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Visit Brazzers


Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: -2,000+ exclusive scenes over 25 sites. 2 new scenes daily.
-Lots of well-known porn stars. Elaborated setups, scripts.
-Video formats: MP4, WMV, MPEG. 640x480, 1200kbps.
-Also available in IPOD format and 1 or 5 minute segments.
-Simple flash streaming but easy access to scene key points.
-Very good site navigation and information display.
-Decent search engine; sortable by date, rating, views...
-130 possible keywords, 5-6 keywords per scene.
-Links to other scenes with the same star at scene home.
-Community focus: forum, social network, user comments.
-Easily suggest a scenario or request a model.
-Interaction with some stars through forum or their profile.
-List of 3-4 upcoming scenes with trailer.
-1,000 images per scene. 600x900. Zip files.
-Offer to join Mofos Network at a discount price.
Cons: -Limited variety in female model ethnicity and body type.
-Lots of big fake boobs and tattoos. Big on all site names.
-Videos are not widescreen. Somewhat low bitrates.
-Session timeouts without closing browser.
-Short-lived download URLs. It's futile to query downloads.
-Performer names are sometimes missing from scene.
-Much emphasis on cock size. Small male talent pool.
-Unknown billing provider. Canceling was simple, though.
-Some old scenes have broken video downloads.
-Lots of spam in scene comments.
Bottom Line: Brazzers caters to the big fake boobs getting fucked by huge cocks niche extremely well. Looking at the top 20 stars with the most scenes, all have huge boobs but the only one with natural tits is Gianna Michaels. Perhaps it's because of the very similar makeup but, looking at a list of scenes, I sometimes have a hard time telling apart the stars from just the preview. They all look the same to me.

Site design and navigation left me a great impression. The look is consistent throughout the site and everything seems to be two clicks away at most; I wish, though, that they solved some of the metadata glitches: why on Earth do they have only the guy name in some of the scenes cast list?

Flawless search engine, favorite options, detailed star profiles, plenty of keywords, ... I confess I ran out of space when listing the pros. I found specially cool the request feature: you get to make 10 performer requests per month by the simple click of a button. I don't know how much they'll listen to it but it felt good.

There's also a lot of community options. Not only the extremely active forum (a forum should be a must for any site) but they also recently embedded a sort of social network (a la facebook or MySpace) that lets users and, more importantly, porn stars get a profile, message between them, upload photos and videos, leave comments and so on. Didn't try much of it but, since several porn stars have been active in the forums for a long time, I suppose this Brazzpace / Facezzers might eventually get some traction.

It's weird that Brazzers doesn't release videos in widescreen format and still goes with 4:3. There was even a recent survey in the members area where more than 50% of users answered that they'd rather have videos in Widescreen HD; almost 70% demanded widescreen regardless of quality. Funny thing is 20% answered they didn't care about format as long as they got their porn.

05-09-09  11:27am

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Visit Sandee Westgate

Sandee Westgate

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: -Official site of US model Sandee Westgate.
-Ellaborate shoots at high end locations. Great stylism.
-Solo sets usually include spreads, fingering, dildo play.
-290 solo galleries. 60 girl-girl sets with known models.
-Photos: 40% 1200x800, 60% 1050x700. 75% portrait.
-150 solo videos. 16 girl-girl ("Sandee's Girls" series).
-Latest videos at 960x544, 4800 kbps, 5 minutes.
-Great involvement of the model in the site.
-24/7 office spy cam. Occasional interaction with camera.
-Release date and small description on most update lists.
-No longer DRM. Used to be in the past.
Current Weekly Update Rate
-1 1200x800 photo gallery, 1 video clip.
-1 webcam chat Camz.com. Previous ones are archived.
-Active in the site's free forum and blog/twitter.
Cons: -Site navigation is a bit confusing. Too much categories.
-Color combination is a bit extreme. Too dark colors.
-Big 160x180 watermark on photos.
-No search engine; no metadata for sets.
-Her boy-girl videos are now only available as PPV.
-Model recently got a huge tattoo all over her right side.
-Video editing: slow motion, disco music don't mix well.
-Following her (Twitter, Myspace, etc) is a full-time job.
Bottom Line: I was a member for a couple months about 3 years ago. My enthusiasm for the model diminished gradually but I left with the impression this was a great site. I'd been meaning to join back for some time so, when Sandee Westgate put a very convincing sales pitch for her site at a reality porn network forum, I took the plunge.

In my humble opinion, this site is one of the best solo sites. Since it goes back to my early days of perusing the adult net, I could even say it's one of the few sites that's shaped what I currently expect from a solo model site in terms of update rate and interaction. I'm no longer nuts about the model's looks (her new huge side tattoo is... huge) but she's no doubt a hottie and cares to offer a more than decent product and lots of interaction.

I really like the attention to details in the latest picture sets both in styling and posing but I feel they should do something about the editing style of videos. They make it up in the "Sandee's Girls" series: big names, short candid intro interviews and no music throughout the scene. Unfortunately, there's no set schedule for this series and updates aren't dated.

At some point during this last years, they got rid of DRM. They've also moved to a PPV section some boy-girl scenes Sandee Westgate did with her (former?) boyfriend. Most of the old content shows its age but there are some great classic photo sets although not all are available in zip format.

This site really would benefit from a search engine. Having over 350 photo galleries and not being able to filter out/in those where she is posing outdoors, in a brown bikini, using a dildo or posing outdoors in a brown bikini using a dildo will make you miss the sets you would enjoy the most. There are already some small descriptions in some of the update lists so they have some of the work already done.

06-24-09  04:56am

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Visit VideoBox


Status: Was a member approx. 4 months prior to this review.
Pros: -Will reach 6,000 DVDs next week.
-5 new DVDs every single day.
-Simple, informative, easy to use website.
-Useful personalization: favorites, custom lists, ratings.
-Great downloads: no limit, top speed, links are valid for weeks.
-Easily create custom clips from any scene.
-Various resolutions. Max: 720x480, around 4000kbps.
-Great streaming: trend-setting flash player with thumbnails.
-No watermarks on videos (except for some studios).
-Free tour shows all the available update info.
-Good percentage of fairly recent releases.
-Great series locator.
-No need to login every time.
-ccbill. TBP discount.
Cons: -Regional pricing.
-No divx video option. Only WMV.
-Weak star naming: missing or partial names abound.
-Star list doesn't list all available performers.
-Does not tell apart stars with same name (Lucy Lee, Cherokee).
-Categorization is too broad: only 40 possible keywords.
-No info on directors or male performers.
-Movie production date is not listed.
-Some repeated scenes: original movie and compilation.
-User comments rarely bring anything new.
-Transsexual or hentai DVDs released as regular updates.
Bottom Line: I wasn't aware that VideoBox existed a year ago when I came across Porn Users. At that time, I believe it was the top 1 site among PUs but its popularity has recently been dwindling. This is the only DVD site I've ever joined but I believe they do lots of things right. Every PU should join VideoBox at least once.

I've got basically one con: VideoBox metadata is crappy. Google wouldn't be so successful if they indexed the whole Internet but you could only enter a limited set of keywords to find documents or if they left out half the words when indexing. VideoBox should be looking into this because some competitors have also realized that VideoBox metadata and search engine is its weakest asset.

Despite this fact, VideoBox was close to a dream come true for me. During the last couple weeks I decided to look for scenes where the model kept the panties on until the end. Unfortunately, Fetish was the only somewhat useful keyword among the 40 categories. Panties or Clothes keywords would certainly have been welcome because Fetish gave me lots of BDSM which wasn't exactly what I was looking for.

I was forced to browse through the whole collection picking titles here and there that looked promising and using the 6 thumbnails or the streaming option to see if a scene fit the profile. Jumping to other DVDs in the series was easy but director info would have for sure been useful. I eventually came across Intense Industries studio which had lots of them.

I'm no longer a member but still visit VideoBox on a weekly basis. Their free tour works almost exactly like the members area except for the video download and streaming options. I just browse the recent DVDs in my still ongoing quest. Sooner or later, I'll join back.

03-07-09  10:21am

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Visit The Mosh Room

The Mosh Room

Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Official site of Russian-born US-resident alt model Mosh.
- No tattoos, nipples pierced, hair bleached white.
- 350+ photo sets. 90% at 1200x800px. 40 images per set.
- Sets have info on photographer, designer, make up artist, venue, ...
- Lots of unusual poses. More artistic than erotic
- Latex, vintage stockings and clothing, high heels.
- 40 videos. 50% at 640x480, 25% at 320x240, 25% at 720x400 or higher.
- Lots of information on the model's live and career.
- Modeling tips section. Infrequent diary with pictures.
- 6-8 new photo sets per month.
- ccbill. No regional pricing.
Cons: - Few videos and at very low resolution.
- No zip files. Photos open in a page of their own.
- Sets are only grouped by year of release. No categories.
- Content engine needs a makeover.
- Smallish pictures.
- Interaction limited to email. No member chats, phased out forum.
- Site is somewhat slow. Downloading and browsing.
- Hard to read the texts: center justified and tiny font.
Bottom Line: I believe there is a big gap between alt modeling and my tastes. Latex fetish, stockings, garters, vintage clothes, burlesque or pin up style are not my thing. The Mosh Room is the solo site of an alt model that has lots of things that are not my cup of tea and, yet, I liked this site quite a lot and Iíd recommend anyone to at least take a look at the free tour.

The alt adjective doesnít come from her body modifications: she has a very unique look but no tattoos at all and just some discrete nipple and ear piercings. She does have extremely pale skin and hair bleached white. I guess the alt adjective comes from a mix of her looks, her taste in style (pin up, vintage stockings, latex, extremely high heels) and the unusual, yet jawdropping, poses she bends herself into for pictures.

According to the very detailed about me section, Mosh trained as a gymnast since childhood. Saying merely that she is flexible would be a huge understatement. She has a perfect control of her body: every pose is different but every pose is a winner. For instance, I'm in awe of how she uses her hands, how she manages to bring something more to already extraordinary poses by the way her hands are placed and tensed. Itís difficult to put in words the uniqueness of the end results.

The photos come from many different photographers but, even though, I got the feeling that she has a lot to say on how she gets shot so all sets end up having some sort of ďMosh styleĒ. Unfortunately, the 350+ photo sets are dumped into a single huge listing sorted by release date. Apart from adding listings for categories (latex, nude, stockings, ...) it would make a lot of sense to group or, at least, make sets searchable by the metadata that is shown when you open them: photographer, garments designer and so on.

The site has much more text pages than the usual solo site: tips, diaries, biography, faqs but interaction seems to be limited to email. She periodically posts publicly replies to emails she gets, specially when itís other models asking for advice. Looks like there were some webcam chats at some point and also a forum of some sorts but nothing seem to be going on in that direction currently.

06-04-12  02:44pm

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Visit Club Sophie Dee

Club Sophie Dee

Status: Was a member approx. 3 months prior to this review.
Pros: -Official site of Welsh-born, USA-based porn star Sophie Dee.
-Sophie Dee's blue eyes and sexy accent.
-Most content is exclusive and very diverse: from the goofiest to a bit too fetishy.
-70% solo, 10% boy-girl, 10% girl-girl, 5% fetish, 5% BTS.
-200+ picture galleries, 30 pics per gallery.
-130+ videos, 7 minutes on average.
-Videos are available in WMV, QT. WMV are 720x480, 2000+kbps.
-Member-only message board. Sophie Dee and her webmaster always reply.
-Site has a nice design and is easy to navigate.
-Small extras section with Sophie Dee games (puzzles, strip poker, etc).
-ccbill. Special price when joining through TBP/PU.
-No DRM or download limit of any kind (speed or amount).
-2 weekly photo galleries; 1 weekly video (there used to be 2 weekly in the beginning).
-3-4 weekly short diary entries with photos; 1 monthly chat (not part of any cam network).
Cons: -Pictures and videos are somewhat amateur looking.
-Pictures are small. 1024x700 pics is low for today's standards.
-Usually there's poor lighting in the pictures; Sophie Dee looks great even though.
-No zip file option to download full galleries.
-No categories: only Photos and Videos sections although content is quite diverse.
-Mainly solo content; they try interesting variations but it can get repetitive.
-Too few boy-girl scenes; the existing ones are quite good, though.
-Recent videos are more disturbing than fetish: 7-8 in a "Sex Slave" series or a non-sex one where she fights a guy who is trying to choke her.
-Free tour isn't good at getting an idea on the amount of content available.
Bottom Line: If you are a fan of Sophie Dee, do not hesitate about giving the site a try. Do not expect the content to be top quality but you will get 3 different exclusive updates per week (2 pics, 1 video) and more than decent interaction: almost daily blog entries, the model is active in the message board and there's a fair amount of behind-the-scenes pics and videos. This is much more than the average official porn star site offers.

Although it has flaws, I feel this is the kind of site every porn star should attempt to have. According to iafd, Sophie Dee appeared in 50 movies in 2007, 20 movies so far in 2008. Despite this, she also manages to constantly update the site with exclusive content and keep in touch with members via the diary and message board. I think it's pretty remarkable because it's also extremely rare. For instance, only a couple of days after the last Adultcon, a gallery was posted with photos of her there.

Be warned, though, that the content is probably different than what you might have seen of Sophie Dee in movies. Most videos and pics are endless variants of solo: goofy posing, masturbation, playing/masturbating with food, body parts closeups, holiday greetings (New Year, Easter, St. Patrick's, ...). It also has quite an amateur flare: it feels like her webmaster comes to her house from time to time to get a bunch of pictures and videos with very little setup apart from makeup. The results are often more than OK but do not expect Suze Randall quality. Also, there's very little boy-girl and half of it is a recent series with a masked "sex slave" humiliated in endless ways.

All in all, I feel this is a very recommendable site. The model is sexy and works hard to keep the site fresh. There's a lot of content so a little categorization would be more than welcome. Some more professional shoots, bigger pictures and less fetish videos would also benefit it.

08-04-08  11:43am

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Visit Jaime Hammer

Jaime Hammer

Status: Current Member for over 3 months (at the time of review).
Pros: -Jaime Hammer Official Website. She's a Penthouse Pet and Playboy Model.
-Free section shows exactly what you will get when you join.
-Except for a handful of galleries also available at other sites (Twistys, DDGirls), all the content is shot exclusively for this site.
-147 high quality galleries: different locations, professional makeup, great photography, crystal clear images. Newer galleries downloadable as zip files.
-109 videos shot during photo sessions. Mostly striptease to the camera but also some behind the scenes. Non-DRM Downloadable WMV.
-3-4 webcam chats a month where she mainly talks with members about her work. Webcam is WMP stream.
-Webcam videos are 4-5 minutes short stripteases filmed by herself with a webcam. Not related to webcam chats.
-Jaime Hammer is highly involved in the day to day operation of her website. She averages about one post per day in the site forum (no member request goes unanswered) and posts a new diary entry every single week.
Cons: -Image size is ok (1200x780) but small compared to other glamour websites. Same for video resolution (640x480).
-Older galleries are at lower resolution (1000x650) and not downloadable as zip file.
-Number of images in the galleries (30-40 at most). Videos are also somewhat short (never more than 3-4 minutes).
-Videos are available only as WMV. No alternate formats or streaming.
-Is part of ModFX International but you only get one sample gallery from other sites in the network.
-"Zipsets" are a monthly explicit video and gallery combo (up to fingering, no toys) but require a separate membership (14.95$ each one).
-Site design hasn't changed in a long time. Some of the info text goes back to the time the web site was launched (08/2005). Reading "I am so excited to finally have my own site" still in 2008 sounds weird and could be misleading.
Bottom Line: In the Solo Models Softcore / Glamour niche, little more sites offer so much exclusive high quality content and you can interact as much with the model, hence my high rating. What's more, few models are as much involved with their official web site as Jamie Hammer is.

If you like Jaime Hammer, you shouldn't hesitate about joining. Once you spend the 19.95 US$ fee, you will be getting a new exclusive photo gallery and video every week plus an insight at her life and work through the chats, diary and forum.

On the other hand, you will get lots of Jaime Hammer but only a handful of galleries from other models. Very few of the galleries are girl-girl.

Image editing and picture quality is excellent but size is somewhat small; video resolutions could also be improved.

Having to purchase separately the more explicit "Zipsets" is also a drawback although the constant updates in the main site make them only a must for those who want to see her take the teasing a bit further.

04-19-08  03:31pm

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Visit Janessa Brazil

Janessa Brazil

Status: Was a member approx. 6 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Solo site of Brazilian-born US-Resident cam girl Janessa Brazil.
- 100+ videos. 960x540, 4000kbps. WMV and MP4.
- 120+ photo galleries. 1600x1065, 70% portrait.
- Mostly solo with toys. Some girl-girl with other cam girls.
- Updates are dated and searchable by outfit, sex act, setting.
- The most interaction Iíve ever seen in a solo model site.
- Three 1-hour webcam chats per week at different times.
- Webcam chats are archived. Currently, more than 250.
- Model is extremely active in a members-only forum.
- Voyeur cam at her house plus daily journal with pictures
- Bonus access to similar live chats from others models.
- Weekly calendar of scheduled updates / cam shows.
Cons: - Deficient ambient sound in most videos: echoes, music playing.
- Many repetitive photos on solo sets.
- Many videos are shot with fixed camera and at the same room
- Not all photo sets are downloadable in zip format.
- Site design is very plain.
- Free tour is a bit outdated. Not enticing or informative enough.
- Little info on the modelís work at other sites in the Bio section.
- Perhaps interaction goes a bit too far.
Bottom Line: This is the official site of adult model and cam girl Janessa Brazil. Born in Brazil, has been living in the US for over 10 years. She has a fit latina body, a beautifully expressive face and a sexy hint of a Brazilian accent. No tattoos, just a belly button piercing. She has a boob job, although a decent one.

Photos and videos werenít extraordinary. They were at decent sizes but they werenít top of the line erotic content. It specially stood out the bad sound quality in many of the videos: hearing loud indoor echoes when the model spoke or faded music from a nearby stereo wasnít exactly a turn on. I also found too many similar pictures in the same gallery; they should do some editing to keep the best ones. But the model is nice, knows how to pose and thereís a lot of variety.

The site shined at interaction. Iíve never seen a solo site host each week three one-hour webcam chats at different times for international members convenience. Chats were hosted at 3-4 different cam networks, so you also got access to chats from other girls. I donít recommend the Camz.com ones because they were too crowded. The least crowded ones were the ones hosted at Streamate.com since the only way non-members may access them is by paying a high per-minute fee. All cam shows seem to be archived and downloadable from a single section on the site regardless of the network they took place at.

Despite the interaction, I felt the site lacked info on what other adult work Janessa Brazil has done. You had to sift through forum and chat archives to learn that she might have been on the pages of Penthouse or that she has appeared on Howard Sternís show. She often talked about non-site shoots but I honestly donít know if that meant adult work or not.

Iíve often complained about lacking interaction at solo sites but maybe, just maybe, interaction here goes a bit too far. I attended only a couple cam shows but I saw the model ask her burly passing-by boyfriend to say hi to her members or how she kept turning the camera to show her ďadorableĒ dogs lying on the sofa or how some members kept bragging about the last outfit or gadget they had bought her (agreed, I was a member in the beginning of the year: Christmas, Valentineís Day and modelís birthday in a row). You may get an interaction overdose if you attend the 3 one-hour weekly chats plus keep checking the message board, voyeur cam, daily journal, tweets and so on.

06-14-11  12:19pm

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Visit Zero Tolerance On Demand

Zero Tolerance On Demand

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: -Official site of US porn studio Zero Tolerance.
-Top US porn stars at their best and in HD.
-Exclusive content not available anywhere else.
-One new HD DVD per week (5 new scenes weekly).
-Released here as soon as physical DVD hits the street.
-313 DVDs (92 in HD) yielding 2335 scenes (617 in HD).
-MP4 Resolutions: 1080p, 720p, 360p. Plus WMV or xVid at 540p.
-Photo galleries for most of the scenes.
-Membership to Black Ice Pass and Third Movies included.
-Access to 750 DVDs counting those on these other two sites.
-Fast, resumable, hassle-free downloads.
-Free tour works exactly like members area (same info).
-Thought-out powerful search engine.
-Segpay. No regional pricing, no problem canceling.
Cons: -HD files are big by nature: easily, 1 Gb even for 720p.
-Non-HD scenes pale in comparison with HD ones.
-Not all bonus scenes from DVDs are available.
-Some scenes without pictures, including some DVD cover ones.
-Must login again at Black Ice Pass and Third Movies.
-Login through CAPTCHA every time.
-Download images 900x600. Resolution lower than 720p video!
-DVD covers available but low resolution (506x350).
-Wrong scene info when physical DVD hasn't same scene order.
-Metadata is not perfect (no director or male performer info).
-Streaming is a bit too simple: no key frame thumbnails.
-Zero interaction: no message board, no scene comments, ...
-Support pages still focus on DRM but there's currently no DRM.
Bottom Line: I was willing to try some HD and this site seemed the place to start: top US stars, a fairly large collection, decent price and no download limits. I really liked Zero Tolerance On Demand and its twin sites Black Ice Pass and Third Movies. I think other porn studios should follow their example: offer online all the content from their DVDs as soon as they are released physically, couple it with a powerful search engine and a plethora of download options at good speeds. It's a great idea to make the free tour work exactly like the members area; only sites who deliver are able to do that.

Search engine is very well thought-out and it gets you some powerful searches. You can, for instance, easily search for scenes that don't have a particular act you don't give a damn but have those two you wish all scenes had. I only missed that HD was not a keyword once you were in a particular star: you have to rely on a small HD logo on each scene to tell them apart. Metadata, though, is not perfect; for instance, even though you get access to other DVDs in the series, you don't get any info on who the director is so, if you want to find more scenes shot by the same guy, you have to rely on the always handy iafd.

Except for some color scheme and design differences, all three sites work exactly the same. The main drawback is probably that each studio still has its own site and search engine. When willing to watch all the scenes from a particular model, you have to go through three different searches and, likely, three different logins. Perhaps Black Ice Pass all-black scenes are a niche on their own but the differences between Third Movies and Zero Tolerance On Demand are almost non-existent. Maybe Third Movies is a little less hardcore? Zero Tolerance On Demand has a 1% lower percentage of MILFs?

Apart from integrating all three sites once and for all, another thing they should look into are the photo galleries. I'd like to know who shoots their DVD covers and movie stills because they do a terrific job: girls look as good as in any glamour photography site. It's a pity that they end up offering the pictures only at 900x600 and there's no way to get a resolution higher than 506x350 for the DVD covers. It doesn't make much sense to have those pictures at such resolutions when the video scene frame is almost twice as big.

I had no problem opening files in VLC media player but it was funny to see that their support pages don't offer any help regarding how to play HD files and they go to great lengths explaining the intricacies of DRM while there doesn't seem to be any DRM files and, it seems, they went DRM-free several years ago.

If you are curious, I'd strongly recommend that you give the site a try even if it's only the free section. If you are into US stars you'll sure find something that will catch your eye.

11-08-09  05:24am

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Visit 3D Sex Games

3D Sex Games

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: -Access to 3D SexVilla 2 sex simulator PC game.
-Great graphics: no glitches running at maximum resolution.
-Animation looks natural; movements in the different poses aren't repetitive.
-Good tutorial shows basics of controlling the action with the mouse only.
-20 female, 10 male natural-looking models which you can further customize.
-60 customizations for face (cheek bones, eye spacing), 6 for breast (size, spacing).
-Other customizations: skin, outfits, tattoos, piercings, jewelry, make up, penis length, ...
-18 locations: plane, photo studio, classroom, pirate ship, ...
-Poses: 30 solo (masturbation or posing), 20 1-on-1 (boy-girl or girl-girl with strapon), 3 threesome.
-Sequencer lets you create your own scenes using all game elements plus expressions.
-You may take screen captures or record videos during the normal game.
-Monthly updates: new location, characters, accessories or customization option.
-Customer support is responsive both with game help or technical problems
Cons: -Advanced game mechanics aren't that well explained.
-Achievements are tied to active membership: you start from scratch every time you join.
-You have to stay connected to the internet to play.
-Story mode is very simplistic and doesn't suppose any challenge at all.
-Models can be brought to orgasm repeatedly using any position in autopilot.
-Website is slow, unpleasant and hard to navigate.
-There are other downloadable games in the site which have little interest.
-Recorded videos or generated sequences can only be played in game.
-No user forum to ask for help or share experiences and tips.
Bottom Line: You will probably visit the site only once to download the 3D SexVilla 2 game and never come back again. The game asks you to enter the website login and password and will work as long as you have a standing membership to the website.

The game has several different modes. You usually start by picking your character, your partner character and a scenario. Story Mode puts you through a short intro where you have to pick the right action/answer to your partner in order to move to the sex part. Once in the scenario, you go on choosing the poses for your characters and they perform it at the stated speed until you choose another one. Each pose is always available only in 1-2 places at each scenario. Sequencer Mode gives you a timeline where you can put all the poses, outfits, expressions, camera positions, etc; you then hit the play button and the characters do all the things you asked them to.

The game uses a "sex coin" currency which you can get in two ways: by bringing characters to orgasm (maxing up their pleasure meter) while in Story Mode or by staying a member of the site for a certain period of time. Sex coins are spent in "sex packs". Some typical sex packs: a scenario (including related outfits, toys and sometimes poses), 2-3 models (1 male + 1 or 2 females usually of the same ethnicity), 3-4 sex toys, a character customization option, 3-4 related poses (there is a sex pack for titfuck, threesomes, footjobs, blowjobs or lesbian only poses).

There is, though, a maximum to the total number of earned coins that increases every certain hours; so, if you are using the trial membership, there's no way you can get absolutely every single "sex pack" even if you put your models on a 48 hour fuckathon as the coins cap for the first 48 hours won't allow more than 10-12 sex packs (prices vary). A bit of advance planning is advisable so you can get the specific pack you want.

Despite its technical excellence, I probably used it more while I had a trial membership earlier this year than during my just finished 3-month membership. Having to go through the same lame stories (=choosing the right multiple answer for 2-3 questions) and knowing that, whatever position I put them in, the models will orgasm and give me the coins made the experience less enjoyable this time. Models have some sort of personality (giver, taker, passive) and they some times complain ("I want to try another pose!", "Slow down", "Faster, faster!") but if you stick to the same position and speed you will get the coins anyway.

It's certainly worth a try, probably the best sex simulator. But, unless they solve the returning members issue, come up with decent stories, make the game a bit more challenging and allow some kind of interaction between site members I will only recomend the trial membership.

09-28-08  09:44am

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Visit My Free Cams

My Free Cams

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: - 1,000 models online at any time. Many from US, Canada, UK.
- Unusual cam site: each room is different and has its own rules.
- Public chat may have nudity, masturbation, girl- girl action.
- Token packages vary from 0.10 to 0.08 USD/token.
- Same price/minute for all models: private, 60 tokens; spy, 20; group, 10.
- All private shows recorded by the site. Unlimited free replays.
- Archive of all text chats: public, private, group or private messaging.
- Token tips as a currency: videos, panties, skype shows, raffle tickets, ...
- Detailed log of tokens spent: tips, privates or group chats.
- Model profiles often have room rules and contact info (email, twitter).
- May opt to receive free SMS or email when favorites come online.
- Interaction with fellow members: lounge, messaging, watch their cam.
- Ignore option for all guests or basic users or any particular member.
- Models get 0.05USD/token: around 60%; at other cam sites, 30-35%.
- Billed by ccbill or epoch. No regional pricing.
Cons: - Myspace ainít dead: it lives in most models profile layouts.
- Chat allows irritating emoticons and font face/color combinations.
- Very unpolished interface: pop-ups, ugly icons, frames.
- Buggy site: random lags and stutters. Every browser has own issues.
- Site often fails to notify when favorites come online or finish a private.
- ĒTrue privateĒ shows, where no one may spy, cost 80 tokens/minute.
- Lack of categorization: geographic region or model self-tags only.
- Models often ask for 100+ tokens to Private Message them.
- Daily spending limit for new members is too high (300+ USD).
- Very few adult models or porn stars. Almost none is popular here.
- Many models are obsessed with their Cam Score or ranking.
- There doesnít seem to be any policing / moderation.
- Boy- girl shows are not allowed but some models offer them off-site.
- Some members tip obscenely high amounts to models.
Bottom Line: This is a pretty unusual cam site which probably explains its popularity. I have, in fact, seen models who were popular at other sites switch to this one. You do have the chance to take a model private / group as in any cam site. But then there are the tips and the public sex shows for tips.

Some models donít even accept privates; the way they get tokens, apart from the occasional public show, varies from just sitting on public room talking to viewers and thanking them for tips they send out of free will to playing a game or setting up some scheme of their own so people send tokens their way. They may also have some raffle going on, whether itís for an iPod, used panties or, occasionally, a chance to meet them in person. Some take this a step further and bring along their cam while driving, laying on the beach, riding a train or on a plane. And people still tip them. Believe it or not, some of these are quite up in the rankings, meaning they probably make more tokens than others that just do sex shows.

Even though every room is different, site offers models few tools to manage it. Models may set up a room topic (a line of text at the top of the page) and have a profile page where they may explain what they offer at length. But apart from that, site offers nothing but tip collecting. For instance, if she sets a countdown for a public show, she has to notice all tips and subtract them from the goal, using a calculator if needed. Raffles usually require a supply of papers, pencil and a fish bowl: you tip and, if the model notices, writes your name in as many papers as the tip allows and puts them in the fish bowl. Raffle always last for days but thereís no public record of existing raffle tickets.

Public room may also be watched with a free account (basic users) or even with no account at all (guests). Models may block guests (almost always) and basics (frequently) from talking. Since public shows are easily recorded on the userís computer and end up around the Internet, itís not usual for models to add some kind of watermark on their cam feed with their name to get some credit.

While other cam sites try to milk every bit of interaction between members and models, MFC looks the other way when models offer skype shows in exchange for paypal or amazon wish list gifts. Needless to say that email address, twitter account or personal website address will be listed on their profile. Itís not unusual to see models offering to sell used panties, videos, picture sets or even their private phone number for a certain amount of tokens or its equivalent in paypal / gifts. Site also prides itself on giving most of the earnings to models; many models publicly say that they are getting 0.05 USD/token which is around 60% of what users pay; afaik, other sites pay models 35% at most. The downside is that you end up underestimating your tips because itís easier to calculate what the models get (x0.05) than what it costs you (x0.08+).

06-26-11  04:08am

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Visit Streamate.com


Status: Current Member for over 6 months (at the time of review).
Pros: - Lots of exclusive US hosts. Popular among US porn stars.
- 100s of the usual non-US hosts that may be found at other sites.
- Site is geared at facilitating chats: little more than chats is offered.
- You may mute other chat users and send your requests only to host.
- Most hosts I tried offer sound even in free chat.
- Pay chats may be private (group) or exclusive (1 on 1, full privacy).
- SMS alerts at no additional cost. Also, favorites RSS feeds.
- Negative reviews of performers are not censored.
- Not charged for peeking into a private show for a few seconds.
- Excellent log of money spent: in-site and by email.
- Billed by epoch. No regional pricing.
- No silly contests among members or among hosts.
- Additional membership to access weekly show plus its archive.
- Additional fan clubs (ďGoldclubsĒ) for HQ videos and photos of a host.
Cons: - Prices higher than at other sites (both US and non-exclusive).
- Non-exclusive hosts have higher cam quality at other sites.
- No info on how much time youíve been in current private.
- No alert when you are nearing daily limit while in private.
- Sorting options are easily lost while browsing.
- Almost no means to share experiences with fellow members.
- Hosts rarely honor the schedule on their profile.
- Sample photos of hosts are at very low quality.
- On a hostís profile, suggested similar hosts are never online.
- Occasionally, you find recorded shows passing as live ones.
- No clear taxonomy of online states: must enter host profile and guess a little to see how much ďonlineĒ she is (see separate comment on the subject).
- Too many clone sites. Whatís the difference with Cammodels?
Bottom Line: While some cam sites resemble a police state obsessed with milking every bit of interaction between you and the hosts and others are an anarchy full of amateur designs, emoticons and explicit sex in free chat, Streamate.com makes some sort of compromise.

You wonít see anything below the waist in free chat and contacting a host outside the site isnít encouraged but they donít charge you for simple things like sending an in-site message to a host and many hosts have twitter accounts. Hosts who have a site of their own often plug it while in free chat or even in their profile page.

I have a love-hate relationship with the siteís interface. On every chat window, thereís a button that mutes all other users and has your words only seen by hosts. Good both for blocking the peanut gallery and for privacy although the icon isnít exactly easy to understand. Also, you donít need to leave free chat to check hostís prices. On the other hand I found many issues in listings. I never manage to keep hosts sorted the way Iíd like and I feel the fact that a host appears as ďonlineĒ regardless of ďhow much onlineĒ she really is deserved a comment of its own here.

This site, and mainly its clone site Cammodels, are currently very popular among US porn stars. One of the reasons could be that Streamate offers a chat widget that may be embedded at the members area of a site and host member chats accessible at the same time via Streamate. Itís not unusual to find 10-15 fairly well known stars online at a given time, even at Europe-friendly hours.

Regarding private chats, they have a great log of all your past activities in the last 3 months: minutes and seconds spent with each host and on which day. Unfortunately, you donít get much info while in private. Not knowing how much time youíve been in your current private session is not unusual at other sites but they should at least tell you that you are about to hit your daily limit so you may properly end the session.

I find confusing the overabundance of clone sites that work the exact same way. US porn stars and hosts always post links to Cammodels, not Streamate.com. I would suggest anyone interested to join through Streamate.com and not a clone because Streamate.com offers registered users a preview of a hostís free chat when you place your mouse over her picture on a listing. None of the clone sites seems to offer it.

02-27-11  10:36am

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Visit Live Jasmin

Live Jasmin

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -100s of models from Eastern Europe and South America.
-Cheap privates: most at 1.99 per minute; few at 0.99 or 2.49+.
-All models state in their profile what's OK for them in private.
-Fast navigation and search. Feeds start almost immediately.
-Very good image quality (above average).
-Forum for users to discuss models and review private shows.
-Most models can be seen for free before going private.
-Any surfer may see free shows and participate in free chat.
-6 payment options though none of the usual adult ones.
-Recurring membership option to access additional features.
-Constantly adding new features to improve user experience:
--Mouseover on model at results page to see show preview.
--3 different results views: compact, big thumbnail, text details.
--RSS feed to notify when favorites come online.
--Facebook-like profile page for performers and users.
Cons: -Regional pricing. 50% more expensive in Europe.
-No indication of time spent/credits left while in private.
-Recent chat history/money spent goes back only 15 days.
-Models often wait some time before starting the show.
-Many creepy rooms: dolls, teddy bears, kid decorations.
-Non-exclusive models; found at the same time at other sites.
-Models seem to be mostly at cam studios, not their home.
-Red background is hideous: looks old, makes you wanna run.
-Almost no models from the US or Western Europe.
-Members chat is pointless: models rarely answer.
-Non-members/guests in free chat produce lots of noise.
-Same model may have several different profiles: confusion.
-No recording options for shows.
-Very impersonal. Maybe new facebook style will help.
-Who is Jasmin?
Bottom Line: A recent review here prompted me to give this site a try. I was a bit reluctant initially because, even though they offer up to 6 different payment systems, none was an adult processor I recognized. Also, the weird name of the site and that impossible red background made me feel the site was some relic from the internet cam scene past.

This seems to be, in fact, a very lively cam site and, leaving apart the site's look, one of the most technically advanced I've seen. In fact, they keep on adding features that make browsing and searching for performers more convenient. They have also very recently given a kind of facebook style to the performers profile, integrating in a "wall" the reviews they used to have in separate forum, the model's pictures and presentation, etc and adding some new model-users interaction features. I personally don't see the point since most models aren't exclusive to this site and I doubt they will participate more than they already did but maybe things will change. Users may now also have a profile page stating their tastes, etc. which, if models are able to see it, might be convenient to speed up private shows.

The main drawback I've found in private chats is that you get no indication of time spent and models often take some time before they start the show. Some times, they use the old trick of typing questions for a while. Other times, they keep on going through the free show motions for up to a minute until they suddenly realize they are in private and start the show; I don't know if it's an act or that, since they are obviously working at the same time at several cam sites, the system they have in place doesn't notify them properly or takes some time to close the connections to other sites. It's not a feed delay issue because there's no delay in chat once she acknowledges your presence.

On a side note, even though I noticed many models at other sites simultaneously, all the multi-site models I found had the lowest price per minute at Live Jasmin, even after taking regional pricing into account.

There's also a recurring membership option available that costs 15 USD/EUR every 15 days and gives you some additional features like messaging to performers, being singled out in chats and lifting the favorites cap to 96 from the 24 that non-members get. It's probably not worth the money unless you're really into this site and want an expanded experience.

11-15-09  04:29am

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Visit Christy Marks

Christy Marks

Status: Current Member for over 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Natural 36H model "SCORE Newcomer of the Year 2008" official site.
-Really good website design.
-TBP facts are right except for video maximum resolution.
-1280x720 wmv (2100 kbps), 854x480 wmv, 640x360 wmv / mp4. ipod, psp, windows mobile.
-All formats also available to download in 5-minute segments.
-Flash streaming: high bandwidth, low bandwidth and trailer.
-Scripts and scenarios are usually quite elaborate.
-There's music during videos but model can be heard when she moans or speaks.
-Zip files for small (800x600 H / 400x600 V) and large (1600x1200 H / 800x1200 V) pics.
-50-100 pictures per set.
-Scenes usually shot at a studio but good amount of outdoors.
-Current update rate: 1 new scene per week (video and photos).
-Most content is solo but they have been releasing more boy-girl and girl-girl recently.
-Solo videos usually focus on boob playing (jiggle, lick, squeeze, ...) with some masturbation.
-Model is very flexible which makes for many interesting positions.
Cons: -You enter CC details at their site and don't know what payment processor will charge you.
-I was billed by a processor I had never heard of.
-There is no link between photos and videos page from same set.
-Large portrait pictures are not 1200x1600 but 800x1200.
-Poor interaction: you only get a weekly blog entry with pictures.
-Must solve a CAPTCHA to login every time.
-Extras section is currently just two videos from Busty Merilyn Sakova and nothing more.
-Long in-depth text interview without video: missed opportunity.
-Website sub-domain name changes periodically: hard to use download managers.
-She sports four weird belly-button piercings in her latest scenes.
Bottom Line: If you like the model's looks and her huge assets, you should not hesitate about joining (as long as you agree to give your CC details to a little known payment processor). For a solo model site, the update rate is more than OK. Video quality is great and they come up with interesting ideas to make the scenes different, even the solo ones.

The current lack of content (site was launched recently) and the little interaction with the model are what refrains me from rating the site higher. There are weekly blog entries with a few pictures but they are a bit of a letdown: the model seems to have an interesting personality but the most remarkable events during last month's entries were that she was sick for a couple weeks and that she played guitar hero and ate popcorn with some friends. I don't know why they didn't tape the long text interview they have posted.

I liked most of the scenes but keep in mind that there's usually a playful attitude that might not be every one's cup of tea. Specially in the solo videos: playing strip space invaders (banging the buttons with her boobs), squeezing lemons between the tits to make lemonade or a bra fitting session are some examples. Scenes always have some kind of script but it can feel somewhat cheesy at times. I'm not familiar with Score Group content but I believe these kind of things aren't that unusual with them.

During the last couple months, they have been releasing a BG or hardcore GG scene every other week with solo scenes in between. Her hardcore performances aren't bad at all and there's always lots of tit fucking, handjobs and positions that showcase her boobs. There's a BBG scene coming next week and there was a BGG tit fucking scene recently where Janet Jade stole the show: what a RACK!, give that girl a site of her own.

Technically, the site is quite spectacular. The plethora of available resolutions is a real treat. Site design is really good and you are even offered two views while browsing the updates list: large thumbnails with scene description or smaller thumbnails with less info but more updates per page. I didn't pay much attention to photos but they seem to be good enough. It was a bit annoying to always get the smaller 800x600 galleries by default.

Needs growth and a bit more of interaction but I feel it's already a very good site.

10-12-08  11:33am

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Visit Deep Throat Love

Deep Throat Love

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: -Deepthroats. Lots of deepthroats.
-38 scenes so far. 40 minutes, 512x288.
-100% exclusive original scenes.
-Currently updating weekly but there have been some hiatus (one monthly scene in May 2008 or June 2008).
-No choking, gagging, puking or skull fucking. Models are treated with respect.
-All models honor the site name and are quite accomplished deepthroaters.
-Lots of well known stars in the first updates. Lesser known and newbies in recent updates.
-Models explain their tricks in an interview prior to the scene.
-Accessible as part of Porn Pros Network.
-The usual good organization of the network: check my review of Porn Pros Network for additional Pros and technicalities.
Cons: -Scenes used to be 1 on 1 only. All but one trio that was posted yesterday.
-Male performer is the same in 90% of the scenes (Anthony Rosano).
-They keep asking models to deepthroat a banana. Models keep having to complain about its rough end.
-The whole demonstration with banana/sausage is the signature image of the site but can get a bit irritating.
-Pictures are small and often show burned colors. There are lots of them but they are not the best asset of this site.
-Camera guy some times talks and gives instructions during scene. I don't really mind it but I know some people hate it.
-Free tour for this site is geared at showcasing most recent scenes and those from best known models.
-Check Porn Pros Network site tour for complete list of scenes with dates.
-The usual plethora of ads and low download speeds of Porn Pros Network.
-Unfortunately, Jeanna Fine retired from porn in 2002. She would have made an awesome scene.
Bottom Line: This site is true to its name. I've checked the free tours from other sites filed under the Deep Throat category and it seems that the current trend is the more the model is humiliated, the better. You won't find that here. Don't get me wrong, there are some really energetic deepthroats, some watery eyes and lots of drool but the girls are almost always the ones that choose the pace of the scene. If they keep releasing Deep Throat Love scenes, I'll probably join back in the future. Pity this network is so damn expensive and slow and they keep bombing you with endless ads for other networks.

The cast is quite stellar and there are lots of known knowns, some even getting several scenes: Mckenzie Miles (3), Annette Schwarz (2) or Sasha Grey (2). There are also a couple of unknown knowns: I really enjoyed Alexis Silver and Maya Hills scenes; both have different but quite interesting personalities. There are also several unknown unknowns aka newbies, mainly among recent updates: it's weird because there are still lots of well known deepthroat-capable models who haven't done a scene yet (Jennifer Dark or Kelly Wells to name just a couple that did a scene recently for another site in the network). A pre-boobjob Daisy Marie is, in fact, the only one that gets far from deepthroating; but her continued and sincere efforts make it one of the most watchable scenes despite her failure. Probably that's why they still released the scene.

My main concern with the site was that the script for the scenes was always the same:
1) short interview with model (pretty interesting to know how models feel about their deepthroat techniques);
2) deepthroat demonstration with banana / sausage / carrot;
3) deepthroat with male talent;
4) 1 on 1 regular sex with several deepthroat interludes.
It's a good script and, for some girls, the interview and demonstration can be as good as the depthroat action. But it's always the same. What's more, the male performer is almost always the same guy; he does a decent job but he can be seen all over the network and, in some scenes, it's clear that the model could handle much more (Annette Schwarz was able to deepthroat Jack Napier in a DVD earlier this year). I was pleasantly surprised to see that yesterday they released their first boy-girl-girl scene. This was something I wanted to suggest in my review. Hope it's a new trend. Some more suggestions: boy-boy-girl, blowjob-only, black female performers (Marie Luv), black male performers.

One last thing: I am not an HD video fanatic but I'd have liked to get more than 512x288 here. I feel, though, that having panoramic image is a good choice for this site.

08-05-08  12:17pm

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Visit Cam With Her

Cam With Her

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: -ccbill for members' area and webcam credits (buying credits is extremely easy).
-Lots of interaction with the models via free forum. Some models average 20 posts per day.
-Free clips section with lots of non-nude teasing clips from the same models.
[Pay-per-minute Webcam Shows]
-Much greater looking models than other networks I've seen.
-Around 80 models. Mostly from US (80%) and Canada (15%).
-Private is non-nude teasing (avg: 4.5 USD/min). VIP is usually topless (avg: 8.5 USD/min).
-Account of credits bought and spent.
-Most regular models do chats at lower prices several times a month.
-Cam to cam available (I didn't try it).
[Members' area]
-Membership gives you 20% discount at live shows.
-Free members-only chats form Sunday to Thursday (about 40 shows a month; 15% of them at Europe-friendly hours).
-Members-only chats are available for replay on the next day (FLV format, 30-60 minutes each).
-Access to forum's advanced functionality (message models, particular models forum, etc)
Cons: -3 different logins for members area, forum and webcams.
[Pay-per-minute Webcam Shows]
-No preview. Ask model or check the forum (most post daily previews of their outfit there).
-Cannot record the shows.
-Requires a series of steps every time to get the member discount.
-Some chats use Java: I had to install latest version on my computer to avoid crashing Firefox every time.
-Some have particular requirements; for instance, only go topless if you have 50+ credits. Check the forums.
-European perspective: at times, noticeable lag and freezing; few models (5-10) in the evening and almost always the same ones.
-You have to go to Nude Adult Cams at higher prices to get the models a step further.
[Members' area]
-Download limit. 1 Gbyte every 6 hours. Slow download speeds.
-Small image and video resolutions. All the content is non-nude.
-Cumbersome. Exact amount of content is unknown. Members' area v.1 is hard to find (has more content than v.2).
-Regional pricing. Cam credits do not.
Bottom Line: Separately, they wouldn't amount to much: a somewhat expensive cam network with few but good looking models and a cumbersome non-nude pay site with low resolutions and not that much interesting content except for the daily chats. Glued together through the forum, though, they are a powerful combo. Many of the models are extremely active there and, even though they often get into endless teasing mildly-sexual "post wars" with the same members, it's a great way to know about their personalities. And some of them have quite interesting ones. You also get them to tease you through the members' area content and, if you want some 1-on-1 naughty time and have the credits, they are there for you.

This site has a steep learning curve. For starters, this company has several slightly similar sites and it's easy to get lost in a jungle of acronyms of sites that may or may not have the same models doing more or less than they do here: CWH, NAC (Nude Adult Cams), Pchats, Mchats, NNC (Non-Nude Cams), ... For me, coming from a different culture, a different language, and a different age group (I've got a strong feeling this site is targeted at people in their early 20s) was a real handicap. Also, the difference between the private and VIP chats is common knowledge but I didn't find it written anywhere. To top it all, in order to get the 20% member discount, you have to go through a route similar to that of Indy at the end of "The Last Crusade" or you won't get it at all.

I did several pay-per-minute chats. I was a total newbie but my experience varied from model to model. I guess varying satisfaction is commonplace in all cam networks. Some put up a great show, talking and acknowledging what I was saying. Others, despite their great looks, went through the motions and paid more attention to things in their room than to me.

I wish I knew what prompted me to join this site. Now I know that many of the models are extremely popular on various tube/clip sites but I've never visited those site so I just probably stumbled upon it and some model caught my eye. I was member for a month but canceled my membership a couple days before renewal. The content was almost impossible to download for me and consisted mainly of teasing photo shoots and related videos. The chats were mostly at 3 AM in the night and having the 20% discount was cool but I'd have to spend more than a 100 EUR per month in credits to make it worth. Even though, I cannot promise I will not come back for a 1-on-1 show with certain models from time to time.

01-06-09  01:16pm

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Visit Pornpros Mobile

Pornpros Mobile

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: - Mobile version of Porn Pros Network.
- Accessible with main network membership.
- Big buttons, clean layout, simple structure.
- Two layout versions : light and regular.
- Images are 480x320. 8-10 per scene. All landscape.
- Mobile-friendly image slideshow implementation.
- Videos: MP4 400x224 (800 & 300bps), 3gp 352x288 (300bps).
- All videos also available in 8 parts (highest resolution only).
- Video parts have representative thumbnails.
- Links to mobile versions of official blog and twitter.
- Scenes grouped by site, category, stars or date order.
- Ads for other sites don't get in the way.
- No need to login on every visit.
Cons: - They claim 6,000+ scenes but ďonlyĒ have around 2,200.
- Fixed 320px site width. May look small on newest devices.
- Only 10 images per scene.
- Older scenes have no pictures or not all video formats.
- No scene trailers but mobile free tour has them.
- Search function doesnít work for model names.
- On scene page, no info on which site it comes from.
- Video and images resolutions may be too low for newest devices.
- Several minor bugs make the experience less pleasing.
- Pictures don't work in light version.
- Nags as in main site: scene recycling, model identification, etc.
Bottom Line: This is the mobile version of US reality porn site Porn Pros Network. Itís a simple yet complete site, good for checking new updates and for the occasional viewing. Things go increasingly bad in older scenes: as you go backwards in time, you start finding scenes with no photos, videos or any content at all. As I've said in the past speaking of mobile porn sites from other networks, I donít think itís worth signing up just for the mobile site but it's a nice addition to the main membership.

The picture part is remarkable even though they offer 10 images per scene at most. Instead of mimicking whatís usually available in non-mobile sites (hundreds of images, many of them almost identical, in a thumbnail gallery) they go for a slideshow with the most representative landscape ones. A single orientation is good because you donít have to keep rotating your phone to make the most of your screen real estate. Images donít seem to be picked at random and I was under the impression that not all images were also available in the main site. Next image is automatically preloaded and clicking next loads image without refreshing page, so getting an idea of what kind of images the scene has is fast. You may get back to the main scene page by a simple back button click. All around, a simple but thought-out functionality.

Video viewing is fairly well done. Iíd appreciate getting trailers, tough. Just as viewing 10 images serves great for sampling the pictures from an update, it would make sense if they offered in the members section the trailers that are already available in the mobile free tour. Trailers are also available inside main members area.

Flaws from the main site crept into the mobile version. Scenes that the main site recycles get recycled here too. My pet peeve is the lack of proper model identification. They only have room for one model name; with luck, one of the models gets her name entered but some scenes get just two first names. The mobile site has flaws and bugs of its own, like some weird issues with the numbering in galleries and failing to identify in a scene page what site it comes from.

There are some extras that make sense in a mobile site. Thereís a twitter feed of the most recent tweets from PornPros official account, although thereís something wrong with its integration with the official Twitter App. They also have a mobile optimized version of their blog and the BTS videos played without issues on my phone.

01-22-12  02:39pm

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Visit Reality Kings Mobile

Reality Kings Mobile

Status: Current Member for over 1 year (at the time of review).
Pros: - Mobile version of porn network Reality Kings.
- All new Reality Kings videos and pictures are available.
- Accessible with regular Reality Kings membership.
- Choose Big, Medium or Light layout to better use device capabilities.
- Quite usable site: page elements are easy to tap.
- They seem to be actively working to improve it.
- 3 video options: MP4 480x270 800kbps, MP4 320x180 300kbps and 3GP.
- Trailers for all scenes released.
- Pictures available at 900x600 (same size as in the regular site).
- Easy to browse latest scenes released.
- Find older scenes through model index, category list or text search.
Cons: - ďBigĒ site layout lacks various features available in ďLightĒ or ďMediumĒ.
- Only 6 scenes per page is a bit too few. Iíd rather scroll than tap.
- Updates with 2+ models list previous scenes from just one of them.
- Not all old scenes are available: 30% less scenes than regular site.
- Lots of room for improvement in picture browsing.
- Picture thumbnail files are not optimized for the mobile site.
- No screencaps browsing. No favorites feature.
- 1080p videos are not available. Some devices might use them?
- Big ads for other sites at the bottom of each page.
Bottom Line: I really like Reality Kings content. Iíve had a recurring membership for over a year to their regular site and every week I find several scenes that I enjoy. Since my Reality Kings login and password work for this mobile version, I decided to give it a try.

Iíve found myself using Reality Kings Mobile occasionally with my phone to check what new scenes had been released recently. Navigation is quite good and itís easy to tap on links, buttons and images. Next and previous page buttons are the only ones I found a bit too narrow. Iíve stayed so far with scene description pages and pictures while on data connection. A single video would eat up my high-speed data quota.

The site has its glitches. Most of the cons listed are just slight annoyances but itís surprising that the ďBigĒ layout doesnít have the option to show scenes in chronological order: home page doesnít show the last ones released but what they deem most popular instead. ďBigĒ has all kinds of flashy navigation elements but lacks what I feel is the most useful feature. I always use ďMediumĒ for that reason.

But they do seem to be actively working on it. For instance, until recently, you only got the last 6 scenes released on the home page and you couldnít navigate to previous updates as you may do at Reality Kings regular site. Now thereís an option to keep browsing back: itís 735+ pages at 6 updates each but, if youíve missed 3-4 days of updates, you may find those scenes with a single tap instead of being completely ignorant of them. Also, I havenít had any issue with trailers recently even though, when I first tried, I kept getting the same wrong trailer for every scene.

Since I mainly use this site for picture browsing, Iíd really like if they could improve that area. My three wishes are: mobile optimized thumbnails, easy access to key points in the scene and next/previous picture buttons.

I wish they generated mobile optimized thumbnails to speed up access on a data connection: they are using the exact same thumbnails as on the regular site reducing them to a smaller size through HTML only. Pity. Also, I donít mind many repeated images in a gallery but, when browsing images on the regular site, I often jump a couple pages to see how the girl fares at blowjob or how she looks fully nude; here, you may only jump one page at a time, which makes getting to the cumshot pictures almost impossible. Last, I wish they had some way to move back and forth through the gallery from the full size images; right now, you have to keep hitting the back button because full size images are dead ends with no links.

If you plan to watch videos, connect to it via wifi or keep in mind what limits your data plan contract has because, although they are mobile optimized, the bigger ones easily get to 200 Mbytes.

10-01-11  10:30am

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Visit Jordan Carver

Jordan Carver

Status: Was a member approx. 5 months prior to this review.
Pros: - Official site of huge boobed German model Jordan Carver.
- Slim figure, no tattoos or piercings.
- All content is non-nude, solo, pin up style, often humorous.
- Most content is exclusive and looks professionally shot.
- Nice choice of big sized bras and bikinis.
- Interesting locations: nature, industrial settings, mansions.
- 70+ photo galleries. 25 photos per set. 65% portrait.
- 80% at least at 1920x1280 resolution. Few at less than 1500x1000.
- Separate candid (50+ galleries) and BTS (25+) sections.
- 20+ HD streaming videos. Available at up to 1280x720.
- Vignette style videos. A few have some kind of script.
- Occasional promotions, like iPad raffle for new users at Christmas.
- Meet and greet with fans in real life.
- Billed by ccbill. Lower price when recurring.
Cons: - Update schedule not clear. Updates are not dated either.
- Photo sets are not available in zip format for download.
- Lighting in some photo sets isnít stellar.
- No link between photos and video from same set.
- Videos are streaming only. Hosted at Vimeo.
- Background music and slow motion segments in all videos.
- Members may leave comments on updates only at a public blog.
- No user forum, or chats but model is active in social networks.
- Not all sets were available in HI-RES in the past.
- Regional pricing.
Bottom Line: This is the official site of Jordan Carver, a relatively slim but very big boobed model from Germany who, I believe, currently lives in the US. No tattoos or piercings. I think itís inevitable to compare it with Denise Milaniís now defunct site. This site is pretty similar, both in model looks and type of content even though Iíd have preferred this one to have a clearer update schedule and be able to download videos. Jordan Carverís only adult work outside her site seems to be also the occasional photo shoot for Pinup Files, which are also available here.

I was a member of the site right at the beginning and also nine months later. At first, they had no videos and had a weird policy of not offering high resolution photos of all sets right away but had them available in low resolution for a couple weeks before releasing them in zip format and at higher resolution; they claimed this was to thwart piracy. A year later, the site was much more professional looking, videos were being offered (although few and streaming only) and they had all sets at a decent 1920x1280 resolution from day one albeit zip files were no longer being offered.

Content is strictly non-nude, meaning the model may get fully undressed but nipples or pubic region always stay covered by hands, garment or prop. Thereís always some kind of humor in the photo sets and specially in the candids and BTS photos; there are just as much regular photo sets as candids and BTS combined. It would have been nice to have regular sets linked to their BTS / candid set and video (those few that have a matching video).

They put a lot of work into editing and shooting the videos but maybe they push a bit too far the artsy part. Thereís always background music, not really obtrusive since the model just poses but itís hard to hear what the model says; she does speak in some of them. They also abuse of slow motion and black and white segments. I also didnít get why some of the scripted videos revolved around the model being in danger, like being kidnapped or stalked. It looked cheap to me that they use Vimeo to host their videos; as far as I know, thatís a free video hosting service.

It also looked cheap that they used a blog at Blogger for membersí comments on updates. There arenít any webcam chats or membersí forum but they had a few funny video diaries on site. Jordan Carver was also active on facebook and twitter.

07-03-11  09:05am

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Visit Pure Ashley

Pure Ashley

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: - Official site of US adult model Ashley Jane aka Pure Ashley.
- All natural, no tattoos, couple piercings, hair dyed blond.
- Most content seems original and exclusive.
- 38 videos: 22 solo, 15 boy-girl, 1 girl-girl. 15 minutes on average.
- Video resolution: 720x480. WMV (1500kbps) or MP4 (900kbps).
- Videos available in streaming and download format.
- Videos are very diverse. Nice use of lingerie in many of them.
- Videos have no music. No one but the model utters a sound.
- 10+ solo galleries. 1,200 pictures. 1200x800. 90% portrait.
- Ashley Jane has done very little boy-girl outside this site.
- Much more fingering than toys in solo content.
- Blog updated a couple times a month with short entries.
- Cam shows allegedly taking place twice a week at 10pm EST.
Cons: - All videos are letterboxed and somewhat dark.
- Currently migrating to a new site interface. New and old available.
- Videos may be found only at old, only at new or at both sites.
- MP4 videos at the new site are at a lower bitrate: worse quality.
- New site features like scene rating or search donít work at all.
- Canít confirm chat schedule due to time zone differences.
- Cam shows are not archived.
- No updates in the last month.
- No zip files for photos.
- Non-descriptive file names in most videos.
Bottom Line: Pure Ashley is the official site of American adult model Ashley Jane. A 23 years old all natural girl with no tattoos but dyed hair and a couple piercings: clit and navel. Nice personality. She has also worked for other companies since 2009 doing solo, girl-girl and BDSM scenes and very little boy-girl content.

I enjoyed the videos a lot. Likely filmed by her boyfriend, who often joins in the action in POV. Thereís no fixed structure in the videos but Ashley Jane almost always starts explaining whatís going on, like what sexual craving she has at that moment, and she usually keeps talking to the camera through the video. The cameraman has the good sense of not uttering a word ever in reply which makes the videos even more enjoyable. He doesnít even moan when cumming. She does moan a lot but not so much as to feel unnatural. Lots more fingering than toys in solo scenes. Lots of blowjobs but also intercourse, handjobs and even a couple footjobs. I specially liked some boy-girl videos filmed in a sneaky manner: at a sex shop booth, in a dressing room at the mall after trying on some sexy panties or at a private poolís toilet. Sheís not shy of doing anal or swallowing occasionally.

The downside of the videos is that they are all dark and letterboxed to fit 4:3 format, which means lots of black bars when viewed in a widescreen monitor. The lighting issues go well with the flair of those scenes filmed in hiding but it doesnít make any sense in those filmed at home.

All photos are solo strip tease from sexy clothes ending in fingering. While searching for more content from Ashley Jane, I found out some of the sets are also available at ATK Premium sites : ATK Petites, at least. The girl-girl video also seems to come from a shoot for ATK.

Site currently has both an old and a new version. After logging in, you go to the old site and have a small link to the new one on top. The new version has a nicer interface, good previews and content is divided in categories but still has issues. MP4 videos at the new site look worse due to lower bitrate. I kept the WMV versions from the old site. New updates only appear at new site.

Regarding interaction, itís hard for me to tell. Webcam section announces weekly chats but they are scheduled in the middle of the night in my timezone and are not archived so I donít know if they are taking place. Some blog entries suggest they took place in the past but also that there were issues. Free tour lists a twitter and a facebook account but both have been shut down recently.

I canceled because they didnít update while I was a member. Not even a blog post showing site is still active. It doesnít look good either that Ashley Jane has disappeared from the social network scene. Iíd have stayed if they had released a new video weekly but Iíd appreciate if they could solve the technical problems in them: no letterboxing, more light and higher bitrate.

02-20-11  07:58am

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Visit Luscious Lopez

Luscious Lopez

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: -Official site of US porn star Luscious Lopez aka Dasha.
-Exclusive material. Except for solo sites from other models.
-A bit of everything: anal, big tits, interracial, threesomes, ...
-53 main scenes plus their photo galleries and bonus scenes.
-10+ standalone solo Luscious Lopez scenes.
-Max. video resolution: 640x480 WMV, 2000kbps, 20 minutes.
-Interesting BTS content and bonus scenes.
-1600x1200 picture. Zips. 80 per set. 50% landscape.
-Easy access to alternate content from scene (gallery, BTS).
-Release date and small description on most update lists.
-Inexpensive unlimited one week trial.
-ccbill. No regional pricing.
Cons: -Sporadic updates: currently, about 1 new scene per month.
-Good metadata but no search engine or model index.
-Scenes under 4 broad categories: main, solo, bonus and friends.
-No way to find other scenes from models in the scene.
-Pictures' composition is rarely good.
-No interaction with model but an email form and Myspace link.
-No user forum, no webcam chats, no blog, no candids, ...
-Old-looking design even though site is only 2 years old.
-Uninformative free tour: list of 10 most recent updates only.
Bottom Line: I'd been a member a couple years ago and I got a very good impression. I'd been keeping an eye on the update list in the free tour for some time and decided to join when update rate seemed to be catching up speed last summer. Currently, though, it looks like they are back to about one update a month. On a side note, I think it's a mistake that the update list in the free tour is limited to the 10 most recent ones: I'm sure they would make a somewhat better impression if they showed all that's available inside, even if the updates are so sporadic.

The main attraction of the site are the videos. Despite some budget limitations in terms of settings, the cast includes well known models like Gianna Michaels, Kelly Divine, Sara Jay or Sophie Dee to name just 4. There's also a lot of variety in male talent, including top performers like Jack Napier, Marco Banderas or Mr. Pete. No one but Luscious Lopez appears in more than a 3-4 scenes, which is always good. Scenes are also quite diverse. According to some of the BTS scenes and what I've seen around, my guess is that the scenes are only available here or at the solo sites from other cast members. Pictures aren't that well shot on average so, despite the decent size, they serve for little but getting an idea of what's in the video. There are also some somewhat better solo photo galleries without videos.

What stands out the most for me is some of the BTS content. You really get the feel of how they shoot a porno, probably even more than the regular behind the scenes from DVDs. How they care for continuity, how some guy has real trouble staying hard and continuously asks the girls to blow him to get wood, the lengths they go to prepare for a minute of anal scene. Luscious Lopez has an interesting personality and at least you see some of it through this content. Wish the site offered some interaction too.

One thing I liked is that it's possible to find all the related content from a particular scene: video scene, bonus scenes, BTS and various photo galleries are all linked among them. Contrary to similar solo sites which, for some reason, always dump the photos and videos in separate listings and you have to puzzle the pairings by yourself. Even though, it's a pity they have such a broad categorization, listing scenes only under 4 different categories. Scenes' descriptions have an Action section that looks like some quick tagging system ("Anal, POV", "Lesbian, Toys" or "Threesome, Outdoors") but it serves little purpose since they don't have a search engine to exploit that info. At least, they clearly put aside scenes without Luscious Lopez in a friends section.

As far as solo sites of US porn stars that aren't linked to major companies go, this is a pretty reasonable site. If you're interested in seeing interesting never before seen content of Luscious Lopez, going for the trial membership is a no-brainer.

11-16-09  03:03pm

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Visit Kayden 420

Kayden 420

No Review.
05-07-09  01:56pm

Visit Panty Pops

Panty Pops

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: -USA porn stars trying on panties but rarely having sex.
-Cumshot always on panties/ass/back of model.
-100% exclusive original unique content.
-Some big names, like Courtney Cummz or Jenna Haze (2 scenes).
-Some attempts at reality porn: simple scripts and locations.
-60+ videos. WMV or Quicktime in various resolutions.
-Max resolution: 65% 854x480 2000kbps; 35% 640x480 1000kbps.
-Video length varies a lot: from 4 up to 30 minutes.
-18 photo galleries: 75% 1200x800; 25% 600x400.
-100 pictures on average per set; 50% landscape, 50% portrait.
-Full access to other sites from this company (not updating).
-Free tour lists all updates with release date and trailer.
Cons: -Erratic updates: 1 in Jan/09, 1 in Feb/09, 3 in Mar/09.
-Very little pussy penetration: handjob or blowjob at most.
-For a panties site, there's too much emphasis on blowjobs.
-Very few of the models masturbate; lots of panty touching.
-Most scenes are POV; last scene had a cameraman, though.
-Always the same guy; he talks a lot.
-Guy often jerks himself off for a long time to finish scene.
-Not enough panty variety: same panties in some scenes.
-Panties not always match bra; most of the time, no bra at all.
-Regional pricing.
Bottom Line: I came across Panty Pops while browsing the Panties niche section here. I'll try to join some of the sites but this was the first one, mainly because I knew most of the USA stars, it had a low price and network access. Scenes are always very similar: there's a model and a pile of a dozen panties; she teasingly tries on some of them, following instructions from the guy that is filming her; the guy takes out his cock and some blowjob and cock-panties interaction ensues. Absolutely no penetration except a handful of scenes.

I don't get why there's so little penetration. It's not that the site is deceiving since it's true to its name: the guy eventually pops on the panties and ass, with the model always lying flat on her stomach. It's the fact that all models are seasoned porn stars who have done lots of regular boy-girl scenes. It looks weird to see the guy not pull the panties apart and get down to business. That's what I was hoping to see but it happens in less than 10% of the scenes. On the other hand, almost every scene contains some blowjob. Since this site seems to be a one man job (performing, filming, editing, etc), I couldn't help but think it is just an excuse for this guy to enjoy some quality time with a few USA porn stars. Are blowjob-only rates lower?

Another thing I found weird was the panties reuse from scene to scene. Looks like the guy buys them by the dozen at Victoria's Secret (lots have the Pink collection logo) but he makes them last for several scenes; many of them are tried on by 4 or 5 different models. It looks cheap since they are probably bought for less than 5 USD each; it also brings a sense of déja vu. Models must have some panties of their own: why not ask the models to bring them on set and try them on camera? That would bring a higher variety of panties to the scenes and they may also have matching bras.

Despite its shortcomings, I feel the content is very unique, the cast is often stellar and it's more than decently produced and packaged to recommend it to anyone interested in this niche. Don't expect much from the other sites in the network: they are no longer updating; there were also a couple more sites that have been taken down and are not accessible any more.

04-04-09  10:51am

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Visit Nikki Benz

Nikki Benz

Status: Was a member approx. 2 months prior to this review.
Pros: -Official site of Canadian, LA-based porn star Nikki Benz.
-Easy to use; good content categorization.
-175+ video scenes (54 sets), mostly from DVDs. 15 minutes on average.
-Video categories: 65% boy-girl, 20% girl-girl, 15% solo.
-5 thumbnails per video set: nice for single files but not useful for whole movies split in 10 files.
-200+ picture galleries, 80 images per set, zipfiles, dated, picture count stated.
-Photo sets: 30% solo, 30% candids, 20% girlfriends, 10% boy-girl, 10% girl-girl.
-Professional photography, stylism, elaborate settings. A few Matrix HD but others must be exclusive.
-30% of photo sets published in last 6 months. Not all shot recently.
-Cool search function for pictures and videos: clothing type, clothing color and scenario.
-Long blog entries with pictures (1-2 times a week).
-Model is answering all questions members post in the message board.
-Free tour lists most recent updates. Also has a detailed calendar (feature dancing, shoots, travels).
Cons: -Low download limit: as soon as you download 1Gbyte, you get blocked for 6 hours.
-Expensive for a solo model site.
-Pictures are somewhat small. 50% are 1200x800; 50% are 1024x700 or lower.
-Most videos are and look very low-resolution. 70% are 320x240 (400kbps), 20% are 512x384 (650kbps).
-All videos but a couple recent ones are non-exclusive (come from DVDs).
-Although, according to Nikki Benz posts in message board, she has shot new content, I was only able catch 1 new video.
-Free tour hints she might do cam shows but she currently doesn't.
-Content from other models is mixed with Nikki Benz-only content and diminishes the good impression of the site.
-For instance, I believe girl-girl scenes without her should be listed under girlfriends category and not girl-girl.
-Album / Favorites is broken: all members probably share the same favorites and thumbnails don't work there.
Bottom Line: Looks like Nikki Benz recently regained control of her site. I was a member about a year ago and I feel the core video content is still the same, though. Release dates of video updates are most prior to 2007 except for a handful of DVDs that have been posted this year. Recent content this year has consisted mainly of picture sets although I am not sure they were shot recently: Nikki Benz had her boobs redone earlier this year and she is still sporting the "old" ones in these sets. 20+ solo sets (professional / high-end glamour with toys and masturbation) or 20+ candid ones (outings, parties, conventions).

On the other hand, according to her blog, calendar and posts in the message board, she's been shooting new content. I only had time to catch a solo anal masturbation update but it was pretty good: high-end location, good performance, well-lit, decent camera work. It was a 6 minutes 640x480 (4000kbps) WMV file so this will probably the standard for new content that will be released in the immediate future (probably right now).

The tour claims the site has her entire collection of movies. I did some research and there's probably everything she did while under contract with Pleasure Productions (videos from 14 movies here) and Jill Kelly (10). Other videos I could identify were from Zero Tolerance On Demand (5), Diabolic (3), Third Movies / 3rd Degree (3), Wicked Pictures (1) and Vivid (1). According to iafd, she has appeared in 86 titles. The tour also claims that most video content is exclusive. This is also currently not true as these DVDs are the main video content. This will change as the new content is uploaded. As I said, new content looks quite promising.

All in all, I got the impression she is pretty busy (feature dances across the US almost every weekend and shoots adult videos several times a month) but still manages to get back to site members via her blog a couple times a week and reply to all message board questions. Site is updated several times a week with new Nikki Benz content so I really don't see why they also release so many content from other models and mix it with her content.

08-04-08  11:32am

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Visit Porn Pros Network

Porn Pros Network

Status: Current Member for less than 1 month (at the time of review).
Pros: -Access to 9 sites in the network. See facts at TBP. Total 400+ scenes.
-A couple more sites have been added recently: Sleep Creep, Flexible Positions.
-Free tour pages correctly list all updates at the sites with dates.
-Very good navigation system: easy access to all sites from everywhere.
-Breadcrumbs let you move around quickly within a set or the whole network.
-Search option finds matching performers and set descriptions.
-Every set has video, picture gallery and screencaps.
-Videos are 35 minutes long. Max resolution: 512x288 (1200kbps).
-Multiple video options: stream, flash, 1 minute clips, full video or chunks download.
-Photos are 850x567. Zip files. Up to 600 images per set.
-100 screencaps per set help get a quick idea of the video.
-Users can rate sets (1-10 stars). There's also a favorites section.
-Female models are usually pretty well known porn stars.
-All sites but Euro Humpers are being updated. 6-7 network updates a week.
Cons: -Very low download speed. Usually, 100 kbytes/s. Never beyond 200 kbytes/s.
-Downloads cannot be resumed.
-Somewhat low resolutions. Although videos look quite good anyway.
-No downloads completed with Firefox 3. Had to use IE7.
-3 ads for Brazzer's Network, Reality Kings and other networks on every single page.
-Pictures in the ads are much bigger than set thumbnails/previews.
-Regional pricing: price for EU users is 25 EUR (40 USD).
-Some models are listed with wrong or only partial names. Or listed twice.
-Sets with two models cannot be found listing all sets of each one.
-Model name list is in reverse alphabetical order!?
Bottom Line: This is intented to be a technical description of the network. The content is technically homogeneous but the genres are quite diverse: girls having sex with guys sporting huge fake plastic cocks (Freaks Of Cock), alleged teens (18 Years Old), fake personal sex tapes (Real Ex Girlfriends), an intended comedic/ass centered one (40 oz Bounce) or a deepthroat focused one (Deep Throat Love) to name a few. I'll try to add reviews/comments in the future to some of the sites in the network.

Despite the technical issues, I enjoyed my subscription. Networks' sites are usually just an excuse to put the models in different settings but here you get quite different type of sites. You'll probably find the same models as in any other US network, though. If you are interested in joining one of the sites, I'd suggest joining through this to access them all, just in case. The free tour lists all sets you can find inside and you get image and video previews. Worth checking out first to get a feel.

The reason why there are huge ads of three other networks on every page is beyond my understanding. I am determined to check Brazzer's Network ASAP. And Reality Kings. I enjoyed Porn Pros Network quite a lot but there must be a reason why they try so hard to sell me those other networks. It's unlikely they have worse download speeds.

07-13-08  10:59am

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Visit Crystal Klein

Crystal Klein

Status: Was a member approx. 1 month prior to this review.
Pros: -Managed by Danni.com. Very elaborate sets. Great photography.
-144 solo sets of Crystal Klein. Always some pussy spreading and fingering. Classy.
-35 girl-girl sets with well-known models. 3-4 great sets with Shay Laren.
-87 other models sets.
-60% 1080x700, 20% 1300x900, 20% 1800x1200. Thumbnails: 103x154 pixels. Orientation: 2/3 vertical, 1/3 horizontal.
-Zip files.
-108 uncategorized videos. 50% girl-girl, 50% solo. 5 minutes. 3-4 are longer Danni.com or Penthouse recorded chats.
-Multiple formats. 95% 400x300, 1600kbps WMV. 30% also have lower resolutions. 80% also as quicktime.
-Simple search box lets you find particular sets / videos or models by name.
-Access to 1modelcamnetwork chats (Jelena Jensen, Nikki Nova, Natasha Yi, Felicia Tang are active)
-9 solo galleries (5 are split in two parts so, 14 updates). All solo.
-15 galleries from other models.
-7 video updates. 6 solo videos plus a Penthouse chat co-hosted with Carli Banks split in 5 parts.
Cons: -Misleading tour: no daily updates, no weekly chats, no interaction and no extra video feeds at this time.
-Model is not hosting chats currently. According to forum posts, she used to in the past but stopped at least 6 months ago.
-She used to be very active in the forums (1.5 posts per day) getting feedback from members. Fewer posts in 2008. None in the last couple months.
-Rather low average resolutions in videos and images.
-News, diary not updated since end of 2006 (although it seems updates stopped because of "lack of interest" by site members).
-Technical issues (but responsive customer service):
--member's area link at signup confirmation page pointed to a blank page;
--site was down (blank page) for 2 days;
--broken links: some galleries, chat (some times), extras gone (games, porn feeds);
--cancelling feedback was not clear enough: had to email customer service to confirm;
--candids section was wiped out by a "server issue" 6 months ago, hasn't come back.
Bottom Line: I didn't know about the model until recently and the impossible and uninformative tour required a leap of faith on my side to join (and a strong desire to see more of her good looks).

When I was finally able to enter the members' area, I felt like the party had just stopped. Reading the forums, it seems that Crystal Klein is very outgoing and that her live chats were very worth attending. The site also had the kind of interaction every solo model site should offer. It's a pity all of it ended eventually and the current Crystal Klein updates are so few (although she is actively shooting new ones).

If I had come across it a year ago, I would have seriously considered staying for some time but, the way it is now, staying for more than a month isn't worth it despite the low price.

Photo galleries are still top quality and the recent ones are few but good and at decent resolutions. It seems that, being managed by Danni.com, they have access to their elaborate sets and are currently shooting there the updates. There are also many good outdoor shoots but also the usual ones at "nudie houses".

The technical issues, though, are hard to understand coming from a site managed by Danni.com / Penthouse. In fact, I was told that it had been delisted at PU/TBP until recently because more people also had the same signup issues. In case they still haven't solved them, make sure you use the home page link to enter the members' area and contact their tech support if anything else arises.

05-25-08  08:03am

Replies (5)

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