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Visit 1 By Day

1 By Day

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: This site has most of what this is all about.
Every day a new girl or a new girl/girl or girl/boy.
And all of it with both video and photos.
- A good variation af models - new and "old".
I've have been here on and off for 4-5 years, and the content is great - nothing less.
Cons: The DDF-guys has had a lack of video-quality. But lately (the last 3 or 4 month) all the videos are in high Divx too - and that is a big step forward.
All of the older (before 2006/10) videos are still in a not so good quality if you do not want the split-up versions.
To 1 By Day: Try to make some variations in the video-editing. Most look like beeing filmed in the same surroundings and the same style.
Bottom Line: The way 1 By Day is moving everything seems promissing.
You get a hell of a lot for your money and if these guys can get a better quality for all videos and better/new style for the performers everything would be to the stars

I made this review back in the spring 2007.
Just joined again for the fourth time this year here in november:
If your're into swell quality of solo-videos/and some HC this is still one of the best. New style, new quality and new models. And also top quantity.
At this point: It does not come any better out there!

04-07-07  08:58am

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Visit 18 Only Girls

18 Only Girls

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Vast amount of videos (could not count, but according to the site: over 1200) BUT: see below.
+ Even more photos (ditto: as above - over a quater of a million)
+ SOME ok - not great - material with easteuro/euro models.
+ Ok download speed - got about 550-600 kb/sec. - and without download manager.
+ Zip for photos/photosets
+ Some COULD be exclusive (doubt it, though - does not seem likely they got their own production), and most is from YoungPorn.net
+ Ok video-flash (if you care for that)
Cons: - Too expensive. ($ 29.95)
- The quality ruins the amount.
- Video HD is mostly a joke.
- Horrible login/access.
- Updates - or so called updates consists mostly of OLD material from YoungPorn.net.
- Way too little variation in models.
- Most videos seems outdated in style AND quality.
- Horrible and SLOW photo-viewing.
- So called bonus sites will claim even more from your creditcard.
- Generally: Vasted $ 29.95 here....no where worth the price...
Bottom Line: This site is right now 'HOT' at TBP - and it could be - if it was not for the fact that this in many ways is just a hidden clone of YoungPorn.net - at least concerning most of the content - and this is what's it about?

The worse thing here is to join, if you've been a member of YoungPorn.net within the last year or even more.
In that case you'll get just very little new stuff. What this 18OnlyGirls call 'updates' are mostly OLD material from that sister-site:
I'll not go into models-detail, but some of the latest updates here are from 2007/2006 also seen at YoungPorn.net.

And BTW: You can find a LOT of much better and high quality easteuro-porn elsewhere.

The access/login is hopeless - so much security and so much waiting, I guess these guys are really paranoid about hackers, too paranoid for a paying user.

Videos: They got wmv and flv (from flash) - (did not find mp4). They claim: HD, High and medium. Not that I found any difference between HD and High) And the size goes from anywhere between 20 MB and 1,4 Gb).

Photosets: They got thumbs, of course - but it takes for ever to watch a single photo fullsize - they even ask you to wait for preparing...
Zip-download ok in speed, though.
Quality: The Drooler would run away screaming - does that say it?

Bottom Line: friends at TBP - how can this site get an 83?
It so close to a clone of YoungPorn.net and the quality of MOST videos and photosets seems like some remains from 2006 or earlier..

So to fellow-PUs out there: It's not recommended - and certainly NOT to that price!
If you search for this kind of material go to Teen Mega World instead and for a price of $ 19.95.
Or try this one: Student Sex Friends - not great quantity - but the quality certainly is...

01-11-10  06:53am

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Visit 24 Main Street

24 Main Street

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Exclusive photosets and videos
Some fine looking girls/women - mostly US-asians
Cheap full trial
Ok quality for newer photos (1024x685) - but just ok!
Cons: No zip for photos
Small sized videos (2-5 minuttes)
Weird navigation
A little older videos poor quality
Lousy updates
Number of videos: approx: 100 - but some only 5-6 Mb. - and most NOT good quality
Bottom Line: I went for this site because it seemed to have some girls/women in the category of Playboy-style.
And some stuff with Divini Ray.
And the full trial at only $3.95.
Well for that small price you get full access, allright.
But the content is pretty slim and in general the quality is less than average:
Even if some of the videos are at 640x480 there's absolutely nothing crisp here - AND way too many videos are old at 320x240 in blurred standard - all wmv and only wmv.
TBP states 95 videos - could not count that many and a lot 3-6 Mb - short and bad quality.
Been here before one and a half year ago or more - and man, do they NOT deal in regular updates..
Most stuff seems to be from 2005 and 2006.
This is primarily a photosite - becuase the video section is simply too bad to make it a serious porn-site.
The navigation is strange, to say the least: Mainly you can search for photosets and videos (that's what most of us are into) - but you have to use some time to get around. Like searching for videos, you have to check out: A place called Drive In - I do not see much drive-in movie here - and for photosets: Curves... but ok, that's their kind of fun.
The worst part is lack of zip for the photos: I hate to download 50-80 photos in a set - manual.

Ok, this review is on a basis of only 3 days membership - but I won't stay...

And bottom line: I do not think this 24 Main Street live up to standards of good sites today - and certainly not sites that gets a score of about 80 at TBP

05-21-08  02:05pm

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Visit 8 Teenies

8 Teenies

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Very good looking and some af them rarely seen east-european models.
Photo quality decent.
Cons: No Zip
Videos are NOT DVD quality as promised. A few are decent in quality - most are blurred
Bottom Line: Much too small content for that price.
And a serious lack of videos.
No wonder they don't offer a 3 days trial period.
If I'd know what was in there I'd never used $29.95 on that.
For $19.95 you get a much better Teen Dreams

In all: Way too expensive for what you get.

03-04-07  05:51am

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Visit Adult Movie Max

Adult Movie Max

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Vast amount of older video-clips - vintage, almost.
I could say the price - but even that is too high - undless you're into browsing for a lot of old non-exclusive clips.
Cons: Lousy video-quality - I only found 320x240 wmv's - blurred and misrable.
No full video download - all is split up - some in files as many as 12.
Nothing exclusive here - you've seen it all before
Photos - forget it - only a few and in a quality worse you made with you first Kodak Instamatic as a kid.
Navigating for special categories is a mess - choose solo - and you also get tons of blowjobs and straight sex
Bottom Line: I cannot believe, that I haven't learned it yet. Falling for a stunt like this.
In very plain words: this site is bad, all bad. Even for the "special offer" at TBP for $19.95 it's a waste of money.
I joined because it looked somewhat different, ok the thumbs for video-clips in preveiw are blurred like hell, but no PUs have made a preview, so why not be the first at this one.
And TBP has an average of 82,6 - so it can't be that bad.
Friends at TBP: That rating for Adult Movie Max really deserves another look.
It's a very long time ago I've seen such miserable video-clips - I've tried to find just one or two that could make for this site, but no way.
Even if you do not watch the clips whole-screen, it's useless.
And get this for quality:
The site states 1010 videos and 311 hours.
The total size is 88,7 Gb - doesn't that say something.
This site is worth no more words other than:
Not recommended!!

04-08-08  07:03am

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Visit Amateurs Gone Bad

Amateurs Gone Bad

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Tremendous amount of videos and photosets
Video-quality is still getting better (new ones, of course)
Easy navigation
Access to four more sites, mainly Glamour Models Gone Bad and the great Crissy Moran.
Daily updates for the two main sites AGB and GMGB.
Good mix of both US and Euro models
Zip for photosets
Stream for those who dig that
Cons: Very slow updates for some bonus-sites like Crissy Moran and Lonnie Waters.
Early videos in poor quality
Only wmv-downloads
Too many models without video
Irregular download speed
Most content non-exclusive
Bottom Line: This is a site that has grown over the years - both in quantity (of course), and in quality.
It's part of a "network" where you get five sites - no matter which you join.
Top pick here is of course Amateurs Gone Bad and Glamour Models Gone Bad.
In the package you also get Crissy Morans official-site (it's called that, anyway), Lonnie Waters and Natalia Cruz.
Joined because of Crissy - here are some tremendous newer videos (most in full files) both solo and hardcore. Those videos are a tresure for Crissy-fans. Crisp quality - between 90 and 270 Mb. Only WMV.
Lonnie has few videos - bad quality.
Natalia Crus: average video quality.
The two main-sites delivers a magnificent amount of material - both videos og photosets. Video-files mostly between 80 and 200 Mb - and again the later are in best quality - early ones just poor.
Photosets today mostly 1500x1000 and with zip.
A bit strange difference in models at Glamour and Amateur:
Amateur has a lot of european models - both video and photosets - whereas the main part of videos at Glamour are US-models, but a lot of euro models for the photosets.
A somewhat 50/50 deal on hc and sologirl.
Fine preview inside: videos in smaller part (and full) or stream in smaller part and full.
This site/sites have been around for a long time and today it has both a lot of content - though most is non-exclusive - and far better quality.
If your're a serious pornbrowser these sites has a lot to offer in hours and hours of videos of both hc, lez and especially solo-girl nature...
It's recommended...

08-26-08  03:47pm

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Visit Amour Angels

Amour Angels

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Photo-section is the best for this site
A lot of exclusive easteuropean teens and a lot known easteuropean teen in exclusive photo-sets.

Some fine videos in fine quality, some in average/poor qiality
Zip for photos
Cons: Way too few videos.
The site has promissed more videos and updates for archives videos, but that has not been fullfilled in my period of membership.
Bottom Line: This site was one I had some expectations for. Since the webmaster stated to both jd1961 and myself in a mail, that the amount of videos would increase.
But that has not happened.
In almost a month three, maybe four new videos has appeared - that's a laugh.
Look at the price - almost the same as 1ByDay - which has 2 dayly videos in very high quality.

But ok, for old timers like me on the porn-hunt 1ByDay and alike might get a little boring in the long run. So the alternative COULD be a site like Amour Angels.
But, folks at PU - AA is not an alternative. The pickin´is much too slim. For a video-freak you do not want to restrict yourself with three or maybe four new videos in a month for $29.95.

The best thing about this site is the amount of exclusive photos - and thats what earns the score. But I no longer care much about photo-sets, so for other video-entusiast at PU: I cannot recommend this site.

11-26-07  07:32am

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Visit Anette Dawn

Anette Dawn

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Very Good - as the rating goes (82)
25 fine videos of a doll in this field.
And Anette Dawn certainly is a doll.
40 sets of photos.
Zip for photos
OK quality videos
OK quality photos - but just ok
Cons: Updates are way too slow.
This is only a softcore/mastubation-site with a single model - nothing else. No lez (if thats what you want) and no hc (b/g).
Bottom Line: Well, friends. You can see this review as some sort of an update of the fine review from exotics4me (no comparison intended).
But it's almost 4 month ago since that review - and what's happened?
Not much!!!
There are 7 more videos updated in those four month. That's NOT good enough for a site that charge 25 bucks.
A little more photo-sets has occured, but no big deal. At this time there are 40 sets of photos - something like 13 more in the same period - alas - nothing to speak of.

Some of the photo-sets are among the best in the softcore glamour-field. But also here there's a bit of stereotype - most look alike.
The resolution are just average: 1280x854.
The same goes for zipped sets.
Here in mid-january 2008 there are 25 videos - not much for a site this price.
And the videos are all 720x404 in WMV. Or quicktime (but who goes for that?)
The quality is alright/good, but not more.
Still it's great to watch AD on her videos - she's just a NATURAL: Sexy, sweet and erotic. Wish there were more models of her kind.
And these videos are exclusive - not even the company-site (Twistys) has those videos.
And that's whats great and that's also the reason that this special solo-model site deserves recommendation.
There's not much else here at anettedawn.com. There are something called "diary", "recommondation" and "wishlist" - but they are not in function.
But, ok - so what?
Foremost this site has one force:
Anette Dawn herself....on video!
She is just beautiful.

01-20-08  08:59am

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Visit Asian Flower Girl

Asian Flower Girl

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: This site has a few really sexy looking asians in photo and video (stream only)
The content isn't large, but quality before quantity.
I signed up joint with Moonangel where nothing much has happened the last year or so.
Cons: The bad thing is, that the videos are only stream. I've tried with all sort of download-programs, but no way - I cannot get some the best videos on my harddisk. (Anybody know a way around????)
Like the DRM thing - there is mostly a way - like renaming the file and so on...
No zip
Bottom Line: Some great looking asian girls in good quality streaming video.
But I still hate the "only stream"-thing

NB: Edited review:
No respons from webmaster and their "send us feed back" is "Not found"!!!!!
The last 24 hours the stream has not worked
So I downgrade

NB: 2. Edited review: Just got a message: They had problems with their stream!! And I just spend 2-3 hours trying to find failures in my browser. That sucks.

04-05-07  01:36pm

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Visit Asian Pervert

Asian Pervert

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Real thai-gils - locals and not US-based as many asian-sites.
Good/very quality videos.
Both solo and hardcore - hardcore videos are quite good.
Average/good quality photos in very large numbers.
Cons: Average amount of videos
Videos in 4-6 parts only and inquite big files 60-100 mb each.
No zip

Not much to find in the bonus sections
High price for what you get

Navigation is certainly not the best

The updates seem rare - I've have not seen ONE the last 15 days.
Bottom Line: Content-wise the videos are a bit like Creampie Thais/Asian Suck Dolls.

The good thing about the video is absolutely, that the girls are local thais and they act accordingly.

Espicially the hardcore videos are rather good and a bit rare in their style. The girls are not pros, but wanne-be - and that give a somewhat different sexy flavour.

If you like Creampie Thais/Asian Suck Dolls this is an ok site to visit and download some rare videos.

But the missing possibility of full video download is a bummer - the files divided in six with approx. 100 mb each is certainly not good

08-15-07  11:18am

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Visit Asian Suck Dolls

Asian Suck Dolls

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +Real thai-models
+Models seem genuine "pros of the street/bars"
+Fast video-download
+Access to the major bonus/sister-site Creampie Thais
+A variation of beauty for models, but some are really among the best lookers for thai-prostitutes
Cons: Videos are ONLY in 480 x 320.
No photosets - though it states: Photo Sets - but these photos are merely vidcaps - horrible.
Several and anoying logins
Price too high
Worthless other bonus-sites
The scenes are way too much alike
Same male "artist" - not that I care - but it's getting too much - even more "anoying" than at Dreamstash...
Bottom Line: The best thing about this site - and - Creampie Thais (it's those two sites at this deal and nothing more is worth anything) - is mainly:
The real Thai-models - typical prostitutes from Bangkok Bars or whatever - maybe from other Thai locations.
So everything should be honky dory - but what ruins a lot here is that, the producers and male-actor (the same person) is completely out of date.
Videos for a site like this cannot sell it for $29.95 with videos (and this is videos only - photos are just vidcaps, as mentioned) with wmv-files of only:
480x320 - in the year of 2009.
So fullscreen - forget it!
It's strange that the guy/co behind this site/these sites goes for this low video-quality. It's the same who makes Thainee where there are much finer videos in 720x480 - ok, not the best but much better than at these two sites.
So have to downgrade since my first review - long time ago when we were not used to finer videos.
Get your act together here Ghost Pro Inc. Just cancelled rebill...

But it's a shame - THIS could be a great Thai-site - the models certainly are - but hey: Quality!!!

05-24-09  06:14am

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Visit Asian Suck Dolls

Asian Suck Dolls

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: Exclusive content - real thai-girls in Thailand

This is a VIDEO site - quality good/fair

Hardcore only - special and good editing

Mostly very sexy models

One very good bonus site - Creampie Thais
Cons: Low amount

High price for what you get

Nothing much in the other bonus sites

Slow updates - too rare
Bottom Line: There are some serious Cons. for this (these sites), but the main thing that goes for Asian Suck Dolls and Creampie Thais is the situations where the videos are filmed.

If you ever been to Bangkok or other places in Thailand and spent time with some of these payed for thai-girls this site is very munch a turn-on.
Pick up a cute girl at a bar and bring her to your hotel room.

Thats the situation you can experience again in these videos. The filming is not for an Oscar and you can see better editing elsewhere - but this is more like the real thing.

The girls are not pros (actors) for sure - but the way they do the sex here is quite unique. You can very easy imagine the fantasy/situation of a thai girl you just picked up.

And above all - the girls are thais in Thailand and not some asian californian girl.

Ok, most of the scenes are much the same, but with a different girl every time - like going to new bars every night and finding new girls.

This is one of the best "real-thai-girls" site. Too bad the updates are so rare.

But take a look at the previews - where you get short clips of almost every video!

08-19-07  09:43am

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Visit AT Kingdom

AT Kingdom

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Massive amount of models in fine variation
+ Euro, easturo and US-models in a good blend
+ A lot of the material seems exclusive
+ Vids have lately been upgraded in quality (Thanks for that).
+ Fine viewing quality of vids in low/medium size (see below)
+ Now about 12.000 vids - new ones really good quality, older average, but the old ones (see cons)
+ Very easy navigation. (except for model name search)
+ Vids - NEWER - now in several formats: WMV, HD MP4, HD standard, iphone, streaming.
+ Zip for sets
+ Daily updates
+ Models with vids have more than one (some up to 12 - most 3-4)
+ Quite a lot of solo vids WITHOUT toys
Cons: - Too many models have no vids
- Old vids are close to useless (viewing quality) - unless your much into vintage
- Could not find any reediting of older vids
- Total model-name confusion - most well known models are not under any of their otherwise known aliases
- Unstable browsing speed (have had no problems with download ditto)
- Old vids parted in 5-8 different files for the same scene - and not join able
NB: DM NOT allowed
Bottom Line: Been a member of different ATK-sites over the past years - and still think ATK Galleria could be the best deal:
1) You get most amount of content here.
2) You get a good variation of models
3) Enjoy hours and hours of browsing for models, vids or sets

Have not been at any of them (ATK) for a while - and getting back to this one is mostly positive:

They really have done fine things about the video quality. I enjoy here that the newer vids have so good quality even for the 'low' standard wmv-files. An average 10-15 minutes scene is about 150 Mb for the wmv (800x480) and can easily been watched full screen.
And that gives you fast download for an entire scene. You can also get the new vids in HD (MP4) - with an even better solution - and average 4-700 Mb.

Like - for one - Karups PC this site has a lot of fine teen models - including girls from the past. Girls seen elsewhere - but ATK Galleria has got some sets and vids not seen elsewhere.
It would be great if the site could do as DDF has: Reedit some of those older vids.
Alas some of the older vids in average quality are split - and each scene starts with text and can not be joined.
Still I'll recommend ATK Galleria TODAY - and give it a better score than I did in 2009 - becuase of - now - much better viewing quality and still a fine model variation: Mostly solo and some hc/bg.
The price is average and no bullshit with regional pricing.
The most annoying is still the mess with model names. There are so many here that you want to search for your favorites - but they - almost - never have any of the better known aliases...
For one: The newer great russian model Betty/Alice/Sinovia is here at ATK Galleria called 'Lory' - not anywhere in EBI,Pornteengirl.com or others have I found her under that name. - A bit frustrating in your search.

Another bottom line - to ATK: Get those older vids reedited AND joined!!!!

05-02-11  07:02am

Replies (5)
Visit AT Kingdom

AT Kingdom

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Nothing wrong with the amount of videos and photosets here.
Just have some problems with the quality, the exclusive-thing and a bit more. See below.
Very fine updates - this seems to be one of the best in the field- congrats...
Good variation in models, solo-stuff, hc, bg, lez and more.
Later video-quality has improven...a lot.
Only a few other sites can beat almost 10.000 videos - BUT...the amount is based on parted files, arghh...
Zip for all photosets.
Not too large video-files - full scenes (parted files also at hand.)
Very large photo galleries - cannot count them all.
Average to good navigation.
Cons: Certainly not sure about exclusives.
Annoying parting of especially video-files where updates of the same scene comes on different dates - a serious bummer.
Too many videos of average and certainly not 2009-quality.
Price too high.
The "search-machine" is far from accurate - you get guided to stuff, you never searched for...
Bottom Line: Difficult Bottom Line here - but generally this site promiss a heck of a lot - but when you get down to bussiness the results are somehow a disapointment.
This is spoken from the video-review point of view - and here the stuff is overwhelmed by too much older scenes, to much stuff which seems based on licens from elsewhere.
Anyway, I spend hours and hours searching the video-department here, and man, found very little to keep.
And what really pisses me off is the way the video-files are parted - and named. Mostly you have to wait days or weeks to get the whole scene together - a serious bummer.
BUT: It seems ATK has listened to those complaints - but only lately. The latest updates - but only the very latest - has this new input at the previews for the videos: "Full Scenes" - about time.
So let's see if they keep that up - and maybe it'd been worth a better score.
The data is shortly:
Video-files in wmv and mov. Parted - and latest full scenes for a few.
Not too big video-files: full scenes: 100-170 Mb.
Parted: about 40-50 Mb
Photos: Zip for full sets (size about: 1500x1200)
Finally there is a broad variation of solo, hc (b/g) and lez. Too much lez for my taste.
A hope that this site with their newer videosets of full scenes will grow in a way of better/more full scenes in general.

02-05-09  10:31am

Replies (2)
Visit AV9898


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Vast amount of videos
SOME great looking asian/japan-girls/teens filmed in Japan
Video-quality is ok/average: 800x450 in WMV only
Cons: Very bad navigation
No full video-files
Video quality differs
Lame acting concerning the girls male partners - strange - but maybe only for us int he west.
Most non exclusive - but you can never tell with these huge quantities of jap-videos.
Bottom Line: This is a site you might turn to in search for sexy asian girls with non-US relations - since it's still one of the tops at TBP corcerning asians.
This is jap-teens/girls who mostly do a great performance - but foremost if your're into some sort of fetish. Like girls "crying" for more or for mercy in a strange way.
And japaneese men with half lame dicks getting off like wham-bam-thank-you-mam. Weird!
But ok, you can find some rarely seen and great looking teens doing a good job in pleasing the viewer.
Once in a while it's fine to watch non-US asians, but I'd prefer thais anytime.
The navigation is lousy - it takes a long time to get used to the logic here - or rather the non existing logic.
The video-files are all split up - you download via thumdnails (3-5 for one whole scene) - but the thumbnail are not always the right ones - a mess. You want to download one scene - and you get another.
The files are too big - one scene typical over 500 Mb (self-joined files). But the quality is not ALWAYS what you'd expect from a file-size this big.
Bottom line these Japan-based sites with Japan-girls are in a very special catagory - porn that may please for a short while - but in the long term it gets boring.
I downloaded 4-5 good movies out of almost 600 - no big deal
Won't be back.

BTW: The time-difference between Euro and US-members at PU is somewhat special. I made this review late afternoon in Scandinavia and it's early morning in the US (eastcoast, I guess)
Goooooooood morning.

02-04-08  08:06am

Replies (4)
Visit Aziani


Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: This is BOOBS for ya!
A lot of US-models in the department of mostly natural big tits - and some with a little help from surgery - but for haters of plastic this is in the better part.
The best video/photo-scenes/sets - softcore - I've ever seen with the new Lupe Fuentes!!
Both video- and photo quality is great (the newish sets)
At first hand: ok navigation - but some slips (see below)
Nice price (again) at TBP: $ 19.95.
Ok updates
WMV, MOV (download) and Stream for videos
Fine download speed
Zip for stills
Photosets and videos are mostly the same for each model - a plus!
Cons: Too much softcore - most models here are well known in the hc-business, so?
Lately way too much focus on sybian and a new roler-deal-kind-of-sybian-mechanism - it's a shame compared to good ol' solo/posing/strip/masturbation.
Billing system - too complicated to cancel rebill
Not much variation in types of models.
Some slips in search.
Bottom Line: Joined this site - again - after a couple of years - for ONE reason:
Aziani now got the latest deals with little Lupe Fuentes after her 'surgery'. (apart from her own, new site).
And no matter - If you like the NEW Lupe you need to get these videos and stills - they are just great!!!!!
Lupe is sweet and ever so damn sexy here - but again: If your're into the new Lupe with big tits and much more make-up - she's just awesome here at Aziani.

There are five videos and photosets of Lupe till now - and the style here resemble MOST of what's inside this Aziani site:
Three sets/videos of posing/strip/masturbation - all just great.
And then a growing deal here - which this user is NOT very fond of: Sybian and a new and different kind of sybian/roler - or whatever - but bottom line - a little too special to be sexy/erotic - I think.
Now all models here at Aziani have those scenes - and it's taking over - too much. It's now so much, that you really miss the straight posing/masturbation sets...
Navigation is generally ok - the problem here is model-search: Looked for special models and their material - but not ALL was placed here. Had to look at videos or photosets in general before I found ALL material for several models.
The site got a calender - like 1ByDay, for one - but it's not user-friendly.
Another pros.: Aziani keep down the size of videos to a fine level - you get around 250 Mb and fast download at videos that are just CRISP - not anything like 1,5-2,5 Gb size - thanks!
Bottom Line: Aziani does some good with great quality of videos at a reasonable size, fine stills-quality with zip - but this user can do without all that sybian/newish kind-of-sybian style - AND: why do all models have to say before trying out those sybians: "Oh, I never did this before" - come on, they're all experienced porn-models - a bit silly....

05-02-10  07:12am

Replies (13)
Visit Aziani


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Average-good amount of content.

Some of the later videos in fine HD-quality

A lot of different sites with different content

Some very sexy, mature US-ladies
Cons: High price for two days trial

Most content is not exclusive

Older videos in poor quality
Bottom Line: Difficult site to judge.
The main site aziani.com is widely a broad collection from most of the other sites.
When you search via models the site in general seems very large. But a lot of the models with photo and video are from older and welknown other places.
A few of these model comes in exclusive photos and videos - and some of these are very good like Abbey Brooks, Lisa Daniels or the faboulos Sienna West.
Other models have their own site - and apart from Rachel Aziani herself - most of these site is very average in quality. They even have probably the worst Crissy Moran-site here - too bad.

08-06-07  10:49am

Replies (0)
Visit Babes.tv


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Archived material is just top
+ Archived videos and photosets of older dates is mostly prime material
+ New price - for former members via mail - but ask for it (IF you want a part of this site????)
+ Exclusive videos and photos of wellknown models - mostly easteuropeans
+ Zip for photosets
+ Download managers allowed
+ Easy navigating ind the archived area
Cons: In spite of some serious pros - this site has gone down the drain - lately.
- A LOT af missing links to videos/photosets ("missing link" sounds like a joke) - BUT: when browsing for download-options - you get to a "No Link Found" - that means: you browse and find a model, BUT a lot of her material is NOT to be found, though you get info about the videos/photosets.
- No response from webmaster - tried to give them info/updates abnout those missing links - but NADA - and nothing happens - videos and photosets still not avalible.....!
BAD for a major site like this.
Bottom Line: Did a review of Babes.tv earlier - when the site was fine. Gave it 88, I think...
It's NOT fine anymore.
OK, the 65 score goes for the good ol' stuff - BUT man, the good ol' stuff I already have downloaded.

The site is a part of Babelicious - but NOT included in the Babelicious bonus-deals. Still you can join Babes.tv - and get a cheap three days access to Babelicious - but what's the point? (the updates at Babelicious is a laugh, but that's another thing).
Babes.tv has some of the best solo-videos/photosets - exclusive - of great/sweet/good looking easteuro-models - BUT it's primarely in the archives.
The videos are NOT living up to standars of 2009 - why they do not improve the quality is a big question:
Still videos at foremost wmv and only: 640x480 - too lame for a major site in 2009
Bottom line: This site used to be great - with some damn fine exclusive videos of great models
Today it's just mediocre

09-01-09  10:53am

Replies (2)
Visit Babes.tv


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Generally GREAT videos
Large amount of those videos
Pleasently good (not too large) size of video-files (average 150 Mb, some more some less)
Fine - almost crisp - quality - most around 640x480 - but still ok for full screen.
A lot of exclusive content.
Lately more frequent update - daily - some videos and some photosets - but generally good amount of video-updates.
Cons: Not crazy about the lay-out or navigation.
Lay-out is somewhat ordinary (dull) and navigation can be confusing.
These guys seems to go after some kind of navigation from 1ByDay - and then again NOT.
The photo-navigation seems worse - but I'm not hunting for photos, so....
Old videos mostly in poor/average quality.
Bottom Line: It's a bit strange, that Babes.tv is a part of the company behind Babelicious.
And than again it seems like that Co. is trying to create something a bit different from Babelicious.
They succeed in lots of ways.
I've found some great videos here - files I have not seen before of especially hot euro-models - video-files that are not a part of the Babelicious site.
But above all - Babes.tv has grown a lot since I was last there in late 2006 - or maybe early 2007.

First the content has grown, the content of fine videos of mostly solo girls in a blend of US and euro-girls. Here is some good hc-videos too - also with the amount increasing.
I was somewhat surprised to find exclusive videos of Vendula/aka Vanessa Cooper, Katerina and Veronika - at least I've never seen them before - and I thought I knew them all. First time BTW that Katerina has hair without curls. And most of these are sexy.
I have not counted the videos - but well over 600 I guess - and whats great is, that quite a few of the girls has 3-4-5 or even 6 movie-files.
There are large-thumbnails of every video for preview - great.
But I'm not a friend of their navigation. And lately they have had too many videos of photoshoots - and even if their way of doing these photoshoot-videos are quite a bit better thanm most other sites - it's still not my cup of tea.
But if you are a fan of well performed/well edited and quite sexy solo videos this site is to recommend.

02-16-08  11:19am

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Visit Babespotting.tv


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + British nudes, Euro ditto, Easteuro nudes and some US...yes, nudes - a fine mix.
+ Full body, full nude (mostly) posing/strip.
+ Some rare models (elsewhere)
+ The POSING, the STRIP is the deal.
+ SOME masturbation - (VERY few HC/BG scenes).
+ Now downloadable vids.
+ A lot of sexy girls - teens and a little/somewhat older.
+ Soft, but still erotic nude vids - some only semi nude, but still sexy.
+ Still streaming, if you like that.
+ Easy navigation (at last) - search for models
+ Zip for the - not many - sets (It's a video site).
+ Generally 3-5 vids for each model
+ DM allowed
+ NO MORE regional pricing
Cons: - Downloadble videos only in .mov files.
- Still too many NEW vids only in semi-nude
- Low on pix sets
- Vids a bit too short (average 5 minutes - some less some more)
- Quality of vids are JUST OK (fullscreen) - could be a better compared to todays standard.
- Lousy preview - from before they upgraded the site.
- A little name confusion: Sometimes the same girl appears under two different names.
Bottom Line: Did a first review of this site late 2009 - and a LOT has improved - first of all the now download of videos.
Still it's a bit strange to realize that this site is part of the ONLY TEASE company - compared to the video and pix sets quality of the main sites here - this Babespotting.tv is way behind.

But even so: the content of full nude models doing very fine and sexy vids is the main deal here. Along with the fact that you get some great posing in almost the vintage way by models not seen at most US or Easteuro sites - British models, of course - but some great vids of Czech ditto. And those - ok, quite a few - better know models are doing the posing/strip in a different way.

It's a ".tv-site" - so it's primarily vids - and you'll get almost 900 of them.

Now updates every day - either vids or pix sets.

And I really appreciate that most models have several vids in different outfits and style - though the "style" in general is somewhat the same - but, no problem here - one model doing strip and pose in different outfits is somewhat unique.

The vids are typical 200-350 Mb and with an average of 5 minutes - some more. The site now boast of downloads - about time. Gave it a 55 score in 2009 for no downloads - BUT: Only i mov - most other sites from that TEASE ONLY Co. has more alternatives.

Still the content/models here are generally great - and more nude than the other Tease-sites.
So if you dig POSING and some STRIP TEASE on the softer site - but still mostly full nude - this site is now to be recommended - JUST. With those cons in mind.
And a small bottom line: I found here some models/nude posing vids that I'd consider FAV and certainly to be kept in my stash...

05-06-11  07:47am

Replies (8)
Visit Babespotting.tv


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Selection of very great models
Large number of 'videos'/models
Quite international selection - models from all over Europe and some from the USA.
The style/make up and presentation of the girls in these socalled videos are just sexy - in nice outfits, high heels (no striped socks).
Large amout of 'videos'
Some models have 4-5 of these 'videos'
Cons: Only inbrowser viewing of 'videos' - Flash
The Flash-deal sees to it, that the screen is way too small for the normal eye.
Search and navigation is BAD -like some of the first porn-sites ever.
Thumbnails for search are even smaler than the average poststamp.
Way out of line in cost - much too expensive ($24.95 - which comes to Euro 24.95 $35 for european users)
Short 'videos': 2-4 minuttes.
No respons from webmaster
Bottom Line: This is maybe the worst site I've joined in a VERY long time.
And that it's a part of the Only Tease-company, I cannot believe.
I give it a 60, though - and not the lowest.
And thats only thanks to:
RagingBuddhist - he helped to show me a way to download those Flash-videos - you cannot do that without some tricks.
And to watch those same videos in that kind of small inbrowser Flash is just horrible.
But when you download the stuff, you got to be content with a very mediocre quality - and not too large. If you try to watch fullscreen, it looks like some modern art..

They prommissed a lot more in the preview: Great videos, full nude and so on....
And considering the new site was part of Only Tease, I did not wait for a TBP-review, alas.
"Full Nude" - well, yes- SOME of the model also slip off the panties, but that's all - a lot of the well known models from Only Tease keep them on - that's their promiss for you.
I cannot go in to more detail about tech-quality that what's already been stated - no facts to get here.

It made me mad to pay like $35 for this.
So it's both a warning and a very much: Not recommended.

Get your act together at 'Tease Only'-company!!

UPDATE 11-23-2009:
Have to downgrade for one reasen: For almost two weeks - NO updates...!

11-12-09  07:10am

Replies (18)
Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + new kind of video-stuff (it's getting better along the way)
+ a little more international
+ Well known latina-content - but newer easteuro-models content, too - and some great.
+ Fair updates.
+ Ok full monthly price - good for trial ($ 3 bucks)
+ A little more tease/strip and foreplay NOW in some scenes.
+ Vast amount of content
+ Maybe the best preview around!
Cons: Still do NOT care about the navigation - it's troublesome and needs time to get used to.
Horrible download-terms - takes a lot of time to get used to this speciel way of downloading material - this is a bummer and worse - I think - than ever before - downloads include trouble with repeated logins.
A lot of the stuff is ordinary - and even if it's exclusive - it seems too wellknown - and boring.
Pre-checked cross-sales (as stated at TBP)
Too much talk/yap in most scenes - STILL!
Bottom Line: As a fan of easteuro-models and some better produced euro-sites, I was - again - a bit reluctant to join this veteran US-site.
BUT - the fine preview gave me better info about the special sites inside Bangbros.
For one - there is a newer site called DIRTY WORLD. Here you'll find some great euro-models content - AND performed pretty good - still with a lot of talk/yap - but with a good amount of strip/foreplay-alike.
This Bangbros offers about 28 different kinds of special sites - most are ok - some not - and a few great.
But the pass/network still has this genral thing about the same kinds of scenes with too much talk and stupid question to the model....
The worse thing here is the problems when getting to download - had to stop using DL-manager - could not get it to wotk properly - and even normal downloads are getting a hassle with repeated logins - this was NOT the deal earlier.
The photos here are inferior - so forget it.

The quality of videos is generally fine/decent - most are 720x406 (wmv) - some newer ones 960x540 - but a lot of older videos are still NOT that good - in: 640x480 - deleted a lot of those after download.
Bottom Line: This is still a vast network and growing - and even with that enormous amount of content do not expect fine quality all over - a lot is worthless in my opinion - BUT you can find quite a few great videos to keep - for a fair price.
My recommendation:
Take the cheap full trial deal (2 days for $ 2.95) as stated at TBP and use those two days good to search and grab the stuff you like....

06-03-09  09:47am

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Visit Barbi's Slutty Adventures

Barbi's Slutty Adventures

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Fine looking blond on this individual model site and a great body.
All exclusive!
OK/average amount of content for a site like this
Different kinds of action with a swell looking girl who seems to like fucking as many as possible. (See preview)
Cons: Only average quality of video for a 640x480 - it's certainly not crisp. The olders onces (2006) are a little worse.
No zip for photos
Including strange scenes with guys with erection-problems, it seems.
Price: $29.95
Bottom Line: Barbi is a doll, a blond doll with great hair and body and a cute face.
This girl tends to fuck everywhere and with as many as possible (even an alleged politician she pikcs up) - and with her husband looking on and/or participating.
I've been searching for something new for some time and found this one by accident at Porninspector (ok, PU's OUMarcus has done a review, I did'nt see before - and Maggie did one for TBP in February, I also missed).
And ok, this site has some new stuff and a really hot girl.
But as I've been browsing, things are getting more and more strange: Her husband wants her to fuck different guys, but the first three or four videos I saw, these guys had problems getting a hard on with Barbi sucking and sucking and sucking...
She also goes for some black guys "longing for a big dick" (quote the site). But in one video she's trying to get a black guy arroused sucking a numb and very small dick for a long time (not exactly according to the old rumour, no offence and no racisme intended).
Thats not sexy, it's just funny and what I'd consider a misunderstandig for a site like this. (remember the site: Janet Exposed?).
To bad becuase some other videos are quite nice and she looks sexy, for sure.
Photos are just ok, but guys: no zip.
And a price at $29.95 - it's too much.
Let's try to get more and more sites to lower their prices by a common effort at PU.

09-09-07  08:14am

Replies (2)
Visit Bikini Riot

Bikini Riot

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: The most beautiful girls/women are gathered in this quite softcore site.
But not so softcore after all: Masturbation included for most models
Not crisp, but anyway good quality of videos - 640x480 wmv.
Ok price
Easy/good navigation
Cons: First of all: No zip - please change that!
Muzak-background for videos.
Not sure about updates
Bottom Line: First thanks to Drooler for getting my attention to this site.
I'm giving it a higher score than he is, here's my reasons:
1: Some great - and I repeat great - videos of Crissy Moran - I thought I've seen them all, but these are both sexy, cute and well performed by the faboulous woman. The muzak is not her fault.

2: There are generally some ekstremely fine women here doing videos at poolsites and typical other outdoor locations: Summer and sun and these girls getting rid of their bikinis is just great.

3: Not only Crissy Moran, but the US-answer to Eve Angel: Mindy Vega (no offense to the devoted Eve-fans here, but admid: there ARE SOME resemblance).

This site gives me a bit like when a kid eating different kinds of desert: Don't want to taste them all at once - or here the first day/week - saving some for a rainy day.
Well, yeah bottom line:
This is softcore with a special flavour that has no really resemblamce to sites like European Glamour Girls or 1ByDay/1ByNight - but has a thing of its own.
But get rid of that muzak-background, please...why can't we listen to Crissy moaning a bit? She moves her lips, but nothing comes out for the viewer. Guys at Bikini Riot: Please think about that.

09-12-07  06:14am

Replies (4)
Visit Blue Fantasies

Blue Fantasies

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Some very fine softcore and some masturbating videos of great looking girls.
The later videos come in good quality (wmv now) earlier the video were most in average quicktime.
Most of the girls have videos along with photos (and zip)
Fast download - split and fullscenes
Easy navigating
Cons: Too many of the video is a little bit too softcore, but still very sexy.
And what I hate is the sound-thing. Music, music and music as background only - a few with a little livesound with the (damed) music.
Older videos are NOT good - but the site is certainly growing and is much better than a couple of years ago.
Poor preview.
Bottom Line: Well, this site is somewhat very similar to Mac and Bumble.
But I think it's better - M&B are a bit overrated. In general most of the videos here are in better quality than M&B and the updates are (seems) more frequent.
I've actually found quite a few exclusive videos of single girls here - and the girls are on the internatioanl level. That means both american and european. And there are some very sexy scenes with models that knows how to tease.
And here is 3 pretty good videos (one I've seen before)of the superdoll Crissy Moran.

As a matter of fact there is a lot of tease here. Blue Fantasies provide model of most categories - the teens and the mature, but still outstanding women.

The photos are quite ok in good quality - one minus here is that too many model has too few photos in a set.

I do not regret spending the 19.95 Euros (24.95) on this site. But it's far from beeing in the elite.

05-24-07  09:03am

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