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Visit Nubiles.net


Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: An extrodinaire amout of material
Both pics and vids
Models are all with pics and vids – at least from aproxx. since 2006
Some great material with Easteuropean model...from the ”ol' days”
And a major pros is the ongoing editing of older vids to better viewing quality
The mix of soft and hardcore – mostly a girlie-site – but still some hardcore material
An other top in scores: somewhere between 3-6 vids – and sometimes more picsets with the same model
Daily updates
Fine browsing
Bonus sites
Cons: Too few Easteuropean models in later updates
The newer vids seem a bit more stereotypic compared to older ones
Need for better pic-resolution
Model-name confusion
Download speed is unsteady
Bottom Line: First bear with me – I'm getting old/older and my English is getting rusty – have not made a review for a loooong time, but:

Nubiles is still one of the finest sites around with a tremendous amount af pics and vids.
The site – now Nubiles.net goes back a long time – started in 2004. Was a member the first time around 2007/2008 – and been coming back. Along with a couple of other major sites like DDF and 21 Sextury this site has been my favorite for many years.
Getting back once more here in this year of 2015, I can still get surprised. Surprised about the the results of my browsing and search for the older material: I still find models, I did not noticed in former periods of membership – and it's been quite a few.
Ok, I'm partial to those Easteuropean models from 2008 (and before and after) – and...."by golly" (lol) …..there are still some I've missed/not really noticed earlier....
And that's the fun thing about our porn – seeing something new – and sometimes something new from the past.
What is not good is those model names – why is most models here presented with different names from a lot of other sites? We've been here before – and some earlier webmaster at Nubiles came up with this: ”The models choose their own name” - Still a little funny, since most models at Nubiles generally has a different and same name at most other sites and in most index....but ok it just give you more work locating those models elsewhere....
Still I'm happy with this site – mostly going for solo-material in both vids and pics – and guess I'll be back again and again – the site is absolutely in a Top 5 for this user..

02-22-15  06:58am

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Visit In Focus Girls

In Focus Girls

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +Top-of-the-Pops in solo girls videos (only solo girls)
+ Exclusive content
+ Vast amount of material – vids and pix sets
+ Several different scenes of the same girl for the major part of models
+ Fine, great video quality – among others: top MP4.
+ Most of older vids are now reedited to up-to-date quality, nice!
+ Daily updates – one day video, next pics ect.
+ Several download options
+ Great download speed - mostly
+ No DRM, no download limits.
+ Zip for pics
+ Easy navigation/download – except update browsing
+ Nice price – except: see below
Cons: - Regional pricing
- Somewhat repetitive style in video scenes - but what exclusive site does not have that.
- A bit troublesome update-search (see below)
- A little too much going for outdoor scenes
- Confusing model names
- Poor preview (see below)
Bottom Line: In Focus Girls is probably the best solo-girl-video-site, I've joined for a long, long time. It reminds me a bit of the enthusiasm, I had when first joining the DDF, 1 By Day several years ago.

This site offers a vast amount (1300) of great videos of especially euro girls – the majority well known from other sites. But here you get exclusive scenes, exclusive shots.....oh, yes – some, a few of these scenes are placed elsewhere – but to my knowledge from this site.

And the best deal is, that most – far most – of the girls/models – have more than one scene. Most/some two or three, some even up to 12 different video scenes with the same model – that's really a collectors item.
And the older videos for those well known , favorite models have now been re-edited:
So you get vids from 2006/2007/2008 in fine, fine quality, too. Still a few, very few (2005) are not updated and in low quality.

The navigation is mostly very easy – especially when browsing models – the name, akas are confusing, though. Only about half are using a well know name...so if you want to browse for your favorites, you'll have problems – still they all have fine, big thumbs, so......

The video downloads are in 5 choices:
Four in the fine MP4 (my favorite):
1280x720 - 4Mbit
854x480 - 2Mbit
640x360 - 964Kbit
480x272 - 664Kbit
And MPG in parts

And – you get 4 streaming options, too.

At the moment there is almost 1300 videos here – a lot of nice browsing and downloading.
Generally I get a very fine download speed here – 1700-2000 Kb/sec – sometimes (rarely) it's somewhat slower.

It's a little annoying browsing updates: It now goes in pages from 1-108...and if you what like page 66 – you got to have patience clicking and clicking..
The models browsing is much easier: Alphabetic.

Preview: It's miserable and not informative – Strange with such a fine site, so do not let it fool you

Not much into pics – but you get three seizes – and of course zip – best is:

I hate that regional pricing, but overcame my principals here – and joined – and happy, I did.

This is truly a great site...and seems like the best around when it come to fine looking solo girls. Highly recommended.

08-19-12  11:35am

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Visit Thai Chix

Thai Chix

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +Some real thai girls - only some.
+A few somewhat nice - and totally exclusive - vids
+If you are going for quantity and not quality - this is the place.
+ Sorry - not any more Pros....
Cons: -The preview is a major cheat - inside the design is completely different and bad - and could not find any of the scenes from the preview...
-Horrible navigation
-Only one item download at a time.
-During one single download, you can't even browse the site.
-NOT a thai-site - except for a few vids/sets
-Most material is US-based asians, and can be found at a lot of other and older sites.
-Most material is non-exclusive
-Most vids in poor - very poor quality.
-Even at the price of 16.95 - it's a waste of money.
Bottom Line: I did it again - joined one lousy site, that I've joined before- a loooong time ago.
A fan of good/fine thai girl material, but this is (again() a total disappointment.

I know a real thai girl, when I see one - and there are a few here - but the vast majority of vids are non exclusive US-productions with asian girls of different origin.

So what does a thai-girl fan get here: Very little - some/a few special vids with girls filmed ind the right surroundings: A hotel in Bangkok or Pattaya - with some US-dude fucking them - fine, but way too few - and way too lousy vid-quality.
Have not found any over 640x480....and the sound quality is also a bummer.

The site got quite a few older/early thai vids - all from some other and more famous thai-site.

The navigation is the kind most hated from back in the 1990th.....the same goes for the design.
TBP states: 9.530 vids???
Could not find near half of that - maybe some really bad streaming vids are included here?

The same goes for the sets: Average quality and mostly US-asians - and the amount - did not even care to count it.

This site no where near deserves the 79,5 that "Maggie" send their way.....
Did TBP check out the total difference between the preview and what it promises - and what you get inside.. - Maggie should not have given this site such a fine score.

And to other thai-girl-fans: Stay away.
Not recommended.

08-18-12  08:29am

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Visit Cara Brett

Cara Brett

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + A solo site with a very beautiful (that's of course subjective) British model.
+ Fine quality (tech) videos - download.
+ Average/ok quality streaming vids.
+ Ok/average quality pix sets
+ Some zip - see below
+ Known/reliable billing co's (CCbill and Epoch).
+ Blog
+ General feed-back from model
+ Easy navigation
+ DL manager can be used
Cons: - No "pussy-shoots" - naked, but not intimate
- No separate link to updates
- Only about half of the pix sets have zip
- So called private vids are tame
- No other models, no bonus-deals
- The price is too high
- Generally hard to find updates
- Only one download at the time
Bottom Line: There are some good things to say about this somewhat new site, but - alas - the site needs quite some work. In too many ways...
This is her own solo site, but certainly not made by herself - and boy, could she do with better guidance.

Cara Brett is a 24-25 years old British softcore model - full breasted blond - and - I think - very beautiful.
Found her first else where "out there" on a couple of very sexy clips with dirty talk (but no total nude).
So why not go for her own site - good question, but I'll say: wait.

I was very disappointed after I joined:
Her vids are mostly boring - in spite of her sexy beauty. In the (average 5-8 minutes) vids she appears in different sexy outfits - and thats nice. But you only get like half a minute of Cara in total nude - and mostly from behind - or an awkward way of avoiding seeing her clit in front..

She's got these primary deals:
Self Shot Gallery
Behind The Scenes (vids)
Private Videos

Going for the Private Videos do not expect real dirty talk - it's more like soft, very soft tease talk.
There are at the moment 12 of these private vids.
There are 30 solo/strip vids.

All vids are to download - or stream.
1920x1080 - only in WMV (8500 kbps)

The pix sets - 32 - are in 1600x1065 and 1200x798 - strangely mixed in the same sets.
More peculiar is that, only about half have zip???

As a little extra - if anyone cares - there's Mobile Diary and Message Me.

Care Brett is a looker, but how I'd like to see someone more pro make a site for her.

And BTW-bottom line:

Her tits look somewhat real - they could be - not that typical silicone style.
But - alas - they are not. Studying some photos (oh, they'll be studied, lol) - there are small scars underneath....

03-05-12  06:35am

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Visit Teen Dreams

Teen Dreams

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +An extraordinary amount of vids and pix sets
+Almost 2700 vids (of various kind and quality and size)
+The top pros: almost 11.000 pix sets (ditto as above)
+Material goes back many years - great
+Daily updates - vids or pix - but only on weekdays!
+Relatively easy navigation
+Fast and reliable feedback from webmaster Andrea
+You can get around regional billing - mailing Andrea
+Ok quality for a lot of sets
+Ok quality for SOME vids
+Zip for sets
+Download manager allowed
+FINE variation of models
+Top site for older material
+Ok streaming
Cons: -Non exclusive - maybe some older stuff could be exclusive - hard to tell.
-Too many "NEW" vids in updates are OLD
-The same goes for pix sets
-Very unstable browsing speed and download ditto (better, a little better with download manager)
-Models names are confusing - some appears under different names.
-Only one choice of vids format
-Some newer vids with black frames (see below)
-Generally too many updates seen elsewhere
-HC material is older DVDs - mostly
Bottom Line: If you have never been at this site before - go there at once. You'll get - not exclusive material - but probably the best site getting hours and hours or day after day of browsing fine models.
The general deal with the site is the amount and the possibility to find models, sets and vids in thousands - and in ONE place.
First joined this site back in 2004/2005 - and still keep some of my most favorite vids/sets from here. Later made two reviews here in 2007 and 2009..
And the site has kept updating and updating every day for years and years (except weekends).
But the quality of those updates - lately - is so and so - compared to the thrill I got in earlier years.
Now it's way too much licensed material from newer sites going for - again - easteuro models.
A lot here are easteuro models and that's just fine - but I see more and more older material placed as updates.
Some newer vids now have ugly broad/black frames - which means: no full screen - quite weird.
There's quite a difference even for newer vids concerning quality - some are too lousy for a site like this - put in as updates in 2011.
Normally wmv but they still put up older vids in mpg.
The sets are as varied as everything else in quality - some tops, some medium ect.:

I'm at this new membership generally a bit disappointed in especially:

Some of the quality of the later updates - and a bit of the variation too. At the end of this membership term I've downloaded very little - most was some of the older material I never got around to earlier...
Still this site deserves the 80 and subjective (of course) score from this user.......because bottom line:
You cannot avoid to find and download some really great vids and sets

10-16-11  08:32am

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Visit Teenrotica


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + An extremely generous amount of models.
+ Not sure – but it seems like entirely exclusive material (see below)
+ Generally hot looking models, most of European origin.
+ Mostly a site concentrating in sets – so vids fans – your're warned.
+ It's like thay say: ”tons of galleries”
+ Zip – in 2 sizes – for sets
+ Mostly fine viewing quality for pix
Cons: - Close to miserable quality in the major amount of vids content – unbelievable for an almost major site in 2011
- Outdated style, design and navigation
- Regional pricing
- Three formats for vids – but none of them gives you any viewing pleasure
- Even some newer vids are a joke in viewing quality
- Too much lez content for my taste
- Even without regional pricing $19.95 it's too expensive for what you get – in vids anyway
- No way of knowing about updates – no date on those
Bottom Line: Oh, yes: bottom line: My personal feeling here is clear – I wasted my money – and that including the fact, that this site deals in regional pricing. But that's only a total secondary issue.

Teenrotica is downright outdated – in style, in navigation, design – and it's almost a scandal (harsh words, I know) that a site that cost $ 19.95 – and for Europeans about $ 29 – has such miserable material in videos.

Despite the preview has a so called UPDATE – that is missing at the members area – Instead you can turn to VIDEOS or GALLERIES for the latest and the first inputs. (or Models without dates)
When browsing for videos you get the new ones first – and being a member years back, I thought: Okay, this site started up in 2006 and videos then were generally not good.
But the new ones in 2011 are in a quality I'd would be ashamed of, if I was behind the site.
The size is all in so called 3:4 – and the viewing quality is simply low down.
Most vids are around 100 Mb in AVI format – and much less in both WMV og MOV. Three formats – save it and get better quality instead.

It's a shame. Because Teenrotica has so many fine models – and I seriously believe it's exclusive.
We all got favorite models – and the material I found of these models (both in pix and vids) I have not seen elsewhere.

This is mostly a site with solo and lez material – both vids and sets. A few hc/bg inputs – and most of these are only bj.
And for a couple of those bj vids – it's lousy editing. No foreplay, no posing – but starts with close ups of bj.....it seems like unfinished bussiness.

Then to the little more positive deals here:
The pix/sets are generally in ok/fine viewing quality. You get a choice of 2 zip download sizes (high and low) – guess no one will go for the low. And you got a pretty good thumbnail preview for all sets.
And you can use the thumbnails to view directly in Small, Large og XL. Do not really see the point, but some may like it.

If I was a pix fan foremost, this site could get a little better score, in my view. But the design, style, navigation AND first of all: those low/very low quality vids – I cannot recommend Teenrotica.
The 65 from this user is entirely due to the sets/models (See PU rating: 60-69 - Does more things wrong than right)

09-09-11  08:05am

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Visit Petites Parisiennes

Petites Parisiennes

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +Exclusive, exclusive and exclusive - the best pros I got for this site.
+ Several vids and photosets of almost each model.
+A few very adorable models/girls/ladies.
+Models - a few - NOT seen elsewhere.
+Special style in both vids and photiosets.
+Some - or rather quite a lot of - reverse strip tease - if you're into that
+Fine vids download options in three formats/sizes:
640x360, 1280x720 and 1920x1080 (think the numbers are correct)
+Fine and fast feed back from webmaster
+Forum for discussions
+And, need I say it: Zip for photos..
+ Pix size: UP to 4000x2667
Cons: - I have been confused(have now canceled) about updates - the site only show ONE update at the time - when hitting "Updates"- bottom.
- Close to "most" of the models are either quite average or - some - even unattractive. (I thought France had more knockouts...)
- Still more well known models - not really a 'cons' - but a bit disappointing for a site like this.
- Problems joining from Europe and the ol' regional pricing item - BUT got help fast from jamy, the webmaster.
- Had several problems when browsing - not logical - confusing more likely...
- Somewhat low in amount of models (But: that kind of adds up with the fact that each model has 5,6 or 7 vids/sets)
- Almost 1/3 of models have NO vids - only pix.
- Only Softcore - but that's the name of the game here..
- Older videos (not that old: 2009) - some of them are BLURRED...or maybe old time Penthouse alike, but NOT good.
Bottom Line: The first hits I got, when joining this site, I was enjoining myself - and after reading some earlier reviews I really thought:
Here is a NEW, different and quite an exiting porn/softcore site with some great "birds"...

"Birds" - or models that is not seen elsewhere - and ok, along with well known models, too...
But I was hunting for the unknown ones, unknown at least at all those hundreds of sites we all here are accustomed to...

But now - after terminating one month of membership - I'm disapointed.
Only saved vids/sets of two or three models in my stash - those NOT seen elsewhere - both exclusive for model and for the sites vids/set...

Like mentioned in the Cons.: Too many of the exclusive models do not hit the fan - OK, this is very subjective - but again - a review has got to be subjective - others here at PU may like the models I don't and visa versa.

BUT: generally this site could be much better with a bit more demanding way of choosing models...at least the unknown ones...

Like I mentioned in Cons I had problem in the browsing/navigation - it's simple if you go for "MODELS" - but almost every thing else you run into problems... like for one: Updates - you only get ONE coming up.....again subjective: I think it's a bit of a mess.

About the reverse strip tease:
At this softcore site you get a lot of special clips/vids (movs) of girls posing, stripping and very little masturbation.

It seems like the most favored deals here is reverse strip:
It CAN be fun, sexy, ect. - but when it's a theme at a lot/ too many vids, it gets to be too much... watching one of the few special, gorgeous models doing more vids with that theme, you loose interest - well I did, anyway.

Photosets: I like many pics in a set - but this site seems to be a bit stingy....too few, bottom line. My favorite only has 50 - not enough in my opinion.

Quality - viewing: Generally the new/latest vids are pretty good in viewing quality - but not more that pretty good/ok. Compared to what we got elsewhere it's only average - and some 'old" ones (not that old - 2009) are way off todays standard.

Sorry, but I can't get higher than the 70 here for some nice exclusive girls, but they are too few - and I can't get nowhere close to that 91 we now see at "Top Rated" at PU....It's bottom line a subjective and an honest opinion from this old timer here at PU....

08-01-11  08:18am

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Visit MC Nudes

MC Nudes

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Before pros:
This is a premiere/opening night, la,la.. of more short reviews from this user:

+ Top of the pops in nice models - a lot of really great models, to be precise..
+ Fine/Great video quality
+ Somewhat a fine variation of models
+ Great photosets - maybe better than vids
+ Zip for sets - AND choice of fine resolutions
+ Exclusive material
Cons: - Main cons: Repetition!
- Like a couple of other soft core sites MC Nudes seems to have a lot of difficult in renewal of general attraction in both sets and vids.
- They go for 3D now - who cares - for a paysite at PC-level...
Bottom Line: MC Nudes was once kind of a favorite - for two reasons:
1) Great models
2) Fine quality vids, quality has seems to go further and further - fine.

But generally the content of both vids and sets lacks a lot in "development".... not much new in matter of more sexy videos - of more refined erotica..
MC Nudes has been the same for too many years - in my book and:
It never seems to get off that special way of doing the same style over and over again.
Did not mean to join, but some models I dig, I had to go for - AND: Those models have a lot better/more erotic/more sexy vids elsewhere.
Still it's a 70 - for the quality and models.
Go elsewhere (TBP) than this review for specifics about formats ect.....

07-05-11  08:57am

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Visit Babespotting.tv


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + British nudes, Euro ditto, Easteuro nudes and some US...yes, nudes - a fine mix.
+ Full body, full nude (mostly) posing/strip.
+ Some rare models (elsewhere)
+ The POSING, the STRIP is the deal.
+ SOME masturbation - (VERY few HC/BG scenes).
+ Now downloadable vids.
+ A lot of sexy girls - teens and a little/somewhat older.
+ Soft, but still erotic nude vids - some only semi nude, but still sexy.
+ Still streaming, if you like that.
+ Easy navigation (at last) - search for models
+ Zip for the - not many - sets (It's a video site).
+ Generally 3-5 vids for each model
+ DM allowed
+ NO MORE regional pricing
Cons: - Downloadble videos only in .mov files.
- Still too many NEW vids only in semi-nude
- Low on pix sets
- Vids a bit too short (average 5 minutes - some less some more)
- Quality of vids are JUST OK (fullscreen) - could be a better compared to todays standard.
- Lousy preview - from before they upgraded the site.
- A little name confusion: Sometimes the same girl appears under two different names.
Bottom Line: Did a first review of this site late 2009 - and a LOT has improved - first of all the now download of videos.
Still it's a bit strange to realize that this site is part of the ONLY TEASE company - compared to the video and pix sets quality of the main sites here - this Babespotting.tv is way behind.

But even so: the content of full nude models doing very fine and sexy vids is the main deal here. Along with the fact that you get some great posing in almost the vintage way by models not seen at most US or Easteuro sites - British models, of course - but some great vids of Czech ditto. And those - ok, quite a few - better know models are doing the posing/strip in a different way.

It's a ".tv-site" - so it's primarily vids - and you'll get almost 900 of them.

Now updates every day - either vids or pix sets.

And I really appreciate that most models have several vids in different outfits and style - though the "style" in general is somewhat the same - but, no problem here - one model doing strip and pose in different outfits is somewhat unique.

The vids are typical 200-350 Mb and with an average of 5 minutes - some more. The site now boast of downloads - about time. Gave it a 55 score in 2009 for no downloads - BUT: Only i mov - most other sites from that TEASE ONLY Co. has more alternatives.

Still the content/models here are generally great - and more nude than the other Tease-sites.
So if you dig POSING and some STRIP TEASE on the softer site - but still mostly full nude - this site is now to be recommended - JUST. With those cons in mind.
And a small bottom line: I found here some models/nude posing vids that I'd consider FAV and certainly to be kept in my stash...

05-06-11  07:47am

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Visit AT Kingdom

AT Kingdom

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Massive amount of models in fine variation
+ Euro, easturo and US-models in a good blend
+ A lot of the material seems exclusive
+ Vids have lately been upgraded in quality (Thanks for that).
+ Fine viewing quality of vids in low/medium size (see below)
+ Now about 12.000 vids - new ones really good quality, older average, but the old ones (see cons)
+ Very easy navigation. (except for model name search)
+ Vids - NEWER - now in several formats: WMV, HD MP4, HD standard, iphone, streaming.
+ Zip for sets
+ Daily updates
+ Models with vids have more than one (some up to 12 - most 3-4)
+ Quite a lot of solo vids WITHOUT toys
Cons: - Too many models have no vids
- Old vids are close to useless (viewing quality) - unless your much into vintage
- Could not find any reediting of older vids
- Total model-name confusion - most well known models are not under any of their otherwise known aliases
- Unstable browsing speed (have had no problems with download ditto)
- Old vids parted in 5-8 different files for the same scene - and not join able
NB: DM NOT allowed
Bottom Line: Been a member of different ATK-sites over the past years - and still think ATK Galleria could be the best deal:
1) You get most amount of content here.
2) You get a good variation of models
3) Enjoy hours and hours of browsing for models, vids or sets

Have not been at any of them (ATK) for a while - and getting back to this one is mostly positive:

They really have done fine things about the video quality. I enjoy here that the newer vids have so good quality even for the 'low' standard wmv-files. An average 10-15 minutes scene is about 150 Mb for the wmv (800x480) and can easily been watched full screen.
And that gives you fast download for an entire scene. You can also get the new vids in HD (MP4) - with an even better solution - and average 4-700 Mb.

Like - for one - Karups PC this site has a lot of fine teen models - including girls from the past. Girls seen elsewhere - but ATK Galleria has got some sets and vids not seen elsewhere.
It would be great if the site could do as DDF has: Reedit some of those older vids.
Alas some of the older vids in average quality are split - and each scene starts with text and can not be joined.
Still I'll recommend ATK Galleria TODAY - and give it a better score than I did in 2009 - becuase of - now - much better viewing quality and still a fine model variation: Mostly solo and some hc/bg.
The price is average and no bullshit with regional pricing.
The most annoying is still the mess with model names. There are so many here that you want to search for your favorites - but they - almost - never have any of the better known aliases...
For one: The newer great russian model Betty/Alice/Sinovia is here at ATK Galleria called 'Lory' - not anywhere in EBI,Pornteengirl.com or others have I found her under that name. - A bit frustrating in your search.

Another bottom line - to ATK: Get those older vids reedited AND joined!!!!

05-02-11  07:02am

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Visit Fedorov HD

Fedorov HD

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Exclusive material - totally, as I see it.
+ Good selection of completely new models!!
+ Mostly beautiful easteuro - and w-euro models
+ A fine sense of the solo erotica
+ Good variation in models and style
+ Very sensual indoor shoots and beautiful outdoor ditto.
+ Ok on updates for a new site, exclusive and somewhat small site.
+ Fine quality in vids and sets (except: see below)
+ Vids in WMV, MP4 and iPhone.
+ Zip for sets (3000 px)
+Good preview
+ Fine feedback from webmaster
Cons: - Still a little too few videos - now 28 vids.
- ONLY solo girls - but ok, this is what the site is about.
- Music sound mostly in vids - a few with live sound and some mixed.
- Can't blame the price of $ 24.95 much - BUT with this limited amount a bit lower price in the start would have been fine.
- Generally a rather small site till now: 28 vids and aproxx. 138 sets.
- I'b have preferred more indoor shoots - vids and sets.
Bottom Line: This is the same guy who runs the (in my opinion) very fine EroBerlin site - based in Germany - and who goes all over Europe and even the US to make the shoots for vids and sets.

I think this is a producer/siteowner who at the moment is doing a really good job on the sensual/erotic solo front.

The fact that so many of the models are new/newish and quite a few not seen anywhere else got to give this site a thumb up for the pornuser.

Take a look at the fine preview to see what models you can expect - and see how many of these models you've seen elsewhere.
My praise goes primarily to that fact - in the never ending hunt for new material.

Alas - as a main video-fan - this Fedorov does not have that great specialty as EroBerlin - where girls/models in quite a few of the videos does a nice dirty talk in their charming broken/easteuro accent English.

But then again this site has made a serious revival for this user concerning photosets. This could almost sound like a US commercial:
"Tired of all the wellknown ways to do sets, tired of all the wellknown models - well, then you've come to the right place...."

Seriously - and bottom line: This is somewhat a fresh deal in models and sets - and the quality of generally 3000 px - and zip - no complains.
This site is to recommend - but do not get disappointed - check out the preview for the models...

03-24-11  07:54am

Replies (6)
Visit Teen Mega World

Teen Mega World

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +This large amount of different, great, ok, fine vids in mostly great quality of east-euro material - at this point – is not seen anywhere else.
+25 different sites in this network - most hit the fan, some mediocre, a few less.
+NEW sites keeps coming up - the latest: Tricky Masseur and Beauty Angels, just great. (Take a preview tour at those two sites alone...)
+Models, models and again models: A lot of new ones and some rarely seen anywhere else - AND some just Tops.
+Easy navigation for models, sites and scenes.
+Easy navigation for downloads – both vids and pix sets.
+Most vids have two or three different download-sizes - at your command.
+Pix sets with zip.
+A general "gift" to the member of new models, that's very importent here..
+Fine variation in solo-vids, hc, lez and others.
+Ok price: $ 19.95
+ Easier and better model-name listings for identification
Cons: Not entirely exclusive – that means: Teen Mega World is for one part of the rather vast Cyprus (Euro)-based Co. S&S Royal Limited that has over 30 sites – and a lot of the material seems licensed.

Repetitive scene-style at most sites (the new Tricky Masseur a fine exception) – and a repetitive use of male models – not that I care much – but it inflicts on the style of scenes, alas. A certain male is participating in an overwhelming amount of scenes, and it has to much influence about lack of variations.

In spite of some great models the scenes could generally be better. Too little focus on the girl model – tease, full body ect. - som scenes you almost forget what model you went for, because of too many close-ups.
Bottom Line: If your are into fine east euro porn – you can't be without this site/network.
I've been a member on and off for years now (my last review was in April 2009) – and since then the network has gone through some serious changes – for the better. Gave it a 90 back then, but for the first time, I'm close to the 100 in spite of the cons mentioned – and except for one deal: Still too few full body hc scenes – a general problem with most east euro hc vids.
But why? They make great solo scenes in that way – so why not let the style move to hc, too.

Main reason I give this network the top 98 score is:
1)That vast amout of over 2.300 vids of east euro girls.
2)A great/fine variation of known and new models
3)The way the network still keeps giving the member new deals/sites
4)4 And of course: A reasonable price

Maybe, just maybe, this network is a serious competitor to those wellknown sites, like 21Sextury and DDF.
During my stay here, I'm much more content with this network, that I've been for some time at the two others in mention.
Again the variation of NEW models here, just beat the hell out of ”The Big 2”. This is what I've missed in the hunt of new teen material – where ”The Big 2” keeps repeating the same models over and over.

The navigation has gone through some serious changes – for the better. There are 25 sites at the network, but easy to browse, go for that special site and find the model, the download options ect. Now they got an all over model search for all sites – great.

Not all sites are fine, like before – but it's far better now. Out of 25 – maybe 18-20 are worth while.

Apart from the fine videostreams, where you can sort of ”preview” scenes before download, a lot has Low Q, Medium Q and High Q quality for download – a variation of aproxx. 150Mb to 900 Mb – all in .wmv. Some later vids have iPod and Mobile format, too.
You can – NOW – also download short part-scenes.

Bottom line: I'm glad I got back here – been looking for a netwpork like this after being a bid fed up with ”The Big 2”. And my $ 19.95 is just well spend here – a serious recommendation – and for now it looks like I'll stay for more than a month. But take a tour, guys.....

HAD to downgrade my score. Maybe I was a bit fast here - but 'as times go by' a lot of the material seems a bit stereotypic - in filming, in the way they show the girls - or rather NOT show enough of the girls before the hc act. Still, there are some fine material here and great models...

01-10-11  11:33am

Replies (13)
Visit Nubiles.net


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Ok, a 92 is within the "Excellent"-deal at TBP/PU - and this site IS excellent!
+ The pick of models is almost getting back to the days of nostalgia, which means: Great.
+ Nubiles-providers of sets and vids has gone through, I believe - a demand from the Nubiles-folks.
+ A fine mix of easteuro models and US ditto - and SOME UK, too.
+ Still better quality in both vids and sets - (Here they outrun Karup's PC, for instance)
+ A great choice in vid-formats: WMV, AVI, MPG, MP4, Mobile - fine service for your own choice. And even most in flash for instance viewing.
+ Zip for photosets in 2 sizes.
+ Updates/reediting vids of some older material.
+ Fast getting used to navigation - AND when your're there it's very user friendly.
+ Fine preview-deals (as a member) of vids via small MPG-files - included thumbs.
+ VERY fine updates - normally 2 sets and 1 vid a day.
+ Nice way of updating three new models at a time.
+ DL manager allowed
Cons: - Regional pricing - via TBP it's CCBill - and more expensive for PUs outside US.
- Some lack of top-teens - too many dull/average looking models.
- Stripped socks and alike (pigtals) - no need for that.
- Need for better hc-performance - too repetitive (see below)
- Useless bonus-sites
- Better search-function wanted.
Bottom Line: OK, this is/was one of my all time favorite site for years - first of all it's a softcore/solo girl/masturbation site - with a touch of hc - aproxx 1/4 - 1/5 of the content is hc. (Some models do not have hc, though).

I go for the easteuro models primarily - no offense US-models - but they (easteuro models) have in Nubiles a certain aura about it - some of the best and long time saved material, I've got from Nubiles - in the soft/masturbation gender...

And that's what this site first is about - that solo girls deals - in strip, posing, masturbation - and here's some very fine material.

BUT, Nubiles (as for young teens)....WHY do the models/your providers of models STILL have to make those girls appear in stripped socks, socks, pigtails ect - just to make them look like teens? They ARE teens and as a fan I'd like to watch more in lingerie and high heels - like the old days - an update in that style more would be great.

Nubiles has now updated some that those older and GREAT sets and vids with easteuromodels - and thank you for that - vids in much better viewing quality, just to name a few: Emmy and Diane (and Aicha, listen to her dirty talk) - keep it coming. Keep those updates of vids coming.

Only VERY few models do not have vids. (thumbs up for vid fans).

Lately Nubiles has come up with new and exclusive models/material - not yet seen anywhere else (Fayina and Anushka) - thumbs up.

Again with solos and hc - some of the hc vids is very much from providers - and very repetitive, alas - we watch this easteuro male-"star" again and again - used at I do not know how many other sites - guy a bit abusive to the models and getting to be somewhat of a bore, generally (repetitive)- it ruins the deal.

Still: Nubiles is a favorite with a lot to offer in - especially - fine solo girl content, fine quality, a damn fine archive for new members and generally Top-of-the-Pops - no one partial to sologirl-material is cheated with the content here...

11-01-10  08:36am

Replies (10)
Visit Karup's PC

Karup's PC

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + An exorbitant amount of material
+ You can go on for days/weeks/months in your search
+ You'll find a lot of exclusive/licensed material here, that's hard to find anywhere else.
+ Even with the use of licensed material (too!), you'll find stuff here that might take you a lot of time to locate anywhere else (and save you some money)
+ Easy navigation - it's generally fun to browse all this content.
+ A lot of exclusive vids and photosets - even if they generally got external providers.
+ Fine updates - every day. (Except weekends)
+ Much better vid-quality - lately.
+ DM allowed and zip for pix
+ Almost ALL vids in WMV
Cons: Not so damn much in the cons. - but:
- The new/newer vids quality could still be a bit better!!
- In spite of the enormous amount of material, quite a lot - or at least some of the models are VERY average.
- I like old stuff, by all means - but too much of this are in low quality.
- Most of the vids here are in average quality - only the very new are in HD - wish they would update some of the old vids.
- The navigation is generally fine - but the design is an 'old timer' - they need to renew that - with a touch, though.
- A lot of model-name confusion.

AND - Cons bottomline: Why not get together a Karups network, too!
Bottom Line: Karup's PC - man, I've been here a LOT of times over the years - it's porn - no: PORN - from when things where a little bit greener/younger.

This site - and the Karup's Hometown Amateurs - and the later Karup's Older Women kind of reminds me of the old days - not so much bullshit - just a lot of fine material in vids and pix-sets - and hours and hours of browsing - and enjoying.

Like the deal where you can find models with pix and vids from long time back:

MAN, dig this - I even found the greatest vids and sets of an hungarian model - Chanel - who's now a 'working girl' (escort-service) here in Denmark/Europe - always wanted to fuck her - and now she has very fine vids and sets here - funny!

You can go on at this Karup's PC - and locate girls/models that you have not seen in a long time - and wow, suddenly, you'll find material - sometimes a little older stuff than you'll find at 21. Sextury or DDF or elsewhere. BUT the same model.... I like that!

Generally the pix/photosets of just a little older material seems/are better than the older vids.

The quality of newer vids - from late 2009 and 2010 has increased a lot. Most now in HD - whatever that means - because even if they're ok in viewing quality - none of the vids - even the latest are in the same league as what you can watch from 21. Sextury/DDF/and alike - and very far from In The Crack - if Karup's PC would ever get there, I'd put another 5 on the score...

But bottomline Karup's PC is a very decent site with a hell of a lot of fine material for the serious pornbrowser - but bare in mind 2/3 of the vids/sets are softcore - only 1/3 hc (aproxx.) - the same goes for the pixsets.
(BTW: That my score is the same as the DUKE's (TBP), says more about the DUKE than this user, but we agree here... LOL)

10-25-10  06:42am

Replies (5)
Visit In The Crack

In The Crack

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Mostly top-quality videos and stills (primarily from 2007 and forward)
Top models - euro and US and a little from elsewhere
Maybe some of the best full body (teasing) scenes - and of course a LOT - too many - close ups.
Here you get a lot of kinds of strip tease, posing ect. - and done in professional, erotic and sexy ways.
Variation of models
Download manager allowed - thank you (LARGE files)
Good preview - apart from the fact that you do NOT get much videos as preview.
The way the models act, are done with make-up and the final quality - nobody else have this kind of quality!!!!
Cons: High price!!! ($ 34.95)
Still got that DAMN regional pricing - could not get it other ways, so it was - EURO 34.95 - over $ 40.
No full scene downloads - BUT: ok, the files are so large that a full scene - joined - is mostly over 2,5-3 GBs.
Older from 2007/2006 and back are NOT great quality

TOO much close ups - BUT that the name in the game: "In The Crack" - so be prepared to a LOT of pussy/anal close ups.
Updates are not in the top league - 10-12 a month - both videos and stills.

Top quality video files ( all WMV) are simply TOO large - this quality can work in less seize...
Only solo - and some lez.
Bottom Line: First of all:
THANKS TO DROOLER for bringing this site to my attention - even if it's some time ago.
So I've been looking/hunting/browsing this site for some time before I got to this - hesitated because I really dislike that regional pricing shit, but ok:

Can't resist anymore!
Because the deal here is very simple to the solo-girl lover: You'll get some magnificent performance from some of the best looking teens/girls/models around - Euro, Easteuro, Latin and US-models.

Done in maybe the best way to day for solo-videos at all.

I've seen them all elsewhere - so it's not new models - but In The Crack has something else: it's the way the scenes are done, the quality (from around 2008 and up till now) that are so special.
They have several scenes with Lexa:

Great looking girl - but at In The Crack - her videos are close to heaven...
Well, check out the preview.
Even good old Shawna Lenee has the best solo videos, I've seen

All video-files are split - and all in WMV - but since the (each) files are so large - it's not a problem - and you join them if you want.
You get more than 400 videos here - ok, split up (in LARGE clips) and alomst 100 great models - the price is high - and apart from the regional shit - I still think it's worth it - have not regretted my join....

Three sizes of videos (640x360 - 1280x720 - 1920x1080)
Those large video files are sometimes over 1 GB - and if you download all - man, you're going to need pretty much space..
Stills - photosets are: 2400x1800 - for the later stills.
Bottom line - this In The Crack has so much potential and some very erotic/sexy solo material that I got to hand it a 95 for: Quality, sexy performance, models and the way the girls are handled in the videos... still a bit too expensive, regional pricing a big CONS - but a lot of fine material will fill your hard disk a little too fast - because the content is worth it.....

You got to check out this site, if you have not been here, yet...

06-13-10  08:08am

Replies (4)
Visit Teen Sex Mania

Teen Sex Mania

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Fine content/amount of content of easteuro-models and hc/bg - hc/gg.
Still better quality of both HD videos and photosets.
Enormous amount of videos and pics at bonus sites
8-10 great/fine and somewhat exclusive bonus sites (and several other bonus dittos with not much importance)
Models/girls of somewhat high teen-standard - from beautiful to average
Fine download speed
Choice of hq/mq/lowq for videos - all wmv
Network update almost daily - almost (see below)
Somewhat exclusive - you may find some of these videos/sets elsewhere - now or later on
GOOD price: used to be $ 29.95 - now it's 19.95 via TBP.
Cons: Navigation can get tricky - in the start - but after a couple of days it seems ok.
Totally name/modelname confusion - you find the same model under different name around the network - BUT also at the same site.
Low quality at the minor bonus site (horrible)
The same vids/sets apears on different sites
Some bonus sites have generally no updates

Search for models: useless - they state: Look for more material on this model - no response - but she's out there at different sites/in different sets at the network..

Finally: I wish these easteuro-sites (btw: this one based on the greek island of Cyprus) could do better in filming: Too much attentions on the fuck-scenes - to little on the girl model.
Bottom Line: Teen Sex Mania is a part of a in many ways great network (Teen Mega World) with great sites like Teen Sex Movs, Solo Teen Girls, ATMovs, Teen Stars Only and the latest Nubile Girls HD.
All close to great sites.
All the sets and videos are entirely easteuro-models material - most hc/bg, some solo girls, some gg and again some in more special ways like only anal or gag-gape ect.
Most bonus sites are useless and with very poor updates - but the major ones as stated are worth every penny.
The updates on the major sites (network) are generally daily - sometimes twice a day sometimes they skip one, two or three days.
But for $ 19.95 you'll get a LOT of fine easteuro porn from those better bonus sites.

The vids are generally in great quality - all wmv and lately the best quality is about 700Mb-1Gb - in crisp viewing quality.

You got to get a hang of that navigation - but it'll only take a day at the most for the average porn browser - and then it pretty simple.
Been at these sites/this network several times - and it's here I've found the best easteuro porn.

Bottom Line: for $19.95 it's a good deal - and they have still more and more new models here.
It's close to a 90 - but considering some of the lousy bonus sites - I end up with that 87...
Still very much recommended...

05-29-10  09:48am

Replies (2)
Visit Aziani


Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: This is BOOBS for ya!
A lot of US-models in the department of mostly natural big tits - and some with a little help from surgery - but for haters of plastic this is in the better part.
The best video/photo-scenes/sets - softcore - I've ever seen with the new Lupe Fuentes!!
Both video- and photo quality is great (the newish sets)
At first hand: ok navigation - but some slips (see below)
Nice price (again) at TBP: $ 19.95.
Ok updates
WMV, MOV (download) and Stream for videos
Fine download speed
Zip for stills
Photosets and videos are mostly the same for each model - a plus!
Cons: Too much softcore - most models here are well known in the hc-business, so?
Lately way too much focus on sybian and a new roler-deal-kind-of-sybian-mechanism - it's a shame compared to good ol' solo/posing/strip/masturbation.
Billing system - too complicated to cancel rebill
Not much variation in types of models.
Some slips in search.
Bottom Line: Joined this site - again - after a couple of years - for ONE reason:
Aziani now got the latest deals with little Lupe Fuentes after her 'surgery'. (apart from her own, new site).
And no matter - If you like the NEW Lupe you need to get these videos and stills - they are just great!!!!!
Lupe is sweet and ever so damn sexy here - but again: If your're into the new Lupe with big tits and much more make-up - she's just awesome here at Aziani.

There are five videos and photosets of Lupe till now - and the style here resemble MOST of what's inside this Aziani site:
Three sets/videos of posing/strip/masturbation - all just great.
And then a growing deal here - which this user is NOT very fond of: Sybian and a new and different kind of sybian/roler - or whatever - but bottom line - a little too special to be sexy/erotic - I think.
Now all models here at Aziani have those scenes - and it's taking over - too much. It's now so much, that you really miss the straight posing/masturbation sets...
Navigation is generally ok - the problem here is model-search: Looked for special models and their material - but not ALL was placed here. Had to look at videos or photosets in general before I found ALL material for several models.
The site got a calender - like 1ByDay, for one - but it's not user-friendly.
Another pros.: Aziani keep down the size of videos to a fine level - you get around 250 Mb and fast download at videos that are just CRISP - not anything like 1,5-2,5 Gb size - thanks!
Bottom Line: Aziani does some good with great quality of videos at a reasonable size, fine stills-quality with zip - but this user can do without all that sybian/newish kind-of-sybian style - AND: why do all models have to say before trying out those sybians: "Oh, I never did this before" - come on, they're all experienced porn-models - a bit silly....

05-02-10  07:12am

Replies (13)
Visit Met Art

Met Art

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Almost a million photos here - and available in top q
+ Maybe the site with the best variation in nude models
+ Quite a lot of models not seen anywhere else - or very rarely
+ Updates - they're up to 4 each day (photosets, mainly)
+ Good price at TBP
+ Good feedback/help from webmaster/webmasters
+ 3 different resolutions for photosets
+ All resolutions have zip for download
+ Ok navigation considering the vast amout of sets/models
+ Quite a lot of new models updating - and different photographers
+ Photosets are still getting more erotic/sensual and less artistic
Cons: - Videos are still not great, alas - some even just boring. This is a PHOTOSITE - if you have not been here before: do not forget that.
- Even if the navigation is ok, the browsing at model-pages is a bit clumsy - you get a lot of mouse-work here.
- Too many outdoor shoots for my taste
- Boring and not very erotic g/g sets
- Can be a bit repetitive in the long run
Bottom Line: Been at this rather special and somewhat great site many times over the years - but never stay more than that one month.
The reason is: After spending hours and days searching for those models that - for you - hit the fan - things seems to fade out. Oh, even if you get those four updates each day - everything seems to get more and more repetitive.

BUT still:
This is the place for collectors of fine nude photosets - AND the quality is getting better and better.
Those 5616x3744 high resolution sets are some of the best quality I've seen anywhere - if your're really hooked on those nude top-photosets, this is it.
The best thing about this photodeal here is, that MetArt are getting more and more new photographers - and even if some of the sets can be that repetitive, the variation is better now that the last time I was here some 9 months ago.

Even if the search might be teasing now and then - even for the experienced PU - there's help:
I like the way all (or most) sets have the choice of biography/full cover view/low/mid/high res AND inside the scene you get the choice of this models other sets - a fine plus.

The videos are the same old problem: not very erotic, not very sexy - maybe even boring.
Very Strange - since also MetArt are going for more videos now.
The quality was BAD in the start - it's getting better - but still: forget about the clips here - and even for this video-freak I join only because of the photos. AND, btw: Some newer videos (Evelyn P - 2010/04/13) are - again - in low quality - WHY?
For outside US PUs you'll get a higher price when trying to join the TBP $ 19.95-deal.
But if you write the webmaster, you'll get a link to that special price - I did - and it took about 12 hours to get the link - MetArt cares about their customers - it seems.

Even if I also this time only stay on for a month (and save maybe 20-25 sets, only), I'll certainly be back later this year...

And a final bottom line: Compared to a lot of shitty sites out there: you can always rely on MetArt - no con here.

04-14-10  05:44am

Replies (3)
Visit Devils Film

Devils Film

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Fine price at TBP ($ 9.95) for a month.
Good amount of videos - 850 'DVDs' - about 4500 scenes.
Fine bonus-sites - foremost Silvia Saint.
8 major bonus sites - 10 niche sites
Good variation in models - both euro/easteuro and US - and some british.
Ok download speed - get about 720 kb/sec - and download manager allowed.
Ok variation in catagories.
They started doing HD, by golly....better late than never.
Fine streaming/screen captures for preview before download.
Some euro-models in exclusive and rarely seen hc/bg-scenes.
Cons: About 90% of the videos are NOT crisp - only mediocre - some from 2006/2007 are even worse.
Not a photo-site - still there are a lot of photosets, especially with Silvia Saint...
BUT NO zip - out of style.
Beware of pre-checked cross sale.
Hopeless model-search - see below.
Navigation: Got to get used to it - but it's not good - way too confusing.
Only wmv for video download.
Updates seem to rare - and updates are with a lot of older material
Too much anal stuff for this user.
Bottom Line: This could be a site around the 90 - if:
The video-quality was close to what you would expect in 2010.
But at least 90% of the 4500 clips are only 720x400 (or less) and the viewing quality far from crisp - and only wmv for downloads.
Been here before - but the site has not grown much in quality for the past year or so.
Devils Film are the main site and have the motherload from most of the many bonus-sites.
But not from the prime bonus: Silvia Saint.
Alas her old Silvia Saint Club is closed - and you can get a lot of the videos from that site here - but certainly not all (alas).
For Silvia fans this site still has some great content of both videos (solo and hc) and photosets. But NO zip for those photos - crazy - in 2010.
There are still more euro-models - even the new ones like Sasha Rose, Danielka ect. And in videos I have not seen before (great).
But to search for some models are...yes, fucked up. They have - of course different names/alias - but a lot also appears with different names in different scenes - you get lucky sometimes - sometimes not.

Look out: At the site they promote DVD Box and try to make you upgrade. BUT - according to TBP and other reviews - the videos here are NOT great either - only 720x400, too!

There's a lot of fun browsing to do here, though - and suddenly you strike - like finding easteuro-models that normally not (anymore, anyway) do much hc/bg - like Bijou and Suzie Carina.
The main pros here is the hunt for certain models/videos - and if you're hooked on doing that at a site, there are days of good browsing - and you might be lucky to find that special thing - in spite of the cons - it's still worse an 80 - to this user....

02-08-10  08:33am

Replies (2)
Visit Rascal Dog

Rascal Dog

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Here you get the 'old' Foxes-material - videos and photosets for one price in all.
+ Great - mostly - models in sexy outfits.
+ Decent photostyle - decent quality.
+ SOME of the newer videos are ok, BUT...(see below)
+ Wellknown super-models.
+ Relatively easy navigation.
+ Zip for photosets.
+ Nice layout.
Cons: - Too few videos - about 70 right now - and it does NOT seem to grow much!
- Quality of most videos are way too shitty for a site like this.
- Way too expensive.
- Currency rip-off for outside the US.
- Slow browsing.
- Strange navigation.
- No response from webmaster.
- Pre-crossed sales.
Bottom Line: First of all:
THANKS to fellow user james4096 for giving us the first info about this site. Foxes is an old US-glamoursite, but with nothing in helping PUs to a site. If you want some of the videos or photosets, you risk to pay a lot.
But james4096 found this site where you get the content for a monthly fee.
At least it gave this user a slip from buying single videos for $ 9.95 - it could go high along the way.
But Rascal Dog gives the whole deal of Foxes - OR rather most.
Went searching for videos with Laurena Lacey - 4 at RD - Great, I thought, but the quality os those videos are almost 'shit' - how can this be?
They do not care, if you ask this user.
It's pretty strange, because the Co. behind this Foxes also got two other websites with Candice Cardinele and Lucia Tovar. Here the quality is much, much better.
The prefered videos of the great irish Laurena Lacey are not only blurred, but damn far from crisp - NOT like those videos at the Candice Cardinele-site, WHY?
Tried to get an answer, but NADA - do these people not give a damn about their customers?.
Also tried to mail them about the lousy currency-deals - nada!
Most in the US know about Foxes-photosets - earlier all in small size - BUT the later sets here at Rascal Dog/Foxes are getting much better - still it's NOWHERE near what we can expect in 2009/2010 - way behind other major-sites.
The videos are offered in 2: WMV or MOV - most prefer WMV today, BUT the MOV-files are better in viewing-quality, strange...
Still: Foxes/Rascal Dog has that aura about it where you look for glamour-girls/models - AND you'll find it
BUT do not go for videos here.

Videos again: It very strange, that some of those other CO.- sites - here Candice Cardinele has a LOT better quality in videos - so:
IF - or - when you join, you have a pre-crossed sale for the Candice Cardinele-site for $ 2.95 for two days - TAKE IT!!! - if you like Candice.
I did - and do NOT regret - but remember to cancel fast..
Those videos of Candice at her own site are MUCH better in quality and many more in numbers.
So Bottom Line: Not sure I can recommend this site, BUT if you like Candice: Go for her site!

01-12-10  07:18am

Replies (2)
Visit 18 Only Girls

18 Only Girls

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Vast amount of videos (could not count, but according to the site: over 1200) BUT: see below.
+ Even more photos (ditto: as above - over a quater of a million)
+ SOME ok - not great - material with easteuro/euro models.
+ Ok download speed - got about 550-600 kb/sec. - and without download manager.
+ Zip for photos/photosets
+ Some COULD be exclusive (doubt it, though - does not seem likely they got their own production), and most is from YoungPorn.net
+ Ok video-flash (if you care for that)
Cons: - Too expensive. ($ 29.95)
- The quality ruins the amount.
- Video HD is mostly a joke.
- Horrible login/access.
- Updates - or so called updates consists mostly of OLD material from YoungPorn.net.
- Way too little variation in models.
- Most videos seems outdated in style AND quality.
- Horrible and SLOW photo-viewing.
- So called bonus sites will claim even more from your creditcard.
- Generally: Vasted $ 29.95 here....no where worth the price...
Bottom Line: This site is right now 'HOT' at TBP - and it could be - if it was not for the fact that this in many ways is just a hidden clone of YoungPorn.net - at least concerning most of the content - and this is what's it about?

The worse thing here is to join, if you've been a member of YoungPorn.net within the last year or even more.
In that case you'll get just very little new stuff. What this 18OnlyGirls call 'updates' are mostly OLD material from that sister-site:
I'll not go into models-detail, but some of the latest updates here are from 2007/2006 also seen at YoungPorn.net.

And BTW: You can find a LOT of much better and high quality easteuro-porn elsewhere.

The access/login is hopeless - so much security and so much waiting, I guess these guys are really paranoid about hackers, too paranoid for a paying user.

Videos: They got wmv and flv (from flash) - (did not find mp4). They claim: HD, High and medium. Not that I found any difference between HD and High) And the size goes from anywhere between 20 MB and 1,4 Gb).

Photosets: They got thumbs, of course - but it takes for ever to watch a single photo fullsize - they even ask you to wait for preparing...
Zip-download ok in speed, though.
Quality: The Drooler would run away screaming - does that say it?

Bottom Line: friends at TBP - how can this site get an 83?
It so close to a clone of YoungPorn.net and the quality of MOST videos and photosets seems like some remains from 2006 or earlier..

So to fellow-PUs out there: It's not recommended - and certainly NOT to that price!
If you search for this kind of material go to Teen Mega World instead and for a price of $ 19.95.
Or try this one: Student Sex Friends - not great quantity - but the quality certainly is...

01-11-10  06:53am

Replies (4)
Visit VideoBox


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: No other site has this huge amount of videos.
Still better/easier navigation - it's plain simple. (not including search)
Nice price.
Custom-clips for downloading shorter previews
A lot of different categories
Ok download-speed
Fine daily updates
DL-manager allowed
Great latin-material
Cons: Search-machine stinks - search for A and you get B.
Old videos market as new
Too many anal-videos
Quality varies too much
Not much difference in video-quality if you choose the higher price
Too many videos put in here are the ones you can buy for $1
'No personality' - all in here seems pretty 'impersonal'
Pornstar-search is almost useless - see below
Bottom Line: Most PUs have been at this site several times - and we go back again and again, why?
Maybe because VideoBox has that endless amount of clips where you can hope to find those really special ones.
BUT - most of the times you get dissapointed - mainly because the motherload here consists on DVDs or videos that are for sale at any low-price porndealer out there... but here you get it at home - for - yes, still: a low price.
I do not expect to find the top-material here - but ok, maybe 1 out of a hundred, you still catch up with great videos - after a loooooong search.
Some damn fine latinas are my latest - see Marcellinha Moraes in 'Full Service Fucking' - for one.
And you can get lucky to find some fine videos of some favorites - Get lucky?
Yes, because the search-machine is horrible - for both categories and pornstars:
Categories: Search for Blondes - and you get hundreds of everything else, search for masturbation - and you get hundreds of Gonzos.
Pornstars: They got a major problem here - hire some PU - and it will get them much better help about the right names - AND the right scenes - ok, out of over 64000 videos, it's got to be a job - but still: You find too many models under wrong names - and the same model with up to four different names.
Still VideoBox has its force - when you get fed up with the same deal at more special sites, you can just go browsing and browsing and browsing here.
BUT: Major bottomline is still the lack of top-quality videos - they are too rare here - no matter to which price you choose to join.
The 85-score goes mostly to the vast amount and the - sometimes - joy of an almost endless search (without the search-machine of VideoBox) you got to choose you own speciel way here...
Gave it a 95 in an earlier review - but times are changing and the main cons are that VideoBox does NOT keep up in viewing quality for most videos...

12-21-09  08:59am

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Visit Ero Berlin

Ero Berlin

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + 42 mostly special/rare euro/easteuro-models
+ 1 US as I see it (Alexis Love)
+ Great quality videos in different sizes/formats
+ Special types of scenes - at least a little different from the mainstream.
+ SOME models do great dirty talk in broken english.
+ Some not seen - or not seen much - elsewhere.
+ Entirely exclusive material with lots of personalty from some models (agree with Drooler).
+ SOME models/scenes have this special (kind of fetish) leather outfit - sexy (see preview).
+ Fair price.
+ Logical/easy navigation.
+ Also good download-speed in Europe - get up to 700 Kb.
Cons: - The photoshoots and the previews does not always give the right picture of what's in the video-scenes.
- At his time only 43 models (but most have 3-4 videos scenes each)
- Only SOME of the models/girls do dirty talk.
- Too many models are numb (do not say a word) in the scenes - a serious con.
- Not enough photos in most sets (BUT: for futher deatail about photos - see Droolers review - this user is a video-nerd).
- Updates come a bit slow.
- Never found a way to use Download Manager.
- Too many outdoor video-scenes.
- Some models (alas, some good ones) only have lez-scenes.
- Only softcore/masturbation.
Bottom Line: First thanks to The Drooler for finding this special german site - and putting it on PU.
it's the kind of site where a fan of nude/masturbation videos with euro/easteuro girls gets aroused in the first place.
Here is some never seen - or rarely seen - models - and some are doing a great performance in front of the video-camera.
The videos are crisp - CRISP - and as mentioned some of the models do some damn fine dirty talk in a sweet and broken english - with NO interferrence from the cameraman/producer...
Maybe the most sexy are:
Julia (who ask the viewer to fuck her - the words comes easy and very natural)
Lola - in her sexy leather outfit.
There are some other great models, like: Laina Lancer (never seen her before - alas not much dirty talk) - and Monika Benz and Rose la Belle.
Gilda Roberts are doing fine dirty talk - but the videos does not live up to her outsfits according to photosats/previews - too bad!
BTW: See the preview about models
One main BOTTOM LINE: Too few of the models do this dirty talk!
TBP states MP4 - have not found any. There are three different videodownloads:
2 WMV in HD and medium (it says Low for the last, but it's still crisp)
Duration is somewhere between 8 and 20 minuttes - most closer to 20 - a plus.
And there's IPOD - and ok quality streaming.

This site has A LOT of potential if they did more about that great dirty talk - some webmasters/siteowners have stated, that it can be hard to get euromodels to talk in the scenes - but aparently it can be done - so if this Ero Berlin made it a hbit in all scenes this user would come much closer to a 90 in score.
But as it is: an 80...
Going to end after this one month - but will certainly come back - hoping for more of that dirty talk.
And the price of $ 19.95 is ok - and NO problem with regional pricing here - even if it's a Euro based site

12-07-09  07:16am

Replies (2)
Visit Twistys


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Vast amout of different models
+ Both european and US-models included
+ Good updates - every day!!!
+ Priority of solo/softcore material video/photosets
+ Some very fine hc - b/g and g/g material - but not every day
+ Fine/ok price - go through TBP
+ Maybe the best around in respons from webmaster/Co.
+ SOME exclusive - but still: some not
+ Still better quality for videos/photosets
+ Navigation has always been ok, but is getting slower with new larger thumbnails
+ Ok bonus-sites, but just ok - some seems to have the same material
Download Manager ok for both video, photo and photo/zip
Cons: I have a problem with: Exclusive here - most or maybe just a lot are NOT.
Too many models have no videos
The site is getting slower to browse - and I just got a new PC with the damn fastest download, so...
Video-files in HD are too large - others can do the same quality in smaller files. Here we have way over 1,0 Gb for some videos - way too large.
Too much OLD stuff here for some major models
Bottom Line: When I joined again this time - the 6th og 7th or more, I felt like 'comming home'.
I go for the search for videos as the first thing - and, yes, this site has IT!
Both softcore solo and some damn fine hc b/g-material which for many seems exclusive.
And some not.
And that's the main point here:
Twistys are a mix - and a sometimes confusing mix of non-exclusive and exclusive. Lately it seems like the exclusive solo-videos are getting the upper hand - and thanks for that.
Generally those videos are getting better and better - the exclusive and solo - it's like twistys are taking a pride - more than ever before - and that's what keeps this site on the track for porn-browsers.
BUT: I like solo videos with full body shots - TOO - close-ups are ok/fine - but Twistys used to have better full body shots in their videos.
Lately those videos have part-thumbnails and part-downlods - of course with full downlod, too.
Files are in .movs, .wmv and iphone - AND in three different qualities - not bad.
BUT still - in HD-quality those files are way too large - get them down, please.
Photo-sets are still a major thing and in fine navigation/download - with zip.
No need here for detailed tech-stuff, I think - well, the newer material has it all - the older has again still a lot to ask for - mostly not so fine/some JUST ok.
AND htey still got Annete Dawn for bonus-site - it's NOT bad for those who still like this great model, though her videos seems to get a little of the same along the way.
But Bottom line:
Twistys is still a favorite of mine - I'm NOT going to stay put - but will come back -now and then.
And that's what I think Twistys is about: Visit and join - now and then, grab what you like and maybe come back later....

UPDATE 2010.03.18:
Got to get the score up here after another join - mainly because the quality of videos are getting better and better.

11-18-09  08:17am

Replies (0)
Visit Babespotting.tv


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Selection of very great models
Large number of 'videos'/models
Quite international selection - models from all over Europe and some from the USA.
The style/make up and presentation of the girls in these socalled videos are just sexy - in nice outfits, high heels (no striped socks).
Large amout of 'videos'
Some models have 4-5 of these 'videos'
Cons: Only inbrowser viewing of 'videos' - Flash
The Flash-deal sees to it, that the screen is way too small for the normal eye.
Search and navigation is BAD -like some of the first porn-sites ever.
Thumbnails for search are even smaler than the average poststamp.
Way out of line in cost - much too expensive ($24.95 - which comes to Euro 24.95 $35 for european users)
Short 'videos': 2-4 minuttes.
No respons from webmaster
Bottom Line: This is maybe the worst site I've joined in a VERY long time.
And that it's a part of the Only Tease-company, I cannot believe.
I give it a 60, though - and not the lowest.
And thats only thanks to:
RagingBuddhist - he helped to show me a way to download those Flash-videos - you cannot do that without some tricks.
And to watch those same videos in that kind of small inbrowser Flash is just horrible.
But when you download the stuff, you got to be content with a very mediocre quality - and not too large. If you try to watch fullscreen, it looks like some modern art..

They prommissed a lot more in the preview: Great videos, full nude and so on....
And considering the new site was part of Only Tease, I did not wait for a TBP-review, alas.
"Full Nude" - well, yes- SOME of the model also slip off the panties, but that's all - a lot of the well known models from Only Tease keep them on - that's their promiss for you.
I cannot go in to more detail about tech-quality that what's already been stated - no facts to get here.

It made me mad to pay like $35 for this.
So it's both a warning and a very much: Not recommended.

Get your act together at 'Tease Only'-company!!

UPDATE 11-23-2009:
Have to downgrade for one reasen: For almost two weeks - NO updates...!

11-12-09  07:10am

Replies (18)

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