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What's your biggest turn-off in hetero videos ?

Type: General

Submitted by OneMan (27)
Blokes talking all the time 35% 18 Votes
Too much man-ass 22% 11 Votes
Hearing direction being given 18% 9 Votes
Condoms being worn 20% 10 Votes
The missus coming home 2% 1 Votes
Power cut just before cumshot 4% 2 Votes

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51 Votes Total

Dec 2, 2009

Poll Replies (20)

Replies to the user poll above.

Msg # User Message Date


Drooler (220) Man-ass. I've seen vids with prolonged shots of it filling the screen, blocking the view of what I came to see. I wonder, "What the fuck are they thinking? ARE they thinking?" I like profile views of the "belly-down flat" shot in a way that the man-ass rarely has a fleeting moment of visibility.
12-02-09  12:18am

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pinkerton (41) Blokes talking all the time - Bang Bros content, esp. Bang Bus is the worst for that.
12-02-09  03:42am

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RagingBuddhist (65) 1. Guys finishing themselves off
2a. Cameramen with diarrhea of the mouth*
2b. Women overplaying the sex**

*Shut your mouth
**Shut your mouth unless you're going to put something in it

12-02-09  03:57am

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Jay G (67) REPLY TO #3 - RagingBuddhist :

Raging Buddhist said it best (with footnotes!)
12-02-09  06:18am

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Capn (28) There was no option for 'all of the above'! ;0)

Quite honestly I couldn't give a rodents ass about videos. :0)

12-02-09  09:19am

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GCode (101) I seriously hate camera man talking the most but I'd say the performers come second in this category. I'm not sure what if OneMan meant either of these examples or both of these examples when describing blokes talking all the time, but I'd have to say that anyone besides the model talking a lot is a no-no for me in a video.
12-02-09  11:12am

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Torn4do (13) I hate when it's so obviously fake and over-acted by actors / actresses, but the worst is still man-ass, hands down.
12-02-09  02:48pm

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BabyGetReal (32) None of the things on the poll list are my biggest turn offs. They are:
1. Facials! And yes, the guy finishing himself off.
2. Anal sex.
3. Implants and porn stars that look like plastic dolls.
4. Lack of genuine excitement, chemistry, female orgasms. Both parties being mechanical and bored by the whole thing. Fake moans. Women flirting with the camera when they should be in ecstasy with their eyes closed, or looking at their partner.
5. Fast and hard fucking with little or no foreplay. For me, genuine arousal with the clothes on and slow dry humping are a lot more erotic than most porn.
6. The guy holding off way too long. When they guy comes in a normal amount of time, and then maybe again later, it is much better. Holding off goes hand in hand with spending most of the video fucking hard instead of caressing gently, arousing with body, lips, and hands and getting the woman off a few times that way before the fucking starts.
7. The same actions in every video and/or the same stunt cock who has no personality and nothing to offer the woman except his cock.
8. Closeups that are too close and last way too long.
9. Lack of creativity. Directors that force every couple to do the same boring stuff.

And oh yes, for me, condoms are a relief, not a turn off. Their biggest problem for me is that they preclude creampies. But they don't preclude yanking the condom off and cumming over the woman's belly or butt, both of which I like provided it happens from genuine excitement, not from the guy jacking for a minute or longer.

12-02-09  05:08pm

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pat362 (375) I picked blokes talking all the time but that's not really high on my list. It's just that none of the others are on it.

My biggest turn off's are the action going too fast, the stupid sexual positions, an obvious complete disinterest from the performers, the girl looking on the sideline for direction, scenes that look like every other scene and pretty much every
mysoginistic thing done to women by the guys.

12-02-09  07:02pm

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Monahan (44) REPLY TO #8 - BabyGetReal :

Agree with all of BabyGetReal's list....plus excessive time given to the guy's ass, dick and scrotum...plus the guy blocking the view of PTA.

PTA = Pussy tits and ass.

12-02-09  08:46pm

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turboshaft (24) I would say talking all the time as well as hearing direction, but so much talking is just talking, not direction, and serves no purpose other than for some ass to make stupid small talk or add dumb comments -- that's what this site is for!

I have seen quite a few European videos that sounded like they used a significant amount of ADR (automated dialogue replacement) where the talent awkwardly rerecorded their "lines" and a sleazy cheesy muzak track was added as well. It does not always make for the hottest or most natural sounding audio, but the advantage is you don't hear the usual panting, giggling, catcalling crap that is in so many American videos. Seriously, it can be a real treat to watch a video or an entire movie and not hear what should have been left in a BTS video, or better yet on the cutting room floor.

12-02-09  09:21pm

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jd1961 (95) Shaved genitals on men.
12-03-09  01:04am

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monty2222 (19) Hearing the director or any other off-screen crew members instantly ruins a scene for me. Stunt cocks talking shit and shots of man-ass can also be bloody annoying and may very well kill a scene, but a scene can also work regardless of it. On the other hand hearing the director yell "Put your hand on your ass!" or "Move a bit to the left" just wrecks the mood completely.

I also agree with all of BabyGetReal's points. Seeing the girl with a disgusted grimace on her face while waiting for a facial? Not hot.
Anal sex? I've never watched a scene and thought "This is boring I hope there's some anal coming up", at the very best it doesn't detract from my enjoyment of the scene, it can't add to it. And what's the deal with long lingering shots of a gaping asshole, what's hot about that?
Great looking models who ruined their look by turning their perfect perky breasts into a pair of balloons. Imagine if Silvia Saint had gotten a pair of fake DDs - awful!
And the list goes on, but if were to add another thing to the list it would be guys with pierced genitals. I just can't ignore how painful it would have been to have it done or the pain if it gets stuck somewhere...

12-03-09  01:55am

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OneMan (27) My, that sparked off a discussion !!!

Perhaps we should start a thread on the forums.

Of course the poll could have had 100 entries, but the one's listed are my pet hates !

The worst for me is blokes gettin in the way, being too visible or audible.....as far as I'm concerned,'Leah Luv' or 'Sasha Grey' are being real dirty with.........ME (!)....... not some dumbass geezer who thinks he's the biz just 'cos he's got a 13 inch dick !

But second, especially with South American and Russian stuff, is the fake moans from girls who immediately start a 30 minute-long orgasm when they start touching their bajingoes !

12-03-09  03:42am

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surferman (5) I voted for blokes talking, but music playing is also one of my pet hates. What is the point - we want to watch the sex, and hear any real sounds, or with a bit of luck, some dirty talking from the woman. If music starts it makes me turn the sound off immediately.
12-03-09  08:12am

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messmer (137) BabyGetReal expressed it best for me. I chose "hearing the director talk" but all the points brought up by BGR are valid!
12-03-09  09:51am

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Bacchus (30) what I'd like to see is a section for reviewing "upload" sites that are free. There are tons of them out there now that really affect this industry.
12-03-09  10:48am

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turboshaft (24) REPLY TO #12 - jd1961 :

:0 Lol! Wasn't expecting anyone to say that, as we seem to only talk about the girls shaving and never the guys.

Not to sound weird, but I personally prefer them to be shaven since it's makes them less Hedgehog-ish and more porn star, and I figure if there's going to be a guy there he might as well not be sporting a full bear suit. Though it starts to get a little weird when he's more shaven than the girl -- legs, chest, everything -- as if he competing in the Olympics.

12-03-09  07:28pm

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lk2fireone (196) RagingBuddhist stated 2 of my main grips with porn clips:

2a. Cameramen with diarrhea of the mouth
2b. Women overplaying the sex

I have a lot of other gripes about porn videos, but the two above would be a good start on how to improve many clips.

12-04-09  01:35pm

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pornwatcher (3) For me it's anal sex. I know most people who watch porn like it but for me it is a turn off. I don't consider anus, which contains feces, a sex organ. It is very disgusting! It is the last place I would want to have contact with when having sex.
02-13-10  04:42am

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