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Visit All Elite Pass

All Elite Pass

They Don't Care About Their Reputation

See my review of this site. While I was a member, on June 3 2010, I sent an email to the only email addresses I could find, support@cypherhelp.com and support@correcthelp.com. (support@allelitepass.com bounced.) The subject was "Reputation of allelitepass". I called attention to the comments on PU "claiming scams, deception, or inappropriate billing experiences" (my wording). I received a reply from support@correcthelp.com signed confusingly mitzashelp.com, with the name Mark Sanders, Support Team. The reply stated "Regarding the the deception and inappropriate billing reports including refund process this is being taking care of, in order for the member be satisfied on the service that we are offering.". However, no new comments appeared on the AllElitePass page of PU. So I contacted commenters maki and mbaya via PU email. (bjorn7 has disabled his PU email. I did not contact bigman because that account has zero points and zero trusts.) I received a reply from mbaya saying that nobody from AllElitePass had contacted him, and "This was my worst ever experience with any website. I remember sarcastic answers and a terribly negative attitude." Unless we hear from them, I conclude that they don't care about their reputation among the nearly 10,000 PU members and non-member readers!

06-19-10  07:33pm

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Visit All Elite Pass

All Elite Pass

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - I paid only $9.95 for a month -- a bargain!
- Access to 97 sites.
- There are occasional gems (see sites listed below).
- They have a search (but see cons).
- You can browse models by name.
- Once I started a video download, it went reliably and the download time was consistently OK.
Cons: - Beware pre-checked cross sells that will bill you $80 one day after joining if you don't uncheck them!
- Some PU members have had bad experiences with billing (see Comments here). I had minimal problems: see my details below.
- Cancellation is not straightforward, but works if you are persistent (details below).
- Most of the content is standard fare, e.g. boring and non-erotic.
- Often I got no response from their sites for several minutes. I would open 6 or so tabs and wait. Eventually, all would load. This happened repeatedly but was not a big problem because I could spend the waiting time evaluating a previously downloaded video.
- Most of the sites have not been updated since 2008.
- Their search covers all their sites, so is not useful for searching a single site.
- Video titles and descriptions are useless.
- Still photos are generally unexciting.
Bottom Line: I became a member of AllElitePass by joining CollegeFuckFest for one month (see my review at collegefuckfest.com). I was very very careful to uncheck the pre-checked cross sells for two sites (AllNetworkPass and MeatMembers). Had I not unchecked these, I would have been billed $80 one day after joining, according to some very fine print. I also kept a snapshot of the unchecked membership form as evidence, before clicking submit, just in case they billed me anyway -- given their bad reputation.

Although some PU members report problems with AllElitePass (see Comments there), I had no problems. I joined with a PayPal SecureCard (a temporary credit card limited to one vendor) and
canceled the card a few days after joining, after the transaction was completed. Although this would not have prevented them from billing me more than they promised in the first few days, it would prevent rebilling after one month, and fraudlent billing by any other vendors.

Cancelling was not straightforward and I complained about this, and received a reply acknowledging receipt of my concerns. When you
click "Support" you are asked to choose the company that billed you. None of those listed were the company that showed up on my credit
card. There was a link for live support chat. In frustration, I clicked that, and THERE finally was a link to cancel. It required that I enter two of three items (no problem), promptly found my account, and I canceled. I received an email confirmation of my cancellation (watch your spam box!) from cypherhelp.com (not the company that billed me).

I have described my tastes in my profile. I downloaded and watched videos from about half of the 97 sites offered. Below I have listed the sites where I found, to my pleasant surprise, a few videos that I enjoyed and felt were worth keeping (titles are given under the review of each site). See each site below for details. "++" means there is something surprisingly good at the site (see its review).

1000orgasms.com ++

BlackBrosWhiteHoes.com (what you'd expect, not worth reviewing, but Capri gets honorable mention).

BlackJuicyCreampies.com (what you'd expect, not worth reviewing, but Dena Cally is multi-orgasmic, skinny, and a joy to behold. Honorable mention: LilBaby. On the bad side, there are many fake male cumshots at this site.

BorderBangers.com (what you'd expect, I didn't review it separately. Eva, Jassie, and Sativa are good.)
MeAndMyGFs.com ++
PenetrationTease.com ++
SchoolGirlCreampies.com ++
SleepSins.com ++

06-19-10  07:28pm

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Visit Oldje

Reply of pinkerton's Reply

Thanks for your reply, pinkerton. I think your tastes and mine simply differ, which is fine of course. I don't think I was unfair, since tastes and opinions do differ. Price was not the main reason I gave it a low score, but rather for the other reasons I stated. If you look at my profile and my other reviews, you'll see what I personally am looking for and did not find at oldje, despite its uniqueness and potential. Anyway, thanks for your reply!

06-07-10  06:29pm

Visit Oldje

Reply of Gazette Risque's Reply

Dear magaman, Thanks for your comments and for naming a title that you like. I downloaded that one too. (It is laborious to find a specific title since there is no search mechanism provided at Oldje, and you can't even use the browser's find to look for a word in the title on the current page -- since the title is in a graphic!) Sorry, but there's nothing in "Working Girl" that seems better to me than in the others I've checked from Oldje. Anyway, I do appreciate your feedback!

05-26-10  05:54pm

Visit Oldje

Reply of Belthazar's Reply

Dear Belthazar, I really, really do appreciate your recommendations of specific titles -- something that too few PU reviewers bother to do. I downloaded and watched all of your recommended titles. I am sorry to say that none of them changed my opinion or seemed to me to deviate from the ~30 I had already seen. In "Burglar is paying" I agree that she is a little more real and less passionless than most, with some really nice hip movements, but still the woman seems in the main unresponsive -- just there to please the man. None of the women at Oldje seem genuinely horny or able to get real satisfaction from these men. The woman in "Hot seduction in the snow" was especially beautiful in the high-resolution of that video, and I saved that one even though she was unresponsive. Thanks for the titles!

05-24-10  08:09pm

Visit Class 3Some

Class 3Some

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: The men are younger than in oldje (but not young).
Two or more girls per scene (if you like that -- I don't because it makes real arousal of the women even less likely).
Sometimes the cameraman roams over the women's bodies in a pleasing way.
Normal sized dicks.
Some creativity in scenarios.
Cons: No fun, chemistry, arousal, and very rarely any female orgasms.
Long boring passionless sex (but at least it isn't rushed).
Only about 20 videos total at this site!
Way overpriced for what it offers.
Video resolution is poor.
The girls rarely if ever touch each other or their own clits.
Bottom Line: This is a bonus site for oldje. See my review of oldje -- for my tastes, it is a loser. Class-3some is even worse. It suffers from all the same limitations.

05-21-10  07:24pm

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Visit Oldje

Reply of BabyGetReal's Review

This is a continuation of my review because I ran out of room:

There were a couple of videos where I found the teasing and foreplay erotic (sunny side of noise, puzzle of lust) but once the sex started, it was boring and passionless.

The site has a large number of videos (29 pages with ~20/page, so at least several hundred). After downloading 30 and finding them very consistently unerotic, I ran out of patience and quit. I was hoping to find the occasional exception with chemistry, fun, arousal, orgasms, horny girls, but didn't. If someone else found such videos at this site, please tell me the TITLES -- I still have 28 days left of my subscription!

05-21-10  07:13pm

Visit Oldje


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Creative scenarios, very unusual.
Gorgeous slim women, many very cute.
Mostly natural breasts.
As a 70 year old, the fantasy of a beautiful young woman coming onto me is very attractive.
Dialog, when there is any, is in English.
Guys don't walk on already hard.
Normal sized dicks.
No brainless rough hard banging away.
No fake moaning.
Cons: Boring, repetitive, passionless sex.
Apparently no interest in arousing the women.
Sometimes it appears that the men coming is the girls mouths is faked, with fake semen preloaded in the girls mouths.
The price is WAY WAY too high ($38/month).
Early vids very low res; later ones low res or OK; a few very recent ones are stunningly hires.
Too many long closeups.
Downloads all have the same names so you have to rename every one.
There is usually annoyingly loud music that doesn't fade out -- but it doesn't matter because nobody ever really gets aroused.
Bottom Line: A couple of the very recent very high resolution videos are in beautiful outdoor settings. They move slowly and sensuously, with a lot of kissing. About half of the videos are scripted with the guys taking advantage of the girls (I can do without that). In the other half, the girls tease and come onto the guys -- which I love. So I had high anticipation about this site -- but it turned out to be one of the least arousing sites to which I've subscribed.

The creativity and variety of the scenarios is really unusual and is the best thing about this site. Also the lack of hard banging and rushed sex. The slow sensuous approach is refreshing. Unfortunately, this is coupled with terrible directing and editing -- if the goal is to be erotic.

The director/editor seems to insist on so many minutes each for a series of positions, without any concern for what is actually happening. There is no chemistry between any of the couples. They show no evidence of having fun, being playful, or getting aroused. There is no spontaneity. Apparently they are just doing what the director told them to do. Even if a little spark starts to grow, they are told to change positions and it kills any spark that started.

In only one or maybe two of all the 30 videos that I watched, the girls actually got aroused and maybe orgasmed. This was not respected, featured, emphasized -- the director/editor did not seem to notice or care that this happened -- it was incidental -- and it was not erotic to watch.

The emphasis is on the girl pleasuring the man. Most have very brief cunnilingus or finger fucking, but only to please the man, and it stops after a moment, regardless of whether the woman might show a little spark of excitement. All videos end with a blow job and the guy (supposedly) coming in the girl's mouth. In some cases the guy jacks off and really comes; in others, the girl blows him and maybe he really comes, or it is faked.

A give away about the attitude in this site is that in all the preview stills that label each video, very few if any show the girl with an expression of actual enjoyment or arousal. Instead, she is always looking at the camera with her mouth open, a sure sign that she is not aroused.

For what this site offers, the price is WAY WAY too high (30 euros, about $38/month). Actresses names are not given. There is no search mechanism. There are no dates for the "updates". Most of the videos have poor resolution.

The bonus site (class-3some) is even worse.

It is unusual that I download 30 videos from a site and don't find a single one that I want to keep, but that is what happened here. They seemed to have a good idea and some real creativity, but the direction/editing kills any eroticism.

Sometimes they show outtakes at the end, and in these, often the actors are laughing and having fun -- unlike in the main video!


05-21-10  07:08pm

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Visit Young Models

Young Models

Old videos continue to be released as new.

I'm sad to say that 6 months after my last report, it appears that probably none of the sites in this group have any new videos. They continue to label old videos as new updates. At YoungModels, the latest "updates" were Felicia Flynt "Added May 10, 2010", Renee "Added May 3, 2010", and Madison Monroe "Added April 26, 2010". I had downloaded all of these in June, 2009. On to some bonus sites. At Interracial Sluts, recent "updates" were Christie Lee "March 25, 2010" and Lisa Marie "February 24, 2010". I had downloaded these in March, 2009. At Creampie Fucking, Lorena Sanchez "May 5, 2010" I had downloaded in March, 2009. At Amateur Couples, I found Dana Marie & Tony "April 27, 2010" and Kasey Kox & Johnny "April 13, 2010", which I had downloaded in March, 2009. In conclusion, while these sites have some worthwhile videos, they are apparently a fixed set with no real updates. I'm knocking 10 points off the score of my review. Well, I would if I could. I'm up against the PU rule that you can't edit a review more than 6 months old. Seems to me this is a case where I should be able to!

05-10-10  07:14pm

Replies (2)
Visit Stroke My Dick Now

Stroke My Dick Now

Whaaa ... socked with $80 more?

WATCH OUT! The pre-checked cross-sells will bill you $40 + $40 after a "one day free trial". Although this site advertises >100 bonus sites, these are not really bonus sites, but the cross sells!

05-10-10  03:03pm

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Visit Fucking Gamble

Fucking Gamble

Sex w/o excitement, again

Intrigued by the reviews, I took a look at the demo clip (which is unusually long and hires). The game idea is cool, but the models look like pros (sex is boring to them) and there seemed to be no arousal, plus too much emphasis on anal, double penetration, etc. Tho it has very little content, I like DareRing much better, where the game participants seem genuinely excited by the uncertanties in the game, reacted with real personalities (not plastic ones), were a little scared sometimes, a little embarrassed, and where some people really got off.

02-19-10  11:06am

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Visit Casual Teen Sex

Casual Teen Sex

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - The girls are young and really beautiful.
- Most videos start with a pick-up scene, on the street, a bridge, a party, a mall, etc. These are badly acted but the scenery is interesting, it is nice to see the girl in clothes, and these are the most creative part of this site.
- Quite a few different men.
- Lighting in videos is uniformly good.
- The location is not always the same.
Cons: - Only 50-some videos.
- The price is way too high for the small number of videos and their bad quality.
- Girls rarely get aroused, and are very quiet when they do have orgasms.
- The camerawork is unbelievably bad, extremely jerky nearly all the time, like the camera-person has Parkinson's? Just horrible, consistently so.
- Jackhammer mechanical sex.
- Some fake ejaculations.
- No names given for actors/actresses, so you can't search for their other videos.
- There is often a lot of distracting traffic noise outside the apartment, and/or amazingly squeaky beds.
- Still photos poor. Even when the actress was gorgeous, I usually couldn't find stills that I wanted to keep.
- Poor support. I emailed a question before subscribing and received no answer.
Bottom Line: - All videos are boy-girl (some threesomes).
- Most girls have smallish breasts (yay!), but a few have large gorgeous natural ones. Implants are rare (yay!).
- No anal (yay!).
- Few if any facials (yay!). Ejaculation on the belly and tits, or a few creampies. Often the guys jack themselves off for way too long (boo).
- Condoms rare (boo!).
- The guys are young and slim and good looking but don't seem to know how to do anything except jackhammer with a deadpan face (sound familiar?).
- Very few closeups. I would have liked some brief closeups of the girls' faces.

I was quite disappointed with this site. The couples have a mindset that they're being paid to fuck, and fuck they do, but very few of the girls or guys take any erotic pleasure in it. The girls seem really inhibited about showing any enjoyment, and they seem embarassed to show any pleasure during cunnilingus (which is sometimes skipped and often brief). Nobody seems to be having fun.

This site is done by the same group as YoungLibertines. (See my review of that site for some technical points that I won't repeat here.) The website design is identical, but the content is worse. I was able to find about 20 videos at YoungLibertines that were worth keeping (out of 80 that I watched, so 25%), while here, I found only a few, but barely worth keeping (~5% -- I watched all 50). Overall, I felt that I wasted my time and money.

In my opinion (see my profile for my tastes), the best are Spontaneous Sex, Girl At The Student Party, Splashes of Champagne and cum, Welcome Fuck.

12-07-09  06:55pm

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Visit Yes-Movies


All couples?

Dear oogles: Are the videos all man/woman couples? That is, did you find any of the more creative Japanese type videos with many women and one man, bath houses, massage leading to sex, pick-up on the street, one initially shy girl watching a couple and then getting into it, etc.?

12-03-09  11:32am

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Visit Fucked Hard 18

Fucked Hard 18

Support? Orgasms?

OK, Drooler, nice review! Two questions. Did you run into any of the locked-out/support issues that Sandfly encountered? And, do some of the girls get excited and cum, or do they all just lie there with their (according to Sandfly) large plastic tits (I prefer natural) while getting boned from behind?

12-03-09  07:39am

Replies (3)
Visit Young Models

Young Models

Old videos released as new.

I returned to this site in November, hoping for some good new boy/girl videos. I was surprised and disappointed to find many old videos that I had downloaded months earlier being represented as updates in October or November! Many of those videos are quite good (to my taste) but still, it is dishonest to represent them as new. Destiny & Drifter, "added Nov 23, 2009", Madison & Derrick "added Nov 16, 2009", and Sabrina & Lucky, "added Oct 20, 2009": I had downloaded these videos when I was a member in June, 2009! Even worse, I had downloaded videos featuring Ginger, Sammy Cruz, and Aubrey (represented as recently added) in March, 2009. Although I kept no record of the site from which these were downloaded, the video filenames begin with "ym_" for YoungModels. Also, YoungModels is releasing content from their other sites, e.g. MacKenzie and Daisy/Nick which I had downloaded in March from AmateurCouples. That would be OK if they were not labeled as exclusive content. As you can tell from my review, I thought this was one of the better sites, so I am really disappointed to see what is happening there.

12-02-09  05:28pm

Replies (0)
N/A Reply of OneMan's Poll

None of the things on the poll list are my biggest turn offs. They are:
1. Facials! And yes, the guy finishing himself off.
2. Anal sex.
3. Implants and porn stars that look like plastic dolls.
4. Lack of genuine excitement, chemistry, female orgasms. Both parties being mechanical and bored by the whole thing. Fake moans. Women flirting with the camera when they should be in ecstasy with their eyes closed, or looking at their partner.
5. Fast and hard fucking with little or no foreplay. For me, genuine arousal with the clothes on and slow dry humping are a lot more erotic than most porn.
6. The guy holding off way too long. When they guy comes in a normal amount of time, and then maybe again later, it is much better. Holding off goes hand in hand with spending most of the video fucking hard instead of caressing gently, arousing with body, lips, and hands and getting the woman off a few times that way before the fucking starts.
7. The same actions in every video and/or the same stunt cock who has no personality and nothing to offer the woman except his cock.
8. Closeups that are too close and last way too long.
9. Lack of creativity. Directors that force every couple to do the same boring stuff.

And oh yes, for me, condoms are a relief, not a turn off. Their biggest problem for me is that they preclude creampies. But they don't preclude yanking the condom off and cumming over the woman's belly or butt, both of which I like provided it happens from genuine excitement, not from the guy jacking for a minute or longer.

12-02-09  05:08pm

Visit Girls Got Cream

Girls Got Cream

Fake creampies?

Several of the early reviews up to 2008 say the creampies are fake. Are there real creampies with male climaxes in the past year or so?

11-30-09  09:26pm

Replies (0)
Visit Velvet Ecstasy

Velvet Ecstasy
Reply of BabyGetReal's Review


-There are many key terms for searching, but female orgasms is not one of them. I've asked Victor to add it and he said he's working on it.
-Most of the girls are not as young and gorgeous as at other sites. That would be OK if they were genuinely aroused, but most aren't. In some early videos, they have matted disgusting hair.
-Many of the recent videos are split into intro, main, and aftermath. I don't see the point of having to download 3 pieces when the intro and aftermath are very short, yet add significantly to the main video.
-Navigation problem: when you find a video by actress or title, you can't find out the action keywords, or what year it was made.
-They limit you to 5 gigs/day. Once, this caused me to be blocked for 24 hours, but for the most part, it isn't a problem.
-Although less than half of the videos have anal (which I could do without), Victor seems to love it and makes a big deal of a girl's first anal, also her first facial. I dislike the emphasis that this site puts on those, but YMMV. None of the anal was with condom, which makes it worse.
-In the early years, still photos appear to have been taken during video shoots, not separate modeling sessions. Generally, I find them much less erotic than those at other sites where there are separate sessions optimized for still shots. Also, there are typically just a handful of full body shots, then dozens and dozens of blowjob and facial shots. Not to my taste at all. There are way too many closeups in the still photos. Even when I find the actress quite attractive, in the early years of the site, usually I can't find a single still that I want to keep! In the last few years, stills went to 1600 pixels, and many are of better quality and some are more erotic. Still not as good as the stills on many sites.

11-20-09  03:21pm

Visit Velvet Ecstasy

Velvet Ecstasy

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -I agree with the previous reviews. There is real amateur porn here, some of it quite refreshing.
-There are several hundred videos here.
-About 1 in 8 of the videos have real chemistry, affection, and the woman gets aroused and in some cases has orgasms.
-The price of $14.95/month is great.
-Some of the bonus photos (from other sites) are 1024 pixels and quite worth saving, especially from Met-Art and Hegre.
-If you like facials (I don't) you can download the facial excerpt from every video here, separately from the long main video.
-Good support. Victor thanked me for pointing out a couple of errors, and responded politely and substantively to my suggestions.
-The super closeups don't last very long, and they hush the annoying music when the action gets hot so you can hear the actors.
Cons: -Victor, the proprietor, insists on a facial in every video, which I detest. He seems to insist that every woman say "I want you to come in my face" in every video. This seems to me ridiculous and demeaning to both parties.
-Victor's direction seems to me to push many of the amateur couples into attempting standard (boring) porn. In particular, the guys hold off too long and end up jacking themselves off, which I find very unerotic. I wish he'd let them do what they want. Some of the more creative couples do manage quite interesting things anyway.
-So even for the amateur couples, the sex is usually unrealistic (guy holding off for way too long, no creampies, running thru standard positions mechanically).
-About half of the videos consist of a non-amateur giving a BJ to Victor, ending in a facial. These don't appeal to me at all. But the other half are mostly real amateur couples, and about 1 in 4 of those I found to be erotic.
Bottom Line: I have never kept my subscription into a second month except here. The quantity of videos, photos, and bonus photos kept me going thru the 2nd month. I ended up keeping about 90 videos. Thus I rate this site better than KarupsHA (I kept 40-some) and YoungLibertines or YoungModels (I kept only about 20 from each). VelvetEcstasy is fantastic for the money!

They have real amateur couples and it could be great porn if they would only stop forcing them into porn cliches -- let the couple do sex the way they like it (not trying to make "porn"), let the guys cum when they want to, no facials, some creampies. There are a handful where the guy comes more than once (nice!). If the girl likes it after the guy cums, let him satisfy her orally or use a vibrator or both. Also, like most sites, it would help so much to have accurate descriptions of the videos. Do the girls orgasm in an obvious and convincing way? More than once? This is hardly ever mentioned in the descriptions, and "Orgasms" is not one of their categories!

There are very few girl-girl videos and few solo girls that really cum. I don't mind this, but don't come to this site if you want these.

OK, if your taste agrees with mine (boy/girl scenes with real chemistry, laughing, fun, real arousal, real female orgasms, no fake moaning, guy coming from sex not jacking) here are some lists that will give you a huge advantage. My picks for the best are grouped first. (Numbers like _06, _07 are years released, but I stopped keeping track in later years -- the good videos span all years of the site.)

bodyrub_sensual_not_the_usual_06, dancingdick_08, laptease_06, laptease-bonus, mysistersfriend, oilylizzie, pointsofinterest, quickdraw, rainysunday_08, squealsofecstasy_07, squealsofecstasy_interview_07, taketwo, velvetkarma, witchyways_07.

autumnshakes_07, backyardbang_06, bellyrub_07, birthdaybuttfuck, lovelyrita, morningpayback, newyearpop, sexualhealing_07, studybreak, tremors, wyldfire_07, wyldfire_bts_07, zombigasms.

anteupmyass, barelynineteen, beantownbang, blindpresent_06, bustinout_08, chocolateoil_08, comeoutswinging_06, flooded_06, foothold, gisellesrub, gisellesrub_introduction_07, havingfaith_06, homemade_06, lovebites, lubingcallie, milkandhoney, poleposition, prettymama, redpassion, squirtgirl, tightfit, wetnwild, whippedfudge.

11-20-09  03:19pm

Replies (1)
Visit Young Models

Young Models

Erroneous Charges Refunded!

This is the followup to my previous comment about YoungModels titled "Warning: Fraudulent/Erroneous Charges!". Immediately upon complaining, I received a direct email response from a YoungModels staffer, who is also a PU member, khf2004. He promptly refunded the two erroneous monthly charges to my Visa account, and the erroneous membership was canceled. Further, he gave me a bonus gift. Therefore, I consider that this error was resolved promptly, courteously, professionally, and to my full satisfaction.

10-02-09  09:54am

Replies (2)
Visit Young Models

Young Models
Reply of khf2004's Reply

Dear khf2004, I cannot find the message you sent me via PU. I don't know where to look for it, I guess. However, I did receive your message at my yahoo email, and replied there. Thanks for dealing with this issue!

09-29-09  03:04pm

Visit Young Models

Young Models

Warning: Fraudlent/Erroneous Charges!

I subscribed to this site on 6/13/09 and canceled on 6/16/09. My membership was good thru 7/12/09. I was billed for one month ($29.95) in June, by cybersecurepayment.com. Other names used by this site are slickcash, netbilling, elecbillpayment. I was not billed for this site in July. In late September, I noticed that I had been billed on 8/21/09 and 9/20/09 by CMD-AZ.NET, $39.95 each time. I went to http://cmd-az.net and sent an email complaining. They responded that I have an active membership in YoungModels.Com! I then went to cybersecurepayment.com and was able to locate my original membership account, which confirmed that I had canceled it within the first month. Today I have sent a snapshot of the cancellation confirmation both to CMD-AZ.NET and to cs@slickcash.com (which sent me an email confirming my request to cancel in June). I am awaiting their responses. A SATISFACTORY RESPONSE WAS RECEIVED RESOLVING THIS MATTER -- PLEASE SEE MY SUBSEQUENT COMMENT.

09-28-09  08:05pm

Replies (4)
Visit Young Libertines

Young Libertines

Tagalong subscription

If you subscribe, be sure to uncheck the box which will also subscribe you to Nasty Angels if you aren't reading carefully! Links to SegPayEU (a reliable service, I'm told) are easy to find at the membership or FAQ pages.

09-28-09  07:51pm

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Visit Young Libertines

Young Libertines
Reply of BabyGetReal's Review

Cons continued because I ran out of room:

- Infrequent updates, about one/week while I was watching.
- The “top visited” and “top rated” lists are relatively useless: they list only 10 each (a mix of photosets and videos, so less than 10 in each category), and the number of ratings are low.
- Dialog is in Russian(?), and there are no subtitles.


09-28-09  07:44pm

Visit Young Libertines

Young Libertines

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Occasional videos with real sexual excitement and orgasms.
- Beautiful young bodies (both men and women).
- Occasionally what might be real couples with real chemistry in homemade videos.
- No super closeups! Few closeups at all. You get to enjoy the beautiful writhing bodies!
- The stunt cocks are generally nice, gentle and non-abusive (if boring).
- I asked several questions via a support form, and got prompt and helpful answers.
- Photos can be viewed online, downloaded individually or in zipped sets.
Cons: - Most videos are mechanical, there is no chemistry, so they are un-erotic. Perpetual optimist that I am, I was hoping for better at this site!
- Video quality varies widely. Some shot by a cameraperson (those are best). Some homemade with fixed camera. Some POV (usually too jerky). Some low-res, most OK resolution.
- Way too many videos end with the guy jerking off in girl’s face. I hate that.
- About five guys are the stunt cocks in many of the videos. None have any personality. They bang hard with no imagination. Its up the girl to make something good in these. Most fail.
- When you download a video, the default filename is a useless fulllength-high.wmv, or fulllength-low.wmv. Its up to you to rename every one.
- Several ads for other sites interspersed on every page! Annoying!
- Static images (1500 px) modest quality (inferior cameras?), poor lighting (flash), and red-eye not removed. Models’ teeth often yellow. Generally unexciting.
Bottom Line: Overall, I was disappointed with this site (as with nearly all), but it was not a total loss, as I was able to find 20-some videos that I really liked to add to my collection. However, as seems nearly universally the case, the truly erotic videos seem to be accidents that happened in spite of bad direction and lack of imagination.

WMV is the only video format offered. “High quality” is 640 x 480 but quality varies. There is also a “low bitrate” video download option, which I never used.

Video download speed was so so, taking about 20-some minutes for the typical 400 megabyte file. However, after I got the first few, I could keep occupied watching them while downloading more, so I didn’t have to wait. I was able to downloade up to 6 or 8 concurrently with no problem (other than reduced speed per file, of course).

They list a large number of bonus sites and feeds listed as “coming up”, but no bonus sites actually available. Some bonus feed sites are available – e.g., not downloadable. I took a look at a couple and they seem really boring.

Very few of the videos have anal penetration. That is a pro for me and a con for some. Many use condoms openly. That is a plus for me. Most of the girls were shaved, but some were just trimmed – I like the mix. A few of the videos end in creampies, and refreshingly, they don’t belabor the dripping pussy.

There are about 150 videos available. Navigation is by date added, or you can search for the name of the video. Descriptions of the videos are ridiculous and useless, and seem to have no connection to the content (same for the titles). There is a 5-star rating system, which seemed somewhat useful. Generally, I found the 2-star videos to be boring, while some of the 3-star videos were good.

I downloaded and watched about 80 videos. I deleted 40-some immediately as I would never want to watch them again, simply because the sex was mechanical, no chemistry, no excitement. I kept about 25 that had some excitement, chemistry, intimacy, fun, laughing, and most of all, female orgasms. I much prefer when the guy comes from real excitement “right out of the box” over the girls tits or butt. If your tastes are similar to mine, you can save time by starting with these (search for the titles). Remember, the titles bear no relation to the contents. These are in 3 groups, best first, alphabetical within each group. Sorry I can’t put them in a column because of PU’s annoying 40-line restriction here.

Silly chick is in a movie now (my favorite).

Depraved couple; Fyl018; Marki peeping on Silvia; Real homemade video; Red-haired goddess; Silly Cathy; Summer day suck and fuck; W041; W108.

Excited Joyce; F061; H005; Lucky guy and two girls; So nice ass; Too-young-to-have-sex; W047; W111; While her parents are home.

Don’t pull my hair you goon; Every day work on sex skills; F032; Sexy tattooed girl; Shy Marta; W093.

09-28-09  07:40pm

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