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Visit Teen Sex Movs

Teen Sex Movs

"Good"? Which ones?

Hey, Goldfish, thanks for the useful review. You had plenty of room left, and here's what I'd like to know. What makes a video a "good one" for you? And why not list 5 or 10 titles so anyone else who signs up can get those first, if they happen to agree with your taste? (I've been listing titles in my reviews.) Thanks!

09-28-09  06:26pm

Replies (1)
Visit Teen Dreams

Teen Dreams
Reply of exotics4me's Reply

I agree that it must be hard for a young woman to get aroused in front of a camera crew, lights, etc. especially if the stunt cock isn't attractive to her, and in any case is rushed and mechanical. I would be interested if you list specific videos or actresses representing "the most aroused females in porn ... in solo or girl/girl sets". Then I could take a look without sifting thru hundreds where they aren't aroused! I have been providing such lists in my reviews and I hope others will begin doing the same. Anyway, there are plenty of aroused young females in porn, but you have to look hard sometimes to find them. Again, see the lists in my reviews for some winners. As for your Viv Thomas tip, too bad my TeenDreams subscription has already expired.

08-28-09  12:50pm

Visit Teen Dreams

Teen Dreams

Worst BG "Porn" Ever!

I joined this site in July, 2009. My interest is solely in BG (boy/girl) videos, not solos and not still photos. See my profile for my tastes. Anyway, I found NOTHING the least bit erotic here. The BG videos were mechanical, and the actors looked bored. The girls never had orgasms. There was no intimacy, and no creativity. Although the same was true of most videos at YoungModels and at KarupsHA, I found enough great gems at each of those (see them listed in my reviews) that my subscriptions were worthwhile. I did not save any of the videos that I downloaded from TeenDreams, and I feel that my money was wasted there.

08-24-09  07:19pm

Replies (3)
Visit Karup's Hometown Amateurs

Karup's Hometown Amateurs
Reply of BabyGetReal's Review

My review, continued:

In valerie225-bg-2, stunt cock Jimmy (in about 80% of the videos) actually has some cuddly foreplay with her -- almost unheard of. In valerie268-bg-1, she gets going in CG and doesn't want to stop when Jimmy whispers "get off", so she makes Jimmy cum right after pulling out, while they're still in CG position. Wow, an orgasm from real arousal, not a forced facial! Hooray, Valerie!

leighlani-bg-1 and leighlani-bg-2 are outstanding. She has many, intense orgasms. She is a redhead, and her orgasmic flush is wonderful to behold, encompassing not only her chest but even around her upper back. Although both videos end in a facial, the guys (different in each vid) seem to cum in response to her final orgasm, not by jacking forever.

veronika-bg110 is a curvy babe who cums often and hard and long with a guy who is not a regular stunt cock. She is very responsive, and at one point when working up to yet another cum, and he stops, she says "I want to fuck you! What are you doing?"

sedona299-bg-1 seems young and innocent but overcome by her hornyness, just the way I like it. Many intense orgasms.

andi-bg-1 seems a real couple, and she cums hard and often. There is real affection and intimacy. Very nice despite a weak facial at the end.

jaelyn-bg-1 cums quickly but very intensely, and often. Guy cums over her navel right after pulling out, nice. Unfortunately the cameraman zooms in during her orgasm so we never get a clear view of her lovely shaking and writhing body during orgasm. Shame on him!

morgan285-bg-1 is a young, really hot, horny, innocent-seeming girl who says she has never done a BJ or had a guy cum in her mouth. Its likely an act, but well enough done that I found it all the more arousing.

arissa-bg-1 is a fun girl who doesn't seem jaded like most of the pro-ams on KarupsHA. She is gorgeous, thin, with a lovely tan. Although stunt cock Jimmy is all business as usual, Arissa's personality makes it fun. She cums a few times, and manages to get Jimmy to cum over her navel right after he pulls out, instead of jacking off on her face.

brandi2-bg-1 is petite, skinny, and maybe a little shy with a wonderful "I can't help cumming if you fuck me" vibe. She succeeds in making Jimmy cum over her butt, instead of a facial.

veronica248-bg-1 is a skinny natural babe with a buff guy who pulls out while he's coming.

veronique-bg-1 is a 19 year old, tiny, dark-skinned lovely who cums aplenty.

Others that are very good: ginger3-bg-6, maxine2-bg-1, sabrina3-bg-1.

I watched very few of the solo scenes, tho there are many more of those than of the boy-girl scenes. So if some PU members have examples of the best ones, please share a list! Andi-solo-1 has some lovely pussy contractions with a pocket rocket vibrator -- of course the damn cameraman moves away from her pussy, to her face, during her orgasm! Nevertheless, these were the best pussy contractions I found here (for better, InTheCrack or early BubbleGirls).

08-23-09  06:55pm

Visit Karup's Hometown Amateurs

Karup's Hometown Amateurs
Reply of BabyGetReal's Review

This is a continuation of the Cons part of my review that didn't fit in the box:

- Mediocre videography. Nearly all spend way too much time in closeups, so you can't see the lovely writhing body, and some are quite jerky (handheld camera with incompetent operator). The site policy seems to require that CG be recorded only from the back/butt of the girl, too often zoomed in. Many nice orgasms are lost with the girl facing away at the wall, with us seeing only her butt up close. Almost never do you see the girl from the front in CG. Worse, the girls are directed to twist around so the camera (behind them) can see their face. So they're not looking at their partner! Whoever thought this is a comfortable, much less erotic position for the girl? In mindy4-bg-1-HD, Mindy shudders wonderfully when she cums. However, in part D, the cameraperson zooms into her face three times, so we miss the wonderful pelvic shuddering, and instead see a blurry face (it was clearer with the whole body shot), sometimes with the wall in focus behind the face. Yikes, what was the cameraperson thinking?

- The cameraman likes to zoom in on the girl's face during orgasm. Now, when she has great pussy twitches all along (sometimes he lets us see a few of them), I find it incredibly frustrating to miss seeing the pussy twitching during the orgasm. Not that the face isn't beautiful during orgasm, but couldn't we please see the twitching pussy occasionally!! Better yet, have a second cameraperson and see both with instant replay! (Nubiles is another site with this problem. I've complained and they seemed to listen but I haven't seen any improvement.)

- Sound is very uneven, barely audible in some vids then breaks your eardrums in the next. Not only is it uneven from one video to another, but also within one video: apparently the microphone is in the camera, so as it gets closer to one person's face you hear them breathing loudly while you can hardly hear what the other person is saying.

08-23-09  06:53pm

Visit Karup's Hometown Amateurs

Karup's Hometown Amateurs

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - All the girls are young and beautiful.
- No breast implants!
- No anal!
- The guys are usually gentle and considerate with the girls, unlike e.g. YoungModels where they are fast, hard, and rough.
- Video .wmv files are named systematically, with the actress' name, unlike some sites where the filename is a meaningless number.
- Nearly all videos are well lit. But see cons!
- All the guys manage to stay hard (or the limp parts are edited out). Here, you'll never have to watch long scenes of an actress sucking on a limp dick to no avail.
Cons: - Bad support? I emailed pointing one failure of their search engine and suggesting remastering some great early vids at higher resolution, and never received a reply.
- No descriptions, no ratings, no "most viewed" -- you're on your own with >500 videos.
- Same few stunt cocks in nearly all videos. They seem mechanical and bored. Often they skip any oral on the girl, and they are rarely heard to complement the girl on her looks or sexiness or to be romantic or intimate. Their demeanor does not bring out the most erotic side of the girls. It takes a girl who is incredibly horny or really loves sex or has a special personality to shine under these circumstances -- most don't.
- Uninspired directing. Most scenes follow the same boring mechanical sequence in a bedroom.
- Most scenes end in a ridiculous facial, usually after the guy jacks himself for quite some time. How NOT sexy is it to hear Jimmy say "open your mouth, NOW!"? Give me a break!
Bottom Line: Very recent files are HD, recent files are medium resolution (640 x 480), and older files are low resolution (360 x 240). However, at full screen I couldn't see much difference between the medium and low resolution -- so I suspect the medium is empty magnification of the low. WMV is the only available format. No problem -- with free Flip4Mac I played them all in Quicktime on OS X. All videos are divided into four scenes of about 7 minutes each. The inability to download a whole video as one file is annoying.

There are tons of still photos. The resolution is OK but not great (700 x 1000 to 1000 x 1500 pixels; file sizes 200 - 600 kilobytes).

The vast majority of the scenes are without condoms. To me, this is very unfortunate, since Jimmy, the guy in 80% of the scenes, has now fucked hundreds of young women without a condom. I gather that market forces demand this (or porn companies think they do?), but how many young people have to get HIV before this stops? On the pro side, in the occasional scenes where a condom is used, they don't try to hide it, occasionally even showing it being rolled on by the girl -- definitely a pro in my book.

Well, I took one for the team and sifted through all 300-some boy/girl videos looking for the occasional gem. Here are my favorites. You can search by the first name of the actress to find these. These are the full filenames, except for the a/b/c/d that divide each video into 4 scenes.

There are some very early, lo-res scenes with what might be real couples (real amateurs?!) that are the hottest on the site, to my taste (see my profile). Of course I prefer crisp videos where you can see the body down, but real intimacy, arousal, and chemistry trump resolution any day in my book. (It would be great if KarupsHA would see fit to re-release these early hot vids in higher resolution!) Examples:

sativa-bg-1: She is incredibly naturally sexy. He and she interact naturally, with affection and intimacy. The KarupsHA camerapeople and stunt cocks could learn from this one. No jerky camera work. No rushing from position to position - sex is fun, not a race. No closeups that hide the beautiful people.

kat170-bg-1 is another great early low-res video. Nice foreplay, real passion, lots of kissing, real intimacy and caring. I thought this one could hold up to comparison with the better boy-girl videos at LittleMutt (except for its poor resolution).

evita-bg012 and evita-bg039 are very hot! Needs remastering at higher res.

Turning to more recent scenes that are medium resolution with the stunt cocks:

Valerie is one of the most amazing and erotic pro-am women I've seen (both here and on Nubiles, same name) because she is really horny, completely natural, and cums intensely over and over. She says she needs sex 14 times/week, but is getting it only 3-4 times/week from her boyfriend (valerie-bg-6). In valerie225-bg-2, ... OUT OF ROOM HERE, WILL TRY TO PUT REMAINDER IN A "REPLY".

08-23-09  06:27pm

Replies (2)
Visit Karup's Hometown Amateurs

Karup's Hometown Amateurs
Reply of Mr Fountain's Comment

I subscribed about a month ago, no problem logging in. I canceled as the end of the month neared, and again, no problem, got a confirmation email about my canceling, and it was easy. No suspicious activity on my credit card, either.

08-23-09  06:20pm

Visit Broke Amateurs

Broke Amateurs

Questions about BrokeAmateurs

Hey, omf456 thanks for the nice review. Do all scenes have the same stunt cock? Is he nice to the girls or rough and mean? Does he fuck like its a race to the finish, or is he tender and intimate and slow? Does he ever do oral and get the girl to cum that way? Do all the scenes end in facials (which I personally detest -- give me creampie from a truly excited guy any day). And most important, how often do the girls really get excited and orgasm? Hey, everybody, these are some of the things that are important to me (and a few others) and we'd love to see them addressed in reviews!

08-16-09  08:52pm

Replies (0)
Visit Girls Out West

Girls Out West
Reply of messmer's Reply

Sounds right -- points taken!

07-31-09  04:37pm

Visit Girls Out West

Girls Out West
Reply of messmer's Reply

Yes, you warned me, and so did ramscrota. The site seemed so unusual I wanted to see it for myself. Once I get enough points that I can start to trust people, you'll be trusted for sure!

07-30-09  05:01pm

Visit Girls Out West

Girls Out West
Reply of mbaya's Reply

I didn't spend much time with the photos, but I think they were pretty good within the philosophy of this site. Long dimension of photos were 800 px (early sets) to 2,000 pixels (recent sets). Photos were well lit, sharp, clear.

07-30-09  05:00pm

Visit Girls Out West

Girls Out West

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Uniquely natural / real models (average women).
- Natural settings without glossy editing.
- Genuine amateurs (not even pro-am!)
Cons: - Little or no chemistry or sexual excitement in most videos.
- Most videos are older, and have very poor resolution.
- Often (not always) very jerky camera work. Makes me seasick!
- Many videos have low contrast, no real blacks, so are like watching through a steamy window.
Bottom Line: I was intrigued by the Annie's truly unique approach and values, as I understood them from the reviews here and from looking at the site as a non-member. I definitely appreciate porn done by women with real female arousal -- at least I think I do (need more cases now). I watched the 4 trailers for boy/girl videos, and they seemed promising. The site says 500 videos -- so I figured there must be at least 100 b/g videos. So I joined hoping for some b/g videos with real arousal, female orgasms, and other things that I like (see my profile, and the forum "Against the grain").

Unfortunately, I have to agree with PU reviewer ramscrota. As a whole, the b/g videos offered by this site are pathetic.

First, quantity and resolution. Only 24 are listed, 2 of which are mis-indexed (they have no boys). Half of these, 13, are available only in very low resolution, highly compressed blurry 480 x 360 pixels mpg. Later vids move up to 640 x 360 wmv, then more recentlhy 770 x 435 mp4 or wmv without the blurring compression.

Worst of all, in most of the b/g videos, the couple seems to be working for the camera woman, trying hard (sometimes difficulty with erection) without being very horny or aroused. Sometimes they are clearly too hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable, and in some outdoor scenes the flies are quite distracting/disgusting.

So, after looking at all of the b/g scenes and finding very little, I looked at some of the g/g or solo videos. Since I find genuine arousal exciting, I looked mostly at the ones where the description indicated an orgasm. Again, most of these were simply unexciting. Natural down to earth people, just not very expressive or excited people.

As others have said, the models are a cross section of body types, ages, and personalities -- but all presented in very natural form, little or no makeup. I like that approach, but not the results here. Also one of the two camera women is often crossing the viewport, or her shadow, which I found realistic but somewhat distracting.

Overall, I have to say that for me, joining this site was a waste of money.

All that said, I did find a few vids that I downloaded and didn't erase after one viewing. Larissa's Manhunt is hilarious and she is really entertaining and sexy. Unfortunately, the 4 segments end without any sex or orgasms. (I deleted those.) The following b/g videos had some real sexual energy, excitement, and orgasms:
- Jasmine & Lee, Caravan Sex
- Timbo fucks Kim (silly overacting, but real multiple orgasms)
- Samantha and Maxwell was a really tender, affectionate, and hot video.
- Vince and Miah were fun.

After watching a couple of dozen solo and g/g videos (generally not my thing) the only one I am keeping is
- Daisy Duke & Alma (real horny excitement and energy and orgasms)

All of the above except Timbo were available in reasonable resolution.

Honorable mention goes to Kim's motorcycle video (3 parts). No orgasms but an amazing concept, pretty well done.

07-30-09  03:07pm

Replies (6)
Visit Young Models

Young Models

Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Occasional vids with horny young girls who forget they're on camera (or like it) and come and come and come.
- Directing does not get in the way of real arousal and chemistry when it happens.
- Pretty young girls, some handsome young guys.
- Good videography, well lit, some closeups but they don't go on too long. Mostly you can see whole bodies.
- Special $20/month (NETBilling), recurring, cancellation easy.
- Full access to all 12 of their sites for one fee.
- I downloaded wmv; not sure if they offer other formats.
- I had no problem with downloading speed, seemed smooth and reliable.
- Photo sets available as well as vids, but I didn't pay much attention to photos b/c I prefer videos.
Cons: - Most of the vids are standard fare with no female orgasms, no chemistry, nobody having fun or getting aroused -- just fast HC banging. You have to look hard to find the few wonderful gems listed below.
- Resolution is good but not HD.
Bottom Line: - Resolution is good but not great, mostly 640 x 480 pixels, some on Creampies were 480 x 360. Most files I downloaded were 200 - 250 megabytes.

What I liked a great deal about YM is that I was able to find a few scenes where amateur-looking girls were very horny, seemed to forget (or enjoy) that they were on camera, and just came and came and came. My favorite was Sabrina, a tiny brunette who came with oral, jumps into a vigorous CG coming in about 3 minutes, and again in a couple more minutes. She is definitely using the guy! Next she comes in mish and at least twice again in K9. End is a disappointing tired jack off on her face. Sabrina has a large vine tattooed wrapped around one leg, which I found quite hot.

Another favorite is Ginger. I've seen this blonde model on other sites, but here she really comes hard, first to oral, then to CG and RCG, then she pumps away in K9 but doesn't seem to come, then comes in mish. This ends a little better with the guy withdrawing and immediately coming over her tits.

Other gorgeous comealot girls are Sammy (tho she has an ugly tattoo), and readhead Brandimay, who has a cute giggly personality.

A subscription to YM includes access to a bunch of other sites: AmateurCouples, DrippingCreampies, Interracial, ButtBunnies, DPBabes, GapingGirls, MomsASlut, LesbianTraining, SweetPinkHoles, SuckThatDick, and StripTeaseThenFuck. Not being into anal or g/g, I didn't visit all of these. I found scenes that I liked a lot at the first three.

Dripping Creampies (videos are labeled CreampieFucking): Denisa is a gorgeous model who really enjoyed the sex and appeared to me to be multiorgasmic, tho quiet about it. Barbie Cummings has a nice short scene where the guy comes in a normal (short) amount of time. Lorena's scene has a great throbbing dick closeup, coming inside, as do those with Nikki and Stacey.

At Interracial (videos are labeled InterracialSlut), Lisa Marie, Christie, and Brooke (all white) are multiorgasmic and fun.

At AmateurCouples (videos are labeled AmateurCouplesSex), there's good chemistry, affection, and cumming aplenty in Heather (Silky) and Rick, Missy and Dave, and MacKenzie and Noah.

BOTTOM LINE: While there is not much real arousal or excitement or fun in most of the videos at these sites, there are enough gems (listed above) that I found a one-month subscription well worthwhile. Those gems illustrate how it is possible, when the director doesn't interfere too much, for the rare horny porn stars with personality and couples who like sex and exhibitionism to be genuinely aroused and erotic. If your tastes agree with mine (see my profile, and the forum thread "Against the grain"), you'll know just which scenes to download first.

These sites also have photo sets, but I'm not into static photos much so I didn't pay much attention to those.

07-29-09  10:26am

Replies (0)
Visit Girls Out West

Girls Out West
Reply of messmer's Reply

Thanks for the quick reply, messmer. Meanwhile, I looked at GOW's B/G trailers, and I love them. So I think I'll give it a go anyway. I assume that ramscrota's problem is a preference for more typical hardcore fastpaced banging, just what I don't like. But maybe ramscrota will comment, I hope.

07-28-09  06:19pm

Visit Girls Out West

Girls Out West
Reply of messmer's Review

Hey, messmer, I am intrigued by your review of GOW. However, I mostly like b/g scenes, not so much g/g or solo. Ramscrota says "The BG scenes are pathetic". What do you have to say about the BG scenes (knowing my tastes from my profile, and the forum thread "against the grain"). What might be pathetic to some may be just my cup of tea. Thanks!

07-28-09  04:57pm

Visit Dare Ring

Dare Ring

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 07-28-09  01:27pm  (Update History)
Reason: Completed the review.
Pros: Uniquely creative with many things that I love. See my profile for why, and the forum "Against the grain".

As stated in previous reviews, each of the 12 games has seven rounds/scenes. There are typically 5-6 players, sometimes all girls, sometimes girls with a couple of guys. First round is spin the bottle and answer questions about their sex lives. I liked the one I watched but I watched only one. The last round involves players having the chance to choose one or more other players to "satisfy" them with oral sex. Typically the next to last round involves semi-random giving of oral sex ltd to 30 sec per turn, but no orgasms.

Everything is consensual. Everything is kind. Nobody is hurt. There is sometimes real chemistry. Sometimes there is sex and it is fun. These are real girls, not models, with a range of average builds. Maybe they have chosen their partners in advance, but maybe not -- there appears to be some sexual tension because of the ...

Cons: - Apparently there will never be any updates.
- Very limited amount of content.
- Mediocre videography.
- Fake male orgasms.
... uncertainty of what will happen next. The guys are disappointing -- few of them manage to come, and some fake it! When there is good sex, the non-participants sitting in the background looking awed are a turn-on. Editing seems minimal, making for charming realism. I watched all 12 of the round 7's, and some of the round 6's. I watched all only 1 game in its entirity (Game 1, figuring that the quality would deteriorate in later games, which in general it did!). The intermediate rounds mostly involve disrobing, kissing, sucking nipples, and such -- fun to watch once. My personal opinions:

Best round 7: Game 5: 5 out of 6 players get off for real. Round 6 of Game 5 is a hot teaser.

Other good round 7's:

Game 6: Strap on orgy. Only two give and two receive, but the others watch in awe. Both receivers come quickly and more than once. Hot!

Game 8: 5-girl orgy. Several of the girls come several times. Very hot.

Game 10: Several girls come. Round 6 is hot too.


Games 2 and 4, round 7, each starts out OK with 2 or 3 girls getting off with oral roulette (game 2, 30 seconds rounds of oral by different players) or untimed oral by one player (game 4), but end lamely with lots of oral on a guy who never gets off, or fakes it.

Unexciting round 7's:
Games 1, 3, 7, 9, 11, 12.

There are also some short "bonus games". BJ roulette is sort of fun. The best scene is "Topless pie eating, camera 1" which ends with the only actual fuck on the site. After a long BJ with pie cream smeared around, he gives her oral and then fucks her for only about 4 minutes (realistic!). The other players leave the room, apparently to give them privacy. She doesn't appear to come, but seems into it; he does, and uses a condom without hiding the fact. Its a very sweet amateur scene with lots of kissing, hugging, and tenderness. I found it very hot!


Although this site has not been updated for over two years, it is so unique that I found it worthwhile. I joined for $20 then canceled a day or two later, after I had downloaded the scenes I wanted. CAREFUL, it used CCBill which says billing will recur after 30 days unless you cancel.

It is really too bad that this idea wasn't developed further, or even simply continued for more games. It was a great start. I hope someone else will pick up this idea and develop it!

07-28-09  12:42pm

Replies (2)

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