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While viewing porn, do you enjoy watching a girl deepthroat a cock?

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Submitted by nygiants03 (162)
Yes, the deeper the better 38% 24 Votes
No, to rough for my taste 36% 23 Votes
I'm in between on this one 27% 17 Votes

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64 Votes Total

Jan 22, 2008

Poll Replies (20)

Replies to the user poll above.

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jd1961 (95) I like a good BJ video as well as the next guy (as long as the guy doesn't spend most of the time playing with himself) but I am not a fan of bile and spit, and ruined makeup. Japanese girls give the best porn head, IMO.
01-22-08  01:49am

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Drooler (220) If she's good at it, applause! If not, it's better left unattempted. There are other important things to do as well.
01-22-08  03:36am

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nygiants03 (162) I sorta like the rougher stuff. I like watching a deepthroat. However, I don't enjoy scenes like at facialabuse where the girl chokes and vomits all over his cock.
01-22-08  08:12am

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apoctom (145) Yes, but there's no need for choking or drooling everywhere. If she can do it like Heather on ideepthroat, then more power to her. If not, let it be.
01-22-08  11:22am

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SnowDude (214) I like the rough stuff now and again, but who says deepthroating has to be rough? I've seen plenty do it nice and gentle. Well, mostly. ;)
01-22-08  01:10pm

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Toadsith (48) As Rocco Siffredi once so eloquently put it: "You call it rough, I call it fun!"
01-22-08  02:03pm

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Davit (46) I answered 'No', but I suppose I'm biased in that I don't get turned on much by porn with cocks in it. I do understand the appeal of seeing a sexy girl give a BJ to a guy, but for me, it doesn't matter how hot the porn is with a girl and a guy - it's always ten times hotter to me if it's a girl and a GIRL!

Each to his own though, as they say. :)

01-22-08  03:47pm

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pat362 (373) My view is that if the girl is doing the deed then that's fine, but I've noticed far too many scenes in the last few years where guys force the girls to deepthroat and that is not appealing and quite wrong. On a similar subject I'm getting tired of the blowjob/gag that's outhere. A blowjob should never have a chocking or puking sound to it.
01-22-08  06:16pm

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PinkPanther (46) Yeah, I'm also not into the gagging or choking stuff - and especially not the puking. But hard and rough deep throat stuff that doesn't include those elements - and there's a lot of it around - is incredibly hot. Nautica Thorn is an example of a porn babe that can take a rough deep throat treatment and look just thrilled about it.
01-22-08  08:20pm

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Thaeral (8) I don't like the deepthroating where she sticks her tongue out and basically gags/chokes/almost vomits on it.

When there's a lack of a gag reflex or actual technique involved, yeah, that's hot.

01-22-08  08:49pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) Oh oh oh, I am mad... I'M HOT!! I AM SUING!! I WANT 150,000!!

I submitted polls similar to this one and I got rejected like some 5 foot rookie tryin' to shoot a jumb shot over Shaquile O'Neal!!

To each his/her own, right?! Well this is my each own... Deep Throating can kiss my buttcheeks!!! >:(

At the beginning of the scene, you give each other head... fine. That's natural!! But for him to always request to shove his knob down her throat EVERY FUCKING 5 MINUTES... COME ON, ARE YOU SERIOUS?!!

Look at WATCHTEN.COM!! Marco Banderas, 90% of the time, has his dick in a woman's mouth, almost as though she is brushing her teeth with it!! THAT IS A PRETTY ODD WAY OF FIGHTING CAVITIES!! :)

Ain't no natural man in his right mind going to drink gush from a squirting chick, yet women are to gag on a man's shaft and swallow his low sperm count!! How much equality you call that, ey?

AND... If you find a man that is willing to do that, he isn't in his right mind... HE IS ON SPEED AND COCAINE AT THE SAME TIME!!

I didn't even vote on this polls cuz I hate head so much!!

01-22-08  10:56pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #7 - Davit :


Porn is now almost smothered in blowjobs, man!!! "SUCK MY COCK AND FUCKING LIKE IT!!!!"

Oh for the love of mankind, if the rest of the 21th Century will consist of nothing but fucking blowjobs, well that leaves me to say this... The only thing that can give me head is the 21th Century!! Yeah, the 21th century can SUCK MY DICK!!! :D Skip the 21th Century and go right into the 22nd!! :-D

01-22-08  11:10pm

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Yes, I am not alone!!! I love life!! :D

Vote "NO" on Proposition "BLOWJOBS!!"

01-22-08  11:15pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #9 - PinkPanther :

Nautica Thorn... STOP!!! PLEASE!!! You don't have to do this!!!

You are too gorgeous for that shit!!! :D

Make those dudes give "YOU" a blowjob!! That's right... Make THEM suck on your clit!!!

Nautica... here's a rose for you!! 0))--->)---
I love you!! You don't have to suck dick, at least not mine!! I'll give you head!! Then fuck me!!

01-22-08  11:18pm

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Denner (235) I'd have a lot of words in my native tongue about this - but since my knowledge of the english language is more limited, this will have to do:

At first I did not get much of what Pinche Kankun is saying. This guy is simply freakin' out (on what?)
Man, last time I took acid, mescal cactus (lophophora williamsi), stp or whatever was many years ago - but here's some revival....

And then again: This guy are on to something.

Next:Well, quite some years ago I remember there was a kind of national prohibition of oral sex i the US - I may be wrong - or was it some of those freaked out/fucked up religious movements that tried to limit sexual fredom?
Anyway: There has always been some sort of fixation of oral sex in the US (maybe because of limitation af sexual freedom, I honestly do not know - AND I may still be wrong).
And this fixation has caught porn worldwide - more or less.

Too much porn is blowjobs, blowjobs and blowjobs and more blowjobs.

Where has fantasies (porn) about a lot of other erotic action gone....

01-23-08  03:11pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #15 - Denner :

Down some chick's throat, along with some dude's dick!! >:(
01-23-08  10:47pm

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PinkPanther (46) REPLY TO #14 - Pinche Kankun :

Someone needs some calming tea - she likes giving blow jobs. I saw her do a cam show where she had a guy that worked for her on her site come over so she could suck his dick. She would have had him fuck her but he was too shy to do it on cam, even when she told him, at my urging, "Fuck me or you're fired!" lol
01-24-08  06:03pm

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Woodruff (37) Have to join the great middle on this - hot when a girl gets a good few inches in her mouth, definitely not hot when there's vomiting involved. The hottest scene I've seen along these lines is Isabella Dior's 18YearsOld scene, where she does these super-hot squeaking/choking noises. That's my ideal.
01-24-08  07:13pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #17 - PinkPanther :

Okay then, perhaps I need to shut up! :)

It is different when they insist on blowing your mind. But for a gorgeous ass woman like that to threaten me to fuck her or lose my job, if she ain't got no VD... NO PROBLEM BOSS, I AM ON IT!! :D

Nautica Thorn is too damn hot!!! Perhaps I need to hit her up and ask her how come women like to receive facials!! :)

01-24-08  11:11pm

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Davit (46) I think Pinche Kankun needs to take his pills and lie down.

Anyhoo, I reckon this poll is pretty evenly split. But forget all this deep-throat shit. And as for watching some stubbly-faced bloke licking pussy, that's an even bigger turn-off. I just don't get why any hetro guy wants to see naked guys in porn!

I wonder how split this poll would be if the question were: 'Do you like to see a girl deep-tongue another girl's pussy and ass'.

Now, that would be a no-brainer.

01-27-08  04:25pm

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