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Review by TheBestPorn:

TBP Review

Date: 12-24-14

Type: 2.0

+  Hot Private content.
+  Some high quality content.
-  Non-exclusive content.
-  Content quality varies.

User Reviews (9)

 User reviews consist of pros, cons, and other thoughts.

TheSquirrel (53) 12-06-13  04:16pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (50), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: No download limits, DRM, or regional discrimination.
Upmarket glossy settings instead of the usual cum stained casting couch.
Different locations plus professionally produced and lit videos with some good angles, makes the material look different to the usual mass produced porn.
Good speeds on streaming and download.
Access to one of the most well established, and professional porn studios, giving access to a good variety of new and archive material.
HD videos look really good.
Zipped photos.
Consistent updates, albeit of different age and quality.
Very little filler material.
Their representative did take the time to appear at PU and answer concerns about cancellation problems.
Easy login.
Cons: Cancellation not confirmed, took a number of messages and emails to confirm cancellation.
Awful navigation and search facilities.
Old and new, high and low spec videos, all mixed in together.
Clips from same dvd mixed up over different sites.
Some videos don't play.
Only mp4 available for download or streaming.
Too many fake breasts.
A little less material than on big sites.
Bottom Line: This place is a delight and pain in the ass in equal measure, what you get though is quality stuff. Private is yet another dvd site masquerading as a network, so I use the main home page as base, then use the various sites as a filter and search facility. I am still finding some great material, but with no meaningful category search facilities, it is hard work and time consuming being a member. Browsing can be frustrating and no fun, if you spend more time searching than viewing.

On the main home page videos are not listed in chronoligical order of update, although scenes are, and so are the scenes on the individual sites, but updates are a mix of new and old material, so you get old 480 quality, mixed with 720 and 1080 quality, and scenes from each dvd are split up across the network on different sites. This has to be one of the most irritating porn sites to browse on the internet. Everything is mixed up together like an Eton Mess (created when a student dropped his dessert on the floor resulting in everything being mixed up. That sums up navigation).

For instance, if you go to Private Castings you will find a selection of videos with names like Guns And Rough Sex, Sex Auditions, and Cum To Daddy, split up into clips, but you wont find them all on the same site. For example, Cum To Daddy has a clip on Private Castings, but the other scenes from that video are to be found on both Russian Teen Ass, and Tight And Teen.

To me some of the older 480 clips don't look at all good, despite some glamorous and luxurious location filming, directors often can't resist changing from one angle to another, like you're going to get bored watching a beautiful girl getting fucked from the same angle for more than ten seconds, and once again there are far too many gynaecological closeups, and fake breasts.

Things could be so much more enjoyable with a little thought and organisation. Or maybe there is thought and organisation behind it all. Of course you don't think a company like Private just leaves it to chance do you? They've been around since 1965, and don't get to be in business this long by leaving things to chance. You think piracy is putting these guys out of business? I don't think so. They pre date internet porn, they predate video, they nearly predate me, but not quite.

Ah yes, video tapes, remember those? You'd make the effort, to go to one of those video shops, and fork out a lot of money buying the genuine article from some distant relative of the Krays, who'd only recently got the jail bars off his arse, but it was worth it, you finally had the real thing. Then you'd get it home and put it in the video machine, and wait, and wait, and wait...then finally, finally, after half an hour, it got to the good bit, and then it was over. WHAT!? That's as bad as my sex life, that can't be it!

But it was, and you didn't even have a remote control to forward wind. Ah, but they knew how to frame a shot, and they were actors, and it was all produced so well, but you just wasted an hour and a half of your life.

Porn is now vastly improved so I'm being a little harsh in judging Private who has to compete with the number of dvd's on the likes of Video Box or Videos Z, and the number of sites on 21 Sextury or Teen Mega World, and are attempting a sleight of hand at trying to make it look as though there is more than there really is. I think there's enough anyway, without the sleight of hand, even though the older material is far inferior in picture spec, though not in production. Making searching impossible and time consuming means longer memberships.

Same goes for the cancellation problem. It maybe designed that way for a reason. It took a number of emails and messages to get them to confirm my cancellation. One of the problems was their internal service did not recognise my membership password, so it was impossible to cancel using their links. Some of those missed cancellations are going to slip through "accidentally" which means more money.

The newer vids look very impressive, and if I was going to compare them to anything it would be to those early higher budget porn movies shot on film. Picture content is varied. Some clips have only 5-10 pics, some have over 100, and some have none at all, but they are of good quality when they exist, and can be downloaded in zipped form, or browsed through on the same player as the videos.

Private has lasted this long, mainly because they've maintained a high standard, and given people what they want - action, and done it with a style and professionalism that few others have. The videos don't all look the same as they do on some networks, due to a number of different directors working in different locations.

If not for the cancellation problems and navigation I would have stayed longer and scored higher. Just before I was due to post this review, the Private representative appeared on PU to answer the cancellation concerns. If that improves I will join again.
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rearadmiral (376) 11-13-13  10:33am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (73), NO (0)
Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - 660 Private titles
- Likely the most lavish productions of any current large studio
- Stunning models
- Some HD available
- Supports download managers
- Lots of anal (might be a con for some)
- Updates with two scenes (not full DVDs) added per day
Cons: - Not a true network of sites as indicated
- Download speeds can vary
- Sorting functions are limited
- A few minor issues with separate links leading to the same scene and wrong star names
Bottom Line: This is one of the better studio sites where Iíve had a membership, but since I find most studio sites lacking in some key areas that isnít necessarily praise. This is a good site that offers solid value though.

Youíll note that I refer to this as a site while others consider it a network. The TBP review notes that a membership to the main site comes with ten sites in total. Thatís sort of true, because those other Ďsitesí exist, but it is also misleading. The additional sites contain nothing different from what is on the main site. The additional sites are more like niche tags. If you sort by DVD and then open a DVD youíll see that some of the scenes in the DVD are tagged with the watermarks of those bonus sites. While this may be useful for sorting a niche you like, no one should join expecting access to both Private and bonus sites offering additional and unique content.

Currently the site has 660 DVDs available. Unlike so many other studio sites it appears that Private hasnít neglected to upload some scenes in DVDs. For those who know Privateís videos they donít need an introduction, but for those not familiar with them, Private is a European studio (likely the oldest in the industry) known for high quality productions. The studio uses only the best looking models (mostly European but a few American A-listers too), has incredibly high production values and often shoots in exotic (and expensive) locations. Like so much of European porn, anal sex is frequent which may deter some members. If the site has a weak point, it isnít the quality of the porn.

The siteís main weak point, as seems to be common with studio sites, is in the website execution. The site itself is simple, which in many cases is an advantage, but in this case more detail and options should be made available. For example, when sorting by DVD (my preference) the only option is to sort by popularity or title. There is no option to sort by upload date or HD versus SD content.

Iíll confess that Iíve become a bit of a Ďsize queení in recent months: life is too short for low res porn. The result is that unless there is a specific scene that I really want, I wonít download anything less than 720p. On this site, that meant leaving a lot of porn on the table. (I canít really say how much HD is available because there is no way that I can find to sort for it, but I estimate that maybe 40% is available as HD.) Given that some of the DVDs available here were filmed prior to HD I canít fault the studio for this and I assume that all newly shot and uploaded DVDs will be available in HD.

Where only SD is available there is usually only one option of 720x480, though some come in at 720x540. The only file type offered is mp4. Many scenes also offer a lower-res version for mobile devices.

The HD scenes still only offer mp4 but there are more options for resolutions. Those are 480p, 720p, 1080p and mobile. I downloaded the 1080p and those came in at 1920x1080 at 4,100kb/s and 25fps. Interestingly (for a non-tech guy) the file sizes are much smaller than Iím used to seeing for scenes of this resolution. I donít understand how theyíre encoded, but the site really has struck a great balance between how the scenes look (they look great Ė clear and crisp) and the file size. I certainly appreciate their effort.

Scenes are also available for streaming in the same resolutions offered for downloads.

The site allows download managers and I had no issue with timeouts. I realize that some have reported being limited to five downloads at once, but since I only use a manager to queue up downloads for one-at-a-time download I had no issues. I was also able to continue navigating when downloading contrary to what some others have reported. Download speeds were up to normal standards but I did see speeds drop off on a few occasions. I usually saw 10+MB/s but it could drop as low as 3MB/s for short periods.

A couple of minor issues popped up in that on more than one occasion I went to download a scene and my download manager said I already had downloaded it. It appears that some of the links may lead to the wrong scene. Another relatively minor quibble is that on maybe a dozen or so of the scenes I downloaded the female talent was incorrectly listed. As this is the studio that shot the video Iíd like to think they could avoid this mistake.

The bottom line for me is that this is a solid site that offers a lot of top-quality porn for a fair price. While the site could use more tags and search tools, and should continue to add HD content, even as it stands it offers great value for your porn dollars.
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standard (21) 06-10-11  10:49am
Rookie Badge  Top Monthly User TRUST USER?   YES (15), NO (0)
Status: Review is over 2 years old and no longer counts toward score.
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slutty (111) 02-10-10  01:56pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (47), NO (0)
Status: Review is over 2 years old and no longer counts toward score.
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kirkwall (0) 08-29-09  12:47pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (2), NO (1)
Status: Review is over 2 years old and no longer counts toward score.
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Cashed (2) 08-21-09  08:55pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (8), NO (0)
Status: Review is over 2 years old and no longer counts toward score.
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owen (6) 08-01-08  12:33pm
Rookie Badge TRUST USER?   YES (15), NO (0)
Status: Review is over 2 years old and no longer counts toward score.
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JBDICK (20) 04-04-08  11:42am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (31), NO (0)
Status: Review is over 2 years old and no longer counts toward score.
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studslut (8) 01-12-07  07:53pm
Rookie Badge TRUST USER?   YES (3), NO (7)
Status: Review is over 2 years old and no longer counts toward score.
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User Comments (20)

 Ask a question, give quick feedback, warnings, etc.

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ipg386 (0) 06-09-10  09:39pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (8), NO (0)

How to make one of the best sites one of the worst

Private has managed to turn one of the best sites into one of the worst. How? Easy make navigation inscrutable, remove all the pictures that were some of the best on the internet and oh did I forget, slow the site down so that you can have a cup of coffee while simply moving from one page to the next. Yes, they really ruined this site. The removal of the incredible picture section is unbelievable. And I forget to mention the limited pictures they do still have cannot be individually downloaded with Mozilla, you have to download the anemic set as a zip file just to get the few pictures that are worth seeing. It looks like they are using the site to sell videos and have lost sight of their users. Not worth even a one month subscription.

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slutty (111) 02-08-10  04:37pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (47), NO (0)

Frustrating site

Didn't feel like writing a full review, just wanted to note that this site is very disappointing. Though they do not have DRM anymore, and the ability to download a good portion of their magazine archive in pdf format is pretty interesting; the navigation is terrible (looking at the preview would lead you to believe the navigation is pretty good - but the navigation of the member area is very different and significantly worse). Also all their content is not available (yet?). I would not recommend joining this site, especially since a lot of their content is available elsewhere - videobox for example; unless you really want to download the magazine archive, which I guess might be worth it as the TBP price is pretty good.

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jd1961 (95) 09-29-09  06:49pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (52), NO (1)

No More DRM At Private

I'm here to report, and respond to kirkwall's recent review.
There is no more DRM at Private. I decided to take a shot at this site, because they do have high quality material, but I didn't trust them.

While the site could use some improvement, contrary to what this reviewer claimed at the end of this August, there is no DRM whatsoever. Reading his review just now got me paranoid, because I was a member in August (he claims they have a "7 day DRM") so I ran a thorough check of what I downloaded (my membership is now expired). No DRM. I even ran a number of videos using Real Player, which wouldn't work with DRM---no problem. I even went so far as to convert a video into mpeg format---no problem.

The site could be better, no real search to speak of, and they need more of their massive library there. But a Private site without DRM is a good site.

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exotics4me (463) 08-31-09  04:30pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (86), NO (0)

DRM or Not?

I've been waiting to join this site, they have many videos of some of my favorites including Eve Angel, Simony Diamond and Black Angelica, but one of the newer reviews says the DRM is still there, the other newer review says no DRM. Is there anyway, since the webmistress is active, that you can say the DRM is not on the movies, no tricks or explain why two reviews made within a week of each other have completely different points about the DRM?

I ask because I know of another site that was using DRM, and I wasn't seeing it when I was a member. Posted a review of no DRM, then another member said there was DRM. It was the difference in file types we downloaded, the site still had DRM on their WMV files (what the other member was downloading), but none on the AVI files (what I was downloading).

Also, on the join page, this is a little confusing "Tag Undefined offer01r$" and has a tick button beside of it. I do see that it says "$19.95 special offer" but have no idea what that quoted part means. Thanks.

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rome476 (0) 07-16-09  05:32pm
Talk Back  Pollster TRUST USER?   YES (7), NO (0)


After the most recent comment from the Webmaster regarding changes in the site, I attempted to subscribe through to the link provided by TBP. It didn't work because it rejected my CC, supposedly because the CVV2 No. was incorrect. I tried a couple of times making sure that it was right, and it still didn't work. I have used the card in the last week for other things, and had no problems. What most disappoints me, however, is the fact that I received no response from an e-mail I sent to the site, as well as the lack of any response here to my comments earlier. I was really looking forward to checking out the changes described by the Webmaster since I am a big fan of the studio, but it seems their problems with customer service and unresponsiveness noted by others here continue.

Respond: 2 Replies - Add Reply - Webmaster Replied!

jd1961 (95) 06-04-09  01:31am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (52), NO (1)

No More DRM???

I've been told that Private has discontinued the evil DRM technology.
Can anyone here confirm this?

Well, I just took a look inside the site and they do have a banner that states "No DRM'. That would be a great thing, why don't I trust it? LOL

OK---I went back in, and it seems to me the downloads are their videos. And you have to purchase the download, for at least $18.95! But it has no DRM. Looks like they just won't let go of the sucker born every minute mentality that has polluted porn for so long.

Respond: 8 Replies - Add Reply - Webmaster Replied!

PinkPanther (46) 12-23-08  06:05pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Trusted User TRUST USER?   YES (53), NO (0)

Beware - Rip-Off Practices, No Responses

I would have expected more professional treatment from such a long-standing site, but you never know. I joined in October when they had a 2-month for $25 deal, which I thought made the site worth checking out. With DRM on their vids and crappy navigation on their pics, I had no interest in sticking around longer than that and cancelled using their site. The site confirmed my cancellation, though I did not receive an e-mail confirmation, which is pretty common - not getting an e-mail confirmation, that is. I was sure I was all set until I received my credit card statement this past weekend and saw that they had charged me an additional $30.54 US. I filled out the "Contact us" form on the site - no response. I sent an e-mail to an e-mail address that I had when a C/S person had responded promptly to an issue during my membership - no response.

Apparently, they're OK with you giving them money and resolving password issues while you're OK with giving them money, but they don't mind ripping people off and they don't respond to people that they have ripped off. I'm fucking pissed about it.


Respond: 6 Replies - Add Reply - Webmaster Replied!

Wittyguy (105) 06-04-08  12:49pm
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Hardcore Badge  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (57), NO (0)

Needs a 21st Century Upgrade

I used to be fan of private and joind the site several times before the days of high speed internet and the explosion of quality on-line porn. Today, Private seems stranded in the past. I haven't been a member in several years now and was recently going over reviews here and at other review sites with the idea that I might re-up. I can't say that I'm really convinced to do so.

They still only post about 15 pics per set (who the hell does that any more) and still insists on DRM protection. All of this plainly states that they are still making their living off of magazines and DVDs and probably won't budge until their sales start falling too flat. With their huge back catalog this could be one of the ultimate web destinations but instead choses to stay stuck in the past.

Respond: 3 Replies - Add Reply

jd1961 (95) 12-08-07  04:45am
Rookie Badge  Talk Back  Comments  Pollster  Top Monthly User  Trusted User  Male Profile TRUST USER?   YES (52), NO (1)

Has Private Online Changed?

Has this site changed from being nothing more than an advertisement for their over priced DVD's? I notice there is still no downloading allowed (unless you consider the installation of spyware on your computer "downloading"). Last time I was there they offered very little except ways to purchase their merchandise.

Respond: 6 Replies - Add Reply

etrusco (0) 02-17-07  12:46pm
No Badges TRUST USER?   YES (0), NO (0)

good news

Private is now a very good site: new homepage, a lot of hardcore movies with beautifull girls (I'm not interested about magazine).
- entertain: 10/10
- quality: various but hight (not so hight for old movies)
- updates: weekly, but some movies are changed during the week
- exclusive: 10/10
- download: 3 speed wmv, very good
- but DRM protection
- value: 17/20 a bit expensive
Bottom line: after a long waiting, Private now is a decent site wich can only grow. The problem is DRM.

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