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Visit Velvet Ecstasy

Velvet Ecstasy

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -I agree with the previous reviews. There is real amateur porn here, some of it quite refreshing.
-There are several hundred videos here.
-About 1 in 8 of the videos have real chemistry, affection, and the woman gets aroused and in some cases has orgasms.
-The price of $14.95/month is great.
-Some of the bonus photos (from other sites) are 1024 pixels and quite worth saving, especially from Met-Art and Hegre.
-If you like facials (I don't) you can download the facial excerpt from every video here, separately from the long main video.
-Good support. Victor thanked me for pointing out a couple of errors, and responded politely and substantively to my suggestions.
-The super closeups don't last very long, and they hush the annoying music when the action gets hot so you can hear the actors.
Cons: -Victor, the proprietor, insists on a facial in every video, which I detest. He seems to insist that every woman say "I want you to come in my face" in every video. This seems to me ridiculous and demeaning to both parties.
-Victor's direction seems to me to push many of the amateur couples into attempting standard (boring) porn. In particular, the guys hold off too long and end up jacking themselves off, which I find very unerotic. I wish he'd let them do what they want. Some of the more creative couples do manage quite interesting things anyway.
-So even for the amateur couples, the sex is usually unrealistic (guy holding off for way too long, no creampies, running thru standard positions mechanically).
-About half of the videos consist of a non-amateur giving a BJ to Victor, ending in a facial. These don't appeal to me at all. But the other half are mostly real amateur couples, and about 1 in 4 of those I found to be erotic.
Bottom Line: I have never kept my subscription into a second month except here. The quantity of videos, photos, and bonus photos kept me going thru the 2nd month. I ended up keeping about 90 videos. Thus I rate this site better than KarupsHA (I kept 40-some) and YoungLibertines or YoungModels (I kept only about 20 from each). VelvetEcstasy is fantastic for the money!

They have real amateur couples and it could be great porn if they would only stop forcing them into porn cliches -- let the couple do sex the way they like it (not trying to make "porn"), let the guys cum when they want to, no facials, some creampies. There are a handful where the guy comes more than once (nice!). If the girl likes it after the guy cums, let him satisfy her orally or use a vibrator or both. Also, like most sites, it would help so much to have accurate descriptions of the videos. Do the girls orgasm in an obvious and convincing way? More than once? This is hardly ever mentioned in the descriptions, and "Orgasms" is not one of their categories!

There are very few girl-girl videos and few solo girls that really cum. I don't mind this, but don't come to this site if you want these.

OK, if your taste agrees with mine (boy/girl scenes with real chemistry, laughing, fun, real arousal, real female orgasms, no fake moaning, guy coming from sex not jacking) here are some lists that will give you a huge advantage. My picks for the best are grouped first. (Numbers like _06, _07 are years released, but I stopped keeping track in later years -- the good videos span all years of the site.)

bodyrub_sensual_not_the_usual_06, dancingdick_08, laptease_06, laptease-bonus, mysistersfriend, oilylizzie, pointsofinterest, quickdraw, rainysunday_08, squealsofecstasy_07, squealsofecstasy_interview_07, taketwo, velvetkarma, witchyways_07.

autumnshakes_07, backyardbang_06, bellyrub_07, birthdaybuttfuck, lovelyrita, morningpayback, newyearpop, sexualhealing_07, studybreak, tremors, wyldfire_07, wyldfire_bts_07, zombigasms.

anteupmyass, barelynineteen, beantownbang, blindpresent_06, bustinout_08, chocolateoil_08, comeoutswinging_06, flooded_06, foothold, gisellesrub, gisellesrub_introduction_07, havingfaith_06, homemade_06, lovebites, lubingcallie, milkandhoney, poleposition, prettymama, redpassion, squirtgirl, tightfit, wetnwild, whippedfudge.

11-20-09  03:19pm

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Visit Young Models

Young Models

Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Occasional vids with horny young girls who forget they're on camera (or like it) and come and come and come.
- Directing does not get in the way of real arousal and chemistry when it happens.
- Pretty young girls, some handsome young guys.
- Good videography, well lit, some closeups but they don't go on too long. Mostly you can see whole bodies.
- Special $20/month (NETBilling), recurring, cancellation easy.
- Full access to all 12 of their sites for one fee.
- I downloaded wmv; not sure if they offer other formats.
- I had no problem with downloading speed, seemed smooth and reliable.
- Photo sets available as well as vids, but I didn't pay much attention to photos b/c I prefer videos.
Cons: - Most of the vids are standard fare with no female orgasms, no chemistry, nobody having fun or getting aroused -- just fast HC banging. You have to look hard to find the few wonderful gems listed below.
- Resolution is good but not HD.
Bottom Line: - Resolution is good but not great, mostly 640 x 480 pixels, some on Creampies were 480 x 360. Most files I downloaded were 200 - 250 megabytes.

What I liked a great deal about YM is that I was able to find a few scenes where amateur-looking girls were very horny, seemed to forget (or enjoy) that they were on camera, and just came and came and came. My favorite was Sabrina, a tiny brunette who came with oral, jumps into a vigorous CG coming in about 3 minutes, and again in a couple more minutes. She is definitely using the guy! Next she comes in mish and at least twice again in K9. End is a disappointing tired jack off on her face. Sabrina has a large vine tattooed wrapped around one leg, which I found quite hot.

Another favorite is Ginger. I've seen this blonde model on other sites, but here she really comes hard, first to oral, then to CG and RCG, then she pumps away in K9 but doesn't seem to come, then comes in mish. This ends a little better with the guy withdrawing and immediately coming over her tits.

Other gorgeous comealot girls are Sammy (tho she has an ugly tattoo), and readhead Brandimay, who has a cute giggly personality.

A subscription to YM includes access to a bunch of other sites: AmateurCouples, DrippingCreampies, Interracial, ButtBunnies, DPBabes, GapingGirls, MomsASlut, LesbianTraining, SweetPinkHoles, SuckThatDick, and StripTeaseThenFuck. Not being into anal or g/g, I didn't visit all of these. I found scenes that I liked a lot at the first three.

Dripping Creampies (videos are labeled CreampieFucking): Denisa is a gorgeous model who really enjoyed the sex and appeared to me to be multiorgasmic, tho quiet about it. Barbie Cummings has a nice short scene where the guy comes in a normal (short) amount of time. Lorena's scene has a great throbbing dick closeup, coming inside, as do those with Nikki and Stacey.

At Interracial (videos are labeled InterracialSlut), Lisa Marie, Christie, and Brooke (all white) are multiorgasmic and fun.

At AmateurCouples (videos are labeled AmateurCouplesSex), there's good chemistry, affection, and cumming aplenty in Heather (Silky) and Rick, Missy and Dave, and MacKenzie and Noah.

BOTTOM LINE: While there is not much real arousal or excitement or fun in most of the videos at these sites, there are enough gems (listed above) that I found a one-month subscription well worthwhile. Those gems illustrate how it is possible, when the director doesn't interfere too much, for the rare horny porn stars with personality and couples who like sex and exhibitionism to be genuinely aroused and erotic. If your tastes agree with mine (see my profile, and the forum thread "Against the grain"), you'll know just which scenes to download first.

These sites also have photo sets, but I'm not into static photos much so I didn't pay much attention to those.

07-29-09  10:26am

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Visit Massage Rooms

Massage Rooms

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Spontaneity! Each video is different -- not the same positions or activities in the same order. Many delicious female orgasms!
-Gentle, respectful, attentive to the woman. -Unhurried and dreamy.
-No facials, no anal.
-Guys never jack themselves off.
-No fake boobs; beautiful women mid to late 20’s.
-Downloads fast, ~2 gigs/sec.
-Downloaded files named with video number and name.
-Downloads available in several resolutions including HD, .wmv or .mov or lower definition for mobile formats.
-Photosets downloadable in zip sets.
-Good lighting and sound.
-George’s cock is normal sized.
-Music is calm and unintrusive and fades out when the action gets hot.
-Lighting and sound are excellent.
-Navigation is good but unnecessary due to limited content.
Cons: -Very limited content: only 23 videos. Nevertheless, for me, a one month subscription ($25) was well worthwhile because of the uniquely erotic content.
-Only 23 photo sets, generally a bit over 100/set. 1200, 2000, 4000 pixel zip files or individual photos from thumbnails.
-Photos have really poor composition -- too close or too far, bad angles, completely fail to capture the beauty of the women!
-Link “most popular videos” lists all videos.
-One stunt cock in most fucking scenes, George.
-Videography is OK but spends too much time with extreme closeups. There are some very nice scenes showing whole bodies but more intermediate zooms would be better.
-Some female orgasms seemed fake to me, but there are some great ones too.
-HJ by Rita on men not very creative, no edging.
-Women are often not very passionate.
Bottom Line: This site is not for everyone -- but it is exceptionally well matched to my tastes: slow, gentle, respectful sex, attentive to the woman’s arousal and climaxes with no facials, no anal, and no guys jacking themselves off. Usually most of the ~20 min in each video is massage, tho some are over half fucking. There is a mix of ejaculations after pulling out from fucking, creampies, and hand jobs. Not every video has oral sex of either kind, but some do. When there is fellatio, it does not go on way too long like in most commercial porn.

Videos are of 3 types: George (the main stunt cock) on woman; Lola on woman; woman on man (usually not George). What amazed me is the spontaneity. There is no formula for any of the 3 types. Different massage techniques, sensual and sexual activities occur in each video, with different amounts of time. The participants are sensitive to each others responses. Sometimes the massage doesn’t get very far before fucking starts. Sometimes fucking is initiated by the woman, sometimes by the man. Sometimes the breasts get massaged, usually the pussy, but not always. Unlike most commercial porn, there is no director telling them to spend 5 minutes in each of 5 positions/activities in the same order in every video, without regard to arousal and response.

There is always an effort to get the woman to orgasm, usually manually or orally. Often only one female orgasm. No vibrators are used and the women are not tortured to cum over and over beyond what is pleasant (cf. LittleMutt massage videos, which are nevertheless quite spectacular). There is no fake moaning. Sometimes her orgasm is believable, sometimes strong and body-shaking, but sometimes I had doubts. Maybe some of the women just have quiet/mild orgasms. Generally neither the women nor the men showed a lot of passion -- they took their time to get aroused and let it build. Lola, who is the main masseuse in the girl-girl videos, does some nice edging! Occasionally so does George. On the other hand, Rita, who does most of the hand jobs in girl-on-guy massage videos, needs to improve her finishing technique -- it is simply fast and hard. Her work up is very sensual, but then the end is mechanical. She needs to learn edging and study tantric lingam massage techniques.

Video resolution is excellent. I downloaded exclusively the 720 pixel MOV files which I found completely satisfactory. Most videos are about 30 min long and (at 720 pixels) about 1 gigabyte per video. So you may end up with well over 10 gigs of videos from this one site.

Language is not English (Czech?) but there is very little dialog, and there are subtitles.

The main problem is the very limited amount of content. This is a new site: the first video is dated late December, 2012. Updates are coming a little more often than one per week. The second big negative is the poor composition in the photos. Its amazing how there can be 100 photos of gorgeous people having sex, yet none of them capture the beauty of what you see in the videos. I was able to take screenshots from the videos that I found much better than the photos in their sets. It makes me suspect that the stills are auto-captured every so many seconds from the videos with no human artist involved. To be fair photos are not my thing and I only looked at 2 of their sets. The stills are available in 1200, 2000 and 4000 pixels but I didn’t study them to see if there is truly more resolution in the 4000 than in the 2000.

I deleted only 7 of the 23 videos because I found them passionless. I kept the other 16, a much higher percentage than in fact any other porn site I can recall!

My favorites:

George on Alex. Alex is responsive and dark skinned which I love. He gets her off manually, and then she gets herself off in cowgirl position. At the end they are fucking and George pulls out and squirts satisfyingly over her tummy.

Lola on Zuzana. I usually don’t go for girl on girl videos but this one is spectacular. Zuzana develops amazing sexual tension in response to Lola’s pussy petting and finger fucking -- her whole body stiffens. Its like Lola pushes her over the edge and out of control. Her first orgasm is mostly release, but her second is dramatic with bucking and shaking. Zuzana is curvier than the other girls and both I, and evidently Lola, find her very erotic. At the end, Lola humps Zuzana’s buttocks and gradually climbs to a powerful orgasm -- probably the best orgasm Lola shows in any video (in most videos, hers are on the quiet side or even unconvincing). But there’s no doubt about this one!


03-10-13  08:56pm

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Visit Karup's Hometown Amateurs

Karup's Hometown Amateurs

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - All the girls are young and beautiful.
- No breast implants!
- No anal!
- The guys are usually gentle and considerate with the girls, unlike e.g. YoungModels where they are fast, hard, and rough.
- Video .wmv files are named systematically, with the actress' name, unlike some sites where the filename is a meaningless number.
- Nearly all videos are well lit. But see cons!
- All the guys manage to stay hard (or the limp parts are edited out). Here, you'll never have to watch long scenes of an actress sucking on a limp dick to no avail.
Cons: - Bad support? I emailed pointing one failure of their search engine and suggesting remastering some great early vids at higher resolution, and never received a reply.
- No descriptions, no ratings, no "most viewed" -- you're on your own with >500 videos.
- Same few stunt cocks in nearly all videos. They seem mechanical and bored. Often they skip any oral on the girl, and they are rarely heard to complement the girl on her looks or sexiness or to be romantic or intimate. Their demeanor does not bring out the most erotic side of the girls. It takes a girl who is incredibly horny or really loves sex or has a special personality to shine under these circumstances -- most don't.
- Uninspired directing. Most scenes follow the same boring mechanical sequence in a bedroom.
- Most scenes end in a ridiculous facial, usually after the guy jacks himself for quite some time. How NOT sexy is it to hear Jimmy say "open your mouth, NOW!"? Give me a break!
Bottom Line: Very recent files are HD, recent files are medium resolution (640 x 480), and older files are low resolution (360 x 240). However, at full screen I couldn't see much difference between the medium and low resolution -- so I suspect the medium is empty magnification of the low. WMV is the only available format. No problem -- with free Flip4Mac I played them all in Quicktime on OS X. All videos are divided into four scenes of about 7 minutes each. The inability to download a whole video as one file is annoying.

There are tons of still photos. The resolution is OK but not great (700 x 1000 to 1000 x 1500 pixels; file sizes 200 - 600 kilobytes).

The vast majority of the scenes are without condoms. To me, this is very unfortunate, since Jimmy, the guy in 80% of the scenes, has now fucked hundreds of young women without a condom. I gather that market forces demand this (or porn companies think they do?), but how many young people have to get HIV before this stops? On the pro side, in the occasional scenes where a condom is used, they don't try to hide it, occasionally even showing it being rolled on by the girl -- definitely a pro in my book.

Well, I took one for the team and sifted through all 300-some boy/girl videos looking for the occasional gem. Here are my favorites. You can search by the first name of the actress to find these. These are the full filenames, except for the a/b/c/d that divide each video into 4 scenes.

There are some very early, lo-res scenes with what might be real couples (real amateurs?!) that are the hottest on the site, to my taste (see my profile). Of course I prefer crisp videos where you can see the body down, but real intimacy, arousal, and chemistry trump resolution any day in my book. (It would be great if KarupsHA would see fit to re-release these early hot vids in higher resolution!) Examples:

sativa-bg-1: She is incredibly naturally sexy. He and she interact naturally, with affection and intimacy. The KarupsHA camerapeople and stunt cocks could learn from this one. No jerky camera work. No rushing from position to position - sex is fun, not a race. No closeups that hide the beautiful people.

kat170-bg-1 is another great early low-res video. Nice foreplay, real passion, lots of kissing, real intimacy and caring. I thought this one could hold up to comparison with the better boy-girl videos at LittleMutt (except for its poor resolution).

evita-bg012 and evita-bg039 are very hot! Needs remastering at higher res.

Turning to more recent scenes that are medium resolution with the stunt cocks:

Valerie is one of the most amazing and erotic pro-am women I've seen (both here and on Nubiles, same name) because she is really horny, completely natural, and cums intensely over and over. She says she needs sex 14 times/week, but is getting it only 3-4 times/week from her boyfriend (valerie-bg-6). In valerie225-bg-2, ... OUT OF ROOM HERE, WILL TRY TO PUT REMAINDER IN A "REPLY".

08-23-09  06:27pm

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Visit Dare Dorm

Dare Dorm

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Most videos seem to be real students, not porn actors.
-Never the same people in any two videos.
-Couples unashamed to lick, suck, fuck and sometimes have orgasms while being watched and cheered by their peers. Wonderful openness and acceptance of sexuality -- perhaps the greatest feature of this site.
-Variety of female breast sizes (almost none enhanced) and body types, all very attractive.
-About 95 videos.
-Updates about twice a month.
-Fake passion/moaning is quite rare.
-No director telling them to run thru set positions without regard to their responses. For the most part they do what feels good.
-Mix of creampies, squirt over tummy or butt, and facials.
-A few BJ with CIM and spit or swallow.
-Lighting and resolution are generally fine.
-Good tech support with live chat that actually works.
-Videos can be sorted by most viewed, highest rated, or newest.
Cons: -Streaming only. No download mechanism offered. I would give it a higher numeric score except for this. The mechanism to skip to another part of a video does work.
-Very amateurish videography, often blurry, jerky, too close. Well, its taken by one of the students. Sometimes a girl cums loudly off camera.
-Most of the sex is not very passionate -- but hey, its done in front of friends by amateurs while being videoed. And it is young person down-to-business hard sex, not much foreplay.
Bottom Line: I was very pleasantly surprised. I expected to see passionless porn pros in a dorm, or possibly porn actresses with real student men (which could be very hot -- haven't found such a site but wish I could). A few of the videos seem like strippers who aren't interested in sex making out with guys with big cocks -- as expected. But most seem to be geniune submissions by groups of student friends/peers. I suspect that some of the girls are strippers when they're not in class. There isn't a lot of passion, but there's a lot of openly shared, enthusiastic sex.

Condoms are used about half the time.

The first half or more of each video (they run 30-70 min in general) is conversation and partying -- often with spin the bottle and truth or dare games. Some of the conversations among groups of girls is quite interesting, about their sexual experiences and preferences. Towards the last half or third of each video, usually a few of the girls don't mind taking their clothes off and then having sex in front of a bunch of friends who still have their clothes on and are cheering them on. Possibly they are having sex with their boyfriends, tho in some cases there are 3somes.

The one thing that seemed possibly unrealistic to me is that almost without exception, the boys last a very long time. I would expect some college men to cum quickly and then maybe again later, or 3 times. There are some that, realisticaly, seem to have trouble getting hard with a blow job (in front of 5-10 onlookers and while being videoed -- not sure I could!).

Here are some of my favorites:

-Bed Buddies. Charming and hot. A black girl films two white couples going at it.

-Birthday Wishes. Tiny girl fucks 2 guys alternately. The only video where the guys cum in short order. She orgasms about 36 min.

-Fooling Around. Nothing special in the first 63 min. Then a lovely slim tan brunette really gets into it and has several orgasms.

-Get a Head. A lot of real excitement, one orgasm around 45 min.

-Kiss Thiz. Nice foreplay and several orgasms.

-Pants Off Dance Off. One of the best orgy videos.

-Pleasure Pak. Gorgeous brown girl rides cowgirl a long time, has two orgasms around 33, 35 min.

-Pledge Fuck. One of the best with 3 couples fucking for a long time, enthusiastically. Brunette on bottom of bunk beds cums several times. 2 guys jizz at the end.

-Sleep Over. Girl-girl but sweet and hot, girls getting each other off.

-That's So. First half is a single couple with night vision. Tall slim brunette with real passion and trembling orgasms. Last half is forgettable.

-The Best Gift. Girlfriend invites her very hot roommate to trade off fucking her boyfriend. The roommate and the boy seem a bit shy about it which makes the whole thing more realistic and hotter.

06-03-13  06:48pm

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Visit Dancerbating


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: * Unique concept.
* Main actress is young, slim, cute, natural.
* Download speeds excellent (several MB/sec when I tested it).
* Hi-res videos, files numbered uniquely.
Cons: * Most videos feature just one actress, Lola. Other actresses are not as impressive.
* No still photos.
* Videos short: 2-4 minutes each.
* Even after you find a video you like, it is hard to find it again. No search mechanism.
* Lack of creativity beyond the basic scenario -- repetitive.
* Music nice but tends to drown out moans and sighs.
Bottom Line: Unique concept (as far as I know) and I thought it was worth the $20, despite the limited content. All solo, most with a large vibrator, most with panties (or more) on, dancing and cumming. I easily downloaded most of their videos in one evening. There are about 190 videos, no still pictures.

About 90% of the videos feature just one girl, Lola, who is also on other sites. She is cute, young, natural, slim and petite. The other girls in a few of the videos didn't turn me on (no obvious orgasms). Clearly the site would benefit from finding some other good-looking girls who can perform this scenario and cum, and from direction that allowed variation and creativity, such as removing some clothes during the video or adopting unusual positions.

Lola dances to nice (stripper type) music, usually with panties or pants on, often shiny spandex, always skin tight. Sometimes topless. In a couple of videos she takes her top off during the video. In one, she pulls her jeans down while she dancerbates, leaving them at half mast -- that was hot and they should expand on that theme. But for the most part, she removes no clothing during the entire video.

While dancing, Lola presses a large vibrator to her clit. After a minute or two, her expression changes from coy to involved in her own arousal, and then she has a nice orgasm. Sometimes the orgasm is long, and her legs quiver. Sometimes (especially when seen from her behind) she tightens her legs as she is cumming. Her orgasms are intense but not super intense. She often stops dancing as she starts to cum -- nice because it shows she's feeling good! She has a nice natural quality.

The early videos are more erotic than the later ones. In the early ones, she sometimes sits or lies down and concentrates on her orgasm. In the later ones, she stands while cumming -- sometimes it is intense but generally less than in the earlier ones.

Unfortunately it is hard to find a specific video. For example, video file 003 is on “videoset” (page key) 177, dated May 9th, 2011. There is no search mechanism.

There are a couple where she is nude, or has no panties on. In file 139 (page key 139) October 12, 2010, she is nude and wet in the shower. In file 153 (page key 153), December 8, 2010, she is nude and uses her hand instead of a vibrator. In file 174 (page key 174) March 26th, 2011, she wears only a cute tiny gold skirt with no panties underneath.

But my favorites are:
• File 12, page key 186, June 10th, 2011. Collapses on the bed and writhes needily.
• File 14, page key 188, June 16th, 2011: Lies on the bed and quivers.
• File 42, page key 42, Sept. 30th, 2011: Collapses on the floor and cums needily.

Others I found very good:
• File 8, (can’t find it): wearing only gold boy shorts, lies on the bed and cums curling her toes.
• File 25, page key 199, July 23rd 2011: Lies on a couch and cums hard.
• File 56, page key 56, November 26th, 2011: Cums standing, breathing hard.
• File 146, page key 146, November 10th, 2010: Cums standing and quivering.

05-28-12  03:00pm

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Visit Me And My GFs

Me And My GFs

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - The concept of this site is quite unusual and creative (see below), and the sex is more like a relationship than in the videos from most sites.
- Videos have decent resolution, 640 x 480, not overcompressed (but are not HD).
- Several updates/month.
- See my review of AllElitePass for more Pros.
Cons: - See my review of AllElitePass for more Cons (IMPORTANT). Especially, beware pre-checked cross sells that will bill you $80 one day after you join.
- Videography is all point-of-view (POV), filmed by the single stunt cock. But that seems essential to the concept of this site (see below).
- Only 46 videos at this time, but growing. Site began November 2009.
Bottom Line: When you join, you become a member of AllElitePass. See my review of AllElitePass for billing concerns (IMPORTANT). I joined CollegeFuckFest and thus was able to access this site as one of the 97 sites under their umbrella.

All videos at MeAndMyGFs are filmed by a single guy (100% POV). You never see the guy. Each video records a date with a girl, several videos per girl, and a series of girls. While I'm sure some or all of these dates are pre-scripted (or at least the sex is agreed to in advance), they do a credible job of making these seem like real dates. The girls resist being filmed a little and (one supposes) would refuse if a 3rd party were filming.

There are 4-6 videos for each girl. Often the first is just a date with a getting-to-know each other conversation. This sometimes ends in the girl stripping but no sex. Second date is often a blow job, sometimes in a public park. There is sometimes a fuck scene ending in a creampie, and usually a fuck scene ending in a facial. The fuck scenes occur in his apartment. There is sometimes a shower video with the girl closing the bathroom door. He sets up a hidden camera to record her dressing when she comes out, supposedly without her knowing. In some shower scenes, he is allowed to film the girl in the shower.

Condoms are never used. The guy is a bad lover and a chauvinist. He gets BJs and sex, but never once does he do oral on the girl (OK, very briefly in Misty's first scene). Not even any serious finger-fucking, or vibrators. He seems completely oblivious to whether the girl gets off or not. The girls seem to enjoy the sex but there are few obvious orgasms. The girls seem genuinely fresh and horny, not like plastic porn pros.

The guy lasts longer than I expect is typical of real sex, but not nearly as long as most stunt cocks. This is a big plus in my book.

Aside from the creative concept, what sets this site apart and, in my opinion, above most sites, are the following. The guy is constantly complementing the girl on her beauty and sexiness. There is a bit of seduction going on. He expresses his sexual enjoyment constantly, and appreciation during and after (while the girls are less expressive -- at least there are no fake moans). The guy is polite, gentle, respectful and kind to the girls (if not a good lover). He has a normal-sized dick. Both parties actually seem to enjoy the sex, have fun, and there is laughing and some chemistry. When the girl looks at the camera, she is enjoying the sex, not posing.

He sometimes comes in the girl's mouth during a BJ, and the reaction of the girl runs from spitting, shock and running to the bathroom, to unsurprised swallowing.

My recommendations:

Misty, scene 3, was my favorite (scene 5 also good).
Good: Angelina (most scenes), Elli (her frown after he comes in her mouth in scene 4 is priceless), Kara (scenes 3 & 5).

Don't miss the surprise ending in Leigh's scene 6!

06-20-10  06:58pm

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Visit Young Libertines

Young Libertines

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Occasional videos with real sexual excitement and orgasms.
- Beautiful young bodies (both men and women).
- Occasionally what might be real couples with real chemistry in homemade videos.
- No super closeups! Few closeups at all. You get to enjoy the beautiful writhing bodies!
- The stunt cocks are generally nice, gentle and non-abusive (if boring).
- I asked several questions via a support form, and got prompt and helpful answers.
- Photos can be viewed online, downloaded individually or in zipped sets.
Cons: - Most videos are mechanical, there is no chemistry, so they are un-erotic. Perpetual optimist that I am, I was hoping for better at this site!
- Video quality varies widely. Some shot by a cameraperson (those are best). Some homemade with fixed camera. Some POV (usually too jerky). Some low-res, most OK resolution.
- Way too many videos end with the guy jerking off in girl’s face. I hate that.
- About five guys are the stunt cocks in many of the videos. None have any personality. They bang hard with no imagination. Its up the girl to make something good in these. Most fail.
- When you download a video, the default filename is a useless fulllength-high.wmv, or fulllength-low.wmv. Its up to you to rename every one.
- Several ads for other sites interspersed on every page! Annoying!
- Static images (1500 px) modest quality (inferior cameras?), poor lighting (flash), and red-eye not removed. Models’ teeth often yellow. Generally unexciting.
Bottom Line: Overall, I was disappointed with this site (as with nearly all), but it was not a total loss, as I was able to find 20-some videos that I really liked to add to my collection. However, as seems nearly universally the case, the truly erotic videos seem to be accidents that happened in spite of bad direction and lack of imagination.

WMV is the only video format offered. “High quality” is 640 x 480 but quality varies. There is also a “low bitrate” video download option, which I never used.

Video download speed was so so, taking about 20-some minutes for the typical 400 megabyte file. However, after I got the first few, I could keep occupied watching them while downloading more, so I didn’t have to wait. I was able to downloade up to 6 or 8 concurrently with no problem (other than reduced speed per file, of course).

They list a large number of bonus sites and feeds listed as “coming up”, but no bonus sites actually available. Some bonus feed sites are available – e.g., not downloadable. I took a look at a couple and they seem really boring.

Very few of the videos have anal penetration. That is a pro for me and a con for some. Many use condoms openly. That is a plus for me. Most of the girls were shaved, but some were just trimmed – I like the mix. A few of the videos end in creampies, and refreshingly, they don’t belabor the dripping pussy.

There are about 150 videos available. Navigation is by date added, or you can search for the name of the video. Descriptions of the videos are ridiculous and useless, and seem to have no connection to the content (same for the titles). There is a 5-star rating system, which seemed somewhat useful. Generally, I found the 2-star videos to be boring, while some of the 3-star videos were good.

I downloaded and watched about 80 videos. I deleted 40-some immediately as I would never want to watch them again, simply because the sex was mechanical, no chemistry, no excitement. I kept about 25 that had some excitement, chemistry, intimacy, fun, laughing, and most of all, female orgasms. I much prefer when the guy comes from real excitement “right out of the box” over the girls tits or butt. If your tastes are similar to mine, you can save time by starting with these (search for the titles). Remember, the titles bear no relation to the contents. These are in 3 groups, best first, alphabetical within each group. Sorry I can’t put them in a column because of PU’s annoying 40-line restriction here.

Silly chick is in a movie now (my favorite).

Depraved couple; Fyl018; Marki peeping on Silvia; Real homemade video; Red-haired goddess; Silly Cathy; Summer day suck and fuck; W041; W108.

Excited Joyce; F061; H005; Lucky guy and two girls; So nice ass; Too-young-to-have-sex; W047; W111; While her parents are home.

Don’t pull my hair you goon; Every day work on sex skills; F032; Sexy tattooed girl; Shy Marta; W093.

09-28-09  07:40pm

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Visit Dare Ring

Dare Ring

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Updated: 07-28-09  01:27pm  (Update History)
Reason: Completed the review.
Pros: Uniquely creative with many things that I love. See my profile for why, and the forum "Against the grain".

As stated in previous reviews, each of the 12 games has seven rounds/scenes. There are typically 5-6 players, sometimes all girls, sometimes girls with a couple of guys. First round is spin the bottle and answer questions about their sex lives. I liked the one I watched but I watched only one. The last round involves players having the chance to choose one or more other players to "satisfy" them with oral sex. Typically the next to last round involves semi-random giving of oral sex ltd to 30 sec per turn, but no orgasms.

Everything is consensual. Everything is kind. Nobody is hurt. There is sometimes real chemistry. Sometimes there is sex and it is fun. These are real girls, not models, with a range of average builds. Maybe they have chosen their partners in advance, but maybe not -- there appears to be some sexual tension because of the ...

Cons: - Apparently there will never be any updates.
- Very limited amount of content.
- Mediocre videography.
- Fake male orgasms.
... uncertainty of what will happen next. The guys are disappointing -- few of them manage to come, and some fake it! When there is good sex, the non-participants sitting in the background looking awed are a turn-on. Editing seems minimal, making for charming realism. I watched all 12 of the round 7's, and some of the round 6's. I watched all only 1 game in its entirity (Game 1, figuring that the quality would deteriorate in later games, which in general it did!). The intermediate rounds mostly involve disrobing, kissing, sucking nipples, and such -- fun to watch once. My personal opinions:

Best round 7: Game 5: 5 out of 6 players get off for real. Round 6 of Game 5 is a hot teaser.

Other good round 7's:

Game 6: Strap on orgy. Only two give and two receive, but the others watch in awe. Both receivers come quickly and more than once. Hot!

Game 8: 5-girl orgy. Several of the girls come several times. Very hot.

Game 10: Several girls come. Round 6 is hot too.


Games 2 and 4, round 7, each starts out OK with 2 or 3 girls getting off with oral roulette (game 2, 30 seconds rounds of oral by different players) or untimed oral by one player (game 4), but end lamely with lots of oral on a guy who never gets off, or fakes it.

Unexciting round 7's:
Games 1, 3, 7, 9, 11, 12.

There are also some short "bonus games". BJ roulette is sort of fun. The best scene is "Topless pie eating, camera 1" which ends with the only actual fuck on the site. After a long BJ with pie cream smeared around, he gives her oral and then fucks her for only about 4 minutes (realistic!). The other players leave the room, apparently to give them privacy. She doesn't appear to come, but seems into it; he does, and uses a condom without hiding the fact. Its a very sweet amateur scene with lots of kissing, hugging, and tenderness. I found it very hot!


Although this site has not been updated for over two years, it is so unique that I found it worthwhile. I joined for $20 then canceled a day or two later, after I had downloaded the scenes I wanted. CAREFUL, it used CCBill which says billing will recur after 30 days unless you cancel.

It is really too bad that this idea wasn't developed further, or even simply continued for more games. It was a great start. I hope someone else will pick up this idea and develop it!

07-28-09  12:42pm

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Visit 1000 Orgasms

1000 Orgasms

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: See my review of AllElitePass for Pros.
Cons: See my review of AllElitePass for Cons (IMPORTANT). Especially, beware pre-checked cross sells that will bill you $80 one day after you join.
Bottom Line: When you join, you become a member of AllElitePass. See my review of AllElitePass for billing concerns (IMPORTANT). I joined CollegeFuckFest and thus was able to access this site as one of the 97 sites under their umbrella.

This is another Sybian site. A girl mounts the Sybian and we get to watch. Some girls come with a partner, and then the partner (often but not always a guy) gets to control the Sybian.

The girls are not overdirected, so there is sometimes spontaneity and their personalities can come out.

My recommendations:

1000 Orgasms (Sybian site): Ruby and Roxanna are truly amazing! Roxanna nearly falls off in orgasmic convulsions. Her video alone almost makes joining worthwhile. Vanessa (in the last third of her video) gets it on nicely. Honorable mention: Alex, Savana, Sophie, Veronica.

06-19-10  07:47pm

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Visit All Elite Pass

All Elite Pass

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - I paid only $9.95 for a month -- a bargain!
- Access to 97 sites.
- There are occasional gems (see sites listed below).
- They have a search (but see cons).
- You can browse models by name.
- Once I started a video download, it went reliably and the download time was consistently OK.
Cons: - Beware pre-checked cross sells that will bill you $80 one day after joining if you don't uncheck them!
- Some PU members have had bad experiences with billing (see Comments here). I had minimal problems: see my details below.
- Cancellation is not straightforward, but works if you are persistent (details below).
- Most of the content is standard fare, e.g. boring and non-erotic.
- Often I got no response from their sites for several minutes. I would open 6 or so tabs and wait. Eventually, all would load. This happened repeatedly but was not a big problem because I could spend the waiting time evaluating a previously downloaded video.
- Most of the sites have not been updated since 2008.
- Their search covers all their sites, so is not useful for searching a single site.
- Video titles and descriptions are useless.
- Still photos are generally unexciting.
Bottom Line: I became a member of AllElitePass by joining CollegeFuckFest for one month (see my review at collegefuckfest.com). I was very very careful to uncheck the pre-checked cross sells for two sites (AllNetworkPass and MeatMembers). Had I not unchecked these, I would have been billed $80 one day after joining, according to some very fine print. I also kept a snapshot of the unchecked membership form as evidence, before clicking submit, just in case they billed me anyway -- given their bad reputation.

Although some PU members report problems with AllElitePass (see Comments there), I had no problems. I joined with a PayPal SecureCard (a temporary credit card limited to one vendor) and
canceled the card a few days after joining, after the transaction was completed. Although this would not have prevented them from billing me more than they promised in the first few days, it would prevent rebilling after one month, and fraudlent billing by any other vendors.

Cancelling was not straightforward and I complained about this, and received a reply acknowledging receipt of my concerns. When you
click "Support" you are asked to choose the company that billed you. None of those listed were the company that showed up on my credit
card. There was a link for live support chat. In frustration, I clicked that, and THERE finally was a link to cancel. It required that I enter two of three items (no problem), promptly found my account, and I canceled. I received an email confirmation of my cancellation (watch your spam box!) from cypherhelp.com (not the company that billed me).

I have described my tastes in my profile. I downloaded and watched videos from about half of the 97 sites offered. Below I have listed the sites where I found, to my pleasant surprise, a few videos that I enjoyed and felt were worth keeping (titles are given under the review of each site). See each site below for details. "++" means there is something surprisingly good at the site (see its review).

1000orgasms.com ++

BlackBrosWhiteHoes.com (what you'd expect, not worth reviewing, but Capri gets honorable mention).

BlackJuicyCreampies.com (what you'd expect, not worth reviewing, but Dena Cally is multi-orgasmic, skinny, and a joy to behold. Honorable mention: LilBaby. On the bad side, there are many fake male cumshots at this site.

BorderBangers.com (what you'd expect, I didn't review it separately. Eva, Jassie, and Sativa are good.)
MeAndMyGFs.com ++
PenetrationTease.com ++
SchoolGirlCreampies.com ++
SleepSins.com ++

06-19-10  07:28pm

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Visit College Fuck Fest

College Fuck Fest

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Unlike most of the AllElitePass sites, this one is being updated regularly, once or twice a month.

- A Bargain: My one month subscription cost only $9.95, and had full bonus access to the 90-some other sites at allelitepass.
- Seeing the amazed faces of real college students watching a couple (of porn actors) have sex in the same room is fun.
- Occasional videos with chemistry, arousal, attractive young couples and female orgasms.
- There are about 100 videos (most low to very low resolution).

See my review of AllElitePass for more Pros.
Cons: You are joining allelitepass.com. Some PU members have been billed inappropriately by this company, but I had no problems. See my review of AllElitePass for more Cons (IMPORTANT). Especially, beware pre-checked cross sells that will bill you $80 one day after you join.
- Most of the content is older and very low resolution.
- At one point in time, the resolution gets much better, but it is worse
again in later videos.
- Most of the sex scenes have no chemistry, no fun, no arousal, no female orgasms, and end with the guy jacking off in the girl's face (which I find counter-erotic and dumb).
- The titles and descriptions tell you nothing useful.
- All videos download with the same generic filename so you must rename every download.
- Party numbers are mostly not listed on the site, just titles and dates.
- Still photos are generally unexciting.
Bottom Line: I had subscribed to CollegeFuckFest (CFF) in March, 2009, and enjoyed some of the videos, so I re-subscribed in May, 2010 to see the updates. It was worthwhile this time because of the allelitepass bonus sites, but I probably won't do this again. Although CFF has real updates about twice a month, many of the bonus sites had very limited content (a dozen or two videos per site) and had no updates since 2008. However, I had not explored these thoroughly in 2009, and this time I did, discovering some unexpected gems (see AllElitePass for those).

About half of each video shows a noisy college party, with some hot and some not so hot college girls dancing to loud music, and rarely some boob flashes. The other half shows a couple having sex.
They pretend this is a couple of students attending the party, but the pretense is quite thin. The couple is often older than college
age, sometimes with lots of tattoos and piercings, and these are clearly porn pros. Often some or all of the sex is on a couch in a room full of beer-drinking college students watching the fun. Seeing their amazed faces is fun. I don't think they ever show ordinary college students at the party having sex, or at most they pan quickly past a couple making out, mostly clothed, in a dark corner. Sometimes the couple having sex is in a bedroom or bathroom, but usually with several guys watching, sometimes a girl or two also. In one of the early videos, you can see large signs posted here and there warning that the party is being videoed, and that if you don't want to be seen on an adult website, you should leave.

Most of these sex scenes are pretty standard stuff with no chemistry, no fun, no laughing, no arousal, and the women don't orgasm. These typically end with the guy jacking off in a facial, which I find counter-erotic and dumb. There are a few exceptions, which are what might make the site worth a one-month subscription (if your taste agrees with mine; see my profile). Also, there are a few gems among the bonus sites (see AllElitePass for details).

CFF#91 New Years' Group Sex Party (April 2009): 3 couples go at it in the same room. One woman with very short hair orgasms hard over and over. Lo-res.

CFF#89 New Years' Party 2009 (March 2009): Two couples go at it in the same room. One of the women orgasms hard many times. Lo-res.

CFF#45 Valley Frat Fucks Part 2 (October 2008): Skinny attractive brunette (I've seen her on many other sites) fucks a nice looking guy. She orgasms to oral. A hot blonde watches and touches a bit. Decent resolution (700 x 400).

CFF#26 Jello Party (June 2008): The jello wrestling is fun. At the end, a pretty blonde with some personality but fake boobs gets into
the sex and has a couple of nice orgasms. Lo-res.

CFF#25 Holly Weird (May 2008): A young attractive couple, seemingly new to the business and so with a little personality and arousal going for them, enjoys sex in a garage. Lo-res.

Out of room here. Continued in a "Reply".

06-19-10  08:40pm

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Visit Sleep Sins

Sleep Sins

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Not many pros, except for the unusual concept (see below).
See my review of AllElitePass for Pros.
Cons: See my review of AllElitePass for Cons (IMPORTANT). Especially, beware pre-checked cross sells that will bill you $80 one day after you join.

- Only 12 videos total, all but one dated November 2008.
- No updates since March 2009.
Bottom Line: When you join, you become a member of AllElitePass. See my review of AllElitePass for billing concerns (IMPORTANT). I joined CollegeFuckFest and thus was able to access this site as one of the 97 sites under their umbrella.

This site has a cool premise. The girl finds the guy "sleeping" and has her way with him, giving him a BJ at the end (so he can't jack himself off!). What a pleasant contrast to the usual overbearing stunt cocks, often ignoring the girl's responses and banging her hard when she doesn't want that, and pressing anal on her. (No anal here!)

Eden Adams is just fantastic here. I looked her up and she's a major porn star with tons of the usual kinds of hardcore scenes (none of which I've seen because this is her only scene on AllElitePass), but she really shines here! She orgasms over and over, clearly enjoying herself.

Chrissy, Faye Valentine, and Nautica Thorne are also good here.

06-20-10  07:51pm

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Visit Teen Brazil

Teen Brazil

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: See my review of AllElitePass for Pros.
Cons: See my review of AllElitePass for Cons (IMPORTANT). Especially, beware pre-checked cross sells that will bill you $80 one day after you join.

Only 33 videos, with no updates since October 2008.
Bottom Line: When you join, you become a member of AllElitePass. See my review of AllElitePass for billing concerns (IMPORTANT). I joined CollegeFuckFest and thus was able to access this site as one of the 97 sites under their umbrella.

TeenBrazil has anal sex in most scenes, and the sex tends to be rough. Most of the scenes have no chemistry, no arousal, no laughing or fun, just rough sex.

There were a handful of videos that I liked:

Pilar is a gorgeous, skinny, petite, dark-skinned lovely who seems to enjoy getting fucked, and fucking back. Bianca gets it on convincingly. Honorable mention: Debby, Mima.

06-20-10  06:34pm

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Visit The Habib Show

The Habib Show

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Unique content with real pay for play street/bar girls, no faking, no acting.
- Fun party atmosphere. Some street scenes during pickups.
- Wide range of female body types, some young and gorgeous.
- All videos are downloadable.
- Videos can be sorted by most popular or latest.
- I reported a bad download link and they replied within 24 hours saying they fixed it (I didn't verify that).
Cons: - Horrible, very jerky, amateurish camera work is hard to watch and often misses the best parts.
- Large annoying watermark often blocks what you most want to see!
- Video resolution varies from poor to excellent.
- Video format seems to depend randomly on which camera they used. Each video is available in only one format: wmv, mp4, divx.
- Bulk of each video is conversation, undressing, showering. Sex is typically just a few minutes.
- Guys make little or no effort to pleasure the girls.
- Trailers are mixed in with full length videos.
- Stills are lo-res screenshots from the videos with no artistry whatsoever.
- Occasionally they use fake semen ("big willie").
- Download speed was sometimes very good but sometimes very poor -- varies widely.
- Downloaded video files have unique names but those names are often hard to relate to the title of the video -- so you may not be able to find it again.
- Bonus sites are very poor.
Bottom Line: I was disappointed with these videos. I joined for one month and will never re-join.

They are mildly interesting documentary but just not very erotic. It is sort of fun to see these guys pick up pay for play street/bar girls in various countries and what the girls say when they get back in the hotel room. Basically Habib just videos hotel rooms where he brings pay for play girls, and most of the videos are her arriving, undressing, horsing around, maybe some smoking, showering, just a few minutes of sex. A rare few of these girls managed to get off and enjoy themselves, but not because the guys made much effort. I don't like it when the guys bang away forever -- I prefer that they show some excitement and enjoyment and shoot their load in a natural amount of time -- but these guys mostly have no stamina at all -- no real attention to arousing the woman, then a couple of minutes in and out and they are done. The men often have trouble even getting hard. Too much booze and too little sleep? Nothing exciting about that either.

Condoms are used in nearly all of these videos. Under the circumstances of what they are doing, I applaud that. However it doesn't increase the erotic value of the videos.

Due to very amateurish videography with really no effort being made to produce a watchable video, the video quality is horrible. Lighting is often poor.

There are no cancellation links on the site so keep your subscription email info! Canceling was straightforward by going directly to the billing site.

I downloaded and watched 47 videos. There are probably over 100 full length videos on the site but it is hard to estimate. Only about 10 seemed worth keeping to watch again someday, and only about 5 of those were somewhat erotic and had orgasms (a couple from rubbing their own clits while being fucked).

08-01-13  03:38pm

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Visit Bikini Banger

Bikini Banger

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: See my review of AllElitePass for Pros.
Cons: See my review of AllElitePass for Cons (IMPORTANT). Especially, beware pre-checked cross sells that will bill you $80 one day after you join.

Only 41 videos, all released in October, 2008. No updates since.
Bottom Line: When you join, you become a member of AllElitePass. See my review of AllElitePass for billing concerns (IMPORTANT). I joined CollegeFuckFest and thus was able to access this site as one of the 97 sites under their umbrella.

BikiniBanger: A guy finds a girl e.g. on the beach, and talks her into "auditioning". He fucks her always in the same room, and usually the same guy. Most of these are boring and un-erotic, no chemistry, no female orgasms.

However, Abell is a skinny young thing who seems to genuinely enjoy getting a good pounding, and probably orgasms at least once. Honorable mention: Cherry.

06-19-10  08:12pm

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Visit Schoolgirl Creampies

Schoolgirl Creampies

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Not many Pros.
See my review of AllElitePass for Pros.
Cons: See my review of AllElitePass for Cons (IMPORTANT). Especially, beware pre-checked cross sells that will bill you $80 one day after you join.

- Only 12 videos total! All but one are dated 11/12/08.
- No updates since March, 2009.
- Video resolution is poor to barely OK.
Bottom Line: When you join, you become a member of AllElitePass. See my review of AllElitePass for billing concerns (IMPORTANT). I joined CollegeFuckFest and thus was able to access this site as one of the 97 sites under their umbrella.

This site offers a mixed bag of only 12 videos all ending in creampies (which I much prefer over facials).

Brandy, Cheyenne, and Chrissy are all responsive and erotic here. Riley gets honorable mention.

06-20-10  07:47pm

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Visit Girls Out West

Girls Out West

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Uniquely natural / real models (average women).
- Natural settings without glossy editing.
- Genuine amateurs (not even pro-am!)
Cons: - Little or no chemistry or sexual excitement in most videos.
- Most videos are older, and have very poor resolution.
- Often (not always) very jerky camera work. Makes me seasick!
- Many videos have low contrast, no real blacks, so are like watching through a steamy window.
Bottom Line: I was intrigued by the Annie's truly unique approach and values, as I understood them from the reviews here and from looking at the site as a non-member. I definitely appreciate porn done by women with real female arousal -- at least I think I do (need more cases now). I watched the 4 trailers for boy/girl videos, and they seemed promising. The site says 500 videos -- so I figured there must be at least 100 b/g videos. So I joined hoping for some b/g videos with real arousal, female orgasms, and other things that I like (see my profile, and the forum "Against the grain").

Unfortunately, I have to agree with PU reviewer ramscrota. As a whole, the b/g videos offered by this site are pathetic.

First, quantity and resolution. Only 24 are listed, 2 of which are mis-indexed (they have no boys). Half of these, 13, are available only in very low resolution, highly compressed blurry 480 x 360 pixels mpg. Later vids move up to 640 x 360 wmv, then more recentlhy 770 x 435 mp4 or wmv without the blurring compression.

Worst of all, in most of the b/g videos, the couple seems to be working for the camera woman, trying hard (sometimes difficulty with erection) without being very horny or aroused. Sometimes they are clearly too hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable, and in some outdoor scenes the flies are quite distracting/disgusting.

So, after looking at all of the b/g scenes and finding very little, I looked at some of the g/g or solo videos. Since I find genuine arousal exciting, I looked mostly at the ones where the description indicated an orgasm. Again, most of these were simply unexciting. Natural down to earth people, just not very expressive or excited people.

As others have said, the models are a cross section of body types, ages, and personalities -- but all presented in very natural form, little or no makeup. I like that approach, but not the results here. Also one of the two camera women is often crossing the viewport, or her shadow, which I found realistic but somewhat distracting.

Overall, I have to say that for me, joining this site was a waste of money.

All that said, I did find a few vids that I downloaded and didn't erase after one viewing. Larissa's Manhunt is hilarious and she is really entertaining and sexy. Unfortunately, the 4 segments end without any sex or orgasms. (I deleted those.) The following b/g videos had some real sexual energy, excitement, and orgasms:
- Jasmine & Lee, Caravan Sex
- Timbo fucks Kim (silly overacting, but real multiple orgasms)
- Samantha and Maxwell was a really tender, affectionate, and hot video.
- Vince and Miah were fun.

After watching a couple of dozen solo and g/g videos (generally not my thing) the only one I am keeping is
- Daisy Duke & Alma (real horny excitement and energy and orgasms)

All of the above except Timbo were available in reasonable resolution.

Honorable mention goes to Kim's motorcycle video (3 parts). No orgasms but an amazing concept, pretty well done.

07-30-09  03:07pm

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Visit Oldje


Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Creative scenarios, very unusual.
Gorgeous slim women, many very cute.
Mostly natural breasts.
As a 70 year old, the fantasy of a beautiful young woman coming onto me is very attractive.
Dialog, when there is any, is in English.
Guys don't walk on already hard.
Normal sized dicks.
No brainless rough hard banging away.
No fake moaning.
Cons: Boring, repetitive, passionless sex.
Apparently no interest in arousing the women.
Sometimes it appears that the men coming is the girls mouths is faked, with fake semen preloaded in the girls mouths.
The price is WAY WAY too high ($38/month).
Early vids very low res; later ones low res or OK; a few very recent ones are stunningly hires.
Too many long closeups.
Downloads all have the same names so you have to rename every one.
There is usually annoyingly loud music that doesn't fade out -- but it doesn't matter because nobody ever really gets aroused.
Bottom Line: A couple of the very recent very high resolution videos are in beautiful outdoor settings. They move slowly and sensuously, with a lot of kissing. About half of the videos are scripted with the guys taking advantage of the girls (I can do without that). In the other half, the girls tease and come onto the guys -- which I love. So I had high anticipation about this site -- but it turned out to be one of the least arousing sites to which I've subscribed.

The creativity and variety of the scenarios is really unusual and is the best thing about this site. Also the lack of hard banging and rushed sex. The slow sensuous approach is refreshing. Unfortunately, this is coupled with terrible directing and editing -- if the goal is to be erotic.

The director/editor seems to insist on so many minutes each for a series of positions, without any concern for what is actually happening. There is no chemistry between any of the couples. They show no evidence of having fun, being playful, or getting aroused. There is no spontaneity. Apparently they are just doing what the director told them to do. Even if a little spark starts to grow, they are told to change positions and it kills any spark that started.

In only one or maybe two of all the 30 videos that I watched, the girls actually got aroused and maybe orgasmed. This was not respected, featured, emphasized -- the director/editor did not seem to notice or care that this happened -- it was incidental -- and it was not erotic to watch.

The emphasis is on the girl pleasuring the man. Most have very brief cunnilingus or finger fucking, but only to please the man, and it stops after a moment, regardless of whether the woman might show a little spark of excitement. All videos end with a blow job and the guy (supposedly) coming in the girl's mouth. In some cases the guy jacks off and really comes; in others, the girl blows him and maybe he really comes, or it is faked.

A give away about the attitude in this site is that in all the preview stills that label each video, very few if any show the girl with an expression of actual enjoyment or arousal. Instead, she is always looking at the camera with her mouth open, a sure sign that she is not aroused.

For what this site offers, the price is WAY WAY too high (30 euros, about $38/month). Actresses names are not given. There is no search mechanism. There are no dates for the "updates". Most of the videos have poor resolution.

The bonus site (class-3some) is even worse.

It is unusual that I download 30 videos from a site and don't find a single one that I want to keep, but that is what happened here. They seemed to have a good idea and some real creativity, but the direction/editing kills any eroticism.

Sometimes they show outtakes at the end, and in these, often the actors are laughing and having fun -- unlike in the main video!


05-21-10  07:08pm

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Visit Penetration Tease

Penetration Tease

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: Not many.
See my review of AllElitePass for some Pros.
Cons: See my review of AllElitePass for Cons (IMPORTANT). Especially, beware pre-checked cross sells that will bill you $80 one day after you join.

- Only 14 videos, all dated 11/12/08.
- No updates since 2008.
- Video resolution is awful.
Bottom Line: When you join, you become a member of AllElitePass. See my review of AllElitePass for billing concerns (IMPORTANT). I joined CollegeFuckFest and thus was able to access this site as one of the 97 sites under their umbrella.

Personally, I am a big fan of non-abusive penetration teasing with the girl in control. Most of the females in these videos don't do a very good job of it, tho.

But Marie is fantastic! (I wish I could get this video in decent resolution!) Desire and Lynn are quite good also. Honorable mention to Adrianna, Heather, and Lavenea.

06-20-10  07:39pm

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Visit Casual Teen Sex

Casual Teen Sex

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - The girls are young and really beautiful.
- Most videos start with a pick-up scene, on the street, a bridge, a party, a mall, etc. These are badly acted but the scenery is interesting, it is nice to see the girl in clothes, and these are the most creative part of this site.
- Quite a few different men.
- Lighting in videos is uniformly good.
- The location is not always the same.
Cons: - Only 50-some videos.
- The price is way too high for the small number of videos and their bad quality.
- Girls rarely get aroused, and are very quiet when they do have orgasms.
- The camerawork is unbelievably bad, extremely jerky nearly all the time, like the camera-person has Parkinson's? Just horrible, consistently so.
- Jackhammer mechanical sex.
- Some fake ejaculations.
- No names given for actors/actresses, so you can't search for their other videos.
- There is often a lot of distracting traffic noise outside the apartment, and/or amazingly squeaky beds.
- Still photos poor. Even when the actress was gorgeous, I usually couldn't find stills that I wanted to keep.
- Poor support. I emailed a question before subscribing and received no answer.
Bottom Line: - All videos are boy-girl (some threesomes).
- Most girls have smallish breasts (yay!), but a few have large gorgeous natural ones. Implants are rare (yay!).
- No anal (yay!).
- Few if any facials (yay!). Ejaculation on the belly and tits, or a few creampies. Often the guys jack themselves off for way too long (boo).
- Condoms rare (boo!).
- The guys are young and slim and good looking but don't seem to know how to do anything except jackhammer with a deadpan face (sound familiar?).
- Very few closeups. I would have liked some brief closeups of the girls' faces.

I was quite disappointed with this site. The couples have a mindset that they're being paid to fuck, and fuck they do, but very few of the girls or guys take any erotic pleasure in it. The girls seem really inhibited about showing any enjoyment, and they seem embarassed to show any pleasure during cunnilingus (which is sometimes skipped and often brief). Nobody seems to be having fun.

This site is done by the same group as YoungLibertines. (See my review of that site for some technical points that I won't repeat here.) The website design is identical, but the content is worse. I was able to find about 20 videos at YoungLibertines that were worth keeping (out of 80 that I watched, so 25%), while here, I found only a few, but barely worth keeping (~5% -- I watched all 50). Overall, I felt that I wasted my time and money.

In my opinion (see my profile for my tastes), the best are Spontaneous Sex, Girl At The Student Party, Splashes of Champagne and cum, Welcome Fuck.

12-07-09  06:55pm

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Visit The Sandfly

The Sandfly

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Occasional videos of real amateurs, really aroused.
- Amusing random clips (but these are rare): clit piercing, wild parties, girl pissing on beach fire, sex on a trampoline, etc.
- Low price: $20 for 4 months.
Cons: - Not much good content -- fair number of clips but most very short and horrible quality.
- Mostly very short videos. Most of the minority that show any excitement end before anyone has a climax.
- Mostly horrible resolution, like an old cell phone video. ALL uniformly small format (about 360 x 400 pixels), and no "full screen" display option.
- Often very amateurish jerky camera work, usually POV.
- Often very poor light -- some so dark you can't see anything.
- The majority of amateur videos are just blowjobs. Next most common is solo girl masturbation but often not to climax. Next is just girls undressing or prancing around, often not even nude. There are a small number of boy-girl fucking scenes.
- Some members have uploaded commercial porn clip that you may well have seen on free sites.
- The video player has no time scale.
- Streaming only, no downloads. You cannot right-click and download the video.
- No search mechanism. No organization for videos.
Bottom Line: The guy who apparently runs this site, "SandFly", takes spy voyeur videos of girls and couples on the beach. Most of these are just women with bare breasts, sometimes nude, sunbathing. Low resolution, jerky, telephoto from a long way away. There are only a handful showing man-woman couples or groups having sex, and most of those end before anything much happens. Actually, you'll find better voyeur spy vids of amateurs on xhamster. There are roughly 110 of these videos.

The other side of this site is user-uploaded videos. You can earn access to the site by uploading videos so a lot of boring or duplicate stuff is uploaded.

There are about 120 "big clips" (a few minutes long instead of less than a minute). And there are more than 1,000 short clips uploaded by users. Both categories suffer from the "cons" listed above. And there are quite a few duplicates within these counts.

There are also still picture sets but I didn't bother to look at them.

Bottom line: for such a cheap price one can hardly complain or expect more, but not worth the time I spent looking thru the videos.

10-04-12  08:25pm

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Visit Class 3Some

Class 3Some

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: The men are younger than in oldje (but not young).
Two or more girls per scene (if you like that -- I don't because it makes real arousal of the women even less likely).
Sometimes the cameraman roams over the women's bodies in a pleasing way.
Normal sized dicks.
Some creativity in scenarios.
Cons: No fun, chemistry, arousal, and very rarely any female orgasms.
Long boring passionless sex (but at least it isn't rushed).
Only about 20 videos total at this site!
Way overpriced for what it offers.
Video resolution is poor.
The girls rarely if ever touch each other or their own clits.
Bottom Line: This is a bonus site for oldje. See my review of oldje -- for my tastes, it is a loser. Class-3some is even worse. It suffers from all the same limitations.

05-21-10  07:24pm

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Visit Private Society

Private Society

Excellent and unusual site

I joined PrivateSociety for a month in November, 2014. No problem with billing, canceling, or downloading. I thought it was creative and excellent. A group of male buddies cruise around midwestern and western towns and find women willing to be in videos for pay. Some are waitresses, some are wives mad at their husbands, etc. Videos are made in motel rooms. The women are very "real", down to earth, and often this is their first porn video. Some young, some middle aged, some older, all sizes. Amateurs with an occasional hooker. Usually the males fucking the women are the guys who set it up and operate the cameras, but sometimes it is a boyfriend of the woman. I like that they usually start with their clothes on and there is some foreplay. Above all I like that they have fun! And they don't enforce a standard script -- they are spontaneous -- except that they do often end in a facial (not my thing). I downloaded 78 clips, among which I found 8 clips that I thought were very hot (women getting turned on and having orgasms), and 15 more that I thought were hot. That is a high percentage for me as I am quite picky. I love the "waitress in the diner" or "woman next door" feel of these videos.

06-28-15  04:40pm

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Visit Mom XXX.com

Mom XXX.com

Great value through BigZ.Com

I joined BigZ.Com for a month in January, 2015. I downloaded videos from DaneJones, FakeTaxi, FemaleAgent, Girlfriends, LoveCreampie, MassageRooms, and MomXXX. No problems with billing, canceling, or downloading. For me, the surprise was MomXXX, where I found 9 clips that I thought were very hot (see my profile for a description of my taste), and I'm quite picky. Those were 1043, 1109, 1113, 1125, 1129, 1175, 1241, 1277, and 1318. MomXXX has considerable overlap in actors with MassageRooms, which is fine since I like MassageRooms very well also. Uma is a gorgeous and amazing multi-orgasmic woman featured in both sites. I also found a few at LoveCreampie that I thought were hot to very hot. Nothing of interest at the other sites.

06-28-15  04:24pm

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