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What arrangements have you made regarding your porn stash on your computer should you die unexpectedly?

Type: General

Submitted by Monahan (42)
Nothing at all. Don't care. 26% 10 Votes
Nothing but I really should. 51% 20 Votes
Left inst. to wipe all drives 0% 0 Votes
Password protected all drives 10% 4 Votes
No stash. I just watch flash 0% 0 Votes
Other (explain) 13% 5 Votes

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39 Votes Total

Oct 27, 2009

Poll Replies (25)

Replies to the user poll above.

Msg # User Message Date


badandy400 (103) First of all, I am only 24, so my mindset is still that I am never going to die. If by some fluke I do die I want my porn buried with me. I am going to be spending a hell of a lot of time in that box, I gotta have something to pass the time.

A tip on death:
Never owe anyone ANYTHING when you die. No debt. You can not take your junk with you when you die. However, if you owe me money and we both die, you still owe me money and now you can NEVER pay me back. Now I get to say 'you owe me' forever. Basically, I own you for eternity! :)

I wonder how fast the internet connection is in heaven? I wonder if in hell the downloads are slow and always have to restart at 99%?

10-27-09  12:53am

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RagingBuddhist (65) Monahan must be on the same road as me. Last week, I was talking to someone in a chat room about this very thing. I told them that I wish I could be a fly on the wall after I'm dead, just to hear the reactions of all the religious fanatics in my family when they find out what all is on my computer. In addition to my will, I have a file that I've put on each drive with some final thoughts - including telling them something that basically says to have fun when they hear about "all the porn".
10-27-09  12:54am

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lk2fireone (196) When I die, the world will end. Amen.
10-27-09  01:22am

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Colm4 (10) I have no porn on my pc. I download it directly to external harddrives. And my family is too computer-dumb that I doubt they will even figure out how to connect them to a pc.

BUT, I do have a drawer full of DVD's. I copied as much as I could to my drives, but some have copy-protection so these dvd's will be found. Need to find a solution to this as I don't want to throw them away just yet.

10-27-09  02:38am

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Drooler (220) I couldn't care less what anyone would think -- or would say that they think -- about my porn stash once I'm dead and gone.
10-27-09  03:03am

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Denner (235) Funny - and quite a special poll here, Monahan - and I thought about it too, but:

When you're gone, you're gone - the only one knows about all my stash at the pc(and those great external drives) is my wife - and should anybody else find out, they can say: Well, well, old Denner had quite a porn-collection - and so what?
Rest in peace....

10-27-09  06:05am

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Denner (235) Was too late to edit - so a PS:
A praise to USA and a devotion to certain parts of the great nation:

"When I die, I may not go to heaven - 'cause I don't think they'll let cowboys in.
But when I go, please let me go to Texas, 'cause Texas is a close as I've been"

Cheers! and thanks to Tanya Tucker.

10-27-09  06:34am

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mbaya (364) REPLY TO #1 - badandy400 :

A really funny post. You made my day when I read this. I have most of my porn on an exteranl HD. I doubt anyone in my family will ever figure what an external hard drive is. They are all computer illiterates.

10-27-09  08:06am

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messmer (137) I have my stash on three external hard drives all protected by True Crypt. The password is about twenty asterisks long so it would take someone like the FBI or RCMP with their experts to decrypt the material.
If anyone in my family should attempt to take a casual look at what's in the external drives they would appear to be empty.

10-27-09  08:16am

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Denner (235) REPLY TO #9 - messmer :

I would not mind to have my stash on my external drives protected - after all.
You mention True Crypt - tried to Google it - but how do you go about protecting especially those external drives?

10-27-09  08:45am

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messmer (137) REPLY TO #10 - Denner :

Hi Denner, I don't recall the exact way I went about encrypting the external but if you follow True Crypts instructions you can't go wrong. Just make sure your hard drives are plugged in at the time you start and that you create a "container" on an external device when it asks what you want to do. If I recall correctly you have two options, either use only part of the hard drive or encrypt the whole thing. The ideal thing, this is what I did, is to encrypt the whole drive while it is still empty because it has to do a format. So, if you have material on your external already either create a partition and use only part of it or shift whatever you have temporarily to your computer, format and then put it back in the now encrypted drive. Confusing I know but that's basically what I recall. Best to follow directions, they give you plenty of warning if you're about to do something wrong! So read carefully! :-)
10-27-09  10:28am

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Drooler (220) And when I die, and when I'm gone,
There'll be one less wild porn
User in this world,
to carry on.

10-27-09  12:35pm

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james4096 (126) I can't believe this hasn't been asked before. In reality I guess it doesn't matter because I'll be dead and won't care. I'd imagine it wouldn't be nice to find a loved one's huge porn collection with much of the content being unusual. We really shouldn't care though, you only live once and you live for yourself really. Enjoy your life, look at porn, have fun and even be gay if want.

I've seen a dead man's computer before. This was about 15 years ago. He did have tons of jpegs of naked women collected from newsgroups and whatnot. I didn't know him so it didn't matter what I thought.

That being said, I think I'm going to encrypt my drives in addition to leaving some instructions. I plan on collecting a lot of porn during the next 40 years and my tastes are getting kinkier as we speak.

10-27-09  02:21pm

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dracken (246) wow...this is a bit morbid...I guess whoever got my laptop would be very freaked out at how many movies of hardcore anal I have...Maybe I should protect my HDD or something...
10-27-09  03:30pm

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Monahan (42) I really appreciate the comments so far.

I suggested the poll because the subject has been on my mind given how things are these days. I recently survived a rather nasty incident where my car caught fire and I was able to get out safely...but I've been going through a lot of "what if's," like, what if I was in the left lane of the freeway barreling along at 70 when the fire hit and I had no where to go. Or what if the fire caught the gas tank (it didn't) and I was blown to smithereens. Etc.

And the segway to Pornusers is that, nestled on the floor of the back seat, were my 1 Tb IOmega external hard drive and my 1.5Tb Seagate external hard drive, both loaded with a lot of the "good stuff." Yes the car was totaled but both hard drives survived with nothing lost. For those who are interested, I bought two plastic shoebox size plastic containers to hold each of the hard drives, power cords and USB connectors. While the boxes were damaged by the heat, they protected the drives from the water and foam from the fire hoses.

The idea to encrypt the hard drives suggested by several already is one I've thought about but haven't done anything yet. I think I will now because it really seems like the best idea for several reasons.

In any case, unlike badandy400, this cat knows he's a mere mortal. I just used up one of my nine lives and would like not to use up any more.

10-27-09  04:15pm

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pr0n addict (9) i should, but my girl doesn't mind me looking at smut suprisingly.
10-27-09  05:07pm

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pat362 (373) I have very little porn saved on my computer. I'm primarly a video guy and I butn these on dvd's. That said, I still don't give a rats ass about those.
10-27-09  07:18pm

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turboshaft (24) REPLY TO #1 - badandy400 :

"I am immortal!" indeed, badandy. :)

Since you're a mechanical engineer, maybe you can draw up some design plans to have a casket cast from all the metal in your hard drives, then no perverted grave robbers will try and dig you up for your stash, no family members will be embarrassed, and you still get to take it with you. Still, you have to hope nobody starts looking at what is actually on those drives, because the plans might be quickly destroyed and your drives are just taken.

Oh, and I like to think that debt dies with the person who owes it. Okay, the government will just go after your family, but a personal debt to someone you actually know might be a little different, but unfortunately you couldn't pay them in porn if you did what I suggested above.

10-27-09  09:52pm

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turboshaft (24) I have to say this is one of the deeper poll questions in all the time I have been a member here.

I would like to just say "Fuck it! I'm dead, assholes!" but I would not really want to hurt/deeply embarrass my family, even after I am no longer around. Seriously, no one can really read minds, so why would I want to erase a lot of their doubts with a couple o' terabytes of filth?

My friends are one thing ("Yeah, he was a perverted creep, what did you expect?") but I am presuming a lot of people in my family are still going to be alive (unless we were at a family reunion that went horribly wrong) and I don't want them to spend the rest of their lives with all that anguish, even if to me it was personal happiness.

Since I am no longer around to try and explain my side of the story, I would hope to have a personal friend or family member ready to do either some serious erasing (I am proud to think that it would take a while) or take them home to enjoy for themselves. And if it is not "unexpectedly" like the poll asks, and I am on my death bed, well, then I am going to have my drives by my side with some cables and a laptop, and my dying words will be something like "Hit erase..." or "Don't judge me!"

10-27-09  10:08pm

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RagingBuddhist (65) REPLY TO #12 - Drooler :

Funny - I never heard that in the David Clayton Thomas version : - )
10-27-09  11:28pm

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Denner (235) REPLY TO #11 - messmer :

Thanks a lot, Messmer - very helpfull.....
10-28-09  01:55am

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kkman112 (12) At least 98% is encrypted. Needs encryption program and password to read. Other than that all you can do is format the drive and write over it.
10-28-09  07:31pm

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ControllingMind (Disabled) Good thought provoking question. Never discussed this before. I voted nothing but I really should.

Folder guard is on the laptop, but don't use it as I just download to my own externals first anyway.

I'd still want to make sure certain members of family would not find porn while looking for personal photos or info etc.

10-29-09  07:31am

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OneMan (27) REPLY TO #1 - badandy400 :

Nah....in hell, all your porn has to be downloaded using a Torrent program on dial up.

Also, if you ever get to watch a full video, your PC will crash, just before the cum shot.

11-14-09  06:31am

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OneMan (27) REPLY TO #22 - kkman112 :

Just use "Truecrypt" to create a "device" from an entire hard drive. It is impossible to tell if it is anything other, than corrupt data.

Windows doesn't recognise it, and asks if you want to format it......"plausible deniability"......!

11-14-09  06:34am

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