn't like tattoos or piercings when I came into this site. It was so cheap to subscribe I had to try it. And now I'm a fan. There are a lot of gorgeous models (period) on this site. Technically they are "alt" models, but many of them are just so naturally beautiful that they stand up to whatever mainstream models are out there.

For the money, you really should give it a try. It'll either click with you or it won't. And if it doesn't, it's very little skin off your back.

02-12-09  08:59pm

N/A Reply of picdude's Poll

I'm going to agree with Toadsith and pick Option #6: No, I'm a Porn Enthusiast.

There aren't any options that apply to me. I do watch porn. There is no reason worry. I am not addicted to it.

01-28-09  01:22am

Visit Brazzers


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: *Lots of Content
*Lots of Models
*Lots of Large Breasted Models
*Well Organized Site
*More Recent Scenes (2008) have several welcome options for viewing scenes:
-Stream Flash FLV
-Download WMV
-Download MPEG1
-Download MPEG4
*Can download entire scenes or in sections, each scene is also broken down into 6 parts with a preview image showing where in the scene a specific part takes place.
*"HQ Pics" for image nuts. I put these in quotes because they aren't as "high res" as can be had elsewhere. They are decent and a welcome option instead of screen captures of the scenes - which are also offered.
*21 sites in the network. These are really just themed categories for their scenes. I have this as a pro because I do appreciate the variety that the different "sites" offer. (School girl, Nurse, MILF, Teen, etc)
*Rating system for models & scenes as well as bio page with info about models and all their scenes.
Cons: *At least half of the content didn't catch my eye.
*Brazzer's is a big breast network. Unfortunately, a lot of these big breasts are "frankenbreasts". I love natural as well as bolt-on, breast implant breasts - but porn stars tend to go way past the point that they should with their implants. Many of them are working at Brazzers.
*First section of the site navigation is basically links to other sites they want you to spend money at. They also essentially advertise for other sites that I imagine are all part of the same parent company, but again you have to sign up for those they aren't part of your subscription. I get having a tab or something on your site that has a page filled with other places you'd like to refer your current members to. What I don't like are links to those sites nestled into the same locations that links for the site I'm subscribed to are. Example, Brazzer's Box is the 2nd link on the left column of the site, but it is a new/separate subscription.
Bottom Line: This is a good site/network for the money. I was able to burn through this site in a couple weeks, which is a bit fast in my opinion. But I don't believe I fit the target demographic for this network. I found a few models I liked and downloaded their scenes. But overall I wish I got more out of this network. What I did get out of it is very good, though.

I was surprised by the additional features I found though after I thought I was finished with the site. They have a forum and a comments network for the models and members. It is possible to speak with the models via these. While I didn't participate, reading these was interesting. They also offer interviews with various pornstars from their site. I did not watch these because I've found in the past that I'm usually better off not getting exposed to too much of the person behind the persona, so to speak.

They also have a section of the site that contains a large amount of what I'll call "boilerplate" porn content. This is that section that all sites seem to offer that is made up of all of the old sites and old content from the late 90's that is no longer viable to charge for, but they believe works great as filler.

Bottom line: if you like big breasts (real or fake) and you're also a fan of MILFs - this site is probably going to be one of your favorites. At the very least it's worth a month to see for yourself and get what you can out of it. I did enjoy the 2 Hanna Hilton scenes. I was introduced to Brooke Belle and Rachel RoXXX whom I had not seen before.

Best of all, the downloads are fast and there doesn't appear to be a limit of any kind. And there is no DRM.

09-01-08  02:18am

Replies (5)
Visit VideoBox

Reply of Denner's Comment

I guess I just don't view VideoBox as a standard porn site like I do for every other site I have subscribed to. It's not just recreation or entertainment for me, it's a utility as well.

Most of the other sites that I go to expose me to models that I don't recall seeing before but took a liking to and wanted to see more of. A search on VideoBox almost always provides me with a number of scenes I haven't seen of those models. It's like a "Mr.Skin" for hardcore porn for me. On top of that, I can just browse recent additions in general and have access to numerous scenes that I haven't seen before.

The only negative I can think of that I'd add to my original review is that VideoBox can expose you to so many scenes of individual models that it can totally kill any interest you have in that model for some time or forever. It's over-exposure in some cases.

It's not an end-all-be-all of a site, but I cannot think of any porn site that I have gotten more use out of. And I don't have a premium membership - I just don't see the point. To me, that's like buying an HDTV and not subscribing to any HDTV channels.

To put it simply, VideoBox doesn't represent a woman I'd marry or make my girlfriend, it's my address book of booty calls, figuratively speaking.

04-03-08  08:59pm

Visit VideoBox

Reply of jd1961's Reply

Personally, it's variety, for me, that keeps me subscribed. It also functions like a porn IMDB database for me because sometimes I see a girl on another site that I really liked. I can look her up on VideoBox generally get a full page of scenes for that girl.

03-07-08  08:58pm

Visit Fucking Machines

Fucking Machines
Reply of exotics4me's Review

I was going to subscribe to this site before SnowDude convinced me to subscribe to Ultimate Surrender. I'm sure I'll get around to it sooner or later. There's still a bunch for me to go through in the US back catalog.

Great review, though, I'm tempted yet again. :)

02-09-08  01:43am

N/A Reply of Goldfish's Poll

I'm indifferent to this and I guess it is because I have some experience with this. I have had girlfriends who wanted me to spit on their genitalia. Their reasoning was that it was a turn on for them. Much like various things that either are or are viewed as "wrong/naughty/taboo" - doing them is exciting. Anal sex, sex in public places are more commonly known by purveyors of porn such as ourselves. Spitting, "water sports", choking/asphyxiation, rough sex, etc are definitely things that are far less accepted or are appreciated by a smaller segment of viewers.

There is mainstream and then there are extremes. We all have different things that float our boat. I definitely think that folks in the industry get over-exposed to things to the point that they are desensitized to how far from the middle they are veering. I do know from talking with people in the industry that everyone is aware of in general what is going to happen and both the male and female talent are able to control the levels of the extremes they're willing to go to. They also seem to have "professional limits" and "personal limits". A lot of women are willing to do something they don't personally find a turn on. Sandra Romain, for example, loves to dominate and finds it personally a turn on. She doesn't find being submissive that much of a turn on, if at all, but she'll do it in scenes that call for it.

I think I've rambled enough. :)

02-05-08  10:18pm

N/A Reply of Toadsith's Poll

I don't have any organization system. I have a download manager that downloads everything into a "video" folder. When I start running out of room, I delete everything.

I've heard from a number of places about Heatseek that might be something you guys might be interested. It seems to be more of a tool for hiding your porn on your computer, but it also has some organizational tools. And, it's free without adware or spyware. It's untested by me, though, I just thought I'd pass what I've heard along.


01-28-08  08:02pm

Visit FTV Girls

FTV Girls
Reply of littlejoe's Reply

The new HD videos are really something, too. Full 1440x1080. Although I've only downloaded one to just get a look. The file sizes are huge. Just to put it in perspective for everyone: a normal update would have, on average 700MB-1500MB in videos. With the new HD resolution, every update has been 3600MB-5900MB in size. I can't even begin to think of what their bandwidth bills are like.

01-28-08  07:42pm

Visit FTV Girls

FTV Girls
Reply of littlejoe's Reply

I updated the review (with credit). It's interesting, they do a mini-redesign apparently every year. I had to go back to ftvgirls.com to check the FAQ and its (ftvgirls.com) different than when I joined. Same premise, just updated photos from more recent models.

01-27-08  03:58pm

Visit FTV Girls

FTV Girls
Reply of littlejoe's Reply

Nope, you're right. It is 25GB/day now.

01-27-08  03:39pm

Visit FTV Girls

FTV Girls

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: *A ton of content
*Lots of attractive women
*A lot of videos usually following a pattern of themes (primary focus of the site)
*Thumbnail images (vid-cap) at regular intervals to preview the clips. (can be enlarged to full resolution)
*Photo sets with every update - professional quality (natural lighting) - this isn't studio style stuff, though.
*Female masturbation to usually real orgasms.
*Some bizarre insertions (if you're into that) - extra large toys, champagne bottles, baseball bats, etc.
*Sets offer plenty of material in usually a variety of locations (2-3 locations per set).
*Public masturbation and nudity - sometimes high risk locations (they do get caught and thrown out sometimes)
*Variety of video resolutions (real High Definition started in December)
*Many of the models are known and popular porn stars or ladies who have since become popular porn stars.
*There is a section devoted to Girl-Girl shoots (best part of the site)
Cons: *Mostly solo content.
*Not every model shoots video.
*Not every model goes into extra-curricular activities (masturbation public or private, public nudity, etc)
*Definitely on the pricey side.
*Can get repetitive.
*No hardcore at all.
*File names for videos are terrible. (1a, 2a, 3a - requires more effort when saving since you have to rename them or create individual folders for each model & shoot)
*Since the photo shoots aren't studio style - the quality of the shots really depends on the skill of the photographer and how lucky they get with the lighting. Pretty much a best effort given the situation and location.
*Mega-size section for photo sets are almost all just a zip file so you have to commit to the entire download.
*Mega-size photo sets are completely untouched - these are jpgs of exactly what comes out of the camera's memory card - so it's not exactly like the ones in the preview.
Bottom Line: This is a fantastic video site that features very attractive women doing as much extreme solo subject matter as the videographer can get them to do. So it can range from simple nudity & interviews to masturbation, fisting, extreme insertions, girl/girl action and fetish material. There is no hardcore action or boy/girl, but I never missed it. Usually things are very personal/intimate - more so than any other site I've found.

There is a general theme to the majority of the sets. The videographer definitely has favorite places (both public and in the "FTV House") to do shoots, but he tries to mix things up as much as possible to try to keep things fresh. And for all of the really popular models, he takes them to Hawaii.

The site is organized very well. Everything is accessible from the main page and the entire catalog is split into 3 sections of the alphabet except for the girl-girl stuff which is in its own section.

There is a system set up with descriptions so you can see what might be worth your time and what might not. They identify photo-only shoots and use a color coding system to identify standard masturbation shoots (yellow) and extreme shoots (red).

I signed up for 3 months and I needed it. Someone with a higher speed connection could likely leech everything in a month, though, but there is a daily cap of 25GB*(littlejoe). I wouldn't stay subscribed year-round, though. Maybe once a year for me to get the updates, but it's definitely worth resubscribing.

01-26-08  01:32am

Replies (7)
Visit Lia 19

Lia 19
Reply of bayma's Comment

It is the same girl. They both have one mole above the left breast that appears to be in the same spot. They also don't have any other unique marks like that on the rest of their bodies. They both have a similar navel piercing, but that isn't very unique.

She looks younger on the Ashley Ryan site, I wonder if that is still updated.

Nice catch, Bayma.

01-26-08  12:26am

N/A Reply of nygiants03's Poll

I don't like the deepthroating where she sticks her tongue out and basically gags/chokes/almost vomits on it.

When there's a lack of a gag reflex or actual technique involved, yeah, that's hot.

01-22-08  08:49pm

Visit abbywinters


Honorable Mention

It's been a few too many months since I was a member of Abby Winters, but I do want to say a few things about it at least in a comment.

Abby Winters can be what you make of it. They do more to create a community made up of the models and the members than any other site I've seen or subscribed to. Most of the models respond at least once to their forum thread when an update releases a shoot they modeled for. Many of them are regular participants in other model's threads. And some are just rabid fans like many of the members and just have hundreds of posts. The models and the employees of Abby Winters are just incredibly personable and down to earth.

I also wanted to mention the various lists that are available. Every member (I think, I was a Gold Member) can create their own lists made up of various shoots and either save them just for themselves or make them public. When made public, it's like a photo/video album that anyone can peruse. It's really helpful because some of us aren't great at putting to words what it is that we're looking for in a search and it also introduces you to new things. There are a ton of lists that are regularly updated and managed. Whether you like big tits, small tits, or the dimples on the small of a womans back - there'll be a list that catalogs these kinds of things. Plus, you can make your own if you are so inclined.

I enjoyed Abby Winters and will subscribe again. It's well worth a try (at gold level).

01-17-08  06:08pm

Replies (0)
N/A Reply of jd1961's Poll

I think I agree with Drooler the most. Seems to match my thoughts closest.

01-16-08  08:06pm

Visit Ultimate Surrender

Ultimate Surrender
Reply of Toadsith's Comment

That settles that! Well done, Toadsith! Thanks.

01-14-08  11:04pm

N/A Reply of Drooler's Poll

I'm currently in a video phase, but not too long ago I was very bourgeois with my image standards. So my past self would have wanted an "all of the above" option in this poll. Currently, I'll settle for unappealing poses as the most common reason these days.

01-14-08  11:04pm

Visit Digital Desire

Digital Desire

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: *A lot of models - known and unknown (to me). You'll easily find your favorites and be introduced to new favorites.
*High-Quality Photography - primary focus of the site. Somewhere between Playboy and Penthouse on how "raunchy" they get with most of it. Image quality is way better than Playboy Cyber Club on all counts.
*A lot of the models are really gorgeous.
*Can save images individually or download sets.
*Variety of videos types/themes (Playboy style Pan&Scan, Interviews, Masturbation, Toys, Girl-Girl)
*Retro! Some of the photographers have been doing this for quite some time so there are shots of some models from the past during their prime. I've not found a site that has a back catalog like this.
*Some really great masturbation scenes. Brea Bennett, Cody Milo, and Carli Banks are favorites.
*They offer a few download options for the videos depending on your bandwidth and codec preference on many videos.
*Plenty to see and regularly updated.
Cons: *I believe they were transitioning to a new site design which may be in place now, but at the time it made for some challenging navigation and some really dated designs.
*Videos cover the same time spectrum that the images do - so it can be hit or miss with the quality.
*Videos are very Playboy-esque - the female body is a temple to be worshiped kind of thing. Music in all of them; wipes, fades and transitions. Too much "art" for my tastes.
*Video Themes are kinda gimmicky and lead to some duplicates. A video called "X" can actually be a 5 minute segment of a longer video called "Y". You learn the patterns.
*Audio, specifically on the masturbation videos, would switch channels on me depending on where the model was in respect to the camera (left only, right only, left & right) Totally could be an issue rooted in my PC - I couldn't track it down, though.
Bottom Line: It's from the J. Stephen Hicks Studios, so this is nude photography-centric. At one time that would have been right up my alley, but I've aged to the point where "pictures of naked girls," sadly, just doesn't do for me what it used to. I do admire the skill of these photographers, though. These are fantastic images. My primary reason for joining this site was because I knew they had an "extreme" section where some of these gorgeous ladies would be doing a lot more naughty things on video.

I've found that photography-centric sites all seem to have the same approach to videography. They put in so much "artsy" stuff that it ruins it for me. I can really do without a music track. I'm also not a fan of the pan&scan her body and intersect the transitions with a lot of Star Wars style wipes, fades, and zooms. I'm probably hard to please in these regards.

If photography is an interest for you (Playboy, Mystique, Penthouse) - this is more than worth your time and money even for an extended subscription. There is a lot to look at and appreciate.

The videos are worth a month, but even the ones I saved to my hard drive ended up getting deleted rather quickly. Even with a poor connection like mine - I was done & canceled well before my subscription was due to renew. I'm clearly in a video phase.

01-14-08  10:16pm

Replies (2)
Visit VideoBox

Reply of jd1961's Reply

Thank you. I figured that since I'd been a member of the site for so long that it was about time I said something about it.

01-13-08  11:02pm

Visit Brandi Belle

Brandi Belle


I have/had high hopes for this site. I like the look of what she offers. She's cute and many of her friends are attractive as well. Some of the episodes seem bizarre, but that seems to be part of the attraction. I felt it was worth a look. I subscribed. They took my money, but the login/password never worked. I tried contacting the support group for the billing system as well as the bangbros.com system through the brandibelle.com website. I never got a response from anyone. I tried 3 times to each, which is generally the limit I've learned to go by. So I canceled.

I've never had anything like this happen before. I imagine it could just be a glitch in the system. No hard feelings - just be aware that this can happen and you might have the same response (or lack of) that I got.

A total of 21 days passed from the time I subscribed till the time I canceled.

01-13-08  10:45pm

Replies (4)
Visit Ultimate Surrender

Ultimate Surrender
Reply of jd1961's Reply

They could, but I have yet to hit it and honestly doubt that I will. I don't have a really good broadband connection to have the ability to leech that much content in that amount of time.

If I did, I wouldn't let that stop me from subscribing, though. I'd rather see what I've seen and then get pissed at hitting a bandwidth limit than to miss what I've seen and move on to some cookie-cutter site.

01-13-08  10:35pm

Visit VideoBox


Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: *Alison the VideoBox Blog Babe is great.
*Tons of videos over a broad spectrum of categories.
*Very affordable.
*Video quality options from Flash to DVD quality.
*Search engine is decent - has gotten better.
*Customized clips - you can edit the scenes to customize your own download.
*Fairly recently new format/design for the site is great.
*User Reviews - sometimes very entertaining and helpful.
*Favorites - can mark scenes/DVDs as favorites and create your own lists.
Cons: *A few transsexual videos.
*A few midget videos.
*Not all the videos are quality uploads - some bargain bins.
*Star's names are sometimes spelled differently when it's the same star. Makes for interesting searches to see everything they have to offer for the same starlet (e.g. Charmane & Charmaine are the same starlet)
*Fairly recently new format/design for the site still has some quirks.
*User Reviews - sometimes very annoying and useless.
Bottom Line: This is just a default subscription for me that I've never let expire. It's incredibly cheap and there's always more than enough new content to browse during my next visit.

You have to keep it in perspective. Some of the members reviews complain about the quality of the uploads sometimes being bargain bin and not worth their time. Consider what you're paying and what they're offering. Every 5 hours there is an entirely new DVD available. Every site is hit and miss, but I haven't come across any site that has this many hits for this (small) amount of money.

Recently they've added a blog and the interaction between the people behind VideoBox and their subscribers has gone beyond customer support. Alison and crew are interacting with us and it's created a whole new level to the site that was never there before. It's an evolution that some of us really appreciate.

I know it's a security issue, but I would like to see them add forums. And I'd like to know how many times a video/scene has been rated regarding their 1-5 Stars rating system. Currently, something could have 5 stars and be rated by 100 people or 1 - you don't have any idea how useful the rating is. I don't have a good broadband connection to download everything - so this could be helpful.

01-13-08  10:14pm

Replies (3)
Visit Ultimate Surrender

Ultimate Surrender

Surprisingly Good

I've only just subscribed to this sight, mostly because of SnowDude's review. At a glance it's really not at all my cup of tea, so to speak. I'm not heavily into competitive sports - I've never been a fan of wrestling. Generally, lesbians/bi-sexual interaction between women isn't a high-ticket item for me.

I've watched 4 of the more recent matches - avoiding the ones where the comments point out that one of the newer ladies really was just letting the other lady have her way with her. I'm totally addicted to this site.

I don't know if I have the skill to write a review, but I felt I should comment. The people behind this site have basically created a female wrestling league with a sexual twist. Most of the women have been involved in more than one season (they're up to 5), so most of them are very serious about the wrestling. But they're all very sensual women - so they love the sexual side of it, too. Most of them are really trying and in the end have a great time whether they win or lose. And most who do lose seem very driven to do better next time and really want to come back as soon as possible.

It all feels very genuine which is very different then every kind of other porn out there. Some of the women clearly didn't know what they were getting into and appear to just be waiting for it to end. But most of them are really wrestling and fucking and having a good time doing it. It's more than just porn - it's hybrid sports. Try it, I think you'll be surprised.

01-13-08  09:24pm

Replies (5)

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