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Visit Cathy's Craving

Cathy's Craving

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: +The content is primarily all hardcore with an emphasis on IR, creampies, gang bangs, facials, double vaginal, anal and dp.
+They keep remastering older scenes so you get some better resolution on some excellent scenes.
+You can download the photosets for most of the scenes as a single zip file and best resolution is 1200x900.
+No watermakr on videos or photosets.
+You can download the videos in multiple clips or as a single video file.
+The videos are broken into various categories often based on the number or males with cathy.
+Navigation is simple and you always have the option toreturn to Cathy's main page.
Cons: -I believe the site is no longer updating with actual new content since the last new scene seems to be in 2011.
-Although most of the scenes are offered as a full video file. They are often broken into two seperate segments.
-They have many remastered scenes but the original material was not very good so the end product is also not as good as could be.
-The camera work tends to feel very amateurish.
-Editing could be better.
-Although Cathy is a good looking older blond. She may not be everyone's cup of tea.
-If creampies and facials are not your thing then that will significantly reduce the amount of cointent you will save.
Bottom Line: *I receive regular newsletters from Cathy and I thought it was time I tried the site again to see if there truly was as much new content as the letter claimed. Sadly there is very little new for me. Of course anyone who's never been a member will find plenty of great porn as long as IR, gangbangs, and creampies is your thing. Otherwise you may find that there is very little for you or you ill have to do a lot of editing.

*Cathy is a 40 + year old dark blond woman with an all natural body who loves to have sex with as many people as she can. She's a swinger and she makes no qualms about it. Many of her scenes are quite good but they tend to all feel amateurish in nature. The vast majority of the videos are filmed by her husband or another cameraman so very little POV or tripod shots(if any). The camera work is where it's often annoying because there is a lot of shaking, panning and not as ideal shots. There is very little editing and that adds to the amateurish feel of the content. Mind you I suspect that is something that a fan of amateur porn wants to see.

*I still think that this is a great site for anyone who has never been a meber before and the join price is only 15$ so you should get more than your money's worth. Returning members should beware because you may not find all that much that is worth saving.

**I debated whether I should drop my score a little because of the lack of truly new content but there is still so much great stuff already here and the join price is more than reasonable that I'm staying with the score I gave them in my last review.

03-31-13  11:47am

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Visit Elegant Angel

Elegant Angel

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +You get access to 369 dvd's which comes out to 2017 scenes.
+All videos can be streamed online.
+All videos can be downloaded in H264 format and resolution is at least 720x408.
+The 160 most recent dvd's are now also offered with 1280x720HD and 1960x1280HD resolution.
+Content is dated and they update with one new dvd per week.
+They have multiple tags for each scene and they have a search option for those keywords.
+They offer 51 BTS videos.
+They offer some live shows(I'm not a fan so I won't comment beyond this).
Cons: -Although 369 dvd's isn't bad. This is still a tiny portion of the Elegant Angel library. I don't think you get access to any movie done prior to 2008.
-Only one dvd update per week is poor.
-The preview sections says that some dvd's are in the members section but you find out after joining that this is a lie.
-They offer photosets of some of their performers but the number of pics in each set is less than a dozen.
Bottom Line: *I was a little disapointed when I first joined this site because i was hoping to get access to a couple of their newer movies which are clearly on the preview section and the option: clicking on the button to watch these movies brings you up to the sign up page so you would expect that the movies would be available inside the members section and that's where you would be wrong. That's not to say that I'm not pleased with my membership because I am. Evil Angel and Elegant Angel are two studios whose films I have always enjoyed. Getting access to only a part of their library for 20$ is a huge bargain for anyone and something that no one should pass up.

*I can't help but feel that Elegant suffers a little or a lot depending on how you look at things from the fact that I've been a member of Evil Angel a couple of times before and that site is superior to this one on a few levels. The total amount of content is greater at Evil and they update more often. The update schedule is significantly better at Evil because you get access to their newer movies a lot faster than you do here. The library goes further back at Evil than at Elegant. You get some better pics at Evil and you have a greater variewty of download options.

*If you know the kind of porn Elegant Angel puts out and it's the kind you like then you have to join this site because you will be happy with what you get. Just don't rely on what the preview sections says about new content on their first page because it may not be available when you join.

**The only people that should avoid this site are those looking for Elegant's older titles. You won't find any here and that is too bad because they have some really great older movies.

09-24-12  05:36am

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Visit Claudia Marie

Claudia Marie

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Claudia Marie is a super hot 37 yrs old woman with huge breast who loves to have hardcore sex on film.
-All the content is exclusif and most of the videos have a little scenario.
-There are currently 135 videos which can be downloaded or viewd online. The average run time is 20 minutes and more.
-You get access to 17 other sites.
-All content is dated.
-They are still updating with more videos.
-They have a nice interface for searching different types of fetish or sex act.
Cons: -The biggest con has to be Claudia-marie because if you don't like her looks than you certainly won't enjoy any of the videos. She's an above 30 years old woman with huge (now fake) breast who's a little on the chubby side.
-Resolution for downloaded videos is only 368x272.
-The sites offers high resolution photos which are usually 1024x768 or 1152x768 but you can't download them as a single zip file.
Bottom Line: -Claudia Marie is not the type of model that I'm normally attracted to. I'm not a fan of huge breast whether real or fake but Claudia-marie is such an amazing sex performer that I overlooked that aspect and found myself enjoying her videos.

-Her looks is about the only thing that might be an issue for some people. It's for sure that if you prefer younger models with petite figures than you'll never enjoy the site.

-If you like Claudia-marie's looks and enjoy seeing a woman that craves IR, anal and the more intense B/G sex than you'll really enkjoy this site. Anyone interested in teen sites should stay away.

-The only key improvement would be if they could remaster their videos into a higher resolution.

**Please join site through Celeste Fox since her join price is only 24.96$ instead of 29.99$ for Claudia-Marie's site.**

07-11-11  12:47pm

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Visit Cathy's Craving

Cathy's Craving

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -This is all exclusif content.
-This site has the best navigation system I've seen so far for an amateur site. There are icons that bring you to the different types of action Cathy performs and there's always one to bring you to the main page.
-Cathy is the most adventurous amateur of all the ones I've found. I don't think there is a single (legal) thing that she doesn't do.
-You can now download most videos as a complete file in WMV and Mpg.
-There are over 370 full length videos and most are 30 minutes and more.
-Most videos have an accompanying photoset which can be downloaded as a complete zip file.
-You get some bonus pic sets/videos from some of cathy's friends.
Cons: -The biggest con for this site like any other solo amateur site is that you have to like Cathy since she's in all the videos.
-The content can get repetitious since there are many videos with the same type of sex acts.
Bottom Line: -This is the best amateur site I've found so far and the one I'll use to judge all others. There is very little that they've done wrong and many things that they've done right. Of course that is on the technical side of things. The action inside the site is mostly all hardcore. That is a plus for me but can be a negative for others.

**If you like older women that enjoy anal, dp's gangbangs and man juice than Cathy will more than meet your needs.

06-25-11  09:35am

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Visit Bangbros Network

Bangbros Network

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -An excellent selection of models to choose from that cover most ethnicity, age groups and body type.

-They seem to have some exclusive models or at least some that have little to nothing elsewhere.

-A gigantic library of videos.

-Surfing and download speeds are pretty decent.

-The search engine allows to search by using multiple parameters like hair color, body type, fetish and many others.

-They update regularly.
Cons: -They give titles to each video but more often than not it doesn't include the models name. You have to enter the vid page to see her name.

-Their content is more like semi-pro porn than actual reality porn with little scenarios. I'd compare their content to Reality Kings.

-You can only download a full scene in WMV. You can choose MPG or WMV if you want to dowmload the scene in sections.

-The quality of the newer vids is pretty good but the older stuff is rather poor.

-They do not offer a preview of upcoming updates.

-The photosets aren't very good and screencaps are worse.
Bottom Line: I'm groing through most of the top rated sites joined this one first then my score might have been higher but after seeing Brazzer & Naughty America then this one pales in comparaison.

They lost a few points right at the beginning when I had to click the video page to find the name of the model. You'd think that with a search engine like they have. They'd realise that we want to know the name of the model and we really don't want to click twice to get it.

The fact that they have such a large content and the cost of joining is so low helps them.

They might consider offering more video download options and higher resolution as well.

12-05-09  12:16pm

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Visit Porn Pass For All

Porn Pass For All

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: A variety of gorgeous young Eastern European women performing in solo, g/g, b/g, b/b/g, fisting, waterplay, and a few other fetishes.
Downloads are quick, and quality is moderate to high. You can download both photos and videos.
The price is pretty good for what you get. Updates are regular.
Cons: My biggest problem is the promise of 30+ sites when you join. This is true only if you stick with them for more 120 days. They add to your overall access about 2 sites per month after the initial membership. The same women appear in more than one site peforming similar acts, and the content is partially exclusive. Navigation could be improved
Bottom Line: Even though you don't get access to all the promised sites upfront. You still get a lot of
content. I wish they would offer an option for selecting which sites you can pick when joining. Some of the content appears leased or scenes from dvds. ***I noticed on TBP that you could join through this site, but also with VIP XXX PASS. the difference is that the cost is only 24.95 with VIP XXX as oppose to 38.95*** I'd love to hear which sites were offered with VIP XXX PASS.

08-31-07  08:34am

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Visit Captain Stabbin

Captain Stabbin

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: This is a nice, simple site to navigate. They update regularly. Membership to the site gives you access to the other sites in the network. This site is for anal fans only. In many cases this is often the first, and sometimes only on screen anal for many of these girls. Many of them are just beginning in porn, and many have gone on to great carreers. You can download all the pictures and movies (no DRM). It's all exclusive no lease stuff.
Cons: There is only one format for the movies(wmv). The quality of the movies could be improved. This is a pretend reality series where we are meant to believe that these girls are inticed into having anal sex with these guys (the same 3 guys everytime). The selection of girls is sometimes hit and miss. I'd love for them to have the correct name for these performers, but then again that is one of my pet peeves with many sites.
Bottom Line: I've been an on again, off again member of this site for at least 2-3 years, and I've never been disapointed. There is no surprise with what you'll get from each episode. If you can overlook the fact that it's always the same 3 male performers, and that some of the premise for some epsiodes are real cheesy. It's a nice site with some nice looking girls. I've noticed a warning about trial membership, but having used that option many times. I've yet to have encountered any problems with access or downloads.

04-12-07  07:09pm

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Visit Angie Noir

Angie Noir

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +Content is all exclusive(with reserve).
+You get access to 10 other sites.
+Videos can be streamed online or downloaded in WMV or MP4. The resolution for downloads is 1280x720.
+Some of her scenes have a little scenario.
+You can download the photosets as a single zip file and resolution is 1633x919.
+Content is dated and you can see when the next scene is being added.
Cons: -The site is tiny with only 20 videos and 14 photosets.
-Not sure if this is a prelude to anything else but the site was updating with one new scene per week since they went online but the last one was on Aug 8 and the next one is only on Aug 29.
-The content is dated but the date is not based on production but when the video was uploaded to the site.
-5 of the network sites haven't updated since 2012 or before and a couple of the others don't update on a regular basis.
-1 of the other sites is leased mateial.
-There is content overlap where the same scene is available on more than one site.
Bottom Line: *I actually discovered Angie when I was surfing the different studios on clip4sale. I found her rather attractive and she had a nasty streak that interested me so I was quite happy when I found out that she had started her own site and even more that she was part of a network. Otherwise I might have waited until there was more content before joining.

*Now all the stuff on this site can be found on clips4sale but the price of one complete scene is about the same as the join price for this entire network. She has a lot more content on her clips4sale store but I suspect that she will use that content to update this new site.

*Angie is an attractive older woman who loves to have her holes stretched and the stretching is often of the larger variety than other women. The scenes vary in lengths but 10 minutes seems to be the shortest while 36 minutes is about the longest. There is a mixture of solo, g/g and b/g so there is something for everyone except people looking for a more venially type of porn.

08-28-13  06:24pm

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Visit Young Legal Porn

Young Legal Porn

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: +You get access to 9 sites for your first month and more get added the longer you keep your membership active.
+All content is dated and 6 of the sites appear to more or less still be updating.
+A large percentage of the content is exclusif.
+They have an amazing selection of Eastern Europeans models.
+There is a very good mix of pics and videos.
+Video resolution and pic resolution (see bottom line).
+The scenes are all well shot, well lit and there is some good action.
+The scenes are all tagged with multiple keywords which you can search for.
Cons: -My biggest con is that it's too common to have only a photoset and not the accompanying video for many scenes or vice versa.
-3 out the 9 sites are dead and have been for a few years and the content on some of the other has a release date but the actual production date is much older.
-A large part of the content on two of the sites is leased and available on many other sites.
-No way to search for a specific model's content across all the Diesel sites.
-There is a lot of repetition from site to site where you aren't getting much more than a variation on theme and I think some of the same scenes appear on more than one site.
Bottom Line: *This was a tough review for me because there was so little that I downloaded that I was not sure if I could be impartial in my review but I think that I did a decent job.

*The first thing people need to know is that a great deal of the content is not exclusive so if anyone has been a member of the more popular Eastern European sites like Teen Mega World then be careful because you may already have this content.

*The second thing you need to know is that a great deal of the content is softcore to midcore solo and g/g. There is still plenty of b/g hardcore but it's probably in the minority VS all the other stuff and you may have it on your computer.

*Of course if you prefer the less hardcore stuff than you should find plenty to satisfy your desire but again you have to make sure than you don't already have that content on your computer.
I do and that's why I did not download much and worse I didn't keep much of it.

*A big problem for me was the fact that a model would have only a photoset when you now there must be an accompanying video somewhere on the net and vice versa she has only the video and not the photoset as well.

There's also the problem that there's duplication of the content across the network where a model's video or photoset is on more than one site and or her video is on one site while the photoset is on the other site. That's less of a problem and more of a headache because you can't search across the entire network so you have to look for each scene on the appropriate site.

**Breakdown of the content from most sites**

*young legal porn: 1480 photosets (170 of them have a resolution 4000x2600, the others 1000x562) videos approx 1250. over 425 are offered in 360p, 480p, 720p and 1080HD. About 400 are offered in all resolution except HD and the rest are only in 480p.

*18 only girls: 1590 photosets and nearly 1300 videos. See info on resolution for pics sets and videos for young porn since it looks t be about the same for this site.

*Beata porn: 286 phototsets and 198 videos. I'm not doing a breakdown of which photosets and/or videos has which resolution because it's a mess since I'm sure recent content is really much older than the date on it.

*Ivana: almost 1200 photosets and over 800 videos. I think the same thing that applies to Beata's site applies to Ivana's in regards to the content.

*Sasha blond: Over 1000 photosets and about 850 videos.

*Skinny: About 275 photosets and 180 videos.

**I'm not going to breakdown the info on the last 3 sites because they are dead and nothing has changed in a long time.**

***This can be an amazing network for the right people but do some research on your computer prior to joining to make sure that you don't already have most of the content.**

08-04-13  09:27am

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Visit Fucking Machines

Fucking Machines

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -A very good selection of models with many of them being amateur or semi-pro.
-You get a feel that the girls truly get off with the machines.
-Post 2004 videos can be downloaded has complete scenes(all othes are zip).
-They have over 550 videos to choose from.
-Members get a special 10$ discount on all their other sites.
-Upadtes come approximately once a week.
Cons: -The machines are noisy, cumbersome and tend to drag your eyes toward them instead of toward the performer.
-The dildos have a tendency to come out and that often requires that the machine be stopped so that they can reinsert it.
-Photosets can't be downloaded as a whole. You have to download them by section. That's not a big loss because they aren't very good when it comes to showing the action.
Bottom Line: -I've been aware of this site for many years and I knew that I'd have to join simply to satisfy my curiosity. I can't say that I'm entirely disapointed but I can't see myself rejoining them anytime soon.

Watching a girl have an orgasm or appear to have one (it's hard to doubt the orgasm at times) is quite nice. Specially after what I'm used to seeing in quite a few porns scenes these days.

Their biggest problem is that the site is called Fucking Machines and the machines are partialy the stars of each scene. They are rather weird looking contraptions that make a varying degree of noise. They tend to distract from the action.

The videos are for all intense and purposes solo masturbation scenes but with some very high end vibrator and dildos.

The one really great thing is that membership to one of their sites gives you that automatic 10$ reduction on any and all of their other sites.

12-16-09  06:56pm

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Visit Teen Core Club

Teen Core Club

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Access to a network of 14 sites.
-Over 800 scenes at the moment.
-They now post new updates as well as upcoming scenes.
-Navigation between each site is easy.
-Download speed is very good.
-The models are all in their late teens to early 20's.
-99% of the models are beautiful to gorgeous.
-The theme for most of the sites is anal and DP.
-Youg throats being the exception sice it's all about blowjobs.
-The style of sex is more gonzo and extreme.
-Movies are wmv and can be download in one file or by section(average video length is 20+ mins).
-You can stream the videos by sections and they offer speeds from dial up to broadband.
Cons: -Although they advertise 14 sites. Only 7 seem to still be updating regularly.
-They don't date their content so it is difficult
to know the amount of new content compared to the older stuff.
-The sex is mostly gonzo and that means the same sets all the time(bed, sofa, room), no talking,
no scenario and that gets rather tedious.
The names of the models are likely different then what they are on other sites.
-This network is and as always been expensive. At nearly 50US$, it may not be in everyone's budget.
Bottom Line: I join this network maybe every 18 months. They haven't really improved all that much since the last time but they also haven't really lost any ground.

They have added the following sites since my last membership: Spermantino, Little Hell Cat, Ass to mouth, Double Teamed teens, and ass to mouth. Of course that adds to the overall content within the network but many of the performers already performed similar sex scenes in another one of the site within the network.

They don't seem to be updating very often in many of these and they stpped updating at Teach my ass a while ago.

I think that their biggest selling point is that they get some truly gorgeous Russian girls who are just starting in porn to do some very nasty stuff.

In return that is also their biggest problem because girls are for the most part doing their very first scenes. That tends to make the scene look and feel amateurish.

This network should drop the price a little and copy the style of the 21 Sextury network.

I would recommend this network for anyone who doesn't mind the price and is interested in Russian models that perform gonzo sex.

This is a in and out network. You do not join for more than a month and certainly don't join more often than once a year. I'd say the samething if the price was half what it is. They simply do not update enough to warrant a long term membership.

07-26-09  09:47am

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Visit Chanta's Bitches

Chanta's Bitches

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: The relationship between Chanta as the dominant and her submissive is really good. There are over 100 episodes with updates coming once a week. Membership price is now 19.95 through TBP.
The pre & post interview is a nice touch. You can download the episode in zip files for photos and rar for video. You can also watch in stream format. The torture/pain aspectisn't of the extreme kind.
Cons: Download of videos are only in Quicktime or WMV.
I'd like to see DIVX included. Some episodes are not with Chanta, but another dom instead. Most of these episodes aren't as good. I'd love to see more anal sex included. I'd also like to see some new blood. Most of the performers have been seen on many other sites of this type.
Bottom Line: If you're into this type of fetish then you have to give Chanta's Bitches a try. The cost alone is a giver, since most generally charge 29.95 or more for similar material. Since she mostly does light BDSM, and not the hard/extreme kind. You don't feel that she's trying to inflict pain as much as pleasure. I wish they offered, for an added cost, acces to their other sites see: Fucked and Bound.

12-23-07  11:47am

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Visit Teen Mega World

Teen Mega World

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +Huge network of sites which give you access to over 3000 videos and their accompanying photosets.
+They have an excellent selection of young Eastern European models.
+They update once a day and all content is dated.
+They have a very good search engine that allows searches based on keywords or the models name.
+There is a synopsis of each scenes content.
+There is a lot of variety in their sex scenes which includes b/g, g/g b/g/g and solo
+Most of the models have multiple scenes.
Cons: -The vast majority of the sites are now dead and no longer updating.
-They keep adding new sites but then stop adding new content within a few months.
-They recently altered their update schedule where now they release the photoset first and the videos is only released in the follwing day or days.
-Many of the models have more than one scene but sometimes there is not a lot of difference between each of them.
-The older content is not aging well and I don't belive that they plan on remastering any of those scenes.
Bottom Line: *These guys recently fixed an issue with their preview site and I'm one of those people that was complaining about that so I thought I should check the site out again. Not much as changed since my last time except to say that the content seems to have improved. I suspect that they have found other sources to fill the void left by Russia's change in policy in regards to shooting porn. That is good news because I was a little distraught the last time.

*Their choice of model is still excellent and the porn is usually well shot, well lit and the action quite good. My only negative is that the male performers are not always as good as they should so the scene does not reach the potential it could have with a better male performer.

*My one big issue with the network, and this is an old one, is that they keep adding new sites to the network all the while stopping to update those that were already quite good. Not to mention that the new sites are not'necessarily that good and even if they are then they will also stop updating it within a very short amount of time.

**I truly hope that their new update schedule has less to do with lack of new content on their part and more some kind of gimmick to make it appear as though they have a brand new scene each day.

**I'm giving the network is better score this time because they have started to add some good content.

05-20-13  09:16pm

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Visit Mom POV


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +Many of their models are true unknowns not seen on any other sites.
+They have an excellent mix of models and
+They update with one new video per week.
+All videos can be downloaded in MP4 with a 720x480 resolution.
+Most of the scenes are suprisignly well shot and the sex is often quite good.
+The site is about 2 years old and already has 108 videos.
+A decent percentage of thse milfs do anal.
+You can stream videos in 518x288, 720x405 and 1024x576.
Cons: -The title of the site makes it clear that you are only going to get POV shots.
-The navigation is basically choosing a page and then selecting one of the model on that page.
-The content is dated but you have to use a very convoluted way to know the date.
-There is also a scene description but you again have to find that in a convoluted way.
-There are absolutely no pics.
Bottom Line: *I'm pretty sure the people who own and operate girlsdoporn are also responsible for this site. Everything from the site design to the interview to filming style is identical in every aspect except that the guy who shoots for this site seems to know a lot more on how to use a camera than the guy who shoots for girldoporn. Now it is possible that it's the same guy but he does a far superior here than on the other site.

*Here are the important things you need to ask yourself to see if this is the kind of site you would enjoy.
1-Do you like older women(they have some 30years old but most of the women are in their 40's, 50's and even in their 60's.
2-Is body art a problem. Not all the models have ink but a large enough group does that if you have to have all natural then you may want to avoid.
3-Is POV shot porn a negative then avoid since it's all POV. I actually didn't mind it too much and I known for not liking POV.
4-Do you have to have HD content. They don't and even if it's available then I suspect that they do like GDP and make it available only to members who stay with the site for multiple months.

You'll know if you will enjoy the site based on how you answered the above questions or at least on how flexible you are on some of them. I know that I enjoyed the site and have no problem recommending it but there's plenty of room for improvement.

*The first thing would be the addition of an actual camera guy to get different shots but I guess that will never happen since it would make the sites name redundant. They should make the features on the preview section available to the paying members. It would save people like me from opening two seperate pages so that you know what the action in the video will be.

**I did recognize a couple of models from this site on some of Scores sites so they are not all unknowns.

12-09-12  04:58pm

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Visit Mofos Network

Mofos Network

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +You get access to 12 sites with one membership.
+They have over 900 exclusif scenes.
+They offer one very good bonus site that gives you access to over 4000 dvd's.
+They have an excellent selection of young US performers doing some of their first porn shoots.
+They also have a very good selection of models from the US, Europe and South America and they are from different age groups so not limited to just teens.
+Videos can be downloaded in multiple formats. You have PSP, iPad and 3GP for mobile devices. You have MPEG, MPEG4 and WMV in standard resolution and you also have MPEG4, 1080 and 720 for High Def.
+All videos have an accompanying photoset that can be downloaded as a complete zip file. The resolution varies per pic. I saw some at 1333 x 2000 and I also saw some at 1300 x 867.
Cons: -The biggest con for me is the fact that way too many of the videos are shot in POV and this is one of my least favorite shooting style.
-Since many videos are POV then the lighting suffers and that means that some of the shots are not as bright and clear as if it was shot by a cameran instead of the male performer.
-The fact that many of the videos are POV only then it can get repetitious rather quickly.
-I found that too many of the US performers had visible razor burns and pimples.
-They have copied Brazzer and started filming some Live shows but there are only 3 and they are very poor cousin to Brazzers live shoots.
-I'm adding one con in regards to their preview pages. These guys have one of the worst preview page I have ever seen from a large network. I dare anyone to tell me if they can figure out what's available in the sites.
Bottom Line: *I got access to the network with my membership to let's try anal but I've only downloaded a couple of videos from the different sites in the network so this is not a network that has much appeal for me. The POV is in large part why I haven't been able to download more videos. It would be really amazing if they went to a different format but I don't think that's what they want to do with this network. I have actually downloaded a lot more content from the bonus dvd site I got with my membership. They have many dvd available on Videobox so that might not appeal for eveyone but they also have a pretty decent amount of older movies which are not available except on streaming sites. The quality of these vidoes is hit and miss but I'll still take them.

*If you enjoy POV videos than you should find plenty of stuff to satisfy you from the various sites. Otherwise I would recommend you check if some of the other sites in the network appeal to you. Of course I don't know how you'll be able to do that since their preview pages are awful.

**My score is based more on the content they offer than what i got out of the main network of sites.

01-02-12  09:11am

Replies (5)
Visit Mrs. Siren

Mrs. Siren

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +All exclusif content that is dated.
+They update about once a week.
+There are 48 videos which can be downloaded in WMV and resolution is 720x480 1500kbps.
+They have 53 photosets and they can be dowloaded as complete zip files. The resolution varies from set to set but the lowest I found was 893x1344.
+Unlike most of the other models in the nework. Her content is less extreme.
+You can access videos from the photos section and vice-versa photos from the video section.
+You get access to 8 other sites.
Cons: -The site is less than a year old so not that much content yet. Unless one or more of the other sites interest you than you might be a little disapointed.
-The majority of the pic sets are taken from the video shoot so not alot of variety.
-Site lacks the personality that a solo model should have.
-Although less extreme than most other models. Her content may still be a little more extreme than certain people enjoy.
-No search options available.
-Limited to 2 download at a time.
Bottom Line: *Mrs sirens is a beautiful blond woman in her 30's with an all natural body and some pretty impressive breast. She seems to really like having sex and she's into some pretty intense vaginal and anal penetration. She loves to have more than one patner at the same time and she's willing to offer them all her openings so that there's no waiting.

*She only has one lesbian video but I'd say that she really enjoys women so I hope she'll do more in the future. I didn't find much to complain about except that it would be nice to see more interaction between Mrs Sirens and her members. As it is. All you get are her photosets and videos. The one thing that I enjoyed was that her husband isn't often in the videos and that was a plus for me because he's very tattooed.

*Some may complain that you can't download more than 2 videos at a time but they only take a couple of minutes to download so that wasn't an issue for me.

08-07-11  03:38pm

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Visit Anjanette Astoria

Anjanette Astoria

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +Production value on many of the videos is very impressive with the use of soundtracks, scripts, dialogue, visual effects and editing.
+Anjanette is a beautiful 38 years old women with natural 36D breast who does hot sex scenes.
+Videos can be downloaded in MP4. The resolution varies from 640x352 to 848x480 and the bit rate also varies from 2300 to over 4000 kbps.
+There are 24 videos and they update with 1 new video each week.
**I normally don't put cost as a pros but 10$ for one month is hard to complain about.
Cons: -The lower video resolution means that videos aren't as crisp on full screen.
-The use of a soundtrack is a good idea but not when the music is nso loud that it overlaps the action.
-The use of visual effects in some of the videos can be a plus or a negative for some members.
-There are 24 videos but some of them are parts of a larger scene.
-There are no real search options and navigation is pretty much limited to next page or previous page.
-There are only 11 photosets and the quantity of pics in each set is tiny. not to mention that you can't download the sets as a complete file.
Bottom Line: -Anjanette is beautiful woman as well as an excellent sex performer and that adds a lot of heat to the scenes. She's not affraid of doing hardcore so that is also a plus. The main drawback for me is the quality on some of the videos. 848x480 is not bad but 640x352 is. This is a new site so they may address this in future videos.

*-Another necessary improvement will have to be the navigation system. As more content is added then it will be harder for new members to find scenes unless they want to scroll through many pages of videos.

**-Not a necessary improvement but one that will garner her more members are the photosets. A key part of good solo model sites are the many different phototsets that are exclusif to their site. If you are going to offer pics than make sure they are of higher quality, that there are sufficient amounts of pics and can be downloaded as a complete set.

-I could say that if you are a fan of Anjanette then you have to join her site but I personaly had never heard of her until I saw her site on TBP. Now that I know who she is and what she does then I will keep track of her work. Her site is only 10$ so if you think she looks good and want to see her do some hardcore shoots then go ahead.

07-22-11  07:37am

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Visit House Of Taboo

House Of Taboo

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: *Navigation is quite easy. *Download options for both pictures and videos are amazing. *the selection of women is good and varied. *There is a good choice of taboos offered. *They offer exclusive material. *the download speed is excellent. *The price is reasonable. Updates are pretty regular.
Cons: Although navigation is made easy, you are required to hit the back button once you've made a selection or you have to retrace your path to the scene you were looking at. The models are all well known eastern european with just a few americans added. I wouldn't mind seeing a trial membership. Except for the download options it's impossible to identify the new scenes
Bottom Line: I've sampled many of the sites that are part of the DDF family and like them this is a really good site. I'd love it if one day they offered the option of buying at an increase price a membership to a couple or all of their sites. They cover most fetishes with emphasis on spanking and watersports.

11-21-07  07:20pm

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Visit Porn Megaload

Porn Megaload

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 10-07-14  03:23pm  (Update History)
Reason: issue with cancellation was a major technical issue and seems to be fixed for everyone
Pros: +There are currently nearly 1560 scenes to choose from.
+All the content is dated and they update with 1-4 new videos each day.
+You can download all the videos in 4 different resolution:320x240, 640x360, 854x480 and 1280x720 but some of the newer ones can also be downloaded in true HD 1920x1080.
+They offer a huge variety of models from teens to older milfs and with body types from petite all the way to BBW.
+There is no third party advertising on the site and advertising for it`s other sites isn`t too intense either.
Cons: -They borrow/steal content from many of their other Score sites so it`s very important for past members to make sure they don`t already have those scenes.
-They offer the ability to search by keywords but the scenes don't have actual keywords tagged to them so the results you get aren`t all the ones you should if it worked properly.
-There is no way of knowing which videos are in WMV and which ones are in MP4. You would think that all the recent ones would be in MP4 but they are not.
-I don't normally use cost as a con but the join price for this site is 50$ which is more than twice the cost of any of their other sites and since the content is mostly all from SCoreHD than why make it so much more expensive?
-There is no kissing between the men and women but there is in the g/g stuff.
Bottom Line: *This is basically the same site as ScoreHD but with some content taken from their other sites that was not offered when it was called ScoreHD. I think it's basically stuff from Score 50 plus that has been added. That's a plus for some people because that was one of my complaints but you aren't getting much of Score50 content and you are paying twice as much as you did for any of their other Score sites

*I notice that TBP's review list 1749 videos but I only counted 1555 while TBP says there are 1749 so what happened to those 200 scenes that I did not see? I counted using the latest scene icon so maybe there are really 1749 videos if you use another option.

*The videos are all top notch with some very good camera angles, excellent lighting and a nice flow to the scenes. The downside is that there's no kissing between the men and women which removes a lot of the chemistry that would be there with some kissing. The strange thing is that there is kissing in the g/g stuff.

*Scene breakdown is: 662 solo only scenes, 18 are g/g only and the rest are hardcore b/g. There are 328 scenes starring BBW and 159 starring MILFs.

I have amended my review by removing anything to do with the difficulty in cancelling because I truly believe that it was never intentional on their part to make it next to impossible to cancel. I received what I consider to be the best support anybody could hope to get and I am very impressed with Score. I have also increased my score as a large part of the low score was about cancellation issues.

10-05-14  11:02am

Replies (4)
Visit Oldje


Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: +They offer exclusif content from a niche that is not well represented.
+They add about one new scene per week.
+Almost 380 scenes to download.
+The 50 or so most recent videos are now offered in multiple download fomats and resolution is as high as 1280x720.
+They appear to have remastered some of their more recent upates as well.
+There is some decent chemistry between the performers.
+They offer class3some, nude art and classic blowjob with your membership.
Cons: -They still do not offer any model info so you have to do some serious research to frind their name from other sources.
-The bonus sites may be nice for some people but only class3some has similar content.
-class3some has stopped updating last year so you are not getting new stuff.
-Navigation is basically picking a page number and there are no search options.
-They have photos but the quantity is tiny and is mostly there so that you get an idea of what is happening in the video.
Bottom Line: *I decided to join Oldje one more time in part because they decided to add clas3some to their membership. That was one of my cons the last time I joined. Sadly I got excited for nothing because the site isn't updating anymore. They also give you access to two other sites but since they do not exactly offer the same type of content then I didn't bother looking at them. Mind you someone into oral sex or nudes might be happy with those additions.

*I was pleasantly surprised to see that they are now offering the videos in higher resolution as well as motre stndard ones. They still don't bother putting the models name on the videos and that really sucks. I can begin to tell you how annoying it is to do research on a model so that I can properlly file the video.

*I recently commented on the fact that none of the performers in the Score 50 and Score 60 videos kiss and that it was too bad because it made the scenes a lot less fun to watch. This is not the case with Oldje because there is some serious kissing between the young girls and the old men. The sex is never raunchy. It is more soft and romantic. Now some could argue that the guys being older couldn't do super hardcore but I think that the producers prefer the softer stuff and I agree with their choice.

**This is such a rare niche that unless you are a fan then you should stay away**.

02-02-13  10:53am

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Visit Jules Jordan

Jules Jordan

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +You get access to over 127 movies or 620 scenes.
+All the content is dated.
+They appear to update with one new scene every 2 days or so.
+All the videos can be downloaded in at least 640x480 resolution but at least 150 of them can also be downloaded in 1080p.
+You can view all the pics online and they offer 3 possible rseolution: 1024x680, 1280x852 and 1600x1060.
+You can download all the photosets in a single zip file and they aoffer the same resolution as the online versions.
+Jules used to be able to get some of the top women in porn to do a lot more hardcore stuff than they had previoulsy done.
+All the scenes have multiple tags and it's possible to do a search by keyword.
Cons: -A percentage of the content is not exclusif.
-Jules decided to start another site sometime after this one so part of the content that should have come to this site is on the new one.
-They don't release all the scenes from a movie even though that movie is on the site.
-It's hard to tell whether the site will update using newer movies or if he's going to use older stuff.
Bottom Line: *This is the best site for any fan of Jules Jordan movies or at least the younger version ofJules as a lot of the movies are a couple of years to many years old. Mind you that's actually a huge advantage since I find that his earlier stuff is far superor to what he tends to relesae these days. Hopefully he will keep adding new content from his older movies rather than the newer stuff or at least a mix of bothe.

*Now if you aren't familair with Jules then he's is on a very short list of directors able to get top stars to do some pretty hardcore stuff. He has always been known for gonzo porn and anal is common in his movies(at least the early ones). He cares that the women appearing in his movies look both beautiful and desirable. To that end. He'll usually make sure that they wear appropriate makeup and that their hair is well done. He will then spend a large amount of time shooting the girls from a wide variety of angles so that we get to enjoy her beauty. There is rarely any transition in his movies so girls are first oggeld and then they meet the guy or guys and the sex begins.

*If what I described above appeals to you then you have to join this site at least once. Of course if it doesn't then you should avoid it. Be advised that he's not into lesbian porn so anyone looking for this type of content from him should also avoid the site because it doesn't really exist.

01-07-13  06:55pm

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Visit Naughty America

Naughty America

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +There are over 5000 scene to choose from.
+They have a great mix of mostly US performers from teens to women of varying ages.
+They do an excellent job of tagging all their scenes so it's easy to search by keywords.
+You can stream the videos online.
+All videos can be downloaded in WMV and they started to offer the Quicktime version sometime in 2007. Video resolution from 2007 and onward is at least 720x400.
+Videos from 2009 to today are now also offered in two HD format: 720p and 1080p.
+You can view or download the photosets that accompany each scene.
+All content is dated and they appear to update with about a dozen new scenes per week.
Cons: -They actually have two real time feeds for cam sites running on a couple of their main pages.
-They have two side tabs on the right of the screen that have to be closed each time you change pages and although not that big. they are still a distraction.
-I didn't see a method to scroll back through their library so that you can see all their content. The only way you can view content past two months is if you use the porn finder option and select a tag word. Of course if the scene was not proprerrly tagged then you willnever find it.
-Using the back button to return to your previous page wil always bring you back to the first page no matter on what page you were.
-The site is clutered with advertising for their own sites or for third party stuff.
Bottom Line: ***The 5$ join price was impossible to pass up. Especially for fans of sites like Brazzer, Bangbros and Reality King. There are some variations in the sites but they all pretty much offer the same type of content and they tend to also hire the same performers. This site may be a litttle more geared toward the couples market or at least people interested in scenario driven kind of porn. Now just because it might be more couple friendly does not mean that the sex isn't hot and raunchy because it is.

**If anyone saw my exchange with a webmaster on a recent review in regards to live feeds of cam sites then you can imagine that this site lost a lot more points because they actually have two of these. I'm sorry that sites feel the need to do that to make money but if they must then the least they can do is make sure that it is in a section that must be selected and not on the main pages of the site.

**There is a lot of advertising clutering the site and this takes up a lot of screen space. You even have to close one pop up and skip over an advertising page each time you log in.

**The bottom line is that for 5$ or even the normal 10$. You will more than get your moneys worth and even the annoying advertising and the stupid live feeds shouldn't be such a problem.

***My score would have been in the 90's if it wasn't for the live feeds.***

10-13-12  11:42am

Replies (6)
Visit Brutal Dildos

Brutal Dildos

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +414 videos and they add a new one each week.
+All videos can be dowloaded in multiple formats like WMV and MP4 and resolution is at least 640x360.
+They started offering HD quality videos in 2010 so you can now download the 100 most recent ones in 1920x1080.
+They have 414 photosets and they can all be downloaded as a complete zip file. Resolution for the last 100 sets is 1200x800.
+They have a surprisingly wide variety of models.
+You get access to 8 other sites.
+Content for this site appears to be all exclusif.
Cons: -Resoution for 300 of their videos is at best 640x360.
-Resolution for 300 of their phototsets is 560x840.
-Although you get access to 9 other sites. Only 3 of them are still updating.
**Many of the toys are huge so less a con and more a warning for anyone looking for midcore style penetration.**
Bottom Line: *I got a special offer to join for 20$ so it was hard to pass up. It's not that 30$ is a high price to pay but the content is on the extreme side of things and I'm not always in the mood for that kind of porn.

*The most surprising thing about this site and some of the other in the network is that you don't expect all of their models to do such extreme penetration and I'm not just talking about vaginal either. They use some really big toys which is a plus for me but I have to be in the mood otherwise the content is too extreme and I don't enjoy it. The only sites that are still updating are brutal fisting and huge strapon lesbians. These sites share many of the same models so it's not unusual to see a model on all 3 sites. I'm also pretty sure that the content on the sites that are no longer updating is not exclusif.

*If you are in the mood for extreme penetration than this site and 2 of the other in the network should more than satisfy your needs but if you like midcore style penetration then stay away because you will really hate what you see.*

**I think they should really work on the preview sections because this would greatly help anyone visiting for the first time to see that they are still upodating and what you get for your money.**

03-26-12  09:01am

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Visit Roxy Raye

Roxy Raye

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: +Roxy is at the top of the list for extreme anal queen of the US.
+She has 86 videos which can be downloaded in WMV and you get low or high quality(resolution for HQ is 960x540)
+There are 56 photosets which can be downloaded as complete zip files. (Resolution is 800x1200).
+They update every day or two and content is all dated.
+You get access to 7 other sites.
Cons: -There is a lack of variety in the different types of videos shoots because over 50 of them are of Roxy inserting various objects in her ass.
-She loves the extreme side of anal so you see her rosebud quite often.
-All the phototsets are from the video shoots so nothing extra.
Bottom Line: *Roxy is a such a cute girl that it's hard to believe that she's into extreme anal insertion. That's the good news for me. The bad one is that she's a little too extreme for my taste. I love seeing anal but seeing a girl try to push different size objetcs out of her is interesting but not necessarily sexually stimulating. Then there is the appearance of her rosebud in some of the videos and that's a major problem for me. I can't look at a girls rosebud. I'm glad that they seem to have no problem playing with it and don't seem to have any health issues but I still don't want to see it.

**This is a decent site for anyone looking for a girl that's into pushing different objhects out of her anal cavity and enjoy doing it. I really belive that Roxy loves this. Since m,any of the other sites have similar content than that's also a plus.**

***This site and most of the other whithin the network should be avoided by anyone who's not into extreme porn. Otherwise you will be very disapointed by the content***.

08-04-11  07:26pm

Replies (2)
Visit Naughty Alysha

Naughty Alysha

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Alysha is an attractive blue eyed blond milf with large breast who seems to prefers extreme penetration sex to anything else.
-There are over 1000 videos and they can all be downloaded in WMV. They also offer MP4 on some videos.
-There are almsot 1000 photosets and they can all be downloaded as complete zip files. Newer sets are 1225x816.
-You get acces to 8 more sites.
-The content is dated and they are still adding to the site.
Cons: -The biggest con for me is that although there are many videos. More than 2/3 of these last only a few seconds long to a couple of minutes.
-Older photosets have really poor resolution so likely not worth saving.
-They have a search engine but I can't figure how to use it and the design is likely to cause more headache than anything else.
-The content gets repetitous to the point where one scene looks identical to another one.
Bottom Line: -Naughty Alysha is quite naughty and into some serious penetration (mostly Vaginal). She uses some really large toys to penetrate herself and when one is not enough then she'll use a couple instead. mind you some of the toys she uses are so large that it would be impossible to use more than one.

-She's a beautiful woman and a good performer. I wish she would do more standard B/G or G/G content than the extreme penetration stuff. It's moderately interesting the first few times but gets tiresome after you've seen it done a half dozen times.

-Her site is a good mix for the network because most of them are into this type of porn and that is a good thing if you like extreme penetration porn. To be avoided by anyone who does not want to see a woman insert a toy that is larger than a childs head or double fisted.

07-18-11  02:04pm

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