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Do you think you are addicted to porn?

Type: General

Submitted by picdude (5)
No, hardly watch it 5% 3 Votes
No, but I worry 19% 11 Votes
Yes, don't care 61% 35 Votes
Yes, I will seek help 0% 0 Votes
Yes, but can't admit it 14% 8 Votes

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57 Votes Total

Jan 28, 2009

Poll Replies (18)

Replies to the user poll above.

Msg # User Message Date


Toadsith (48) I pick Option #6: No, I'm a Porn Enthusiast.

I watch traditional movies a lot too. I don't think that qualifies as an addiction either. It seems to me that everyone is being turned into hypochondriacs (and the equivalent for mental disorders) by advertisers.

Weight problem?
Smoking habit?
Only get up from the left side of the bed?

Your problem is no problem with our assortment of possibly FDA approved drugs! Take them with the family! Share them with Fido! Everything will be fixed! New cars and peaches and Barbie dolls will fall from the sky! Enjoy! Be happy! Yay!!!

(Warning: Side effects may included suicidal depression and periodic bouts of situs inversus.)

Also, Option #5 is admitting it, so what's the point of it?

01-28-09  12:48am

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Thaeral (8) I'm going to agree with Toadsith and pick Option #6: No, I'm a Porn Enthusiast.

There aren't any options that apply to me. I do watch porn. There is no reason worry. I am not addicted to it.

01-28-09  01:22am

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Jay G (67) Agree with Toadsmith & Thaeral.

Addiction indicates something so out of control you neglect other IMPORTANT things in your life (you spend money you can't afford, destroy your health, hurt your friends). I budget my porn money (I spend more on one fancy restaurant meal than on six months of porn), think sexual release is a healthy thing, and don't hurt my friends or loved ones by this PRIVATE hobby (no more evil than stamp collecting).

I really believe porn is a healthy outlet for basic desires that can't be fulfilled in a complex and busy society.

01-28-09  04:32am

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TalonIcefire (6) Addiction: spending good money to sate my high adrenaline cravings (basejumping, freefall, SCUBA) ... Porn is entertaining (hell, my girlfriends agree) vice life consuming.
01-28-09  06:22am

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Denner (235) Addiction is not the word.
A hobby, an interest - and yes: enthusiasm, of course.
To be active here at PU indicates all above, but take a look at the amount of inputs from the ol' timers here (too): It's a bit like on and off. (this user included)
We all have periods where we're more active in the pornsearch/use, comments, replies and reviews - and some times less (active)- it all depends:
Too much for a long time - you might get bored - but
still most keep comming back again and again.

01-28-09  07:23am

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TheSquirrel (53) I agree with everyone. Porn is a hobby which does not take up a lot of time and does not dominate my life. I've been looking at pictures of naked women since I was about 8 and spanked my first girl when I was ten, There are no options which apply. So I haven't chosen any.

This reminds me of a job I applied for years ago (glad I didn't get it). You HAD to fill in an option even if none of them applied, you just HAD to pick the nearest. So in my own writing under the 4 options I put "5. None of the above," drew a little box and ticked that. Needless to say I didn't get the job.

01-28-09  07:54am

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Denner (235) REPLY TO #6 - TheSquirrel :

This is ALSO why it's fun to be here at PU - (quotation from The Squirrel):

" I've been looking at pictures of naked women since I was about 8 and spanked my first girl when I was ten"

Great lines there, bro...

01-28-09  08:21am

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MrReds (0) With so much wrong in our world too day for is one of the few good habits to have. If you have a drug or drinking problem your at some point going to hurt someone around you or yourself. Porn is very harmless. In fact I see it helping married couples and people who are single. Porn can be used to learn tips and trick to pleasure your partner. It can also be used to relieve your self.

By the why how much porn is too much porn? I like to cruze the armature sites and see whatís new for the day. My wife and I like to pop a nice little story based porn in the DVD for our movie night and we always have wonderful sex afterwards. I feel as long as youíre not into anything legal then porn is just like watching a Law & Order Marathon, itís just good entertainment.

01-28-09  10:23am

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messmer (137) I agree with most of the posters. Everything that is pleasurable is called an addiction nowadays, and everything that departs slightly from the "norm" is now given a name and called an illness. Strange world we live in.

Too many PhD's with too many theories and not enough common sense.

01-28-09  11:10am

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Wittyguy (105) I said no but I worry about it. The only problem with sort of off-the-cuff saying porn doesn't cause problems is that if you have a problem with it you probably won't be the first person to recognize you have a problem with it. In other words it sort of creeps up on you slowly pushing other things out of your life.

Personally, I think the addiction aspect needs to be taken a little more seriously because porn is a hobby most of us do alone and without others really knowing about it so we get good at hiding what we're doing. Given that porn is meant to stimulate your "base urges" it is something that can lead some to lose a handle on it as evidenced by fellow PUer's shutting down their accounts here. So I consume it but I'm also cautious about monitoring how much time I invest in it.

01-28-09  12:52pm

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elonlybuster (39) I'm not really sure with myself sometimes. I honestly don't get turned on from a lot of porn(s) simply because after you've seen so much it's almost nothing. But I do look at it on a regular basis... Does that make me an oblivious porn addict????
01-28-09  02:30pm

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Drooler (220) I've spent too much moohlah on porn, but I've been cutting back recently. ;) It has never ruined my life or anything. Frankly, life without it might not be as good.

So I guess I'm an enthusiast -- the term promoted by Toadsith. And after years of selective harvesting, there's a lot to be enthused about.

Certainly the last thing I need is some Big Pharma snakeoil as part of "therapy" to "treat" my "addiction" and give me side effects such as Toadsith described, along with (cue upbeat music to scenes of people engaged in blissful living in the outdoors) problems of the liver, the kidneys, the pancreas, the intestines, etc.

My, it is a strange world we live in!

01-28-09  03:26pm

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pat362 (375) I like toadsith's choice as well. I have easilly 5 to 1 more mainstream movies then porn ones. I'm addicted to buying movies. I love looking for those rare gems, and they don't have to be classic eitheir. I'll stick with my addiction since I don't drink, don't smoke and I've never taken an illegal drug in my life.
01-28-09  06:40pm

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TrashMan (Disabled) Im cool with it. Haha.
01-28-09  07:31pm

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turboshaft (24) Yes...but if there is a cure I don't want it! So-called "experts" have not lived my life, so they can go and waste their time curing themselves first.

(Please, no suggestions for the "correct" path in life -- that's not life, it's slavery!)

My question: do you think we are addicted to calling everything an addiction?

01-29-09  03:04pm

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redmondp (0) REPLY TO #10 - Wittyguy :

Who the fuck cares.
01-29-09  09:10pm

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senorim (19) I clicked #3"...don't care".Addiction alludes problems.Problems in your life due "X" addiction.
NO,I have no any problem.If we talk about FRECUENCY
then,I'm an addicted.I watch porn 3-4 times weekly
But,what's the"normal"frecuency.I don't know.If I
have free time I watch erotic movies on the web.
I never buy or rent movies on the store.Inclusive
is rare that I pay for a membership to some site
'cause-at present-I found out a lot of tube porn
sites with great content(flv format)FREE!!
I'm a pervert 'cause I collect vids of Alexis Texas,Simony Diamond,Angel Dark,Hannah Harper or
Lilian Tiger?,well,I'm a perverted one and I have a hobby,I mean,an addiction.

01-30-09  12:16am

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C Spanker (2) I'm not sure but I wonder sometimes. I don't know if I could give it up cold turkey and just not watch anymore porn. I sometimes find myself looking forward to going home just to see what new gems I find. Other times, I'm not really interested in watching it that much.
02-28-09  08:48am

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