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Denner (235) 03-16-08  09:36am
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Old stuff - New stuff - no exclusive

I do not want the honored members of this fine PU to regard this user as someone who's going for a hassle on VB.
But, man.....fellow users...as a member of VB for who know how many times, I still get the bummer-feeling.
Going for the latest updates, want do I find: Old stuff, videos the bookstore down at the corner have for a buck or less - or maybe even have gotten rid of - long time ago.
AND some of these videos in socalled "HD" is less than shit in tech quality...

If this is what we want, then I back out.

Is this site only quantity and - fuck quality? (for 99% of the content).
Man, how can a site like this remain nomero uno at TBP?

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RagingBuddhist (65) Hey - looks to me like Brazzer's is leading the pack here - and I'll be damned if I understand THAT. At least on Videobox I've found more natural women - and in higher resolution video - than what I saw while at Brazzer's. I'll admit that Brazzer's is more consistent in their content. All their video is relatively clear and well lit, while some of the vids on Videobox are just plain crap. But I don't WANT to clearly see women with basketballs growing out of their chests. The only stuff I found good enough to save from Brazzer's was all at 320x240 resolution - about 22 gigs worth. On the other hand, I have over 120 gigs of 720x480 vids from my latest trip to Videobox and my month isn't even up yet.

Sure - it's all about preference. You might not have agreed with me on the the stuff I rejected from Brazzer's or what I saved from Videobox. But to say there's not enough on Videobox to keep it really high in the ratings? I can't say I understand that. At the time of this comment, there are 4326 videos to choose from. Are they all hi-def? Nope. Are they all clunkers? No way! I say, "Step up to the salad bar of porn. You might want to pass on the tomatoes and the bleu cheese dressing - they're a bit stale looking. But the rest is definitely good to go!"

03-16-08  02:08pm

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badandy400 (103) I guess I have to speak up on this one. I am "that guy" who rated them at 100!! I agree that older videos suck, as they do on all sites, but VB does post old shit as new at times. In their defense though they do post enough stuff every day to keep most people busy. SO if you dont like a certain video just skip over it because there are certainly plenty others and at least a few of them will grab your attention. The quality on video box does need to improve. They have the bit rate to provide some good looking stuff, but I believe it is upscaled to use twice as much bandwidth to show the same thing. I still do not believe anyone else beats them. Besides, it you download one movie every other day you still come out ahead of paying a buck for the movie at the shit bin in the store. I believe they are great, but need to do better if they want to stay on top because others are catching up pretty quickly.
03-21-08  10:10pm

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #1 - RagingBuddhist :

What can I say, Brazzers is about big titties and who cares how they got there! They could use some more big naturals I agree, but it is there thing. But it is not really right to compare VB with Brazzers. VB doesnt have to make their stuff, they just steal it from everyone else and put it in one place and try to have so much that new people shit themselves when they see the video count. It is very easy to get a few hard drives full a month from them.

Brazzers makes their stuff and they make what they like. It is a different story when you actually have to film the scene and find the women and averything else involved. I wish brazzers could be bigger and better, but they can not simply insert the DVD they just bought and push the upload button. Do have to give Brazzers credit though, they are 600 GB so far and that is nothing to be ashamed of! But they will never match the amount of content the VB has.

03-21-08  10:17pm

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RagingBuddhist (65) REPLY TO #3 - badandy400 :

The only reason I chose to compare Videobox and Brazzer's is because Denner wonders how Videobox can remain so high in the rankings and I wonder the same about Brazzer's. But, when you say "Brazzers is about big titties and who cares how they got there", that tells a lot of the story. Me? I'll say it over and over again - I don't like scars on tits. I don't like huge tits that stand up, looking like someone stuffed 'em with a grapefruit, or worse yet, a volleyball. The state of porn today makes me reminisce about the good ol' days... Annette Haven, Tracey Adams, Ginger Lynn and all the lovely natural women we could watch - before someone decided bigger was better, no matter how it comes about.

You just told me Videobox merely steals their content from everyone else and yet it's the site you rated as perfect. It would seem to me that that's quite a con - a con you cited Twisty's for by saying you wish they'd "have more exclusive content than DVDs". I'm sure you'll have a spin on this to help me understand the apparent discrepancy here?

03-21-08  11:44pm

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #4 - RagingBuddhist :

I dont mind fake tits, but they need to be within reason. I do much prefer naturals with nice shape, but fake do look very nice when clothing is worn..obviously not the case in porn! Again, this is a personal preference between each user.

Yes, BV does "steal" their stuff. In other words they do not produce it. They just take a bunch of it and put it where we can all get it. When you go to a porn store, assuming you do perhaps you dont, you want to see stuff from Hustler, Zero Tolerance and all the other producers. No one want to go to 12 different sores to shop for porn. VB is like an online porn shop that you pay once a month and watch all you can. Twistys just did not have enough DVDs to do this well. Also, they way the did posted them was one scene every few days or whatever. At VB they post the whole damn thing at once and dont make you search around for the other half of the video.

I hope I have sufficiently "spun" this for you RB. :)
If I have not please let me know and I will dream up something else!

03-22-08  10:03pm

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RagingBuddhist (65) REPLY TO #5 - badandy400 :

Nope - still don't understand how you can give a perfect score to Videobox when you took points off Twisty's score for doing the same thing. At least where I stand, if one site loses points for "stealing", they all should. Release schedules or amount of material they have at hand doesn't have anything to do with it.
03-23-08  03:48pm

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #6 - RagingBuddhist :

Okay. I never said I took off from Twistys based on the DVD section. I always believe that more content is better, and if the extra content is junk it should not matter as long as it does not take away from the real content. I just do not see Twistys as a DVD site. Months ago when i was a member there they did not have a huge quantity of DVDs and they were slow coming, so i would rather them put that time into making actual updates. Then Twistys posts a part of a new DVD it counts as the daily update. I would rather see something that I have not seen elsewhere as the daily update.

VB is specifically design for DVDs, so I expect them to post DVDs from external producers. If Twistys posted the DVDs sperately from th normal updates I would not care because it would be considered extra content. Instead they are posting is the daily update making it main content. I would like to see something I could not buy on DVD posted as main site content for the daily update.

It is based on what I expect from the site. I expect DVD updates as the main content from VB, but I expect something brand new from Twistys as the updates. DVDs is just nor their thing. Also, there are other reasons for the difference in score, such as the file names and media quality.

03-23-08  07:54pm

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badandy400 (103) REPLY TO #4 - RagingBuddhist :

I really dont want to agitate you RB, but you gave the site a 97. There is not a lot of differences between a 97 and a 100. Things that some people see as cons I see in a different light. So far this is the only thing I have seen that we disagree on. So I ask you, is a negative trust really necessary. Hell, I even vote for you, and left a nice comment. I am not here to make people mad, it just happened with that review although it should not have. So far you are the only one still biting at it. So out of what, 26 review, I write one that you dont like and even defend it and you still dont trust me? Is there something wrong with my logic on the VB review.

Also, the difference between what you say about me and what I say about other people when they give a 100 or so is that I am willing to retract a negative trust. And, these people are not giving any reason at all why they feel a 100 is warranted. I gave many reasons and explained them. Explained them well I might add.

I understand you dont need to approve my VB review, but check out my others and set aside any differences you might have. Ask yourself "does most of what he is saying about all these site check out?" I really dont want you to think to yourself "what is this asshole saying now" every time you see me post a review or comment!

Sorry for stealing your thread Denner, RB did not have an email link on his personal page, so this seemed like the better way.

03-31-08  04:36pm

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Thaeral (8) I guess I just don't view VideoBox as a standard porn site like I do for every other site I have subscribed to. It's not just recreation or entertainment for me, it's a utility as well.

Most of the other sites that I go to expose me to models that I don't recall seeing before but took a liking to and wanted to see more of. A search on VideoBox almost always provides me with a number of scenes I haven't seen of those models. It's like a "Mr.Skin" for hardcore porn for me. On top of that, I can just browse recent additions in general and have access to numerous scenes that I haven't seen before.

The only negative I can think of that I'd add to my original review is that VideoBox can expose you to so many scenes of individual models that it can totally kill any interest you have in that model for some time or forever. It's over-exposure in some cases.

It's not an end-all-be-all of a site, but I cannot think of any porn site that I have gotten more use out of. And I don't have a premium membership - I just don't see the point. To me, that's like buying an HDTV and not subscribing to any HDTV channels.

To put it simply, VideoBox doesn't represent a woman I'd marry or make my girlfriend, it's my address book of booty calls, figuratively speaking.

04-03-08  08:59pm

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