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Visit Brazzers


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Porn with actual little stories that have good camera work, some hot sex, a decent run time, and dialogue.

-A good variety of women from young to cougars. I'd say that they have an emphasis more toward milfs and large breast(quite a few implants).

-Videos can be downloaded in multiple formats as a complete scene or in multiple sections.

-Navigation is user friendly with many different methods to find a certain scene or fetish.

-The surfing inside the site and download speed is very good to excellent.

-Regular updates(about 3 per day).

-The ability to see some of the upcoming updates.

-The price is amazing for all that you get.
Cons: -too many women with fake breast and a few with some scary sizes.

-They tend to use the same actress all the time.

-The stories are hit and miss with some of the premises not being to everyone's taste

-Some of the navigation highlights don't always match the content inside the scene.

-The comments attached to each scene could use a good moderator. I found the language used in some of them to be lacking in good manners.
Bottom Line: I've been aware of this site for years but kept putting off joining. I don't know why I didn't join sooner. I was pleasantly pleased with just about everything that this network offers.

I really liked the little stories. There are some that are good and quite afew that are really bad, but not necessarily in the ses as much as the corny dialogue or storyline.

My major complain is all the fake breasts. I prefer small breast but I can enjoy women that have larger breast. It's just that some of the performers have near blimp sized implants.

The male performers seem to come from a small
pool of talent. That is problem if a particular
actor annoys you because the scene is ruined, regardless of how hot the woman is.

They offer HD videos to long term members with
6 months or more. I'm glad for those willing to take the offer but that's not me. Not too mention but HD can be a real downer on some of their performers. I suspect that HD makes your small imperfections much larger. If your main perfomers have breast implants with minor scars well HD can make those scars quite large.

10-29-09  07:32pm

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Visit DP Fanatics

DP Fanatics

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Currently over 175 scenes.
-Automatic access to 33 others sites in network.
-Offer videos and photosets for each scene.
-Videos can be streamed or downloaded.
-video quality is medium and high.
-photos are 1280x850 and can be downloaded in zip file per page or complete set.
-Navigation within the site and the network is very easy.
-Easy to identify models since they don't create new names for them.
-The price of 29.95 is hard to beat.
**3 day full access to assholefever.com for an extra 1$** this is pre-checked so make sure you
cancel or you will be billed an extra 29.95$**.
Cons: -Although navigation is very easy. You still have to use the back button and scroll option everytime.
-You don't get to pick which site you receive in the network.
-Some of the sites offerd don't necessarily have exclusive material.
-Some of the models do appear in more than one scene on the site as well as similar scenes in the network.
Bottom Line: I wasn't disapointed in this site anymore than I have been with most of the others attached to the 21 sextury network.

I don't know how expensive their leased material is, but I think they could drop it completely and simply stick with their exclusive material.
It would mean less sites available to their network, but on the other hand the extra cash might allow them to create another exclusive site.

I wouldn't mind if one day they decide to allow user to selct which site they want out of the network. I would be willing to pay more for that option.

Although normally a pre-checked option on the join page would be a negative mark for them. The fact that they offered asshole fever for 1$ was actually a welcomed surprise.

Another surpise is the fact that with that 1$ membership to assholefever.com you also get access to the other sites that are normally attached to it. Of course most were the same as with DP Fanatics, but I did get maybe one or two extra ones.

01-10-09  08:43am

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Visit Dirty 101

Dirty 101

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -over 150 scenes.
-Well-known Eastern Europeans performers most in their 20's and all of them gorgeous.
-All Lesbian but with a much nastier side.
-Automatic access to 35 other sites.
-Videos can be streamed or downloaded.
-The downloaded videos are either wmv or mpeg4.
-All photosets can be downloaded per page or as a whole in zip format(amazing quality).
-Downloads are very quick.
-The sitre offfers a reward system for long term customers. They add at no extra cost access to 2 other sites from their network.
Cons: -Navigation requires the use of the back button all the time as well as continuous scrolling.
-If your not into fisting or anal sex then stay clear of this one.(look for Lezbo Honeys instead)
-The scene could be longer, and more kissing.
Bottom Line: -Due to my preference for a nastier style of lesbian sex, I prefer this site to something like Lesbo Honeys. I also got a feeling that the women were more into it. There was not that standofish feel to the scens. Then again you have to be pretty intoi it to allow another girl to fist you.

-I wish that they would make some chnages to the navigation. Having to press the back button and then scroll up or down the screen is rather annoying.

I think that the best feature they can ever add is a link to each performers EBI page.

-Another great site from 21Sextury prodcution.

10-27-08  07:46pm

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Visit Explicite Art

Explicite Art

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: The variety offered by this site is amazing. There are currently 255 models, most have photos and videos. Both are downloadable in low or hi res. Download options for most videos are the best I've ever seen: divx, mpeg, wmv, quicktime, and ipod. Download speed is very fast. The models are mostly newbies ranging in age from 18 to 25, and come in all types from cute to average. The sex is varied from glamour or solo to hardcore which includes anal, dp, pee, and fisting.
Cons: This is a French site, so if you don't understand the language this may be an issue for you. Some of the videos could be longer, and I would have loved to have seen more from some of the models. At 29.95 this site is somewhat expensive if you aren't satisfied. A lower cost trial might be nice.
Bottom Line: This may be the best site on the net today in regards to download options for both photos and videos. The variety and quantity of girls is great. The only sticking point is the lack of a trial membership.

07-03-07  09:50am

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Visit Mr. Skin

Mr. Skin

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: The quantity of nude celebrities Mr Skin has accumulated is monstrous. Most nude scenes have a miniclip. The search engine for the site is very flexible, and great for people who can't remember much about an actress. You can ask for a movie or a specific TV show. You can look under nationality, even under age. You can download all clips or images. Trial membership allos acces to all th site. updates regularly.
Cons: Although Mr Skin may have the information about a specific actresse's nude scene, he does not always have a picture or clip of it. With such a large library of clips and pictures the search engine does not always bring up all the info. I would love for some of the clips to be longer. The quality of the clips is at best average.
Bottom Line: If you want to find an actresse's nude scene you have to at least try MR Skin, if he doesn't have it, then I don't think any other site will. Not to mention, but with the price of 3 day trial as low as this...What do you to lose? There are a few others out there with similar offerings, but none with the amount of content offered here.

04-14-07  07:15pm

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Visit House Of Taboo

House Of Taboo

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +The bulk of their content is exclusif.
+They have an excellent selection of Europeans models.
+All content is dated and they add a new scene every 2-3 days.
+You can download videos in multiple resolutions from 852x480 to at least 1280x720 for almost all the videos.
+They also offer true HD resolution 1920x1080 (over 300).
+All scenes have an accompanying photoset which can be downloaded as a single zip file. Best resolution is 2000x1300.
+They do an excellent job in tagging their scenes with multiple keywords.
+They offer the ability to select the surfing language from 6 possible choices.
+They offer a wide selection of fetishes like latex, watersports, toys and spanking to name a few.
Cons: -Probably my biggest con and this is subjective is that there isn't necessarily a lot of actual penetration sex on the site.
-Most of the scenes are broken into 2 or more long episode.
-The lighting could be better in some of the videos. The action is hard to see because of that.
-The camera work could also be imoroved.
-They could work on their editing because they tend to cut a scene and then restart after the performers have changed position and the camera is setup elsewhere.
Bottom Line: *I have been a member of this site before and I they haven't chnaged much since the last time. I still find that there isn't as much content as I care to save to disk. That's not to say that the content is bad or anything but that it's not my cup of tea.

*These guys tend to offer a lot more fetishes than most similar sites and that is both a good thing and a bad thing. Good if the fetish in question is what you like but bad if you don't because that is a lkot of content that you will never download.

*I really enjoy the fact that they hire not just Eastern European models but British and French one as well. That is a nice because you tend to get some different body types this way. Mind you even if they didn't then they would still offer plenty of amazing models anyway.

*This site is produced by the same people as the other DDF sites so the same issues with editing, camera work and lack of imagination are present. That may not be an issue for most but I found it annoying at times. I highly recommend that you visit the site first to see if the site offers enough of the types of fetishes you like before joining. Many are covered but the quatity varies a lot from fetsih to fetish.

03-27-13  05:55pm

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Visit Hard X

Hard X

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +Content is all exclusive and is dated.
+You can stream or download all the videos.
+Videos can be downloaded in multiple resolution from tiny 160p all the way to true 1080p HD.
+Download speeds are decent and you can use a download manager.
+They have photos of each scene.
+They have the first and sometime only anal scenes of some very popular models.
Cons: -The site is rather small with only 48 videos and little chances of increasing that number by more than 4 per month(if that).
-The photos are all taken from the videos and you can`t download them as a single zip file.
-They have an upcoming video section but it only shows one upcoming video so not very reassuring.
Bottom Line: *This is the site of the Hard-X studio so instead of buying their dvd you can now join and download their scenes individually. That's great news for fans of the female director Mason who was with Elegant Angel before it`s demise. They don't have many scenes but the ones that are here are quite good and well worth a membership.

*I think one of the biggest selling point for anal fans is that you get to download 3 of Allie Haze`s anal scenes. On a related not. Those that aren`t fans of anal might want to think before joining because half of the videos include anal in them. It`s worse if you want lesbian porn because there is only one lesbian scene.

*This is all gonzo porn but not the too extreme kind. It`s well lit, well shot and offers a wide variety of angles and views. The acting from all between the different performers as well.

*I got a special 5$ offer but I don`t think that 25$ or in our case 15 is an outrageous amount considering what you get for your money.

**Now some may think that my score is a little high for what is still a rather small site but I believe that it's better to have only a few great videos than a huge amount of less than stellar ones.***

07-12-14  10:22am

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Visit X-Art


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +The scenes are very well shot with multplie camera angles and good lighting
+They appear to have all exclusive content(at least video wise).
+Over 530 videos and 550 photosets that can be downloaded.
+Videos can be downloaded in MP4 they offer a wide variety of video resolutions from 640x480 all the way to HD 1920x1080.
+Photosets can be downloaded as a single zip file and they offer you 3 possible resolution(4000x2667 is the highest one)
+All content is dated and they appear to update with one new video or photosets once every day.
+Nearly 200 different models to choose from.
+Lots of kissing.
Cons: -Content may be a litle too glamorous for some.
-The videos are on the glamorous side of things but this is still gonzo porn with no premise, no dialogue and basically just sex.
-The lighting on a few of the videos leaves a lot to be desired.
-Their models are all teenagers and women in their early 20's so anyone looking for more mature performers will have to look elsewhere.
-Not all the models have accompanying videos and/or photosets.
-If anal is your thing then be advised that they only have 17 videos and they probably try not to shoot these type of scenes.
Bottom Line: *I've been aware of this site for a couple of years but I kept putting off joining because I was afraid that I wouldn't enjoy their content. I can't say that I was wrong because I find that their content is mostly hit or miss for me.

*One of the reasons why I had reservation is that I had expectations that the content would appeal a lot more to me and they were unable to do that. Not their fault since I may not be the person this is meant for.

*Now the second reason is that these videos are for the most part gonzo porn with not many things to distinguish them from other gonzo videos. I know some will disagree but let me demonstrate what I mean.

1-There's no dialogue in these videos.
2-It's common for the performers to be naked or semi-naked at the very beginning of the scenes.
3-The girls give a BJ to a guy who already has a hard-on.
4-The videos show a variety of sexual positions but I couldn't help but feel that they are there so that the camera operator can show a different shots then a proper evolution of a real sex scene.
5-The last thing but the most important one to me is that it's common to see facials and a cum shot to the mouth.

*Sorry but facials should never be included in glamorous porn because there's nothing glamorous about shooting cum all over the face of the woman you had sex with since there's no way you are going to kiss that mouth and obviously neither do the guys in these videos.

**Now the two important things that distinguish these scenes from other gonzo type videos is that the performers actually kiss multiple times in the scene and the guys orally service the women. It is actually common for them to do that prior to the women returning the favor on the guys. Just these two things elevate these gonzo style videos to a level that most gonzo studio never go and may make joining well worth it.

**Now I am giving this site a pretty high score which might look strange after I said so many negative things but there is no denying that the people responsible for this site strive to offer a very good product and even if I am not that satisfied myself. I do recognize that this may be more because of my personal taste then their efforts.

01-07-14  11:39am

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Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +Their content is all exclsuif and they add 2-3 new scenes per day.
+They have over 6400 videos to choise from going as far bask as 2002 and they can all be downloaded as a single file.
+Videos since 2009 are offered in HD 1280x720.
+They have an excellent selection of mostly American performers with a good mix of body type and age group.
+They offer a photoset for each of their scenes which can be downloaded as a single zip file and resolution for the ones from 2011 to now is 1224x816.
+All the scenes are tagged with multiple keywords so that you can search for a particular word.
+They keep remastering some of their older videos.
Cons: -The site is still clutered with advertising for their other sites and offers for cam shows.
-You have to go through two pages of advertising to get to the main Bangbros page and one of these is sort of made to trick members into believing they have access to certain sites.
-About 1/4 of the first page is dedicated to useless crap and cam shows and worse it's at the top of the page so you have to scroll down to actually see the content you want.
-All the videos have multiple keywords but some of the words aren't correct for the content.
-They haven't fixed their search option so although you can search for keywords. The order in which the videos is presented is never chronological and no way to do that.
Bottom Line: *It really sucks when a good site like Bangbros can't or won't clean up their site to make finding stuff easier. Here you have one of the really good porn sites who updates more often than most of the others and does a very decent job at shooting a wide variety of porn but where the site design is so annoying as to make each visit a pain rather than a pleasure. I'm just glad that I'm a returning member who already has most of the content he wants and is only looking for the last few months worth. The thought of having to find stuff through 11 years owrth would be a daunting task.

*They still manage to hire some top performers and they get them to do hardcore porn. They also seem to have a higher number of unknown girls as opposed to their counterpart in the US. That's both a good thing and a bad one because it's quite common for those girls to shoot porn one or two scenes for Bangbros and then disapear to never be seen again.

**The bottom line is that it's only 15$ and you will more than get your moneys worth. The only people that should avoid this site are those looking for softcore to midcore content because there is almost none.**

*I took a couple of points off from my last review because the clutter is starting to annoy and they really need to fix the search results.*

09-14-13  10:04pm

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Visit Hardcore Gang Bang

Hardcore Gang Bang

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +Content is all exclusif and is from a niche that is not really represented.
+They add one new scene a week and all content is dated.
+You can view material online.
+You can download the videos in both WMV and MP4 and each versions is offered in normal resolution as well as HD.
+They have a very nice selection of models to choose from and they have started to add some Europeans to the mix.
+Membership to one site gives you discount on the other sites.
***Current membership also gives you access to bound gangbang***
Cons: -I'm going to put this in the con because it's important that people be aware that this is an intense site and the content is definetely not for everyone.
-The site is quite tiny with only 14 scenes. You do get access to BGB(that adds another 35 scenes) but I don't know if that is going to change in the near futur or if maybe they will incorporate some or all of the content into this one. Clearly they don't need two sites with almost identical content.
-There are pics but this is primarily a video only site so they aren't really worth talking about.
-This is a small con but two of the performers on this site have done scenes for BGB so you aren't really getting much of anything new.
Bottom Line: *If you know Kink then you have a good idea of their business practices. If you don't then it's important to know that they take the well being of their performers to heart so although the shoots are quite intense. At no time is the girls in any danger to their health. The before and after interview makes that quite obvious.

*I'm going to stay on the fence for now and say that the content has potential. I sort of like the idea behind the site and the women do appear to really be into it but this is still forceable gangbangs so there is play acting done from all the players and it can be a little disturbing. That's why I don't know if I will join as often as I might for some of their other sites because I think they are too intense for my taste. The slapping, chocking and spitting are not my cup of tea and sadly most of these are in all of their shoots. I don't care if the performer is okay with any of these things because I'm not and I'm the one paying.

*I also can't help but feel that the scenarios get close to rape and that is a little hard for me to enjoy even though it's all fake. Mind you BGB wasn't much different than this one but it sometimes felt a little less intense.

**This site will appeal to anyone who enjoyed bound gangbang or was interested in joining that site. I would highly recommend that anyone who prefers more passion filled porn avoid this site because there is none of that here.**

***The score has less to do with my feelings in regards to the content and more to do with the site's potential. I may not have enjoyed myself as much as I could have but that doesn't mean that they don't do an excellent job producing the videos.***

01-13-13  11:04am

Replies (6)
Visit VideosZ


Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +Over 12000 dvd's to choose from.
+They update with 35 new releases each week.
+All content is dated.
+You can view a percentage of their upcoming releases and the dates when they will be uploaded.
+They offer some studios not found on Videobox and they also have more movies from some studios available on Videobox.
-They have started to offer some dvd's in HD.
Cons: -A huge percentage of their library is also available on Videobox.
-Videosz may have more releases from one studio but in return VB will have more from another one.
-Download speeds are often quite slow which is deadly for a site with such a huge library.
-The same scene can be on more than one dvd since there are many third party studios.
-A large amount of the content is at least 5 years old and a lot is much older.
-For some strange reason they list some studios but don't actually carry any of their movies.
-They have the bulk of some studios content but they also only have a tiny portion of many other studios.
-A large percentage of their releases are not new movies but often older content.
-Video reolution is not the greatest. There are plenty of videos that are 480x360. Not bad on a competer monitor but watching this on a bigger screen is likely to be noty very fun.
Bottom Line: *This site is more or less identical to VB except that VB seems to be concentrating on releasing more recent movies while VidesZ is trying to bring bask ones. It does have it's share of more recent movies but I'd say that this is by far the smaller percentage than older titles. Now for some that is a bad thing but for others it's a great thing because some of the movies being offered byt VideosZ were all big hits at one time but have since stopped being produced for dvd so this is a great place to still get access to them. Even if the titles are still available on dvd then this is still a significantly cheaper place to get them than actually buying tons of dvd's.

*It would be nice to see better download options and also higher resolution on their videos.

*Their Paradise Films & Evil Playgrounds studios are great for people interested in Eastern European porn and who haven't yet joined a site like Teen Mega World because these studios get their content from the same source. Of course if you have joined that studios and similar ones than you may want to skip by the content from those studios because you probably already have it on one of your drives.

*The bottom line is that if you are looking to get access to certain studios that VB doesn't carry then you are obligated to join this site. I mean it's less than 20$ with the TBP/PU discount so it's a bargain that anyone should take. Just be aware that if you have to have HD content then this may no be the place to come because they only have about 650 titles that are HD.

12-02-12  05:21am

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Visit Wicked Pictures

Wicked Pictures

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +Access to 579 titles which I believe is close to the entire Wicked libray.
+Content is dated and they update with one new movie each week..
+All the videos can be streamed online.
+All the videos are offered in the mp4 for download with 640x480 resolution for all them, while over 200 of the most recent titles are now also offered with 720p resolution and the last 40+ titltes are also offered in 1080p.
+Unilke most sites like this. You can actually download the entire movie rather than just the scenes. Resolution is the same as the scenes.
+Each movie/scene has multiple tags attached to it and it's possible to search using tags words.
+You catch for free all the Wicked live shows.
+You have access to some bonus content live BTS and award show stuff.
+You also stream over 3000 pages of videos in the bonus section(see con).
+the TBP discount is sweet.
Cons: -I don't know if it's recent but the site often stopped working for no apparent reason which requiried me to log back in.
-Advertising tends to take about 1/5 of all the pages and it's a lot more on certain pages.
-Load times to stream videos is a little long sometime.
-You get access to some camgirls but the good stuff requires that you pay for it so is it really worth it?
-There are over 3000 pages of bonus videos that you can view online but the tags are all wrong, you always get an error message going from one page to the next and quality is not very good on most videos.
*-I'm putting this in the con only because some people are rabid about condoms so be warned that Wicked is a condom company going back a long time.*
Bottom Line: **Ihave been a fan of Wicked since the 90's so it's a little strange that I never thought of joining their site until now. I don't mind condoms and I prefer a story with my porn and this is basically what Wicked does. I suspect that they try to target more the couples market than the gonzo one but that doesn't mean that there isn't any heat in their scenes because there is. They also have a certain number of contract stars so if you are a fan of these ladies then you are almost obligated to join this site because most of them haven't done much except for work for Wicked.

**I was pleasantly surprised to see a studio site offer the majority of their library and even more so to see that you can actually download the entire movie and not just the individual sex scenes. I was happy to see that the video quality on the older title is quite decent. Resolution is only 640x480 but seeing as these movies were never filmed in HD then trying to convert into a higer resolution would probably be a really bad idea.

**My only major issue with the site is that it kept on stopping to work and you had to log back in and find the page you were on. The other one is in regards to the bonus videos. If you are going to bother and put some bonus videos then why not make sure the system works. Otherwise it's usueless filler that slows down the servers.

***The only people that should avoid this site are those looking for pure gonzo porn and those who can't watch porn that has condoms in it.***

09-30-12  10:32am

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Visit TS Pussy Hunters

TS Pussy Hunters

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +All exclusif content.
+The only site that I'm aware that offers this type of fetish.
+You can stream videos online.
+You can download the videos in WMV and MP4. Basic resolution for the WMV is 720x576.
+They offer the HD version of all their videos.
+They have a nice selection of models from teens to more mature ones.
+Content is dated and they update with one new scene each friday.
Cons: -The site is tiny with only 12 scenes and they only update once a week so it will take many months before they have a decent amount of content.
-This is primarily a video site because you can't download the photoset in one zip file. They breakdown the scene into 3 or more section which can be downloaded as a single zip file.
-I don't normally put price as a negative but since this one is 35$ and there is currently only 12 videos then it's hard not to at least mention it.
Bottom Line: *I debated whether I should join now or wait until they had a lot more content because the site is expensive. I finally decided to join right away because I thought that if they don't get enough new members then it's going to be hard to justify to Kink that they need to make new scenes when they don't see anyone joining the site. Another huge reason is that I have never seen another site with this kind of content. I know that some will have the odd TS with a girl but these are often in the minority and they are mixed with amny scenes with TS with TS or TS with guys. The only kind of TS piorn that I watch is the one where the TS is having sex with a woman and the one doing the deed. I have no interest in seeing a TS receiving a strapon from the girl.

*The sex scenes are well shot, there is a little scenario to each of them and the chemistry is quite good between the women and the TS. The TS all have a decent hard-on and they know how to use their equipment. A major plus for me is that more than half of the scenes include the girls receiving anal penetration from the TS. Most of the scenes include a condom and I don't expect this to change because many TS shoot porn in the gay market or at least with gay performers. It would be next to impossible to hire performers that shoot porn in the hetero market to have sex with performers that shoot for the gay market.

**If you are into this type of fetish then you won't find any better than this site. Actually you probably won't find an other site. By default if you aren't into this type of porn then you should avoid.

**I'm not using the fact that the site has so little content in my score.

06-19-12  06:53am

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Visit Evil Angel

Evil Angel

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +You get access to over 900 movies or over 6000 scenes.
+They have an excellent selection of EA movies and the bulk of their recent updates are all new releases.
+Scenes can be downloaded in WMV or MPG4 and resolution starts at 240p and can go as high as 1080p but normally goes to at least 720p.
+They appear to have some exclusif scenes/movies.
+They offer better resolution on some of their non-exclusif scenes vs what's available on other sites.
Cons: -The bulk of the videos are only offered in 240p or 480p resolution.
-Too many of the scenes have no real data.
-I found that many of the scenes from their older movies were not in listed in the proper order and the info on each is usueless.
-The editing on some scenes is off because the scene doesn't begin at the end of the previous one but is a mixture of 2 scenes.
-They may list a movie as being available but not all the scenes are availbale.
-No update schedule.
-Their search options are rather poor because they have very little data on most of their movies and the data available is often incorrect or insufficient.
Bottom Line: *I had a hard time reviewing this site because I really enjoy EA movies and I wanted to give the site a better score but I found that the site does not meet my expectations when it comes to older movies. It has an excellent selection of movies from yesterday to today and if you prefer their recent movies than you will be thrilled by the quantity and quality of these videos but if you are more interested in their older movies then you're stuck with a disapointing 480p video resolution.

*Be advised that older is not necessarily based on release date but more in reference to the source material. The best example would be Anal Attack 9 which was released this year but the conmtent are scenes from the site Ass Traffic so the source material is older than a couple of years. You'd think that since the movie was released to dvd then they remastered the older content to allow for decent video conversion but I guess they didn't want to bother for their own site.

**The site is worth the cost of a membership because you get brand new releases almost on the same day they are released to dvd and the video quality is at least 720p and you even get some 1080p as well. Id' even be willing to say that it's worth it for those wqho joined videobox's EA studio because the video quality is better on this site than on videbox.**

**I don`t think the site is worth it for anyone looking for decent older EA titles because you will have to do a lot of research to find the movies and the performers and the video quality is just too bad.**

*I gave the site a higher score than I felt it deserved because they offer too many new titles for a cheap price*.

02-14-12  08:25am

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Visit GFF Members

GFF Members

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +There are currently 210 scenes and they update with one new scene every 2 days.
+Videos can be downloaded in either WMV 768x432 (2Mbps), MP4 768x432 (2Mbps) and MP4 1280x720 (5Mbps).
+They offer a few behind the scenes videos as well as some interview style videos.
+You can search for scenes using the models name, the name of the series or by key words.
+All of their scenes are scenario based.
Cons: -The site is still quite tiny with only 210 scenes out of more than 1200 possible scenes.
-I expected a lot more content already available when they launched the site based on the number of scenes they have available.
-All the pics are stills from the videos so not worth saving.
**They have very little web only content so be careful if you happen to be like me and have a certain amount of GF dvd's. It's quite possible you have these scenes on your dvd's.
Bottom Line: *Girlfriend Films has been one of my favorite studios for the last few years because it's one of the few that still does scenario porn. Their scenes always include amazing chemistry between the players, a little story , actual dialogue that helps drive the story, appropriate clothing (with matching underwear), foreplay that starts with great kissing and every thing that foreplay normally entails, well filmed sex scenes with a good mixture of softcore and hardcore.

*The above reasons are why I was really thrilled when they started talking about having their own website. The site is quite good and I'm sure will get better with time as they add members and content. I'm a little disapointed in the site but that's because I already own many GF dvd's so I was only able to get a few scenes from ther site. I didn't use my disapointemrnt in my scoring because this isn't the sites fault. The bulk of the actresses are American with only a small amount of European models.

**If you like lesbian porn then there is no way that you should pass up this site because it won't disapoint you.**

09-09-11  06:08pm

Replies (11)
Visit Gapeland


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Automatic access to 29 other sites.
-Some of the sites offered with this membership aren't available through some of the other sites.
-They update with one new scene a week.
-They have some models not on any of the other 21 sextury sites.
-Dowload managers are accepted.
-Videos come in both h.264 and wmv and from low quality to ultra high quality.
-Going from site to site is just a click away.
Cons: -The biggest drawback is that there are only 15 videos currently available so you should join only to get access to the other sites for now.
-Some of the girls appearing on this site have anal videos on the network so you aren't going to get a new girl so much as a new perspective.
-Some of the sites offered are dead sites since the content hasn't been updated in years.
-Unless there is a chnage then this package will never give you access to Club Sandy or Pix and Video.
Bottom Line: I was planing to rejoin 21sextury and I knew that this was one of their newest sites so I took a chance and I'm not disapointed with what I got. Not necessarily for this site as much because 15 videos is not a very big library but because of what you get with the package. I think it will still take me the same amount of months to get full access to all the sites but I will have access to 45 sites. That's 5 more sites then what I used to get with my pix and video membership.

My score is mostly based on the complete network package.

11-01-10  07:45pm

Replies (2)
Visit Anal Teen Angels

Anal Teen Angels

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -They have some of the first anal scenes from many of the newest Eastern Europeans girls.
-They currently have over 70 scenes.
-Videos can be downloaded in wmv or h.264 and both come in multiple levels of quality.
-Acess to 30 sites with this membership and I'd say that at least half of those are worth it.
-A reward program that allows you access to more sites whithe the network for each subsequent month you remain a member.
Cons: -The new site design is still hard to get used to. This is more for returning members.
-Surfing speeds are still a little slow but seem to be imporving.
-The names of the models are not always those seen on other sites.
-The choice of some of the males could be a little better.
Bottom Line: This is a site that I started keeping track off when it was added to the 21Sextury network. I was tempted to join but I didn't like the bundle of sites offered with the membership. I got access through the reward program for my pix and video membership.

They have some gorgeous models doing anal for the first time and some of them were met-art models. Even the models that have done anal on other site seem to look better here or at least the quality seems to be better.

I highly recommend this site if you like teens getting analyzed.

02-06-10  08:48am

Replies (4)
Visit Grandpas Fuck Teens

Grandpas Fuck Teens

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Over 170 scenes.
-Many of 21Sextury's top young models appear on this site.
-Videos can be downloaded in WMV or H.264 as a whole or in sections. The vids come in low to high quality.
-You get immediate access to 30 other sites and half of these are decent or great.
-Photosets can be downloaded zip format
Cons: -The new network is rather slow and the design takes time to get used.
-Navigation on the new site is annoying because the back button often brings you back to the first page rather than previous one. Not so bad when you're on page 2 but annoying when your on page 8 and the number son screnn stop at page 3.
Bottom Line: I prefered the content in this site rather than Lustygrandmas but this site also suffers from a similar problem. The girls are super hot but some of the male talent isn't. That's not such a bad thing but you have to be aware of it.

If you like to see young women getting fucked by much older men and don't care too much about how they look than you'll love this site. There is some anal and DP mixed into the mix as well.

01-30-10  10:46am

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Visit Everything Butt

Everything Butt

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Some very good anal themed videos with a touch of BSDM added in the mix.
-The anal tends to be more extreme than standard suff(large toys & fisting are common)
-Over 60 scenes in 7 months.
-Surfing and downloading speeds are excellent.
-Videos can be streamed in flash or downloaded in normal WMV, HD WMV and HD MP4.
Cons: -The pictures are their biggest drawback because they can't be downloaded in one section but even if they could. The angles and choices of photos leave more to the imagination than show.

-I'm adding a mention about the anal in the cons mostly as a warning for those that might not be into the extreme nature of some of the scenes.
There are some very large toys used in quite a few scenes and anal fisting is also common.

-I'd like a bigger variety of models. The same girl can be in more than one scene.
Bottom Line: I first noticed this site during the summer but it was just starting and there weren't enough updates to warrant a membership. They had a promotion last month where you got 2 months for the price of one so that was the perfect time to join.

This site is in many ways similar to Whipped ass but the emphasis here is on anal with a mixture of BDSM. Whipped Ass is BSDM with anal added for flavor. I highly recommend this site to anyone interested in a more extreme style of anal sex. The scenes are mostly lesbian anal sex. People looking for standard B/G anal sex should avoid since there are only a couple of scenes.

The one thing that seems to be similar in each video is that these girls are into anal sex and not just there for a paycheck. I'm not saying that they aren't but that they appear to love anal sex.

01-17-10  09:52am

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Visit Whipped Ass

Whipped Ass

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Almost 500 scenes available.
-Post 2003 scenes can be downloaded as a whole.
-Newer videos can be downloaded in HD(WMV & MP4).
-Videos can be streamed.
-One new scene per week(average)
-A good selection of doms and subs.
-Surfing and download speeds are very good.
-They have some truly good looking models.
-Members get a 10$ reduction in price to all of their other sites.
Cons: -Many of their older videos have a level of BDSM that may not appeal to everyone.
-Photosets can only be downloaded in sections but that's no big deal since they aren't worth downloading in the first place. They are meant to give you a slight idea of what's inside the video.
-Some of the interaction between dom & sub lacks chemistry.
Bottom Line: This is my second visit at Whipped Ass and I prefer the direction they seem to have gone with their content. I always felt that their older material had a level of pain inflciting that left me more cold than turned on. It's not too say that their new stuff is tame but there seems to be less intense whipping and caning that left marks on the skin of the models. They also seem to have less verbal abuse.

It's surprising to see some of the models they are able to get for their shoots. I'm not sure if this is because of the change in the level of BDSM, but I'm not complaining.

This is my favorite site within the network and I have no problem recommending it to anyone that likes their lesbian sex mixed in with BDSM.

12-20-09  10:27am

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Visit Lezbo Honeys

Lezbo Honeys

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Over 170 scenes.
-The performers are well known Eastern Europeans and most of them in their early 20's.
-All the videos are downloadable as a whole or broken down into smaller sections(for those with slower connections).
The videos average about 20mins and are either wmv or mpeg4.
-The photosets can be downloaded per page or as a whole (zip format), and the quality is simply amazing photos are about 850 x 1280.
-Access to 35 other sites.
-They have a reward program for long term customers. For each month that you remain with them they give you access to 2 additional sites within the network for no extra cost.
Cons: -Navigating often requires the use of the back button as well as a significant amount of up & down scrolling.
-The videos can get tedious since they tend to resemble one another.
-The chemistry between some of the performers is sometimes lacking.
Bottom Line: This is another site belonging to 21 sextury, so you know the quality is there.

I got acces through Lez Cuties, so I can't tell you which site you might get from the network if you joined through Lezbo Honeys.

I wish some of the videos would be longer and that there would be more kissing. You sometime get a feeling that they have rehearsed the scene and that they are going through the motions. I would like more passion and spontaneity.

Just the price and acces to the network makes this a greta deal.

10-27-08  06:51pm

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Visit Score HD

Score HD

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +They have a loyalty program where you get access to one extra site each month that you remain a member.
+They truly have a wide variety of different body type models.
+A huge collection of older women models.
+Videos can be dowloaded in MP4 or WMV and basic resolution is 640x360.
+They also offer videos in the 1280x720 resolution.
+You can download all the photosets of each video in a single zip file and resolution is 1280x720.
+All content is dated and they appear to update with 6 new videos per week.
Cons: -There's a preview video that automatically starts each time you go to that videos download section.
-There are no tags on the videos so you actually have to search through each one to find what you are looking for.
-Many of the models may not be what you are into.
-They offer two extra sites with your membership but these aren't necessarily all that good.
**-It's possible to see what each model has on the other Score sites but since this is the only site where you can download all the content then that's not necessarily a good thing.
Bottom Line: **I got badly burned when I joined 40something because they implemented their policy of only allowing downloads of only their most recent updates after TBP had done their review so I was pleasantly surpried when I saw that this site offers almost every video I wanted from that site and a lot more. It's not perfect by far but you at least don't have any surpsise when you join this Score site.

*I'm pretty choosy about what I download and I still managed to find some amazing videos that were well worth the membership. The only warning I might give someone is that you should definetely check out all the models prior to joining because they do have a wide variety of models. You have some cute teens all the way to women in their late 40's and probably a couple in their 50's. There is also an abundance of BBW so if this is your thing than you'll have plenty to be happy about. On the downside. If you prefer women under the age of 30 and who are more on the slim side then this may not be your site of choice. Also anyone looking for more softcore or midcore stuff may want to steer clear as there is very little to be found here.

**The site could really use the addition of tags on their videos. It took me a long time to find what I wanted to download because I had to search through each model's video page. A nice search by keyword would really be appreciated by most members.

**It would also be really great if they offered the 50plus and 60plus content. As it is. You can see which models go on to shoot for those sites but yoiu have to join those sites knowing that only a tiny percentage of their content will be downloadable.

**They also don't necessarily add all of the content from their listed sites so while you do get a large amount. You don't get it all so it's very important to check this site's content before joining or you could be in for a surprise.

11-10-12  11:09am

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Visit Girls Do Porn

Girls Do Porn

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 08-04-11  11:20am  (Update History)
Reason: HD is no longer available
Pros: -All exclusif content.
-They currently have 114 videos and these can all be downloaded in WMV 640x480 2300kbps as well as HD 1280x720 5400kbps.
-All the girls appear to be unknowns and they are all cute to drop dead gorgeous.
-You can stream videos in 512x288, 740x405 and 1024x576.
-Most of the videos have a little synopsis of the scene.
-Videos are well filmed with good camera angles and there is actual sex sounds instead of music or silence.
Cons: -Quite a few of the performers have tattoos and the placement is less than desireable.
-The interview part is sometimes more BS than possible truth.
-Navigation is basically pages at the bottom of the screen. You have a couple of search options but none of them seem to work.
-The male performer(s) are used as stunt cocks because you never see their faces. That limits some of the shots that can be used.
-For whatever reason some of the videos can only be streamed.
-There are no pics on this site.
-Fan mail section of site is disturbing and only makes the site owner appear like a douchebag.
**I'm adding this to the Cons because I can download the videos in HD but the site still states that only premium members are suppose to have access and I'm not one**
Bottom Line: -The site reminds me a lot of exploited college girls but better filmed, far better sex scenes and better looking girls. Those are all great things but the one thing they have in common is the way they treat the girls in the synopsis of the scenes. There is a certain level of disdain and disrespect in the words used. This is even more obvious in the "fan mail" section of the site because all it is are request from the girls to have their videos removed for different reasons. Of course this disdain is not anywhere in the videos so can be overlooked as being someone idea of a joke.

-This is a very good site for anyone looking for new/amateur girls making their first foray in the porn biz. They may be new to porn but they are definetely not new to sex because the scene are for the most part really hot. Ashley is the only girl on this site that I'm aware that as done other porn shoots.

**I'm again adding a warning about HD videos. I can download them from the site but I don't know if it's a glitch or a change of policy. My hope is that it's a permanent change.**

***I've amended my score to reflect that the HD videos are no longer available. For whatever reason they were available even though they clearly state that these are only available to members with more than one month membership.
When I first joined the site***

07-21-11  11:31am

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Visit Porn Pros Network

Porn Pros Network

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Their extensive library of videos(over 5500).
-They update almost daily.
-They have one of the best selection of newbies.
-Navigation is easy to use and allows search using a wide variety of options like hair color, nationality, fetish, age group and so forth.
-Download speeds are 500kB/sec or better.
-Can download multiple videos at the same time.
I was able to download more than 6 and that's without using a download manager.
-You can use a download manager.
-Photosets can be downloaded in zip format.
-The join price of 17.95$ is hard to beat.
Cons: -The fake cum. Why do they even bother to use that stuff? It might not be so bad if they didn't use it in industrial quantities but when you pretend to shoot a load that's half a gallon then who exactly are you trying to appeal to? It can't be fans of facials because I suspect those people prefer the real stuff than what looks like a mixture of water and icing sugar.
-Some of the fetishes are slightly misleading. Although they might mention anal in the scene. That can easily mean light anal play as oppose actual anal penetration.
-There is one site that has an idiot talking during the scene and that's always annoying.
-One of the site uses Ron Jeremy and I can't say that seeing is fat belly was very appealing.
-Prechecked cross sell.
-They have crappy preview pages. They could do far better and might help with traffic and actual membership.
Bottom Line: I read a couple of comments before joining the site about their business practices. I can't speak for the past but I had nor problem joining and leaving was just as easy.

There is a lot to enjoy about this network but I guess the biggest thing is the sheer amount of new girls just starting in porn and doing their very first scenes.

The one thing that really isn't enjoyable at all and I've already mentioned it is the FAKE CUM. I won't get further into the details but I will never give this network a score of 90 and above simply because of that. If it was used in small quantity then I suspect we couldn't really tell and that might be fine but not the way they currently use it.

I wish they would have a larger amount of anal. That is one of my favorite fetishes and I find that it's quite lacking on the network.

Some of the sites aren't updating anymore and some only do sporadic updates but I didn't have a problem with that because I found that other sites were doing similar content.

I think that if you like cute teens getting F..d and don't mind too much the fake cum then you will be happy with the network. The network should be avoided by anyone that hates the fake cum because you WILL be very disatisfied.

08-15-10  10:35am

Replies (16)
Visit Cathy's Craving

Cathy's Craving

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: +The content is primarily all hardcore with an emphasis on IR, creampies, gang bangs, facials, double vaginal, anal and dp.
+They keep remastering older scenes so you get some better resolution on some excellent scenes.
+You can download the photosets for most of the scenes as a single zip file and best resolution is 1200x900.
+No watermakr on videos or photosets.
+You can download the videos in multiple clips or as a single video file.
+The videos are broken into various categories often based on the number or males with cathy.
+Navigation is simple and you always have the option toreturn to Cathy's main page.
Cons: -I believe the site is no longer updating with actual new content since the last new scene seems to be in 2011.
-Although most of the scenes are offered as a full video file. They are often broken into two seperate segments.
-They have many remastered scenes but the original material was not very good so the end product is also not as good as could be.
-The camera work tends to feel very amateurish.
-Editing could be better.
-Although Cathy is a good looking older blond. She may not be everyone's cup of tea.
-If creampies and facials are not your thing then that will significantly reduce the amount of cointent you will save.
Bottom Line: *I receive regular newsletters from Cathy and I thought it was time I tried the site again to see if there truly was as much new content as the letter claimed. Sadly there is very little new for me. Of course anyone who's never been a member will find plenty of great porn as long as IR, gangbangs, and creampies is your thing. Otherwise you may find that there is very little for you or you ill have to do a lot of editing.

*Cathy is a 40 + year old dark blond woman with an all natural body who loves to have sex with as many people as she can. She's a swinger and she makes no qualms about it. Many of her scenes are quite good but they tend to all feel amateurish in nature. The vast majority of the videos are filmed by her husband or another cameraman so very little POV or tripod shots(if any). The camera work is where it's often annoying because there is a lot of shaking, panning and not as ideal shots. There is very little editing and that adds to the amateurish feel of the content. Mind you I suspect that is something that a fan of amateur porn wants to see.

*I still think that this is a great site for anyone who has never been a meber before and the join price is only 15$ so you should get more than your money's worth. Returning members should beware because you may not find all that much that is worth saving.

**I debated whether I should drop my score a little because of the lack of truly new content but there is still so much great stuff already here and the join price is more than reasonable that I'm staying with the score I gave them in my last review.

03-31-13  11:47am

Replies (4)

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