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If you had kids, at what age would you let them watch porn?

Type: General

Submitted by nygiants03 (162)
8 or less 3% 2 Votes
9 - 13 years old 3% 2 Votes
14 -17 years old 24% 16 Votes
I wouldn't let them ever 28% 19 Votes
I don't have kids 24% 16 Votes
Other (see reply) 18% 12 Votes

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67 Votes Total

Dec 17, 2007

Poll Replies (50)

Replies to the user poll above.

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jd1961 (95) Considering that it is a crime to show a child pornographic material, I question why this poll was approved??
12-17-07  02:28am

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Drooler (220) "Daddy, when will I be old enough to watch porn?"

"18 to 21, depending on the laws of the community in which you reside, dear."

"How do you know that?"

"Ummm ... Everyone knows that, dear."

12-17-07  03:18am

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surferman (5) I have to agree with the earlier comment. It can not possibly be right to allow any person under the age of 18 to watch any form of pornography, so to pose this question is surely irresponsible on your behalf. No parent could ever allow their children to watch porn. It has to be a decision taken by an adult for him or herself.
12-17-07  06:21am

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Drooler (220) It bothers me that a leap is being taken from the way the poll question is written to statements that even simply asking it is somehow "irresponsible."

Those who are saying such things seem to be implying that nygiants03 is somehow suggesting that porn be shown to the underage, but there's nothing even implicit in his question that could reasonably lead to that conclusion and your reactions to it.

You are reading things into it that simply aren't there. This can only mean then, that such ideas are the products of your own minds. Kindly take adult responsibility for them and stop projecting them onto someone else.

I for one would never show porn of any kind to anyone underage, just in case you're wondering.

12-17-07  07:08am

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) WHAT DA PHUCK!!!

MAN, I do "NOT" want to find out if my son or daughter is watching porn, especially this cocksuckin' SHIT they are coming out with now...

- Chicks choking on Marco Bandera's dick... JUST AN EXAMPLE
- 10 different dicks nuttin' on "ONE" chick at once

That's all muthaphuckas in porn want to do is get their dick sucked, it's like they don't get excited by pussy or something!!

With all this being said, it brings me back to the question I asked before... Does the webmasters or producers of porn enter PornUsers.com and observe anything we talk about here?!

My kids will only be able to watch porn when they are 18! It will be be unfair and contradictory to not allow them to watch porn, seeing as I watch porn! However, if I discover they are watching porn I dislike, I definitely will say something!!!

Gay porn is off limits!! I apologize my colorful people, but I was raised Biblically, and it is bad enough that we are sinning watching porn, but if you think about it, "GOD" created sex... He did not create sodomy!!! Sex outside of marriage is a sin, but two guys fucking each other in the ass is an abomination!!! BIG DIFFERENCE!! Punching someone is a sin, committing suicide is an abomination!!! BIG DIFFERENCE!!! No I do not want to subject my children to SHIT like that!

I was watching a flick on TV with Paola Rey and Chris Cannon. First of all, Paola Rey is fucking gorgeous and she has movement beyond belief!!! While they was doing it doggie-style, he had to pull out and slap his knob around a bit a couple of times!! This tells you that she got some good SHIT!!! That's porn I like... PUSSY THAT MAKES YOU HAVE TO STOP FOR A FEW SECONDS OR YOU'LL BUST EARLY... Not that "Guys beat that SHIT out of their meat to bust on a girls face!! Porn is suppose to arouse and inspire, not to humiliate women!! Sex is suppose to provoke procreation, if not, pussy is supposed to make a guy bust a phat nut on a girl's body!! That's the kind of porn my kids can watch... WHEN THEY REACH 18!!!

12-17-07  07:42am

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jd1961 (95) REPLY TO #4 - Drooler :

This question is polling members here as to whether they would consider committing a felony that would land them in a federal prison for up to 10 years. Maybe the pollster can explain himself as to why he would pose such a question, with the possible answers EXPLICITLY included? But moreover, my question is to the webmaster.
12-17-07  07:49am

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PU Staff
REPLY TO #1 - jd1961 :

Not sure how you're reading this but, the wording of the question is entirely hypothetical, thus, there is no admission of guilt to anything. It asks for an opinion and opinions are not a felony ... actions are. Had the question been worded to expressly admit guilt (i.e. When did you first let your kids watch porn?) then that would be a different matter and in that case, I'd agree with you, it would have been inappropriate wording.

But back to addressing how it IS WORDED ...

While I (personally) do not understand the reason for asking this question, I (as the one who approved the poll submission) allow that questions might be valid even if I do not immediately see the reasoning behind them. In this case, I'm not a parent so I wouldn't presume to understand everything a parent wants to know concerning rearing a child in today's world.

Who knows, perhaps a parent wants a feel for what fellow parents *feel* is appropriate? I have to agree with Drooler, I see nothing about the wording of the question suggesting that porn should be shown to the underage.

I would further point out that what is "underage" varies widely with different geographical areas and different time periods. It was not all that long ago that a woman who wasn't married by age 16 was considered well on the way to being an old maid.

So again, there was nothing so inherently wrong with the question that I felt it shouldn't be asked. As always, if there's a particular question you take exception to, just skip the poll that day.

12-17-07  08:24am

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nygiants03 (162) Wow, I never realized this question would be so controversial. I'm sure most of you began looking at porn before the age of 18. There perhaps are parents who would'nt mind there kids watching porn under the age of 18. Its just a question, no ones getting arrested here. If you had a kid would you mind them watching it ? Im not saying to directly show porn to your kids at an early age, but if you discovered they were looking at porn on there own, would you allow it?
Its just a decision. Some parents scold there kids for wathcing R movies, some don't. Its just preference. No parents get in trouble for what there kid does on there own, its just illegal to give them porn. And yes i gaurentee you there are many parents who dont mind there kids wathing porn.
Porn promotes masturbation, masturbation promotes abstinence. Do you find fault of giving a playboy magazine to a young kid, I know plenty of parents who do not! For one of you saying no parents allow it is ignorant, there are many parents who smoke weed with there kids, which is illegal(same goes with porn). I dont have a kid as I'm only in college. But I started wathcing porn before 18, my parents might of seen me before watching a porn movie in my roon. It was my decision, not theres. Now they didn't condone it, but at the same time they did not go out of there way to search my computer and filter it of all porn.

12-17-07  09:00am

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nygiants03 (162) Also do any of you really see any fault in watching porn before your 18 on your own? It does not hurt anyone, you are simply viewing sexual activities which have been around since the beginning of time. You are watching naked people, big deal!

Also JD how are you going to land in prison for answering a poll question, and assuming more people on here don't even have kids. This was more directed to people who don't have kids. Did I ever say show, I said allow! this makes all the difference in the world. You must of not interpreted the question correctly. If you saw your kids watching it, would you just look away, or would you be in there face scolding them( and make sure they never come in contact with a porn movies until older then 18)

Maybe the 8 or less was a little over the top, but you never know.

Also there was no way my parents could of stopped me viewing porn when I wanted to. What would they do lock me in my bed?

12-17-07  09:15am

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asmith12 (124) When I've seen this question, I've interpreted it as "if you were making laws, at what age would you make it legal to watch porn?"

And if I would make such laws, I would definitely put very big difference between 'mild' and even 'educational' porn (come on, average age of having first sex is about 15 years old (!)) - which should be legal at least from the age 15, and probably even earlier, especially if it promotes condoms and responsible behavior, and 'extreme' porn (which should be banned at least until 25). I'm 200% sure that porn that promotes condoms (by using them all the time) will do much more to ensure youngsters having safe sex then any blatant kind of propaganda (which teens tend to hate a LOT, and I cannot blame them).

12-17-07  01:58pm

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littlejoe (23) guess what, weather u let them or not, theyre gonna anyways
12-17-07  03:16pm

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cblodg (9) REPLY TO #2 - Drooler :

why wasn't 18+ added is my question. I'd probably have no problem with my son or daughter (someday I'll have one, but don't now) asking about sex and using porn as an explination tool.
12-17-07  06:04pm

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Monahan (44) 18 and over - an option not available. At 14-15, porn suggests that society accepts non-marital sex as normal at a point when hormones are about to rage. 16 and 17 (HS junior/senior) is probably OK because they'll see it anyway, and it well might promote some open communication with dad at that point.
12-17-07  06:13pm

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #12 - cblodg :

Because when you're 18+, you're no longer by legal definition a child. The question was about letting children view porn.

The idea does make me feel sick, but it's good to know that those who have replied have very strong feelings against doing it.

We "perverts" for whom this site has given voice aren't just a bunch of libidinous creeps running around saying that anything goes.

12-17-07  06:13pm

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #5 - Pinche Kankun :

I really enjoyed your answer. It was very ... demonstrative.

Just the same, and don't take this the wrong way, I wouldn't even let kids read this poll now. ;)

12-17-07  06:31pm

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cblodg (9) REPLY TO #14 - Drooler :

Amen to that!
12-17-07  06:52pm

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SnowDude (214) I think the issue here is whether or not you'll monitor what your kids do on the internet and to what age you'll continue to do that. I haven't faced this issue since I have a young son, but I imagine I would keep track of what he's doing at least through the end of middle school, when he'd be about 13. After that I think it gets a bit more complicated since you want to instill a sense that privacy will be respected, so I'm not sure.

Would I ever say, "Hey, you are old enough to watch porn. Go ahead!" at any age? No. But will there come a time when I'll respect his privacy and allow him to make his own choices? Yes.

12-17-07  08:26pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #15 - Drooler :

Thank you very much, Drooler. I really appreciate the support, man.

I am starting to get discouraged from porn because the crap that they are making. However, when you see a really hot girl on the DVD cover or the website page, YOU JUST HAVE TO SEE HER IN ACTION AND HOPE TO GET WHAT YOU ACTUALLY WISH FOR!! In most cases, you are dissappointed because you don't get what you are desiring!!

There are flicks where for about "10 MINUTES STRAIGHT", you see a guy grabbing a girl by the hair and shoving his cock all in her mouth as deep down her throat as possible!! Man, if I ain't so sick of that, it is unbelievable!!

There are scenes where a guy is fucking a girl on the edge of a sofa, then all of a sudden, he pulls out, climbs up on the sofa... HIS ASSHOLE IS ALL ON THE CAMERA... and he stands above her and shoves his knob all in her mouth!!

I mean pay real close attention to a blowjob scene... All you see is HIS DICK, and her mouth wrapped around it!! NO PART OF HER VULUPTOUS BODY IS VISABLE!! To women get orgasm from giving a guy head?!!! What do they get out of it?!!!

I am only complaining because dudes get more head from women than vice versa!! I'll say a good 80% versus the 20% guys giving women head!!

12-17-07  11:19pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) My bad fellows and ladies, I meant to put, not only the fact that I am discouraged of today's porn, but the fact that I am discouraged of allowing my kids to watch it, too, because man, wut da phuck... Is my daughter only worth giving a man a phuckin' blowjob?!!
12-17-07  11:33pm

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #17 - SnowDude :

That's good shit SnowDude!!! I want my kids to be educated on sex so they know what to do and not to do!! In regards to my son, I am not always with him because he lives with the mother and she's married to another man, and let's say he wants to engage in intercourse with a girl. I DEFINITELY, want him to know when to PULL OUT!!!!! Everybody knows what I am talking about!!!

I fear for my daughter!!! There are toooooo many phucked up carnivores out there in search of meat!! PHUCK, MAN!!! My daughter has damn near the same figure as her mom, DAMN!!!! And there are dudes her age that don't give a shit about girls enough to pull out in time when they have sex with them!!


I want my kids to have the knowledge of sex so they can be prepared for the shit that happens before, during, and after it!! Determining an age for that is DIFFICULT, to be honest to everyone!!!




12-17-07  11:47pm

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exotics4me (463) I meant to jump in on this one yesterday. As a Psychologist, I may bring a little different view to this. First, I think it is an excellent question and topic that should and needs to be discussed. Though I have no kids as of now, my wife and I do plan to have kids. Another way this could have been asked is to say "At what age would you punish/ground your children for being caught with porn?" It takes the concern off of the child porn laws.

Even then, I don't think I could go just by age. We also may be seeing the difference in members on here being from different countries. I know that being raised in America, my friends and I all had at least one uncle or older brother who would slip us a Playboy when we were teenagers. What really mattered then and now is how mature the person is that is looking at it. There could be a 15 year old who has been sexually active for 2 years looking at it. While it is illegal, you would probably respond differently than if the person was a 15 year old who had never been on a date.

Most of us know that porn can change your perception of women. If you look at enough busty porn, you are likely going to be attracted more to busty women in real life. The bad side of that is when a younger person only looks at glamour models, then they have this unrealistic view of what a woman is supposed to look like.

I think I saw a porn when I was 17 that had Max Hardcore in it and it disgusted me, now I can't stand the guy or his movies. On the other hand, I remember seeing Savannah before her tragic passing and thinking what a perfect woman, at least at that time. Porn has many educational uses besides safe sex and proper sexual technique, since about 30% of marriages end because of poor sexual relationship, those people could have benifitted from watching an old Rocco porn movie.

You also can use porn to learn to differeniate between lust and love, which is a huge factor in most marriages. Once you learn the difference, the physical appearance isn't nearly as important to you when it comes to who you love. I have also found that sexually repressed patients of mine have responded very positive to seeing porn for the first time, and some, in their 30s and 40s, just start to open up as a person, which possibly could have happened in their early 20s or even earlier if they had watched a porn or two. Meaning they probably wouldn't be coming to me with problems of the mental kind and would be much more happier.

Great question!

12-18-07  01:00am

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Mptje (7) from the age of 16, not offered but if they do i wouldn't get mad any more
12-18-07  01:45am

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #18 - Pinche Kankun :

Yeah, I hate it when the camera shows the guy's ugly ass, too, and also the extended closeups of bj's, etc.

I go for scenes where you can see the guy boning the girl face down flat, at least head to upper thigh. Extend the length of THAT and I'm happy, so long as, again, the guy's ass is not in the way of seeing the girl's ass.

There's a pretty good one of "Courtney" that came out at KarupsHA. That's the shit!

12-18-07  03:48am

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #21 - exotics4me :

I wonder how many here have seen the recent movie about Alfred Kinsey (Liam Neeson stars). There's a dinner scene at Kinsey's home where his two daughters (at least one is underage) ask him about sex, and at one point he says something like, "Be sure to spread the vulva to facilitate penetration."

On the one hand, he's being helpful, and on the other, he's certainly not your average, protective dad. I wonder how any of our PornUsers reacted to that.

The "sexual revolution" has come and gone, it seems. I do wonder about what seems to be a current paradox, where porn is more prevalent than ever, yet parents might be less inclined to talk to their kids about sex than there were, say, 40 years ago, although I could be wrong about that second part.

My own father discussed it with me and gave me books to read about it, but the "porn" of the day (mostly Playboy) was off limits.

12-18-07  04:37am

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PU Staff
REPLY TO #20 - Pinche Kankun :

errr ... you may want to look into teaching your kids better methods of birth control than just "pulling out".

Q. You know what they call people who depend on "pulling out" for birth control?

A. Parents.

12-18-07  05:43am

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Pinche Kankun (Disabled) REPLY TO #25 - Khan :

Shiiiaat, with all due respect, I have a couple of friends that informed me that the condom broke!!

No, condom or not, when it starts to feel really good... PULL OUT!!!

Of course, That's an automatic to instruct my children to use rubber! But the condom breaks!!


12-18-07  08:29am

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jd1961 (95) REPLY TO #7 - Khan :

But the poll question is moot. The front page of your site proves that by compelling an electronic agreement that states that children are not by law allowed in here. Therefore, the first three answer options in this poll are not options at all. It is not lawful for a parent to "let" a minor view pornographic material. In other words, a parent does not have the ability to allow this to happen. Because if they did, he/she would be a felonious child abuser in fact. So why allow a poll with answers that can in fact not be utilized? The poll asks, in theory, if we would be willing to, under the law, abuse children. Pardon me for finding this disturbing.
12-18-07  09:04am

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kkman112 (12) I'm not sure what some of you are complaining about. In the U.S. it is illegal for anyone under 21 to consume alcohol. It is illegal for an adult to sell or provide a minor under 21 with alcohol... yet I know a lot of other parents who give or know about their kids drinking alcoholic drinks.

EDIT: It may be illegal but it is surely is a lot safer, if the parent decides to allow their child to drink, to allow it at home and limit it rather allowing them to go out to a bar where many provide fake ids and go seriously overboard. This poll's topic isn't much different.

12-18-07  10:14am

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asmith12 (124) REPLY TO #27 - jd1961 :

> the first three answer options in this poll are not options at all
They can easily be options if interpreting the question the way as I've read it ("what would you do if you were making laws") or another way "what would you do if it would be legal"?

And as I understand US law (which I can easily misunderstand as I'm not a lawyer), this question and answers to it cannot possibly be illegal (in modern US; I'm not speaking of Iran or Orwell's Oceania, where most likely even thought about it would be punished) as they're covered by the First Amendment. Right to DISCUSS things freely is a fundamental right in modern liberal society, so let's not fear to DISCUSS even the most controversial (and even potentially illegal) issues.

12-18-07  10:48am

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nygiants03 (162) Hey it turned out to be a good poll after all. I should of phrased the question better, I admit. But this poll led to an open discussion dealing with kids and porn; this is what i attended it to do when I made the question. Most kids nowadays are allowed full internet access and are bound to come across some porn while surfing. If you had a choice as a parent would you look the other way? Looking back I don't understand why I didn't put 18 plus or the I don't have kids choice. I'm actually quite surprised that alot of you despise porn at an early age. As porn viewers yourself, you actually mind that much if a kid were to come into contact with porn? I personally would not mind if I had a kid if he happen to view porn between 14-17, as i did myself. As kids we are all curious and I see no wrong in it personally. I remember when I was really young around 11 trying to access sites in which I could view naked woman, but I had blocked access. I would search for hours and hours trying to find a site I could sneak by and access. I sort of feel bad for some of todays teens who cant access porn sites because there parents have blocked access with parental control settings.
12-18-07  11:35am

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asmith12 (124) REPLY TO #28 - kkman112 :

> rather allowing them to go out to a bar where many provide fake ids and go seriously overboard.
And I should add it's a lot safer to start drinking (illegally) in small amounts at 16, rather than to get absolutely drunk on perfectly legal grounds all at once when child turns 18 and happily brings his ID to the bar.

On the other hand, aren't these laws there meant to protect children? If so, why we should sit and silently agree with laws which in fact HARM our children (if alternative options are safer, it means that the law at least isn't as good as it should be)?

12-18-07  12:31pm

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Toadsith (48) This poll has been rather enlightening in the replies it has provoked. I'm always curious about the socio/political beliefs of the porn community. I think exotics4me's variant of the question would have been more fitting - but it was interesting how provoked some were by the poll that was posed.

I come from a very liberal background, as a child I was allowed to watch R-rated (and Unrated) movies with my parents as long as the films weren't too heavy on violence. Sexual material was previewed by them but not heavily restricted.

Not too surprisingly I agree with this policy - I'm bothered how much violence is gleefully blasted across TV and yet a nipple at the Superbowl brings the nation to arms. That seems a little ass-backwards to me. I would much rather a child know how to put on a condom than know how to turn-off the safety on a Glock.

Would I take my kids on a day-trip to a porn shop? No. But I don't think I'd be all that upset if I caught them looking at porn unless it were particularly extreme. I don't believe kids should be allowed to surf the web or watch TV or Movies with out parental supervision. I think too many parents are lazy about monitoring their children and would rather have convenient laws tell their kids what they can view instead of controlling it themselves. How about this? Don't give your kid their own computer and TV. And use Net Nanny or a similar service. With the internet's porn shut-down and their TV access restricted, the worst they'll probably run across is a playboy or such - depending on what their friends families allow of course - freedom does have its risks.

If parents were a bit more frank about the topic with their kids I think there would be a few less problems. One way or another kids will educate themselves on the subject - you can be a part of that education or not. Personally I'd rather have some influence on that matter if I consider myself responsible for raising the kid.

So back to the question: I don't care what age looks at softcore - it is just naked bodies. The softer hardcore - I would hope the kids had hit puberty before they were waltzing through that content. Definitely at any age we'd be having a discussion about it when I found it. Gonzo content I'm not sure what I'd do - it would depend on lot on the kid, the content and so on. I guess I can't prepare a game plan for that one yet.


12-18-07  04:36pm

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riorick (0) Well ... I was "sneaking my Playboy" under my bed when I was in HS ... I can't say that I would "allow" - but would probably probably "expect" voyeurism!
12-18-07  06:15pm

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jd1961 (95) REPLY TO #29 - asmith12 :

I think you're replying to the wrong person
12-18-07  06:35pm

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pat362 (375) I'm old enough to rememeber looking at National Geographic for nude pictures of girls when I was growing up. It didn't do much for me, but it was my first look a nude girls. Then of course Playboy magazine. I may be wrong, but I'm pretty sure my parents knew about my stash. So, if the question includes Playboy magazine, then I might turn a blind eye to a 15-16yrs old, but I'd talk to them about it. If the question is about hardcore porn movies then not a chance. Children should never watch that stuff.
12-18-07  06:58pm

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asmith12 (124) REPLY TO #34 - jd1961 :

I used to think this is your quote I've answered: "the first three answer options in this poll are not options at all", isn't it?
12-18-07  11:57pm

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asmith12 (124) REPLY TO #35 - pat362 :

> Children should never watch that stuff.
With most of them are fucking like RABBITS at 17, do you think that ANY porn will really harm them? This is not rhetorical question as it might seem; I can't agree more that there should be a difference depending on type of stuff, and that anywhere extreme or condomless should be avoided, and that currently you won't be able to find anything besides that, but if somebody would produce love/educational stuff with right connotations (love, care about partner, using condoms and so on), don't you think it would be more useful for , say, 17-year "children" to watch it than not watch it?

12-19-07  12:03am

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pat362 (375) REPLY TO #37 - asmith12 :

Here's my view on what influences early sexual relations between todays teenagers. Sex is everywhere. It's in the music you hear, the main stream magazines you read, on tv, in movies (even the PG rated ones), and less we forget the internet which includes all of the previous. In fact, I'd say we are seeing an oversaturation of sexuality in every form possible 24 hrs a day. How can teenagers not get mixed messages. Society says one thing, but promotes another. Now do I think Playboy is pornography. Yes it is, because we aren't seeing real women. We are seeing a fantasy. The reason I say that is that most, if not all modern photos are 40% real, and 60% photoshop. Of course, I don't think you can equal Playboy to a softcore sex movie let alone an hardcore one. Because these take the fantasy to a new level. Although your idea of making a movie with a love/educational theme is interesting. I don't think that teenagers would get it. The perfect example is 16 yrs old Jamie Lynn Spears. I'll be honest and say that I was truly disturbed to read that she was pregnant, and had been living with her 19 yrs old boyfriend. When exactly was it acceptable let alone legal to have a minor living with an adult. It isn't, but the States won't intervene and more importantly shouldn't intervene. This is the job of PARENTS. Where were Jamie Lynn's (you could put any other teenagers name here) parents??? If you haven't had a talk about sex and consequences before your child is old enough to have sex, then chances are he/she will and everyone will regret it. Sorry If I got on my high horse, but I'm really tired of reading about teenagers having babies and how cute it all is.
12-19-07  06:57pm

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asmith12 (124) REPLY TO #38 - pat362 :

First of all, thanks a lot for taking it seriously (which I'm sure it deserves).

> I'm really tired of reading about teenagers having babies and how
> cute it all is.
Cute? Not until parents are making conscious decision to have a child, and I don't see how it can happen until about 20 (on the other hand, I think that waiting until 35 isn't really good either).

In general, I agree with you on most of the points, except one: I'm sure that influence of "educational porn" will be more significant than parent's talk (and in ANY case it will have positive effects in promoting responsible behavior, so it will help rather than hurt). The reasons are two-fold: first, teens in range of 13-17 tend to live in their own world, with one of the main rules "ignore what parents say", so while as a parent I spend significant time in such talks and there is enough trust between me and my children when we're talking to each other, I'm still afraid that when they're with the other teens, they can EASILY forget all our talks (probably they will be sorry later, but it might be too late).
Second, it will hopefully distract kids from extreme porn (which they will watch regardless of controls; keeping dedicated and smart 16-year-old from bypassing all the controls is IMHO hopeless, and to make things worse, the more extreme stuff is, the less companies that run such sites tend to abide by rules like site labeling).

12-20-07  03:53am

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pat362 (375) REPLY TO #39 - asmith12 :

I'm 100% with you on not finding teenage pregnacy cute, nor do I find any reference to the positiveness of single mothers be they teenagers or adult women any better. Let's say that you are right about making educational sex/porn videos available to teenagers. You and I both know that since the hardcore porn exist most will bypass the mild stuff, and go for the hardcore one. Think about it. When is the last time you heard the mention of young people trying regular sports. It's all extreme, all the time. We have a generation of teenagers who live for the now and cannot or choose not to think of the future. Having been 13 once upon a time. We know everything at that age, and our parents are the ignorant ones. When it comes to teenagers and parents. It boils down to 2 things respect and fear. You have to respect their decisions and fear the consequences of breaking their rules. You don't have to agree, or think that they are right. These you discover much later on. I did stupid things when I was a teenager, but there are few that I can say my parents would have been disapointed in.
12-20-07  07:56pm

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asmith12 (124) REPLY TO #40 - pat362 :

> We know everything at that age, and our parents are the ignorant ones
Right! Exactly my point.

> You and I both know that since the hardcore porn exist most will bypass the mild stuff, and go for the hardcore one.
Sure, but my point is that even hardcore can easily be educational and promote desired behavior, so it is not about it being softcore. My point is that if there will be hardcore but with condoms all the way and with models/actors showing care for each other, it should be enough for a teen to stop looking for something more hard, and on the other hand will get used to the view that a guy ALWAYS puts a condom before starting sex. As I remember myself as a teen, I would definitely NOT try looking for anal or BDSM or anything else if I'd be able to see just simple plain hardcore, with condoms or not; and the younger the teen - the less chances for him to try going further, that's a good thing too. Compare it to what we have now: when teen starts looking for porn (and he starts for sure), most likely he'll find some stuff where women are treated like s**t, and/or all kinds of things which are really harmful at that age, from A2M to WS and beastiality; don't you think that if he would run into hardcore, but condom-only and "caring" porn, it would be much better for him?

12-21-07  03:03am

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pat362 (375) REPLY TO #41 - asmith12 :

I see you point, and you are right that if all porn was condom only, then any teen/young person who saw that would probably think that it's a good idea for him to wear a condom or her to ask that her partner does as well.
12-21-07  07:14pm

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exotics4me (463) REPLY TO #24 - Drooler :

The biggest problem that I see in America with parents and porn is the huge amount of single mothers raising sons. Very few mothers are ever going to be accepting of their little boys growing up, especially growing up and finding a woman to lust over. On the other hand, you should see me trying to talk to dads about their daughters ha ha. I've noticed that Americans generally want to believe that we are open-minded as can be, until it hits close to home.

I at least do see an improvement in the number of unexpected pregnancies and see way less young women saying, "I want a baby, so I will have sex just to get that baby". The kids today are showing more intelligence about sex at younger ages, but there is one train of thought that says that is because these kids are so selfish and self-absorbed. They don't want a relationship since that would mean they might have to spend their money on the other person. They don't want kids because it would take away from their freetime.

What I believe has happened is my generation, 26-44 right now, did grow up with more liberal parents. I can remember my dad also giving me Playboy, then my uncle gave me a Hustler. I can even remember my mom buying me a box of condoms before my senior year of high school.

Similar to the wild teens of the past that indulged in alcohol, only to hit legal age, then not really want the alcohol. I think that happened with us with sex. Once it was okay with our parents, it became less desirable to do. I can remember almost looking at sex as something, "You do once married and bored".

Last, where I think we have our biggest problem is trying to explain to a younger person that sex does not equal love, but they shouldn't have sex until they love someone. Makes no sense! I came from the thought, "Try it before you buy it" I guess it depends on how you look at things, like divorce rates and so on. Maybe it is true, once we have had sex and then marry the person later, there isn't that first time for after marriage and it takes away in the long run. I just think that is people these days being less satisfied with life in general. I did think the topic was a great one though.

12-24-07  01:21pm

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Drooler (220) REPLY TO #32 - Toadsith :

"I'm bothered how much violence is gleefully blasted across TV and yet a nipple at the Superbowl brings the nation to arms. That seems a little ass-backwards to me. I would much rather a child know how to put on a condom than know how to turn-off the safety on a Glock."

You said it! Violence isn't even remotely as taboo in the US as nudity and sex are. Movies, no, series of movies like Saw and Hostel , which depict in the most explicit manner horrific cruelty and torture are no problemo, but Janet Jackson's boob threw the country into a frenzy of moral indignation.

Wow, talk about twisted values!

12-24-07  01:54pm

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asmith12 (124) REPLY TO #42 - pat362 :

> if all porn was condom only, then any teen/young person who saw that
> would probably think that it's a good idea for him to wear a condom or
> her to ask that her partner does as well.
Exactly my point. On the other hand, I'm not that optimistic that it is possible to make ALL porn condom-only, and think that there are much better chances to make SOME porn condom-only, but restrict TEENS exclusively to this SOME condom-only porn (and even if this last restriction will be only 80-90% successful, it would still be a positive thing).

12-26-07  05:33am

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PU Staff
Might I suggest that the BEST thing to teach your kids is the difference between fantasy and reality. The whole question of condoms in porn becomes moot if they're taught that porn is fantasy and should not be confused with reality. This also covers violence in the movies ... it (like porn) is make believe and not to be confused with how things are in the real world.

It seems to me, teaching this one lesson (movies, porn or otherwise, are not real-life) goes a long way in helping a young person not be confused by what they see on the screen.

Just a thought.

12-26-07  07:24am

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pat362 (375) REPLY TO #45 - asmith12 :

I'm like you, in that I don't think studios will ever require their performers to wear a condom during penetration. That said, if half or more of them do. Then, I think many performers would rather shoot for those studios. It's a money game. A performer who gets an STD, and is sideline for "X" amount of time cannot make money. Since most female performers have at best a six month window to make their money before the next girl takes her place. It stands that you do not want to be off for 2 months with an STD.
12-26-07  08:22am

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indybt30 (6) Don't consider that to be something that you would ever give parental consent.
06-07-08  06:15pm

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ramscrota (12) We have a kid in our care who has a bucketload of problems. Was sexually abused in birth family, etc, etc. I'd never let him watch porn - he couldn;t handle it. So it depends on the kid.
But when we were kids (12 yo), we somehow got hold of porn magazines. My mum was disgusted! But I don;t think I was morally damaged by seeing naked women at that age - in fact, it seemed to me the most natural thing!

02-12-09  12:57am

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marcdc1 (174) I'm not being hypocritical here - this is just not a father son chat I want to have. Will the kids find porn one day, I'm sure. Will I be the one to sit them down and show them my stash? Hell no.
10-18-12  08:21pm

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