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Visit FM Teens

FM Teens

Forget the producer comments

The ol' FM Teens is still alive - with some (mostly) great looking russian/ukraine, hungarian ect. models.
For a long time my favorite girlie-site along with NU Dolls (that's down, I guess?)
But FM Teens hang on to a new and horrible deal: Some producer, cameraman or whatever keeps talking during the videos - in probably russian - I don't care what language, but the voice, the stupid commanding tone......ruins the vids.
Some may remember http://www.thebestporn.com/review/sunerotica/ - that same terrible deal..............Well, that one is off TBP - no problem. at all.

04-26-15  11:01am

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Visit Nubiles.net


Turned to regional pricing - why???

Went back to Nubiles.net - again - been a member several times over several years . But now this old and great site fell for it: Regional pricing.
Which means members outsite The US do not pay $ 24.31 when joning via TBP - but aproxx $ 32....

10-05-14  06:18am

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Visit Babe Fox

Babe Fox


Most here probably know the deal:
You just signed up/payed and look forward to login on a new site - and then nada.
This site looks just fine in the previews - som quite unfamiliar and great looking models....
But...I keep getting: Login og password invalid. By, George..I know how to write those two ....but still - and then: Wait 15 minuttes and try again. And the same over and over again...
No answer so far from neither Babefox or CCBill......grrrrr!

09-07-14  04:31am

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Visit ATK Galleria

ATK Galleria

Another disappointment

Been here years ago - so why not try it again.
Well, yes I did - it's like back years and years in porn/style/quality.
They got over 8000 vids, wauw - and over 25.000 galleries.
But: None of that is real great material - it's like going back to the 1990th. And when looking for some earlier models: The vids are - still - close to trash - poor quality - no editing here.
And the newer material: Boring - for most models....and certainly not all here are exclusive - and in spite of the vast amount, I vasted my $29.95

03-13-14  07:16am

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Visit Playboy Plus

Playboy Plus

Better vids, thank you...

Holy Mackerel - why did I join this site - again? Oh, because those Playboy-dudes still have some of the best looking models - and normally I do not mind that softer material.
But the way they - now - do the videos get me close to a nervous breakdown.....fast, fast clips - like in a trailer....the moment you get a fine view of the model, they cut - fast, fast fast...and it goes on and on and on.
Guys: Slow down....."give the singer some" (quote Jim Morrison) - Lol.

03-02-14  08:30am

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Visit Explicite Art

Explicite Art

The ups and downs

Have not been here for quite a while - but the main reason for joining once again are loss of former material - due to external breakdown.
Generally the ups here are the different way of shooting vids - compared to most other main sites - it's got a certain touch of libido and foreplay that a lot of those other top/mainsites miss - and there are some not so well known French models with a different attitude.
And a large number of material.
The downs are too many models that would (probably) not turn your head in the street....
BTW: The join gets you to some French billing co. - not comfortable with that - but after a couple of hits I got to Epoch - and just cancelled the rebill - and got a corfirmation after a couple of minutes......

01-16-14  05:52am

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Visit Nubiles.net


Names, names and names

Do not get it - why does Nubiles keep on adding new names to wellknown models?
The latest: Anjelica - at many, many sites for close to years. Now Nubiles added her - as Ebbi???
(Well- she's just one).

12-26-13  08:16am

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Visit Babespotting.tv


The first joining for a looong time

Beeing fed up with a lot of repetitive porn, this site is the first I've joined for quite some time.
But like Drooler mentioned in September "For $10, You Can't Beat It"
Ok, it's now 13,95 - but still a good price for something different. Ok - it's softcore - but I like that, too. And here we got (still got) British and other Euro-models - some you can't find elsewhere - and some great models doing posing and strip - and they still update some of the rare once like Laurena Lacey with older nude posing vids - and Brooke Bailey and Lisa Marie - both british you won't see much elsewhere.....It's a nice site, if your're into softcore.
PS: Have not been at PU much lately. Two reasons: Have only joined very few sites and then: my English is getting rusty - maybe it's age........

10-21-13  06:54am

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Visit Erotic Beauty

Erotic Beauty

The former input about this?

Just a simple question: What happened to the earlier input about this site - and the One Dollar Offer????

08-23-13  08:56am

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Visit Met Art

Met Art

Free offers??.....and Sasha Rose BTW.

Just got a mail: Get free access to any of the sites...
The entire - and newer Met Art Network - not for me: One day! - and then a month at normal price.....you got to be fast to cancel, LOL.
They got this new site: Stunning 18 - including (apparently) new sets of the cute Sasha Rose - but: she's back to beeing a brunette.......and: it had to come: New tits....

07-19-13  07:34am

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Visit Teen Dreams

Teen Dreams


Apart from the mysterious billingco. and the strange cross-sales ect. (noted by Capn in May this year) - the once great, great Teendreams seems to have gone down in other ways:
New webmaster (it seems) - some here remember the fine communication over the years with the good webmaster at the site.
The preview is now hopeless/useless - no way to see updates or anything like in the past. Now they show some thumbnails of a few vids - and the same scenes are repeated with a little different thumb.
Should I say: Teendreams - R.I.P.

07-01-13  05:39am

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Visit Fembomb.com


Thumb down

This is one of the more crappy sites, I've joined - ever - and that ought to say a lot.
She's somewhat of a knockout - but the site is certainly not. It promisses HD vids - it's not HD the 8 there are all together - and no download - but oh, you can buy the crap.
Then there's a lot of small - and misrable vids i low resolution - a resolution any site ten years ago would be embarrassed to show....
If I ever seen a rip off.........

06-30-13  09:32am

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Visit WTF Pass

WTF Pass


We have a poll at the moment:
What do you feel qualifies to be called "frequent updates"?

And this WTF is on the down side: Ending membership in a couple of days: One or maybe two updates in a month....Bad!
The same goes for this site:
Part of the exprensive Ferro-network.

05-29-13  07:12am

Replies (2)
Visit Lacy Nylons

Lacy Nylons

What a mess with login

Just joined this Ferro-site via CCBill - no problems there: login/password (generated, arggh) - came second later.
Then: You have to write/copy those generated words/numbers three times - and then, halleluja - your're inside...But no, you can see the material, but in order to download you have to fill out yet another form with your email - and then you wait for a mail-authorization....
And I waited and waited - no return-email - then you get seriously pissed - and start to write suppert ect....
Finally got it after a long wait - and by then your're really agitated and at that state of mind the site is suddenly less interesting....

BTW: See messmers fine review of that site.

04-09-13  07:13am

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Visit Sweet Nature Nudes

Sweet Nature Nudes

A difference?

Sweet Nature Nudes is up for Hot Review at TBP - and it looks great, though I prefer indoor shoots.
And then I take a look at the top site of the company: David Nudes. The content of that site is also and primarily outdoor shoots, so???

03-12-13  06:11am

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Visit VideosZ


Disappointed - again

You get what you pay for.....no more, no less. And that goes for this monster-site of DVDs, too.
And it's cheap, but thank you I only payed 18 bucks.
After a week here, I'm bored - bored with a massive amount of DVDs in low viewing quality and too few HD - where the so called HD is seldom near real HD in the same category of "viewing quality" - so it's like going out to a store/supermarket on sale - and you regret your buy when getting home.
You can browse for hours here and find "a hell of a lot" but the finds are diseppointing, generally. Sorry to the fans here of the site - I've been here some years ago and forgot how lousy it (the vids quality) is.
Canceled rebill and am going back to some real quality sites - will probably not bother with a review.

03-11-13  07:33am

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Visit Nu Dolls

Nu Dolls

A great site

Just a little attention and a recomendation for this special and exclusive site - with a lot of fine material. Just joined again.
NU Dolls still has exclusive girls - and important to this PU: All material are with both vids and sets. Ok, it,s a solo girl-site (with a few exceptions) - but one of the best when it comes to models not seen anywhere else (or far most). Not a cheap site, but do not regret those $ 29.95 here...
Allready did a review earlier - but it could do with another, so maybe...

02-24-13  07:48am

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Visit Wow Porn

Wow Porn


Asked earlier about a network for 18 Only Girls, Young Legal Porn...and Wow Girls. And got this reply from webmaster dieselman:
"Your dream is about to come through :)"

So just wonder: is this Wow Porn along with Wow Girls the new network?
Or will we see a network with all sites?

02-19-13  06:02am

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Visit 21Sextury.com


Anal, anal, anal, my....

A member at the moment, but miss straight porn - solo and hc. The network has introduced a sweet little thing: Jalace - very cute.
But erotica, solo, straight hc - nada. Only anal, anal and anal....Incredible.
And most of the other updates are the same.

01-12-13  06:11am

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Visit 21Sextury.com



I remember a time when this network was among the Top 5 at TBP - it's not, anymore.
Got back here a week ago after several joins in the past years - and serious disappointed...
Way too few re-editing of olders vids, which I was hoping for - a way to little of good ol' straight porn: hc and solo.
It's primarily anal, footsie, dp and other more far out fetish - even the ol' site "Pix and Video" - now tends more and more to anal - even if the network is loaded with sites of that content.
The thrill is gone, the erotica is gone.
Guess that why you'll find it in the lower section of top-TBP sites.

BTW: I dislike the latest layout - and really hates the latest navigation....

01-01-13  06:24am

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Visit In The Crack

In The Crack

Regional pricing

In spite of several mails from this user and others - this Canadian site keep hanging on to their regional pricing-deal - they do not care, do they????
It's a pretty good site, but I'm not going to join again, until....

12-15-12  07:21am

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Visit 21Sextury.com



Is it only me? - that can't find the good ol' preview - preview with updates, preview for certain models, search for ditto, ect.
Earlier you could look up what content with each model, what was new..but now it's limited in the worse way...
You can't search by name - you get 3 "more models" in "search" - the same in "scenes" ect. - then you go to "join".

11-28-12  06:10am

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Visit DDF Network

DDF Network

Cancel rebilling??????

When you join a site and want to cancel re-billing, it got to be smooth...
But this site certainly makes it hard:
When joining, I could not see which billing co. was in question - AND never got a mail back - so luckily I could remember the chosen login/password.
And when trying to cancel rebill, I have 7 choices of billing co. and all of the DDF-sites to choose from - none of them worked - and it took a hell of a time to go through all.
Finally had to write a mail to support - waiting for response, now.

Been a member here a LOT of times in the past - but never been through problems like this before.......for a simple cancel of rebill!!!

11-25-12  05:54am

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Visit Nubiles.net


How is it today?

Guys, fellow PUs - this is or used to be one of the top-sites among some/a lot of PUs.
Have not been a member for quite a long time (half a year, at least) - got some, a lot actually... of trailer - and you can see them at the site, btw - so nothing on the free line, TBP.
But still: The picking of the models seems going US-ways and somehow it's going down the drain like Brazzers, Naughty America ect - but softcore...help me out here, please - and thank you!

11-03-12  08:03am

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Visit Smack My Bitch

Smack My Bitch

Not a review...but: great site!

Had problems with:
..and wrote the webmaster - (btw: our latest poll)
So the WM got back fast - and because of the problems (stated elsewhere at "comments"), the WM gave me a 20 days free access to this:

Been here some years back - and now getting that access is so fine - most of the content is not exclusive (Teen Mega World), but I got vids here of great esteuro teens, I have not seen before - and in superb quality.....still using hours and hours on this site - but from here: No review on a 20 days free access - Still: Great Content.

11-02-12  07:40am

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