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How do you organize your porn collection?

Type: General

Submitted by Toadsith (48)
By model name. 10% 7 Votes
By content type/style. 15% 10 Votes
By content producer (website). 37% 25 Votes
By a combination of the above. 22% 15 Votes
Organize it? 12% 8 Votes
Other (see reply). 3% 2 Votes

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67 Votes Total

Jan 28, 2008

Poll Replies (26)

Replies to the user poll above.

Msg # User Message Date


Drooler (220) Model names under content types (video hc or sc and pics). So it's a combination of the above.

Example: "Anastasia" who just appeared today at MetArt (nice set) is also Tereza, etc. I'll have to find out where I put the rest of her.

01-28-08  02:11am

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Goldfish (67) Does anyone use software (other than Windows Explorer) to organize their files? I've been looking for a search tool where you can associate meta data with a particular file.
01-28-08  04:26am

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ace of aces (179) others would take to much time...i`m a mass consumer :)
01-28-08  04:44am

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apoctom (145) I voted by name. Most of my content is by name, but some of the more unique porn is stored by content producer, like Chanta's Bitches or 1 By Day.

Like Goldfish, I'd like to know if anyone uses a different software to organize their porn collection.

01-28-08  09:07am

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littlejoe (23) if the site is single genre i arrange by model. if its multi genre i arrange by genre

if im downloading from forums or newsgroups i file by type. i NEVER mix site porn with forum/usenet porn

01-28-08  10:24am

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MrMac (5) I used to use a movie database program that could keep track of titles, actors, producers, dates etc and had the option of adding pictures to specific films or actresses etc.

It was a lot of hard work to set up and then I lost it all in a hard disk crash. I don't think I'd ever bother to do it again - it wasn't a great deal of use before the crash anyway!

01-28-08  10:25am

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Drooler (220) I've tried alternatives to the XP OS, but they were (as for others who've mentioned them) a lot of work -- too much extra pain for too little gain.

Top-down, my trees are, for instance, pics --> name --> site --> name of gallery. I try to keep the folders as "picture" folders (view --> customize this folder ...) so that a sample shot will show up in thumbnail view (naturally, an enticing ass shot) and so that I can run through them in "filmstrip" view.

Trouble is, the bloody things sometimes revert back on me to "document" folders. I've tried to make it a permanent choice, but the OS seems to have its own erratic whims.

And if I try to change many of the folders at once from document type to picture type, I get a lovely crash to deal with ("end program now" and a reboot).

I'm reminded of an article I read a couple of years ago that said that in the future, organizing by folders will be replaced by simply using sophisticated search functions. It was written by an "expert." I thought it was nonsense. People tend to LIKE to have their stuff visually organized in front of them! And remember e-books? That was going to revolutionize reading. Right.

01-28-08  02:51pm

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RagingBuddhist (65) Great poll! For some reason, I've always been curious about how people organize their files. And I definitely know what Drooler means by the XP trouble - that's one of the reasons I'm gonna be on 2000 Pro 'til there's a program I want that won't run on it. Thankfully, so far, I don't see that happening any time soon.

Yeah - I'm anal as hell when it comes to keeping files of ANY sort in order. Running multiple, large hard drives, it really irks me to have to spend a lot of time looking for something.

I organise by folders- Website first, then, if it's a small site, I just list video by model name, with a subfolder for pictures (if any), where I also list by model name. If it's a big site, I keep a separate subfolder for each model. If I want to organise a site by category, I make shortcuts to the files in that category and keep them in an appropriately named folder.

It's considerably more work, but I've done something similar to what Drooler does in XP. For my more favorite sites, I take a favorite picture of each girl, convert it to an .ico file, then use a little tweak I learned for WinDoze 2000 to make those icons into folder icons for each model. Set the folder to display large icons and... I just really like the way it looks. I've also taken screen shots of the videos, saved them as .jpg's and put them next to the video files themselves. Set the folders to display thumbnails and I like that look too.

But, to me, the real gotta have is a renaming utility to keep file names looking neat and orderly. I won't post the link, but you can go to Google, type in "bulk rename jim" (without the quotes) and the first link SHOULD be the site where I got the renaming utility I've been using for years now. An awesome asset - especially for those sites that leave you with those abbreviated and otherwise nondescriptive file names.

Now I'm laughing, cuz all that really looks like a lot of work. But it's not. Once you get into the routine of naming as you go, it's a real time saver in the long run.

This also might be a good time to remind people to BACK UP, BACK UP, BACK UP your data! No operating system is bomb-proof - especially WinDoze - and hard drives don't last forever! Having to rejoin a site, just to get back what you already had, really sucks ASS!

01-28-08  07:32pm

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Thaeral (8) I don't have any organization system. I have a download manager that downloads everything into a "video" folder. When I start running out of room, I delete everything.

I've heard from a number of places about Heatseek that might be something you guys might be interested. It seems to be more of a tool for hiding your porn on your computer, but it also has some organizational tools. And, it's free without adware or spyware. It's untested by me, though, I just thought I'd pass what I've heard along.


01-28-08  08:02pm

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SnowDude (214) I usually organize my stuff by website, but will often move certain content into themes like "short haired girls" or "pleasantly plump". Of course, that's when I organize it at all. :)
01-28-08  08:41pm

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PinkPanther (46) I'm glad that "Organize it?" was one of the options. That definitely describes my methodology. I put my stuff on CD's. There's not a lot of rhyme or reason other than making sure I don't fill up my hard drive and that I save the stuff that I like the most.
01-28-08  09:00pm

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exotics4me (463) I used to just download until my hard drive was full, then start burning to DVDs. Now, I have a small army of hard drives, Santa Claus was good to me and brought me a 1 TB drive, to go with a combined 2 TB that I had already. Someone tell me I'm obsessing here.

I organize mine by favorite models by making a folder with their name, then a subfolder with the site's name, that I store each site's content of that particular model in. I only have about 10-15 of these favorite models. I do change the filenames, especially if it is just a number like Viv Thomas uses on his videos, the new name will tell who is in the video if it is more than the one favorite model.

For the rest, I have a folder called DVD, and inside are dozens of model's names on subfolders, so when I visit a site like Videobox for example, I can store it by actress in their own folder.

Last, I have a smaller 200 GB Passport HD that I store all of my favorites on, just in case something happens to their folder in the other hard drive. Good question.

01-28-08  10:27pm

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RagingBuddhist (65) Just chiming in with another suggestion here. A few years ago, I started getting some unrecoverable CRC errors while attempting to rebuild a dead drive from DVDs. Some Googling brought me to the realization that not all discs are created equal and that there are several factors that affect their lifespan. To keep this somewhat short, I'll just point you to Google for DVD lifespan.

Here's the suggestion. Because video files are big and DVDs, even dual-layer DVDs, are relatively small, I've found that hot swap trays in external drives are a fairly safe way to store massive amounts of data. Yeah, drives die. But the chances of one going bad that's sitting on a shelf and not running 24/7, seems less likely than what I've seen in the failure rate of burnt discs. Files are quicker to archive and DEFINITELY faster when it comes to rebuilding a dead drive. Just copy and paste - and no coasters! It also takes up a lot less space than stacks of discs. And, lastly, if you take the cost of large drives, which are coming way down, and compare it to the cost, time and aggravation of fitting files on DVD, it just makes sense to me to do it this way.

01-29-08  02:10am

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littlejoe (23) yes, dvds dont last forever. ext hard drives are much better for long term storage.

i usually burn to dvds once i run out of hard drive space, but i rarely go back and re-watch the stuff. im more of a pack rat, i want to keep it even if i dont watch it. the stuff i love i put on a ext hard drive and keep on my computer as well

01-29-08  06:04am

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Toadsith (48) REPLY TO #13 - RagingBuddhist :

I agree that DVDs have many difficulties, but if you want to go the DVD route - Taiyo Yuden is the brand to go with. Sometimes hard to find, but worth the extra price - they even make archival DVDs & CDs designed to last 100 years.
01-29-08  08:20am

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Toadsith (48) Since I suggested this poll I ought to respond:

Currently I use Windows XP to organize the files. I used to separate the content into Photo & Video folders first, but so many mixed media sites exist now that I simply organize it by the production company. Then I make a folder within that with the model's name and the folder features a screen shot of the model - usually this can easily be pulled off the site and then you just set the folder's photo in the properties. Photo sets get their own folders in the model's folder, and the videos reside in the main folder.

If you are looking for a specific model this works pretty well, unfortunately, it doesn't organize it by the content well. I'm going to see about trying out ACDSee to organize it all as you are able to assign keywords and other nifty organizational features - plus the program now supports video too.

Backing Up the data is always a pain in the ass whatever way you go about it - be it DVDs or whatever. I recently lost a drive, so I think I'm going to try a mirrored RAID array setup next. Or I'll just live with it whenever the gods of entropy claim another one of my drives... which is more likely.

01-29-08  08:33am

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DpornGuy (36) folders usually, by site, or type of niche sometimes.
01-29-08  10:27am

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #8 - RagingBuddhist :

Backup is right! I had an older 40GB drive which, years ago, somehow couldn't handle what seemed to be a surge (and protectors were in place). Fortunately I had most of it on CDs also. Reloading from them is slow and tedious, but it sure beats going through the whole damn selection process again on live sites. Besides, some of the stuff is no longer on the web now anyway!

So before they get shuttled off to their new homes on my hard drives, I put all the latest on CDs. There are now a couple of glistening towers of them. But you never know when one of your hard drives is going to suddenly metamorphise itself into a futuristic doorstop.

01-29-08  11:44am

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roseman (253) Nice poll question. Mostly by website.
01-29-08  12:40pm

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RagingBuddhist (65) REPLY TO #15 - Toadsith :

That's a nice heads up, Toadsith. I don't burn much anymore, but it's nice to know there's a brand of disc out there worth looking into if I decide to.
01-29-08  12:49pm

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Davit (46) I just have one folder for each website that I've been a member of - modified to display the logo of the site (obtained by googling images of the website).
Then within each folder I have 2 sub-folders: 'Movies' and 'Pics'. And that's about it.

At one time I started to build up a separate folder of shortcuts by model name - but then I realised it was taking up a lot of my time, and was somewhat sad! So I deleted it and now if I want to find a particular model's movies, I just perform a quick search.

All my movies are named by model name plus an indication of the sourced site, e.g. Peaches-Zafira-SE.wmv (where 'SE' stands for Sapphic Erotica). That way if I make copies of the movies to store elsewhere, I can see instantly where they came from (without having to click each movie to see the on-screen watermark). I name my picture set folders in the same way. Solo girl movies/sets consist of model name plus site's description, e.g. Bridgett-mellow fruits-CS.avi (where 'CS' refers to Club Sandy).

01-29-08  01:50pm

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nygiants03 (162) website, sometimes model
01-29-08  09:08pm

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uscue (39) Models (porn stars) that I have a lot of get their own folder. Websites I've joined/downloaded TGP have their own folder (unless the content includes a previously mentioned Model in which case it goes in hers). Then there's also folders by categories like asian, black, mature, *fat*, midget, videos (like random videobox videos i wanted to download) and even a "random" category for short clips.

Gotta know where to find your porn man.

02-04-08  06:44pm

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Toadsith (48) REPLY TO #23 - uscue :

I gotta give respect for including the Midget category. Because, the truth is, no porn collection is truly complete without some Midget Porn. Gotta remember the little people. And of course Bridgette the Midget is creepily hot - she has such a beautiful face! Actually, this gives me a nice little segue to mention my favorite Porn DVD of all time - Cap'n Mongo's Porno Playhouse. An instant classic.


02-07-08  10:22am

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Monahan (44) Model Name>Website>Variable title/name

I also have specialized filing for sites (like FTV, Amateur, etc.) that just use phony first names.

I also keep an Excel spreadsheet with thumbnail photos and comments* and with links to the files to make it easy to find the babe/content that will do it for me.

*Big naturals, great face, large labia, etc.

02-07-08  10:56pm

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indybt30 (6) I keep track of my videos with a database that I can look up scenes by site, actress or by the acts that occur in them. I keep photos of favorite models together, but I keep general pics grouped by category (Anal, Facesitting, butt, Glory Hole etc)
06-07-08  05:59pm

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