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What stops you from subscribing to a site?

Type: General

Submitted by messmer (137)
DRM protection 41% 29 Votes
Download limits 4% 3 Votes
High price 26% 18 Votes
Files not zipped 4% 3 Votes
Bad reviews 19% 13 Votes
Other 6% 4 Votes

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70 Votes Total

Jan 2, 2009

Poll Replies (27)

Replies to the user poll above.

Msg # User Message Date


Jay G (67) I can put up with everything except DRM and/or lack of downloading (streaming only). these make videos unusable and choppy. As technology gets better I find myself expecting higher and higher quality and don't need web-sites that give me the tech equivalent of eight-track tapes (also very irritating in their day because they'd skip a few seconds of a song when the tape changed direction/track eight times during its full play).
01-02-09  02:06am

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Drooler (220) The review(s) are the first gateway through which I must successfully pass. And I mean mostly the reviews here at PU, not the industry-friendly puff jobs you see at most review sites.
01-02-09  02:15am

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DivBZero (13) Lack of zip files is a real pain if you like images.
01-02-09  03:13am

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TalonIcefire (6) I've only recently started using the review sites for choosing the next site. Before, I ran a spreadsheet listing every detail (Downloads vs. Streaming, Price, etc) the site lists to find the next potential. It was by no means as accurate as the sites would advertise.
01-02-09  03:43am

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elonlybuster (39) Of the sites I didn't subscribe to the usual reason is because their videos are broken into parts and there's no download for 1 whole movie. The second reason would be high price.

I've never seen DRM protection on sites I like so I guess that wouldn't apply to me.

01-02-09  04:20am

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lk2fireone (196) The primary factor for me is lack of quality content, then price, then ease of use. Bad reviews, no zip files, drm protection mean I should look for a better site to join.
01-02-09  05:16am

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Lionheart (47) DRM is the one factor that would prevent me from joining a site, I want to have a hard copy of some kind of the porn I payed for.
01-02-09  05:44am

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Jeffrey99 (29) My first is price. Second would be if they use Epoch. The rest don't really bother me, as there are ways around DRM and/or streaming only video.
01-02-09  06:25am

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kkman112 (12) My list is:

1. High Price
2. DL limit
3. Videos split into few-second (30s - 5m) clips
4. DRM
5. Bad Reviews
6. File Zips

01-02-09  08:44am

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TheSquirrel (53) All of them. The reason I put Bad Reviews is because that would feature all of those negatives mentioned. I am NOT subscribing to a site with DRM and very unlikely to subscribe to one with download limits, but it depends on the limits. I don't mind paying a high price for a great site. better that, than subscribe to 4 indifferent ones.
01-02-09  10:06am

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TheRizzo (23) REPLY TO #9 - kkman112 :

I agree with your list in exactly the same order. The video split I don't mind in 4-5 min but the 30 second to 2min drives me nuts.
01-02-09  10:14am

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rearadmiral (384) For me, all of the things in the list can cause me to not join a site but the biggest one by far that ALWAYS stop me from joining is DRM. DRM is a dinosaur. Sure, I can understand why some companies want to use them, but for those of us who don't abuse the rights of the owners it pisses me off that they think they can strip me of my rights as a purchaser.

Most of the other issues listed I can put up with if the site is something that I really want to see.

Anything but DRM. Death to DRM!

01-02-09  10:15am

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pat362 (373) I'll second Drooler's statement about the reviews.
I only trust TBP and PU reviews. I've seen too many times a review that could have been written by the webmaster of the site. As for the others the only 2 other ones that are sticking points are DRM and no zip files. I'm not sure what a high price means unless it's based on quantity and quality versus cost. I don't mind paying if I know I'm getting my moneys worth.

01-02-09  10:37am

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TrashMan (Disabled) I hate DRM!
01-02-09  10:53am

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messmer (137) I knew someone would make a list because all of the above (except for reviews) are major irritants to many. I was tempted to include: "all of the above" and drop "other" but then decided to let it stand for some reason.

For me (a picture fan) not being able to zip a set is the deciding factor and was the incentive for submitting a poll in the first place. I can see where DRM would be the most hated feature for all those who like videos.

Okay, my list:

1. DRM (even though I prefer pictures) because if you buy a video it should be yours .. period. It's an abominable way to do business,

2. Non-zipped picture sets,

3. Download Limits,

4. Bad Reviews,

5. Price.

And thanks, it's really interesting to see all your opinions.

01-02-09  01:07pm

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OttifantSir (5) DRM is THE one thing I will not put up with, be it music, videos or any other digital media. DRM is hurtful only to the legitimate customers anyway, and I believe it may be illegal by the laws of my country. (It hasn't been tried, but that is my interpretation of our copyright laws)

I am hesitant in the extreme if the cost of a site is above $40.

If I see an onslaught of bad reviews about a site, I won't join either, but if it's approximately 50/50, I read the reviews in greater detail and decide.

Download limits haven't been an issue for me in the past, but it would give me a reason to reconsider if I should join.

If image files are zipped or not isn't really of a great consequence to me. Most image sets compiled by any website isn't to my liking anyway. And the few that are, I can download it myself.

Other... Well, fileformats is actually second on my list of things that would discourage me. If they offer only Real-media, WM-media or Quicktime-media, I won't join. AVI, MPEG, OGG, and a slew of other formats is OK, but not if only ONE closed format is the choice.

01-02-09  02:26pm

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Pornjackker (37) 1. DRM- even though I can watch videos with it easily
why bother when there are tons of sites I can
download from.

01-02-09  06:47pm

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Monahan (42) REPLY TO #2 - Drooler :


If a well written review by a PU member identifies issues with which I cannot abide, I will not sign up regardless of price or any other consideration.

If a PU review identifies features that I like, then the site will not have DRM or other negative aspects.

The only subjective element that remains will be price (I just cannot agree to spend more than $30 on any site ever. A site must be a real winner, based on the reviews if I'm willing to pop for $25-$29.99. If a site is under $25, I'll usually bite if the PU review says it's a good site.

I'll also pop for a "Full Trial" of any site if the price is $2 per day or less and the biller is CCBill or Epoch.

Download limits don't bother me because I try to be selective in what I keep. Also I'm not a big photo guy so absence of a zip isn't a big deal either. Occasionally I'll see a babe that I'd like to have a photo set for, but I won't make a go/no go decision based on that characteristic alone.

01-02-09  06:57pm

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badandy400 (103) Really everything to certain extents. DRM is the absolute worst. Followed by download limits.

It really does not matter how great the content is if you can not download it or keep it.

Reviews are the next thing, but in reality reviews are the only thing to worry about because they will tell you everything anyway.

Price gets important if the site is small or it gets above $35 or so. I still have a hard time swallowing $30 sites, but above that i see as excessive and it better damn good stuff.

Zips are up there with price. If a site is $30 it better have zips. I am not going to pay top dollar just to be given a download challenge. I cann get that with $2 trials.

01-02-09  08:38pm

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Wittyguy (105) I'm a cheap bastard so price takes the top priority. After that comes reviews and then DRM or download limits. Part of the nice thing about a pic guy is that the download limits and DRM don't really affect me much.
01-02-09  10:35pm

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IKnoPorn (22) DRM to me is the number 1 unacceptable feature. As badandy400 says, "It really does not matter how great the content is if you can not download it or keep it." Streaming only content also falls into this bucket.

If a site has bad reviews, that pretty much kills it, so that's my number 2. Luckily, I find that most sites I like have good reviews, but unfortunately you can almost count the ones I haven't joined on one hand. Where have all the good sites gone? Seems about 99% of the sites out there just aren't my thing, but admittedly I have very narrow tastes. There are many sites "in the hopper" but since I've harvested them in the last year or two, I need to let them release enough content to make them worth joining again.

Files not being zipped is probably number 3. I like pix and vids, but I love good picture sets. And I like to just get the whole set via zip, it's so much easier. If they aren't zipped, I'm not gonna unzip either.

Price is next, I guess I'm a cheap bastard like Wittyguy. I'm a major bargain hunter and will wait as long as possible before joining a new site, and finding a deal to save $5 on a site I've been watching will usually make me jump.

Actually, download limits don't bother me much. I find that I rarely download more than 2GB per day anyway, because I'm very selective.

01-02-09  11:45pm

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apoctom (145) DRM is the worst, but all of the above would give me pause to joining a site.
01-03-09  08:12am

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Denner (235) A poll that covers most of the things that keeps this user from getting involved.
DRM - well I guess no real PU will ever accept that again.
DOWNLOAD LIMITS - never really figured out why some sites tend to this - anyway it's a no-no..
HIGH PRICE - if a site got value for the money, ok - but high price also tends to scare a lot of users away - and why a high price? Probably greed!
FILES NOT ZIPPED - No way I'd join a site where they do not even bother to do zip for photo-files.
BAD REVIEWS - It all depends - how well founded the review is, details, man details - and finally opinions.
OTHER - Lousy feedback, not taking care of the difference in currency and man, what is very importend: Updates......

01-03-09  11:24am

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Bletch (10) DRM.

OTHER - Censorship like the blurring of genitals in some Asian sites, I can't believe no one else has mentioned this :)

OTHER - no option to download full scenes


01-03-09  12:42pm

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nygiants03 (162) DRM protection and high cost for sure. But all of them really influence me in staying away.
01-05-09  01:04pm

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Cybertoad (Disabled) UMM
All have kept me from joing a site.

01-06-09  11:36am

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C Spanker (2) If a site has DRM there is no way I will join. I like to download videos and then edit them down to just the parts I enjoy so a DRM protected video is of no use to me. Also, if I have read consistently bad reviews for a site I would also probably pass on it.
02-28-09  09:16am

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