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Visit Babes.tv


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Archived material is just top
+ Archived videos and photosets of older dates is mostly prime material
+ New price - for former members via mail - but ask for it (IF you want a part of this site????)
+ Exclusive videos and photos of wellknown models - mostly easteuropeans
+ Zip for photosets
+ Download managers allowed
+ Easy navigating ind the archived area
Cons: In spite of some serious pros - this site has gone down the drain - lately.
- A LOT af missing links to videos/photosets ("missing link" sounds like a joke) - BUT: when browsing for download-options - you get to a "No Link Found" - that means: you browse and find a model, BUT a lot of her material is NOT to be found, though you get info about the videos/photosets.
- No response from webmaster - tried to give them info/updates abnout those missing links - but NADA - and nothing happens - videos and photosets still not avalible.....!
BAD for a major site like this.
Bottom Line: Did a review of Babes.tv earlier - when the site was fine. Gave it 88, I think...
It's NOT fine anymore.
OK, the 65 score goes for the good ol' stuff - BUT man, the good ol' stuff I already have downloaded.

The site is a part of Babelicious - but NOT included in the Babelicious bonus-deals. Still you can join Babes.tv - and get a cheap three days access to Babelicious - but what's the point? (the updates at Babelicious is a laugh, but that's another thing).
Babes.tv has some of the best solo-videos/photosets - exclusive - of great/sweet/good looking easteuro-models - BUT it's primarely in the archives.
The videos are NOT living up to standars of 2009 - why they do not improve the quality is a big question:
Still videos at foremost wmv and only: 640x480 - too lame for a major site in 2009
Bottom line: This site used to be great - with some damn fine exclusive videos of great models
Today it's just mediocre

09-01-09  10:53am

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Visit Teen Dreams

Teen Dreams

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: BACK ON THE TRACK - what else can I say.
My original review was from March 2007 with a score of 83 - and I've been a member on and off since then.
But a lot has happend - Ups and Downs.
Today Teendreams is back with more strenght: better quality in updates, better videos, better photosets and models I've not seen anywhere else - exclusive for Teendreams or not.
The content is very huge - with some great archives for the porn- and nudelover - mostly soft.
The updates are all together more than one video and a couple of photosets a day (including no updates on weekends).
+ Nice price
+ Aproxx. 1400 video-clips
+ Vast amout of photosets (can't count them)
+ Still a better and more varied selection of models
+ Navigation and design is still improving
+ Some of the best/varied solo-videos around.
+ Fast and helpfull respons from webmaster
+ Preview for updates (exept live video-clips)
+ Zip for photosets
Cons: Unstable downloadspeed (in Europe) - using download manager.
I (mostly)get about 320-350 kb/sec - even with d-manager.
Models names - I mean there is like 25 Lisa - 20 or more Caroline ect. - confusing.
A little video-problems: no sound in a few clips, a few corrupt files, some Mp4 almost unplayable - (But webmaster seems to repair alonmg the way).
No videoclips availible in preview.
Hardcore-content is not worth joining for.
Bottom Line: I've been pretty ambivalent about the site the last half year or so (not schizophrenic, as Wittyguy mentioned - I think that's more a medical term of something completely different).
Teendreams has had it's ups and downs - but which site has not.
But after browsing the preview for some time, the updates and variation of models has improved - a lot.
Names like Aina, Mina, Adrienne and Bea - never seen those models anywhere else - Bea has only one sets by now - but maybe the finest natural tits...
And then Lisa- the latest - a rare brunette beuaty - and the sweetest videoclip, only one for now - look forward to more!!
Newer photoset improving: 2452x1635
Videos: wmv or mp4 (some older in mpg): 1280x720 wmv - size: between 200-600 Mb.
Teendreams still has Viv Thomas as bonussite - and thats a fine deal. Videos can be downloaded in parts or full - BUT only ujsing a download manager - guess the propuse here is viewing only, but...
You can also download photos - but no zips for Viv Thomas.
If I have to compare other sites it's first Nubiles - and then maybe Twistys.
Both Teendreams and Nubiles stand very strong in their archives - videos and photosets - at this moment I tend to Teendreams - but that's the problem too. Maybe like your favorite sportteams - it's up and down - and then up again.
Right now Teendreams is back at the top - to this user...

08-26-09  09:57am

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Visit Vintage Flash

Vintage Flash

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Entirely exclusive british softcore "porn" - but with masturbation.
A pretty rare mix of wellknown uk-models and totally amateurs.
Dirty talk in most videos - with british accents, of course.
Ok amount of videos - right now it's: 379
The newer videos and photosets are what most PUs will consider: Fine/ok - even crisp
For Michelle Thorne-fans this is just a great site - she has a LOT of videos and photosets.
One fine bonus-site:
One other bonus site - not worth anything.
Old time lingerie - if you like that.
Cons: The navigation here is almost a bummer - even if there is a search-machine and a model base.
But no way to search for "only videos" or "only photosets.
Price a bit high.
Updates come only once a week - BUT it now includes both videos and photosets.
Too many of the better looking girls have only photosets.
Very broad variation i model-quality/goodlooking - too many on the ordinary site.
A bit slow download.
Only solo stuff (apart from ONE video with bj) - well, only found one after browsing for weeks.
Bottom Line: Joined the site because I found some stuff from it with Michelle Thorn and Linda Leigh - great britts - and both damn sexy.
The style here is - like the name indicates: Vintage.
That means that the models are all in lingerie from the 50's, 60's and 70's - and some is really outstanding.
The videos are now up to almost 380 - BUT it's only half of that amout that count to something - in viewing quality.
The newer videos are: 1024x760 - older ones goes down to: 640x480 and even 320x240.
All in WMV only.
The photosets are the same. New ones: 1600x1071 - older ones: not worth it.
But the main deal - apart from the outfit (lingerie) is the style in the videos. They are just dirty - for the solo kinds.
Most models does a fine dirty-talk - in a natural way - and in a way I ALMOST never see in US- solovideos.
If it was not for this dirty-talk, my score here would be quite a bit lower.
But listening to Michelle Thorne or even one video with Lucy Zara telling how horny she is and want to get fucked is worth it all.
Alas there are a little too many of the models that looks quite ordinary (not GOOD looking) - BUT still: even some of these girls end up being very sexy in their performance.
And the fact that they only have photosets of Linda leigh and Misty McCain is a bummer - so even if I'm probably not comming back - I can recommend a months membership - AND it looks like the site is growing - and new models are comming in, so who knows - maybe I'll try it again in six months or a year or so...

07-23-09  06:38am

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Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + new kind of video-stuff (it's getting better along the way)
+ a little more international
+ Well known latina-content - but newer easteuro-models content, too - and some great.
+ Fair updates.
+ Ok full monthly price - good for trial ($ 3 bucks)
+ A little more tease/strip and foreplay NOW in some scenes.
+ Vast amount of content
+ Maybe the best preview around!
Cons: Still do NOT care about the navigation - it's troublesome and needs time to get used to.
Horrible download-terms - takes a lot of time to get used to this speciel way of downloading material - this is a bummer and worse - I think - than ever before - downloads include trouble with repeated logins.
A lot of the stuff is ordinary - and even if it's exclusive - it seems too wellknown - and boring.
Pre-checked cross-sales (as stated at TBP)
Too much talk/yap in most scenes - STILL!
Bottom Line: As a fan of easteuro-models and some better produced euro-sites, I was - again - a bit reluctant to join this veteran US-site.
BUT - the fine preview gave me better info about the special sites inside Bangbros.
For one - there is a newer site called DIRTY WORLD. Here you'll find some great euro-models content - AND performed pretty good - still with a lot of talk/yap - but with a good amount of strip/foreplay-alike.
This Bangbros offers about 28 different kinds of special sites - most are ok - some not - and a few great.
But the pass/network still has this genral thing about the same kinds of scenes with too much talk and stupid question to the model....
The worse thing here is the problems when getting to download - had to stop using DL-manager - could not get it to wotk properly - and even normal downloads are getting a hassle with repeated logins - this was NOT the deal earlier.
The photos here are inferior - so forget it.

The quality of videos is generally fine/decent - most are 720x406 (wmv) - some newer ones 960x540 - but a lot of older videos are still NOT that good - in: 640x480 - deleted a lot of those after download.
Bottom Line: This is still a vast network and growing - and even with that enormous amount of content do not expect fine quality all over - a lot is worthless in my opinion - BUT you can find quite a few great videos to keep - for a fair price.
My recommendation:
Take the cheap full trial deal (2 days for $ 2.95) as stated at TBP and use those two days good to search and grab the stuff you like....

06-03-09  09:47am

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Visit Oldje


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Young easteuro-models at their best.
+ Fine style in videos - fine style of fantasy.
+ Video-quality is almost crisp (the newer ones) and even some of the .rm-files are ok.
+ Young girls being very seducive - thanks to a good working editor, I guess.
+ Entirely exclusive.
+ Ok/fine number of video-scenes (almost 300)
+ Well done for a special kind af fantasies.
Cons: Price a bit high - euro 29.95 - but at TBP the $-price seems much to high compared to the price in euros. Compared the price in $ should be about 35. Guess this one is the other way around with those infamous currency-problems.
No "real" photosets - the photos in each set are way too few and the quality (960x640) are not that great.
Could not find any zip for those sets.
Very simple navigation/browsing - no search engines or name-search for girl-models. You nhave to browse through the now 27 pages with aproxx 10 videos pr page.
Most videos in split files. (But they are joinable).
No bonus sites.
Couold not find any update-schedule - now it looks like one or two pr week.
Repeated login.
Very early videos (2-3 years old or more) not worth much.
Bottom Line: I have quite a few cons for this site - BUT still it's as close to a 90 in score as it gets.
Foremost this is a site with a very speciel fantasy for older porn-lovers and lovers of teens.
This is a dutch site with a slogan for their videos:
"The fantasy you deserve" - pretty good marketing, because it tends to older guys (like this user close to 50) with the everlasting dream of sweet young things - but well married and no more ideas about trying to catch/or cheat with an 18-19 years old girl.
Here you get it on videoclips. Must scenes are definitely fantasy, because the main theme is the teen seducing the 50-65 year old guy.
See the fine previews - and you'll get the idea.
The videos are (almost) all set in different ways - and thats a fine plus. Not much stereotype here.
And once in a while you get a little surprise with some minuttes slow-motion of the best blowjob/fuck in the middle of the scene.
A little over half of the aproxx 300 videos comes in both wmv and Real Media (I normally dislike rm-files) - the wmv quality is FINE - 720x404.
BUT most of the rm-files are certainly not bad in quality either - I'm just not crazy about the only way to play them.
The models are simply great here - for most of them. Fine looking young teen - blondes, brunettes and redhairs - and the way they act here seems much sweeter ( and somewhat sexier) than at some other productions.
Some are well known: Sharka Blue, Black Angelica, Jenny/Wibeke or Bijou ect. (man, just watching that natural-titted Bijou-brunette seducing this old guy....)
Others are quite rare/almost never seen at other sites.
But the way the seduction of older guys are done here makes this site - probably - the best of its kind.
Visited the site some years ago - today it's simply way better.
More regular updates - and I'd stay here (for some time, anyway).
To be recommended.

06-01-09  06:29am

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Visit Asian Suck Dolls

Asian Suck Dolls

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +Real thai-models
+Models seem genuine "pros of the street/bars"
+Fast video-download
+Access to the major bonus/sister-site Creampie Thais
+A variation of beauty for models, but some are really among the best lookers for thai-prostitutes
Cons: Videos are ONLY in 480 x 320.
No photosets - though it states: Photo Sets - but these photos are merely vidcaps - horrible.
Several and anoying logins
Price too high
Worthless other bonus-sites
The scenes are way too much alike
Same male "artist" - not that I care - but it's getting too much - even more "anoying" than at Dreamstash...
Bottom Line: The best thing about this site - and - Creampie Thais (it's those two sites at this deal and nothing more is worth anything) - is mainly:
The real Thai-models - typical prostitutes from Bangkok Bars or whatever - maybe from other Thai locations.
So everything should be honky dory - but what ruins a lot here is that, the producers and male-actor (the same person) is completely out of date.
Videos for a site like this cannot sell it for $29.95 with videos (and this is videos only - photos are just vidcaps, as mentioned) with wmv-files of only:
480x320 - in the year of 2009.
So fullscreen - forget it!
It's strange that the guy/co behind this site/these sites goes for this low video-quality. It's the same who makes Thainee where there are much finer videos in 720x480 - ok, not the best but much better than at these two sites.
So have to downgrade since my first review - long time ago when we were not used to finer videos.
Get your act together here Ghost Pro Inc. Just cancelled rebill...

But it's a shame - THIS could be a great Thai-site - the models certainly are - but hey: Quality!!!

05-24-09  06:14am

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Visit Euro Pornstars

Euro Pornstars

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: 213 videos of some of the finer euro-models.
Both hc (bg and lez) - and solo.
Aproxx 550 photosets of - mostly the same models.
Both hc (bg and lez) and solo sets, too.
Videos in wmv and mpg.
Navigation ok - with model/photoset/video search
Fine/ok full trial price.
Download-speed ok, but only ok for download.
Zip for photosets in 3 sizes. (BUT see cons.)
Some US-models, but primarily euro-models
Cons: Download Manager NOT allowed - and no way to get around it.
NO DM for photo-zip either!
Horrible repeating login.
SLOW browsing (see below)
A little cheat in amount - some videos posted twice with different name of model - but it's exactly the same video.
Bonus-sites gives you even more hassle with repeating login.
A LOT materiel is NOT exclusive.
Bottom Line: Been looking at this site for some time - and read Wittyguys and Droolers fine reviews, so WHY NOT?
First of all the site has some fine stuff with wellknown euro-models.
But not all are exclusive - far from. Still I found some videos here that I want to keep - and Oh, yes - get the picture why Drooler was up at 79 - and I guess that's because of the photosets - AND they are worth a bit more than the videos.
The deal with three sizes:
1000, 2000 and 3000 px - is maybe the best about the site - and at 3000 px those sets are just great.
So maybe for the first time I'l keep more photosets than videos.
But as a video-freak, I'm disapointed:
Ok, the site got both wmv (socalled HIGH) and MPG (low res) - forget the MPG and the WMV is NOT crisp enough for 2009! Only:
640 x 480 - NOT good enough.
BUT TBP forgot one major item in the review:
The site does NOT allow Download Manager - not for videos, not for the Zips!
And since some of the video-files are up to at least 600 Mb (one 1000 Mb) - I have to downgrade the score.
Ok, the download-speed for conventional dl is just ok - I get almost 380 Mb/Sec. I still miss a lot better speed with DM.
And the browsing-speed is annoying. Sometimes you have to wait and wait for a page to show up.
Another downgrade with this site is the repeating logins - tried several browsers, but none could save the login/password - never had that before.
And if your're not active at the site for more than 10 minuttes or so (even during download) - you have to login again (and the password is generated and not by your own choise)
Bottom line: Some fine/ok stuff in here - but the handeling of browsing/download makes you tired of this site too fast...
So no more than a 70 from this user - and it's only for the content.
Won't be back.

05-10-09  08:09am

Replies (3)
Visit Xisty


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Very good amount of models - 191 at the moment.
+ High quality videos and photosets for updates in the last year and a half.
+ Mostly wellknown euro models - and the site is keeping track of upcomming models.
+ A lot HD - videos: Now 519 videos in all - aproxx 380 in HD.
+ Streaming too.
+ NICE full trial price ($9.95 - 5 days)
+ Zip for photosets
+ "Super-zip" for some high-rez sets
+ Relativly fine navigation (see below)
Cons: Not all videos are re-edited into HD.
Only wmv-downloads.
Browsing a little slow - but download-speed ok.
No model-search for HD-videos only. And that's VERY confusing - you have to browse through all and long five pages af HD-videos to look for some of the same videos presented in ordenary wmv to find the HD-versions.
Socalled: Links/Bonuses/Extra: Could not find any bonus!
Bottom Line: Pros and Cons: Xisty is still a very decent site to go for euro models in both videos and photosets.
The large watermarks does NOT - however - do anything good for the sets.
Skip them, or make them small, Xisty!
The deal is fine here both in trial and full one-month. If you think you can get around to grab as much as you want in five days - take the trial.
Newer videos in straight wmw is quite good:
852x480 in wmv - not total crisp, but ok.
The HD-videos are typical:
1280x730 and almost crisp/close to. But again it differs: Some I'd give a 9 (1-10) and others 7-8 - and thats generally.
The site is keeping up with newer euro-models - BUT the site do NOT have an updates-link - too bad
The navigation could - in general - use some serious workover.
Apart from the missing model-search for HD-videos, the updates (both video and photosets)are named after the scene, NOT the model - confusing - who'll remember a name of a scene?
But, ok: Bottom Line: This is a fine site if your're looking for solo euro-models in video or photosets. The content of HC/bg is rather slim - only found a few.
Right now there is:
191 models
519 videos
1131 photosets

So: Not bad for a site to join at $9.95 for five days full trial - or 19.95 for a month.

05-01-09  09:34am

Replies (4)
Visit Only Tease

Only Tease

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Exclusive content.
Large amount of great and average looking british models.
Fine updates - daily. Either photosets or videos - MOSTLY photosets.
Good mix in styles of different outfits - well, this is a SOFTCORE FETISH-KIND of site.
Zip for photosets.
Photos in ok quality/size.
Ok navigation and layout.
Fair/average price-level.
Cons: NOT 2009 kind of videos.
Generally low/average video-quality.
Too few videos compared to photosets.
Very softcore - but ok, you can see that from the previews - that's the style of this site.
Marketing-promiss of HD-videos do NOT stick.
Some scenes are a bit stereotype - with re-use of same outfits too many times.
Some models do not even go topless.
Too many videos are photo-shoot-style.
Anoying password repeat when you download.
Bottom Line: This site sure does a lot for marketing the product.
Wish they'd do the same for the videos and especially the quality os those videos.
At the latest PR-mail I got in March, they claimed:
"Now HD-videos".
Empty words!
Because the new videos are no more viewing-HD or even in bigger file-size or bottomline NOWHERE near HD. BTW the size of those newer files are the same as it's been for the last couple of years.
For a major 2009-site their videos sucks - I normally do not use words like that in a review - but with this site: it's the case.
It's a pity with the whole video-deal at Only Tease, because the concept is/could be very good.
Those videos:
Average file-size: 50-60 Mb.
640x480 (that ought to say it).
Only avi.
But ok, apart from the frustrations about videos in 2009 at this site, the photosets are way better.
Three sizes of zip-download: Standard, Extra and Ultra. From aproxx. 10 Mb over 35 Mb and up to 100 Mb (2048x1056).
And even the standard photo-sizes are ok.

NB: When writing this review and scanning the site again, I now see ONE new video placed today (17th of april 2009) where the size suddenly is more like it: 285 MB - and NOW: wmv. Cheers! - ONE out of 1500.
The video is with one Ashley Massey and the viewing-quality is decent - not more. (and this one is quite boring).
But, ok - if Only Tease - finally - does videos this quality, I'd sneak my score up to 80 - next time. If I ever be back after 3-4 terms - doubt it, though.

04-17-09  09:27am

Replies (3)
Visit Teen Mega World

Teen Mega World

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: Not a russian scam.
Vast number of HD-videos with easteuro-teens (and maybe some in their twenties)
Great NEW "bonusdeals" - at least 5 recommended sites here.
Both HC/BG, Lez and great solo-stuff.
Great quality videos (some a bit too big in MB)
A fine spectrum of different teen euro-models (east/russian)
You can find the same model on the different sites in the pack for both solo and HC.
Exclusive material - BUT NOT all - you can stumble over some of it at other easteuro-type sites.
A lot of beautifull teens here - in great videos
Ok price - for what you get.
OK updates - but certainly not every day - still the updates are spread around the sites so you get your moneys worth.
Fine download speed.
Fine preview videos of the BIG video-files.
Cons: Horrible layout/design of the sites.
Search for certain models does not work.
No general search.
Navigation tends to do something - not good - to your patience.
A lot of sites (bonus or what) but only a few are worth the trouble.
Some not-exclusive material (still the quality of those non-exclusive videos here are better than elsewhere).
Bottom Line: We've had comments like "russian scam" about this site. Do not agree - and BTW it's based on the island of Cyprus (do NOT know if that makes it better, though.)
BUT: The content here, and the videos and the downloads has this user taken in.
In general there are five or so great sites in this Teen Mega World:
Solo Teen Girls
Teen Sex Mania
Home Toy Teens
Teen Sex Movs
Ok, it's only four - and those other 12 or so are not really worth to mention - except for two or three....but take a look at the preview.
But the four stated here has great content, either
HC or solo.
The videos are all in wmv, but those 20-30 Gb I've downloaded til now are just crisp:
720x576 (even those are mostly crisp).
But they take up space - some videos (especially the HC at Teen Sex Movs) are up to 850-900 Mb (some even up to 1,5-2,0 Gb), heavy! (Lower quality downloads too!)
Here you get a lot of great looking easteuropean teens - I both like the solo scenes and the HC - and you certainly get a lot of both.
Teen Sex Movs has almost 350 hc-videos.
The other sites a little less.
BTW: The bonusdeal for Teen Mega World does NOT add up at TBP right now - the great thing is, that you get those sites mentioned above.
Bottom Line:
It takes a lot for this user to hand out a 90.
But with those new bonus sites the deal seems a little sweet when you like fine easteuro-teens solo videos.....too!
NB: I've stated membership for over a year: the deal is, that I've been back to those sites SEVERAL times within the last two years...so.

04-16-09  08:27am

Replies (4)
Visit Suburban Amateurs

Suburban Amateurs

Status: Current Member for over 2 months (at the time of review).
Pros: Entirely exclusive content
British girls - some known, some not.
Amateur-basis in general
Dirty talk - in most videos
a LOT of rarely seen girls here - again all british - some UK-based easteuropeans.
Zip for photosets
Newer videos in ok quality.
Natural looking girls.
Amount of videos/photosets
Updates come regularly
Cons: The price is way too high - $34.95.
I miss some/more really sexy girls - and with more focus on the dirty talk in general.
Some videos are bad quality - older ones, as usual.
Miss the general idea with dirty talk all around.
Bad dl-speed, unless you use DL-manager - then you get fine speed.
Wish for better video-editing/producing - the same scenes with different girls are repeating.
More video-download options would be better
No feedback from webmaster...
ONLY solo girl/masturbation - no hc/bg - some lez, though.
Bottom Line: Still on my hunt for british girls/british sites - and went BACK to this one.
The reasons are:
Those speciel british girls doing their own thing, like dirty talk (BTW: in a much different way than US-girls, amigos - are they better actors in general, just a question)
BUT: What I'd like to see from this site is more beautiful girls - ok, it's an "amateur site" like stated in the name. But certainly not all are amateurs - so let's get some more knockouts at the site.
They've done it a few times: Like Sasha - wauw - and she CAN talk dirty.
This is one of the few british site that can EVEN be compared to the better US-ditto. But, by gully - those british porn-producers still has a lot to learn.Professionalism is one.
The video are only in wmw - 720x540.
Photos (with zip):1025x680.
If you like british models, british style, this is ok - and do not forget the dirty talk.
You'll meet a lot of the models that also at Panty Amateurs, but here they are a bit more porn!
This is my third term here, but I do not think I'll be back for some time - the price is much too high for what your get.
The major bonus-site is Suburban Sluts - BUT it's mostly crap with bad quality in both videos and photosets.
So the recommondation is AVERAGE.
BTW: No feedback from webmaster: The site was "down" for a day or two with problems and no download. Wrote the webmaster, but no reply! - that does not look good for other member-problems.
NB: Last opdates: The webmaster just answered and with a fine explanation....

04-16-09  07:43am

Replies (4)
Visit VideosZ


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Better quality - in general - for videos - with NEWER MP4 FILES!!! - than Videobox
+ After Videobox, I guess this is it - concerning amout of videos
+ It's not possible to count - it'll take a decade - but as they state today: 5205 DVDs or 29803 scenes - no reason not to believe it.
+ Fine navigation for the most part.
+ Fine model-search.
+ More euro-stuff than Videobox.
+ Better variation in genres.
+ Still an ok price.
+ I dig those easy screenshots preview - AND in the same time they show the other scenes at that particular DVD.
+ And finally: BETTER updates than Videobox!
+ Fine download speed.
+ No DRM - did not come across any..
Cons: - Searching for genres does not work optimal
- Too few download formats.
- Like Videobox too many DVDs found almost anywhere else.
- Still have watermarks - though they (most) seem transparent now.
- Some - a few for now - of the new mp4 downlaods does not live up to what you could expect - AND what you can find elsewhere.
- No part-scene downlaod - like Videobox
Bottom Line: I will join VideosZ again sometime after this term - rather than going for Videobox (again)
First of all - this site has gone down in price - now at a much more reasonable $17.95 - and compared to the socalled DVD-resolution at Videobox for $14.95. (which never done any better for the user than the $ 9.95 -deal).
This site is both userfriendly in navigation and in the search for models - it just works.
VideosZ has a lot more variation of types of stuff than Videobox. First of all much finer og more rare euro-material.
And BTW - the navigation in generel is better than Videobox - and faster.
I really like the deal where you get all other info for a certain DVD when finding a certain model she appears in.
The search-system divided in three: Keywords - titles - pornstars - works. Enjoy that in my browsing.
Download-speed just fine - got 650 easy - and no delays.
VideosZ does it a lot like Videobox - and even if this site has got a little fewer DVDs/scenes - I more happy with this site that I ever been with Videobox - and f... the three or four dollars more for a month.
I get better varitation in material here.
Some - or most - videos you can find in better viewing-quality than at Videobox (the normaly very fine mp4-files, thanks to them the score got to be this high).
Fast respons - when problems - had some with login/password which was my own fault - and the help came fast...great.
Finally: Been a member of many sites like this in the past: For the first time I'm generally impressed with this one - only serious cons is:
Get the search in genres together - don't want to search for "Latina" and get a whole bunch of NOT latina-stuff in my search...

03-18-09  10:24am

Replies (10)
Visit My Sexy Kittens

My Sexy Kittens

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: + Exclusive content.
+ Fine Euro-models - some typical east-euro-models.
+ Crisp videos - the new videos are damn fine - and older vids are beeing updated to better quality. With succes.
+ At this date: 432 videos - but all divded in two or six files.
+ Amount of content is ok/average.
+ Fine amount of videos - compared to photosets.
+ Good mix of solo/hc-bg/lez video- and photomaterial.
+ Euro-models in new scenary - thanks - a fine plus here.
Cons: - Man, the content of this site is generally ok -
- BUT: No full scene video-files (a bummer)
- Newer files (video) are split in two, that you can live with (almost).
- But most clips are divided in 6 files - an even worse bummer.
- And NO zip for photosets (can you believe it in 2009)
- Bad preview - does not tell you anything about the content and/or style.
- Horrible navigation - you have to go through all pages - page after page to look for certain stuff - in 2009, another bummer.
- Bonus site: It's the dutch Seventeen - ok, but the bonus deal is worthless - they state "bonus, but you'll never get the real stuff here, anyway - just a tease.
Bottom Line: I'd give this site a 79 - according to the official TBP/PU-rating:
"Does some things good, some things poor. Might recommend."
First of all - I've never seen most of the content here anywhere else - and this goes especially for the videos.
Some damn fine solo and bg/hc videos with exclusive content.
Models here are all/most of euro/easteuro origin - and you'll find models here that you know from elsewhere - but the videos/photosets are still exclusive.
AND here is still room for new models - models that I've not seen elsewhere - not even at the countless russian/easteuro-sites like Teenmovs/Amour Babes/18 virgin sex or whatever.
All videos in wmv: 640x480, but the average quality/viewing quality is fine/great - close to crisp.
Split video-files average: 55 mb a piece - and that you have to join - mostly - six of those files.
- And that is a bummer and not expected from a site with this kind of else fine quality videos.
But bottom line: The stuff here is fine and the content in general is exclusive - but those split video-files are a serious NUISANCE!
So My Sexy Kittens - get your act together and give us full scene download-files...
And: This is 2009 - and your site still do not have zip for the photosets....
One final cons: too many repeating log-in demands - if your're not active at the site for less than five minuttes, you got to log in - again. Bad...

03-15-09  08:12am

Replies (3)
Visit Women Of Playboy

Women Of Playboy

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: A variation of mostly fabulous US-models.
Average/ok amount of photosets and videos (short videos, though.
The deal here is 6 sites in a pack (NOT 7 as stated at TBP - Playboy Plus not included)
Easy/average navigation.
Zip for photos
2 diffenrent video-downlod sizes (small for preview) WMV for newer videos - mpg for older.
Cons: Updates too rare.
Not up-to-date in currency convertion-prices.
Newer videos contains too much close-ups and background talking (see below)
Finding certain models on others sites in the pack is difficult.
Way too short videos.
No infos about the updates.
Photo-sets are too slim (too few photos in each set).
Confusions with repeating videos in different files.
Bottom Line: Been a member at some other site in this package before.
What strikes me now is the radical change in the style of filming/editing the videos.
Some models have two (a few three) videos. One with interview (forget it), one which you could regard as presentation where the model tells you (again)who she is and where she comming from, what she likes ect. ect.ect.....boring.
And then one video where you get down to bussiness and watch the real deal with undressing, posing and so on...(with background muzak) - very few videos with the models own sound/moaning or whatever...
BUT the sites seems to have changed video-editor/cameraman.
The newer videos focus way too much on close-ups - and since the videos are quite short (max. five minuttes) there NOT much whole figure filming - too bad.
Former members will remember the earlier videos where it was much better in that field.
New videos in wmv - average size: 70-90 Mb - dimension:
Some: 848x480
Older videos typical mpg in smaller size: 30-40 Mb.
The photosets does not live up to the otherwise fine Playboy-standard - and the sets are with too few photos - typical less than 30 pictures.
I'm still a fan of those US-dolls that this Co. finds - like some other PU once asked European Glamour Girls: Where do you find them? - It's amazing the "quality" of models Playboy comes up with - ok, a lot more US-girls want to be a Playboy-model that a "porn-model", I guess.
But, boy - if some of those models were better exposed in longer and larger videos/movies - wauw.
But the content and quality in general at these P-sites (package) leaves a LOT.
So: 65 from this user based on:
"Does more things wrong than right. Low recommendation."

03-07-09  01:33pm

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Visit Club Silvia Saint

Club Silvia Saint

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Mostly exclusive material of Silvia (some may later be published at Fame Digital). (I've seen that before).
Great new/newer solo-videos of this doll.
Regular updates.
Fine bonus-sites.
Some ok stuff with other models - both videos and photosets.
Interesting archive- and backstagematerial.
Quality of videos and photosets.
Fine navigation.
Amount of content in general - this site has grown a LOT.
Cons: Still miss more of hc-stuff with Silvia here - since it's her primary official/home-site - as it's stated - so I have to believe that.
Only wmv for videos - in high or medium quality.
Price a bit high.
A little too much not-Silvia stuff here compared to the amount in general.
Some material are non-exclusive taken from DDF and a few others
Bottom Line: If your're a fan of Silvia Saint, this is probably the best place to find what your're looking for.
But bottom-line the stuff - videos and photosets of Silvia here is foremost solo-material.
But as a fan of some of the best damn solo-videos of this magnificent girl this site is it.
There is at this moment a little less than 100 videos of Silvia herself here (95 to be precise).
Most are solos - and quite a few are lez and a very few - 5-8 are bg hc.
The bg hc are a bit old, but still ok.
Some of the solo-videos AND photosets are from DDF.
Most solovideos are exclusive, thanks! And some of them are just great.
The later onces shows how this doll matures in the finest way - you can see she far from a teen these days, but, man - she still beautiful - take a look at the preview.
The videos are all in wmv - medium og high definition - and the socalled HD is just great to watch.
Size between 100 and 250 Mb.
Older videos smaller and in less quality.
All in download and no DRM or daily limits.
Photosets equaels video-amount. Typical: 2700x1796
Free bonus sites are Evelyn's Glamour and two others - but these two are generally the same content as Evelyn's. Among them a special site of the great easteuro model, Vendula Badnarova - she has some damn fine videos and photosets too.
Bottom line: Silvias site it self is to recommend and with those bonus sites the price is not THAT bad, after all...
But to other users: See the preview for this site - it's quite good in giving the idea of the site and it's content.
And finally: I have to rate this a 90 in score - primarily because I'll keep those great solo-videos forever and ever - I think....

03-03-09  06:29am

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Visit Video Angels.tv

Video Angels.tv

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Some great videos with 1990th BRITISH super-models in this rare british site.

Very special stuff I've never found anywhere else.
Newer videos ok in quality and size.
Mostly a solo-video-models site in a different way
Some videos with fine "dirty talk" - and it's "the english way".
Mature models and some great british teens.
Ok download speed.
Somewhat easy navigation (but also some confusion, see below)
150 + videos in different chapters - (got to find the hang of it, the navigation-style).

Easy rebill cancel via CCBill (even if this is a british site which normally tends to the "crazy" Verotel.
Cons: Price too high: $ 29.95.
For that price a much larger content would be expected.
A bit strange parting of video-files - a scene may seems to be in parted clips - but the the downloads mostly covers different scenes - confusing.
Poor layout/poor design.
A very slim content of photosets (well, the name says it all - it's videos)
No zip
Updates? - that answer is blowing in the wind! Too bad.
The few updates does NOT follow what the site states...
Bottom Line: This is one of those very special sites, you normally do not see here at TBP og PU.
The reason is quite obvious - it's hard to find - and the content, the setup, the navigation, the style, the design is nowhere near what we PUs consider a "normal" site.
BUT it sure has some fine stuff:
IF your're into those special british porn/nude-models from typical around the 1990th.
Models like Louise Hodges, Linda Leigh, Misty McCain and Sammy Marshall. (And if you into lez: a rarity like scenes with Louise H. and Vida Garman together)
And then off course: Tiffany Walker.
Here's a collection of some very fine videos of these model - videos I've never seen before.
Linda Leigh has a special video for some user she names David - and she tells this David how she want him to fuck her while doing strip/mastubation - great!
Misty McCain with the fantastic body has 4 videos parted in different scenes.
The video-files are in 2,3,4 og more clips for most models - but that does not mean it's not full scene videos. The dividing of files mostly goes after different scenes - and thats ok, but a bit confusing when browsing/navigating.
All video-files in WMV - between 50 and 200 MB - typical. (Some up to 450 Mb)
Newer videos in ok quality (but not CRISP!) - older videos in average/low quality.
The amount of videos are stated to be 133 - but thats not accurate - based on the fact that each models has most more than one video. So all in all the amout is higher.
Most videos are solo-stuff - something like 25% or a little less is hc (b/g or g/g)
I judge this as an 80 - see TBP ratings.
Its a dammed fine site for this special british 1990-style models -. but only if you "hunger" for those special types of girls/models as mentioned - and can live with less than crisp video-quality!

To this user it's worth the $29.95 just because of the videos with Linda Leigh, Misty McCain and Louise Hodges - the worse thing is, that the videos with the adorable Tiffany Walker (six in all) are mostly lower than average in quality - one is fine, though.
But "Bottum Line" it's nice for a change to find a site with this kind of rare content..
BTW: I'd suggest this is a ONE month-join...
For more british sites - try to browse this:

02-22-09  10:23am

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Visit Danni.com


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: A dinasour - positive meant - in this business.
Very fine collections of "older" and newer wellknown US-models - in both video and photosets.
Exclusive material all over
Different kinds of videos and photosets of same model.
Fine navigation.
Easy-to-use model directory
Fine (and fast) low-rez. stream for videos/video-preview.
Much better full-video quality (download) lately.
Starting to get HD-video (more of that, please).
Ok feed back/cancel.
Lots of older archive-stuff for "real conneseurs".
Cons: No hc b/g stuff.
Lately the famous lap-dance videos are in front of other girls only.
A lack of new and not wellknown US-pornmodels.
Downloadspeed could be a bit better.
Lately too much lez.-stuff.
Video-scenes are too similar
Some scenes like "Naked joke" are just too far out - not funny, not sexy just nothing...
Bottom Line: Do not get it. Thought I'd made a review of Danni.com before - must have been ages ago, if so.
Because I've been a member of Danni.com - or was it Dannis some years ago -don't remember - a "zillion" times, it feels.
At least I've always had this thing with Danni:
Full bodied and swell looking US-girls, no correction: US-ladies - or WOMEN!!!
And those ladies' been a turn-on for ages - dolls like Crissy Moran, Victoria Zdrok, Carolyn Monroe, Nikki Nova ect.
And the great thing is, that some of the videos of these "old" models has been reedited - into better quality.
During the last years or so Danni has went through an update of design and navigation - all to the better.
The amount of stuff here is still enormous.
The deal is for the vast majority of models:
Your get different kinds of videos and photosets with lapdace, masturbation, strip and more. And then some minor stuff like the Naked Joke of the week whcich I never found usefull.
Your get streaming in 300 kb, 700 kb, 1000 kb for most and download ditto.
The streaming is fine for preview.
The photosets are most small in number of photos. Size typical: 2000x1330.
Zip for photos
Videos: typical 50-80 Mb - the socalled feature-videos: 230-300 Mb.
I think the amount of videos exceed 2.500 at this point.
But bottom line: Danni still offers videos and photo of "real" women - a lot of whom you could call mature today...
Still some new stuff with young models too - and Danni is - again - still worth to visit - even is the price has gone up lately...

02-08-09  01:41pm

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Visit AT Kingdom

AT Kingdom

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Nothing wrong with the amount of videos and photosets here.
Just have some problems with the quality, the exclusive-thing and a bit more. See below.
Very fine updates - this seems to be one of the best in the field- congrats...
Good variation in models, solo-stuff, hc, bg, lez and more.
Later video-quality has improven...a lot.
Only a few other sites can beat almost 10.000 videos - BUT...the amount is based on parted files, arghh...
Zip for all photosets.
Not too large video-files - full scenes (parted files also at hand.)
Very large photo galleries - cannot count them all.
Average to good navigation.
Cons: Certainly not sure about exclusives.
Annoying parting of especially video-files where updates of the same scene comes on different dates - a serious bummer.
Too many videos of average and certainly not 2009-quality.
Price too high.
The "search-machine" is far from accurate - you get guided to stuff, you never searched for...
Bottom Line: Difficult Bottom Line here - but generally this site promiss a heck of a lot - but when you get down to bussiness the results are somehow a disapointment.
This is spoken from the video-review point of view - and here the stuff is overwhelmed by too much older scenes, to much stuff which seems based on licens from elsewhere.
Anyway, I spend hours and hours searching the video-department here, and man, found very little to keep.
And what really pisses me off is the way the video-files are parted - and named. Mostly you have to wait days or weeks to get the whole scene together - a serious bummer.
BUT: It seems ATK has listened to those complaints - but only lately. The latest updates - but only the very latest - has this new input at the previews for the videos: "Full Scenes" - about time.
So let's see if they keep that up - and maybe it'd been worth a better score.
The data is shortly:
Video-files in wmv and mov. Parted - and latest full scenes for a few.
Not too big video-files: full scenes: 100-170 Mb.
Parted: about 40-50 Mb
Photos: Zip for full sets (size about: 1500x1200)
Finally there is a broad variation of solo, hc (b/g) and lez. Too much lez for my taste.
A hope that this site with their newer videosets of full scenes will grow in a way of better/more full scenes in general.

02-05-09  10:31am

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Visit Mano Job

Mano Job

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: This site is for fans of tugjobs, handjobs or whatever. And one of the best in it's field.
The amount of videos here are just great - and what you can expect from a "good" site.
Almost 300 videos of (mostly) fine tugjobs - with very different kinds of girls - some quite plain, though.
Some top-porn models included.
Fine video-producing with the GIRL in the front - no f....... cameraman-yap.
Fine bj-bonus site - and one more - not so exiting - bonus site.
Fine - for most videos - quality.
Download speed ok.
Average updates - what seems to be every third day - not impressive, though.
Fine preview - go for that, first - then you get the idea...
Cons: Misserable navigation - and ditto socalled "search-engine"
One of those site where you just have to keep on pressing the bottum going through the archives.
Some stereotype-style of filming (but generally it's better than average)
Price a bit high.
Too few euro-models - but ok, this is first and last a US-oriented site, so now you know...
Annoying file-names - all have the same, so you got to alter everything after download.
Bottom Line: Take a look at TBP and the handjob-sites, tugsites and whatever they're called. No more than a 81,5 for the top-rated one.
As somewhat a fan of those hj-sites, I think I've been through them all - untill now Her Sweet Hand was the best.
But ManoJob got a lot more. You get to know the model without any stupid talk from the cameraman, the girls are well guided/edited in the manner of speaking, teasing og talking directly to the viewer.
And that part is very well done here at ManoJob.
It's a pleasure to watch those US-girls talking to the viewer, only - and if you're into sexy-talk, this could be the site for you.
And here is why this site deserves above the 80: Well produced videos with girls remembering that the thing here is like: POV.
And another pros. is the tremendous amount of videos and ditto different types of girls - AND before you get to the hj-act most girls do fine teasing, masturbating and so on - pretty good, all together.
Very fine dealing with the video-files:
You can download every scene in small parts (wmv) or download the scene in three part - and, of course full scene. Typical size for an entire scene is 180-240 Mb.
And finally you can choose to download cumshots only.
But Man: Name those files better for the user to archive downloads - and not name all the files the same.
Photosets: Download vidcaps or fullsize jpegs (1500x1000) not bad.
Bottom line: This is a fine - at the moment maybe the best - handjob site around - if you can do without euro-models - they have a few at ManoJob - no, very few...

02-05-09  07:54am

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Visit Nubiles.net


Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: Probably the best site at this moment concerning quality and quantity of easteuropean girl-videos.
More US-girls has been added lately.
Solo-videos (I love them) are both sexier and sweeter than anywhere else (1ByDay included)
A splendid variation of types of girls - if you can't find at least 20 or more here that turns you on, you got a problem..
Fine updates. Three every day changing between videos and photosets.
Fine navigation. Navigation in many ways - see below.
Ok price for PUs.
3-5 videos of each model - with a very few exeptions.
Top preview (video and photosets) that gives you the idea of the deal here.
Cons: The h/c - b/g-scenes are sometimes a bit stereotype. (with exceptions - see the great fuck-scene with czech Jessica).
US-girls are more frequent - sorry folks, but I think some of the solo-scenes with US-girls has too much giggle and talking - probably because they feel more relaxed, but here it's the old problem with the cameraman/producer.
Some of the old video-stuff lack quality, but where does it not...
Bottom Line: Never would go for a 100 - but, man - this site keeps turning me on - and after the descent of the good ol' Teendreams, Nubiles rules.
The main pros. here are the fantastic selection of different types of girls - there are one, two and many others for every taste.
This user tends to the euro-teens here for the reason mentioned above. Most girls are both cute and sexy in the same deal.
In comparison with 1ByDay the girls/teens at Nubiles are a bit more on the amateur way, but their acting misses nothing - in sex, looks and general turn-on. Gotta give it to the producers here - so why not skip all the giggle and talk with the US-girls/teens.
For a year or more the quality of videos are just getting better - and still have the fine thing with parts and full-scene.
High-def wmv (typical 250 Mb) are not much better than the avi (typical 130 Mb) - and then you have mpg for viewing/downloading the parts - for a starter.
Also a pretty good sort of "preview" in streaming (Flash).
Photosets: the videos almost add up to the amount of photosets - a little more photosets for each girl in general - photos: 1200x800 - and with zips, of coruse.
Navigation is a pleasure: browse girls, browse updates, browse videos, browse photosets, browse toprated - you name it.
Currency: When joining from Europe via TBP, you'll get a bit higher price. But mail the webmaster, and he'll provide you with a link to get the good price.
And, yes: the feedback from the site/webmaster at Nubiles is fine- what any good ol' PU would expect.
This site is primarily for "lovers" of solo teens - video/photosets - with some hc b/g in between (aprox 1/5 or a little les is hc).
But for soloteen-videos this is the best it gets - right now - I think

02-05-09  06:39am

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Visit VideoBox


Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: Videobox has risen to a faboulous place with still more great content.
None exclusive, by all means, but a pornsite with a zillion clips from videos at the market in general for almost every taste.
Better quality lately, better variation in general.
New standards for later video-quality.
740x480 (sorry: 720x480) fine HD-videos/DVD and streaming
Lower solutions/ipod and one fine item:
Custom Clips - see a part of a scene without having to download it all - GREAT!
Fine download speed.
Cons: Non exclusive!
Some navigation-problems - still.
Above includes search-problems where you have to use a lot of time to exclude certain search-objects.
No photos.
Massive search made my browser to get into problems? Do not know why.
Too little solo-girl stuff ( for this user).
Bottom Line: Generally our well know VideoBox has gone to the better - on all items.
I've found a heck of a lot of stuff from speciel interests: A far better and larger variation of latina-videos, great euro-ditto, some very fine teen-stuff and some great video from very rare productions.
VideoBox now has more videos from Private, 3X and the great Combat Zone.
The navigation towards "studios" - or producers are just tops. Way over 100 different producers are at your browsing-service.
But of course, this is a site where you browse through - somewhat - wellknown porn-vids. that for most has been availeble at most shops - but here you just download all you want.
Since I first was a member long time ago, Videobox now has grown into a far better and more attractive site:
First of all the quality of later video (from this year) the quality has grown far better. Formerly I did not care to download socalled HD or DVD-size, because the WMV-high was quite close. (640x480).
But bottom line:
Videobox is with a good price - both standard and DVD - a fine place to do your porn-browsing - now.
I'm much more positive about the site than I was a year ago or so.
Fine improvements here.
Recommended more than ever.

11-15-08  07:52am

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Visit Panty Amateur

Panty Amateur

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Nice, no GREAT site, if you like very softcore - once in a while (if not, do not bother to read on).
Some fine and fabulous looking british girls/women with a sexy attitude, some sexy talk (NOT all) and hot lingerie.
Good amount af ok-quality videos - some newer ones in almost HD.
4,5,6 or more videoclips of the same model - great plus...
Easy navigation
Fine updates - daily - it looks like.
Way over 1000 clips at this stage.
Some very exclusive videos of topmodels like Laurena Lacey (she just got a site of her own, almost) and a doll like Annalease.
You can download more than two videos at the same time...
Cons: Site-design is very simple - and not exiting (but here it's the videos that matters)
No photosets
Most videos only in MPG - a few newer once in WMV.
Earlier videos a bit overexposed or generally not very good quality.
Scenes are mostly quite repetitive.
Some video-clips has disturbing background sound - some even sound like rain and thunder (like in Mickey Newburys songs)
Bottom Line: Cannot not help it, but I really like this site - even if the content is very soft.
No masturbation, no close-up pussy clips, no hc, but some soft lez.
Panty Amateur seems like a sister-site to Panty Maniacs - also british, but based in the Netherlands. And IT IS - a sistersite - or a co. -site.
But compared to the better scored PM this Panty Amateurs has quite a lot more. Foremost a far bigger content, better updates and some much better videos than PM.
First of all the great looking star, Laurena Lacay (here: Lorena) has 10 different videos and none is the same as the three at PM - and far better.
And the big titted and famous Petra here has 17 videoclips - she is also a knockout.
The same goes for a lot of other great british models where the amount of different videos with different outfit for the model is better than the "mothersite" - PM.
Sizes are typical a little under 100 mb which makes it more userfriendly to download.
WMV: 960x540.
No stream.
And no photosets.
Of course it's a bit annoying the way these videos stop before total nudity or masturbation, but ok, this is meant to be softcore and fetish panties - and if you can do with that, this site is great.
Of course I'd like to watch some of these great british model going more hc or just full nudity with some masturbation, but alas!!
Some of the models - but not the "finest" - apears on for exampel Suburban Amateurs with harder content (masturbation) and some in the somewhat similar Only Tease...

Still Panty Amateur is a great site - if you can do with this kind of very softcore...
But, man - I'd like to watch Laurena Lacey or Petra or Annalease in some harder stuff.
Anybody knows where - if at all?

11-13-08  09:01am

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Visit Fuck My Melons

Fuck My Melons

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Fine/great tit-fuck!!!
Exclusive content
Good amount of busty model - mostly euro-models, some US.
Some very top-models
Mostly well edited hc-scenes with foreplay
Good download speed (I got my maximum: 650 kb/sec.) with no problem - at all hours.
Crisp video-quality!
4 different video-sizes - streaming too, If you like.
Full scene (all WMV)
Cons: Photos (1280x850) ok, but, can you believe it:
No zip - and some photo-sets are with more than 300-400 pictures. Too bad.
Horrible navigation - no search possibilities.
Updates seems a bit slow.
Bonus stuff: A lot - but not worth it - mostly low quality in both video and photos. (A few good videos in decent quality, though)
Price a bit too high
Bottom Line: Well, there are some serious cons here - BUT this is probably the best tit-fuck site I've seen in a very long time.
There are about 120 full scene videos at approx 20 minuttes in lenght.
All are in fine/great quality and you can choose from four diffenrent sizes:
Typical: 75 Mb (low quality), 150 MB (high quality), 320 Mb (DVD quality) and 800Mb-1Gb (High-Def quality).
The DVD-quality is after my opinion enough to a crisp full-screen video, so why not save the space - and download time.
The scenes are generally just great - with a lot of strip, foreplay, various tit-fuck in different positions (and of course fucking).
Some great endings in regular tit-fuck - too rarely seen - not since the magnificent Lydia (german pornmodel) had some of the greatest ejaculations between her tits.
The models here are most tops - you even get a rare scene with Veronika Symon doing foreplay, bj, fuck and tit-fuck, great! (the best HC-scene I've seen with Veronika Symon).
Tried to browse through all 120 scenes, but still new things are comming up...and:
That may be fine and a little anoying - because there is NO search-machine of any kind.
You just have to scan through one entire page with a display of all videos and photosets.
And though some photosets seems ok, there is NO zip, so this is in 2008 for videos.
Some - or a lot of bonus videos - man, also at the same page - forget most - low quality - and concentrate on the 120 videos.
Even if there are those serious cons, this is a great site for lovers of tit-fuck - and its defenitely to recommend.
A better navigation this could be in the 90th. (and forget the bonus stuff).

09-26-08  12:21pm

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Visit Busty Adventures

Busty Adventures

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: A good variation of big titted models
Euro and US-models
Good downloads speed (at all hours)
Fine navigation with a lot of scene-details, thumbs, preview and small downloads
Most scenes with strip/foreplay first, before fucking.
Looks exclusive to me.
Cons: No full-scene downloads - maximum is three scenes.
Updates seem slow
Price too high
Some girls/models from preview is NOT at the member-site.
No photos, just vidcaps
Video quality just average/older stuff worse
Bottom Line: If you're into big, natural tits, this is somewhat a good/ok site to join.
A fine mix of US and Euro-models - all doing hardcore.
At first I was a bit dissapointed with the site and stated "no review". But after a while the sites growes better - even if a lot of the video-scenes seems a bit stereo-type - there is a lot of repeating ways in editing and fuckscenes.
This is a tit-site, but I miss tit-fucking - too little of that.
(BTW: Just joined Fuck My Melons - that site has IT - will be back with a review).
This is only a video-site - the socalled "high quality pictures" are a laugh - they are just a little better than vidscaps (800x533)
But even if it's a video-site the quality here is not up-to-date. Average size for videos are:
640x480 - and NOT crisp.
The lack of new - 2008 - crisp full screen videos are the worst here. That's the reason this user do not feel for saving too many of the scenes - only some with special interest.
Formats are only WMV - exept if you want to download one minute clips - they are in MPG. But who today want to have 25 small 1-minute-clips from one sequence. (Again: They are quite good for previews).
There are some ok bonus sites: Public Invasion and Big Ass Adventure (plus a lezz site). But all have the same lacks and quality as Busty Adventure.
And bottum line:
If they could do better with the video-quality, the site/sites could deserve a better score...
Still it's recomended for big tit-lovers.

09-23-08  06:49am

Replies (4)
Visit Amateurs Gone Bad

Amateurs Gone Bad

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Tremendous amount of videos and photosets
Video-quality is still getting better (new ones, of course)
Easy navigation
Access to four more sites, mainly Glamour Models Gone Bad and the great Crissy Moran.
Daily updates for the two main sites AGB and GMGB.
Good mix of both US and Euro models
Zip for photosets
Stream for those who dig that
Cons: Very slow updates for some bonus-sites like Crissy Moran and Lonnie Waters.
Early videos in poor quality
Only wmv-downloads
Too many models without video
Irregular download speed
Most content non-exclusive
Bottom Line: This is a site that has grown over the years - both in quantity (of course), and in quality.
It's part of a "network" where you get five sites - no matter which you join.
Top pick here is of course Amateurs Gone Bad and Glamour Models Gone Bad.
In the package you also get Crissy Morans official-site (it's called that, anyway), Lonnie Waters and Natalia Cruz.
Joined because of Crissy - here are some tremendous newer videos (most in full files) both solo and hardcore. Those videos are a tresure for Crissy-fans. Crisp quality - between 90 and 270 Mb. Only WMV.
Lonnie has few videos - bad quality.
Natalia Crus: average video quality.
The two main-sites delivers a magnificent amount of material - both videos og photosets. Video-files mostly between 80 and 200 Mb - and again the later are in best quality - early ones just poor.
Photosets today mostly 1500x1000 and with zip.
A bit strange difference in models at Glamour and Amateur:
Amateur has a lot of european models - both video and photosets - whereas the main part of videos at Glamour are US-models, but a lot of euro models for the photosets.
A somewhat 50/50 deal on hc and sologirl.
Fine preview inside: videos in smaller part (and full) or stream in smaller part and full.
This site/sites have been around for a long time and today it has both a lot of content - though most is non-exclusive - and far better quality.
If your're a serious pornbrowser these sites has a lot to offer in hours and hours of videos of both hc, lez and especially solo-girl nature...
It's recommended...

08-26-08  03:47pm

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