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N/A REPLY TO #14 from lk2fireone: (kkman112's Reply)

Sounds like the outline of a novel. Go for it!

06-30-12  12:38pm

Visit We Are Hairy

We Are Hairy
REPLY TO #8 from Basil: (kkman112's Reply)

You mean the facebook sort of "like" button?

06-22-11  05:10pm

N/A REPLY TO #16 from turboshaft: (kkman112's Reply)

Far too expensive? Really? I've seen new players for under $150. I think Amazon currently sells a Sony Blu-Ray player for about $130. Of course this is just the player, and these rarely, if ever, come with an HDMI cable that's required to send a high definition signal to the display (which needs to be HD to show the best picture, BTW). These cables usually start around $15 dollars and can easily go over $100 so I'm sure it's a complex cable-player manufacturer conspiracy devised to nickel and dime consumers for their recession dollars. ; )

I would argue a complete system--HD display, player, and sound system (optional but it's nice)--is where the initial cost comes in. My real problem is the disc prices are outrageous. Unless you're a genuine film aficionado with money to burn and DVD resolution just doesn't cut it for you I can't see much benefit (literally, my vision is terrible) in buying a Blu-Ray version of a release over the DVD one. Studios don't seem to be pushing Blu-Ray versions much beyond mentioning them first in marketing; "Available on Blu-Ray and DVD Tuesday!"

And I'd assume the studios, or whoever they contract to author the discs, simply make two compressed versions from the final cut of the film or whatever show they are selling. They might offer additional audio tracks and bonus crap if it fits on a Blu-Ray disc but DVDs still sell. But I don't even think a lot of buyers' decisions are based that much on specific extras or bonus features--they really just want the movie to play, not skip, and be able to do that over and over again for years.

03-21-10  10:30am

Visit We Are Hairy

We Are Hairy
REPLY TO #6 from The Bishop: (kkman112's Reply)


Thanks for the info.

With ATK now hitting a low, hasn't been any Sean R sets for a bit, I'm thinking of joining this site. How many models from ATK are in here do you know roughly?

This wouldn't put me off especially if they are favourite NH models, all the better.


03-07-10  09:01am

Visit Warm Kiss

Warm Kiss
Reply of kkman112's Review from james4096:

Why do they call it warm kiss? Is there snowballing involved or something?

03-01-10  01:26am

Visit Warm Kiss

Warm Kiss
Reply of kkman112's Review from mbaya:

Very insightful review. I think the content is way more important than any site criticisms. After you finish your membership, the content is what really matters.

02-28-10  06:50am

Visit Naked News

Naked News
REPLY TO #1 from asmith12: (kkman112's Reply)

I see your point, but in a sense "very good" and "even better" are the ONLY valid units of measurement :-) (everything else can be misused or even abused, for example, 5MBit/s sounds great, but only until you realize it is MPEG-1 or poorly encoded MPEG-4 in .MOV format from old Apple days).

If you want to know about bitrates and resolutions for NakedNews downloads, I can't provide much useful info for this specific site, because (as a fairly rare exception for me) I don't do any downloads on NakedNews (I don't see the point in storing "stale" news).
The only thing I've seen is their streaming, which is IMHO the best streaming I've ever seen. I've tried to measure it's bitrate and found that it's surprisingly low, somewhere between 500kBit/s and 750kBit/s, but visually it is MUCH better then "usual" streaming/downloads at this bitrate which you can find elsewhere.

For the record: I was their "Gold" member (the one for which they had "free 3 days" promo a week ago, not sure if it still lasts), for other types of membership YMMV (there should be some difference, shouldn't it?).

02-13-10  04:23am

Visit We Are Hairy

We Are Hairy
REPLY TO #4 from messmer: (kkman112's Reply)

Hi kkman, the big difference between this site and ATK is the quality of its videos, that's why I gave it a higher score. ATK has a huge archive of material but forgot to look after its videos. At least last time I looked. This is a new site so it will take some building up of the contents but with two updates a day it shouldn't take terribly long.

02-11-10  06:14pm

N/A REPLY TO #24 from OneMan: (kkman112's Reply)

Just use "Truecrypt" to create a "device" from an entire hard drive. It is impossible to tell if it is anything other, than corrupt data.

Windows doesn't recognise it, and asks if you want to format it......"plausible deniability"......!

11-14-09  06:34am

Visit Clips 4 Sale

Clips 4 Sale
REPLY TO #1 from atrapat: (kkman112's Reply)

You make a good point but I can't help but think it's someone who bought a couple memberships and is trying to make a few easy bucks

My concern is those videos have an upload date from a year ago and no one has done anything about it. If Clips 4 Sale only offers the "a posteriori" copyright control you suggest, I can't help but doubt they are doing much in terms of enforcing other legal aspects like model releases and so on.

08-03-09  03:54am

N/A REPLY TO #12 from Cybertoad: (kkman112's Reply)

No room for other sorry.

06-08-09  07:53am

N/A REPLY TO #14 from Drooler: (kkman112's Reply)

The more I think about it, the more I like this idea: As the guy is about to go off, the girl waits to hold up that little whirring fan at just the right moment. Will it hit her face or the fan?

That would be fun to watch. Since cumshots are so stupid anyway, might as well have some stupid fun with them.

02-14-09  01:16pm

N/A REPLY TO #10 from TheRizzo: (kkman112's Reply)

I agree with your list in exactly the same order. The video split I don't mind in 4-5 min but the 30 second to 2min drives me nuts.

01-02-09  10:14am

N/A REPLY TO #6 from Monahan: (kkman112's Reply)

Me too (Toshiba 17" Laptop).

10-22-08  02:57pm

Visit Nubiles.net

REPLY TO #3 from Monahan: (kkman112's Reply)

We're on the same page about FTV.

They make it hard to love with the unnecessarily long and boring stuff interfering with the really good stuff. My sense in checking out the Nubiles previews is that they are more conventional with single episode videos that get to the point much quicker than FTV.

08-21-08  01:18pm

N/A REPLY TO #2 from asmith12: (kkman112's Reply)

> I've never joined any trial. To pay a few bucks for any trial for a few
> days and have to remember to cancel if I do not like the site or be
> charged full price automatically is just too much of an issue. I
> research a site a lot and then make my decision to join or not to join.


05-21-08  05:03am

N/A REPLY TO #2 from Kevin: (kkman112's Reply)

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. The problem has now been fixed!

04-14-08  09:17am

N/A REPLY TO #1 from Khan: (kkman112's Reply)

Thanks for the additional info. Some users mentioned (a bit ago) that they were having problems with the home page not fully loading. Your remarks here might help the programmer track down the issue (and a fix)

So again, THANK YOU for the additional info.

04-10-08  11:57am

Visit Little Mutt

Little Mutt
REPLY TO #3 from Marko: (kkman112's Reply)

Hi, We did not put out a newsletter for the week before Xmas. We needed the time off to be with our families. There will be a newsletter 1/2/08 so you can find out about the amazing content that is coming up. Also included is our new annual the best girls of the last year. Even if you don't subscribe to our site yet I encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter for some very fine pictures and links to our video previews.
Also to see our latest updates you can simpley go to our tour at www.littlemutt.com
Happy New Year! 2008 is going to be great.

12-28-07  07:46pm

N/A REPLY TO #30 from asmith12: (kkman112's Reply)

> rather allowing them to go out to a bar where many provide fake ids and go seriously overboard.
And I should add it's a lot safer to start drinking (illegally) in small amounts at 16, rather than to get absolutely drunk on perfectly legal grounds all at once when child turns 18 and happily brings his ID to the bar.

On the other hand, aren't these laws there meant to protect children? If so, why we should sit and silently agree with laws which in fact HARM our children (if alternative options are safer, it means that the law at least isn't as good as it should be)?

12-18-07  12:31pm

N/A REPLY TO #7 from Rick: (kkman112's Reply)

Funny you mention. Next week we're going to work to make the tabs on the homepage use ajax so it doesn't redirect to another page. Hopefully we can get it to function properly.

Happy thanksgiving to those celebrating!

11-21-07  07:54pm

N/A REPLY TO #13 from asmith12: (kkman112's Reply)

Movies on BitTorrent and other P2P networks? No thanks. I've got a feeling that most of movies there are pirated ones, and I've got another feeling that people making movies are entitled to get money for it.

About QT vs DivX/XVid - my experience with them was that QT is a stable product, which I cannot say about both XVid and DivX. QT original .MOV format is inferior to both WMV and MPEG-4, but as QT started to support MPEG-4 (including AVC) it became about the same quality/bandwidth-wise as WMV.

11-18-07  09:23am

N/A REPLY TO #11 from asmith12: (kkman112's Reply)

> A LOT of videos now-a-days are encoded using it and it is a really good file format.
Let's look at TBP: 6200+ sites provide WMV and only 566 DivX (plus 84 XVid whatever it means); and of those which provide DivX most provide WMV too (I took a random sample and 7 out of 10 sites with DivX also provided WMV), which leaves us with about 3% of sites with DivX and without WMV. Not that much IMHO.

As for format: DivX/XVid = MPEG-4, right? Then QuickTime7 (which I have anyway) is supposed to play it; I'm wondering if it really can do it; do you know link of any free clip in DivX/XVid so I can try it (or maybe if you have QuickTime you can try it yourself and tell)?

11-18-07  01:53am

Visit Nude Sport Videos

Nude Sport Videos
REPLY TO #1 from littlejoe: (kkman112's Reply)

I did the trial on SpecialExercises.com as well and loved the content there as too

10-15-07  06:03pm

Visit All Hairy

All Hairy
Reply of kkman112's Review from Allhairy:

Thanks very much for your review.

To answer a few of your questions:

90% of our images are 1280X960 in size from the past year. This was in response to member requests for a bigger size than 1024X768.

We are in the process of redoing all the past movies to a size of 740X480 which offers amazing clarity and quality. Currently all exclusive movies are already in that size.

85% of our updates from the past 6 months are exclusive to Allhairy and will continue to be going forward. We use non exclusive when we are short in a category due to not being able to find hairy models which sometimes happens in the ethnic category for example.

All movies get offered in parts so that broadband and dialup users can pick the scenes they want. These parts are usually 30 megs in size. We then offer the whole movie to be downloaded once all the parts are in the system.

Thanks again for your review :-)

06-19-07  11:22am

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